djHaLoo For me it is the best version..

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

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gabyupi @duo música de vibe designer-no-blog-internacionalmmmm .. aeew ^^,

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour (Monster Montage Video)

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moegreebmusic This version is Fucking Awesome! I'd forgotten about it completely...
maypuffy Coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy ..
sbchaffin Trying out this Blip thing. Gotta start off with a fave.

Dave Matthews Band#41

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MoonlightSounds @organicsue For your Dad...♥ ❀¸.•*✶♫•*¨`*❀ ✮♥ BeatlesBday

The BEATLES birthday song

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GOTHAM911SAINT i don't drink coffee...i drink tea my dear...i'm an ALIEN...

We Blasted Mechanism Official Video directed by Valdjiu

| play
GeorgeTHEMAX ok it's not "Indep.Day" or "Born in the USA" but listening-fits the wknd. Bruce "Girls in their summer clothes"
twilighthouse UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

| play
crisfelix 'Cause when Flea joins Dave Navarro e Perry Farrell, good thing happens!
Ruster Voor de vakantiegangers die mogelijk door een buitje moeten
jethostel g0 b3y0nd).)..)...)....).....)

Sigur RossHeima

| play
SavedinMTL We are the voice in the wilderness
Atomik for @jennyleepenny - more Liz Phair for you, (and aging myself here with such a classic)

Liz PhairSupernova

| play
MarianaWho "I'm crazy for feeling so blue..."

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
RedCarpetGirl24 paparazzi's are always there...

Paparazzi- Lady Gaga

| play
aggressive Essa música me lembra tanto quando eu morava em São Paulo...
mckra1g Inspired by the birds outside my window, let's hear from these Byrds...
witchbabe あーごちそさまです


| play
MoonlightSounds In This Life ♥ ❀¸.•*✶♫•*¨`*❀ ✮♥
pjhanse Thanks :) @jmarie1074 ... and yes, it stays circling in your mind ... (reblip)
Carmen_Coco now remember we are FreeBirds... All for 1, 1 for all, and 3 for 5..who's next???
DJRoy1 Haven't heard this beauty in a while, thx 4 playing it@fluorisch (reblip)
georgedumpsonsplace //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
JeffOster This track was just nominated for a JPF Music Award..see y'all in Nashville on 8/29!

Jeff OsterViolet

| play
fryfan20 and now he watches all kinds of GAMES :)

Stephen FryGames

| play
ilklovn Para los que leen más rápido de lo que escuchan
georgedumpsonsplace //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
balatonsound Underworld – Born Slippy - Live - Watch the video!!!
effietheboy I used to let u wear all my clothes
mygreydog "In a World called Catastrophe" Matthew Good

White Rose Movement : Girls In The Back

| play
a_d_i_t Newcommer...

Enzo Cozzolino Vicino A Te

| play
SoundmanFromHell Chris Barron from the Spin Doctors

chris barron and erik roe: come make we drive the boat home

| play
AlyG like my computer shut it down? or my work shut it down? definitely wouldn't be the later. i am technologically impaired. @SNIZWHIZ (reblip)
Kennyyoli The situation gets rough and I start to panic...
nawlinswoman Haapy Birthday to New Orleans own Pete Fountain..
scotlandlover how many peeps attend? @OnlyMeUK: "The Magic Numbers Perform Love Me Like You Glastonbury 2007 " (reblip)

The Magic Numbers Perform Love Me Like You Glastonbury 2007

| play
powerwriter The "real" meaning of the 4th of July: Ray Charles – America The Beautiful
lilwldchld You know I love you but.....

GenesisIn Too Deep

| play
vja Want you to know I'm a rainbow too

Bob marley | Sun Is Shining , Robel's Hop , Mellow Mood!more

| play
VelvetGarage Can't be sad after hearing this.

Love Theme from Flight of the Phoenix The Brass Ring

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oimperador Hahahahahahah, virei emo! (mentira, acho a sonoridade dessa música foda).

The Doors When The Music's Over

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Ozarksagent RB: @RealtorLefebvre: "No Ordinary Voice." [You can say that again:)] (reblip)
GigiDeLuxe I DIE for this song- LOVE IT!
Julianofthe8 @Dontkawai *Takes your hand* Don' la t lo ha lasciato andare, il mio angelo.
rickfire Master Classics: "Nat King Cole - Unforgettable"
philomaniac a very great but cheesy video for a very great and cheesy song

Ich Bin Traurig (TV Version)

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radioreview_dot_us Michelle in Mamas & Papas wow. What a hottie!
shinji_aoki ♪RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ - alan
shinji_aoki ♪Silver Bells - Twisted Sister


| play
OzzieSteveAngel "Look up, Through the trees to feel as small as you can, You hear the clocks counting down, The nights are longer now than ever before..." (reblip)
TerriCook "sha la la la la...staring at this yellow haired girl....Mr Jones..."" (reblip)
MissingButton @StarsandSpace ...a song for you Hun...The Script – Before The Worst
Jeffie David Gates (of Bread) - "Goodbye Girl" (1978)
DHS everybody ready for a vampire weekend? vi@DJstromer19 (reblip)

Vampire WeekendM79

| play

Neil Young Glastonbury 26/06/09 Wild Man de-strings 'Old Black' Gibson Guitar

| play
rid3thewave this song is my happyyyyyy.

Someday Providence- Sing With The Radio LIVE

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Kurtk1970 "This part of the day bewilders me..."
NYPCafe I heard this song immediately after my very first breakup. I couldn't share my pain with anyone. That's how I am. Thanks Skeeter for the song.

THE END OF THE WORLD by Skeeter Davis

| play

RICHARD CHEESE. Rock the Casbah (again...)

| play
Nani1982 WHAT A GREAT MORNING!!! :-) Hey guys!! (reblip)
lola0813 Marcia Ball – Louella

Marcia BallLouella

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klitoria you live in france....where are you there??? (reblip)

Lebanese Blonde Thievery Corporation

| play
joakimnilsen Beautiful tribute and soundtrack for a hot friday.
AGen @ffluxx Sade - Sweetest Taboo - one of the most frequently played dancefloor-hits in the 80s Gosenschänke, followed by
nr7primeiroDto Party Weekend!!! But for now, let's have some lunch.
GhostInASnowstorm Wake up it's time to go to the beach.

Road Rage by Catatonia

| play
cyril_y some scottish music with a young edwyn collins ripping it up...
DHS one for us rb@Gen22: "Pink Floyd - 'Us And Them'" (reblip)

Pink FloydUs And Them

| play
Milgramexperiment Recorded in the year I was born, as some kind of herald for the feel of my life.
HernanRodriguez Uhhh, Ahhh las chicas son guerreras!!! Dedicado a @alicia_chavero, dales caña y que lloren XD


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neitzen Its Friday! Come on DJs, lets get it STARTED!
stonedpc 本日の1曲 Boards of Canada 空気は読めません
santamistura ;o)) old day ;o))

Socalled sings "(These are) The Good Old Days"

| play
BrownSuga So I would choose to be with you/ That's if the choice were mine to make/ But you can make decisions too/ And you can have this heart to break.
sassyele why not??? Naked in the Rain - Blue Pearl
chuckramos Ouçam, pq hj eu caprichei! Paul McCartney, David Gilmour e Ian Paice!
equinda Hallo @jennyleepenny and aftter this I'm off to enjoy the sun in Hamburg, while it last!

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

| play
nzstars @jennyleepenny You know I love my old school Juliana Hatfield ... you know Placebo pinched her lyrics in universal heart beat in their new album!

Korean famous singer RAIN, "I'm coming"

| play
kanokane gotta love those Brazilians! @nakatake, @ahdanilo: "LINDO SONHO DELIRANTE!"" (reblip)
GOTHAM911SAINT you're beautiful as you feel...start the day right..

Beautiful Carole King

| play
Hanescymru The very much missed Kirsty's take on same song!
rico Malcolm X (The Sidewinder)


| play
BrennaCeDria Woke up with this in my head this morning: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood – Santa Esmeralda
Flyinjenny My favorite Blondie song.


| play
djsushi "these grey days" by eight legs
DcJomi Aerosmith - Crazy


| play
emarueos I'm dying to know do you do you like dreaming of things... so impossible.
TerriCook watch over me - beautiful song
zazagabor Gonna go make pancakes.... sugar and starch: the only way to save the day
MsBiddyBytes Proud Mary......♫ ♫ ♫

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Proud Mary

| play

Hurricane (Bob Dylan)

| play
nilco God will help me carry on through all of this! Third Day - Mountain of God
PHIPPS117 never underestimate video game music

Mega Man 9 OST: Concrete Man Stage

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repercussionist My brain files this song in the same folder as "Just What I Needed." Both 80s, both good summer tunes, both talking about messing with young girls.
MasaruKondo V.A. – 隣のとろろのやつHappy Synthesizer
DJVas I want to be in a masquerade.... Hit me up if you're going to one!


| play
Aredhel73 "Monument of Pain" by Noumena. From the album "Anatomy of Life".

Bruce Springsteen Sad Eyes

| play
jvpc Sai da minha frente que eu quero passar! S. Mendes! #climadejaganhou
hipEchik @hipEchik - Come as You Are - Nirvana "as you were as I want you to be, as a friend.., as a known enemy"
MoonMonkey Drum n'bass - Bukem with Conrad

ltj bukem conrad great

| play

Falco-Der Komisar (HQ)

| play

Mary J. Blidge - We Ride

| play
jeanbean Happy 4th I guess:

Cursive- I Couldn't Love You

| play

Mickael Jackson Olodum They Don'T Care About Us

| play
azandiaMJBB ~thank you ~ :)) rb @Request_Line: "For all who have/do/will stand up and defend her... Lee Greenwood – God Bless the USA" (reblip)
asoul_isborn "Your voice is like a meadowlark. But your heart is like an ocean. Mysterious and dark" (reblip)

alika- no te pongas triste

| play
FunKidsMusic Let's run in a circle and pretend to be an Indian! Hey-ya!!!
marijaanadj ...and Happy 4th to all sweet bliperss and twitterss from America....gays have a great day!!!
KyrasWeekendRide ~~Join the Ride~~♫~Finger Eleven – "Paralyzer" (reblip)
DJMees @1980s: ""But it's only the castles in the sand, love. I'll never be your man. Castles in the sand, they'll never, never stand." ★ Happy 4th, All! " (reblip)
Hanescymru @teamtraveller You may like this.. great mash up. They did a good job!
chrislabossiere Listening to and loving the Nick and Norah Inifinite Playlist - Soundtrack.

Forgiven by Disturbed Lyrics

| play
GabySouza MJ.


| play
sonti today is dylan day

One more cup of coffee Bob Dylan video

| play

Dreams ~ Stevie Nicks Live From Soundstage

| play
lanina1963 @eraser: "╒═╕╔══╗╒╤╕╓╖╒═╕╔╦╦╗#나가수 ╘═╛╠══╣╘╧╛ Adrian Belew║║╘═╛ Fly ║║╘═╛╠╬╬╣#사랑으로" (reblip)

Adrian BelewFly [HQ]

| play

Gotta Serve Somebody-Bob Dylan

| play
avivajazz Hugh Hopper + Robert Wyatt | Memories // Thanks, RB@BleakMouse: "Hugh Hopper, RIP" (reblip)

Robert WyattMemories

| play
ElNito back in blipworld in a super evil mode ! °.-(
DJMees :-) Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds – Diary
Mtii Texas – So Called Friend
ambit @verawooten I like the BabyFace set ur playing. Don't forget this one he produced for His Brother and the group AFTER 7...Great cover. Sara Smile!


| play

Space Make It Hot

| play
lanina1963 "well, frankie and johnny were lovers..."
lanina1963 "went to see in a beautiful pea green boat..."

"The Owl and the Pussycat" (Stuart Robertson, 1935)

| play
jordan1507 listening to A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (Single Version 1) (2001 Digital Remaster)
gspcdfm Another great track from Empire of the Sun
bkGirlFriday HAPPY 4TH AMERICANS! be safe out there and have a great day!

Carrie Underwood Independence day

| play
KyrasWeekendRide ~~Join the Ride~~♫~The ting tings – That's not my name~ Well what is it then ? (reblip)
champsuperstar Well now you've done it @lunanola - NOW YOU'VE REALLY STEPPED IN IT.

Warrent - Warrant - Cherry pie

| play
zx10r07 Queens of the Stone Age - Quick and to the Pointless [@zx10r07]
Metal_Rocks Five Finger Death Punch - White Knuckles. "I'm taking back control with my knuckles!"


| play
marijaanadj rb@MetalRocks: "Fear Factory - Demanufacture. You need to add these DJ's to your list @SeanLiebrand @cattysheba @sneekysneeky @SiNwYrM @wreckchords (reblip)
DrGEN Otro grupo muuuy interesante para prestarle atención: Cold War Kids (reblip)
MandyPenn "But now there's nowhere to hide since you pushed my love aside..." another reblip from @longnu (reblip)
DanceDog Never been able to find any songs by Paradise Lost that I liked. But I'm-a-give it a go.
Dturg Kyla Vuotti Uutta Kuuta


| play

Beyonce-Rolling On The River!

| play
GratefulGreg ";-)@SpinninSara: "a little birdie just told the cat- meow--- Have fun *wink* @GratefulGreg don't forget the eyes are watching--- spoiler huh? LOL" (reblip)

dido-sand in my shoes (live at brixton academy)

| play
ambit Tina Turner~Missing You!!

wolf parade- soldier's grin

| play
kmccort Drive-By Truckers – The Southern Thing
GoateeGuy42 Captain_Hollywood_Project_More_And_More


| play
ElZorro "" "Natalie Merchant "♥" Carnival "♥""""" (reblip)
homerjay Frank Sinatra – That's Life , yes thats life
MA5A5H1 前のが中途半端だったので探しなおした…
Trip4Music Stone Temple Pilots – Coma
erinagin Well I love that dirty water Oh, Boston, you're my home
WookiesGirl Please dont sing to me cause it hurts me to hear..

My Sweet Song (live @ Atlantic)

| play
Intriguingds ((Twitter Stretch)) Cher - Time For The Shoop Shoop Song
sengseng @robotchampion baby just spread your wings (Dreams – Van Halen)

Van HalenDreams

| play
Miss_Naponte Yo me levanto por la ma~ana, me doy un ba~os y me perfumo, me doy un buen desayuno y no hago mas na, mas na. NOT THAT FUN

Gran Combo A -No hago mas na´.(Audio)

| play
paulisded A great almost-forgotten band. [Blue Mountain - Soul Sister]
joanagrs Tonight the light of love is in your eyes, but will you still love me tomorrow?
AngelStrange "Ferris Bueller, you're my hero." (reblip)

YelloOh Yeah

| play
ambit Kenny Loggins~Meet mE hALFWAY!
TundraConundra @speedysari "I took a dancer home, she felt so alone. We stayed up all night in the kitchen doing my dishes, on and on until the dawn." Love that!

Okkervil RiverRed

| play
Oldies The 4 Seasons – Sherry

The 4 SeasonsSherry

| play
diylibrarian I have heard this song more in the last month than in the entire rest of my life.
starkdoulos NOW I am awake. FUCK. :D Bless you, he (or she) who loaded Butt Trumpet. Even if it sounds like ass. Fitting,...
paulisded @djnog: "My vote for the prettiest song with a very vulgar title!" [Scud Mountain Boys - Grudge Fuck] (reblip)
cosita @PiCr gracias! ;) ojala que lo aprenda!

Bif NakedTango Shoes

| play
danielvoicu I don't have much in my life/But take it - its yours...


| play
jorestes @kari001: "@JeanetteJoy: "@PeaceDiva: "Beautiful @DJ_Marcus, thx!...Simply Red...If You Don't Know Me By Now""" (reblip)
p_ferd Cornell Campbell – Bandulu / Ranking Dread - Hard Time 12"
avivajazz Michael Brecker | Scriabin | Don't Try This at Home || RB@ilublo (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Animal Collective - "Merriweather Post Pavilion" ('Best Album Of 2009') - "Summertime Clothes"
PavlovsStepson "...what if no one is saved, no matter how sweet, no matter how brave?" (reblip)

Jimmy Forrest : Night Train ( 1952 )

| play
MandyPenn It's a holiday, so here's Holiday (Madonna) rb@glitterdream (reblip)


| play
AmonLuthor Venenosa versão de "Stomp", pelo duo nova-iorquino Ratatat. Vale muito a pena ir atrás do disco: "Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Vol. 2"
mhelens """The Corrs & Bono – When the Stars Go Blue"""" (reblip)
DJSlinx HippyChick Soho

HippyChick Soho 1990 Club Classic!

| play
stena "if i had the chance, i'd ask the world to dance!" ;) [Nouvelle Vague – Dancing With Myself]
BillaBoo This Lil Game We Play

Subway-This Lil Game We Play

| play
Pepperfire Kick a little country into it Tweeple! Some local boys with more than a little talent.
andremcarvalho "Down and out in London, Los Angeles, And Paris too, I drank a river, In my time, To get on through"

The CultHeart of Soul

| play
CajunGypsy The ladies are always encouraged to dance in the aisles when ER plays this one live...and they usually oblige.


| play
garotageek Entre tanta gente chata sem nenhuma graça, você veio
GR8FL living by the ocean has advantages in the summer @aoibhneas
Stay19 Slowdive – Yesterday<><> vi@lindyhobbit Cheers ! I love how you appreciate such amazing music. You vibe with some of my fav Blips! Nice! (reblip)


| play
tyrelassie Sharleen Spiteri >><><><All the times I cried><><LEAD SINGER WITH BRILLIANT SCOTS BAND TEXAS ><><ENJOY !!!
ElZorro Could I Have This Dance – Anne Murray (reblip)
Kurtk1970 *Giggle*

Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates

| play
Sissie africa bambaataa & westbam – agartha the city of shamballa
kochiz You say good things come to those who wait Well I've been waiting a long time for it...
KimberWitch I realize this is a Xmas song but it's really excellent. 2X the Canadian talent!
algarridm The Art Bears – Moeris Dancing
scotlandlover where is the RUF(er)? @jimmybradley: "RB@loupnoir: welcome @jimmybradley: ".38 Special – Chain Lightnin' RUFKM ? <---- (reblip)
rnzmom Stay Close, Don't Go ~ I only wish I didn't have to...

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (original)

| play
MissMarian Runing all the time to the future and past.. but runing, can i do any thing?

Gwen StefaniRuning

| play
nawlinswoman Another excellent Canadian thheir kitschy name..
burnsy06 Remains one of my favorite Incubus songs.
golougo Beatsteaks – Cut Off The Top (Timo Maas Dirty Rocker Remix)
Kittylecat We rode on horses made of sticks ...

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Lyrics

| play
minmae @robotnik I only know how to write [dont dare to speak] hallå! and book/movie tittle. one of the best movie I saw last year =)
RicardoCamilo a day with michael! the king of pop
avivajazz A Hawk and a Hacksaw + Hun Hangár Ensemble || Serbian Cocek
Flying_Roundhouse Jewel – You Were Meant For Me (Live 2006) ~ Greatest Female Singers ~ @broadwayg "I got my eggs and my pancakes too...everything but you"
StreamingMimi Mary Hopkins – Those Were The Days, My Friend
stena @_@ [Spoon – IIIII Suhhhmmmmmon Yoooou] :D rb!@dswancanada: "and I respond - thanks @coolguitarboy" (reblip)

SpoonI Summon You

| play
DJMees RB@krisp: "Original version...Marc Bolan's paramour" (reblip)
DJMees RB@candy156sweet: "Babyface feat Mariah Carey – Everytime I Close My Eyes Such a great song :)" (reblip)
DJMees RB@dj_bluesdaddy: "The Moonglows – Ten Commandments of Love" (reblip)
broadwayg Come on Patsy. You're at #9 on my Greatest Female Singers list with "Crazy". @Musicstudio@MusicWithMsB@DJJazzyJacq @pinkpolkadots

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
avivajazz A Hawk and a Hacksaw | God Bless the Ottoman Empire || Thanks to both of you! RB@anothercraze RB@Jazzhole (reblip)
impossiblewmn A voice to fall in love with...
ladypn Gotta love this piano intro... & of course Nina!
loupnoir other than it's Argo/Leaf country rb @Brockstar_number1: "A good ole toronto band...for Rosi ( you know who you are lov)" (reblip)

Philosopher KingsCry

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Astrud Gilberto – The shadow of your smile ~ And back to you, @broadwayg ;-)
avivajazz Max Neuhaus | Karlheinz Stockhausen
avivajazz Yedi Karanfil | Kalanlarin Ardindan | Strings and Ney (Flute)
avivajazz Michel Camilo | Perdido | Latin Jazz Piano
sambennington This for those who have some soul not just a little bit of soul, I'm talking SOUL!!! WAKE UP