ebruska ♥ "again I stand. Lord, God I stand, against the Faceless Man.." ♥

CreedFaceless Man

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ebruska "the world was spinning fast that night. I just hoped, I could hold on and be apart of it.."
ebruska "I'm hangin' on another day just to see what you will throw my way, and I'm hanging on to the words you say, you said that I will be ok.." (reblip)


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ebruska "everything, everything, everything.."


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ebruska "the light is fading but the stars are dancing bright. my mind is racing like clouds across the sky, how did you make me go... this far?"
ebruska "everyone believes from emptiness to everything.."

John MayerBelief

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ebruska "for the life of me I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise.."
ebruska "so you sailed away into a grey sky morning.."
ebruska passive-aggressive bullshit!..
ebruska "I hate to say you're so much more, you're so much more, endearing with the sound turned off.."
ebruska "greed's all gone now, there's no question .."
ebruska "I wanna come apart, or dig myself a little hole inside your precious heart.."


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ebruska let go, let's go, discotheque...

U2Discothèque (HD)

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ebruska "say goodbye with no sympathy!!"

Creed-Overcome Studio Version

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ebruska here you go, "who are you to wave your finger? you musta been outta your head.."

ToolThe Pot

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ebruska "it's time now. my time now! give me my.. give me my wings!"
ebruska "I came in praying for you.why won't you run in the rain and play,let the tears splash all over you.."
ebruska "credulous at best your desire to believe in, angels in the hearts of men.."


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ebruska "midnight is where the day begins.."


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ebruska ♥ to be yourself is all that you can do ♥ thanks, it's one of my all time faves :) @leviathan (reblip)

AudioslaveBe Yourself

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ebruska and no more believing in all your precious lies..


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ebruska daylight is not the same when your stabbing at the stars in your eyes, and bleeding is what you see..
ebruska some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you..
ebruska "look in my face, stare in my soul. I begin to stupify.."


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ebruska doesn't it hurt? trick and control you, deceive and destroy you..

EarshotNot Afraid

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ebruska days away I still feel you, touching me, changing me and considerately killing me..


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ebruska "take me out tonight. oh, take me anywhere, I don't care.. driving in your car.."
ebruska you see there's no real ending, it's only the beginning. come out and play..

04 "Her Name Is Alice" Shinedown FULL SONG (Almost Alice)

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ebruska "pardon me while I burst into flames. I've had enough of the world and its people's mindless games.."

IncubusPardon Me

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ebruska when you were lost, who was it who found you..
ebruska ♥ what if your words could be judged like a crime? ♥
ebruska oh no, what's this? a spider web and I'm caught in the middle..


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ebruska this monkey's gone to heaven..

Lavinia by The Veils (album version)

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wet wet wet - love is all around

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ebruska decide, which voice in your head you can keep alive..

ShineDownI Dare You

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ebruska "my heart is tattooed on my sleeve, I'm not hiding.. no! it only hurts to breathe.."

CreedOn My Sleeve

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VonRay (Inside Out)

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ebruska ♥ time is a string of pearls.. your blue room ♥

katie melua - spider's web

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disturbed - remember

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Cold-With My Mind

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queen-you don't fool me

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ebruska #creed #WashAwayThoseYears - "for we have crossed many oceans and we labor in between, in life there are many quotients and I hope I find the mean.."
ebruska I'll never let you down while I'm still around. when you were lost, who was it who found you..
ebruska just trying to find my way ..


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ebruska rb@TheMorbidSlayer: "rb @uhrenspast: "yeah, great song. @Cruzito: "My fascination with IN FLAMES started with this song – Only For The Weak \nn/""" (reblip)
ebruska thnx, great pick. love Tool :) @crasin2me: "TOOL - "The Grudge" Inspired by @ebruska" (reblip)

Pearl Jam Alive

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ebruska aren't you tired of this dysfunctional routine?

Staind-Falling LYRICS

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Schism by Tool w/ lyrics

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ebruska rb @romanus: "Adelitas Way // Dirty Little Thing" (reblip)
ebruska with your halo slipping down to choke you now..
ebruska it's your last cup of sorrow, what can you say? finish it today..

Antimatter "Epitaph" official video clip

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Lifehouse - Sick cycle carousel

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Alanis Morissette- Front Row

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ebruska rb @Hypnogaja: "Fave new mashup, Rihanna vs Placebo - Bitter Boy. Wish Rihanna rocked out like this all the time. #musicmonday #mm" (reblip)
ebruska the angel closes her eyes..
ebruska can't you hear the sounds? hearts beating out loud! although the names change, inside we're all the same..

Starsailor Keep Us Together Official Music Video

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ebruska in the arms of the angel, fly away from here..
ebruska looks like the devil's here to stay..
ebruska rb @backasswards: "fav..rb@XORwell: "@MrEckshun: "RB | Bitte @XORwell | been a while since I've heard this tune.""" (reblip)
ebruska one of my faves, rb @DamnTheMan: "Shinedown – 45" (reblip)

Shinedown45 Lyrics

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ebruska thx :) @hpseaton: "@ebruska, sending some Live back at you! Enjoy!" (reblip)

LiveAll Over You

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ebruska ashes to ashes and dust to dust..
ebruska let her soul rest in peace and make way a new angel's in heaven.. since she left I don't dream anymore....
ebruska it's funny how times can change, rearrange and distance makes the pain fade away..

CreedFull Circle

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ebruska I'm out of props to give but love this band so much :) thanks, great one.. @hpseaton (reblip)

LiveLakini's Juice

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staind-its been a while

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ebruska "if you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere. do it somewhere far away from here.."
ebruska "I'm so happy, cause today I found my friends. they're in my head.."


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ebruska love it ♥ @hpseaton: "@ebruska here's another one from them that I love. They are my favorite local band, started out right down the road." (reblip)

LiveTurn My Head

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ebruska I feel angry I feel helpless want to change the world, yeah! I feel violent I feel alone don't try to change my mind, no!


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ebruska thx, I ♥ Live :) @hpseaton: "Sending this one out to @ebruska, a fellow Live fan!" (reblip)
ebruska nice one, thanks :) @hpseaton: "@ebruska I like to take a little Linkin Park and add a little Jay Z...oh yeah!" (reblip)

Foo Fighters "Resolve"

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ebruska thnx hon,hope your having a great weekend,too :) @DamnTheMan: "Another welcome face on my blip stream. I hope your weekend's a good one :) rb@ebruska" (reblip)

Pearl JamJeremy

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ebruska this body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion..

Katatonia | Deliberation

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ebruska #myfaves rb @DamnTheMan: "Maaaaan, I'm just tryin to find my left sock rb@aprildax: "WHO ARE YOU TO WAVE YOUR FINGER???"" (reblip)
ebruska Hey megalomaniac, you're no Jesus! yeah, you're no fucking Elvis!


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ebruska :) good to see you again. nice pick, love Alanis rb @hpseaton (reblip)
ebruska credulous at best your desire to believe in angels in the hearts of men..


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