THC1138 George Benson continues the groove vibe, but not too crazy yet -- I've got hours to go before I sleep and I need to save the poppin stuff for later... (reblip)
enrique_ What's Going On by Marvin Gaye - Marvin had soul, really. (reblip)
enrique_ i love jeanette - from famous Saura´s film OST - enjoy vintage "spanish pop"
enrique_ nice brazilian song by bebel gilberto
enrique_ @adbert this one goes to argentina, gorgeous! @gigia (reblip)
enrique_ @diogodordian by el negro - thanks! (reblip)
DProsper If only for one nite luther @ his best!! lol..
DProsper my heart belongs to her..
Atomik Free To Ask (Body Language Exclusive Track) – Matthew Dear
Antenaweb hi @melpimenta.. how are u sweety?.. let me know how was u're day?... hughs! :)
enrique_ @Diordan eu sou assim (reblip)

17 Jose Augusto Eu Sou Assim

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Diordan Fazia tempo que não blipava uma do Curtis! Monstro sagrado! Deus rezo todo dia pra você! me ilumina! uhahueuhauhehuahuehuae
enrique_ @Diordan free hole negro (reblip)

10 FREE HOLE NEGRO Superfinos negros

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Diordan SOOOOOOO LONG BLUES with you guys please :-)

Ray Charles and Milt Jackson How Long Blues

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ric Gente!!! Vcs são fodas!!! Valeu de coração!! To emocionado com tudo isso! Conheci pessoas incríveis pelo blip! Música+união+energia=mundo melho
Antenaweb a la la la la la la la laaaaa!!.. Cien fuego tiene ya su Guanguanco.... @haposay11 ron con limon y este son!!
Contrabandito RB (I can bring whole cities to ruin/and still have time to fit a soft-shoe in): @gitargirl @threebears What You Feel (reblip)
purplesime Late night Blips are often about creating the right atmosphere, which could explain this closing Blip from @gitargirl yesterday. (reblip)


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Mineira Moro no Brasil, Farofa Carioca (para @todososbrasileiros)
Figgywithit @BeeRealty Don't Ride that Horse is great. Reminds me of this, yes?

Neil YoungOld Man

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headphone blip #998 (oh, how i love this little tune)
headphone blip #999 (my fave song by pavement)
headphone blip #1000 is also my blip #1. my favorite piece of music all time, which makes me feel happy and sad at the same time, i.e., makes me feel human. (reblip)

Elliott Smith - Waterloo Sunset (Live Kinks Cover)

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schizophonic "Sorri, vai mentindo a tua dor..." @brabul ganha props não tanto pela (ótima!) musica, mas pelo texto (MARAVILHOSO!) ->


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titoliveira @luiz_com_z @hideaway coisa fina, cabra!@yohanp "obrigado 'pela' tradução" but don't mind, portuguese is so much complicated than english! :) see ya (reblip)
olaviakite "Maybe I wrote in invisible ink, oh I've tried to think how I could have made it appear..."
Atomik My 1000th blip! ♫Don't forget the songs that made you smile, or made you cry♫

SmithsRubber Ring

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evablue must wash for public appearance :) (reblipping) @paeix via@Kaethe_Cox (reblip)
threebears @threebears tnx for reblips, im maxed. @briangreene ^_^ you're in credit (green ha!) but thanks! (reblip)

Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever

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enrique_ voce por mi no llora, mais eu lloro por voce - llove lluva, llove sin parar
enrique_ encuentro en el rio musical con federico moura
Diordan Última vez que ouço essa em 2009 beijos a todos!
schizophonic Vamos começar a sessão "mpb fm": Kléber Albuquerque, quem quer que seja. (Prefiro a versão da Eliana Printes, mas a letra é FANTÁSTICA!)

KlFaixa 7

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enrique_ @GR8FL Kid Fears [REM] cobered by Indigo Girls feat. Michael Stipe (reblip)
santamistura dindinrinbobomrririri o samba da minha terra deixa a gente mole... todo mundo todo mundo todo mundo mole...
dunski that's one funky heartbeat!
enrique_ se quiser valer - brazilian funky groove
janebanana Eu quero ser exorcizado(a) pela água benta desse olhar infindo Que bom é ser fotografado(a) mas pelas retinas desses olhos lindos ... (reblip)
gui_jotape This one goes to @haveanitiday e @pesci_pesci. Lembrando q a véspera de Natal cai numa quarta.

Feijoada Completa - Chico Buarque - Blues on the Rocks

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Orlando Não é soul brother; é brother soul. Hum.
alyria come si può smettere di sognare...? ^-^
enrique_ give Me Love - give me peace on earth [i love george]

Ayrton Senna - Tema Da Vitoria

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enrique_ also sprach zarathurstra - theme from 2001: a space odyssey
enrique_ no existe el amor - ´60s argentine pop
ekman Caramba!!! de volta para casa, agora posso Blipar novamente... salve Blipers!!! @gitargirl @santamistura @Sandman5 @LoopZilla (reblip)
enrique_ guanabara - viva brazil
ecocity Spirit cannot manifest without flesh : jesucristo=? Jf(Haile Sellaccie)/(c)(e)(om) where f=faith e=energy c=constellation om=community, J=Jah contant
titoliveira are you jammin' today, @yohanp? great cover, ukraine doing jamaica! @Du_ @gitargirl @catha olá moça! vai passar reveillon aonde? (reblip)


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raiopositronico looks like a giorgio moroder track or vitalic, something 80's too, and well, i love this piano solo too much! @gitargirl
GR8FL @briangreene <even bullet proof glass breaks :( but shatter proof glass don't shatter> you crack me up :-) (reblip)
enrique_ first 2009 R&B track @GR8FL - compared to what (reblip)
evablue so might as well blip the should knows...
enrique_ @santamistura yo si te pude dejar props! - love & peace!
medina Olha o que ele fez com o classico do The Congos! @crishirama @ianelli bom... acho que ja me intrometi demais! hahah
Diordan nice one @toosweet4rocknroll @santamistura você escreve em inglês? Manda um e-mail pro ryan "Ryan Downing" <>, que ele resolve! (reblip)
stevetuf @gitargirl - some nice licks here... to take u thru the afternoon (reblip)


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annyeah Essa @gitargirl quando da os ares da graça, só manda o supra sumo da música..props minha querida, não tem mais, só re(blip plie) (reblip)
enrique_ perhaps pehaps perhaps


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enrique_ besame mucho - mambo groove
enrique_ i´ll feel a whole lot better - the byrds cover
Aluciel I could probably listen to Etta James sing all day, every day, and be supremely content with it. Also, I, too, would like a Sunday kind of love. ^_^
Aluciel One of my favorite Bens.

Ben LeeAche For You

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enrique_ from @santamistura featuring victoria bergsman, former lead singer of the concretes - reblipping @SlipperyDistortion (reblip)
enrique_ more brazilian music (reblip)


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GR8FL @mammara thanks for being here before me and showing me the way... and congrats on your new niece!

Gonzaguinha - Com A Perna No Mundo

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lamatancera Esta es la versión que mas me gusta, pero es Bebel Gilberto,no Astrud. Los desafinados tambien tienen corazón
enrique_ a marchinha psicotica de dr soup - rbpn @Schubert (reblip)

Júpiter Maçã A Marchinha Psicotica de Dr Soup

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enrique_ mais um amor camarada - agua de beber
enrique_ modern jazzy montevideo - rio de la plata´s black groove
enrique_ cotidiano / tomar cafe / olhar la luna / ipanema @pafurada (reblip)
enrique_ king solomon´s R&B sound - creedence cover via @patita (reblip)
janebanana coisas do meu coracao, by @gitagirl.- wenísima.- (reblip)

Raul Seixas - Medo Da Chuva

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enrique_ the most awesome - walkn - talkn - Breathin - english Speakin - emcee in the European region @brendix (reblip)
enrique_ pasear por el cielo y hablarnos de amor
KaLoBec quero ver se vc tem atitude, se vai encarar :)))
enrique_ eu não sou porta de cinema pra te dar cartaz - via @rodrigoh (reblip)
ladypn @gitargirl This song was used as the theme music to a Brit TV show "Coupling"! ;) (reblip)
Cosmika Good morning and have a good day @klitoria @toobad & blipsters
GR8FL Are you going to get city girl in May @Aluciel ?
GR8FL been blipping the cover a lot lately
dojodub It's like living in a Banana Republic- and yes we have no bananas we have the toxic ten


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davidwatts1978 ahhh fuck it


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ladypn Ah hah, @gitargirl!!! I was just thinking about BLIPPING this very Lovage tune! :) (reblip)
threebears I don't know what I've done, or if I like what I've begun...Missy Higgins – Where I Stood @tjmackster ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
enrique_ RB bendrix she's Smart as hell & very very deep - i am going to have fun editing the audio via @Somerset08873 (reblip)
demente Carla Bruni – L'Amour Matenme no puedo parar!

Carla BruniL'Amour

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DannFierro ya no quiero criticar, solo quiero ser un enfermero...
threebears Happy 34th Birthday Suzie!!! Please tell Shim and the kids to give you a hug from me. :D
Elling_ @raeioul esta no puede faltar en nuestra Muse/Travis/placebo morning :P
raeioul @Elling_ travis/muse/placebo morning (?)

PlaceboI Know

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Will_the_bloke I'm out for a while. Here's an instrumental interlude from the Will_the_bloke frequency ... cheers @DJstromer19 ..have a good day my friend!
enrique_ via @milkfish [thanks @GR8FL. I'm so into the 1970s] - funky mood (reblip)
liminal Charles Mingus | Moanin' || Now HERE's some BLUES! (reblip)

Charles MingusMoanin'

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enrique_ RB @ladypn [As she walked down the street the rain began to fall. He called out but she passed on by like she never noticed him at all] (reblip)
Diordan reblippin @msbojangles - "you taste like the sky cuz you look like rain" (reblip)


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Simon and Garfunkel- Mrs. Robinson

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anothercraze Why can't I reblip the effing Beatles?? WHY? // I don't get it @FruitlogCowboy.
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 04 - Reworks Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Terca-Feira

Meiko - Under my Bed

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DannFierro >> "si luchaste por un mundo mejor y te gustan esos raros peinados nuevos..." <<

Charly Garcia- Raros peinados nuevos- video clip

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lamariss ♥❀✶♫✮♥★

Tita LimaCatatonica

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steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 01 - Extented Spirit - Caprice
BarrysLounge This one is for you @harrycarrie .... so glad you like my tunes ! Keep listening . S xxx

Mallu MagalhãesSwalk

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lamariss :)))thx!rb:@LeandroAzevedo: "Essa Monica? Me lembro dos bares do ultimo ano de facul,só farra @monicapadilha@denisemillenia (reblip)

Tribo de Jah- Santeria (cover)

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Atomik Cinderella – Don't Know What You've Got ( Till It's Gone )
ladypn Come to my window, crawl inside & wait by the light of the moon, come to my window I'll be home soon. See ya then! ;)
crowjane @sweetseventysix: "thanks for reminding of the spanish version lol @crowjane ! "~is this Kewl or what~?~thnx to another sweetie-pie~~ (reblip)

Bah Samba & Isabel Fructuoso _ Calma

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threebears thanks! WATCH Burning Man streaming WEBCAST getting ready for the burn LIVE NOW (corrected)

Burning Man Festival montage

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thaisypecsen I do.


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enrique_ somebody loved via @Aluciel (reblip)

Somebody Loved- The Weepies

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enrique_ anjulie is a nice girl, isn´t she?

Anjulie | Boom

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enrique_ estas perdiendo el tiempo, pensando, pensando, via @Flying_Roundhouse - (reblip)
craigz This Leonard Cohen cover with Liv Tyler via VARSHONS.
ladypn Looks like anime karaoke! ;) Vi@infilho: "@ladypn, that's for you!" (reblip)

Eller & Cordeiro os reis da noite Completo

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Mysterymix Pusherman ....

Pusherman (MrEmiX)

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avivajazz Ximo Tebar + Rosa Passos ⁞∫⁞ Eu sei que vou te amar (2003) ⁞∫⁞ RB .@jazz29171 (reblip)
amphore Erotic Lounge Jazzamor (Ain't No sunshine) Sexy Groove

Erotic Lounge Jazzamor (Ain't No sunshine) Sexy Groove

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enrique_ and I heard that you are having the time of your life don't think twice, that's my advice (via @CooperHarris) #blip (reblip)
by_starla [Cat Power - Empty Shell]
enrique_ Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns [Trentemøller Remix] (via @klitoria) rbl @GR8FL #video (reblip)
enrique_ rbl @GR8FL [@klitoria @abarbosa doubt I'd survive in either of your shoes] (reblip)
enrique_ rbl @ladypn [Oh amigo here we do things slow. Money, art, a broken heart] - thank you! [Concrete Blonde – Mexican Moon] (reblip)
ladypn I'll blip again, not now, but soon... its dinner time! Hear you later!
enrique_ "Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic (via @Kingsofdabeatz) "#musicmonday #video (reblip)

"Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic

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enrique_ Slow Club - Slow Club Summer Shakedown (via @AleBourg) (reblip)
enrique_ rbl @DJC2: "Bishop Allen – The Same Fire" (via @muzicmajic and a bunch) - [Cheers] (reblip)
enrique_ Math & Physics Club – Darling, Please Come Home
amphore mmmhhh :))) rb@Gypsylyn "~ Come Away With Me ~ Norah Jones" (reblip)
enrique_ YELLO – Vicious Games (via @chiron08) - thank you! #video (reblip)

YELLOVicious Games

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by_starla [Lilys - FBI and Their Toronto Transmitters]
enrique_ rbl @Mysterymix: Alice Russell – Universe (Dusty Remix) (reblip)
Jacqueline126 we all want...

Melpo Mene To be Someone

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enrique_ Timewarp Music – Shantisan feat. Micheline Cardoso - Que Nego E Esse (Timewarp inc remix) (via @onesanz) #blip (reblip)
enrique_ Stateless – Bringin' Me Down (Agent K Remixes) (Agent K Mix) (via @onesanz) #blip (reblip)
DJBadBilly Coney Island Baby... @FOGGIELOANER (reblip)

"Coney Island Baby", The Excellents 1962

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enrique_ @ladypn: Thxs! Herbie Hancock - Tempo De Amor (featuring Céu) (reblip)
enrique_ Please Don't Leave - Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianci

Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianci Feat. Sahib Shihab-Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix)

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enrique_ @xigli: Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianci Feat. Sahib Shihab-Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix) (reblip)

Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianci Feat. Sahib Shihab-Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix)

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enrique_ @xigli: Milkwish – Lady Wants To Dance(Original Mix) (reblip)
enrique_ Yo La Tengo - Tears Are In Your Eyes (via @mammara) (reblip)
enrique_ rbl @bumble_b: "na gut, üben wir uns in bescheidenheit /// thx/RB #gitargirl: "Be Thankful For What You Got"" (reblip)
BleakMouse Naw. I blipped that Henry Cow improv once, and had people demanding props back from me. How about this, more in a pop vein? @BoogalooBob

Slapp Happy-Henry Cow: A Worm Is At Work (1975 Desperate Straights RIO progressive)

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enrique_ She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
enrique_ The xx – Basic Space

The xxBasic Space

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enrique_ Laura Veirs – Wide-Eyed, Legless (via @space_cadet) (reblip)
enrique_ The Zebras – I Quit

The ZebrasI Quit

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enrique_ Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life To Begin (via @Aluciel) (reblip)
threebears "this is a really great song:) ..quote'n'rb @muffinlab ^(^ Hi and thanks! (reblip)
unpopular @dronnoisseur i come and go like the wind, my friend...
Antenaweb Hola @Mysterymix ....!!! a great Blipper

Cibo MattoSpoon

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Middle of the line / Mash up Gainsbourg vs the Dodoz

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