catastrophical LOVING THIS! RB @Littlemissscandal: "An awesome way to wake up in the morning... Totally lurrrrvvveeee Mister G Way :)" (reblip)

Please Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood- The Animals

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whatevertunes "I keep waiting for the day when I'm with you..." you know, when your router is fixed... ;) @lostndanet: "~*~ Out of Breath ~*~ #ARF" (reblip)
whatevertunes Sounds like a ruff day @lostndanet I'm up... awake...well that's a diff story babe @wet "But the night's over...wakey wakey babe!! @me: "rb @Jaxtraw12 (reblip)
whatevertunes MUAH! Hope ur feeling better... @lostndanet: "Going home Goober I'm sorry I missed you MUAH! @whatevertunes" (reblip)
ericahans I try not to analyse but didn't he blow my mind this time
raiopositronico oi e tchau! vou dar um trato no cabelo.
renaton ~ ~ leve a semente vai ~ onde o vento leva ~ gente pesa ~ por mais que invente ~ só vai onde pisa ~ ~ Dona Zica - "leve" ~ ~

Dona ZicaLeve

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whatevertunes YW! Tks for props! @GeeOh: "one of my favorites!!! TY =D @whatevertunes: "Muse for @GeeOh"" (reblip)

MuseFeeling Good

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Nani1982 " Oh sit there, oh count those raindrops. Oh, feel'em falling down, honey, all around you "...
ericahans Minha banda mais do que favorita.
ChicagosFinest Hi Gmornin' @patita: "morning Luke :)@lukesharp: "Good Morning ..."" (reblip)
whatevertunes Or you could snuggle up for warmth! Safety first!! ;) @AnnieLicious: "Hey babe, when it gets to be below zero I'll wear the little feet @whatevertunes (reblip)

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Tuneaholic RB~>@AnnieLicious ♫Marvin Gaye – Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough | (reblip)
whatevertunes One little 'wet' wail and the school work is quickly forgotten..? <sheesh> ;) @p_conn: "Stop distracting me!!! ;) @whatevertunes: "Magic Dick..."" (reblip)
CesarBaima Trilha do trilho (Out of control!)
pacoblue "...faces come out of the rain..." 'People Are Strange' ~ The Doors

3 (Wolfgang Gardtner Extdended Mix)

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Bush-The Chemicals Between Us

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sunshinedaydreamer Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!!!

Birthday by the Beatles

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whatevertunes Tks hun MUAH! @La_Vera_Mahshid: "Sleep tight ! :-D @whatevertunes: "GN all!! Keep smiling..."" (reblip)

good night sweetheart good night the spaniels

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whatevertunes wink wink nudge nudge saynomore LOL @1brwneyedgirl: "LOL =) heeey ;) @whatevertunes: "orly? (j/k) rb via @1brwneyedgirl"" (reblip)
santamistura depois de estupido cupido outra musica que me faz morrer de rir, essa está em um desenho animado ... será que é o dos pinguins q surfam? @Itacimirim (reblip)
santamistura @mark_till the beach that i live - macumba - receive this name because during many years ago the people come here for to talk with ghosts ;o))

Laura MarlingGhosts

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unueberlegt Could you smile a little smile for me? Cause I'll be thinkin' about you.
djcapnkindbud norah jones & ray charles "HERE WE GO AGAIN" if you cant chill to this you have no ears!!
l_torvald You can do it! Until the break of dawn life, life cannot go by the letter. Time, time prozac can make it better. #RockOutMonday
whatevertunes Juliette And The Licks – Sticky Honey
jeff Having a blip battle with one @joerock... who will lose

KlaxonsGolden skans

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whatevertunes I was trying to put my finger on it... ;) @p_conn: "Yeah, that's appetite... LOL ;)@wet Glad I can still wet your appetite... ;) @pc how to... (reblip)

The UsedSmother Me

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marthagabriel [music] Oh Happy Day & Happy Year to You ;-) #Feliz2011
whatevertunes Hey Blip...I'm gone for a week! Time off for good behavior ;) TTYL! Keep smiling...
torino gooood morning Joanie!!! coffee or tea?@JoanieBeachMusic: "Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!:-)xoxoxoxoxo" (reblip)
luna1124 RB~ @pacoblue: ""Working from seven.... to eleven... every night... it kind of makes life a drag..." 'Since I've Been Loving You' ~ Led Zeppelin (reblip)
juanitamoose [Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People] #madchester
juanitamoose [The House of Love – Shine On]
luna1124 I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You – Richard Marx ~~ I forgot how nice this song is :)
whatevertunes U2 and TYVM for props!! @JackieYunTweets: "Don't underestimate the power of love! Have a good evening, Blippers." (reblip)
whatevertunes HAHAHA WOOT! @lostndanet: "The wait is over.... I'm here ;) @whatevertunes: "The Pretenders – The wait"" (reblip)
SofiaFada fiquei com saudade de escutar a original
karjs Hope everyone has a Beautiful Day!! John Legend – Good Morning
Renato Aniversário tá chegando!! :D:D @Gen22
kundunphei ⋆★⋆★✩♏❉@DJNickPapag: "Dammit you are good!! TY! @kundunphei: "hey big poppa! ★◕ aaaaiiiiii biggie biggie biggie!!○★◕ ..just hypnotize me!" (reblip)
tridaddy @blipstarz: ""Anger he smiles towering in shiny metallic purple armor/ Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him (reblip)
marthagabriel [music] "Amor, palavra que liberta, já dizia o profeta... " - Gentileza, com Marisa Monte #boanoite
torino @donnadontplay: "I'm good sweetie! So happy for you! Hugs! @MsNikkiPixel: "Heyyyy been a LOOOOONNNGG time! How are ya? @donnadontplay: (reblip)
jeff @themotherhips Please welcome the Mother Hips to We'll be doing a @sessions with @1077thebone on Friday 9/24 at 4PM Pacific (reblip)
renaton ~ ~ Z4 ~ ~ F.C.L.G! ~ ~
cinemastation Bom dia. || Kick Ass - MIKA (Soundtrack de Kick Ass)
Nani1982 " Dancin' through the underground. Dancin' little marionette. Are you happy now? " (reblip)
Nani1982 " We weren’t born to follow.Come on and get up off your knees.When life is a bitter pill to swallow, you gotta hold onto what you believe" ...
letiroese "Sintonize sua vibraçãaaaooo....existe um mundo que só quer te ver sorrir..."
santamistura @kaaeyl I don´t have a sunlight until here but a young design come today 2my house 4me to help her 2develop prints 4 the final work of university ;o) (reblip)

Zero 7Give It Away

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Oculuris @NaturalDancer: Hi! Love my blip friends! Can't imagine life without it now! :D@DoctaMike: "Hey sweet friend. (reblip)
mt4704 With a thrill in my head & a pill on my tongue, dissolve the nerves that have just begun.

Spandau BalletTrue

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myb ♪Astral Romance - Nightwish #inthemood
Squashpants Speak of being ready...Hot Chip is Hot Sh*t....
ACE_spaceman It's nice!

I Want You to Want Me

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witchvamp @pacha17: "take what you need.. and be on your way.. and stop crying your heart out.......ok..i do it oasis.." (reblip)
tokool4u Hi it's so good to meet you:):):)@DJCeruleanBubbles: "Like a stone - audioslave" (reblip)
KinkyWizard gotta love when the night is right for a moondance @kougarkat: "Moondance" (reblip)
Grazesto I'm going, I'm going! @xSilkiex: "stop hovering and go play ;) @Grazesto: "Savage! @xSilkiex: "lol down boy ;) @Grazesto: ">>Grrrrrrrrrrr!!<< (reblip)
jorgonz I love all my moments...
JonathanDune G'day hottie@DJCocoloco TY Rbs!...sometimes YOU feel like YOU're..."Walking on the Sun"
brabul @KAtiatomoko @princesaemcoma @flabrito PRa vocÊs a minha música preferida do @mombojo

MombojóDuas Cores.

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Nani1982 ... "The world keeps on spinning, can't stop it, if you tried to.This best part is danger staring you in the face" ... RB @ForeverInYourSmile (reblip)

Des'reeYou Gotta Be

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ericahans Se alguém achar um arranjo mais bonito do que esse NO MUNDO, me avisa.

Mandy Moore feat. Jon Foreman- Someday We'll Know

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Roberto11 Meat Puppets – White Sport Coat
whatevertunes Yeah...still a few props in LOL @lostndanet: "see... even though you were gone Muah! @whatevertunes: "YW! @me TY 4 being top prop givers" (reblip)
avivajazz Chet Baker – Window by the Sea
whatevertunes TY RB! @Oculuris: "@whatevertunes: "LOL OOPs 4U @p_conn: "That's my line... ;) @whatevertunes: "Sophie B. Hawkins – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover"""" (reblip)
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