how_long_it_takes @how_long_it_takes: """Heaven Knows (Where I've Been)" by Lambert & Nuttycombe. keep going to this one. don't stop (reblip)


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how_long_it_takes vi@nathyvianna well established love this whole album (reblip)

Toquinho e Vinicius de Moraes - Tarde Em Itapoa

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how_long_it_takes listening to hong kong garden. not sure it's not better than this!
how_long_it_takes @HuevosRancheros: "A nice song from The Mills Brothers – I Wish" (reblip)
crowjane I need you by my side~to be my guide~can't you see my arms are open wide
how_long_it_takes so concludes the ilm approved 2009 summer jam series. let's hope there's some good stuff in there!

The DreamMr. Yeah

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how_long_it_takes ilm approved 2009 summer jam series. wow that romping shop is pretty dirty! lol
how_long_it_takes "" (reblip)
how_long_it_takes still on my mission to get this group more exposure
how_long_it_takes don't let this one get in your ear. fame and its malcontents (reblip)
how_long_it_takes here's the key line: "but when i go first class / fill my glass / with oklahoma home brew " a genuinely funny tune. c yall later
how_long_it_takes hard to find fault with anything on this track. a vanished world
how_long_it_takes I am, too. ...Maybe a couple more old country tunes and then I'll leave you all alone
how_long_it_takes you ain't got no kind of feelin inside. because you are a music zombie. eating chaka's brains (reblip)

charanga 76 - music trance

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how_long_it_takes @CircaSounds: ""The man behind Orange Juice"" what a tune (reblip)
how_long_it_takes okay, gotta get to what I logged on for. off to listen to all this stuff (reblip)
how_long_it_takes vi@isabellalessa, making it easy for me. i'll just reblip every classic tune she puts up! haha (reblip)
how_long_it_takes let's bust out of these afternoon doldrums
how_long_it_takes @crowjane somehow I got streaming your en vogue track. they need to make anti-props for that sh!t hahaha

Biggie Smalls(Party and Bullshit) Hannah Montana (party in the usa) Remix by Hathbanger

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how_long_it_takes heard on the radio this morning. my dear late grandpa's favorite song. i'd play it for him, oh, about once an hour down in houston 13(!) years ago
how_long_it_takes one thing that is bothering me a little bit is how square this group is. why does that bother me? i don't know. I don't even know if it's true!

Cannibal Resource

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HuevosRancheros Calypso Mama -Ask Me Why I run

Calypso Mama -Ask Me Why I run

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how_long_it_takes vi@MsBojangles. Report from d. nelson: "kudos to the couple trying to do 'it' incognito on the great lawn." Nice one (reblip)
how_long_it_takes @Jingothefool: "We always had a ball on mars...Deep Purple – Space Truckin' " uh, hi dad (LOL--my pops' favorite record) (reblip)
HuevosRancheros Si Llego A Besarte – Armando Garzón y El Quinteto Oriente
HuevosRancheros Isiah Ejire Keyinde & The Top Modern Stars – Olo M'abo / Igbawa Dowo Re
HuevosRancheros Olu Right Time Orchestra – Sisi Bisi / Leke Leke
HuevosRancheros Volver, Volver ( marimba )

Volver, Volver ( marimba )

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how_long_it_takes by Real Live. Sometimes I think you people have never heard this one. This hip hop classic one, I mean. Great record


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how_long_it_takes as always, the full length version. i made the most of this weekend, until I got on this here website...
how_long_it_takes do you realize? that this album is ten years old?!?!
how_long_it_takes this might be the nastiest jam john & ringo ever played on. not for the faint of heart

Yoko OnoWhy

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how_long_it_takes gosh what a fantastic album--this is buried on side 2
how_long_it_takes @HuevosRancheros i'll give myself props too no doubt (reblip)

Cumbia En Do Menor

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how_long_it_takes @stumaan thanks for the concert invite. houseguest from portland. board meeting. trip to luger's. it's all goin down
Kamillae I love finding the right song to fit your mood. This is pitch perfect in that way
how_long_it_takes As earlier promised to @HollywoodKrashKareen All non-swear words edited out. Very fun. thanxfortheprops @FreakinFrog @stumaan
how_long_it_takes @stumaan gotta check out this video. another one that popped in my head. also, thx @Atomik @jackal @djilo @patita @JODYGIRL162 @bluebrummie @RagainsT

ACE How long 1974

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how_long_it_takes was listening to this this morning on the way to work
how_long_it_takes this is a discovery. lurv it
how_long_it_takes @HuevosRancheros: "Hey, it's Tonico & Tinoco...let's do the Brazilian polka" i'm gonna find this on mp3.... (reblip)
how_long_it_takes I listened to an alternate version of this today, it went on for about eight minutes. (we only pass along the essential info here) (reblip)
how_long_it_takes vi@stumaan ok, ok, my man is determiend to keep the coolness quotient high. fine then. this is deep (reblip)
how_long_it_takes @NewBossa. Cheers for that. I put up one more for you
how_long_it_takes somewhat ruined by the spoken word stuff, but catchy chorus
how_long_it_takes but not this one. Any good? hope so? Better than the original? doubt it
how_long_it_takes white heat, white room, white lines, what am i missing
how_long_it_takes Better than what you're listening to now.
how_long_it_takes I think I get to meet hugh masekela next week. anything i should ask him?
how_long_it_takes more japanese weirdness. careful, it might be too heavy for yous
how_long_it_takes Salum Abdallah and Cuban Marimba, stolen from GuevosRancheros. Fantastic (reblip)


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how_long_it_takes think i might have done this one already
how_long_it_takes surprised to find this on here. have a listen
sudaca70 un clásico -y cómo no...- de Mr Perry

Lee Perry - Soul fire

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stumaan a nice live version for a change. jimmy's little variations on the opening riffs are pretty lush
how_long_it_takes cheers stumaan: "i can't think of anyone who does melancholia any better" (reblip)
how_long_it_takes not the most convincing psychedelia, but it's pretty stuff from these middle class poseurs
how_long_it_takes felix pappalardi may be bad, but this is good
how_long_it_takes @stumaan I've looped that Robert Plant bit at the beginning over and over. I can't tell you how funny I think that is. (reblip)

0567 - Shanice - I Love Your Smile

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stumaan gotta get me the new animal collective LP

Panda BearI'm Not

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how_long_it_takes @isabellalessa I had this one queued up already. I was gonna do classic rox, but now maybe i'll do something different
how_long_it_takes @crowjane. Ugh, let's try this again. Manny caught taking pregnancy hormones...
how_long_it_takes c'mon yall try this one, you'll like it for seven minutes (reblip)


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how_long_it_takes I could go for this one again. still on schadenfreude overload
how_long_it_takes just your average revenge / sex / litigation fantasy. should have been clear to everyone by here that Marvin wasn't quite right in the head
how_long_it_takes By Lambert & Nuttycombe. @RagainsT Otherwise you might not listen to this, and you should (reblip)


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how_long_it_takes has made me realize how much i love this tune. i'm gonna open the windows and play it to soho haha
how_long_it_takes @isabellalessa: thanks! but the weather was great today! :) (reblip)
how_long_it_takes By Judee Sill. The kind of song that gets lost in the shuffle but is actually a total masterpiece. For all fans of good singer songwriter pop

Jesus Was A Crossmaker

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how_long_it_takes besides being the opening title track to the great "lost" neil young album, this was recorded at the myriad in okc, which was built by my grandpa
how_long_it_takes "possibly the greatest tune of all %v<%#!+ time" (reblip)
how_long_it_takes and URUGUAY. defo my favorite pop group from just abt anywhere
how_long_it_takes ...and PERU. going up on the blog tomorrow
how_long_it_takes "Musica Nova is that kind of album that saves your whole day if you take it for a hearing in the morning as your first thing you do."
how_long_it_takes ok, you can have two. out of blips so gonna pack it in for tonight

Just A Moment

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how_long_it_takes I love these two girls. I've never seen them.
how_long_it_takes You can thank me later. Until 10 seconds ago, this hottest jam ever wasn't available on
how_long_it_takes need a few tunes for one of the better djs on here, @HuevosRancheros

Night Must Fall

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how_long_it_takes love love love this one. the drums lag so much that it almost doesn't swing--but that makes it swing that much harder
how_long_it_takes last one for me tonight. i had a guy on the blog who asked me to upload this like 4 separate times in two years. he never mastered the right click
how_long_it_takes Louis Caldera, what's on your iPod?
how_long_it_takes the definitive version, sorry otis (reblip)

Lowell FulsomTramp

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