RadioGhost SLIPKNOT – Surfacing


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chiron08 @threebears - congrats to your 1st year Blipiversary...
GothicVampireQueen Moonspell_-_Vampiria


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GothicVampireQueen Type_O_Negative_-_Angel


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GothicVampireQueen 69 Eyes - Gothic Girl O YES HAVE TO PLAY MY THEME SONG ;-PPP WOOT WOOT!! LMAo

The 69 Eyes: Gothic Girl

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misterscience Angels, smiling on my hapiness...
tubilino Rome wasn't built in a day

Morcheeba//Rome wasn't built in a day

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SweetestButtercup Summertime Blues...Hope not eh? Want Sun!Sun!Sun! lol.

Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues

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Shallmillens Watching The Wheels – John Lennon
mattonrails Do you have one really funky sequined space suit, Bowie? Or do you have several ch-ch-chaaanges?
dubeez @odettexxx: "@dubeez: "'re so cool..." (blushing) awe thanks! U too! xoxox" ...At the drive in, too!!!! i <3 U!!! (reblip)

HoleMiss World

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invisiblepilot [Replicants – The Bewlay Brothers] one of the best bowie covers. ever. LOVE ken andrew's voice.. (super quite beginning - give it a minute)
dubeez @odettexxx...wowzers....where have you been all my life...or just today?
OmeRoon Circus Maximus – "Abyss" @CrisMyth och... blokje even verversen door een fijne 4.2 liter V8 en hij doet het weer hoor! 8-)

Circus MaximusAbyss

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Surreality Signing off with the softer side of Attrition. TY all for the listens/props. Good night.


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Surreality "all that's required is a pill and pillow..."

Swans Helpless Child Part 2

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Surreality epic beautiful dirge from The Swans

Swans Helpless Child Part 1

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Surreality @EddieEntropy New c93 is really psychadelic. I like it. (Here's a song from it)

Current 93Poppyskins

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Surreality I used to love this band back in the 80s/early 90s. I still think songs like this one are great.

King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King

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Surreality @umraojan: More great stuff from Sweden (kind of similar)
Surreality "You're living for nothing now. Hope you're keeping some kind of record."
Surreality @EddieEntropy: "rb @drinkallsolution:Cohen's original is great but Coil makes it majestic. (reblip)

CoilWho By Fire

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Surreality Great vocals...I miss this band
Surreality @Alliemamma: "@Surreality - yet another acquired taste. " Yep another taste I've acquired long ago :) (reblip)
Surreality yay...lyrical dissonance (reblip)

Jim Carroll Band- People Who Died

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Sarah Mclaughlin - Building a Mystery

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Surreality @mammara: thanks....don't think i've ever heard this version (reblip)
Surreality "Every night I tell myself I am the cosmos." Anthem to narcissism? Love the song though
Surreality I love how her voice sounds so crystal....
Surreality "We must realize that everone changes and everything dies..."
CalebBooker songs I've blipped that were re-blipped by others. Thanks @bauhausmensch! (reblip)
ams6262 kimi ni aete yokatta

西野カナ 遠くても feat WISE

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twowingsshort fantastic cover...blew me away when i first heard it!
fabioalvesinc Frente! – Bizarre Love Triangle

Pantera "Revolution Is My Name"

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poeticimmortal "... nothing more than you can feel now, that's all there is..."
FLASHBACKFREDDIE 80smusicwarehouse @ Ebay ~~ The Flock Lives On!!
FLASHBACKFREDDIE 80smusicwarehouse @ Ebay ~~ Modern English
Surreality @Evelyn: rb another great "pissed off" song ty :) (reblip)

Nick Cave and the Badseeds-Bring It On

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Surreality @underwaterlily has a pretty name and plays good songs :) (reblip)

B movie- Nowhere girl

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Surreality "face to face with matrix creatrix..."

Current 93 ~ The Carnival Is Dead And Gone

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Emotional_Arsonist This goes so deep into me I don't know where it stops... Shivers
Emotional_Arsonist Substance D by Emotional Arsonist - Let me know what you think of this one. See y'all tomorrow... (reblip)

Substance D

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The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

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Nina Hagen Future is Now

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degradationzero @indyh: "╰•♪∘ગ∘ღ•╮" (reblip)


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DJ_EstherSterre We zijn een ROBOTteam :-). @c3p0: is toch nooit anders, we zijn een wereldteam :-) @DJ_EstherSterre: En dan wordt ons liedje weer wereldwijd gereblipt (reblip)

I love you in your tragic beauty- Legendary Pink Dots

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STEVENDOES Mike Tingley-The Abstract Prince

Mike Tingley-The Abstract Prince

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STEVENDOES LORD OF THE RINGSIDE – CLOWN (Much of the stuff I post might not be familiar to many, but anyone into psych, prog, folk, won't be disappointed)
Carmilla Three from KJ then time to face reality once more. Goodnight to all those who are sleeping or soon to enter their dream worlds. I envy you.
DJNickPapag and it's those first kisses!! love em! @NightWitch2: "That kiss. oh ya@marigoldjp: "ty4rb♡@DJNickPapag: "Sweet!! :))@marigoldjp: "ty♡@DJNickPapag: (reblip)

If we kissed-Fiona Apple

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Cooper_Designs Killing Joke - The Wait...

Killing JokeThe Wait

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CommodoreCreazil Alas such lures rarely draw the attention of our beloved Virginia. The Correspondence is her preoccupation. #ebz

Emilie AutumnOpheliac

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die_Kalte @Orgambient777:doing very good. its snowing here in the colorado mountains. =]-oh yeah...snow. its about 72 here in SoCal :) (reblip)

Industrial Love

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PAMsLOvE Love And Rockets - Body And Soul - Higher Intelligence Agency Remix
muzicmajic yeah buddy! it's gonna be a great show! :) rb@orangekittypie: "Double yippee!! ;) @ muzicmajic" (reblip)
purplesime I think this rocks. I think you'll agree.


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Lunaladee rb@ForlornHope // "And another day is done"...on blip, that is; going to play on myspace for a while. Goodnight (reblip)
PabloM Coldplay – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Live Tokyo 2009)
4Sins "Girl, I think it's gonna rain. But I could be wrong." (reblip)
DarkMuse the beginnings of this Hallows Eve! ~X~

Tones On Tail- Slender Fungus

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DarkMuse "and the air was alive with piercing sound and burning skies..." ~X~

Burning skies- Tones on Tail

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Oneida-Up With People

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DamnTheMan Pfft, y'know, the most powerful civilizations rest upon the dirt ;) rb@crazygem85: "Fits my mood "Today I'm dirty I want to be pretty Tomorrow I know (reblip)
PyrettaBlaze To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day . . . ~Macbeth Good night
STEVENDOES Likewise, thanks: @MONIKKA


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One Last Goodbye Anathema

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Current 93 A Silence Song

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cpcdiniz @lovenut: "@aprildax: "Don't mess with the MISSIONARY MAN@gameslang: "♪Missionary Man - Eurythmics #eurythmics""" (reblip)

Slow Gypsy (Music video) ♫

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American Israeli Palestinian Music Jam

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degradationzero @micoy: "Thank you all for the props and welcome new listeners. Enjoy" (reblip)
degradationzero @Totengrber: "rb@Carmilla: "@noxvobiscum: "Deine Lakaien - Dark Star" <3 Keep 'em coming and I'll catch up in the morning :) G'night."" (reblip)


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leaferi Had this song stuck in my head this afternoon for whatever reason.
Silveramberz rb #2 @mizhelena: "a few of these should do the trick" (reblip)


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Silveramberz rb #3 @mizhelena: "preferred to C Hugh.. but this will do.. one of the original P ive blipped.. still a hot fave" (reblip)
Silveramberz rb #4 @mizhelena: "*turns fan up another notch*" (reblip)


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degradationzero @Totengrber: "rb@ducks2007: "but in a nice way... rb @Silveramberz: "I wanna F*cking tear you apart!""" (reblip)
DirtyUrine very nice! \m/ @vix_rock: "Yngwie Malmsteen – You don't remember,i'll never forget.Yw! @DirtyUrine Hello sista @patita I Hope You Like This One x)" (reblip)
LeandroAzevedo Black Sabbath – Computer God (Album Version)
Craindre Just what I wanted to hear... Thanks! RB @jennyleepenny: "I could use one." (reblip)
akiraboy2010 David Byrne and Robert Fripp – Under Heavy Manners
degradationzero @kiddo84: "RB @Totengrber: "rb@zoja01: "Vnv Nation - Legion""" (reblip)

VNV Nation - Legion

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Carmilla @ducks2007: "this song again, yes, sorry... Deine Lakaien – Over and Done" Never apologise for blipping great songs. (reblip)
anat_os Project Pitchfork – Souls

Jim Carroll- city drops into the night

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THEORDEROFEARTH @SylvioMicelli: "Thanks to @rockmonsta44 @Jumbojetje @Archibaldo @'o' the replies that you give me on BlipFM! Pet Shop Boys – Two Divided By Zero" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 This is awesome vintage footage... pre record label contract

Rock Lobster, The B-52's Live at the Downtown Cafe

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dj_happygirl Love it @ShiaoMei: "ywct! @TidyCat: "@BlipisHip vi@BunnyHoney ~ whoever's driving the bus - watch for the signs! #flowapowa (ty @ShiaoMei)"" (reblip)

Leonard Cohen-Diamonds in the mine

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Sylak Get your ‡‡GWAR - "Cool Place To Park"‡‡ on!! @Damiana (reblip)

Gwar- Cool Place to park.wmv

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BarnabasCoLLins Dracula's Return – Cruxshadows (☂BC sends his kind regards frm 1897 where there is no Blip ♦we're working on it♦ Sincerely, #TeamBarney #iChingwands )
toxiferous RB @JimmyStagger: Nice find! "Ha wow can't believe I found this, from the Bay Area in the '90s..." (reblip)
SGMan Girlschool ~ Race With the Devil

Girlschool - Demolition - 03 - race with the devil

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EFR56 Mandalay – Flowers Bloom
akiraboy2010 The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
CommodoreCreazil Mostly Moloch St. is more subdued, but when the devils change their business for pleasure things heat up. #ebz

Daemonia Nymphe Daemonos

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degradationzero insane puppy – Dickhead collection
degradationzero Mystery Man – Jupiter One
degradationzero My name is Skrillex – Skrillex [Dubstep] EP
cryostasium @MsMercurial: "L♥ve Spirals Downwards : Above The Lone" god do I love this band. you rule :D (reblip)
degradationzero Nothing to do with you – PIGEON DETECTIVES
JacoLovesMusic Rykarda Parasol – Maggie

Rykarda ParasolMaggie

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degradationzero @comicmama: "You're not very nice and I don't wanna see you !" (reblip)
degradationzero the cruxshadows – jabberwocky
degradationzero @TweakerRay: ""I can see a frozen point in time Where her figure still awaits..." Celldweller - Frozen (Blue Stahli ReMix)" (reblip)
SylvioMicelli She Wants Revenge – Red Flags And Long Nights
shinji_aoki #nowplaying #music ♪Premonition - Buckethead ~~ Slaughterhouse on the Prairie ~~ Metal


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ladycatlady lol! rb! @Dawnrazor: "better you than me lol @ifkdup: "why you caling me that? RB@lacarita: "Kate Nash ~~ Dickhead""" (reblip)

Kate NashDickhead

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degradationzero Who Cares – by Melissa Li
avivajazz Pentangle ~ Way Behind the Sun ~ Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn
SylvioMicelli Spy vs. Spy – Clarity Of Mind
degradationzero @DJ_EstherSterre: "@djpuggie: "Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair #SONGOFTHEDAY"" (reblip)

Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

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degradationzero @Event_Horizon: "don't think that I'm pushing you away, When you're the one that I've kept closest..." (reblip)

The xxCrystalised

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Snuff // SlipKnot // Lyrics

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degradationzero @pratinsky: "come to ad @Flavoured (it's constant his/her appearance in my "user who blip...)" (reblip)

I Don't Really Love You Any More (The Magnetic Fields)

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snertbinkler Booty Call Online Girl

#LisaBe-Booty Call Online Girl.wmv

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degradationzero Swans – The Seer Returns

SwansThe Seer Returns

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MrsStonebreaker Death Cab For Cutie - Your Heart Is An Empty Room
degradationzero Nick Cave The Mercy Seat

Nick Cave The Mercy Seat (the best version i've ever heard!)

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degradationzero @Naestopaz: "Good Night & Happy early Friday!" (reblip)

New OrderCrystal

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xxlenaphroditexx Morrissey - Moon River......
degradationzero you just just do The XX – VCR (reblip)


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degradationzero Z3RO Dubstep – Z3RO Dubstep Mix
crispast ciao Sandro! ^^ rb@SandroC: "vi@AvoidingThePuddle: "Arctic Monkeys ~~~ You Know I'm No Good""<<yup (reblip)
degradationzero Hi Steven:)@PANGAEASPEOPLE: "rb@degradationzero: "Brian Eno "Here he comes"" (reblip)

Brian Eno "Here he comes" et "By this river"

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Lunaladee @DarkLady: "PJ Harvey – Who Will Love Me Now" (reblip)
zoja01 rb@popsnob: @MissLordy: very...very...much...X to da O!! (reblip)

Lily AllenFuck You

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Will_the_bloke The Church – Pangaea .. how's goin, good to see you too @FOGGIELOANER :)

The ChurchPangaea

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degradationzero @4V4L0N: "Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine | "Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love."" (reblip)
eraser teacher Jethro Tull ... ╗╔╗╔╗╔╝║║╚╗╔╗╔╗ ╬╝║║╚╬╗║║╔╬╝║║╚ ╚╗║║╔╝╚╝╚╝╚╗║║╔ ═╝║║╚══════╝║║╚ ═╗║║╔══════╗║║╔ ╔╝ (reblip)

Jethro Tull- Teacher

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Clown by Switchblade Symphony

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aZiMuTh Apparat - Walls - Hailin' from the edge
Sylak ‡‡Mournful Gust – "I Saw Her Sad Eyes"‡‡ (reblip)
STEVENDOES Lacrimas Profundere – My Velvet Little Darkness
degradationzero @Bustinha: "@octoberland: "final selection (for now) {peter murphy : final solution}"" (reblip)
SKySWiM SKySWiM – No Longer Waiting (SUNG IN ENGLISH)
degradationzero @die_Kalte: "rb@MedeaVIII: "come release the demons with me ;)"" (reblip)


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The Swans Inside Madeline

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degradationzero @MorriganStormcrow: "New Track from the " For what its Worth" Album by Ravenz~heart" (reblip)

Between Heaven and Hell- Ravenz~Heart

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Schoork Papa Roach – My Heart Is A Fist
pcsketch THE DAMNED – Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics
MixturebaFM Beady Eye – The Roller

Beady EyeThe Roller

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VeryEmerald Not to mention, we aren't even married...just virtually engaged (for over a year, ahem). There is no need for legal mediation...@nastysurprise
ladypn Hello rb@keefee! Did you have a nice weekend? : (reblip)
LiveHeart13 "& A MiLLiON MoRe Spent oN yOu DeaRiE@pumpkinsoup".. ~:} <3 (reblip)

darkness darkness, the youngbloods

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CargoCulte It's later than you think... ;)

Indoor Life "Archeology"

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T.Rex Ballrooms Of Mars

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ladypn Thank you @ablothum! You're right, I love it! : "@ladypn ...u mite like this" (reblip)

Morcheeba- Howling

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damiana forever love <3 @CooperHarris: "I want you to notice, When I'm not around, You're so fuckin' special, I wish I was special" (reblip)


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degradationzero tried to reblip this one but this site is overloaded or something:)


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Otep- Special Pets

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Epica-ThePhantom Agony

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degradationzero no one ever dies there one has a head..heheh

B-52's Planet Claire 1982

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Nina Hagen Smack-Jack

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The Future is Ours (Pangeas Moving Forward Mix)

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perditus Suddenly have a new appreciation for this track
Shukitty @AshGaidin work nights? goodnight then =p enjoy your reading

Voltaire-Goodnight demon slayer(Lyrics)

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nordravensoundsystem "where did i put that book of spells? valvegod - witches ladder #darkstep" (reblip)

Valvegod - Witches Ladder

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Nick Cave and the Badseeds-Bring It On

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Ultravox! My Sex

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Pere Ubu-Non Alignment Pact.wmv

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SLOW CHILDREN -- President Am I

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clarkowitz This works. I don't. Hey! ;)

the stranglers-skin deep

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OutofQuebec The best voice there is in a body that soon is no more. This one they just improvised. Can't find my favourite with the Fleshquartet though...
panicbear David Bowie cover. In the chorus, the note interval between syllables in "starman" is the same as in the word "somewhere" in "Over the Rainbow."

Of Montreal, Starman (acoustic)

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Jo Stafford--You belong to me

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moon river-breakfast at tiffany´s

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betterthanherpes <333 @Ian_Aranda: "Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Your Britches Mix) -> soy fan, mis raices industriales" (reblip)
radiobarz Big Mama Thornton – HoundDog
lunagalla ♡´¯`••.

Girls just wanna have fun (rem

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patbone Elton John – My Father's Gun

Lou Reed Street Hassle

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Chee Love this for my music box; Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Ian_Aranda Front 242 – Headhunter (Live) - > LOS JEFES DEL EBM SNIF

The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony Lyrics

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nezua i wanna live in this stucco midnight candlelight angsty soulriot town (reblip)
doubledrat A.C. Newman – Thunderbolts ...thx for the add @newNEWwave. cheers!!
Sylak ‡‡Immortal – "Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)"‡‡ (reblip)
zx10r07 hi @phunkjunkee How r u? >>> rb@phunkjunkee "@DamnTheMan: "I'm your truth telling lies. I'm your reason, alibis. I'm inside open your eyes. I'm you"" (reblip)
Sylak Good one babe! ☺ ReflectionSymmetry Dimmu Borgir – The Ancestral Fever (reblip)
degradationzero @pcsketch: "@DJTIMMY: "@pcsketch: " For get the single! lol @DJTIMMY: "One of my first 12 inch singles:)"" blushing" Kisses!" (reblip)

The Cure- Let's go to Bed (Extended Version 1983) HQ

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degradationzero To my dear friend in the U.K you know who you are:)


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Percy Sledge- When a Man Loves a Woman

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MaMy Lou Reed - Perfect Day. "Just a perfect day - you made me forget myself - i thought i was someone else - someone good." s2 (reblip)

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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degradationzero @mark_till: "@TropicsZ4 Hi Sounds Good :) @nbztunes: "If you have no opportunities....You make oppportunities" (inspired by @TropicsZ4 )Pet (reblip)
degradationzero @Carmilla: "@diabolikgene: "lets start a cult!!!" Sounds like fun." (reblip)

Throbbing Gristle Convincing People

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