finchbeak this one is making me cry...straight up.
finchbeak oh mirror in the sky, what is love?
finchbeak but if you ask me tomorrow, i'd say the same thing (reblip)

India Arie - Ready For Love

| play
Jodi_ Pretty good cover of a great song!

Can't Make You Love Me

| play
finchbeak oh god so good. everybody should hear this song.
finchbeak very nice. jai adi da.


| play
finchbeak perhaps the two greatest american songwriters---certainly two of the very best.
adbert [Scorpions – Wind Of Change] Tidi bin in Irgintini, @abarbosa (ibirbisi). Hiciindi bilidicis, li nirmil. :-)
adbert @enki09 [Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere] This one for you, buddy! Have a nice week! :-)
adbert [Van Morrison – Moondance]
Samskeyti : S badeshteto si ako igraesh, da e ot men. (Translation: If you're going to play with your future, let it be from me.)

LadytronBlack Cat

| play
GiantPimpslapper ~reblip~ fm: @SpaceBanditRadio they played this among other Ben Folds Five songs during their latest Baltimore, MD show. I Dig. (reblip)

Ben FoldsPhilosophy

| play
finchbeak if it rains, i don't care---pretty momma come and take me by the hand.
finchbeak someone who hears you prayers; someone who cares.

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
finchbeak they'll stone you just like they said they would.
finchbeak and now: ON THE REALZ.


| play
masterkid4u Sharing the amazing voice of the great knight of music, Brian McKnight, singing What's my Name... ZEN MOMENT OF THE NIGHT! @nuria29
finchbeak BRING IT, boys and girls.

Jackson FiveABC 123

| play
finchbeak because raLPhie T. is totally under-rated. y'all betta know about ralphie t.
finchbeak oh yes. this right here is the straight jam...i'm movin' now.

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

| play
finchbeak god, this is so good. top of the line new jack swing slowjam.
Shyone44 Once I rose above the noise and confusion... Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion...
souffle One of my favorite songs ever. I'm just blipping the playlist I have on shuffle on my iPod right now.
chicarobotica I just wanted to see if this version would be any different with the addition of Billy Corgan...
olga00001 otra vez, con permiso de @peepsound, no tengo inspiración propia hoy, @ram voy a trabajar un poquillo, a ver si te pillo luego. ciao (reblip)
finchbeak most excellent. i know i say that a lot. but i really mean it!
finchbeak man, am i glad there are so many good songs by these guys available here. get ready for more!
finchbeak one of their best, in my opinion, and way too unknown by too many. this is the pure stuff, right here.
finchbeak ######## THIS IS PROBABLY THE SINGLE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THAT I'VE EVER HEARD. please, do yourself a favor, and give it at least on listen.
Gaz50 My all time fav tune from the group America
digitalpharaoh @ezstreet We went from this to Stanky Legg. Sad.
Scott_N4JN I remember this song from the first concert I ever saw - Styx on their Kilroy Was Here tour circa 1983 (ahh, nostalgia :-)


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caramelsyrup Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy – Hustlin Remix i love this (reblip)
caramelsyrup Dr. Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringin' (reblip)
caramelsyrup usher-burn


| play
CaboCrazy I'm out of here for the night - Happy trails everyone

VAN HALEN - Happy Trails

| play
AnitaBreakSoon [Parliament – Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)] Classic.Classic.Classic. (reblip)
klitoria i send you sunshine from berlin...@GR8FL....and love...
shibari My Immortal--Evanesecence
finchbeak ---how do you beat this $#!T??---seriously!
DrPants I was looking for "Rhymin' On the Funk", but it's not blippable.
cakesmix suave.

The Girl From Ipanema

| play
finchbeak who has a flow like this?!---anyone?---ANYONE?!

EminemWe Made You

| play
clon jetzt sind mal die mädels dran...
finchbeak here's another one: dedicated to the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj.
finchbeak "here's another one".


| play
finchbeak -------------------*----------------------
finchbeak WOW.


| play
orangederange everything is going to be alright!

Alicia KeysNo One

| play
oliviaregester great band name I stumbled on entirely by accident.
finchbeak i woke up this morning, and the sun was gone...
finchbeak is from madison, wisconsin.


| play
finchbeak our love is like water/being down and abused for being strange

LiveAll Over You

| play
finchbeak such an awesome band. ed kowalczyk is a great one.

LiveI Alone

| play
finchbeak and she lets the river answer, that you've always been her lover.
FakerGigi wow. the words for this hit like a ton of bricks. :( (reblip)
Eangel Dixie Chicks & Taylor - Shower the People with Love show them the way that you feel : )
ninetynine Slowly making it's way to my Top 10 best songs EVER.

Take Me to the River - Talking Heads

| play
cakesmix "Gonna make a change. For once in my life."

The Beatles - Cant Buy Me Love

| play
cakesmix el tiempo para cambiar es ahora.

David BowieChanges

| play
Eangel all shall be well +All manner of thing shall be well + the rose are 1 Great music for Friday Easter Weekend. Andrea Bocelli : ) (reblip)
ninetynine Yes, I am being overly dramatic.

REMEverybody Hurts

| play
cakesmix "tryin' to make a livin' and doing the best i can."
cakesmix @jilliansaint Mission accomplished- thx for uppin' my awesome day meter! (reblip)
worldonastring We sailed on together, we drifted apart, and here you are by my side

JourneyOpen Arms

| play
finchbeak it's not a good song, it's just a real song...

Jay-ZLost One

| play

Eva Cassidy - Danny Boy

| play
finchbeak HERE it is!


| play

Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything

| play
souffle Just discovered that this is available for download now. Always loved it. Not sure this is the right version, can't listen right now.
finchbeak DAMN. they do NOT make them like THIS, anymore!
finchbeak used to play this song in high school pep band---i played the drum set. i never quite got over the sheer awesomeness of this song.

Chicago25 or 6 to 4

| play

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
cakesmix @jilliansaint "It's gettin' kinda hectic..."

SnapPower, The

| play
orangederange Black Eyed Peas + Gary Jules + 3 Doors Down + RHCP = Be Like a Dosed Black Eyed Gary I think I have an unhealthy obsession with Norwegian Recycling!
finchbeak @orangederange ---this is aMAZING. thanks so much for this. i'm going to be looking into these guys a LOT more. peace. (reblip)
worldonastring Takes my mood to pure sadness every time, but it's such a beautiful song.

Joni MitchellRiver

| play
cakesmix @jilliansaint all i can say is blame it on the drain.
cakesmix rb@jilliansaint oh yes- the volkswagon song!! :) (reblip)

TrioDa Da Da

| play
cakesmix "..I don't know where I'll be tomorrow.." (reblip)
cakesmix @jilliansaint *ukulele infused* (reblip)


| play
caramelsyrup Snoop Dogg- Gin N Juice

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin N Juice

| play
bleammel This girls has such an awesome voice....Sara Bareilles...amazing!
misterboh Rainy Night set: "We'll never make that bridge tonight / Across Lake Ponchartrain..."
orangederange i'd be a slave for these guys...
finchbeak rb: @shibari ---it is all about forgiving-- the kind where you forget--no matter how broken they made you (reblip)
Eangel Good nite & Sweet dreams - A Change is Gonna Come - Seal : )
shibari Selah -The broken road -- playing both versions of this .. this one is my fave with the piano
finchbeak one of my absolute favorites. ever.
MaggyTheBrave Once upon a time, I used to be so obsessed with this song... Jessie / Joshua Kadison (vi@NovelNymph) (reblip)
MaggyTheBrave Patti Smith did a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit?!" (reblip)
RockItRadio Welcome new listeners! Thanks all for listening and 4 props! Goodnight and may you all have sweet dreams.....angels on your pillow..... (reblip)
DJShamen @ModernHeadNodder Lady Miss Kier was ahead of her time, sorta, with her retro vibe, you know what I mean? (reblip)
LaBelladiva_ LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!! RB via @Edainsmom thank you . . . never heard it before :-) (reblip)
chicarobotica is the lyric, "and you're handsome when you're high?" -- if so, I like that. It would be too obvious to say "you're handsome when *I'm* high." LOL (reblip)
MaggyTheBrave Ecstatic. Drum Trip / Rusted Root
RockItRadio Creed - My Sacrifice

My Sacrifice - Creed

| play
buddhaplex i was going to do erykah badu herself, but then i found this gem. MMJ got soul!
Kaleem1966 funkiest base-line ever??? quite possibly. enjoy blippers!!!! (reblip)
finchbeak oh yes. welcome back to me! = ))))))
chicarobotica RB @salondelynn this is the real last song for now! and a nice way to close out my walk down memory lane. (reblip)
chicarobotica Because the bride went with me to 3 or 4 Extreme concerts during our time in Nueva York!
ClaudiaMagic ::::::: THXS so much @finchbeak ... this is beautiful !!! :::: (reblip)
Lifecentre "The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." Victor Hugo
MaggyTheBrave (vi@JasonLar1izzle) - Is there nothing Thom Yorke can't sing? My favorite Bond theme... Nobody Does It Better / Radiohead (reblip)

Simply Feel Me... Adi Da Samraj

| play
iPengin " must have been ♥..." -faints- I've been looking for this song. XD
finchbeak one more julia--my favorite and an original of hers. hellos 2 @PaulFrankRizzo: @MrsASoprano@ShortiezRevenge @gigia @ladypn @AllyMarie@Zarabeth@evablue

Into The Sunshine (original)

| play
finchbeak you guys are going to love this. check it out. (NOT michael!)

Billie Jean A Capella

| play
finchbeak great great voice.

Death Cab For Cutie "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" (Acoustic Cover)

| play
finchbeak good night all. still signing off with this song, but giving stevie the night off. peace.

i believe stevie wonder cover

| play
jbro Never heard of him, but this is great!@kmeghan: "heard this in Detroit from a Canadian station... love it. " (reblip)
finchbeak dedicated to His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. (reblip)
finchbeak ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, whatavoice.
finchbeak so beautiful. Jai Bhagavan Adi Da! w/ love to all the Siddhas here, including Zen-Master Rama. what a Gift! all this Darshan on blip!

Divine Solution by Swaybone

| play
finchbeak @drunkenlush: "I'm not lost @finchbeak" ---ur not undiscovered anymore, either, though! ;-) this one just made my playlist. = ) (reblip)
finchbeak thanks to Swaybone for this Darshan of His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj. Jai Da.

Human cosmic blues by Swaybone

| play
finchbeak SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful. Sweet dreams to all retiring. See you soon.

Dedication by Schumann (Adi Da Samraj Tribute)

| play

Meditation by Massenet (Adi Da Samraj Tribute)

| play
finchbeak ed wrote this song about His Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj. thank you, ed. see you in Brightness. Da. Da. Da.
finchbeak little known trivia fact: john wrote this song for elvis while they were both at sun records.

Johnny CashGet Rhythm

| play
finchbeak made a good run, but i run too slow

Johnny Cash-Cocaine Blues

| play
finchbeak because "you can run on, for a long time". peace.

Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

| play
finchbeak dedicated to His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.
finchbeak i said to hank williams, how lonely does it get?/hank williams hasn't answered yet/but i hear him coughing, all night long/a hundred floors above me.. (reblip)
finchbeak special dedication to @gooji~~~ (reblip)

I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab for Cutie Cover

| play
flyingscot_54 One of the jazz greats - Sonny Rollins.
LaKarune It was on one fine March morning when I bid New Orleans adieu....
finchbeak rb@urlgirl: "So the Lord said, go to the Devil... Sinnerman / Nina Simone" (reblip)
nuria29 @masterkid4u - India Arie sings James Taylor ...Simply Beautiful!!!

India Arie sings James Taylor

| play
finchbeak can anyone explain to me how to add youtube files?--i just tried one, the site said it couldn't find id3 tags. please help! thanks!(track for @DaLady)

musiq soulchildLove

| play
finchbeak Jai Adi Da!

Adi Da Samraj Playing Wildly with devotees

| play

Adi Da Samraj in Darshan at Seventh Gate+Poems

| play
finchbeak from the Sacred Camel Gardens.

Google Mama's Baby

| play
finchbeak & ~~with music by Ray Lynch, "Good News", from The Sky of Mind

Three Camel Babies

| play
finchbeak & ~~with music by Ray Lynch, "Too Wounded", from The Sky of Mind

Gentle Camels

| play

Adi Da Samraj: The Bright

| play
finchbeak adapted from poetry by Adi Da Samraj, with musical composition and performance by Naamleela Free Jones.


| play
tanzbunny ......:))

Mediengruppe Telekommander Karaoke

| play
Soundscape_Studios "Great cover of this John Lennon classic. Go Kevin!!!" (reblip)

Mind Games-Kevin Spacey

| play
finchbeak @worldonastring: "The brilliance of this video needs no explanation. " (reblip)
finchbeak rb@DrManic --thanks for the alternate version! didn't know about it! it's awesome!!! (reblip)
finchbeak aye then. one more for @scotlandlover! w/a great vid! if u haven't seen this band perform, u might want to look them up on youtube. u will not regret!

The GaelAlbannach

| play

Noam Chomsky and Dr. .Dre Present: "The Watcher/Propaganda"

| play
frankenstrat Elvis Presley – Little Sister
finchbeak check out the young bonnie raitt! hot! hot! hot! yummmm.

Little Feat,Bonnie Raitt- Dixie Chicken

| play
revvvs Cartman- Come sail away

Cartman- Come sail away

| play
finchbeak @jbro: "I'm feeling like a pimp...thank for reminding me @OhAngie" (reblip)
finchbeak rb @RonnieBebop: "vi@Chise: "Wyclef Jean – Wish you were here" **props**" (reblip)

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

| play
finchbeak and again, for @Sophizz -- thanks for reminding me of this great Master.

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

| play
japmap U2 with Mary J Blige "One"-absolutely love this version!
finchbeak @katarinax: "和太鼓  " (reblip)

Japanese drum 鬼太鼓座

| play
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @Intriguingds: "Amazing Song! Happy Days! @SwingingtoDJFox: "Happy B'Day @QUEENRO: "GOING TO DINNER FOR MY BIRTHDAY/ THANK U :-) (reblip)

celine dion ft. josh groban, the prayer

| play
finchbeak rb@evetheone --wow!!! thx for this---EVERYBODY should hear this one!!! (reblip)
finchbeak [265]

Archie Bell And The Drells -Tighten Up

| play
finchbeak [288]

Barrett Strong-Money (That's What I Want)

| play
finchbeak [285]

Howlin' Wolf-Smokestack Lightning

| play
finchbeak @sarahcarina: "Whitesnake – Here I Go Again"+@DirtyUrine man, y'all're playin some good music tonight! (reblip)
finchbeak @verawooten: "@ShiaoMei: "For~@alebur....Great clip! Think you'll like it! :))) <> Beyonce's Tribute to Tina..."" (reblip)

Ben Harper "Burn One Down"

| play
finchbeak got to love her. nobody ever made me want to be the president of france before!... ; )
finchbeak really nice!! @djwttw: "@finchbeak. did you hear this version, too? nice one. : ) " (reblip)
Budbundystyles Would my peeps consider adding @DonaldD? He's new to blip and he's feeling very lonely. Old school funk and soul is his bag.
ElZorro Sly & The Family Stone With Will.I.Am. – Dance To The Music (reblip)
kennymax89 "Tell her nothing if not this, All I want to do is kiss her"
finchbeak [290]

Eminem Ft. Dido-Stan

| play

2NE1: I Don't Care MV

| play
finchbeak is just blipping you a little, tiny bit of pure awesomeness, right here. [this is not the version you're thinking of, by the way--it's better!!!]
finchbeak is blipping you EVEN MORE PURE AWESOMENESS---lucky bastards!!!


| play
finchbeak featuring the great dan tyminski, of "soggy bottom boys" fame, on lead vocals. for @chicarobotica
justhots @justhots Now Playing:George Clinton Featuring Digital Underground – Knee Deep (Midnight Mix)
finchbeak awesome song. only on the greatest hits album 85-? enjoy!!!
KANL @sianwin: "Almost operatic.." (reblip)

Roy Orbison "Unchained Melody" High Quality

| play
finchbeak @TrainWreckRadio: "@finchbeak ready for Monte on sat nite in middleton? " YES!!! (reblip)

Monte Montgomery: World Turning (unplugged)

| play
finchbeak rb@hawaiibuzz ---congrats on 1K, my friend!!!! (reblip)

EkoluJust One Night

| play
DirtyUrine Heart – Barracuda (HQ) Great song!!! (reblip)

HeartBarracuda (HQ)

| play
finchbeak for @chicarobotica ...whom i miss. = (

Alison Krauss & Vince Gill Blue Trail Of Sorrow live CMT Cross Country

| play
LocoStavos Track 13 from Dark Night of the Soul - Dark Night of the Soul ft David Lynch

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse @ Dark Night Of The Soul

| play
finchbeak @LuckySong: "Sure made it her own Thx 4 props >@werd: "this makes me laugh...@ImAnElectricDuck: "@SpinningDiscs you made me remember this sweet video" (reblip)

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

| play
finchbeak @BLUESBOOGIE: "Busy,busy,just droped in 4 a sec. rb THX @ladypn: "U R Just what I needed @BLUESBOOGIE"" all my tim3, tim3...I love y'all so much...... (reblip)
DirtyUrine what 'bout a 'lil live Yellow Ledbetter??? (reblip)

Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter (live)

| play
stena [The Arcade Fire and David Bowie – Wake Up]
finchbeak god, this a fave. rb@aflow: "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon " (reblip)
DirtyUrine Steve Vai - I Know You're Here Live with his Triple Guitar !!! (reblip)

Steve Vai I Know You're Here Live with his Triple Guitar

| play
chicarobotica rb@CooperHarris: "@deekattax:Great song. I love everything Cornell has ever done. Thanks for the blip." I will second this. (reblip)
Inge_FS Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin. I came to win. Battle me that's a sin.