duffboy Feel like listening to her :)
duffboy I heard a beautiful story related to the origin of this song. Thanks to gbrl, who played it for me last week.
duffboy wanted to hear this one in a while
clearskies I heard this in the film The Darjeeling Ltd..I like it

The KinksStrangers

| play
duffboy probably the greatest break up song ever written
duffboy haven't heard this one in a while
duffboy I need to hear something as mellow as this.
duffboy This tune makes me feel so alive.
duffboy You don't love me, you just love my doggy style...
duffboy We need some rock ballad!

03 Bon Jovi This Aint a Love Song

| play
duffboy The first track I hear from their new album.


| play
duffboy I need your lovin', like the sunshine...
duffboy I think I'm missing out on their music.
duffboy La busqué en italiano, pero es mucho pedirle a Blip todavía
duffboy I wanted "no pressure over capuccino", but this Alanis cover will do... I hope
duffboy How 'bout the original? Radiohead rules!
duffboy awesome song and lyrics, such a great ballad

Annie LennoxWhy

| play
duffboy Whatever happened to this band?


| play
duffboy un poco de Control, antes de ir por León
duffboy I was talking about Joy Division with a girl last night. Mental note: check out the band and get a hold of Control, , FM
duffboy Comiendo manzana, tomando algo frío en & Café
duffboy Saw Nacho Libre again last night: "Get that corn out of my face!"
amberella This just sneaked into my head whilst browsing some artistic photography. http://www.flickr.com/oladios/

Ben FoldsEvaporated

| play
duffboy need something to calm down, I'm pissed!
duffboy How much does it take you to cool down?

pj harveyrid of me

| play
duffboy Office + young people = dorm. My irritability: 100%
duffboy ok, hoy voy al gym temprano. Endorfinas al rescate!


| play
duffboy Quote from Jerry Maguire (al personaje de C.G Jr): "Are u Hootie?"

Hootie and the Blowfish - State Your Peace

| play
duffboy I dig this band, super funky and latin


| play
duffboy I haven't had sex/intimacy with someone I care for, in years

Brian McKnight_Anytime

| play
duffboy del nuevo disco, que compre y perdi sin haberlo escuchado

Cafe Tacubay Es Que

| play
duffboy @biancapalaci: me gusta twitter y esto de Blip. Me enseñas portugués y yo te ayudo con español!?
EnchiladaRex Its 1am here in London at the time of this Blip. Time for bed. Time to battle the demons that remind me that death haunts us. Life is a House of Cards
duffboy oh, the drugs, let's not forget the drugs
duffboy @biancapalaci: Guatemala. I tweet in english mostly.


| play
duffboy el amor ambidiestro @biancapalaci: will do so... right now!
duffboy Weird Al, don't we just love him and his accordion ways?
duffboy Se me olvidaba: ¿alquien sabe cómo colocar el formato correcto del tel. en la cuenta de Paypal?
duffboy that audio quality was shameful, how 'bout this one
Fa002 This song is a drug when your in the right mood
duffboy talking bout music and audiovisual productions with Spectre
duffboy Sexy tune for a sexy style I'm diggin 'bout myself 2day
DJVee He was the best part of the Hitchhiker movie. Most Definitely.
duffboy Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge...
duffboy In the mood for @imogenheap: I Am in Love With You
duffboy I Am The Highway- Audioslave (live)... "I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky"
duffboy Hero of the Day must be my favorite Metallica video. Just realized that...
duffboy "Tu alma está por nacer..." Bienvenido a la Vida (Aleks Syntek) @basico3 me la recordó ayer
duffboy More Naughty by Nature + hip hop coming your way. Feel me flow...

Naughty By Nature Feel me flow (Official Video)

| play
duffboy "You down with OPP? Yeah, u know me..."

OPPNaughty By Nature

| play
duffboy "You are so sweet..." Regina Spektor-Dance Anthem of The 80's

Regina Spektor-Dance Anthem of The 80's(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)HQ+Lyrics

| play
duffboy "Mother, you had me, I never had you. I wanted you, you didn't want me..."

John Lennon in Madison Square Garden / Mother

| play
duffboy "We should be happy together forever, you and I" @mishu7 @mishu (wink wink)
duffboy An acapella rendition of End of the Road... nice!
duffboy "And I'll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain..."
duffboy Tori Amos's voice is so hipnotic... Caught a Lite Sneeze
duffboy Tori being asked about rape + Pretty Good Year (1994) on italian tv

Tori Amos 1994 Interview & Pretty Good Year Live

| play
duffboy Harvester of Sorrow (Metallica) live at Moscow '89
duffboy "...couldn't be much more from the heart, forever trusting who we are"
duffboy Turn the page (Metallica)... a song for the road
duffboy And now... a ballad: Momma Said (Metallica)
duffboy Mastodon - Call of the Mastodon... some headbanging for your soul
duffboy Metallica – Fuel [Live Nimes July 7, 2009] HD... can't wait for them to arrive!
duffboy En Casa (La Ley)... beautiful vocals

en casala ley

| play
duffboy Metallica hits the spot when I'm not completely ok. Blackened (live 1989)
duffboy Congratulations 2 @imogenheap on Best Engineering Grammy :)

Imogen HeapHeadlock

| play
duffboy Mastodon is set to perform in Guatemala, as Metallica's opening act. Pretty rockin!
duffboy "Goodnight to every little hour that you sleep tight..." Smashing Pumpkins

Farewell and Goodnight-The Smashing Pumpkins

| play
duffboy "los mejores juegos en la obscuridad" Dos Niños-Cafe Tacuba #musicmonday

Cafe TacubaDos niños

| play
duffboy "You'll be a mother to my child, and a child to my heart..."
duffboy "Lately I just can't seem to believe, discard my friends to change the scenery..."

Smashing Pumpkins "To Sheila"

| play
duffboy "Why would you want to hurt me?" (Animal, Pearl Jam)

Pearl JamAnimal

| play
duffboy "...cielito bonito devuelve mi alma, cielito yo te pido otra oportunidad"
duffboy "Quiero ver amanecer, pero del otro lado ver amanecer..."
duffboy La nueva guapachosa versión de "Padre Nuestro"... la gozo con culpa

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs "Padre Nuestro" primer single oficial

| play
duffboy Paquito (versión original, Rey Azúcar)

paquito-los fabulosos cadillacs

| play
duffboy "It's got what it takes, so tell me why can't this be love"
duffboy "Those notes you wrote me, I kept them all..."

there is- boxcar racer (lyrics)

| play
duffboy "We'll do this from time to time, where I can never say the things I mean"
duffboy "So please, you know you're just like me, next time I promise we'll be perfect"

Smashing Pumpkins- "Perfect"

| play
duffboy "It was all so simple as you watched him move..."
duffboy Michel Peraza: "Pacífico, un poco real, un poco místico"

Michel Peraza, pacífico

| play
duffboy "She's sexy! She, hopes this lasts forever..."
duffboy Nelly Furtado: Manos al aire... she really practiced her spanish, good for her!
duffboy "You dig everything, you dig all my light, and you love my dark" @mishu @mishu7
duffboy "When I open my mouth you never listen" -Don't waste your time (Kelly Clarkson)
duffboy Strong guitars on Kelly's "Hole"

Kelly Clarkson-Hole (FULL SONG)

| play
duffboy "Leaking rain on the phone, you remind me of that leak in my soul..."
duffboy "If you have to go, don't say goodbye, if you have to go don't you cry..."
duffboy God I love this album... now playing: Behold! The Nightmare
duffboy "And you may go but I know you won't leave..."
duffboy "I'll be there when your heart stops beating, when we both get carried away"
duffboy And now, we mellow out: Linger (The Cranberries, 1993)

The CranberriesLinger

| play
duffboy "God knows I want to break free..." (Live at Wembley Stadium 1986)
duffboy "The Black Crows - She talks to Angels" via @elland666 Always reminds me of Let her cry (Hootie) (reblip)
duffboy Acoustic greatness! Beggars and hangers-on (Slash's Snakepit)
duffboy Illegal I Song (Velvet Revolver) (live): "One fine day, I'll settle down"
duffboy Sexy Shakira: "Lo imprescindible" "Sabes que me estás matando..."
duffboy Is it wrong that I've only heard the South Park version? (Come sail away)

Come Sail Away Cartman

| play
duffboy "Pastillas, la última esperanza negra, podés pedirle pastillas a tu suegra..." @mishu @mishu7
duffboy "Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust (Unplugged 1992)" Awesome! (reblip)
duffboy "Feel like making love" Bad Company (cause I still gotta work tonight)
duffboy This one goes out to @RadicalMissions (Twitter), rock on, brother! Mastodon: I am Ahab

MastodonI am Ahab

| play
duffboy @artylovesbmw Glad to know we both like Queen. Hope you enjoy the Paul Rodgers stint as well!
duffboy A fantastic liver version of Damien Rice's Eskimo. Intense vocals and guitar!

Damien RiceEskimo

| play
duffboy "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know, dear, how much I love you..." @mishu7 (Twitter)
duffboy Pearl Jam - Blood (live): "It's... my... blood"

Pearl JamBlood

| play
avatarbobo muy buena... de mis favoritas ^-^ "Como un vicio que me duele quiero mirarte a los ojos..."


| play
avatarbobo "Y me pongo a pensar, que en ese gran lugar, tu allí vas a estar..."
duffboy "La rumba del gato, la rumba del perro..."
duffboy "Let my heart go, let your son go..." (Mama Said - Metallica)
duffboy (reblip) @romanus: "Leonard Cohen :: Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On" #blipfm (reblip)
LuvGunn rb @Lyrinca: "But I'm not here, this isn't happening." (reblip)
duffboy Awesome title! HandJobs for the holidays (Broken Social Scene)
duffboy Gotta love, Celine! -The Power of Love (live in Las Vegas)
duffboy "Ella dijo: all you need is pop"

Andres Calamaro (all you need is pop)

| play
duffboy "Todos se van, todos se van..." pa @mishu @mishu7

Andres Calamaro On the Rock Todos se van Vivo Mendoza

| play
duffboy Sexy Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl (live)
duffboy Never has someone faked so right awesome vocals: Girl You Know it's True (Milli Vanilli)
duffboy This goes out to @labullo, may you find yourself and protect yourself, friend (Searching, INXS)

Searching INXS

| play
duffboy Bullet For My Valentine cover of Creeping Death (Metallica)
duffboy The Ecstasy of Gold + Creeping Death (Pukkelpop 15.08.2008)
duffboy Creeping Death (Apocalyptica cover) live in HD
duffboy Creeping Death (Metallica), studio version. Sorry folks, blipping that tune a lot today.
duffboy Creeping Death (Metallica, live)... this song opened the concert on friday with audio difficulties. 90's clip?
duffboy "It's my world, you cannot have it!"
duffboy Purify (Studio Sessions): "Can't you help me?"

Metallica Purify Studio Sessions St Anger

| play
duffboy She Lost Control (Joy Division). Feel like that band right now.
DamnTheMan Live - Selling The Drama
duffboy Mashup time: Carl Douglas vrs Color me Badd: I wanna Kung Fu up
duffboy "All for Love" Color me Badd... #nowplaying


| play
duffboy I warned you @mishu: here's this 80's ballad by New Kids on the Block
duffboy RT @patita: ""here I stand at the crossroad's edge, afraid to reach out for eternity..... one step, when I look down, I see someone else not me...."" (reblip)
duffboy It's blipping time. "Not Now" Blink 182

blink-182Not Now

| play
duffboy Rock it! @soymegafan: "About to start a Back in black AC/DC set list, get ready. "Hells Bells"" (reblip)
duffboy It's really not reblip @soymegafan: "Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution (live at Glasgow, 1996)" (reblip)
Shaiman Not so much a fan of the original, but I love the cover. rb@EmilyJane (reblip)
duffboy And I will eat them! @mishu: "I'll make you banana pancakes :)" (reblip)
duffboy Such a beautiful disaster, love this song. Yes I did @mishu7 I be blipping Kelly!
duffboy "If I'm not inside your arms, I get dramatic... I know" This ballad will always be one of my favs @mishu7
duffboy Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana, Live & Loud)...
duffboy I need to know more about Mos Def's work, I'm missing out: "Sunshine"

Mos Def- Sunshine

| play
duffboy "Whatever u do, don't put the blame on you..." Blame in on the rain


| play
duffboy "...the drops of rain they fall over..." Blink 182 -Down

Blink 182Down Live

| play
duffboy "...e pioggia lo bagnò" Laura's rendition of Eros's Favola, at San Siro

Laura PausiniFavola

| play
duffboy Travis's Why does it always rain on me? at Live 8 London.
duffboy Garbage's only happy when it rains, they like it complicated
duffboy "I like watchin' the puddles gather rain..." No rain -Blind Melon
duffboy "...kiss the rain, whenever you need me" @mishu @mishu7
duffboy Though it's a beautiful day, some songs with rain in it, November Rain
duffboy "Ya no siento que mi vida valga menos que tu ausencia" Nada, Juanes (live)


| play
mishu "No quiero que dejemos de bailar así"...... =) @duffboy... our song ♥

Cafe Tacuba-el baile y el salon

| play
duffboy Nothing but Smashing Pumpkins, while I start the laundry. "Jellybelly"
duffboy Love it or leave it alone. Nothing but Alicia, Common and Mos Def
duffboy Hadn't heard a new The Verve song in years... what a great band: Love is Noise
duffboy DJ AM and his great collaborator @trvsbrkr What a shame to have him gone...

Travis Barker and DJ AM MUSIC VIDEO!

| play
duffboy "Will you agree to take this man... into your world, and now we are as one" @mishu7 @mishu (on blip.fm)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Hard to concentrate

| play
duffboy I miss Michael Jackson... "You rock my world"
DirtyUrine hey girl! @MedicBarbie: Hear a sound from a voice inside... in the darkest hole, you'd be well advised, not to plan my funeral before the body dies... (reblip)

Grind-Alice in Chains

| play
duffboy It was hard, but got to finish The Middle, on Guitar Hero last week (on "easy" :)
duffboy I traded in my credit card points for Metallica's Death Magnetic. A great choice...
duffboy Come here boy @ImogenHeap via @scorpionkiss (reblip)

Imogen Heap _ Come here boy

| play
duffboy "Today is the greatest day I've ever known, can't live for tomorrow..."

Smashing Pumpkins-Today-LYRICS-

| play
duffboy I love the bass and melody of Set the ray to jerry

the smashing pumpkins-strtj

| play
duffboy Todo es vino, Draco... from Teatro Live DVD

Draco Rosa Todo Es Vino DVD Teatro Live

| play
duffboy My lovin' (you're never gonna get it) by En Vogue, at MTV awards

En Vogue My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (Live)

| play
duffboy "Aviéntame", casi igual a la versión del disco, Caifanes

Avientame-Caifanes MTV

| play
duffboy "Ayer me dijo un ave" en el famoso/misterioso MTV Unplugged Eléctrico, de Caifanes

Ayer Me Dijo Un Ave

| play
duffboy "Oara un alma eterna, cada piedra es un volcán" Aquí no es así

Aquí no es así

| play
duffboy "antes que muera dejame amarte en vida..." Miedo


| play
duffboy Tengo ganas de escuchar El Nervio del Volcán, de Caifanes. Empecemos con "Afuera"


| play
duffboy Ladies and gentleman: The Jackson 5!

Jackson 5 "Dancing Machine"

| play
duffboy "Don't You Judge Of My Composure 'Cause I'm Lying To Myself And The Reason Why She Left Me Did She Find In Someone Else?" Who is it - MJ
duffboy One of my favorite tracks from the Dangerous album, Can't let her get away - Michael Jackson
duffboy Reblip: @mishu (@mishu7 on twitter): "ahhh this reminds me lots of great things *sigh* =D @duffboy (blip) @luismuybien (twitter)" (reblip)

Laura Pausini-Vivimi

| play
duffboy I have great memories of my bro playing this tune when we live together - I just can't stop loving you

MIchael Jackson I Just Cant Stop Loving You

| play
duffboy "Quisiera ser alcohol", una balada para la eternidad...
duffboy "Pero nunca me caí", en vivo, una de mis favoritas de Caifanes

Caifanes-Pero nunca me cai (en vivo) teatro metropolitan `94

| play
ta23n ♪Clockwork - Dilated Peoples - Hip Hop/Rap
duffboy Everything in it's right place - Radiohead, from Kid A

"Everything in its right place" music video

| play
duffboy "It's been seven hours and 15 days..." Nothing compares 2 you - Sinead O'Connor

nothing compares

| play
duffboy This O-Town ballad was really enjoyed by one of my bros. We both watched Making the Band.

O- Town- All or nothing (with lyrics)

| play
duffboy Start the machine - Angels & Airwaves: "if love's the word that you say, say it I will listen"

Angels & Airwaves 'Start The Machine' Live from St. Paul, MN

| play
duffboy "...at least I have her love, the city she loves me, lonely as I am, together we cry"
duffboy "All I Need" - Radiohead, makes me think of @mishu7 @mishu (on blip), my fiancé (reblip)

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
duffboy "You're probably poisoning your body..." The Pills Won't Help You Now" Chemical Bros ft Midlake
duffboy Desde los Tigres del Norte no se escribía una canción tan descriptiva sobre las pastillas... Receta- Arjona
duffboy Some drug references in amazing music... The drugs don't work - The Verve
duffboy No hay nada como un solo de violín eléctrico... "La Llorona" - Caifanes

La llorona caifanes

| play
duffboy "..don't try to understand me" -Give in to me, MJ featuring Slash
duffboy Feeling like a ballad for @mishu @mishu7: Forever love (Dígame), Anna Nalick
duffboy "There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you" @mishu @mishu7

ExtremeHole Hearted

| play
duffboy If ever a rock band didn't need 2 appear in their video, it was Radiohead
duffboy Such a great title: I'm Lonely (But I ain't that lonely yet)

The White Stripes I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)

| play
duffboy As ugly as I seem... acoustic greatness

The White Stripes As Ugly as I seem

| play
duffboy "you need to know the difference between a father and a lover..." (Passive Manipulation)

The White Stripes Passive Manipulation

| play
duffboy Conan became even cooler that week he had The White Stripes as houseband

The White Stripes-The Denial Twist

| play
duffboy Forever for her (is over for me)... bittersweet breakup song

The White Stripes Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)

| play
duffboy "When you gonna ring it?" (My Doorbell)
duffboy You rarely hear a marimba in modern rock these days (The Nurse)

The White Stripes The Nurse

| play
duffboy Blue Orchid: a great start
duffboy Let me give the world to you (live) -SP
duffboy I remember getting misty eyed when I heard it for the fist time @mishu @mishu7
duffboy "Etcetera, etcetera... did the cat get your tongue?"
duffboy "Cold, cold water surrounds me now..." Damien Rice-Cold Water

Damien RiceCold Water

| play
duffboy "Your love is better than ice cream" happy 7 months together @mishu7 @mishu
duffboy Number 1 Crush: Garbage. "I would twist that knife and bleed my aching heart"

Number 1 CrushGarbage

| play
duffboy Blood: Pearl Jam. "It's my blood!"
duffboy Songs about blood and life: Hemorrhage (In my hands): Fuel
duffboy Are you still mad I gave you ultimatums?
duffboy A change of rhythm now: If I ruled the world (live)-Nas

Nas 'If I Ruled The World' at Orange Rockcorps

| play
duffboy Haven't heard this one in a while: Fly away from here- Aerosmith

Fly Away From Here

| play
duffboy "Seems like we're making up more than we're making love"


| play
duffboy Heavenly sounds (Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah)
duffboy "It feels like home to me" cough cough @mishu7 @mishu
duffboy "So I look to my eskimo friend..." Damien Rice- Eskimo

Damien RiceEskimo

| play
duffboy "A careless whisper from a careless man" A must for mixtapes!
duffboy That classic bad(not so bad) boy video: "Rush, rush...oh man, I love u so"

Rush, Rush Paula Abdul

| play
duffboy "Did you lose yourself somewhere out there, did you get to be a star?"
duffboy A live version of Parasol -Tori Amos

Tori Amos: American Doll Parasol

| play
duffboy Everyday is a great day for Regina Spektor: "Laughing with"

Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Official Music Video)

| play
duffboy Weird Al's "Trapped in the drive thru" is fucking hilarious!
duffboy I love the title to this song: Naked girl falling down the stairs (reblip)
duffboy Right now, she is eating lunch...
duffboy Cloud on my tongue, piano and voice, Tori's voice, Tori's piano :)

Tori Amos Cloud on My Tongue 1994 TV

| play
duffboy The Waitress, one of the album's darkest tunes

Tori Amos The Waitress Live

| play
duffboy Past the mission, a live version


| play
duffboy "I apologize for all the things I've done, but now I'm underwater and I'm drowning..."

P.M. Dawn -- Die Without You

| play
duffboy "My love, you know that you're my best friend, you know I'd do anything for you..."
duffboy "I would be the one, to hold you down, kiss you so hard" @mishu and @mishu7 -Possession

"Possession (Live)"

| play
duffboy Such a desperate love song: Bad, "if I could, u know I would...let it go"

U2: Bad Live Rattle & Hum

| play
duffboy I love the bass line to this U2 track: No line on the horizon
duffboy "...this isn't happening" -How to disappear completely

Radiohead How to Disappear Completely Video Kid A

| play
duffboy Feeling pulled apart by horses -Thom Yorke. Such vibrant visuals...
duffboy Thom Yorke plays "Analyze" live. Great camera direction.

Thom YorkeAnalyse

| play
duffboy Royal Gregory (live)-Holy Fuck. You can't get tired of typing the band's name

'Royal Gregory' by Holy Fuck on Q TV

| play
duffboy Discovering what promises to be a great band: Holy Fuck

Holy FuckMilkshake

| play
duffboy "Keep it cool como un refrigerador" -Don't let go-Pacha Massive

Pacha Massive- Don't Let go

| play
duffboy "Remember that time when we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth?"
duffboy "God sometimes you just don't come through, do you need a woman to look after you?" God-Tori Amos

Tori AmosGod

| play
duffboy At My Window, Sad and Lonely, by Billy Bragg and Wilco (Jeff Tweedy version)

At My Window, Sad and Lonely, by Billy Bragg and Wilco (Jeff Tweedy version)

| play
duffboy Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark (live) (reblip)
duffboy "Interstate Love Song" - Stone Temple Pilots (reblip)

Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots Lyrics

| play
duffboy Richmond I salute you: "Coffin Fodder" by Cradle of Filth cc @mishu7
duffboy Take out your lighter: "More Than Words" - Extreme (reblip)
duffboy "There There" - Radiohead (reblip)

RadioheadThere There

| play
duffboy "She's Not There" - The Zombies (reblip)
duffboy "Loneliness" - Minimal Man

Minimal ManLoneliness

| play
duffboy "You miss too much these days if you stop to think" (reblip)

U2 Until The End Of The World

| play
duffboy She's Like Heroin - System of a Down
duffboy Beastie Boys -Heart Attack Man (Unplugged)

Beastie Boys-Heart Attack Man (Unplugged)

| play
duffboy Sure Shot - Beastie Boys (reblip)

beastie boys-sure shot

| play
duffboy She's like the wind - Patrick Swayze
duffboy She's Mine - Fito Paez & The Killers Burritos

Fito Paez & The Killers Burritos- She's Mine

| play
duffboy She drives me wild - Michael Jackson
duffboy She Loves You - The Beatles (Live In Washington, DC 1964)

She Loves You, The Beatles (Live In Washington, DC 1964)

| play
duffboy She Wants To Move (Basement Jaxx Main Mix) - N.E.R.D.
duffboy She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
duffboy Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover by Adam Lambert)
duffboy "Wake from your sleep, the drying of your tears, today we escape, we escape..."
duffboy Boyz II Men: Yesterday (acapella, Beatles cover)

Boyz II Men-Yesterday

| play
duffboy Hot Chip – So Glad To See You (reblip)
duffboy "I got maple syrup, everything but you"
duffboy Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet: Way Down In The Hole (reblip)

Tom Waits/Kronos Quartet Way Down In The Hole

| play
duffboy Enik - Your Punks Are Getting Angry
duffboy DJ Marlboro: New Funk

New FunkDj Marlboro

| play
duffboy Sweeeeet Emooootion! (reblip)

Aerosmith _ Sweet Emotion .

| play
duffboy Foster the People: Houdini
duffboy "Flying on your motorcycle, watching all the ground beneath you drop..."
duffboy "Bello abril" Fito y Spinetta: "Dios santo, qué bello abril"
duffboy "No hay nada mejor que casa" Té para Tres (Soda Stereo)
duffboy Spinetta: "Cementerio Club"
duffboy "Todas las hojas son del viento". Gracias @julioserrano por presentarme a Spinetta #CiaoFlaco
duffboy Luis Alberto Spinetta: "Bajan" via @xtranguy: "qepd" #ciaoflaco (reblip)
duffboy Demons (Fatboy Slim, feat. Macy Gray)... seems appropriate for today

Demons by Fatboy Slim (High Res / Official video).mp4

| play
duffboy "This was one's optimistic... the best you can is good enough"


| play
duffboy via @mark_till: "The Ataris~ The Saddest Song (Accoustic Version)" (reblip)

The Ataris~ The Saddest Song (Accoustic Version)

| play
duffboy "Well, you may go to college, you may go to school..."
duffboy Billy Bragg & Wilco`s version

Billy Bragg & Wilco- At My Window Sad and Lonely

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duffboy "En nuestra vida real siempre fuimos decadentes..."

Clonazepán y Circo -Andrés Calamaro- En vivo Made in Argentina 2005.

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duffboy "You know me better than that..."

01. SadeBy Your Side

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duffboy "No Ordinary Love (live)" Sade
duffboy "I woke this morning to the sound of breaking hearts..."

" Home " [High Quality] Sheryl Crow

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duffboy The Beatles - "She Said She Said" (reblip)

The Beatles She Said She Said (Germany '66 footage)

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duffboy "We could be heroes, for just one day" (reblip)
duffboy "Painkiller - Judas Priest". Because we all need something for the pain. (reblip)
duffboy Those were some erotic times. A track produced by Lenny Kravitz. (reblip)
duffboy El Cuarteto de Nos - "Buen día Benito" (en vivo desde el Luna Park)

El Cuarteto de Nos-Buen día Benito-en vivo desde el Luna Park

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duffboy "You make me feel like I`ve been locked out of heaven..."

Bruno Mars Performs "Locked Out Of Heaven" On SiriusXM Hits1

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duffboy "We`re like everyone else, except that we only listen to Cradle of Filth..."
duffboy "this isn`t happening..."

4. How To Disappear Completely

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duffboy "Free Falling (live) John Mayer (Tom Petty cover) (reblip)
duffboy RIP Mac Daddy... "Jump" (live)

Kris KrossJump

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duffboy The Arcade Fire - "Wake Up (live)"

Arcade FireWake Up

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duffboy "Wake up" - Rage Against The Machine

Wake Up-- Rage Against The Machine lyrics

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duffboy "And all I can breathe is your life..." (reblip)
duffboy Throwback ballad moment: "Angel" - Jon Secada (reblip)
duffboy No Doubt - "Suspicious Minds (live)" (reblip)
duffboy "Big Planes And Sharks" - Ex Vivian
duffboy "Take me somewhere nice" - Mogwai (reblip)
duffboy Seems appropriate for today: Metallica - Creeping Death (live)
duffboy Dream Theater – The Ministry of Lost Souls
gaAraGT Lo que daría por salir en este video, jajajajaj

Erasure Always

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duffboy Hilario Camacho - Volar es para los pájaros (reblip)

Hilario Camacho -Volar es para los pajaros

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duffboy SMASHING PUMPKINS – Bodies [live 1996]
duffboy Oasis – Champagne supernova: "Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide" (reblip)
duffboy Bienvenido al blipeo @gaAraGT: "Lamento contrariarla, pero no la recuerdo..." (reblip)

Jose Jose Amnesia 1990

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duffboy "And I always find, always find something wrong..."

Watch the Throne Tour Atlanta "Runaway" Kanye West

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duffboy Hoy corresponde escuchar Timbiriche...
duffboy Smashing Pumpkins - Transmission (live, Joy Division cover)
duffboy Mother - Sinéad O'Connor and The Band (The Wall, live)
duffboy Dream Theater: Scenes from a memory -The Dance Of Eternity
duffboy Justo hoy la escuchaba en Fama via @gaAraGT: "Lo que daría por salir en este video, jajajajaj" (reblip)

Erasure Always

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duffboy "All my life I`ve been searching for something, something never comes..."
duffboy "There goes my hero, watch him as he goes..."

Foo FightersMy Hero

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duffboy Things just won`t do without you, matter of fact
duffboy Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Woodstock 1994) (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails: Closer Woodstock 1994 (Digitally Remastered)

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duffboy From the Trainspotting soundtrack (reblip)

Underworld Born Slippy

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duffboy Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - Def Leppard. Takes me back a few years (reblip)
duffboy Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division (reblip)

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

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duffboy "I took a drive today, time to emancipate. I guess it was the beatings, made me wise"
duffboy "Young girl, violence, center of her own attention. A mother reads aloud, a child tries to understand it..."
duffboy For Bianca: "Betterman" (Pearl Jam)
duffboy "Dream another dream, this dream is over"
duffboy "I want you to see everything..." (Kanye West - All of The Lights) @mishu7 (no big surprise!)
duffboy "...your daddy was an alcoholic, but your mother kept it all inside" Starsailor - Alcoholic


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duffboy "Old at heart, but I'm only 28 and I'm much too young to let love break my heart..."
duffboy John Williams - The Imperial March... seems appropriate today
duffboy "Dream another dream, this dream is over..." (The dream is over, Van Halen)
duffboy "Y la madrugada se vuelve cada vez más íntima..." via @DracoRosa
duffboy Esto es vida (Draco Cornelius)... pa' que te cures, camarada!
duffboy Awesome! RT @mishu: "If you ever feel like letting go I won't let you fall ♫ (@duffboy @luismuybien ) ♥ " (reblip)
duffboy "...but I'm safe when you're with me"
duffboy Mom wouldn't like Ozzy, even so... Mama, I'm coming home
duffboy My favorite John Lennon song ever... Mother: "Momma don't go, daddy come home..."


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duffboy "I took her out, it was a Friday night" (Blink 182, What's my age again?" cc @darthliz
duffboy "Fumarte es comerte, beberse tus zumos..." (Te Fumaré via DracoRosa)
duffboy "Disorder" - Joy Division (dancing a little bit in my seat)
duffboy "...ancora fragile" (Stella Gemella, Laura Pausini)
duffboy "...tutto il mio dentro che conochi che tu sai..." (Stella Gemella, Eros Ramazzotti)
duffboy "Prendo noi, guardami. Prendo chi al mio domani, amami... sono qui..." @mishu7
duffboy This one goes out to Greg at the office... I Can' Go For That (No Can Do)
Antenaweb Chromeo – Tenderoni (Mstrkrft Remix)
duffboy "A mother reads out loud, child tries to understand it, tries to make her proud..."

Pearl JamDaughter

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duffboy "Momma, life had just begun..." (Elton John, Axl Rose and Queen)
duffboy "Tell me, momma, is it just the way they say, does the sun shine night and day?"
duffboy Not that fan of The RS, but this track's amazing: Paint it Black
duffboy Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees (Live at Saitama Super Arena - Oct 5, 08 - Tokyo, Japan) (reblip)
duffboy La Ley: Intenta amar (la letra es intensa)

intenta amar La Ley unplugged

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duffboy U2 - Moment of Surrender (Breaks Mix by Mick James)
duffboy Caifanes siempre me recordará a mi bro mayor, me hace bien hablar con él...
duffboy Porque me recuerda el primer toque de Jaguares al que asistí, hace años: Miércoles de Ceniza
duffboy El Duo Dinamita: "Dinamitour 01". Alguna vez los vi en el Pasaje Aycinena :)

El Duo Dinamita "Dinamitur 01"

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duffboy Nostalgia noventera: Recuerda (Surash) @alan1000s @jorgedardon
duffboy Discovered this band on Dragons' Den. Liking what I hear!
duffboy Luces no bélicas/Arrepentimiento (remix) - Lucybell: "Corta por lo sano..."
duffboy Yeah, you know me... (guess this 90's hit)
duffboy Funky balada: Éxtasis (Azul Violeta)

azul violetaextasis

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duffboy Love, you're a whore (Regina Spektor, Bonnaroo 2007)
duffboy Eat the rich (live) Aerosmith
duffboy Ethank Hawke: "I'm Nuthin'" from the Reality Bites OST
duffboy "I never noticed how lovely were the aliens..."
duffboy "Todo lo que he tocado me pertenece..." Volando me voy (Hello sea horse)
duffboy @avatarbobo No conocía la banda que mencionás, ya me dejaste tarea. Va "Soñé" Zoé. MTV Unplugged
duffboy Apuesto que @avatarbobo disfrutó el MTV Unplugged de Zoé. Suena: "Luna"


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duffboy "Yo te salvaré y te ampararé..." (Déjalo ir)
duffboy Una de mis rolas favoritas del Todo o Nada: "Hiéreme" de @bennyibarra

Benny IbarraHiereme

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duffboy Rocknroll! "Más de ti"

Mas de ti

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duffboy "This is the last day of our acquaintance, I'll meet you later in somebody's office..."
duffboy Uajajaja, no había escuchado La Cumbia Metalera, de Los Querubines Negros del Molocotongo
lemontree10 Shooting Star - Bad Company
duffboy Southside - Moby feat. Gwen Stefani... deliciously dark
duffboy Lenny Kravitz's Dig In and Ricardo Andrade's Dando Vueltas have similar riffs...

Lenny Kravitz- Dig In

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duffboy Is It Scary - Michael Jackson
duffboy I'm afraid of Americans - David Bowie, feat. Trent Reznor
duffboy Fear of the Dark (live) - Iron Maiden
duffboy Fear (Sarah McLachlan, live)
duffboy I'd do anything for love (But I Won't Do That)... -Meatloaf

Meat Loaf-I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) [FULL SONG]

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duffboy "These are the contents of my head..." (reblip)

Annie LennoxWhy ♥

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duffboy Dyer's Eve (live 2004) - Metallica... headbang if you can!
duffboy The Cure - Pictures of You... sad and beautiful
duffboy "You want commitment? Take a look into these eyes..." @mishu7
duffboy Can't get this song out of my head... Creeping Death (Metallica)
duffboy Love the title to this Merle Haggard song: "I think I'll just stay here and drink" (reblip)
duffboy "Red Hot Chili Peppers – Monarchy of Roses" (reblip)
duffboy Nothing like a feel good song: Cold Turkey (John Lennon)

John Lennon- Cold Turkey

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duffboy "I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself..."

Dashboard Confessional-Vindicated(live)

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duffboy Kill rock n roll (System of a Down) for @guatemalanbear!
duffboy Your Honor (Bonnaroo 2007) - Regina Spektor: "I kissed your lips and I tasted blood..."
duffboy Richard Ashcroft - Lucky Man (acoustic): "How many corners do I have to turn..."
duffboy Big Bang Baby... retro rockin' goodness! (reblip)
duffboy "Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you..."
duffboy Humanos Mexicanos... un flashback del Mucho Barato (Control Machete)
duffboy Local Boy in The Photograph (Stereophonics)... love that melody!
duffboy This one goes out to @guatemalanbear Hope your day is rockin': Master of Puppets
duffboy Anvil: I Fuel For The Fire... a little metal for your lunch!
duffboy Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf... so good!
duffboy "Damien Rice – Lonely Soldier ..... [ Live BBC Four ] ..." via @luka2810: (reblip)
duffboy "If you're a fan of Jimi Hendrix, you're gonna really like me (or not) at the end of this"
duffboy "From the moment I wake, to the moment I sleep, I'll be there by your side..." (reblip)


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duffboy "I'm gonna stand by my woman now..." cc @mishu7
duffboy Let's give it a chance: Sweet Child O'Mine (electric ukulele, GNR cover)
duffboy Are you still mad (of course you are)?
duffboy "How many times have you broken my heart" performed by Norah Jones, Kris Kristofferson and Elvis Costello. So lovely...
duffboy "Is it my turn to be the one to cry...?
duffboy Let's listen to that Adele song...

Adele Someone like you

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duffboy "Everybody´s wishing me a happy birthday..."
duffboy "Don´t be sad, I know you will..."

Daniel Johnston "True Love Will Find You In The End" Video

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duffboy We should all enjoy a kick ass riff like this one: "Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train" via@romanus (reblip)
duffboy El Noi del Sucre - El efecto mariposa pa @mishu7!
duffboy Ah, the soothing sounds of System of a Down's "Jet Pilot", so relaxing!
duffboy "Pink ribbon scars that never forget, I tried so hard to cleanse this regrets..." Smashing Pumpkins – Today (reblip)
duffboy "Optimistic" (live) Radiohead... a great way to start today!


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duffboy Life is so much better with Weird Al in it (Lady Gaga approves, btw) Perform this Way
duffboy They don't care about us - great video by Spìke Lee
duffboy Wanted to hear the original for the first time. Led Zeppelin's Thank You
duffboy @chrystin: "you're dangerous, cause you're honest"


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anonymouskat I'm off to my first boxing lessons.. haha :D
duffboy "trying to make endsmeet, you're a slave to money then you die..."

Richard Ashcroft Bittersweet Symphony (Acoustic)

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duffboy Almost time to pick up León. I gave him shit 2day, kinda feel sorry.
duffboy Old School was fun today: "Blue, you're my boy!"
duffboy Tonight's final blip/twit. Good night everyone.
duffboy God likes the bass from time to time. She enjoys it.
duffboy You can just imagine strippers ruining this song...
duffboy Dulce is shy, but she wanted to blip Shania (that sounds sexy ;)
duffboy Lot of people choose this one for their wedding, can't blame them
duffboy The thing about being single that sucks: when you're feeling crappy and no one's there to do whatever :(
bendrix 22 of 35- a very memorable blip- Thanks @Stolen on 12/03/08<= U DID blip this- This is easily my fave Imogen track. It makes me very very very sad :_( (reblip)