Sia - Colour The small one - 12 - Where I belong

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insignificant__1 This one too @cow_girl @i_was_the_shark [Matthew Mayfield – Ease Your Mind - Birmingham]
insignificant__1 This one @cow_girl @i_was_the_shark [Matthew Mayfield – Maybe Next Christmas - Birmingham]
insignificant__1 @cow_girl @i_was_the_shark Hmm YUMM [The Script – Written In The Stars (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) HQ]
insignificant__1 @i_was_the_shark .. @cow_girl [Stone Sour – Dying [FULL NEW SONG - 2010!] (HD Studio recording from Audio Secrecy)]
BlipKing Lady Antebellum ~when you got a good thing~..;)
insignificant__1 I'm waiting for tonight~then waiting for tomorrow~I'm somewhere in between [Lifehouse – Somewhere In Between]
insignificant__1 You are like the raindrops, the raindrops falling down on me..U left a mark [Droplets – Colbie Caillat ft Jason Reeves (Live Version)]
insignificant__1 You turn every head but you don't see me..[Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)]
insignificant__1 Here you can be anything..I think that scares you. [Jimmy Eat World – Just watch the fireworks]
insignificant__1 Take my heart & throw it in the sea..hope that it's a bad dream [Bad Dream – This Century]..

Bad DreamThis Century

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insignificant__1 Take me for what you see~For I'm transparent in the light of you. [John Butler Trio – Seeing Angels]
insignificant__1 Can I come home for the summer? I could slow down for a little while..Get back to loving each other [Ray LaMontagne – For The Summer]
insignificant__1 I'm just looking ...keeps me smiling =) [Stereophonics- Just Looking]

stereophonics, just looking

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insignificant__1 I just know things will be better.. [The Perishers – When I Wake Up Tomorrow]

Eclipse Jacob's Theme.wmv

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Matchbox 20 If You're Gone Rob Thomas

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Gen22 and I'm out, laterzzz #fui o/ [Coldplay - Warning Sign (Live Sessions @ AOL)]
insignificant__1 It's not the chase that I love..It's me following you [he Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart]
insignificant__1 I tried drinking nights away.. it just brought on longer days [The Forecast – Some Things Never Change ]
insignificant__1 I heard a whisper in my ear..said come w/me..away from here [The Getaway Plan – Shadows]
insignificant__1 Close my eyes &you'll still be here w/me..Close my eyes~The sunrise comes too soon [Late Night Alumni –Sunrise Comes Too Soon]..Mmm sexy morning song
insignificant__1 I'd like to think that I can go my own way& meet you in the end. {[stripped]Hoobastank – Same Direction}.. Laters xx
insignificant__1 One breath, one touch will be the end of me..[Trading Yesterday – Love Song Requiem]
insignificant__1 I've been thinkin' about you, baby..By the light of dawn.{Live With Me – Massive Attack}
insignificant__1 Angels cry when stars collide..[The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Angels Cry]

Away in a manger. The Fray♥

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oh come oh come emmanuel♥ The Fray

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insignificant__1 You wake up in the bed you make..[The National – Lucky You ]
insignificant__1 There is no making sense of it now.. {Lifehouse – All That I'm Asking For}
insignificant__1 How close am I to losing you.. [The National – About Today]
insignificant__1 <3 this cover

Teardrop- Civil Twilight

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Human- Civil Twilight

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insignificant__1 Great song ;) I STILL can't say it tho lol @cow_girl: "Go raibh maith agat @Amazed_" (reblip)

Elizabeth + the Catapult "Open Book"

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Evanescence ~ Give Unto Me (Evanescence EP outtake) + Lyrics

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3ps @mcKswift: ""You're all I need and maybe some faith will do me good." I love when she starts rapping on this song." (reblip)

ben harper touch from your lust

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tcammett This song crept up on the iPod last night. Forgot about how good it is...which given the hundreds of YouTube cover vids, is clear. Enjoy.

SiaBreathe Me

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insignificant__1 Lover put me in your beautiful bed..[The National – It Never Happened]
SouliciousMusic You've done nothing at all to make me love you less - So come back when you can. (Barcelona – Come Back When You Can)

The Black Keys 'Next Girl, Howling For You & Tighten Up' Later With Jools Holland 2010,.mp4

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The Script, Live Like We're Dying(with lyrics)

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insignificant__1 rb@DJEmpire1: "Before I let you down again, I just want to see you in your eyes." (reblip)
insignificant__1 [Lia Ices – Daphne (featuring Justin Vernon)]
insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams "New York, New York" Piano Version]

Ryan Adams "New York, New York" Piano Version. HQ Remastered Studio Recording.

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insignificant__1 [Snow Patrol – Those Distant Bells Acoustic]
insignificant__1 [Coldplay – Til kingdom come (acoustic session)]
insignificant__1 [Joshua James – Dangerous]

Joshua JamesDangerous

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insignificant__1 [Snow Patrol – New York HD (Live in Buenos Aires 2011)]
iamrachelmorris it felt almost like a home of sorts, or somethin...
insignificant__1 [Rosie Thomas- October]

Rosie Thomas- October

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insignificant__1 When the night falls in around me.. [3 Doors Down – Landing in London (Hamburg 2011) Live HD [with Lyrics]
insignificant__1 Good morning [Florence + the Machine ~ Bedroom Hymns]

Florence + the Machine ~ Bedroom Hymns

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insignificant__1 [Matthew Mayfield – "Best Of You" (Foo Fighters Cover)] LOVE this!! @matthewmayfield
insignificant__1 [Evanescence- My heart is broken ]

Evanescence- My heart is broken (Lyrics)

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insignificant__1 [Dave Matthews Band – Light Lift Me Up]
insignificant__1 =( This song always makes me sad [Dave Matthews Band -"A Dream So Real"]

Dave Matthews Band "A Dream So Real"

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insignificant__1 Sweet dreams xx [Dave Matthews Band – Sleep To Dream Her]
insignificant__1 G'morning [The Fog Rose High - Craft Spells]

The Fog Rose High by Craft Spells

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insignificant__1 [I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind- Ron Pope]

I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind- Ron Pope

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insignificant__1 [Drinking This Rain (I'm On Fire) – Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)]
insignificant__1 [Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project – To Darkness]
insignificant__1 [James Vincent Mcmorrow – Wicked Game ( Chris Isaak Cover)]
insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams- I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say] I love Ryan Adams' new cd ..he's amazing #truth

Ryan Adams I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say

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insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams – Like The Twilight (Unreleased)]
insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams-Memories of You ]

Ryan Adams Memories of You with Lyrics

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insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams -Do I Wait]

Ryan Adams "Do I Wait"@ Masonic Temple Hollywood Forever Cemetery 10-10-11

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insignificant__1 [Evanescence Deluxe – 16 Secret Door Bonus Track]
insignificant__1 [Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils]
insignificant__1 [Florence And The Machine-No Light, No Light]

Florence And The Machine, No Light, No Light

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insignificant__1 [Florence + The Machine – Blinding (Little Noise Sessions)]
insignificant__1 This one is my favourite...& I'd love to be stolen [Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Stole You Away]
insignificant__1 Love this cover..[James Vincent McMorrow – Wicked Game]
insignificant__1 I can't wait for this CD! ..[The Black Keys – Lonely Boy]
insignificant__1 G'nite.. sweet dreams xx [coldplay – til kingdom come (acoustic session)]
insignificant__1 [Mumford & Sons : After The Storm (HD version) : Komedia Brighton : 6 October 2009]

Mumford & Sons : After The Storm (HD version) : Komedia Brighton : 6 October 2009

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insignificant__1 [ColdPlay – Your Love Means Everything]
insignificant__1 Morning [Concrete Heart – Great Lake Swimmers]
insignificant__1 [Lifehouse – From Where You Are (Acoustic), live at O2 Shephard's Bush Empire, London]
insignificant__1 G'Morning [Fink – Walking in the Sun]
insignificant__1 Later xx [Guillemots – If the World Ends [London Calling]
insignificant__1 [SHINE – Rest your head on me]
insignificant__1 Happy Sunday xx [Florence + the Machine-Lover To Lover] ..this is a fabulous cd ..

Florence + the Machine Lover To Lover

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insignificant__1 [Coldplay – Don't Let it Break Your Heart]
insignificant__1 [Breaking Down (Acoustic) – Florence + the Machine]
insignificant__1 [Coldplay – Up In Flames]

ColdplayUp In Flames

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insignificant__1 [Andrew Belle-Don't Blame Yourself]

Andrew Belle-Don't Blame Yourself-The Ladder

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insignificant__1 [The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)]
insignificant__1 [Vienna Teng – Nothing Left For Us To Find]
insignificant__1 [Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Boat (Acoustic Session)]
insignificant__1 [Jake Walden 'For Someone']

Jake Walden 'For Someone'

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insignificant__1 I'm glad Mazzy Star is back ;) Love this new song [Mazzy Star – Common Burn (complete), new song Oct. 2011 + lyrics]
insignificant__1 I like the B side song better ;) [Mazzy Star – Lay Myself Down (complete), new song Oct. 2011 + lyrics]
insignificant__1 [Justin Vernon – Return To You]
insignificant__1 [Dave Matthews-Angel]

Dave Matthews Angel

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insignificant__1 New one.. I like ;) [Florence + the Machine – What the Water Gave Me]

Do You See Me- Ron Pope

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BlipKing Barcelona ~plz don't go~
insignificant__1 U know they'll never leave.. [Snow Patrol – Those Distant Bells - Shepherds Bush Empire 05/09/2011] (reblip)
insignificant__1 If U were here beside me.. [New York – Snow Patrol - London 2011 (O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, 9/5/11)] (reblip)
insignificant__1 No man is an island [Ben Howard – Black Flies | live at Haldern Pop 2011] (reblip)
insignificant__1 It wouldn't be a lie if I said I was missin you tonight.. [Ben Howard – Wouldn´t be a Lie (Live - Le Cafe Sud)] (reblip)
insignificant__1 Enjoy the day xx [Ben Howard – Soldiers] I love this one" (reblip)

Ben HowardSoldiers

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich- 'Break the Day Open' (with lyrics)

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insignificant__1 Good morning [James Morrison -I won't let u go]

james morrison -I won't let you go lyrics on screen

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insignificant__1 One day U will.. [Thomas Dybdahl – One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City] .. G'nite
insignificant__1 I miss the way U danced with me..[Rosie Thomas – Farewell]

Rosie ThomasFarewell

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Snow Patrol Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking Live At Somerset House

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insignificant__1 It's still raining here =( [Norah Jones – September in the Rain]
insignificant__1 [Benjamin Francis Leftwich- 'Break the Day Open' (with lyrics)]

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- 'Break the Day Open' (with lyrics)

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insignificant__1 U let me see the world behind your eyes.. [Jon Foreman – Behind Your Eyes]
insignificant__1 U don't show ur face round these parts no more.. [Joshua James – Ribbon Bows] ..I like this one
insignificant__1 This is my favourite of all [Damien Rice – Accidental Babies ] @chiarrai_cailin
insignificant__1 She ran away in her sleep... [Coldplay – Paradise]..can't wait for the new Coldplay CD
insignificant__1 Where else would I go? [Do You See Me- Ron Pope]

Do You See Me- Ron Pope

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insignificant__1 [City and Colour – We Found Each Other in the Dark]
insignificant__1 ~Mutemath – In No Time~

MutemathIn No Time

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insignificant__1 Good morning.. [Alexi Murdoch – Through The Dark ]
insignificant__1 [Ben Howard – The Fire].. one of my favs

Ben HowardThe Fire

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insignificant__1 [I Want You Back -- the Civil Wars]

I Want You Back -- the Civil Wars

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insignificant__1 I <3 this one ;) [Sons & Lovers – Set My Heart On Fire]
insignificant__1 Hope U find what ur looking for~So ur heart is warm forevermore [Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine]
insignificant__1 [James Vincent Mcmorrow – Wicked Game ( Chris Isaak Cover)]
insignificant__1 [The Damnwells-Star/Fool]

the damnwells star/fool

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insignificant__1 [Dave Matthews – Grey Blue Eyes (Studio Track)]
insignificant__1 [The Idea Of U – Dave Matthews Band]
insignificant__1 [Dave Matthews Band- After Her]

Dave Matthews Band- After Her

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insignificant__1 We are so far apart..even tho we're under the same sun.. [Ben Howard – Under The Same Sun] Have a lovely day
insignificant__1 I don't wanna beg ur pardon..I don't wanna ask u why..[Ben Howard – Black Flies] Another fav from the new cd
insignificant__1 Just the memory of ur face.. [Ben Howard-Gracious]

Gracious Live

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insignificant__1 [Switchfoot – Always (Acoustic) Exclusive video for HearItFirst]
insignificant__1 [Bob Schneider – Let The Light In]
insignificant__1 [City and Colour – Waiting... - Live @ The Orange Lounge]
insignificant__1 [Danity Kane- Stay With Me]

Danity Kane- Stay With Me [Lyrics + CD Quality]

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insignificant__1 Love this one.. [Maria Mena – Habits (feat. Mads Langer)]
insignificant__1 =/ [Maria Mena – A Stranger to Me] This new cd is really good..this is another gorgeous song
insignificant__1 ...... [Maria Mena – The Art of Forgiveness]
insignificant__1 [Headlights On the Highway – Ron Pope]
insignificant__1 Everything must start again new.. Good morning [Ben Howard: Everything (supporting Fink at the Lido in Berlin)]

Ben Howard: Everything (supporting Fink at the Lido in Berlin)

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insignificant__1 [DMB Unreleased Song – Sweet Up and Down]
insignificant__1 [AA Bondy – A Slow Parade]

AA BondyA Slow Parade

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The Beatles- Something

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The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" Lyric Video

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The Beatles Things We Said Today

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Within You Without You- The Beatles

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The Beatles In My Life (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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You're gonna lose that girl- The beatles (with Lyrics)

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The Beatles-Yesterday Lyrics

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PJ Harvey, "Let England Shake"

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The Beatles- While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Studio)

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"High For This" The Weeknd cover by Alex Cornell

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John Lennon-Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)

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justabigmistake_ Goodnight

SPIN Session: Steve Earle, "Every Part of Me"

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insignificant__1 ~~Walking On Cars – Speeding Cars~~
insignificant__1 ~Daughtry – Rescue Me (Acoustic Version) ~
insignificant__1 ~Luke Sital-Singh – Tornado Town (Rooftop Acoustic Session)~
insignificant__1 ~~Lifehouse – One For the Pain (acoustic)~~
insignificant__1 ~Lifehouse – You Can Shake The Mountains~
insignificant__1 ...............Lifehouse – Flight ................
insignificant__1 ~"Wait for Me" – Pat Monahan of Train, Daryl Hall~
insignificant__1 ~Shinedown – Burning Bright (lyrics)~
BlipKing Horse Feathers ~thistled spring~
BlipKing Warpaint ~majesty~......gooooodnite..xX
insignificant__1 [Ryan Adams "Wonderwall" Acoustic Version from Malmö, Sweden 2000] .. have a beautiful day xx

Ryan Adams "Wonderwall" Acoustic Version from Malmö, Sweden 2000

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insignificant__1 ~Walking on Cars – We Don't Eat (COVER) by James Vincent McMarrow~

The Beatles A Day In The Life (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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insignificant__1 [Joshua James – Lawn Full Of Marigolds]
insignificant__1 We never change do we? We never learn do we?[Coldplay – We Never Change]
insignificant__1 Breathe~keep breathing..Today I escape.. [Radiohead – Exit music (for a film)]
insignificant__1 I'm waiting for the day..[Angus and Julia Stone – Hold On]
insignificant__1 [The Weeknd – Wicked Games]
insignificant__1 Hello ;) [Tyrone Wells – Use Somebody]
insignificant__1 You were just a face in the crowd.. [Benjamin Francis Leftwich – A Face In The Crowd (Tom Petty Cover)]
insignificant__1 New JM~ I like ;) [John Mayer – Shadow Days (New Single) Full Studio Version]
insignificant__1 lol I wish ;) [Julia Stone – Let's Forget All The Things That We Say]
insignificant__1 I really like this guy ;) ['Cold Wind' by Joshua Hyslop]

'Cold Wind' by Joshua Hyslop

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Whisper2U [The Horrors feat. Florence – Still Life (NME Awards 2012)]
insignificant__1 [Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (Manic Street Preachers Version)]
insignificant__1 Stuck in my head this morning- [Gotye – Wonder Why You Want Her]
insignificant__1 G'morning ;) [Matthew Ryan – Summer In The South]
insignificant__1 [Matthew Ryan – My Darker Side]
insignificant__1 Look 4me when I am lost..just a whisper [Coldplay – A Whisper]

ColdplayA Whisper

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insignificant__1 You'll flow down her river..[Coldplay-Lips Like Sugar]
insignificant__1 I sing it one last time for U..then I really have 2 go =*( [Snow Patrol – Run (Live On KFOG Radio)]
insignificant__1 Do U ever wonder? [Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves ] ..enjoy the day xx
insignificant__1 [AA Bondy – Hiway/Fevers (Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles CA 9/29/11)]
insignificant__1 [Damien Rice – NEW SONG "The Connoisseur of Great Excuse"]
insignificant__1 I miss U like the nighttime misses day..G'nite x [Joshua James – Colby's Song]
insignificant__1 [Matt Corby – Light Home @ The Ellington]
insignificant__1 [Stone Sour – Miracles (acoustic)]
insignificant__1 [Great Lake Swimmers – Unison Falling Into Harmony]
insignificant__1 [Matt Nathanson-Somewhere to Hide]

Matt Nathanson, Somewhere to Hide

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insignificant__1 [Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World]
insignificant__1 [Switchfoot – "The Blues"]

Switchfoot"The Blues"

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insignificant__1 Dedicated to.... *cough* ... hahaha [placebo-meds]

placebo-meds lyrics

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Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (Continued Silence EP 2012)

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The Beatles-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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The Beatles Hey Jude (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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The Beatles- I Need You

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The Beatles -- I've Just Seen a Face

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insignificant__1 Goodness knows, I have one of these =/ [John Mayer – My stupid mouth (Acoustic)]
insignificant__1 [Stereophonics- The first time ever I saw your face]

Stereophonics- The first time ever i saw your face

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insignificant__1 G'nite xx [Norah Jones~All A Dream ]

All A Dream Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts

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insignificant__1 love this!! All my fav ppl ;) [Dave Grohl And Norah Jones – Maybe I'm Amazed - Kennedy Center Honors Paul McCartney]