myhappiness14342 all over again ~ tyvm rb @Coffeenuts: "The World Is..." (reblip)
myhappiness14342 The Gaslight Anthem ~ Say I Won't (Recognize)
myhappiness14342 The Daylights ~ I Hope This Gets To You
myhappiness14342 when i fall down, you put me back together.
myhappiness14342 thanks for letting me steal @Bikermom69 for a dance, @kdogggg LOL ;) [took me forever to find a good copy of this too]
myhappiness14342 Better Than Ezra ~ Sincerely, Me
myhappiness14342 am i here? of course i am, yes, all i need is your hand to drag me out again ~ work calls...have a lovely day, all. <3
myhappiness14342 me tonight = beautiful mess...although beautiful isn't the adjective i would use right now.
myhappiness14342 sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.
myhappiness14342 i can almost believe that i'm almost enough.
myhappiness14342 to spend a lot of time with you ~ tyvm ;) @dreamingmoon3: ""maybe travel around with you..." ;)))@ladycatlady" (reblip)
AutumnPerception @ladycatlady Have a easy start in this new week.. ~ all the freckles from the sun, ~ all the perfect smiles, perfect dreams, ~ I'm carrying in my bag.
myhappiness14342 and how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you? ~ for my very own touchstone... *kisses* @BunnyHoney


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myhappiness14342 ah, how wonderful you are ~ one of my absolute favorites for you [makes me want to dance]...hope you're having a terrific day ;) @czybulski

Better Than Ezra 2010-12-28 Dallas HOB 004. Happy Day MaMa.AVI

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myhappiness14342 Florence + the Machine ~ Dog Days Are Over
myhappiness14342 love me, love me, say that you love me.
myhappiness14342 it was this one! [you're damn good] ;) @Doggonahogg #guiltypleasure

Soul Decision- Faded

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myhappiness14342 our dreams assured and we all will sleep well, sleep well, sleep well ~ sleep well, blipworld <3
myhappiness14342 you're undeniably warm ~ you are. tysm for sharing your sunshine w/ me this morning... :) @junie12e
LilIvy One for you to save and play when the sadness hits @ladycatlady
DjLAngel umm, I don't really use bad language. this was first choice not sure what happen distracted cat Knik she bit me. :) @ladycatlady

Madi DiazA Little Bit

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myhappiness14342 love this one! [& i cuss way more than i should! ;)] tysm rb @DjLAngel: "umm, I don't really use bad language. this was first choice... @lcl" (reblip)

Madi DiazA Little Bit

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myhappiness14342 ...and that would be all right, all right ~ ty rb @AutumnPerception: "~ I believe in the faith that grows" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 and maybe i feel like a piece of my soul is hanging around for everyone to hold... @LilIvy
myhappiness14342 i'm gonna steal your heart, gonna steal your heart away ~ it was a nice dream. we were in the kitchen, dancing to this song. and we were happy. <3
myhappiness14342 ...i miss you every single day.
LilIvy Whenever you need me.. @ladycatlady your teardrops are like rainwater.. necessary sometimes.
myhappiness14342 don't want you to change, no way ~ new to me! tysm!!! ;) rb @indigodogs: "Flying to the sun ~ Without a plane ~ When you're here @ladycatlady" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 ...all the time... ~ new to me! love it! tysm!!! ;) rb @indigodogs: "I Remember!!! You're stuck in my mind all the time ;) @lcl: "remember..."" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 i see a tiny light telling everyone to hold on tight @Nani1982
myhappiness14342 things ain't bad but things ain't right ~ wishing you a lovely weekend @AutumnPerception
myhappiness14342 let's just call this what it is and give me one more goodbye kiss...
myhappiness14342 awwwww, sweetie *hugs* @Smile4MyGirls: "@lcl been watching your blips, dont let anyone get you down, remember >>> Scorpions – Life Is Too Short" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 reblip LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...thank you!!! :) *hugs for you* @P_Cog: "wish granted?@ladycatlady" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 tyvm, sweetie *hugstoyou* @Tuneaholic: "Yiruma - River Flow in You(@lcl)This is a good way to start your Day (I think) I'll think about U all Day..." (reblip)
czybulski days full of sunshine for you ... @ladycatlady The Candle Thieves – The Sunshine Song
myhappiness14342 except that last one cut off...sorry about that :-) @TropicsZ4
myhappiness14342 tyvm but i gotta tag @MotleyMaMa ;) @dreamingmoon3: ""...I can hardly breathe..." ;)))@ladycatlady" (reblip)
Tuneaholic ~>@Flying_Roundhouse: "Mumford & Sons – Thistle & Weeds ~ Guten Abend & RB @MuesliDD" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 and every dance on the kitchen floor we didn't have before ~ dance with me? @sefrond: "Train – When I Look To The Sky" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 Sarah Harmer ~ Captive

Sarah Harmer Captive at the 92.5 River Music Hall

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Alvaroxx The Killers – When You Were Young...
myhappiness14342 but i'm still holding on, calling you back home, calling you back...
myhappiness14342 perfect way to end the night @sefrond: "I gotta say goodnight just like my friend. Great tune to end an evening. Thanks--> @colourjunky: "goodnight"" (reblip)
czybulski they wrote this for you ... rb @ladycatlady Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body (reblip)
myhappiness14342 and speaking of beautiful, i think this one is (tyvm @BunnyHoney for introducing me to it) (reblip)
BunnyHoney Time to go.. have a great one blipstars! ~kisses~
myhappiness14342 if there was a chance that we could be lovers, i'd write you a book of handwritten letters...

Matthew Perryman Jones | Until the Last Falling Star

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myhappiness14342 thank goodness you had added this to your playlist...i felt like it was lost forever! ty rb @dreamingmoon3 (reblip)
myhappiness14342 thank you for this @DJPassies: "Why not! and also for you a lullaby! Sleep well and greetings@ladycatlady" (reblip)


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myhappiness14342 tyvm @dreamingmoon3: "" close your eyes and feel the world turn 'round. If you're not lost I guess that makes you found." ~~ sweet dreams~~ @me" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 tyvm for everything *hugs* @dreamingmoon3: "a nice tune from my friend~~>@ladycatlady... ~ 'goodnight' ~" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 i could hold you for a million make you feel my love *hugs* @BunnyHoney
myhappiness14342 no need to thank me. i love it btw...tyvvvvvvvm <3 @dreamingmoon3: "THNX4 being my #1PROPSTAR, tricia!!!! enjoy. ;)))@lcl" (reblip)
myhappiness14342 i hear you laugh, it makes me glad ~ found one just for you ;) @Nani1982
myhappiness14342 just 5 more listeners to 500, sweetie...not only an excellent dj but also a wonderful person ---> @czybulski

Joshua Radin Brand New Day

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myhappiness14342 take my hand, i'll teach you to dance, i'll spin you around, won't let you fall down ~ thank you for being my #1 top propper <3 @AutumnPerception
myhappiness14342 Cage the Elephant ~ Right Before My Eyes (acoustic version)
myhappiness14342 Jack Savoretti ~ Harder Than Easy
Doggonahogg @ladycatlady Might also request this, if we were having a dance party :)
RunswithCizers Banditos by Refreshments

Refreshments - Banditos

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junie12e And just when I thought it couldn't get any better ~ because you do! @ladycatlady *smoochies*
myhappiness14342 no problem, sweetie, i never get sick of 'em so blip 'em to me anytime you want ;) *SomeKindofWonderfulHugs* @Naestopaz

Lick The Tins Can't Help Falling In Love

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myhappiness14342 we love to think about the way things were, but the time has come and i'm glad it's over...

Keane Snowed Under Acoustic Live

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myhappiness14342 Matthew Perryman Jones ~ Save You
myhappiness14342 her lips, her lips, i could kiss them all day if she'd let me ~ i could, doll *kisses* @BunnyHoney
mtouceda Sumner's voice makes me melt, no matter who is singing with ;) @ladycatlady
myhappiness14342 ready to cause more trouble? i would say always for just comes so naturally. :P @Smile4MyGirls


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