AnaRi esta música é demais.....
mystwitch @MStimson [you have some great blips!]Stairway to Heaven (reblip)
leinergroove 7 OF 10 (a little latin touch)
sheryonstone someone just blipped this, I managed a prop, but they were gone to fast to here we are

Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The H

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sheryonstone thank goodness courtney @NeedBlues2Live~I was thinking about you and missing you. Frightened that you maybe got lost in Granny's yard :D
thewhiteness Psychic Spies From China / Try To Steal Your Mind's Elation / Little Girls From Sweden / Dream Of Silver Screen Quotations
musoholic [Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs]

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

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h0neyb "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul." Well me and Kyle, we looked at each other, and we each said... "Okay." @Mara_Jad3 I <3 them! (reblip)

Tenacious DTribute

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GR8FL Through the wind & the rain, light breaks through the window pane... r/b @ladypn (reblip)
EvDJ Wow...great conversion complete.


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bakinrapscallion because it's tough being a pirate...well, not that tough...
GR8FL our house in the middle of the street
VicFM This town, is coming like a ghost town All the clubs have been closed down This place, is coming like a ghost town Bands won't play no more
EvDJ Love this @DJFrankie...does make me think of Flight of the Conchords a bit <Hey @AbsinthEve @SlipperyDistortion, et al..> (reblip)
Sherrie Help me I think I'm falling....
fuzzygroove @alienfresh not me, but I like it! Wonder who's wandering around with my nick. (reblip)
Maureen Was looking for "Hitting the Wall" but this will do.

CowsHeave Ho

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zichtl RB @peununes Um Classico !!!!!=D (reblip)

Ramones - Pet Semetary

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Maureen I heard an unbelievable acoustic cover of this once in Milwaukee that I can still hear in my head.
sheryonstone I think the banks could get a lesson from @NeedBlues2Live with regards to opening their vaults. Thank you Courtney :D (reblip)
QHip Best album? Probably not. Great song? Yeahhhh...
nanycrazy amanhã ... mais uma novidade na minha vida, se deus quiser ;)
sheryonstone would love to stay, chat and blip, but gotta run have the bartender pour me a double fast and lite me a smoke so I can sing some jazz :D be back later
sheryonstone cat sent the last blip before I could finish....cute :D

The Cat EmpireSly

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pipnestella Love love love the this song.


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UnbuttonMusics sonzera forte sempre rolando..... muito bom.
fangjie You don't care if it's wrong or it is right.

The PoliceRoxanne

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Krimzen Let's go on a magic carpet ride-
robotnik @donkeyrapist neither minotaurs nor bunnymen are animal/animal hybrids, but i couldn't resist :)
toiplusmoi she's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand..
APB1212 here's the origianl - love it

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

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muserine Feeling a lot better already. Maybe I just had to get it off my chest ;)


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HomerRamone Para começar o dia "jive bunny and the mastermixers" ^^

0280 - Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers - Swing The Mood

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rainersousa @jlightbody i saw them play here... wonderful gig ! (reblip)

CakeThe Guitar Man

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vjdeedee everytime its a... :)

SCSI-9Lady Delay

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Iprasu Cancion de los 90s y una de mis favoritas
luiz_com_z @geo_, mais de 32 dentes deve ser jacaré, melhor não dar muita confiança mesmo.
threebears must get to bed (3.30am here) thanks for your company blip friends! have a good night/day/morning - not necessarily in that order
miguesme el caso de la rubia platino- joaquin sabina ....via...@nacorburgos (reblip)

el caso de la rubia platino joaquin sabina

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mdavid Test

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

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| play
GR8FL [quit 3 years ago & miss it nearly evry day!] @Sally29 this about smoking? It is my one evil habit left, but must. @briangreene @sistema428 @aldenia (reblip)
anna_ O que seria de mim? (:


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bloody gasoline, lemonade in the latest cream >>> i'm gonna get free this time >>>>
nicavieira Pourquoi ces murs blancs?J'crois qu' j' peux plus bouger...La douleur s'étend,j'arrive à peine à respirer. u.u

Anaïs Christina

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driczz @KaLoBec@wessnet@Jeffie@alfonvaina BeBliBrunch -BlipParty in Berlin/blip your song always using @BeBliBrunch dedicate 4anyone!! thx&Enjoy!
driczz @angrybob & @threebears what are u waiting?Enjoy @BeBliBrunch) a BlipParty in Berlin - blips your song always using @BeBliBrunch dedicate 4anyone !!! (reblip)
rollovellocet Oh blimey @davidwatts1978 this song made me feel all weird, reminds me of when my daughters were born...not heard it for ages :) Ta! (reblip)
LarsErik To all the boys I loved before #5
sheryonstone @ladypn how to explain you even have props left 4 me. I don't know how you do it. :D Oh, I know, you went to bed earlier than me. heh !
GR8FL Good morning @patita. This is for you my dear!
GR8FL morning all... I can't sleep, so I'm awake. 24 is on tonight and this is my blip for it.

The WhoHappy Jack

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Grace_K Bela Lugosi's Dead, mas Lestat me chama....
Yo_Adrian She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult Reminds me of the movie Layer Cake, great flick
by_starla @newwaveclassics--i am fine thanks! a few more blips, and then i am going outside for a bit--it's a beautiful day here. how are you?
EvDJ Good God...Look at this and laugh, or if you're like me, cry, just a little bit.

WeenBig Fat F

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fbz nobody knows a single place I go, city by city, night after night
GR8FL not much else to say... I think the creepy spiders got into blips braincells and ate them up. happy 13 Friday!
be2 hat jemand gestern die Doku auf arte gesehen? "Old people can be so sweet."
sheryonstone I typed "You've got mail" into the search, and this came up. go figure :D
ZenemiG Fucking love it! Es realmente una canción de korn, la cagó. Lejos la mejor del disco.
cabron My favorite song from Odelay.


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OhAngie by now you should've somehow realized what you gotta do.


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mattringo snow in dc is funny. people use umbrellas and act like little girls
Mekali addictive, heavy rotation summer sorrow
GR8FL @ianthomaz you Obamicon yourself!!! We are so in sync.
ADub Of course this song must follow.... Shout out to my Prez...

The JBs - Soul Power 74

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ADub This is a Revolution sure shot! Ms. Collins- are you somebody? What about you?- uh, Salaam Alaikum...


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ADub I can't be still, you thrill me, Baby be mine.. @Speedbird @niltonspin Thanks for the M.J.!

02 - Baby Be Mine

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ADub Everyday I want to smile in your lovely brown eyes..
GR8FL for @bizzybee who is blipping in colors today...
by_starla [Editors - The Weight Of The World]
LaBelladiva_ Love this song! Thank you for props, replies and RBs . . . @pita4l @seamuse @cisum35 @victomlinson @camillek @krisp . . . RB via @i1982 (reblip)

The lovecats (acoustic) :The Cure

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Bullet for my Valentine - Tears dont fall

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GR8FL rb@musecrossing: "Good morning/afternoon/evening all ! How's your bird?" thanks... birds are chirping along this morning and you? (reblip)
GR8FL Say my name, sun shines through the rain a whole life so lonely, and then you come and ease the pain...I don't want to lose this feeling
DecyBlack Soundtrack of my Summer. Track/Day 5: Distraction - Angels & Airwaves. needed a distraction from some things
messinwiththekid changing gears, as I strut on out of here for a bit. Thanks all for props , RB & replies. Sure I will catch some of you later... We have no lives ;)
h0neyb "The world is rushing by The wind is at our back..."
sharonhayes Cold Chisel – Flame Trees @wakaleo @starfortress @starlingpoet @stayingyoung @steenohman @stefanobossi @saronti
sheryonstone rb@Cece602 with thanks :) (reblip)

Sublime- Wrong Way

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larissapalmieri Lycia – Distant Eastern Glare
Soenarko Ilse DeLange is one of my favorite Dutch female singers. Listen to her singing "Miracle".
by_starla [The Clientele - My Own Face Inside The Trees]
sasosketa Smoke City – Underwater Love
GR8FL truth is I go to heaven every time you look at me :)


| play

Emilie Simon I wanna Be your Dog

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by_starla [Bell X1 - How Your Heart Is Wired]
by_starla [Devendra Banhart - Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis cover)]
by_starla rb and my pleasure@yourguideworldwide: " to me...thx 2 by_starla for the introduction..." (reblip)
by_starla [The Low Anthem - Ticket Taker]
robotnik @minmae "day of the dead", nice way to put it :) Well, it's what we do too on sunday "all hallows day" (reblip)

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

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GR8FL so beautiful & thanks via@Diordan: "@FernandaW aposto que vai gostar!" (reblip)
GR8FL cute @hajoni: "Zap Mama – Brrrlak!" (reblip)

Zap MamaBrrrlak!

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fuzzygroove Send to LA for the @twiistup conference. We need your help to win. Click this link and submit the tweet (up to 3 times):
JulsV @energizerbunny: "@tcarr78717: ""I am a traveler of both time and space"....G'nite all (reblip)

KashmirLed Zeppelin

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fuzzygroove wins the Twiistup contest. Thx so much for all of your help! (reblip)


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GR8FL those mushrooms reminded me of this one...
GR8FL thank you my dear one @klitoria and she is getting better, tho' there are a couple of setbacks (reblip)
GR8FL need to develop more faith @MONIKKA and things will get even better... so hard to be human sometimes.
GR8FL out of nowhere you reappear @estrogen ... let me tell you that I have missed you much!
GR8FL I thought many of mine were missing too @DesertLily, but all I needed to do was close browser (cache) and come back.
GR8FL I think I could stay for a while...
GR8FL and it's been you woman right down the line...
Netaid Robert the Bruce had a daughter, should the male line have been followed?

Scotland the Brave

| play
simplesmente O dia recém começou \0/e os Props ja esgotaram que Coisa viu...Mereciamos no mínimo uns 100 props por dia O_o...Passa a lista ai do baixa assinado (reblip)

New OrderTrue Faith

| play
ELORD I AM BORED and stranded. Maybe this will help.
Barkhamn Lembro desse som numa propaganda de Lucky Strike =) (reblip)

MolokoFun for Me

| play
MadamSalami she looks like she don't care.....


| play
deadxxstars I did it all for the nookie so you can take that cookie & stick it up your Adfajsdfas·$· ASS!

Limp BizkitNookie

| play
mammara my virtual SXSW - sat 21 10:00pm PJ Harvey

PJ HarveyRid of Me

| play
thetoxie i am a patient boy - i wait i wait i wait i wait - aber nicht mehr lange!

FugaziWaiting Room

| play
agentcoke This one is always fun to dance to..
jbeechoo No aguanto al pedorro de Morrisey, pero quién se resiste a este temazo?
natasjadb Nice mashup! ♫ Muse vs N.E.R.D. – She wants a Muse (reblip)
DrEdge "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" .. it will be now
jeff Check out this clip of Tom Dowd, the mastermind producer behind Layla Thanks Paul Bonanos
jeff Man I can't seem to kick this damn cold. I'm coughing so much that I feel like I'm constantly on the boot threshold...
dieJulia klingt nicht so sehr nach Feder. Mehr nach chilischarfem Groovesumpf. Yeah!
Miss_Bella I had time to kill, it's dead and buried.
Miss_Bella @rylab I knew I forgot ask if it was sunny. Are you a farmer again?
jeff Whoa IBM offers $6.5 billion to acquire Sun Microsystems. I'm so 5 minutes ago...
Sumlife @Sumlife: "just because-==- "this song always sounds good always a courtesy cause a i met the girl who said it (reblip)
iRockaBerry listening to music when i should be sleeping....
Miss_Bella listening to this all the time (reblip)
GR8FL @DJSelchie I lived in Alexandria VA for over 20 yrs & DC+8 yrs.- moved to Rehoboth Beach 2+ yrs ago & telecommute from DC. Love it! Where/what is TO?
DavidAlexanderMcDonald Another old fave - Brian Briggs tells you about Frankie & Mo, those crazy mods. "See You On The Other Side."


| play
sheryonstone with this weather I can really use one ^_^
roupasuja we're just dancing, we're just hugging, singing, screaming, kissing, tugging on the sleeve of how it used to be
roupasuja faut qu'elle crève de bonheur ou qu'elle change de godasses, faut qu'elle croule sous les fleurs...change de couleur...

02 Ta Douleur

| play
gwylow was looking for the SRV version but the original is fine
DavidAlexanderMcDonald Here, have some Cornershop to wake up with - "Brimful Of Asha."
MrThompsonR @LYRIC "@RonnieBebop, Oh no you didn't!!! :O" Don't shoot the messenger, LOL!! I'm not the original "blipper" ;o) (reblip)

Cars - Hello Again

| play
andricon My favorite Black Sabbath cover ever. (reblip)

Four TetIron Man

| play
EvDJ @adbert & @MrsASoprano! <Probably you love that for the same reason I love that: It's awesome!!!> Agree...just takes the weight off, no? (reblip)
h0neyb "It's what's happening right here and now right now, it's right now"

Van HalenRight Now

| play
GR8FL @tubilino it's just about 4:30pm (1630)... why do you ask? What time is it for you?

EnyaOnly Time

| play
GR8FL classic Neil Young

Neil YoungOld Man

| play
ulltra nao consegui a versão de estudio vai ao vivo mesmo


| play
spookyloop You can never go wrong with Richard Cheese!
spookyloop EK turned me on to Os Mutantes about 10 yrs ago when he sent me a mixed tape of their stuff. I've been hooked ever since.
Archibaldo fuck cover!!!

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

| play
trepanado outro dos melhores discos do ano, "24 Postcards in Full Colour", de Max Richter. para quem gosta de Arvo Part e Philip Glass. dramático!
Shardackk ooooo... ooooooh ooooooh oh how i long to be a caribou


| play
be2 ...lots of alcohol, cholesterol and sugar at this time of year, I'd say (reblip)
be2 @ZachsMind you look pretty blue to me
eugenelee Reconnecting with high school friends on Facebook made me think of this song
DaphneA I find the map & draw a straight line Over rivers, farms, and state lines The distance from 'A' to where you'd be It's only finger-lengths that I see
Thelma A song that always reminds me of River Phoenix
luizzz Costumo dizer que esta é uma das melhores do Sonic Youth. E olha que conheço bem a vasta discografia.
The_Style_PA Actually sometimes they do cry, but whatever. (reblip)
bj5s @marilovisky @aldenia one more(he really is a genius ay?;))....bye!
denkschema I am totally in the mood for #80s music tonight
jlightbody My first blip milestone, 50! Not a big deal to those with mega listeners, but it feels good...
bj5s People I gotta go! Falling asleep!! Nice to see you all....take care agus oiche mhaith!(have a good night)!!!
Frauke Zeit für einen neuen Blip... (reblip)

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

| play
RussianMoney 8bit music is (re)innovation at work
Sally29 Wishing for many things - (photo not really a high priority!)
rollovellocet unspeakably beautiful...

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

| play
rollovellocet ...the man with the golden arm that is....not just golden arm!

golden arm

| play
rollovellocet Good morning :)

The Herb Spectacles -- Hilo de Seda

| play
rollovellocet Oh no it gets cut off early.....:(

H ChappellThe Gonk

| play
Frauke ...and thank you for your gift!
maiiiii 禁断症状はつらいやね
djmisscloud [I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie & NIN] Who doesn't? Happy B'day Bowie


| play
Timinator Lunchtime, folks. Eat it!

Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It

| play
remembermstn this song to everybody.... TV THEMES
thirstforwine @documentally Love It! This one's for you (and you may be right)
kasos does anybody know nine months laters from fuzztones?
dmtr Sem a Karen O, então, vamos direto à original, à dúvida original: QUEDÊ a minha mente? (a... gorasim!)
rollovellocet Hello!!! Happy New Year (a little late I know)
supervanilla hoje meu dia tá com cara de incubus!

Incubus-Nice To Know You

| play
djmisscloud This is my policy @roomatop blipped Cocteau Twins, got prop! ;) (reblip)

Cocteau TwinsAmelia

| play
rollovellocet @air am jealous...I never saw the great man live, or his harmonium! Although I do have couple of his children's books :)
BradHart white boy

Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music White Boy

| play
bj5s @GR8FL Holy Shit, ur right!(the zombies), I never realised that! Nice work;) Almost identical! @keiki hi! Im sorry to hear that!:( How r ya?
riot36 "Yeah, woohoo - There's something in the air - Woohoo..."


| play
be2 Xmas coming up - I think it's school reunion time!
laurarmac versão megalinda de Blackbird *-*
laurarmac versão da original dos Beatles. uma de minhas preferidas (:
pafurada sou meio que obcecada com essa trilha sonora. :~ @Adams_oliver (reblip)
be2 why the economy has tanked, in a nutshell
usermac Blip version of "Murder on the Dance Floor" here
usermac "Shivaree - Kill Bill Volume 2 - Goodnight Moon" what a rich sound. wonderful. soulful.

Shivaree - Kill Bill Volume 2 - Goodnight Moon

| play
be2 @Holycow haven't blipped the theme in a while
usermac sweet => Eternal Flame – The Bangles (reblip)
ander Before their crazy was crazy/serious.
FernandaW good night beatifull people

BO Good Bye Lennin - Summer 78

| play
bowemawo @erleshofer love this song. never heard this version though! (reblip)
bowemawo let us hope next year will be a better year for humanity...


| play
spookyloop This song reminds me of my friend Johnny. (reblip)

The Hollies - Bus Stop

| play
bowemawo I wanna do bad things with you... Vampires ruled 2008! For next year let's hope the same for lesbian vampires: :D
FernandaW from the movie EDUKATORS

Lucky JimHallelujah

| play
FernandaW mais uma pra lista das "crassicas"...minha avo adorava
Gequeoman Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis – Tom Waits (reblip)
piris chek this out!!!
flavytcha I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my
row1e You may be headed for the serious strife. (reblip)
elfalpha hidden gem in the catalogue
everydaydude @yogiisawesome Here you go buddy. I got you.
potaufeu ピアノを弾ける人がうらやましい

Billy JoelPiano Man

| play
joabsilva and all my friends were vampires didn't know they were vampires turns out i was a vampire myself [i love daniel johnston]
leumund @rouge hier noch der passende soundtrack zu deinem letzten blogbeitrag!
dhair @SevenTenths I think I may need some of that coffee and something to smoke b4 I fade away.

DiecastFade away

| play
Heymonkey Woman Tried to Set Boyfriend on Fire... iko iko
sheryonstone @ladypn - oops ! you ! my left coast buddy you turned in early ! lite weight !!! *hmmmmp
sheryonstone @star45 - thanks i love this also :D *hair flyin
brabul When I think about I touch myself...

Blondie - I Touch Myself

| play
ElaineHanson Super sexy hot bedroom voice... just sayin'...
BruhMorini There's no easy way, it gets harder each day.............
Momix74 Questa é un classico ... va bene a tutte le ore
xavicarrasco Para que los conflictos bélicos acaben de una vez. Trough The Barricades - Spandau Ballet