melodyofurlife Since I am blipping cartoon tracks - Southpark -Gay Fish (Kayne West)

Trey ParkerGay Fish

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rhino minha ilha perdida é ai, o meu por do sol!
ELEGANS @lafuria esta me acuerda de ti. Pero creo que es por la peli.

Seu JorgeFive Years

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mrselfdestruct87 Great slower bjork song. She can do just about any style though.
Candice_Jo "All I want is to have my piece of mind" Ahhhh... Boston rocks!! :-D

BostonPeace of Mind

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tatialmeida_ ah, nem parece idiota nada, @mt_pinheiro! acredita que, dos meus amigos, só um quis ir nesse show? O.o
Delfin (VC) Viva Coruja! Sexta, 24 de abril de 2009. Bom dia! Hora de Miúcha e Tom Jobim, com "Falando de amor".
Delfin (VC) Viva Coruja! Sexta, 24 de abril de 2009. Bom dia! Hora de Janis Martin, com "Bang Bang".
HeavyDWO Some new school Reggae beats


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SOcaM I'm lying in my bed, Hear the clock tickin, I think of you, Caught up in circles,
toddtyrtle OK, I'm fading fast - one last one before bed. 'night all!

CamielEl Alba

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Joao73 calexico - El Picador ( live )

CalexicoEl Picador

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Mauromrm Noize has never been so Cooool!
trepanado everytime I hear this track I'm blown away. such a great spaziale feeling with the echo guitar and the layering of synths
elsharnefarn This song has the power to bring me to the brink of tears (joyously) everytime I hear it. Brutal and beautiful. The best kind of music.
catmagellan Twin Peaks – Moving Through Time
catmagellan On my head all day: Terence Trent D'Arby – Sign Your Name
trepanado did you know The Beatles recorded in Jamaica with one of the Nyabinghi reggae groups? word * @Diordan @medina @bendrix @CargoCulte @DJPrimitivo @nakid


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toddtyrtle Not terribly fond of the lyrics but I really like how the smashing together of the genres worked out.
Delfin (PC) Todo mundo meio morto! Melhor filme de zumbis EVER! Vou correr atrás de centavos pra comer uma pizza de frango. Alguém aí topa?
kqrpnb Eisley - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Cover). Great Neutral Milk tune, nice cover.
PropsHog Men without Hats - The Safety Dance


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rhino a gente ria tanto desses nossos desencontros mas voce passou do ponto e agora eu ja nao sei mais...

Los HermanosA Outra

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Delfin e @Delfin (PC) Vocês já ouviram a música Kamehameha do amor? :{)
trepanado a reggae version of Dave Brubeck's classic 'Take Five'. not the one used on a british TV show. brilliant!! can't get enough of reggae versions
Raffila "this is a one-time situation.." really? isn't it always?
Shukitty @SerendipityOfTheSol: I think it's their secret wedding song. There's the kid singing it in the choir loft (reblip)
bthecat @estrogen: this track kinda gives me a toothache....but I love it. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach OK coffee time for me. For you: Hot Chip + Fake Blood (-Imeem)
jrclark9 @wickawickawhat hahahaha I LOVE Home Alone.. That's what I get for just making fun of you and not actually listening to the song (reblip)
elhombrecohete como no me gusta nada cómo escribo, creo que la fuente libre adecuada para mis textos es "Mongolian Baiti"
elhombrecohete que conste que no se absolutamente nada de perros: amo a los gatos. ahora mis únicas mascotas son las hormigas del baño devoradoras de adn
dtatusko "we were born to be loved" by king's x. yes we were. love the groove in the break here man.
ilikedginger I got worries, I got trouble.
santamistura @FernandaW start wearing purple tá na hora de ir embora do blip ;o)) chega de computador hoje !!! boa noite pra vc e good night all blippers!! ;o)) (reblip)

Sex With Ducks: the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates

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batkisses Ladies Night - Sheila - Buddy Holly

Buddy HollySheila

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BlipJason You can be my boyfriend

C-Side Boyfriend Girlfriend

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FrauWunder Dolly works it in this bellbottom pink sparkly jumpsuit. WORKS. IT.

Dolly Parton -- Jolene

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elhombrecohete borracha otra vez, pero he acabado unos textos. entiendanmé, hoy es viernes y fiesta...

SkeletonsThe THINGS

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elhombrecohete bien, versión distinta a la del "Ding Dong". Dejo por el momento el guateque (extraño) a ver si curro algo ¿o me bajo al bar?
toosweet4rnr [Uffie – Hot Chick]

UffieHot Chick

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lincesagrado De cuando estaba pelao'

Moloko - Fun For Me

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Delfin @SofiaFada, corrigindo a tag e mandando uma das minhas bandas nacionais favoritas :) (reblip)
elsharnefarn Yes, I'm feeling rather Mexican today. :)
Loraloo Makes me wanna go roller skate!
rhino just rest, just rest, just rest your pretty head

The PipettesSex

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elhombrecohete mi papel ha sido más sórdido que el del cowboy gigoló. Bonita versión: amo a Paul Heaton
Dratsum good ole country murder ballads involving convicted innocents.. now that's a theme.
Delfin (PC) IMEEM BOYCOTT! Today is a protest day against the Blip decision of support Imeem and its 30s music. If you hear THAT one, it's NOT Imeem's!
JodyGirl162 @SinclairDavis: "@SinclairDavis: "FUNK U FRIDAYS Isley Brothers – For the Love of You""MEMORIES ON THIS ONE TY (reblip)
glueandglitter I've been out of commission, but I'm somewhat back!
JoesRobot My favorite 10-piece Norwegian band
ilikedginger This day will never end. It just keeps going.
Flutterbot Before I sputter out... Jeez its only 10:30......
ShortiezRevenge I wouldn't know anything about any of this <-- Truth.... (sorta)
Vinha Sweetest girl...


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Aluciel Good morning, blippers! Surprisingly chipper after a crazy night and 4 hours of sleep! ^_^
ilikedginger Finally done bloggin and reading and being awake. 4am. Motherfucker. I love this song.

BeyonceSweet Dreams

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culturite RB @jojotakenaka A good way to finish out the day... Caspa – "Cockney Violin" (reblip)

CaspaCockney Violin

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ilikedginger Read the police report from the RiRi/Brown thing and it was worse than the picture that got leaked.
catmagellan por falar em slows das festas de garagem @aff
dunski much coolness from Dusty Springfield
ilikedginger It rained on me and Pita this morning when I took her to the park. Weather can be such an asshole.
ilikedginger I miss my Patty Cakes already. I'm having a blast and all. Really. I just miss playing with his hair and stuff.
ilikedginger One more for now, you damned, dirty Blip. I miss dancing, tbh. I wish Mr. Cakes knew how... (reblip)
ilikedginger Siiiiiiigh. I'm so sleepy, yet entirely excited and ready for this weekend to get it's bang on. (reblip)
ilikedginger I am so stupidly tired today. No amount of coffee is going to fix it.
ilikedginger The boy is out of town this weekend, so I'm planning my sans-man adventures...
ilikedginger I don't remember if I like this or not.
leyrer Very nice: The Roots feat. Erykah Badu – You Got Me
ilikedginger The internet is my alternate universe. I wish I knew Art Bell, I want to explain to him what happens when they cross.
radycool wish they were playing at Coachella.
iamwhatiplay Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas (Edit)
jaydef I don't know what this song is about, but I like Lovecraft, and it.
salleegal Waves @livtiludi ... Black Lipstick ya'll "Grandma Airplane" (reblip)
TroyHolder "I'm So Glad" by Skip James
prinsesaa Doing that thing you doooo...


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ELEGANS siempre te llevare en mi corazon! de mis FAVs
ritualwhore *hands over the keys and pours a shot*
luizaconde nada mais justo! em homenagem às enchentes loucas!
HungryKid ...


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HungryKid mensi and co. at full throttle (1979)
neozeitgeist "piensa que talvez mañana yo estaré muy lejos de ti" siempre, vale?
DareToEatAPeach Only ten bucks to see the Twelves this Saturday. Anyone want to go w/me? I'm itching to get my dance on!

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (The Twelves Re-Edit)

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CommieBimbo When i was a child the devil him self brought me a mic

Taco - Putting On The Ritz

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Subhuman I aint no goddamn son of a bitch...You better think about it baby
syph #90sWednesday - "It's driving me out of my mind...."

Bel Biv DevoePoison

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zmjezhd ... nunc in quadriviis et angiportes ...
retroferran Computer Club – Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)
PanchoCueto Impresionante Ibrahim!, "Si te contara"...
kaomig like so many things, you have to know what you're looking for

TelepatheThe March

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rhino We used to be together, everyday together .... always

No DoubtDon't Speak

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ilikedginger Blargh it all to hell, that's what I say.

Rilo KileyI Never

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linrose Heard this on the way home...likey. :)

AdeleRight As Rain

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therealpatrick From the soundtrack of the movie _Beautiful Thing_ . . .
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