dannycantspell What I am listening to right.... now!

The XXShelter

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dannycantspell Sounds of a happy computer. [o_0]
dannycantspell Busy busy day. Leaving for Texas in two days. I love moving walkways :)

FeistMy Moon My Man

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dannycantspell beautiful song.

Perpetuum Mobile

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The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Perpetuum mobile

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Julian Plenti Only If You Run

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dannycantspell I'm still trying to make my mind up.

Miike SnowAnimal

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dannycantspell The year is 1,940 and something isn't right.....
dannycantspell A friend of mine played them for me the other day. I liked and so will you :)
dannycantspell Hope everyone had a good break! Back to work tomorrow.

MiloshThe City

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dannycantspell File under chill

Set my Baby Free by Ian Brown with lyrics

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dannycantspell Have had this playing in my head the last couple days, it's from the Wonderful Days soundtrack. Enjoy.
dannycantspell Doesn't quite pair well with my triple espresso but a very good song :D
dannycantspell The rain is beginning to fall outside. Slowly at first yet building in intensity. A torrential downfall that washes the world clean.

Saxon ShoreJune 23

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dannycantspell Cleaning up my iCal and listening to Clutter.
dannycantspell Getting ready to leave work :D

Apparat-You Don't Know Me

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Stay19 Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun<><>
dannycantspell Are you relaxed? You will be :)
dannycantspell I'm an animal, trapped in your hot car.......
dannycantspell Put this in your ears


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Phantogram "When I'm Small"

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Metric- Hustle Rose

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M83 'Midnight City' Official video

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dannycantspell One of these days I will make a video with this

Bassnectar- The 808 Track (feat. Mighty High Coup) [OFFICIAL]

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dannycantspell spare an organ?

DJ Shadow- Organ Donor

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dannycantspell You can never have enough lazers

edITMore Lazers

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dannycantspell When you wake me up, It's my mind that will start to blur.
dannycantspell Everything will change in the year 2000.........
Stay19 Xx<><>just follow. the drift can take you. follow me. get through it. i don't care. drift deeper in the sound. deeper.
dannycantspell When it's over....the cracks begin to show.
dannycantspell kazoo to you too

VGMHQ #187: March of the ilomilos (ilomilo)

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Xylem Up, D Numbers

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dannycantspell Been in a 90's mood lately

SuperdragSucked Out

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dannycantspell You got sucker's luck... Have you given up? Does it feel like a trial? Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine.

The National- Exile Vilify

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【きゃりーれんれん / Kyary Len Len】PONPONPON Full ver.

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Robots In Disguise- Turn It Up

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dannycantspell Good Remix

Inception (Otak's Mind Heist Remix)

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dannycantspell Brings back many a memory

Don't Look Back In Anger

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obscura Astronauts are always talkin' to Roger.
dannycantspell @DJstromer19 A small world indeed I remember the destruction of the violin bow! That was the first time I heard Sigur Ros. Have a good show tonight!
dannycantspell Running through empty rooms as you throw your jacket through the air.
dannycantspell The Kooks :D

The Kooks 'Seaside'

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dannycantspell The smooth steady beats of RJD2. Enjoy.


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dannycantspell The night ends as the daydream begins.....

Lupe Fiasco Feat Jill Scott Daydreamin Official Music Video

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dannycantspell Can I kick it? Yes you can! Good morning :)

A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It?

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ruthie intro reminds me of being in hawaii
dannycantspell Depressing song about a computer. (part 2)
dannycantspell Depressing song about a computer. (part 1)
dannycantspell Ladies and Gentleman, our Governor! Predator s-plode.


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dannycantspell How about the whole thing?

Cake- Frank Sinatra

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dannycantspell My favorite song by Tenacious D :D "How bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yard..... With mind bullets!" "How bout the power to move you!"
dannycantspell I may be a nerd for saying it but the music in Battlestar Galactica are some of the most beautifully composed pieces of music in television history.
dannycantspell Just heard these guys for the first time. I am really liking their sound!!!!
Stay19 jam & spoon / resohead – stella's cry (resohead's mix)<><>
Stay19 Minipop – Precious<><> oh here we go. feelin these voices . they hit all at once . then i want to see them all at once. know them all at once....


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Stay19 Donora – London<><> ...carelessly. you can't see all of me...
Stay19 Gotta get off my but and go meet these cats @ Streetlight Records in San Jose, Cali. Its only 20 minutes away. Free show. Very cool of them<><>
Stay19 H.U.V.A. NETWORK – Dissolving Time<><>
LS22 off to take my second to last graduate school exam. weird

Kings of LeonCloser

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Sergeman Wir sind Helden: de lo mejor de Kartoffelandia!!!!
dannycantspell Probably my favorite Blur song.

BlurCrazy Beat

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tubilino @jd72 ...no creo, será un complemento a lo que ya había, pero supongo que al final dejarán sólo imeem + utube
Stay19 This makes me happy ! . One of the BEST bands on the planet!! I own the CD/DVD. Epic all around!! <><>Smile today.
dannycantspell The perfect song to pair with a beautiful morning.

DoshO Mexico

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dannycantspell Long live GlaDOS! (you will get a slice of cake it you listen to this song)
dannycantspell One of my favorite songs by Shiny Toy Guns.
dannycantspell Husky Rescue segwaying into Shiny Toy Guns.
dannycantspell More mood fitting music. You can decide the mood.
jarsen @ZOEBOE you just got me in a flaming lip mood - love 'em to death - i think I had Yoshimi in my car for a month straight until last week.
dannycantspell For some reason that last Blur song made me think of this song.
dannycantspell Systym with a y, a pleasant little tune.
Stay19 Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Danger Remix)<><>
dannycantspell John Frusciante – Murderers
dannycantspell Just heard this gem of a song :D

"Eitheror" Little People

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itsthursdaynext I love you Ratatat *sigh*


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dannycantspell It's overcast outside. The office is pretty empty. This is the mood. Back to work. #bungie #e3
dannycantspell I am pretty sure I have Bliped this before but it is just such a good song :)


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dannycantspell This song captures such a mellow mood.

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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dannycantspell Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead – Crash Test Dummies


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dannycantspell at least "that's how I remember....."
tubilino Across The Universe

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

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dannycantspell Avoid cube discrimination.

Grand National "Drink to moving on"

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dannycantspell I love this song and IMO the live version is even better :D
dannycantspell Beautiful song of the day: Alessandro Safina - Luna
dannycantspell Microfilm is the wave of the future! RJD2

RJD2The Horror

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machineguneyes This chick is insanely super awesome.
dannycantspell "I want every man, woman and child to how close we stand to the edge of chaos."

V For Vendetta Overseer Slayed Music Video

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eeelectrifying track AND video mash up!

MGMT + Daft Punk = One More Time to Pretend (Immuzikation Blend)

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dannycantspell "I have a checkered past." "Is that so?" "Yes." "What do you want from me?" "King me."
slicedgeek Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division

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dannycantspell reblip @slicedgeek: "Fiona Apple – Across The Universe" (reblip)
dannycantspell Still one of my favorite AFI songs.

AFI-Fall children

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dannycantspell If I turn this up loud enough and close my eyes I can just imagine I am at a club.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children~Kingdom Hearts~Mash It Up

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dannycantspell I apologize for all the nerdness today. Good music is good music :)

Final Fantasy Spirit Within : The Dream Within

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dannycantspell One of my favorite Aqueduct songs.
dannycantspell Here is an amazing percussion instrument called a Hang Drum. It is capable of producing some amazing sounds.

Hang Drum Solo

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sukhjit Looking for me? I'll be the girl at the gym doing bhangra arms while on the stairmaster. (reblip)
dannycantspell Start things off this morning with a little Punjabi MC.
dannycantspell Goodnight. Dreams don't have to be limited to when one is sleeping, don't stop believing.
dannycantspell Nicolas Cage from the rock "I only bring it up because it's you. Your the Rocket Man!"
GTiplady It's better than lovely ... @Marceleddy: "@usernature oohhh acoustic! Lovely" (reblip)
dannycantspell I was enchanted by this song the first time I heard it.
dannycantspell Just remembered this one as well :D
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