douglasgottlieb Brother Theodore was in "The 'Burbs" on TV the other night. It made me think of this song. It isn't in the movie, but shoulda rolled over the credits.
douglasgottlieb No need for left of the dial nostalgia with Blip
LizaK This might be one of the best jazz remixes of all time...
douglasgottlieb TO DO LIST: Return to Forks in time for softball practice
douglasgottlieb Spend the next 18 minutes as a teenaged boy living in the 1970s here. (I still love this):
douglasgottlieb @SoundSystemSDC: "Code Monkey like Fritos. Code Monkey like Tab & Mountain Dew. This is the theme song..." (reblip)
douglasgottlieb U2 cover Hendrix covering Dylan. Nice, but Hendrix wins. (reblip)
douglasgottlieb Nobody does bitter better than Tweedy, Tweeties
douglasgottlieb Best band you never heard

HALplay the hits

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douglasgottlieb @Bainbro2: Who knew that the iPhone ad was also such a great song? (reblip)
douglasgottlieb Ain't nuthin cheap about the Thrills

The ThrillsBig Sur

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douglasgottlieb @LizaK: "This might be one of the best jazz remixes of all time..." (reblip)
douglasgottlieb A "band" that's so much more than the sum of its considerable parts
douglasgottlieb Pearl Jam's cover is fine, but this is the real deal
natsukigamer Comencemos esta noche con el descubrimiento de hoy...No recordaba como se llamaba esta Gran canción!!!! priceless

MobyNatural Blues

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davidwatts1978 I didnt know he was Adam Clayton's brother I really didnt
davidwatts1978 If youre so anti-fashion, why not wear flares, instead of dressing down
dionroy reblipping @Alethea, "Everything looks perfect from far away...."! (reblip)
douglasgottlieb @PamelasMc: "Ben Gibbard - All Apologies (Nirvana)" Best cover version ever? (reblip)
djsurfer Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone
judi RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Under The Bridge unplugged (reblip)
ladypn @melbrehl I LOVE the Killers! Hope your Tuesday's better than your today! :) (reblip)
ladypn Hi @melbrehl! I'm doing great, thanks!! Hope you had a good Monday? (reblip)


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PJharvey Great song from a great singer!
GratefulGreg @yourpennylane: "another great song...." I wish that for just one time… (reblip)
douglasgottlieb Ben Gibbard covers Bjork, sans irony. "Joga":

Ben GibbardJoga

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douglasgottlieb RIP ex-Wilco guitarist Jay Bennett. "Misunderstood":

RIP Jay Bennett (formerly of WILCO) ~ Misunderstood

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douglasgottlieb Sunday music #1 of 3: Acoustic Maroon 5
douglasgottlieb Nick Drake June '09 Mojo Cover Salute pt2: "Way to Blue" is about as blue as it gets...
dionroy well its 4:04am and I will once again deblipify with this song. Im going to try counting sheep, and not missing one!
dionroy Early or Late, one thing is for sure.....!
douglasgottlieb The June 2009 cover of MOJO has Nick Drake on the cover. "Pink Moon" still sounds amazing:

Nick Drake Pink Moon

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dionroy rb via@LuckySong: "Garbage – I Think I'm Paranoid" (reblip)
douglasgottlieb A song called "Bob's Your Uncle"?? Hit the link and there ya go

RAQBob's Your Uncle

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zmx80 MGMT - Time to Pretend: Tu ru ru ru ru ru rú

MGMTTime to Pretend

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douglasgottlieb Last Song for This Saturday: Ryan Adams' Slightly Less Than Reverent Cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special."
douglasgottlieb Anticipatory Saturday night doldrums from the Thrills
douglasgottlieb On Saturday Afternoons in 1963, Rickie Lee Jones
douglasgottlieb Saturday Songs #2 with Eels: "I've got a long long day ahead of me"
douglasgottlieb Saturday Sun and Nick Drake, and Working from Home
dionroy remember when the gin blossoms were HUGE?!
dionroy reblip via the partial angel @jennyleepenny: "Really, I'm partial angel!" (reblip)

Hal-Keep Love As Your Golden Rule

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douglasgottlieb Five Creepy Songs in a Row. Here's 1 of 5:
dionroy vi@lamuzika: "so take a look at me nowwww" great blippin song you got there." (reblip)
Dizzysam great song did not know the artist that sung it ... glad I found it, thank you @mrandysmiley2 (reblip)
dionroy @threebears had to hear this again since last night! (reblip)


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dionroy Ok I am outta here before I get into it. Gnight everyone gonna try and get more than 5 hours of sleep this time...


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dionroy RIP Jay Bennett of Wilco. (Jay passed on Monday) - Kudos to Jeff Tweedy for recognizing Jays contribution.
Dizzysam hay ya @tannyt yes loving the new freedom!!! starting top feel alive again. How is you??
Dizzysam this is a good one, may listen to more of peter. congrats on reaching 200! @moonspirit: (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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TottenhamBhoy It's Sunday, hey .. don't think I'll be making to church so this will have to do.
douglasgottlieb Lollapalooza 1992 Memories (reblip)

LushFor love

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evrythingmustgo But I know you're not listening, Oh I know you're not listening ...
natsukigamer i need peace...i need to think just in all the beautiful things that the life give us...good night...
evrythingmustgo From my infinite Rainy Day playlist.
brabul preferida do george harrison - "trying to touch you reach you heart and soul... my love, please, take hold of my hand that I might understand you"
brabul repertório #tionelson #relicario ontem - look how they shine for you... - eles começram com essa


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brabul repertório #tionelson #relicario - no no no, dessa vez o flexa não se vestiu de amy winehouse mas estava com um visual todo punk.

Amy WinehouseRehab

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evrythingmustgo I still think I'm the coolest nigga, and my kids say, "What?"
brabul #heinsnotthatintoyou soundtrack - "And I, I must be high, To let you say goodbye" - (i really love wilco!)

wilcoi must be high

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brabul #heisnotthatintoyou soundtrack - ainda sim prefiro a versão do GATO do Jeff Buckley
SoundSystemSDC Code Monkey like Fritos. Code Monkey like Tab & Mountain Dew. This is the theme song... (reblip)
evrythingmustgo On the other hand, it's cool to love your family.
lausen Last blip: Blue Orchid - The White Stripes =) Have a nice day everyone!!!! =)
lausen Take your mama - Scissor Sisters
brabul aodro cantar essa música! eu me acho sexy quando o faço heheehe


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natsukigamer My god i love it!!!!! just perfect!!! T_T (reblip)

The CureLovesong

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longpauses Stories was the album that made me a PJ fan. Does anyone write a hotter existential love song? #blipiography
natsukigamer quiero jugar GoW !!!!!!!!! (es que la canción me remonta al comercial...jajajaja) (reblip)

Johnny CashHurt

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lausen Locomotive breath - Jethro Tull
lausen Here comes the sun - George Harrison
lausen Across the Universe - Fiona Apple
lausen Boys don't cry - The Cure
natsukigamer i love this song....

Carpenters - Close To You

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evrythingmustgo This song is in my head most every morning.
natsukigamer Uuuuy me gusta mas esta versión!!! (reblip)

Johnny CashOne

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brabul Retrospectiva #98 - cursinho pré-vestibular. nessa época eu não fazia questão de ser bonita.
brabul Retrospectiva #2002 - embalou meu namoro e essa música fazia-me lembrar da minha cunhadinha adolescente que sempre me dava presentes
natsukigamer ...And now the amazing Jeff Buckley!!!!!!!....
jeffisageek a song for all the geeks/code monkeys out there
dionroy @SaraMellander you pretty much can't go wrong with coldplay! (reblip)

ColdplayDon't Panic

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dionroy @pyrrhoX - typo sorry... @pyrrhoX thanks for garbage, 2.0 was such a great album. (reblip)
ladypn Then you'd have been THRILLED around here the past few days @CrescentMoonglow! Torrential downpours! ;) (reblip)
dionroy Hmmmm, tough decision-- 311 Love Song or Death Cab for Cutie Love Song??? 311 has the edge with me, even though I love everything DCFC puts out. (reblip)
dionroy reblip - love REM thank you!! what noisy cats are we (reblip)

r.e.m.swan swan h

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dionroy I dedicate this song to the njtransit train Im on, and to the one I missed by 10 seconds 40 minutes ago.
brabul it's not a problem of mine but it's a problem I find: living a life that I can't leave behind....
evrythingmustgo I guess you can't get what you want til you know what you want.
SofiaFada oi @RobertoFendler, vi sua solicitação de amigo, mas só vou aceitar lá em casa, rs, aqui é bloqueado (reblip)
brabul maybe you will or you won't. (mas poderemos ser amigos, não?)
ladypn @Niem In a good way? Good attitude just the same - all you can do is reset course! Great to hear the WHOLE song uninterrupted. ;) NEED MORE COWBELL! (reblip)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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SofiaFada Bom dia @edustarling, essa eu sou obrigada a reblipar :) (reblip)

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

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brabul ah, se você soubesse... o quanto eu preciso de você
evrythingmustgo Here's one for the the cool of the evening when ev'rything is gettin' kind of groovy.

Classics IVSpooky

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brabul dance, jogue o cabelo e o quadril para o ado e para o outro e dance!
brabul nome do álbum. ótima música. Das dele eu prefiro as menos lentas

Jeff BuckleyGrace

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brabul if you see me (online) say hello!
evrythingmustgo This one's all the way from Philadelphia.
natsukigamer And yes.. I learned something: Big girls don't cry...
natsukigamer this is one of my favorite videos...
evrythingmustgo This one's for my boys in South Central (I'm sorry).
SoundSystemSDC OK, the 'revenge montage from Godfather pt I' where I wiped out favorite DJs who weren't reciprocating is over. Now back to ptwitty POSITIVITY!
evrythingmustgo This one is just for chillin.
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