bduubz lovin' this, thanks @Karuna! (reblip)

I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Inner Life

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bduubz @T_DeBarros since this put you in such a good mood, let's blip it again :) (reblip)

Number Seven (Le Knight Club rmx)

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kooi its a bag raiders afternoon
kooi superpose

02 NG (Discobot Remix)

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kooi roy davis jr


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haizee this reminds of a certain Spiller track @kooi @bduubz
haizee hello @antenaweb ! a little sultry delight for @Nymph @bduubz @kooi @jsotonyc @i812

Be With

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haizee remember this gem? @bduubz @kooi // crydamoure was so amazing // LOVE that demon v heartbreaker @Nymph
kooi did you know that AVH was born in 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts?
haizee it's like an afternoon @ Radio FG @bduubz @kooi

Cassius - Feelings for you (Les Rythmes Digitales mix)

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kooi superpose

01 The Queen of the Night

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Dreamhunt (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

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haizee looking for the les rythmes digitales remix that samples this // @bduubz @kooi @Nymph @bunq @jsotonyc
bduubz OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT, thanks @ atomik @brunapp & @animaDj // the synth riff is very howard jones (reblip)
haizee Erlend Oye + Royksopp = pure love

RoyksoppRemind Me

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bduubz @haizee, glad you liked that one - pulled it outta the vault for you
haizee you know this is my secret addiction? @opomegranate
bduubz AWESOME CHOICE, thanks @Innit (reblip)


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Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)

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kooi hola! @Atomik // its almost the end of the day for me

Junior BoysWork

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TheBadMonkey thanks, @kooi - Hot Chip is totally what I was in the mood for.
bduubz HI @BohemianChick! i love ben westbeech, and this is a great remix (reblip)
bduubz @Nymph @djilo @BohemianChick @haizee @kooi @Superfly love how this track is a nod back to old school house
bduubz stepping away for a bit, see y'all later :)
bduubz man, it would be SO AWESOME to see them in concert - their covers of this song and music sounds better with you are on youtube... (reblip)
ComputerNationRadio Had to blip this one again. @Thnikkaman I think you'll dig this groove. Makes me feel joyous.
DoubleDigitCatastrophe @bunq @Nymph @eightbitkoala You guys are blippin awesome beats faster than I can listen! grr!

Luomo - Whats Good ( Ian Pooley RMX ) ( Voc. - House 6.31 )

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haizee i officially declare WAR on blip @Nymph // where's my hand grenade?


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DoubleDigitCatastrophe @Nymph I sleep like 10 hours a day as I live in the dreamscape, but they are like digging up the roads outside my house so I'm not getting solid sleep

Gold Panda-Marriage (Official Video)

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kooi this kinda reminded me of chocolate puma's I wanna be you.... no? RB@bduubz (reblip)
kooi hahahaahaha, LOVE!!! thanks @Nymph (reblip)

Destination Pt. I

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tometty [Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life] "When I was a little boy, living in the last century..."
bduubz like a cross between phoenix and braxe & falke - so good! thanks, @bunq (reblip)
kooi O M G ! flashback: hanging out in bduubz' UWS studio playing mario kart! RB @haizee: memories come flooding in with this one @bduubz (reblip)
kooi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ RB vi@ffluxx: "Lost n Alive – Everything I Play [Studio 45 Mix] ---- One of my favs.// now MY fav!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (reblip)
bhughling @ArthurRead @LateEmpire @WaggaWagga @bduubz @heartsick @RandyElliott I hope you guys clear up an hour for this thriller! Goodnight and thx for tunes!
SolarLab I may have to reblip this every couple of weeks. It's so fucking hot. Suicide is in my blood...
haizee i think i need some help tonight...
haizee all my friends are kissing each other. they have restless mothers.
Atomik Heading off to work, Board Meeting today.

Dreamhunt (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

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brunapp Finally!! I've always wanted to blip this! LOVE LOVE!

Hot ToddyMindtrip

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brunapp Never Ending Romance Disaster


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Atomik Good addition to the library
haizee RONE rocking my world...

Rone - La Dame Blanche (album version)

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bendrix This is dedicated to all the Swayzak headz. Fresh New Upload
Atomik The Juan MacLean – Happy House
Atomik last blip of kylie didnt work...oh well
bendrix so U R trying to distract me and silence me from blipN VAnessa huh... You do realize that Its illegal to Use Imogen as a weapon on blip :) => rb@xuxE (reblip)

Frou FrouShh

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Atomik chilly gonzales & feist covering peaches. too delicious.
bduubz @kooi i remember hearing this at luxx a few times


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haizee I've never heard this before! how is that possible? @bunq (reblip)
haizee Bjorn can Moljekalas my Torske anytime
thundercunt dontcha know wit no money i aint gon' give ya nuttttin
haizee one of my favorite Everything but the Girl tracks EVER @XmX @bendrix @i812 @bduubz @kooi


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bduubz ahhh it's the armand van helden remix :-) @kooi @opomegranate @haizee @i812 @XmX // @cronkadelic, you'll remember this one!
bduubz HA - this brings back memories, @swanFever (reblip)

Sadat XFunk Dat

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thundercunt fuck yeah for Joy Division covers!
kooi woooooo @haizee @bduubz


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kooi sade - king of sorrow


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bendrix This is a KILLER track... My girl=> @mmemaledicta introduced me to this. I'm still a Siouxsie & the Banshees newbie. Love this joint big time (reblip)
haizee hiya @soundmangroupie // i'm a little dazed and confused @bunq , thx!
kooi bobmo!

To the Bobmobile

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bduubz thanks, @chotda. i'm in nyc, so it's the AM for me.

BreakbotChelsea Inn

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haizee oooohh @bduubz @kooi / Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto!
bduubz a certain ratio @kooi @baripembo @haizee

01 wont stop loving you

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stena :D tnx! @CynDyn "I probably shouldn't be laughing so hard...thanks @picknick for this classic...ouwowwowow -ahh!" fwd: @bunq @photogurrl @kooi @adbert (reblip)


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bduubz gorgeous deep house from bah samba. @haizee @kooi @baripembo

Calma (Roots Mix)

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haizee when songs make you lose the ability to write //@XmX = BLISS
haizee @XmX- this is what your music choices do! ttyl! <3 DITTP //this is AMAZING (reblip)
haizee i NEED me some @bduubz

I Need You Tonight

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calamari Here's a song to get you up off the couch. #danceparty
desbam Another Chaka-laka, with Rufus, 1975.
haizee must re-blip ~ NEW Royksopp ~ Vision One (reblip)

RöyksoppVision One

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bduubz quite possibly the best disco song ever. for @haizee.


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haizee @bunq is there such thing as a double-prop? this is SICKENING (reblip)
esorhjy Speed Racer:真正會感動人心的事物,即使在利益糾葛的現實世界,能感動人的就是能感動人。
bduubz this track is in desperate need of a reblip @bunq @kooi // @haizee that scott grooves track makes me wanna do the robot (reblip)


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haizee sweet jesus - YES! YES! @bduubz


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haizee Holy Ghost //HOLD ON

Holy Ghost!Hold On

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bduubz @opomegranate YESYESYESYESYES (reblip)

Boyz (The Twelves Remix)

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Atomik Scott Grooves feat Parliament/Funkadelic – Mothership Reconnection (Funk D Void Mix)