haizee damn @bduubz sitting in the sunshine and remembering all of the tender moments we shared with this song! (reblip)
haizee Face B with Isolee

IsoleeFace B

| play
haizee ....i'll take hot AND sexy anytime----:~) @XmX (reblip)
haizee always working it @bendrix


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haizee Blip be buggin! @bendrix (quality control check on this one)


| play
haizee spring of 2002 was all about this/ Doves - The Fear
haizee there's boards of Canada treasure trove in the blip ~
haizee always have a soft space in my heart for xylophones
haizee Royksopp don't seem very Alpha Male, but who i am to judge?

RöyksoppAlpha Male

| play
haizee One of my all time fave Cut Copy tunes ~ that was just a dream
haizee Blip Twice ~ Ralph Myerz
haizee I never knew Hemingway dabbled in synth house ~ Pelfics / Forvever / Lovely
haizee beef it up @XmX! (but veggie ribs are def the business @bunq)
haizee actually veggie baby back ribs are my fave/best sauce EVER @bunq
haizee ever try vegan chicken wings? @bunq SCRUMPTIOUS
haizee @i812 my pleasure

01 - King Kooba - California Suite

| play
haizee @bendrix wow, freestyle breakdancing to the whistle song would be a sight to see!
haizee @bduubz you have officially earned your sainthood ~ Ben Watt + Estelle (reblip)
haizee oooohh @bduubz @kooi / Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto!
haizee gosh i was so in love with Esthero back in the day
haizee Damn those Arms and their fantastic music
haizee Francis + the Lights ~ Machine
haizee i have no idea what is going on in the intro of this clip ///CLASSIC french house ~ Lacquer ~ Behind


| play
haizee post-sunset with Feist

FeistOne Evening

| play
haizee my morning started with this song //La Roux ~ In the the Kill (the twelves mix)
haizee @xmx (like the new all lower case)
haizee when songs make you lose the ability to write //@XmX = BLISS


| play
haizee sweet jesus - YES! YES! @bduubz


| play
haizee the Paper Faces will have to suffice
haizee @XmX- this is what your music choices do! ttyl! <3 DITTP //this is AMAZING (reblip)
haizee the shivers are mutual! thank you and have a wonderful early morning sleep @XmX
haizee CocoRosie ~ By your Side //MAGIC
haizee @bduubz @kooi sincerely


| play
klitoria erupting...volcano i am... want you all... love you all...
haizee lady gardens are my favorite

TM JUKELady Garden

| play
haizee Bebel Gilberto ~ Cada Bei
haizee A perfect pre-weekend song ~ Digitalism Taken Away
haizee Sonic Youth ~ Dirty Boots <3<3<3
haizee The Cure ~ Mint Car //AMAZING

The CureMint Car

| play
haizee Empire of the Sun ~ Half Mast//LOVE
haizee ++++Shins ~ Australia ++++

The ShinsAustralia

| play
haizee fleetwood mac always gets me
haizee first floor power ~ love will come knocking
haizee @bduubz i have been searching the ends of the earth for this!!! (reblip)

AkabuRide the Storm

| play
haizee I'm blipping every single SUBA track that i can find today ~

SubaTantos Desejos

| play
haizee until the next episode, the magnificent 4 -----> @XmX @opomegranate @antenaweb @photoguurl
haizee i feel a LCD theme coming on...@XmX @antenaweb this is pure silliness, TANKS @bduubz
haizee Franz Ferdinand + Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - dirty dirty
haizee Suba was Bebel Gilberto's producer until he died in the late 90s
haizee @klitoria you always blip the most awesome deep house tracks
haizee yeah, i no luck for me either @bunq I was hoping @bduubz would pull another rabbit out of his hat (hint hint)
haizee @bunq @XmX @bduubz Estelle is truly magnificent ~ the first person who can blip the song she did with Ben Watt years ago gets a special treat
haizee Canada has such an abundance booty-shaking music for such a peaceful country @XmX
haizee Nice! Come to LA! @bunq although, hanging out with fellow blippers might not be so good for your study habits
haizee a Blip tent at Coachella would be insane ~ i live in LA so let's HOOK IT UP @bunq @XmX
haizee i didn't think it was possible for a toyota prius to speed. learning my lessons the hard way @bunq @XmX

The CarsDrive

| play
haizee life in the fast lane...i need to pay one of those too, drats! blippers can't drive 55 @bunq @XmX
haizee Slap that Bass Ella

Slap The Bass (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Mix)

| play
haizee @XmX ~ sexy angels floating in the heavens with Hooverphonic
haizee don't think about the cheesy vocals ~ Lies to Yourself / Dr. Kucho Anthem! @bduubz @XmX @formalhaut @DJstromer19 @gigia @santamistura @bunq
haizee Paz e futbol ~ Marcos Valle

05 Marcos Valle - Paz e futebol

| play
haizee Mice Parade ~ Sneak Red
haizee very rare fish / Nosaj Things

Nosaj ThingAquarium

| play
haizee Daily dose of Metronomy, with a little Kris Menace sprinkled on top @PaulMedley
haizee was just about to re-blip this one myself ~ @DownLow ~ new Phoenix remix by NightWaves (reblip)
haizee @Hnomad they really need to tour RIGHT NOW. especially with this new stuff in the mix ~ Fever Ray = the Knife

Fever RaySeven

| play
haizee @XmX @youcollme Paris s'enflame tout la nuit - for sho!
haizee There's something about all of you ~ @bduubz @kooi @bunq @XmX @opomegranate @baripembo @stena

Level 42 - Something About You

| play
haizee ****Magic Fly*****

SpaceMagic Fly

| play
haizee @opomegranate I know your screen name like the back of my blip


| play
haizee my happy happy happy song! @XmX screaming YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH! thx @gilbarbara (reblip)


| play
haizee and there was the first exploratory space mission...@XmX @bunq

Dj FalconFirst

| play
haizee if Studio 54 existed on mars, it might sound like this @bunq @XmX

Dj FalconHoneymoon

| play
bduubz g'nite blipsters. for @XmX, @bunq, @baripembo, @kooi... and especially for @haizee.

AkabuRide the Storm

| play
bduubz hello, @XmX, @bunq, @kooi, @haizee, @baripembo, @brunapp - The Private - My Secret Lover (Lifelike Mix) - enjoy!
haizee blip really hates me right now. @opomegranate - but i really love you! you are rocking my world tonight (reblip)
Antenaweb Lifelike – Sunset


| play
haizee you know it @XmX

The Time Is Now

| play
haizee too good


| play
haizee Pegase is more magical than Pegasus
haizee When I hear this track, I imagine what life would be like in black or white..i know. strange - word up @dirtybird408 (reblip)
haizee thankssssssssss ; )) @yamamiya - raise your hands in the air! (reblip)
haizee Everybody needs to know about Fear of Tigers
haizee swedish delights


| play
haizee remember this @antenaweb? will make a grown man cry


| play
haizee why do amazing bands like the Avalanches produce one fantastic album and then disappear into the ether?
haizee pure beautiful bliss

Zero 7Home

| play
haizee @DjStromer19 is now a ninja!!! -----> @Ninja19

ResGolden Boys

| play
haizee the Whitest Boy Alive is so Courageous
haizee @divaDanielle has just inspired a Pnau triple feature... (reblip)
haizee this song always makes me feel like driving really fassssst
haizee Popo alert

03 - Grand popo football club - Les hommes c'est pas des mecs bien

| play
haizee there's a treasure trove of Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - striking GOLD!
haizee dancing on water....PRAISE//
haizee @XmX // i wish. that's the Doves. I uploaded it and got lazy in the naming (reblip)

ETBG(haizee) - LullabyClubland

| play
haizee LIFE AMBITION: Become a LoFi Samurai
haizee i still got a few blips in me @XmX

SiriusmoGirls Rock

| play
haizee today was most definitely a grey day. ARGH!

Zoot WomanGrey Day

| play
haizee i think i know what you talking bout @XmX /// let's get into some real bad things @bduubz
haizee hollaback @bduubz // this song adequately describes me on the dance floor
haizee you been hitting up those chicken wings recently? @bunq
haizee making lemonade out of lemons, or blips, or whatever @teamslut
BumpusHound Armand Van Helden – Ski Hard (CLKCLKBNG Remix)


| play
haizee those Norwegians kinda got it going on too @opomegranate @bduubz @kooi


| play
haizee this is how I feel about the OUTRUNNERS song you blipped me @XmX

noah and whale fc kahuna mi

| play
haizee the twelves are eclipsing justice me-thinks @Arajay
bduubz so good // rb @haydenheadphone: "Love this! rb@andidigress: "made to be mixed."" (reblip)

The Drums-Best Friend (Olympic Mix)

| play
haizee sending some LA cellulose sunshine your way @Nymph
haizee ah shizzle // PHOENIX = ✞
haizee thanks for the junior high angst music @bendrix // what's up @DownLow , @jsotonyc , @bduubz
haizee Bjorn can Moljekalas my Torske anytime
haizee Daft Punk + The Twelves = Hearts 4ever
haizee Jackson's Computer Band// LIFE IN THE FAST LANE

D. Lissvik - Track 9

| play
haizee hiya @soundmangroupie // i'm a little dazed and confused @bunq , thx!
haizee keeping it fresh and new @XmX
613mike rb@LLGunstreet -- out of props, this is wickkkkkked. thanks! (reblip)

SuicideGhost Rider

| play
haizee @xmx //don't ever change your spelling ways!!
haizee NICE @trepanado //this track has been sampled in so many house tracks ~ it's wonderful to hear the original again (reblip)
haizee ok, you get the BEST BLIP OF THE DAY award ///LOVELOVELOVE @brunapp (reblip)
haizee @DJstromer19 thanks for the Moloko injection...//


| play

Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

| play
haizee love love love this song. reminds me of natalie portman and France
haizee i hope you solve the mystery @XmX
haizee answer: nelly furtado and timbaland in maneater ~ so brilliant


| play
haizee Kings of Leon + CSS = <3 <3 <3


| play
haizee morning! @xmx //back to the work day hustle...
haizee @bduubz this song is like slipping on a cashmere cardigan...
haizee Markus Nikolai //QUIRKY MAGIC
haizee you hit the soft spot with Frou Frou @bendrix //BREATHE IN

Frou FrouBreathe In

| play
haizee @bendrix @chiiQ ~ Makeshift sanctuaries with Aether
haizee Chicane ~ In Praise of the Sun
haizee it was a party of one until @bduubz @bunq


| play
haizee Sister Nancy //BAM BAM


| play
haizee Holy Ghost //HOLD ON

Holy Ghost!Hold On

| play
haizee i hope somebody brought refreshments @kooi @opomegranate @bunq @bduubz

Phoenix - Rome

| play
steno @lub ...looks like I might have to blip the whole album ,-)

Doc MartinOff Side

| play
haizee U don't have to be a hip hop fan to appreciate this. If U are a music fan U will immediately be arrested by the soul of this // LOVE @bendrix (reblip)
haizee thanks @Innit! Love that version // Kleerup + Lykke Li is pretty magical as well
haizee Blue Roses // Doubtful Comforts


| play
haizee sending Doves your way // @XmX @brunapp @presuffix @opomegranate


| play
haizee the future of the future // STAY GOLD @bduubz @kooi @xuxE @baripembo


| play
haizee EBTG // BLAME


| play
haizee how can you not blip a song that references a line from "Stand by Me"?
haizee @opomegrante @bduubz @baripembo @teamslut // can one of you pass me my pina colada?

Hanna Hais - Parfume Chic

| play
haizee Stevie Wonder // Overjoyed /// @bduubz STAY GOLD
bendrix unsigned Detroit Lyricist/Producer. This kat is down with Dilla's crew. He's Raw iLL & conscious => @Thnikkaman @haizee
haizee I was just looking for Sweetback on blip! this stuff is pure GOLD @LYRIC
haizee dude, keep it nerdy! @bendrix // loving this underground stuff (reblip)
haizee thanks @LYRIC for bumpin the SADE //LOVE

Sade - Cherish the Day

| play
haizee Everything but the Girl // Low Tide of the Night


| play
haizee do i love you? do i lust you? am i a sinner because i do the two? @bduubz


| play
haizee your Bat for Lashes track blipped out! :~( @bunq
haizee me too @presuffix ... so blip is kinda like our virtual water cooler?

Kylie MinogueSlow

| play
haizee Bebel Gilberto + DJ Spinna


| play
haizee Everything but the Girl goes Brazilian
haizee @bunq I've never heard this version - thanks!! epic indeed (reblip)


| play
haizee Pnau - Dancing on the Water - classic