mizzle If I had my time again - I would do it all the same - and not change a single thing - even when I was to blame.
vagnerss Seu rosto em pedaços misturado com o que não sobrou.
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zandraliuser eu sei...sou cafona. mas amo a voz dele

Mauricio Manieri ( Primavera ao vivo )

| play
elliott425 Can you ever have too much Radiohead??? Probably, but not tonight. :)

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
ffluxx Jakatta – American Dream (Afterlife Mix) --- RB@djzz: "@LYRIC :) namaste" --- Namaste! : ) Beautiful! (reblip)
LSField I love this song with a passion. hahaha
DJMilly wish she still made music

Lauryn Hillto zion

| play
MusicIsMySunshine @vinbalow just looking at your list and see you have some Santigold - I love this remix!
Oz_Drummond "All the way from Tucson, Arizona" And sadly, tomorrow I fly home. Adios, Tucson. Like Arnold, I'll be back.
DJMilly hello to our northern neighbors!
mellomatic hey @marilovisky! damn, i'm always getting here as you're leaving. see ya later, hon! : )
foxyromaine "For somebody who don't drive, I've been all around. Some people say I've done alright for a girl" My first BF gave me a mix CD with this song. Cute.
joseke7 Sometimes I get so lonely, sometimes I get nowhere. I've lived all over the world, I've lived everyplace.

David Bowie Be my wife

| play
kool_kix You gotta be in the mood for this, otherwise it doesn't work.

The Pretenders perform "Brass in Pocket"

| play
markymarkmoher Easy pack it up man....lemme stop stallin
JUICYcreative I fly above you, yes I do...

Syd BarrettTerrapin

| play
melp she plays beautiful piano. love the video.

Regina Spektor- Eet (Official Music Video)

| play

stereophonics-maybe tomorrow

| play
tubilino well, here comes my time... be good! ;)
secretagentmama Yeah you know you'll always be waiting/ Always be waiting/ I say always be waiting/


| play
katarinax Attractive.

cigansko oro

| play
katarinax It is rusty,bitter tune.
secretagentmama I dont want to talk about it When I kiss your lips I want to sink down to the bottom Of the sea I want to love you madly

CakeLove You Madly

| play
Suzed my heart is really on it's knees, but I keep a poker face so well that even mother couldn't tell ...(dunno where the boys next door come into this)
LAwoman i really want to watch across the universe right now. pure amazingness there


| play
gogogoma This song feels perfect today... another song for winding down.
gitothethe ♪Never My Love - The Association - Insight Out - 1967
ShatteredGlass You wait a couple months then you gonna see. You'll never find nobody better than me.

Kanye WestHeartless

| play
Trunorth Oooh baby I loveeee your way. You get on my case keep me straight. So don't hesitate cause your love won't wait. Gonna be stuck with you every day.

The Ting Tings! Great DJ OFFICIAL VIDEO!!

| play
melp "i was drifted in between".. its cheesy, i know.. reminds me of trip to montreal in jan in middle of snow storm.. good base line, despite the chees.
DeeJayBlip When we have a fight I think that I won't see him anymore, then before I know it he's standing at my door
JJDJ Nick Drake – Day Is Done
raquelcrato Jorge Palma – ENCOSTA-TE A MIM (cover por Ruben Santos)
elyorch ahhh que cosa más bonita es esta pieza... aaaahhhhhh
TheJapaneseFrog This song gives me chills. Should be my new theme song
weething swoon. Take me under your wing, Andrew Bird. Show me all your prettiest words. I know you know some impressive ones.
oboreruhito RB @aebar: "A nice grey song for you @FerrMama! Hope you feel better soon :-)" (reblip)

Damien Rice Grey Room Legendado

| play
larissanalini A trumpetist lady from netherlands... gr8 music!

Saskia Laroo

| play
oboreruhito Damn, blip, I've been slacking and you still get me 6 listeners away from 300. Have some Daytrotter Zee Avi sessions via Daytrotter for your patronage


| play
jaybranch Ah, I love this song... it's a good un!! :) 'The Beach Boys – God Only Knows'
KushiQ Each And Every One a good night/day... thx for props,listening and music...@ffluxx you should call Blip.fm for more props a day;-)))
DareToEatAPeach "I came face to face w/my step-cousin, or whatever...Oh my god, I think I'm in love."

The Teenagers "Homecoming"

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * Best Of The First Decade Of The 21st Century * : Simian Mobile Disco - "Hustler"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * Best Of The First Decade Of The 21st Century * : LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"
organicsue Electric Light Orchestra – Don't Walk Away xoxo @>---------
mellomatic it wasn't true, but anyway...

Vampire WeekendM79

| play
JohnnyAngellsBrother CHASE – Poseidon (Neptune) (angellr.blip.up)
melp irradiation of poverty is the way to peace...
femkeh ohoo ohohoho

80s best eurodance eurodisco italodisco pop hi nrg part 3

| play
Oz_Drummond lots of fun if you can find the video, too! Blip just gets better!

Salaam Namaste- Salaam Namaste (HD video & sound) with english sub

| play
ACIDminds Pero sin duda mi favorita del Terciopelo Subterráneo es esta --->
bitblue Not always a fool. But sure sometimes.
CityGirl912 Billy Boy on Poison - On My Way

Billy Boy on Poison On My Way Music Video

| play
Reach Your body gets me so excited it just makes me want to dance!

Coma BabyBody Weekend

| play
bobbygone23 The Lemonheads – Luka . . . coming to town, yay! (reblip)

The LemonheadsLuka

| play
lesliecullen playlist by walking in the beach!
JerseyTom Good, mid 90's original hip hop jam

The PharcydeRunnin'

| play
magik @rivasucks not saying it's ur fault, although u could have done more
iReignMusic I tell myself that I don't miss you at all.
c4thomas His head gear is pretty amazing.

HERMAN DUNE "i wish i could see you soon"

| play
akai So much hate for the ones we love. Tell me we both matter, don't we? (reblip)

Bongwater_You Dont Love Me Yet

| play
DJEnglish Another great "Scrubs" song!

Colin HayOverkill

| play
eatapeach The Kinks - Harry Rag

Harry Rag by The Kinks

| play
realsarah Probably my favorite old school Weezer song

Au Revoir Simone-The Lucky One

| play
Gabry Ciao a tutti!!! Buon inizio settimana!

Mas Que Nada (Made Video)

| play
theKafter2mrw i'm just a little bit caught in the middle...

LenkaThe Show

| play
marcthom RT @KushiQ: "Weekend Players..... such an nice 4X4 Bassdrum and catchy House-Tune....@tometty I thought that you like Jafrosax ;-))" (reblip)
hajoni K-K-Kiss me..? ;) Non, bébé, B-B-Baise moi! :)

AnaïsB-B Baise moi

| play
lizzyaus I remember this song from a long time ago! it was on the radio a couple times too! :P
marcthom Fedde le Grand's off-sider, Leonid Rudenko – Everybody


| play

Squeeze Me: Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven

| play
marcthom always like the voice of Chris Jones in the track -Going Wrong (Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah)
Hyper8 goin' a little retro on ya all! ;) - Lenny Kravitz
Workbench i dont usually blip youtube videos.. but hey.. its the jamie boy! (reblip)
noahWG @Vacuum_Boots yoU reAD mY MIND <3 <3 <3 !!! buT....BUT....cheCK ouT THIS versiON........
FerrMama @megg sounds like a fair trade ! we're basically scholars in our given areas of interest :)

Jack JohnsonHope

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl "I don't know her personally, if that's what you're asking." ... mcfly... :P i can't even remember what i asked... ?!

Arab Money Remix Part 1 Official Video With T-Pain *Dirty* *Uncensored*

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mmcgovern fun and thanks! vi@dochugo (reblip)

Alphawezen "Speed of Light"

| play
Efratk Quoting Pet Shop Boys: it's "about growing up, the ideas we all had & how they turned out..." hope some of us made them come true-did u?
Efratk This is how I feel right now (the groove, not the lyrics..)
noahWG oNE of thOSE soNGS that stILL giveZ me teh ShivvazZ...

CalexicoBlack Heart

| play
paeix from@Inesobjetsmart ..........ok, time to eat,work,drink ........roughly in that order. xx! (reblip)

Cut CopyGoing Nowhere

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mi_mi Oreo tragoudi. Orea seira. Logo timis!

Logw Timhs(xrwma den allazoune ta matia)

| play
blogenhausen you! me! dancing! let's make it happen! <3
WreckaStow Danceteria in my kitchen; shoulders HARD w/ gracious hands and stank leg, LOL
DJRaisonDetre cocorosie does some magical stuff.

Promise by CocoRosie.

| play
DJ_RFly Mat Kearney – Closer to Love...get there soon
by_starla RB@JamesZZ with thanks--the guitars were just what i needed tonight. thanks :) : (reblip)

pavementthe hexx

| play

Loggins & Messina (Angry Eyes)

| play
thedaniel work soundtrack as I fly back to LA
BklynBagel @BLUESBOOGIE: "Baby says GIMME a LIT DAMNIT!!.. many THX@PS1968: "RB @BarbieRay --- Thank you! Need a light @BLUESBOOGIE ?!! :-P ------ENJOY! "" (reblip)
thegoddess i've got plenty of it tonight! [The Replacements - Attitude]
thehonestape Tribalistas - "Ja Sei Namorar" This song reminds me of living in Galicia. Man, I'm getting all nostalgic. :(

os tribalistas (ja sei namorar)

| play
richo MTV MashUps- Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Nelly -Ran my butt off to this this morning!
crowjane that's rite' pay da' lady~Here Anna~ da judge says I gotta pay U proceeds from dis' album to be free~~lol (reblip)
indielawyer Grandaddy-"He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot. favorite GD song ever. #musicmondays
Somerset08873 I need to say buenas noches, y'all.
GustavoBastian e continuar aquela conversa que não terminamos ontem..

Nando ReisAll Star

| play

fisherspooner - emerge

| play
seizuresalad DESIGNER DRUGS || Back Up In This [NADASTROM RMX] ||


| play
AliveinMe Oh Jesus-just take me in empty me of all my selfish wants-mold me more like You-fill me with You... (reblip)

The Doors-People Are Strange ( live rare )

| play
lyricisteph Its time to head outside, See the Sun, work for a bit and then have dinner w/Michelle for her birthday :)
LaKarune RB@daretoeatapeach - ya looks like they pushed maintenance by 30 min - Hey @Ad_C @El3ctrophile @overtheline @Biru @EddieSuzu @oboreruhito @leaferi! (reblip)

2many djs-Grandmaster Flash vs. Black Street-No Diggity (Soulwax Remix)

| play
harcsabajusz örök élmény: libabőrös lettem amikor ez élőben, a koncert első számaként elindult. sorban álltak egymás mellett és mindenki énekelt.
CLARITY @sandyriverside whoa m-soulmate. I was lettin my favs page play & heard eyedea and wondered if it was you. Ridiculous really. So on point.
chocolatchip "this time tomorrow where will we be? - on a spaceship somewhere sailing across any empty sea" (reblip)
seizuresalad Adam Beyer & Lenk feat. Tiga – Heartbreaker // thanks for listening @rafpozzobon
Bobbin true, fisher had another that i dont know the name of, (1.58 this drops HAWT)@brokentv@seizuresalad@Lucini
surforama Sounds like a Spike Lee movie...
Claymoore I am half convinced @JasonSchartzman is singing in this band too. He is in everything these days. I think I saw him in Wall-E last night.

The UglysuitChicago

| play
ThrillKill they say time heals everything, but im still waiting...
RoXyGurl You gotta help me baby. I can't do it all on my own.
terris _ !listening Los Lonely Boys Real Emotions - Saw a documentary on them a few days ago
terris _This is pretty loud for silence !listening Gomez – Silence


| play
MandyPenn Thx for the pretty song! @shadow7777: "Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love-Live :-) GREAT " (reblip)

Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love-Live

| play
chastity_1111 nice and soothing..great 4 insomiac..:) j @ladypn: "Just let it take you - maintenance is a necessity! :) " (reblip)
GroovyMonster RB @Zahgon: "Rockin' song from Namie Amuro!" Ha, man this takes me back! Good stuff, my brother. :) (reblip)
seamuse i like the kinks because they are the only band with a song about my name ;-)
Morrell Coxy, this track is bad ass@DJCOX: "Love this track at the minute...check it out!?" (reblip)
noahWG I 'second' thIS oNE as a goOD fiND!!! especIALLY at 01:15 AM.......[i'm getting WACKY] RB @Vacuum_Boots: "Hey great find! vi@DLOC" (reblip)
blurci Tomorrow I'm going back home where i was born :D
indiefern Esta canción me recuerda a tantaaaas personas y tantaaaas pedas jajajaja
melp so good! @JohnnyPHreak: "One of my favorite 80's songs. This song is so rare. Still one of the most played songs in my iTunes." (reblip)

What Do All The People Know

| play
Morrell good song to get going to@melp: "great 2am find.. keeping me pumped while i write my paper!!!! @noahwilliamgray: " (reblip)
DINA_ "Bob Seger ~ Still The Same"
Rbto_ Rb: Let us all thank @seizuresalad for this magnific blip (reblip)
MrsASoprano r/b@ivan_filios: "@LexiePixie Wishing you a great day! Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc. via @miguesme" (reblip)
fabuleuxfab d^_^b Bonjour, nice and easy stuff. Ses paroles sont toujours super ! rb@Lucalexa : bonjour (reblip)

Irene Cara What A Feeling

| play
Btlegrl Not my day--an ode for my day...it really blew.

LemonNot my day

| play
TMA7 @ericsvonk: "Music is a world within itself [Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke] - Love the tight horns!" (reblip)
RoVivas Why do you come here..... and why do you hang around ?


| play
paiva_thiago Essa música tava desde a páscoa tentando descobrir de quem era, taí, The Northern Conspiracy!
leandroico sempre curto ouvir/assistir a esse video/musica. muito foda. Beirut – Nantes


| play
Junchai I can see star coming to my room.... on he wings of every kiss....you make my paradise complete.


| play
areik I will be there in a few days!
chris_is_cool @scound heh! HA! uhm... no vino tonight, need to behave
DareToEatAPeach rb@evablue: "i shot DMB last week. still not done processing pics. my office and my brain are as messy as it looks in this video. " (reblip)

Rachel Yamagata - Be Be your Love

| play
IndependentBill this is the shit " "the humpty dance old school Digital underground...."" (reblip)
seizuresalad Tigersapien - Used To Be || everyone should hear this song at least once. @FiFiKaboom @zombieFredrik @schoc_gueiv @Hellofabean @westham999 @Sook @THX3
Ad_C dat's pretty cool @ZOEBOE: "a NICE Phreak remix of my Norweeeeeeegies. .. :) @bduubz @Ad_C" (reblip)
powerhealths Beyonce as Etta James – All I Could Do Was Cry http://tinyurl.com/p3wqwa "I have lost 26 pounds so far and I am feeling so much better!" (reblip)
hmx two dudes, food and being nude. who could ask for more? Provided that's what you're into.
lyricisteph I always thought this was a great song to listen to late at night, words playing me deja vu, like a radio tune I swear I've heard before...

New Kids On Tha Block..Funky Funky Christmas

| play
Morrell I love it, blip away!!@ZOEBOE: "I know I blip this too much but....." (reblip)
noahWG Who's thinking mellow tonight?? [Noah, put your hand down...] Seu Jorge - Bola de Meia
noahWG OOOOooooooOOOOOOOoooooo Hot CHIP + faKE blOOD? I'LL taKE 2!
chrissyhamilton @DoanDoDat: "Anything Janis makes me happy rb @kiimsayz: "@luiz_com_z: "@LexiePixie, wonderful! Wonderful! @jbene, (reblip)

Janis JoplinTrust Me

| play
chrissyhamilton not sure why, can't ever get enough of this...

Bon IverSkinny Love

| play
Efratk Such a great song for the end of the day.. is there life on mars?? (reblip)

David Bowie-Life On Mars

| play
DJCOX Love this track at the minute...check it out!?
seizuresalad Machine Head – Message in a bottle // love this cover. // thanks for the add @josephh777
seizuresalad Megalomaniac – Incubus // thanks for the add @jonezing4pizza


| play
Bobbin for a couple of minutes I forgot how amazing this album is. their movie sucked balls though @Lucini@ToniLeoni@seizuresalad@Tom4681@MrPrabz
yoyesno @dharmaputra: "@juliette_2904 hear this out, the wailing gives me shivers-better than Zamfir's, huh?" (reblip)
mofoinla realtalk

M.I.A- Paper Planes (Lazrtag Remix)

| play
DJCOX @perle we come to Hungary on the 3rd of July for a week before we head to Serbia. Have heard Siofek is pretty good to visit?
DJCOX new from the UK check her out :)

little boots NEW IN TOWN official video

| play
momwithboys speaking of Nickleback... good night all!

Nickleback Hero Spiderman Soundtrack

| play
Tammay I can't help it , I love this song ! (reblip)

MaxwellNo One

| play
FakerGigi *sigh* Richard & Teddy Thompson – Persuasion (reblip)
pulsar Whoa! Someone else blipping Popol Vuh!! @itisthesong (reblip)
iskigow "… Well I don't feel better; When I'm fucking around; And I don't write better; When I'm stuck in the ground …"
liljacqueline The title of the song basically explains what its about. HAHA.
mofoinla i like this version it has more of a build-up
KwontumFizzix Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Apocalypse Remix) (reblip)
dawnie22 Dedicated to my Twitter friends & special to @lovelylily_1 Van Morrison – "Wavelength" Thurs night tunes!
hillabean From @darling_niki Too cute not to blip!
fabioandrade Song of the day: "Claire de lune" - Claude Debussy
JRobey83 Haven't heard this song for a long time...Pearl Jam ~ "Last Kiss"

Pearl JamLast Kiss

| play
Bronsont sometimes you just need to cry

Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole Over The Rainbow

| play
whuu hand in hand out in the park. .

The Sundays - Summertime

| play
ExJon The Upper Peninsula. Little Finland. My ancestral home. [Sufjan Stevens – The Upper Peninsula]
Delfin (NC) "Felicidade é a certeza de que a nossa vida não está se passando inutilmente." (Érico Veríssimo, em Olhai os lírios do campo)

ColdplayFix You

| play
SabriESC I don't know if my mentality has caught up with my biology...
toosweet4rnr [The Pretenders – I Got You Babe] :) @spinnerLP: "A little reggae v. of the Cher & Sonny blip...Chrissy is so cool" (reblip)
klynnDemar That's it, I need someone to kiss my neck! lol

Ciara ft Justin Timberlake- Love Sex Magic Official Video HQ+LYRICS

| play
lilymar ~*I'm still in love with who I wish you were, and I wish you were here*~~ Kate Voegele – Wish You Were
junk_tom Uma pessoa vai entender o pq dessa blipada......

The Doors Love Me Two Times

| play
Chinie Totally appropriate for the day I'm having - "Queen – Under Pressure" (reblip)

queenUnder Pressure

| play
whuu These days w/the world getting colder. .she's spends more time sleeping oooover; then i planned
Rbto_ @bel_zynes: "suspiros c esse som" ||| I wish Lykke wasn't the ogly (reblip)
golfnovels @golfnovels: "No Doubt - It's My Life @shandrab @zoeyjordan @shannon_blalock @jamesrossbooks" (reblip)

No doubt-It's my life (HQ)

| play
Delfin (NC) "O tempo não tinha espaço ali." (Clive Barker, em Livros de Sangue 3)
liminal Jérôme Minière – Étincelles
yoyesno Bebel Gilberto – Close Your Eyes
yoyesno Phil Collins – You'll Be in My Heart (Phil Version)
noahWG eVER wonDER whAT a baND would souND liKE if LCD SOUNDSYSTEM & THE HUMAN LEAGUE had baBY baND?? NO??? shUT uP> WEll, IT wouLD souND likE THISSSSSSSSS
yoyesno @urlgirl: "By request from the living room, so it can be streamed to the stereo system :)" (reblip)

Beethoven - 5th Symphony (complete)

| play
toosweet4rnr [Bebel Gilberto – So Nice]
Lizardbunga There ain't no way we're gonna find another, the way we sleep all summer. (reblip)
stena [Tristeza–Golden Hill] g'night! love u all bigger than the sky & deeper than the sea! so many props/kindnesses! thank you. *^_^* ret. props wed. ^_^/

TristezaGolden Hill

| play
DaviCosso Cinco de la mañana / No todo lo que es oro brilla / Remedio chino es infalible
adriamaral pra fechar a noite... wait for something better...
ChaseM15 John Coltrane | Alabama | Live at Birdland | Powerful stuff.
ChaseM15 Derek and the Dominoes | Little Wing | It's pretty ballsy to cover Hendrix, they kill it here. Jim Gordon plays some of the greatest drum fills here.

Derek and The Dominos-Little Wing

| play
ivan_filios FANGORIA – Eternamente inocente + La mano en el fuego
ivan_filios @analu137 Dos de mis mujeres favoritas. Ana Torroja & Marta Sánchez – Mujer contra mujer
ivan_filios RB @analu137: "No esperes más niña de piedra... Miguel no va a volver... " (reblip)

Addicted To Drugs Kaiser Chiefs

| play
tenderrest "We like to watch you laughing, You pick the insects off plants No time to think of consequences"

MGMT- Kids

| play
chinagrrrl oh...here's another good early 80's sluttyrock tune! (reblip)

George Michael- I want your sex

| play
Trent_Jr ♪ I'm easy like sunday morning ♪

EasyFaith no more

| play
patch615 A pretty tight band. Very worth checking out.
indiegirl175 @quieroclub totally love this song!! hey! let da musik shake you!... to a place called home!! =)

Let Da Music Quiero Club

| play
hellamoet Just another night in Nantes


| play
Trent_Jr A Turkish rock ballad filmed in the Parisian metro


| play
indiegirl175 never gonna get tired of this song!!!

The KillersSpaceman

| play
Trent_Jr ♪ I'm a high school lover, and you're my favorite flavor ♪ (reblip)

AirPlayground Love

| play
indiegirl175 thanks @ricricardo: "y nadie ahi me conocerá, y a nadie ahí reconoceré..." (reblip)
jpeiv4 My favorite Clash Song, love me some SKA!! :)
melp @angiece: "RB @DrDebs: "David Bowie and Annie Lennox, Under Pressure."" (reblip)

Freddie Mercury Tribute (4)- David Bowie & Annie Lennox

| play
ChaseM15 If you haven't seen/heard this yet...you really should check it out. While My Guitar Gently Weeps | Harrison Tribute | Watch for Prince!
DrDebs best damn thing on tv, @rogue_fm: ["Oh-ho-ho yes-s-s-s-s-s,,,, Awesome show (to use an overused adjective. But it is.) @ICEGIRL152 @paulastudio ...] (reblip)
angiece RB @DrDebs: "David Bowie and Annie Lennox, Under Pressure." (reblip)

Freddie Mercury Tribute (4)- David Bowie & Annie Lennox

| play
Kikororita It took me years to find this video, sorry that the audio is not the best
ChaseM15 @Gaz50: "Al Green – Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy" (reblip)