RealtorLefebvre It's a good ole fashioned gangsta-grass Ho-down. As in "G's up, Ho's down, yo." (I think I just coined the term 'gangsta-grass'...heard it here 1st)
Heike Mobley:

03 Didn\'t Get It

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ndbob I gotta get back to work, so I'll let you go.
hobbster Mama tried to wash their faces, but these kids they lost their graces, and daddy lost at the races too many times.
elizs she has a new album coming out this year!
SoundSystemSDC had me doing ridiculous 'chair dance' at work... (reblip)
DJRodneyKing Boogie On Reggae Woman to @gitargirl! Love it ... Para @santamistura tb, que eu sei que gosta! SENSACIONAL! @Diordan
joabsilva ... i dont know what's happened to me everywhere i look is a dead end street ...
DJRodneyKing A muito tempo eu vivi calado mas agora resolvi falar, toda verdade tem que ser falada e com vc nao posso mais ficar, não vou ficar não !!
maurilao @RonaldoGino fiz um up de umas do Virna já faz um tempo. Saca só.

Virna LisiSua Cara

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jonnyskov Gotten my fill of this song? Not yet!
augieray My favorite Vienna Teng song--quiet, intimate, and lovely: Blue Caravan.
yoyomama just came across them. nice.

CastanetsAs You Do

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DearPrudns I hope the people in the crowd will understand!!
ndbob Another Pynchon reference in this cover of Warren Zevon.
maurilao so, do you like it rough?

GomezRuff Stuff

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joabsilva ... it was the fault of the government ...

The FallJerusalem

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elizs thanks to all my listeners! Have a great day.
MrThompsonR Any Major Dude Will Tell You – Steely Dan
christinamcc I think I've forgotten her now
Figgywithit Who the hell added this acoustic version? THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!!
melvinkee one of my top 20 modern singer songwriters
Gaspar Essa é pra garantir um dia sem stress.
christinamcc there's blood in my mouth 'cause I've been biting my tongue all week (reblip)
Figgywithit @rkmonkey From his Tumbleweed tracks CD. Last one for now.
purplesime @ShyTrbleMaker I'm too much of a nice guy and if I could I'd follow everyone. Except those Blippin' absolute shite! You're very safe though ;)
yoyomama So much to look forward to on Jan 20!
jonnyskov and of course, the obligatory, awkwardly placed love scene
eliott_is_dead @minmae grenade nnca iria rolar...foda, mas mto desconhecido. tem outras coisas q considero mto+toleráveis... mas loser e vanguarg é putaria

Pato FuPinga

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Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember

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ndbob Open, open, open up your skull-cap/And let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, let it drain

Lucas - Lucas With The Lid Off

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yoyomama whatever you have to do to keep your feathers clean.
CleberFacchi Merda ¬¬ vão tocar em Curitiba e eu não vou ¬¬ maldito Just a fest...
ElCoru So many concerts and he is still the best
ndbob Congratulations @RamblinMan on 200+ props!
nerdybirdie it ain't no use in turnin on your light babe -HANDS DOWN FAVORITE DYLAN SONG!
Jerronimo Time for bed

12 - MICAH P. HINSON & T.G.O.P. - Caught In Between

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colocoowl we have got to take cover

The OrganBrother

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DownLow Here is another one from Kerli, enjoy! @cramthisinyourear

KerliLove Is Dead

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TheUnwelcomeGuest Best single from an Irish artist in many a year...
colocoowl ich hätte gerne ein musikschulung;-) @buchmamsell

CapercaillieM Ionam

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colocoowl when the fancy meets the phrase
colocoowl four beats from the parting lungs and mind ...
dymphie ~ I can live with all the stupid things you do. ~
Figgywithit Bukowski's book Women is a must-read (reblip)
santamistura (out control) i loveeeeeeeeeeee this blip @SevenTenths thanks (reblip)

02 - Fire Shots

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Charlie_O 09 looks like a rough year comin'. Could be all downhill from here.
evablue should stop talking to my coffee (reblipping) @ooopsydaisy (reblip)
purplesime Another band from Glasgow. Their 2008 album is too good to miss, so give it a listen.
purplesime If you don't own the 2008 full-length album, Shallow Grave, then make it a must-buy in 2009. Like now, I'd suggest.
SoundSystemSDC west purple showers bells and tea!
HappyInBag Forget the Hokey Pokey- THIS is what it's all about!
skeptict favorite lonely unrequited love/longing song - "she feeds him mashed potatoes, but does she ever whisper in his ear all her favorite fruit?"
HappyInBag What would you call this? French folk? Cabaret? It certainly has a lot of soul. (reblip)
actualal THE beautiful voice of Gillian Welsch
HappyInBag @yohanp frequently features this Hungarian group. It's remarkable how well this song meshes with my Saturday morning bluegrass Blips. (reblip)

Besh o droMFidóé

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SoundSystemSDC Happy New Year, all'o'y'all!

Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

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HappyInBag My New Year's resolution is a simple one- more accordion! (reblip)
purplesime Thanks @Aluciel - this is a great, great band. Hope you feel more awake soon, too :) (reblip)
HappyInBag Have you heard Ledisi? What a voice!
purplesime Everyone thought he was mad with this collaboration, but hindsight proves it genius.
Elagabalus Terrapin - Oh baby my hair's on end about you

Syd BarrettTerrapin

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tintinabulation behind my smile it shakes my teeth

PixiesI Bleed

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DownLow @abarbosa @by_starla @cosita @NicoleL, a hearty hello to all of you. I'm taking it easy before I head outside. :)
HappyInBag I reveal my music blogger crush on Lawrence, Kansas, band Transmittens here:
jonnyskov Good morning blip nation. Easter vacation was far too short.


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you999 Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret - No Regrets
mattgunn And then in dreams I wander free.
Flower Hoy ando con algunos antojos musicales


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purplesime ... Hi, you've reached God. I'm not here right now, but if you leave a message after the tone... (reblip)

The DodosGod?

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cdub to the best blip'rs out there - and the 'virtual' friends that help make life one inch closer to civilized - blip hard - and hear you on the flip side
purplesime Brilliant stuff. Secret gig (or not so secret) in Glasgow on 4th April (that's Saturday) at the Halt Bar. If you go, let me know how it was.
DJRodneyKing @TassiResende hahahahaha Verdade, já que é assim ... The Morning Sun de presente pra vc! hahaha
higeman Wilco - 100 Years From Now

1-18 100 Years From Now (Gram Parson

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HappyInBag This Kansas City band must be wondering why their song isn't topping the charts. RIYL: Flaming Lips, Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens.
Cptstubing Nina Persson and Nicolai Dunger. It's Schlager! Thats the german name for this and I don't know a fitting english word. But I like it anyway.
cdub for those of you - who like myself - love neil young - these guys have definitely listened to harvest a time or two
cdub @daretoeatapeach - your kind words walk miles


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yoyomama Today I got a picture with Will Oldham. No joke. He played at a local music store this morning, and I met him afterwards!
jonnyskov oh yeah, forgot about these guys ;)

Wye OakObituary

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PrettyAsAPosie like a restless dream would sound
hajoni if your neighbors are not deaf, you could try this Fugazi cover... it's just a little bit quieter than the original ;)
hajoni Chicago Transit – I'm A Man
Seriouslysus I love this song...thanks to equinda for the discovery :) Rains in London, I don't fancy facing it! (reblip)
DJPatrickDuffy @murda bob nanna, ben nichols, matt skiba, dan adriano, john samson, chuck ragan, blake schwarzenbach, and Chris Wollard. my favorite lyricists.
avivajazz Indianna Hale // Passing Through /// This is incredible...but unable to find more on Thanks! @PortoFranco: "Thanks @avivamagnolia" (reblip)
DJPatrickDuffy heres to all you "eclectics" who enjoy Tom Waits style vocals!
you999 広重氏おすすめなので聴いてみた  Stina Nordenstam - Little Star

Ruarri Joseph : Hope For Grey Trousers

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cdub @loriiseclectic - lou's touring with sarah this summer - can't wait to see them
wayoutosphere A lot of talk about the "end of the world" w. regard to this l-o-v-e business... : Sam Roberts – Love At The End Of The World
purplesime Listening to the new Lightspeed Champion record. Liking what I hear so far.
purplesime I have to say, the new Seabear album is awesome. This isn't from it, though, but will give you a flavour.
scound [The Album Leaf – Eastern Glow]
Cptstubing saw him in concert last weekend. its been pretty strange.

Raz OharaReality

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scound rb vi@aproxy: ""Being The Bomb is her birthright." hmmm.. could this song be about me? LOL! Tremendous Dynamite - Eels (the whole song this time :)" (reblip)
jonnyskov I need to get out. Of here. Plz. thx.
cdub sorry - have to blip this again - booker t with the drive-by truckers and NEIL FRICKIN' YOUNG - such an incredible record "potato hole"

Native New Yorker

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cdub rb @hallelujahboy - i'm totally digging your blips my friend - keep them coming and let the people hear the good stuff - y'all should check him out (reblip)
elizs This amazing guitarist hailed from (and is buried in) my mom's hometown.
Mudskipper I have so many favorite E.S. songs - this is one of them.
cdub vi@catalyze: "I remember throwing out all of your things, but I think I kept my ring" - lovely (reblip)
TimMiller A happy little diddy from a new fave band... Thanks @ctroncoso for the rec.
cdub i'm really enjoying the balky mule - indie electric folk - very good
CleberFacchi Na torcida pela vaga da minha irmã!!!

MoptopUma Chance

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schizophonic @abarbosa acaba de conseguir fazer eu lembrar de uma FITA, veeelha a não poder, que minha mãe ouvia quando eu era menos que um projeto de gente.
purplesime Hustle that river. Not, not that one, the red one.
purplesime @jojofm They have some other neat songs too, although I hadn't heard the cover, so thanks & props for re-Blippin' :D
you999 The Way I Walk - Jack Scott
Diordan Gaza will rise again! just like the Phoenix! Just need your donation Blipsters! help gaza's children!
Diordan Please Donate blipsters! with very little money you can make MUCH difference in Many lives!


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Figgywithit Bluest sky you'll ever see in L.A. Incredible day! (reblip)
Figgywithit Of the 4000 songs I've blipped, this is one of my favorites... @rkmonkey
novalis Raki - Mtukudzi, Oliver
jonnyskov call me a sap, this song melts my heart every time...
purplesime I did say that the Zero 7 track makes me think of Mark Lanegan, so here's some from the new Soulsavers long player.


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mian it's not the changes but the s p a c e s in between.
yoyomama 1 cup sugar~cream w/ butter until fluffy.
davidwatts1978 very sad news John Martyn died today RIP, got to listen again, really tragic (reblip)
eliott_is_dead hahaha.. eu tbm, @stay_loose. pronto, passou. vamo comer quindim, dar o dedinho e fazer as pazes =)
Gaspar Faz total sentido, @eliott_is_dead, e você sabe disso. E a Regina Spektor, que é ruiva E russa? Não tem como não gostar.
laga parece moderno, gosta de cinema, ponto e vive cheio de manias.
jonnyskov "I feel safe in the darkness"


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dymphie hi @M_E i like this one also


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Margot Con l'ultimo colpo bucolico (altrimenti non potevo essere io) vi saluto.
jonnyskov some songs always put me in a good mood
cdub "even if we both know - you are goin' straight to hell" - americana from across the pond
hobbster If you want to hear someone who sounds JUST like Elliot Smith.
SurpriseTruck This is good enough. By quite a long way.
cdub love this take off ward's new record

M. WardRave On

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cdub to @SlipperyDistortion - these guys are my new anodyne (and i don't mean an uncle tupelo record - but i guess it still fits)
HappyInBag Are you driving me to Lawrence to see W.E.W. tonight, @LockerPartner?
purplesime Right, last one for a while from me. Got to eat, got stuff to do, etc. Back in a few hours, I hope, if only to give out props at random!

CalifoneThe Orchids

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cdub @RadioFreeIllinois - i thought this had your name written all over it when i heard it this morning
Figgywithit Hard to believe a mere mortal wrote a song such as this...
headphone There's a whisper I would like to breathe Into your ear But I'm too scared To get that close To you right now
hajoni Ja, ja. Das Leben... ;) "your head feels twice the size "Et jitt kei größer Leid, als wat der Minsch sich selvs andät..
yoyomama @loriiseclectic I'm just glad you're the one that got away. : )
headphone Baby, crossed an ocean just to see what she could see
purplesime Been away, working hard. Missed you loads! Back for a short while, loving the site redesign and this track. More to come.
hobbster Mrs. Bo Peep, please tell the children we did the best we could.
milkfish Falling falling falling!
milkfish Then there's this, as well. Well how many guitar licks can there be in existence, really?
Diordan DJ preview got into my "Eddie" session... You are always welcome @GR8FL How are you?

SpoonEddie's Ragga

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2shy2shoot sieht die Schneeflocken fallen #neverending "your flat is empty - and your heart is too" (reblip)
cdub this version will make you question authorship - townes was born to sing this song
liamvickery Where We Gonna Go From Here – Mat Kearney | Nice acoustic song (Thanks @wwmello ) (reblip)
milkfish Maybe. But we're supposed to get snow flurries later on today.
CherryGhost @SevenTenths love them. my friend used to stalk Rhett in high school

Old 97'sOppenheimer

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jocax nice guy this sondre lerche...
yoyomama ok. that's it. really. I'm blippin' sleepy; checking out.
yoyomama well, eff it. I can't wait ti-ill 12:59.
julimello Money can't buy back your youth when you're old, or a friend when you're lonely .. or a love that's grown cold
yoyomama using scissors is the one thing I do right-handed, in case you were wondering.
7zZ Re: 口笛、超有名曲。エリック・アイドルだー!(今日はモンティ・パイソン・デー)
Gaspar @dudufraga então vão ter duas deles! Separei Swinga Sambaby pra tocar entre "vendedor de bananas" d'Os Incríveis e e Mosquito do João Donato
perrymilo nothing else will fit right, or seem so directly applied
NyQuilDriver I'll bet your friends all hate me now, I get the strangest looks from that bitchy crowd.
purplesime Otis takes up the O position in today's Blip medley.
DJRodneyKing "You better hope you're not alone...You better hope you're not alone..."

Jack JohnsonHope

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kuromimi "I'm A Fool to Want You" 壮絶なタイトルだなぁ・・・いかす!
kuromimi シャンパンなんかじゃときめかない。お酒なんかじゃワクワクしない。なのにどうして君のことを考えるとこん
Gaspar Agora que minha internet voltou ao normal, continuo a sessão de "músicas de bem com a vida".
yoyomama best of beck...imo.


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purplesime Time to get a little Nina on the Blip machine.
indyish what a great voice! hello and thanks and rereblip @klitoria @derhatnerven (reblip)

Micky GreenOh!

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jocax B. Box full of letters ~ Wilco.
ZachsMind Tho it'd be hard to prove this woman was the first to combine folk music with electronica, I could argue she's the first to get it right.
skeptict "Heavy hung the canopy of blue Shade my eyes and I can see you" I love this song - "Many is the bond between the hopeful and the damned"
skeptict I'd rather see you dead, little BOY, than to be with another GIRL
skeptict None o' my women have tears in their eyes You can ask 'em about me I swear
liltree does it matter that what i remember might be just my own imagination painting scenes more pretty?

Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died

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Jerronimo If you've never heard of Jackson C Frank check out his amazing story
purplesime @mmemaledicta This is an amazing Siouxsie song IMHO. I'm also a huge fan, seen her loads. Still going strong!
mian well, it takes one to know one, kid, i think you've got it bad.

Bright EyesLua

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Gaspar Engraçado. Quando eu tava estressado e fudido de trabalho eu blipava mais que agora, que tá tudo lindo. O Blip é uma terapia mesmo...
mian you gotta fight! for your right! to paaaaaaaaaaarty! </3ºcolegial>
mian and i walked away from everything that's good.
LakeBass @warhorus This may have been a better sleepy time Smiths choice my friend!
LakeBass Get the F@#K off the couch!


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julimello pois é @tommymolto ... e eu escutei muito Jeff Buckley esse fim de semana, pois baixei o cd ... bem bom :P (reblip)
yoyomama I don't need to take no trip to outer space.
yoyomama I'm starting a new religion based on the teachings of this JC.
DearPrudns anyone who ever had a heart wouldn't turn around and break it.
Gaspar "I may not know / How to treat or give you what you need / But I am a gentleman who says what he means now"
Heike Jetzt wird's ein wenig verwirrend... (reblip)
pipercarter man oh man goodie mob outkast what great memories

Caetano Veloso - Jokerman

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NyQuilDriver This song samples my last blip. Gotta love nerdcore. Who else would sample the Muppets?
kuromimi これはウクレレかな?綺麗な響き。
novalis All Tomorrow's Parties - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
yoyomama okay, this is rated R. and awesome.


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purplesime Not sure this is really classed as a cover version but @jojofm your Blip made me think of it. Now, take a lungful and hold... :)
yoyomama I love when I find things I wasn't looking for and I've never heard. Sweet.
yoyomama haha. but I wouldn't denounce the gay messiah