lostndanet Don't know what happened the other time.... I'll try again. @x1123581321x


| play
lostndanet Sunday Morning... just for you.

Cafe TacvbaEres

| play
lostndanet Smut theme?

Avril lavine-Hot

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lostndanet this is my ALL TIME fave Christmas song EVER!!!!!
CocoLand Hey Dean, I think you'll appreciate this soundtrack?!?!? @lostndanet

Supernatural soundtrack kansas carry on my wayward son

| play
lostndanet "Two princes" – Spin Doctors
lostndanet Not Meant To Be By Theory Of A Deadman Lyrics Video

Not Meant To Be By Theory Of A Deadman Lyrics Video

| play
lostndanet @lostndanet: "@lostndanet: "Let's look at 2010 with hope.... and hold on to the hope with your life." for @sa_raine" (reblip)
lostndanet Sometimes a So What attitude is also good! *winks* @sa_raine

P!nkSo What

| play
lostndanet I think this one is list worthy... what do you think? @sa_raine

Hilary DuffFly

| play
lostndanet For sa_raine playlist worthy?

Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway(CD Version)

| play
lostndanet Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten @sa_raine what about this one?
lostndanet @sa_raine whatcha think of this one? Avril Lavigne – Keep Holding On
lostndanet P!nk – Get The Party Started
lostndanet For @heatherbabes my good girl that sometimes goes bad. LOL
lostndanet Cascada – Evacuate the dancefloor
lostndanet Mercy on me- Christina Aguilera( Lyrics )

Mercy on me- Christina Aguilera( Lyrics )

| play
lostndanet @sa_raine Christina is a good source *winks* Try this one! P.Diddy Ft. Christina Aguilera – Tell Me
lostndanet I cannot believe I forgot this one! *facepalm* @sa_raine
lostndanet @sa_raine Cobra Starship – Hot Mess [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
lostndanet Gorillaz-19-2000 Soul Child Remix

Gorillaz: 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

| play
lostndanet Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice
lostndanet my dear friends.... I need to work... so something for you all to enjoy! Ciao!

Maroon 5This Love

| play
lostndanet To all my Latin listeners! MATADOR!!!!!!!!!!

los fabulosos cadillacs=matador

| play
lostndanet Welcome New Listener hope you like! @EfromEB

going underevanesence

| play
lostndanet @Tazoulini: @SNfloggile @TeamPadalecki @krissy7490 @AmyinSydney @lostndanet @kayceebee @ZimTheHomicidal @MmmSamm @miharak ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ♥ (reblip)
lostndanet To all my followers have an AWESOME 2010! Be safe and here is to many more fun memories. *hugs* to you all! (reblip)
lostndanet Gorillaz Demon Days: Feel Good Inc. (reblip)

Gorillaz Demon Days: Feel Good Inc.

| play
lostndanet TY you made my evening! @may_esq: "i felt like hearing jensen's voice this morning..." (reblip)
lostndanet Elliott Yamin – Wait For You
lostndanet Ricky Martin – Living la vida loca
lostndanet Welcome new listeners hope you enjoy The All-American Rejects – It Ends Tonight @mariaduarte @neitzen
lostndanet para mi hombre lobo @gmorataya estar contigo es una tortura muy agradable XD Shakira;Artista Invitado Alejandro Sanz – La Tortura
lostndanet Oh hell yes! Thanks! *grins* @Kiltweaver: "@lostndanet here is the love for you my dear" (reblip)
lostndanet Again thank you... ;) @roadtown79: "@lostndanet I owed you a song, Thanks for making the Saints win! LOL Daughtry "What About Now"" (reblip)
lostndanet REM – Everybody hurts (with lyrics)
ahsan 4 @lostndanet :) Tied up in ancient history I didnt believe in destiny I look up u r standing next to me What a feeling Let the rain fall,i don care
ahsan sun's on my side, Wave me 4 a ride I smile up to the sky, @lostndanet gota pocket full of sunshine I've got a love & I know that its all mine" (reblip)
ahsan I can say I've never bought u flowers I cant work out what they mean I never thought that Id love some1 That was some1 else's dream u give me somethin
ahsan We should be happy that's what I said from the start I am so happy knowing you are the one That I want for the rest of my days For the rest of my day

NeverShoutNever! Happy

| play
ahsan @lostndanet you know already something coming on ur way ;) dont yaa? Show me how u do that trick The 1 that makes me scream, 1 that makes me laugh :)
ahsan this's most saddest song i have ever heard & sounds so good to my ears somehow- am i weird? question from a happy kid :)

HopeWho am I to say

| play
ahsan Haven't had a dream in a long time See the life I've had Could make a good man turn bad So for once in my life Let me get what I want (reblip)
lostndanet Here is a song for all my listeners and followers... hope you enjoy it. Take care! =) Lifehouse – Halfway Gone

LifehouseHalfway Gone

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lostndanet Wow! So fitting. =) TYVM RB Luv @oneandonlyDean2: Even though I know the end, I'd do it all again, 'cause I got a lifetime in while you loved me... (reblip)

Rascal Flatts-While You Loved Me

| play
lostndanet If you decide to speak if no one is left standing after the bombs explode if no one wants to look at you for what you really are I will be here still.
ahsan Hands down I'm too proud, for love But w/ eyes shut It's u I'm thinking of A little bit in love w/ u But only if u r little bit In lalala @lostndanet (reblip)
ahsan 4 @lostndaet m not the girl who will chase u-I don need a Pepe Le Peu But if it's a good time u're after, Then there's plenty of things we can do :P (reblip)
lostndanet I love your music you are such an awesome DJ! @Bubbly3 Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you like this one... it's a fave of mine. =)
lostndanet Aww! TYVM Luv it! @roadtown79: ""All around the world" ~oasis~ Special #FF to my shark whisperer @lostndanet also Businness Rep lmao" (reblip)

Oasis All Around The World

| play
lostndanet My night owl went to bed :( @muso goodnight to you... pleasent dreams... hope to hear from you again. *hugs* Ciao! (reblip)
lostndanet "Drags me kicking and screaming through fast dreams You're the only one who Knows exactly what I mean you're the only one who knows how to handle me" (reblip)
djLop Buenas dias@sylvia638: " ayer tanta prisa y al final 3h de retraso!! (reblip)
lostndanet Love it! *twirls in circles* @irfung: "inspired by @lostndanet thank you, as always." (reblip)

The VerveSonnet

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lostndanet Okay my lovely Twitter and Blip friends... much love to you all but it is sadly time for me to go home... take care! (reblip)

SemisonicClosing Time

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lostndanet Hello! I love it too, it caught my attention new to me! @djmarisstar: "I LOVE SAY HI lostndanet: "RB @LeeTonSao: "Reblipping @moxydizzle""" (reblip)
lostndanet Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love
lostndanet Is this one too out there? Not for everyone... Angel Taylor - Like You Do @Dragon2Hawk
lostndanet beautiful blip @muso """"Promise of a Lifetime"""""" (reblip)
BunnyHoney Love it!!@digitpt: "@ANOUK4US: "Don't miss the video" awesome special effects. - Katie Melua – I Cried for you" (reblip)
oldblindog Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody - Are we there yet
lostndanet Love them! thanks! @irfung: "very nice... thank you! rb@RadioFreeIllinois: "unforgetful you....#nowplaying tx@irfung"" (reblip)
lostndanet Katie Melua – Just like heaven
lostndanet Good luck... looks like you are going for the marathon badge! Have a blast doing so let me know if you succeed! =) @muso (reblip)

Joshua RadinCloser

| play
lostndanet And up until now I had sworn to myself I was content with loneliness.... you are the only exception
77ozzie - do you see the truth,,,I see your troubled eyes...and if you want to talk about it anymore...lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder... (reblip)
SoonerShankle Muse: Dark Shines. thx for listening @lostndanet!

MuseDark Shines

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lostndanet Good song choice @muso: "nice choice!! TY! :) @tausha0418: "RB@Santosbaby: ""I want to get lost in you" I'm nothing without you""" (reblip)
lostndanet YVW =) @Awannabeangel: "ty hugs !@ladypn: "I will never forget your healing hands my love...@aquaflush@lostndanet @Ruffiansea@" (reblip)
Lucterna Blip this song a lot, I know, but it's my current #SPN mood/theme... Plus, love this version. Bedlight for Blue Eyes - "Jumper"
ahsan They say every man goes blind in his heart & everybody steals somebody's heart away I've been wondering why u let me down I'll take it for granted (reblip)
lostndanet Champagne Supernova – Oasis (reblip)
lostndanet Nice! Never heard it before so THANK YOU!!!! @Chow322: "@lostndanet" (reblip)

Shaman's Harvest "Dragonfly" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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lostndanet Hello and Thank you! =) @sribler: "hello and welcome.....@lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Hello my friend! @iMickeyD: "Hi bb! nice to see ya:) @MissLalala: "Real love...Where???" right here! On Blip.FM lmao" (reblip)
Angelitos55 thanks @lostndanet: "I love her voice.... very haunting and beautiful @mamamiaellen" (reblip)

Amy LeeYou

| play
lostndanet Love them! @just44: "be safe rb@dirtylittlesecret: "yay...under tornado watch! :/"" (reblip)


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lostndanet Love them! @MirskuK: "'Has no one told you she's not breathing?' ~ Hello – Evanescence" (reblip)
lostndanet OMG! Hace tiempo que no escuchaba esta cancion! @nicaprincess: "rb @HermannSantiago: ";D" Manu Chao - Me Gusta Tu" (reblip)
lostndanet Woot! @fun4lilli: "thank goodness I didn't schedule a tee time for golf tomorrow morning. I didn't plan to stay so late in blip rb@JanetSEyre (reblip)

Iggy Pop - Never Met A Girl Like You Before

| play
lostndanet whatever you do... Don't Look Back in Anger (reblip)
lostndanet RB "You’re the only voice my heart can recognize,and I belong to you. I just can’t walk away ‘cause after loving you. I can never be the same" (reblip)
lostndanet Feeling this one TY @Santosbaby: "I need u now!! When I'm here without you. The world don't mean anything. Show me I am the one" (reblip)

DefaultShow Me

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lostndanet Bad boy @DJMcMe: "Yes you did! Now come here and take your punishment! :) xx @KimberWitch Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" (reblip)
lostndanet okay I need to get away.... but I leave with ~*~ Only Hope ~*~

Mandy MooreOnly Hope

| play
lostndanet beautiful, thank you @muso: "In Love with this song!! I hope you like @lostndanet" (reblip)

Brandon Flowers-Crossfire

| play
lostndanet I agree! two of my fave peeps =) @roadtown79: "nice tune babe @PuddiN_Jayhsuga: ";) Saving Abel- The Sex is good"" (reblip)

Saving Abel- Sex is good

| play
lostndanet OOP4u clearly... love this one, thanks! @sribler: "hey lostndanet...I'm lost for words...thanks for the props...for you this one...@lostndanet" (reblip)

Radical Face 'Welcome Home'

| play
lostndanet Metric – Eclipse (All Yours)
lostndanet Easy RB @JAThompson: "@lostndanet: "Nice to meet you too =) @goodlife: "you're so very welcomed... nice to meet you. @babybeluga""""" (reblip)
lostndanet great song! @creativejt: "Out your seats.....(clap, clap, clap)" (reblip)
lostndanet Great song selection ;) @lukesharp: "i totally agree with you @lostndanet" (reblip)

EelsFresh Feeling

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lostndanet I agree =) @ChristianToYou: "Ok, I lied. This one was too good to not reblip." (reblip)
lostndanet Band Of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You

Breaking Point Goodbye To You

| play
lostndanet Aun no lo puedo creer... tan talentoso gracias por este blip! @LuvGunn: "Yo no se que sucedio, nunca supe la verdad @lostndanet" (reblip)

alex syntek-intocable

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lostndanet Easy RB @MirskuK: "'The situation got out of hand.. I hope you understand.. Cause I made a stupid mistake.'" (reblip)

Remy Zero Save Me Live

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lostndanet Hello Nick! Had a very busy weekend, clearly my vacation ended. But was great I hope you had a FUNtastic one too! =) @DJNickPapag (reblip)

filtertake a picture

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lostndanet Had to RB this one @RedwoodSon: "♫♫ Good Times♫♫♫ Tommy Lee. ha ha ha @lostndanet" (reblip)

Tommy LeeGood Times

| play
RedwoodSon Told U ♫♥¸¸.•*¨*♥¸¸.•*¨*♥¸¸.♫ @lostndanet: "An RB Must! @RedwoodSon: "Great song! Forever....... John Michael Montgomery @lostndanet"" (reblip)


| play
RedwoodSon Good one. Props to you. S/A** @lostndanet: "ELECTRIFY!!!!!!!!!!! ;) @RedwoodSon" (reblip)

mute mathelectrify

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lostndanet *hugs* Thanks! You do the same =) @DJNickPapag: "have an awesome day!! @lostndanet!!" (reblip)

LiveTurn My Head

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lostndanet This one is probably my fave of yours at the moment... I haven't heard all of your music... but this one love it! @RedwoodSon (reblip)

"Way Down" J*Malem ~ Redwood Son

| play
lostndanet I loved it! Going to my faves. Thank you. @DJNickPapag: "check this out. @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet STP RB!! @ShedMySkin: "@DoctaMike: "RB @TheNyx_: Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song"" (reblip)
lostndanet needed to hear this one TY @detroitfan: "@DJ_EstherSterre: "@Alvaroxx: "Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow...""" (reblip)
lostndanet MANDATORY RB!!!! @muso: "I hope you also like this one! :D @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet love how it starts and then rocks out! Nice blip Eric ;) @muso: Love this!! I hope you will also like this fantastic song!!! @lostndanet" (reblip)

Angels And Airwaves The Flight Of Apollo [LYRICS]

| play
lostndanet What a great song... love her voice and melody. Thank u so much New music =)) @avarocks: "Have you heard this? @lostndanet @FinnishWinkler" (reblip)
lostndanet beautiful @muso: "Especially for @lostndanet: Christoph von Freydorf – My Heart Burns (Demo)" (reblip)
sribler hey faithful musicgirlfriend...how are you?...@lostndanet
lostndanet RB @apm35: @nbztunes i miss you...so much...couldn't quit crying on the way home from work tonight..stupid, stupid me...there must be something wrong (reblip)
lostndanet Limp Bizkit – Nookie

Limp BizkitNookie

| play
lostndanet Bon Iver feat. St. Vincent – Roslyn
lostndanet The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell (reblip)

Simple Minds Alive and Kicking.

| play
lostndanet You too! =)) @Gr8tune: "Yes :) I wish you three a gr8 weekend and a gr8 week to come! :)@n4t @DJNickPapag @lostndanet "Wonders - That Thing You Do"" (reblip)
lostndanet my night is complete gracias! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ;) @sribler: "before I forget.....salute@lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Moby Temptation

Moby Temptation

| play
lostndanet Lifehouse – Mesmerized


| play
lostndanet RB @fun4lilli: "OMG!!! never! *mesoembarrassed* "@ducks2007: "so sex dwarf makes us think of @fun4lilli ? sorry, @PenelopeVintage @4Sins"" (reblip)

Freak On A LeashKoRn

| play
lostndanet Miss you babe! @roadtown79: "Dashboard Confessional "Vindicated" :)" (reblip)
lostndanet Nice... I love it! @creativejt: "@lostndanet I didn't change me mind, I gave time to see it (wink)" (reblip)
lostndanet Thank you was looking for this one earlier @storylet: "Losing Grip – Avril Lavigne" (reblip)
lostndanet I can never find this song when I want to blip it so thanks! @muso (reblip)
lostndanet Oh yes! I like it very much! Many thanks! @Vaaluy: "@lostndanet - Hey thanks!! Here's another "Luna"...Hope u like it! All the best!" (reblip)


| play
lostndanet sweet putting it in my faves! Thanks! @DJMcMe: "Try these guys! Chad from NB is their producer/promoter @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet very sensual beat ;) @DJNickPapag: "this is kinda hot!! @lostndanet" (reblip)

Jose Padilla-bosaxi

| play
lostndanet rb @DJNickPapag: "standby honey!! I go u!! @avarocks: "@DJNickPapag I am telling #myman yes tonight! got any songs for a girl IN LOVE and saying YES?" (reblip)


| play
lostndanet Thanks for the RB ;) @imcfdean: "~3 Doors Down - So I Need You~" (reblip)

11 - So I Need You

| play
lostndanet ~*~ I miss everything about you can't believe that I still want you, after all the things we've been through -- I Never Told You ~*~
Miss_Jayhsuga This is one of my faves from the soundtrack! @lostndanet All Time Low – Painting Flowers
lostndanet They have artist I know! Woot! @PuddiN_Jayhsuga: "This one is a pretty song :) @lostndanet The Poison" All American Rejects (Almost Alice)" (reblip)

02 "The Poison" All American Rejects (Almost Alice)

| play
lostndanet Great! Relaxation time ;) @Angie74: "So far so good girl, how 'bout yours? @lostndanet: "Hi Angie! Hope your weekend rocks! =) @Angie74: "Sammich :)" (reblip)
lostndanet love your blips girl! you rock! @PuddiN_Jayhsuga: "Breathe Carolina – The Birds And The Bees" (reblip)
lostndanet *group hugs* @PuddiN_Jayhsuga: "*Big Hugs* Hi Hunny! Missed You! Im sure @roadtown79 does too :):) @lostndanet Kris Allen- Can't Stay Away" (reblip)

Kris Allen- Can't Stay Away

| play
lostndanet ~*~ Emigrate – Babe ~*~ (reblip)


| play
lostndanet Hello! How are you? Missed you! @sribler: "hello@lostndanet ...Nothing Ever Happens...." (reblip)
lostndanet Love it babe! @roadtown79: ""Everything Changes" by ~Staind~ random to @lostndanet @PuddiN_Jayhsuga" (reblip)
lostndanet Nice song! @ChristianToYou: "I'm an addict. I just don't think I could ever quit you." (reblip)
lostndanet Easy RB! Hello to you ;) @sribler: "Finger Eleven" (reblip)
lostndanet my ultimate fave song! ~*~ A Case of You ~*~
lostndanet thanks for this one @Mumbling_Genius: "I will race you to the water's side." (reblip)
lostndanet MUSE – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
lostndanet Loving this song! ~*~ Cee Lo Green - What Part of of Forever ~*~
lostndanet It's an awesome song! TY =) @countcharlesprober: "@lostndanet thanks for turning my ears this way" (reblip)
DJNickPapag love this band! ty for the re!! @Dj_Edurock: "Anberlin – Breaking" (reblip)


| play
ladypn This is a great one! Thx & rb@maurilao: "@ladypn the singalong is always a hit in some parties" (reblip)
lostndanet Yes! @fun4lilli: "ooh, then pledge our 'lil sorority 'A☿ "@GeeOh: "i never said i was nice ;) @fun4lilli oh GEE ur tough! (reblip)
DDPlay Thx Will, love this one! @TropicsZ4: "Hi Donna, sweet song :) RB ! @donnadontplay: "~ DM - Crash Into Me ~"" (reblip)
lostndanet but these foolish games... are tearing me apart... and your.... thoughtless words are breaking my heart.... breaking my heart.... FOOLISH GAMES

JewelFoolish Games

| play

Paula Cole-Where have all the cowboys gone

| play
lostndanet Hadn't heard this song... I enjoyed it a lot... thanks babe! @DJNickPapag: "a really close friend turned me on to this song!! @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Saliva – Always


| play
lostndanet It is beautiful =) @muso: "Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane I hope you like!! :D @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Yes! It is! TYSM! @Djfunkysounds: "Another great JOC tune. @lostndanet" (reblip)

This RoadJars of Clay

| play
lostndanet Placebo – Peeping Tom

PlaceboPeeping Tom

| play
lostndanet really? ;) @LuvGunn: "I remember running thru the wet grass, falling a step behind" (reblip)
lostndanet ~ I wanna Kiss You All Over ~

Exile I Wanna Kiss You All Over

| play
lostndanet I totally remember this song... it's been a while... thanks I forgot how much I enjoyed it =) @DJNickPapag: "@lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Who's the one that makes you happy?

TeslaWhat You Give

| play
lostndanet ~ Feelin' Way Too Damn Good ~

Nickelback Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

| play
lostndanet TY for the listen and RBs =) @lenaphrodite: "Nada Surf – Inside of Love" (reblip)
lostndanet TYSM! Great article too =) @macroshift: "@lostndanet Take me down... Take me out (in the positive sense of the saying ;-)" (reblip)
lostndanet ~ Pantera - Hollow ~


| play
lostndanet Weezer- Put Me Back Together via @P_Cog (reblip)

Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)

| play
lostndanet Hello my friends.... Can't Be Tamed
lostndanet Wow! I'm floored! How did I not know of this song? @DJNickPapag: "a band very important to me with another positive message!! @lostndanet" (reblip)

Underoath "Some WIll Seek Forgivness, others escape"

| play
lostndanet #RockEnEspanol Ohh the memories on this one... Tren Al Sur!


| play
lostndanet Great song! @01dela: "Jesus you dont miss the target and hit the wall. But you are right. Please accept my apologies. Try this and see what you think (reblip)
lostndanet ~ Papa Roach - Lifeline ~

Papa RoachLifeline

| play
lostndanet ~ Babe I Love You - styxx ~

babe i love youstyxx

| play
lostndanet Mandatory RB @DirtyUrine: "RB!! @katiemdesigns: "Stone Temple Pilots – Plush Official Video"" (reblip)
lostndanet ~ * ~ Fade into You ~ * ~
lostndanet Mandatory RB! @kirkill: "U2 - With Or Without You - "on a bed of nails she makes me wait"" (reblip)
lostndanet beautiful @macroshift: "thx @lostndanet: Liz Golden – Do You Remember Me" (reblip)

Liz Golden Do You Remember Me Official Music Video

| play
lostndanet Maybe I'm a dreamer, Maybe I'm misunderstood.... ~ Sick Puppies - Maybe ~
lostndanet Gasoline, saccharine / I got no reason for the state I'm in / But I know what I am / They know what they are / So let me be ~ I Know What I Am
lostndanet You say you wanted more What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you Come break me down ~ The Kill
lostndanet Ghost Of York – As Tall As Lions
lostndanet *swoons* I can hear this all day long... have to add it to my faves!!! TYSM =) @BattLady: "This is for @lostndanet ENJOY :)" (reblip)


| play
lostndanet This is a good song to exit... will make a note of it. Thanks! @macroshift: "Maria Mena – My Lullaby" (reblip)

Maria MenaMy Lullaby

| play
lostndanet Hinder – Better Than Me

HinderBetter Than Me

| play
lostndanet Loved it... was new to me TY =)) @MirskuK: "Hello! @lostndanet Like this one?" (reblip)
lostndanet RB must! @MirskuK: "'I think the hardest part of holding on is lettin go.'" (reblip)

P.O.D. Goodbye For Now Official Music Video

| play
lostndanet I love it! Just heard it. A fave now! @DJNickPapag: "I love this!! @me (reblip)


| play
lostndanet Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's alright because I love the way you lie
lostndanet You really do have great songs! gracias =) @01dela: "Hello and thanKs. i hope you like@lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet ~ you take me places I've never been... Dirty Little Thing ~

Adelitas Way-Dirty Little Thing Lyrics

| play
lostndanet I guess I just got ~ Lost ~ being someone else.... Let Me Be Myself
lostndanet ~ I can't live... with or without you ~
lostndanet Time for me to go... TY for the lovely time... bbl for now... leave you with ~ Love and Memories ~
PaintedDaisy ~Anya Marina • Move You~

Anya MarinaMove You

| play
lostndanet Love your blips! Gracias! @sribler: "salute and hello@lostndanet ...fine you here....Johnny Clarke with Time Will Tell" (reblip)
lostndanet Must RB!!! @GeeOh: "And I still freakin love it!! =D @naharuddin: "@GeeOh: "I fricken love this video clip!! - Paramore – Misery Business""" (reblip)
lostndanet Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day Official Video HD
lostndanet Yes! Why didn't it work for me? Thank you!!!! *spins in circles and crashes to the ground* Me so happy! @n4t: "this one? @me (reblip)
lostndanet Another gem! You're the best!!! @DJNickPapag: "@lostndanet" (reblip)

Tal Bachman- She's so High

| play
GimmeSomeJohn Moby Grape – Naked, If I Want To
redwingjohnny I remember the first time............
RACERJJJ ♫ Trapt – Echo (Official Video) (reblip)
lostndanet Another great find! Add him please ~~~~>@Time2Burn: "This is the same lead singer in this song from City and Colour @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet ~ Rev Theory – Light It Up ~

Rev TheoryLight It Up

| play
lostndanet boping my head to this awesome tune thanks! @Dj_Edurock: "The Fratellis – 13. Ole Black And Blue Eyes @lostndanet" (reblip)
SpinalTap Just a Dream~Nelly inspired by~~~~>@Tuneaholic...this is my style of dance music
lostndanet ~ Heartbreaker ~

Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin-Lyrics

| play
lostndanet ~ I get knocked down / But I get up again / You're never going to keep me down ~
lostndanet Love this song! TY @erwinc25: "every breath you take" (reblip)
lostndanet James Durbin – Higher Than Heaven
salanthony I'm not back, yet ...this is a figment of your imagination. @lostndanet: "@salriggione" (reblip)

No Light by 3rd Strike

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lostndanet Luv it! :D @MrGrandprix: "red ordinary world inspired by @lostndanet" (reblip)

red ordinary world with lyrics

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lostndanet Taste your lips and feel your skin... When the time comes, baby don’t run... Just kiss me slowly
lostndanet Molotov - Da Da Da

Molotov Da Da Da

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lostndanet I want to fly into this life... I think it be nice with... YOU!!! <3
lostndanet I have loved you for a thousand years, I love you a thousand more...
lostndanet May you win and stay humble, smile more than grumble... And know when you stumble, you're never alone
lostndanet And I can't find my way... God I need a change... And I do anything that just feel better

Santana Just feel better

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lostndanet You will totally be ready for it too \m/ @Jaxtraw12: "Hola Chica! ~ Gettin' #ZeppedUp for a show ~ @lostndanet" (reblip)
lostndanet Buenisima rola! No la conocia! Gracias princesa! :D @xxxAdryxxx: "when i's small i want to be just how i was" (reblip)

Phantogram "When I'm Small"

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