Mysterymix mmm; blip of the day !@mammara: "good morning and happy easter" welcome back ^^ (reblip)
nutellagangbang hehe .. thanks! you have to try writing a heart with the help of your heart. it'll work. ... no just kidding, it's copy&paste. :) @peppersnaps (reblip)
arcticarab "how does it feel..." rb! ~ @SSSIXXX: ":P" (reblip)

Suck (Pigface)

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nemesisurchin Barcelona on the 27th? Damn! They're not coming anywhere near me, bastards @pratinsky: "may here ;) got the tickets ;)) @ nemesisurchin (reblip)

PavementRange Life

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Mysterymix bonsoirb@aljohn: "#Music pour les drogués de musique type @pathien qui n'ont pas eu leur dose journalière : The Rolling Stones – Cocaine Eyes" (reblip)

Iron and wine- Bird stealing bread.wmv

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naomi_u Destroy!!! ^^

The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 "DOMINO"

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DesertLily Charlotte Gainsbourg ~ Everything I Cannot See
MuzanE Aherm. Let's try that again.

YeasayerMadder Red

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midas22 • Sunday, Semana Santa coming up, this place is dead... Pixies - Lovely Day

PixiesLovely Day

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Mysterymix ˦˧˨˩˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧
G_r_e_g Sunday morning but still the head in the night...
Sparklepony [The Morning Benders – Hand Me Downs]
arcticarab "we're out of mints, pass the lifesavers..." @PenelopeVintage special favors come in 31 flavors (reblip)
naomi_u Ellen Allien ♥ rb@Mysterymix: "yep!@Emsquared: "weeeee're wide awake"" (reblip)
Sparklepony [Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush]

Thom YorkeCymbal rush

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Sunshine Superman- Donovan

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Mysterymix See me in psychic pollution Walking on the moon How could you dare? Who do you think you are? You're insignificant A small piece, No more no less ...

TrickyPast Mistake

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Mogwai: New Paths To Helicon part 1

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Sparklepony rb @Gen22 [Radiohead - You (acoustic)] (reblip)

Radiohead-- "You" (Thom and Jonny acoustic)

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Sparklepony [Neon Indian – Sleep Paralysist] makes me want to play donkey kong...

autosuggestion - joy division

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iconmogwai thx, i love so much this from CAN@jspace3 (reblip)

CanOh Yeah

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Sparklepony [Do Make Say Think – Chinatown] for @Goldlife... from Toronto!
Bibi_NZ Thank you, a nice sleepy one. Goodnight all :) (reblip)
midas22 • I'm out, g'nite @ll... Minilogue - Space (Roland M. Dill Remix)
midas22 • Thom Yorke - The Eraser (XXXChange Remix)
Sparklepony [Junior Boys – The Equalizer]

The Psychedelic Furs Sleep Comes Down

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pierrot_noir I give this song a 12 out of 10. ♥♥♥ (John Frusciante ~ Going Inside)
iconmogwai @sliddy: "Glad you like! It's all thx to @sufferin_jukebox :) @CrowleysGhost: "perfect! nice one @sliddy ! (reblipping)"" (reblip)

Echo and The Bunnymen Stars are stars (J.Peel sessions).

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David Bowie My Death

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iconmogwai goodnight, spring bloom of the night@sanaponic: "goodnight dears. :)" (reblip)

TychoThe Daydream

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Sparklepony [Boards of Canada – Rue The Whirl]
sliddy Glad you like! It's all thx to @sufferin_jukebox :) @CrowleysGhost: "perfect! nice one @sliddy ! (reblipping)" (reblip)

Echo and The Bunnymen Stars are stars (J.Peel sessions).

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Donkeyrapist1 From home......I can see.....aeroplanes......loads of them.......

TychoFrom Home

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midas22 • Of Montreal - The Past is a Grotesque Animal
GrimLuxuria "Somebody make me say 'No, no, no, no ...yes'." (rb @tetsuo) (reblip)


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Mysterymix It's hard to make the good things last You realize the sun doesn't go down It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round
midas22 • Atlas Sound - Shelia

Atlas SoundShelia

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KaiLey1216 <<Delorean – Real love>> auto--RBRB @toocooltofool (reblip)

DeloreanReal love

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Sparklepony [Boards of Canada – In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country]
Mysterymix The radio station disappeared Music turned into thin air The DJ was the last to leave She had well conditioned hair Was beautiful but nothingwas there
midas22 • rb@Mysterymix N.E.R.D. - Hypnotize U (Prod. By Daft Punk) (reblip)
midas22 • Smog - Cold blooded old times
KaiLey1216 white rabbits = auto RB @duggylimes: "rb@sliddy: "White Rabbits - The Plot"" (reblip)
nastysurprise @Dolittle I'm drinking warm rum and warm Sprite, so whatever you're mixing is bound to be better.
dirtycash tim briffa, but he's a dead ringer for VG. it was recorded on super8 + cost 350 pounds when they made it. i love how unpolished it is @intraintraintra

Real EstateSnow Days

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sliddy Ah, perfect. Thank you! rb@pratinsky: "in debt with you @sliddy" (reblip)


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nastysurprise Think I might just drive up in them thar hills and see me some snow.
Sparklepony [DJ Shadow – Dark Days] the longest night of the year...
SquareBiz83 hee hee thanks :) rb@stellartara: "The Shirelles – Mamma Said" (reblip)
SquareBiz83 love! thanks rb@Carmilla (reblip)

Violent Femmes Dance Motherfucker Dance

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naomi_u Creep - Days / with Romy (XX)
Sparklepony [TOBACCO – Fresh Hex (Feat. Beck)]
midas22 • Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks
RadioGhost Prince – Another Lonely Christmas
nastysurprise @Mollykills What? I have no idea what any of that means.

MidlakeWinter Dies

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Sparklepony [Bjork – Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)]
gabiroba i’m good at love, i’m good at hate, it's in between i freeze.
dirtycash flashing light show. migraine to follow. friday wipe out, darkened room. fun fun fun.
Sparklepony [The Slits – In the Beginning] R.I.P. Ari Up
midas22 • Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise 'Eyelid' Remix)
midas22 • Modeselektor - Art & Cash (SBTRKT Remix)
naomi_u This album left me puzzled the first time I listened to it, I wanted to hear it again with my blank morning brain today
Donkeyrapist1 RB vi@PORTERla: "Nice! rb@heartsick: "New Mice Parade. <3"" You gotta love em! Thanks x (reblip)

Mice ParadeOld Hat

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The Dirty Projectors-Rise Above

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SlowLife @mnemosine pour toi quand tu vas commencer ta journée demain, bisous la belle :D

Human Life 'In It Together' Official Music Video

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midas22 • One of my favorite songs for nostalgic reasons... | Smog - Cold Blooded Old Times
midas22 • Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You (Live)
sliddy A fave from them...thx rb@midas22: "• Plants and Animals - Faerie Dance" (reblip)
iconmogwai wonderful@McJools: "rb vi@leffi333: "come together. spiritualized."" (reblip)
McJools rb vi@leffi333: "come together. spiritualized." (reblip)
midas22 • Boards Of Canada - An Eagle in Your Mind
theantid0te Contour - Quicksilver


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The Beatles, Because

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DesertLily My ears love this, so chilled...
midas22 • A pretty new Klaxons song... | Klaxons - Echoes


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dirtycash it's the xylophone that gets me every time
naomi_u Remember... this tune? :)
midas22 • Sophie Hunger - Shape

Sophie HungerShape

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naomi_u And a last one for today... Good night blippers

ModeratA New Error

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dirtycash you can't beat cool parents. have fun! bye for now...@thesearejams
katmeow if i stumbled, they're gonna eat me alive.

Help I'm AliveMetric

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Hypermorpheus Taking a break. Blip ya later! // rb @dronnoisseur: "#summer babe // [...] (reblip)
midas22 • Minilogue - The Girl From Botany Bay
naomi_u better quality version...

BattlesThe Line

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Kashmir : Mantaray

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claireyfied Morning all! rb @jj91 (reblip)

Casiokids: Fot i Hose

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claire_ gooooooooood choice, my friend. I love this jam. RB@eightbitkoala (reblip)
iconmogwai geoff barro from portishead

Beak'Iron Acton'

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iconmogwai @Nymph: " @Crabcakes // @iconmogwai see though if I am your sister & donkey is my daddy...hmm dAddy... ahah! @donkeyrapist thoughts? :D oh god." :))) (reblip)

Home VideoGas Tank

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GrimLuxuria listening to Gliss - 'Beauty' (reblip)

gliss beauty

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camden i don't remember where i got this but it sho' is funky.
AlyG @SNIZWHIZ was totally just enjoying this as it came on. perfect for the mood right now :) (reblip)
iconmogwai I didnt really like the new "Archive" except this one
Kalhie Bring your chains, your lips of tragedy, and fall into my arms...

Depeche ModeHalo

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Kalhie How long before I collapse in ashes?
misssabado @Chekkov did you see my moderat videos on they are INCREDIBLE live. best show i saw this year!

ModeratOut Of Sight

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iconmogwai @GrimLuxuria "tu as le chic pour trouver des musiques douces et violentes" (reblip)
iconmogwai @Heather_Horton: "Now I'm found. "Metal Heart" ~Cat Power #nowplaying"metal heart/plexiglass skin (reblip)

David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind

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iconmogwai @Kalhie: "How long before I collapse in ashes?" a life with defeat, miracles, rain & thunder, sun & soft skin (reblip)
Kalhie She will be your living end ...
claire_ can't even express how perfect this song is.
Lady_Bastet Now I'm found. "Metal Heart" ~Cat Power #nowplaying
estrogen with you anytime, sweetie! @paperama: "Good evening my dear #estrogen How about a glass of wine?" (reblip)
Kalhie Your mind is restless, they say you're getting better, but you don't feel any better
CLARITY I want my next romance to be .. just like this song.

M. WardPoison Cup

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Kalhie You think I'm dead, but I sailed away...
iconmogwai HOOD winter sunday track

Hood, They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever

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Múm- Random Summer

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iconmogwai awful haircut but great sounds
indiorubber já são 18h, tá na hora de colocar um pouco de peso...
indiorubber @GabiRapuano De nada, sua playlist é boa! =D

Joy Division Love will tear us apart BBC version

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deedes @duo amigo, acrdita na minha felicidade!!! (reblip)
sangawa Nouvelle Vague - Blister In The Sun
iconmogwai dis moi ce que tu penses, de mon adolescence, dis moi ce que tu penses, j'aime aussi, l'amour et la violence,...

Sebastien Tellier, l'amour et la violence

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GrimLuxuria While your cigarette still burns, your messed up world will thrill me....


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iconmogwai @A_Quiet_End: "the mix on that last blip was a little shoddy. "a DMST fan! great! (reblip)
tyrelassie Glenn Danzig - song from 'Less than zero' soundtrack. Enjoy!!
Laurits Hank III tonight at Vega. Got a few extra tickets.

Dead Kennedys-Too Drunk To Fuck

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pitchforkmedia Three years today since Love's Arthur Lee passed on. Still can't imagine a better eulogy than this song. (ryan)
iconmogwai danger mouse + david lynch + spaklehorse


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The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

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Kalhie And I'm only here to bring you freelove.
Kalhie What better way to start than with Leonard...
AlyG i'm hungry...just did a major walk to all the dept stores and down rodeo for recon work with my boss. soooo fun. today i love my job. (reblip)
aquietend here's to a better day as it goes on. and maaaybe, some rain. ;)
marilovisky @tubilino, long time no see! :/ I never meet you on *this earth*, so... it's your turn to play, DJ! ;) Hey, @muzicmajic, thank you! :)
AndiWoods and i thank those, those who kept me company
SpiegelEule "Other peoples problems they overwhelm my mind" TalkingHeads --> new love

Pink Floyd, Echoes(part 1)

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iconmogwai @Nymph: "luve" YEAH GOOD CHOICE (reblip)


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iconmogwai @Kalhie: "Feeling every word..." there was a time i listen to this song in my bed... ive almsot forget... so tx :) (reblip)
iconmogwai @iconmogwai: "this song is magistral" @GlimLuxuria one for you (reblip)
Kaethe_Cox everybody's gotta learn sometimes!!!
CLARITY @kalimar shhhh ;D theres so much on there I can never find to blip. (reblip)

A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness -- Nature & Organization

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iconmogwai @AlyG: "hahaha true. never been in a hurricane and a little jealous. it's the adrenaline riding and" yep this is nice velvet (reblip)
GrimLuxuria Bit too much fake tan but, yea, you score high.
iconmogwai @bunq: "finding the right audio interface is starting to become a daunting task for me :/...." i love this track :)))) (reblip)
iconmogwai charmless until your skin is freezing in the sun

Apparat 'Useless Information'

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The_Activist this one is for michael

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS

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iconmogwai @GrimLuxuria: "I love this... Deftones – KimDracula" cooool*just perfct$$$ (reblip)


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GrimLuxuria I love this... Deftones – KimDracula


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misssabado @monkchips SUCK?!?!?! you suck. ha. here:: is this better for you????
iconmogwai @A_Quiet_End: ":) thanks. couldn't sleep last night, so some situational things are more bothersome than usual too. " (reblip)
aquietend :( sorry to hear that. bad timing. I hope it holds off through tonight at least. (reblip)
iconmogwai @acousticpixel thank you for spreading bliss in my ears (reblip)

ElectrelaneIn Berlin

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mkvkelly Haven't blipped this one today ;D. I love it. @Fangbaby Listen!
iconmogwai SPEEDY J, a shoking hobby

Speedy JManhasset

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claire_ learned this fun little one on piano today. simple, but beautiful (...or, at least I think so! ha)

Royksopp Tristesse globale

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Sparklepony [Tortoise – Autumn Sweater]
GrimLuxuria I've been dragging around from the end of your coat for two weeks.

The NationalBrainy

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Sparklepony rb @Ineluctable [Sparklehorse – Wish You Were Here] devastating... another great musician lost to depression. R.I.P. Mark... (reblip)
AlyG i'm pretty obsessed with all versions of this song right now.
Sparklepony rb @Mysterymix vi@Stendhal [Rei Harakami – Pone] lovely. (reblip)

Rei HarakamiPone

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sliddy Nice, thx :) @deunen: "danke!! @Leonie: "noch einmal! :) @AirighNamBeist: "rb @Leonie: "dank u :) @deunen""" (reblip)

Massive Attack feat. Hope Sondoval: Paradise Circus (XX Remix)

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sliddy Fantastic! Man, these guys freak me out but I think that's half the allure! :) @GothTinkerbell: "not enough love love love's for this one :) @sliddy" (reblip)
iconmogwai Arab Strap - Kate Moss

Arab Strap - Kate Moss (Live@KVRX)

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paeix thank you for the good music @Sensa111: "@paeix thanks for props :~)" (reblip)