mizhelena I dont even understand me.. so dont think that U can help (reblip)
LynnSunshine @quorum: "[830/5300] :: Science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing." (reblip)
solid_au @ZOEBOE: "Tully is a good dog too...Zoey, not so much" >>> lemme tell u a story abt a dog that got washed today then dried herself off in the durrt ;) (reblip)
GrimLuxuria Already had swine flu, what's next?! The plague? ;) @Totengrber: "rb@GrimLuxuria: Try not to catch the swine flu on the train! :D" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Just got a few things to do....back soon! :D

Filter-Can't You Trip Like I Do

| play

Eminem I Love You More with lyrics

| play
brainboy @spacespencer: nettes lied. kannte ich noch garnicht. (reblip)
Dysn0m1a Deftones – Can't Even Breathe

John Waite- I Ain't Missing You (with lyrics!)

| play
organicsue Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses
Rojopelo how I love to love him from afar
leaferi Just listening to old blips while cleaning & thought this one was super. rb@iolarmara (reblip)

Noir - OST I - 04 - Canta Per Me

| play
FunkShoi rb@TomServo oh no! Grab my hand! Who's this hymie and wheres her basement? You in shackles? Hows the food? (reblip)
inadaequat auch der Duracell- Hase , @cremeweiss , ist ein freches stück ! +++ Anton Lanski – Overcrowded Mind +++
djLop People Like Me ♫♫ See you ♫♫
leaferi Perfect. Needed something a little more chill & mellow. rb@bumble_b: "RB @QuicksandRangero "Bye" auf wiederhören /danke für props, replies & inspi" (reblip)


| play
leaferi Orbital ♥ ♥ ♥


| play
cjh BERLIN – Take My Breath Away
deo also fear my big toe, it is huge like a tub of mayonnaise.
Dysn0m1a Blipped out & lost my fav. DJ @zx10r07 G'night all. 3am is exactly my fav time to be alive in. Deftones deathblow

Deftones deathblow

| play
FunkShoi And by "moon" I meant the useless barren wasteland I'm headed to now (Newark, NJ)

RJD2The Horror

| play
leaferi Would sun help? Quite the hangover...
finchbeak back in a couple of weeks---chat with you all then!

REM-The One I Love

| play

Lene Lovich - Lucky Number

| play
zx10r07 I get all...numb..When she sings it's over..Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth..And God bless you all.For the song you saved us.
raigohead recomendando..

The Legendary pink dots- The equaliser

| play
Tsauro Keane - The Lovers Are Losing

KEANE-The Lovers Are Losing (weird video)

| play
bendrix This is the sound of @photogurrl falling from the highest mountain peak spreading her wings as she gracefully sails through the low level valleys

you and i / slow rise / delerium

| play
bendrix This is what U get when U force two unstable electrons into uniform covalence ... they form a @Shukitty like Effect... shhh approach her with caution
zx10r07 Admit it, fuck it, while we coming out in the open I'm doing acid, crack, smack, coke and smocking dope My name is Marshall Mathers, I'm an alcoholic
DamnTheMan There are no impossible dreams. There are no invisible seams. Each night when the day is through I don't ask much, I just want you

Ozzy Osbourne "I Just Want You"

| play
EFR56 Prefuse 73: "Storm Returns" (featuring Tommy Guerrero)

Prefuse 73: "Storm Returns" (featuring Tommy Guerrero)

| play
dickadcock this is really nice! >>> Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The Love I'm Searching For
SimpleJim RB > @MusicIsMySoul3: "~ Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain ~ The clock on the wall's moving slower My heart it sinks to the ground" (reblip)
FineNGood I don't wanna feel no more It's easier to keep falling imitations appeal emptiness all tomorrows haunted by your ghost
djLop Yeah yeah yeahs – Way Out
Tropicsz4 Ty(rb) @ToujoursDiva: ""Seek the roses along the way. Just beware of the thorns." *writing request to God* One angel, sans thorns please. (reblip)
Thaiangel G'morning:) you might like this ..@GR8FL
DJRoy1 Flash And The Pan – Walking In The Rain


| play

Duke 'So In Love With You'

| play
FineNGood New day yawning Another day of Solitaire House is honest Dealing more than I can bear


| play
FunkShoi RB@Jazzhole: "Holy sh!t, have you seen this one yet @FunkShoi?" - Goodlord. #ShitYouCanNeverUnsee (reblip)

Major Lazer "Keep it Going Louder"

| play
FineNGood Now I'm waiting for a signal or a sound Where can you be found now, my love? Where can you be? Waiting for a signal or a sound
Dysn0m1a Rb@TarinnAdaria: "30 seconds to Mars "Capricorn" [My Crystalism, My love]" (reblip)

30 seconds to Mars "Capricorn" [My Crystalism, My love]

| play
dreamslikefire The most excellent motivational song right here
mizhelena @dreamslikefire: "@mizhelena This is another favorite!" < im liking your faves! (reblip)

MadballStand Up NY

| play
dreamslikefire Devildriver - Pray For Villains, You must pick up this album.
dreamslikefire I don't wanna watch some dude play drums, maybe this will be better?

Cannae"Anna's Love"

| play
dreamslikefire @mizhelena Check this out, @thedestro @destrovox Good friends of mine here in Dallas.
dreamslikefire Perfect Song For The Worst Day
dreamslikefire @mizhelena I meant this one

Veil of Maya: It's Not Safe to Swim Today

| play
mizhelena "My lips would have known enigmas of shadowy vistas"
dreamslikefire Great band from Dallas, check it out @mizhelena

Horse Called War - Fields of Poverty

| play
mizhelena @dreamslikefire: "Ok... this is it, I'm going gangsta on your ass @mizhelena" < wooo bring it on! (reblip)
dreamslikefire Ok... this is it, I'm going gangsta on your ass @mizhelena
mizhelena @dreamslikefire: "Ok I keep picking crappy videos, @mizhelena" < this one I LOOOOVE! (reblip)
dreamslikefire Need personal motivation? This is the song for you.
mizhelena @dreamslikefire: "@mizhelena Ok I promise this one is killer." < your thrilling me with your music.. nothing like it! (reblip)
dreamslikefire This song has been on my USB playlist for a week now, it never gets old... Listen to the lyrics!
cpcdiniz @bluetyson: "@Chise: "Led Zeppelin & Neil Young - When the levee Breaks"" (reblip)
technogiant The Stranglers – No More Heroes
Landonlottinger ive had enough of the world and its people's mindless games pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame Pardon me pardon me Ill never be the same

IncubusPardon me

| play
TheFish never heard these guys. not bad at all
cpcdiniz @mizhelena: ""you sound like thunder yet youve barely spoken" " (reblip)

Sara Bareilles- Come Round Soon

| play
richardnilsson Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night
dreamslikefire Um... this song is amazing?


| play
mizhelena this is in my head right now.. played it to death & its still embedded deep
brexians RB @argentbeauquest: @SophieOsborn @thibet @DPBKMB @Cyberela @mizhelena @sotostips @bruce_p_smith @ladyjayde @CiaoBella50 (reblip)

You've Got A Friend---carole King,Celine,Gloria,Shania

| play
dailystendhal i needed this this morning, thanks @Lobsterdemon: "Raised Fist – Some Of These Times" (reblip)
dailystendhal as usual, i've run outta props for you... awesome chunnk of music today! :) @LittleC: "<3" (reblip)
Alfea Sneaker Pimps *°* Low five

Sneaker PimpsLow Five

| play
star45 Porno For Pyros – Thick Of It All
mizhelena this one goes out to all the kool dads on Fathers Day (reblip)

VNV NationChrome

| play
asko_b Should somebody state again that old men can´t make good musik. Thx @raumsinn (reblip)

The Cave Singers--Dancing On Our Graves

| play
asko_b Tabak ist ja noch da, nur mit Bier sieht´s schlecht aus … und der Song macht so durstig, @raumsinn (reblip)
by_starla [El Perro Del Mar - How did we forget ?]
star45 Emiliana Torrini – Baby Blue
mmemaledicta look at the end of summer with your [title] and think: you only get so many summers in a lifetime :))
justamoochie had many a *cough* moment to this track!! ty you!! xx @Koshka: (reblip)

Set The Fire To The 3rd Bar

| play
tuland We have two hundred couches where you can sleep tight, grim rite


| play
MandyPenn Bush – Letting the Cables Sleep
DJJazzyMua777 Love this - borrowed for playlist! :-) @Wolfgirl_Leah: "When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars...Hear my whispers in the dark""" (reblip)

Skillet: Whispers in the Dark

| play
MarcusDeSouza @o0fefe0o:Need by Hana Pestle (reblip)

Need by Hana Pestle

| play
DJGuinness Stabbing Westward - What Do I Have To Do?
reesesmonkey going out to a stupid son of a bitch

PoeAngry Johnny

| play
dreamslikefire This song is brutal... Good lyrics too. Check it.
dreamslikefire The perfect words for the perfect situation... #manntis
dreamslikefire Remember This Band? Element Eighty
dreamslikefire GREAT Dallas band the bass player now plays for @thedestro1


| play
dreamslikefire Need a pick me up? Jam this!


| play
LYRIC Thisisthesoundof lullaby'saqueousdeepbass washingashore #LYRIC'scrustmantle&core withacloudblanketpillows &gentledrizzlybreeze<--rb@bendrix, *melting* (reblip)
technogiant @mizhelena - new one "O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer" (reblip)
technogiant Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits
technogiant The Damned – The Shadow Of Love (10 Inches Of Hell Mix)
sarinninja Cradle Of Filth – Gilded Cunt
technogiant @mizhelena - George Harrison - Faster - (Ronnie Peterson tribute)

Faster -- George Harrison

| play
swissmade check out that one! Cheers! :-)

Missing Persons- Walking in LA

| play
Nymphetamine DEATHSTARS – Synthetic Generation
narataku0217 Billy Joel "Honesty" HD

Billy Joel "Honesty" HD

| play
Epicrates always forget to play Mr. Schnauss the guru of electronic Gaze
Hypnotica Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog remix radio edit)
djilo Analog People In A Digital World – Circus
HellenKellersIpod My friend @Mollykills needs 14 more listeners for 500. She's awesome (reblip)
eatswell @jakks Laying eyes on Chris Cornell again may be the best gift of 2010 #soundgarden
craigz One more new track from The Brian Jonestown Massacre and I'm off to enjoy some foodstuffs.

Our Time

| play
Unaturalsoul " Music at it's finest... " @hollycleary: "wow! Haven't heard this in ages! @Unaturalsoul: "@BabyBruise"" (reblip)
fuzzygroove Do you know it's Christmas? (Thanks @DAnieL )

Do they know it's christmas

| play
ElZorro Chemise - She Can't Love You
kareliz The Philosopher Kings – Oleo

Husker Du-Something I Learn Today

| play
mizhelena I hear them call her name, misSunderstood .. shes unpredicatable and.................

Earshot- MisSunderstood

| play
CargoCulte @TheRealFluidity Is there something I don't know about Wash.? Does happy hour start in the AM? :)
zx10r07 Lost inspiration, panic on the rise... A severed attempt ignored... The reason never outweighs the truth... So backing up and lean against...
DJFrankie Okay not for MSI, but I did just make a music video: tinyurl.com/blktxi Want to check it out? @Shukitty @nastysurprise72 @caramck @daretoeatapeach
FineNGood You get away with murder. Kill me when you're through. Do I have to give up me to be loved by you?


| play
enrique_ The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You (via @storylet :-) [Hi & thanks! :)) @ivan_filios (reblip)
avivajazz M. Ward ― The Story of an Artist (reblip)
DamnTheMan With your perfect life! Sup sweets! rb@BabyBruise: "Haters, traitors, liars and thieves!" (reblip)

Otep "Smash The Control Machine" HD Music Video

| play
photofinish_ RB@Leika: "Radiohead with Sneaker Pimps – Climbing up the Walls" (reblip)
Radiata Blip.fm: The place where we don't give a f--- about the new Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber song.
FunkShoi Time to get back to the mountain. I've been slacking on blip. Forgive plz? My vacation will be over soon and I'll be blipping fulltime in no time!
mizhelena countdown 13 days ..dont worry I usually go off with a bang @atank: "rb@mizhelena: "I will remind U again in 19 days OK...how many days now babe???" (reblip)

CombiChrist- Happy FuckingBirthday

| play
markmac Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat
Mike_Mongoose Emalkay – When I Look At You
77ozzie Rock - a gentle bell...I reached out for you..." (reblip)

Asobi SeksuThursday

| play
77ozzie beautiful ...thanks @Grae: "Wer solch Musik mag, wird Qntal lieben. (Qntal - Entre Moi et mon Amin)""" (reblip)
MaggyTheBrave soundtrack for that last 1000 words I was trying to set down tonight.


| play
Mysterymix Chymera – The Pillars In My Hart
ladypn I could have it all, if only you were here.
Mike_Mongoose I'm gonna take a break, I'll cya guys in a bit! <3


| play
Mike_Mongoose Duke & Kuvah – Vaseline (Dubstep Remix)
Shukitty this version is still more heartbreaking, i think.
ladypn Thanks @Mahri! : "The best one 4 a grt 2010 @ladypn" (reblip)

Cut CopyFar Away

| play
makis Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyes (Jakwob Remix) / My morning soundtrack in Sydney
estrogen @chiron08: "✪ hoffe gut gerutscht zu haben, Madame #estrogen "] ja, danke der nachfrage, herr@chiron08 - es war recht amüsant. sie? (reblip)
jinx3001 And all those guilty clouds ...
naor Good Morning, heading to the big city.. need my coffee
77ozzie song - people travelled across and kissed our hand.,," (reblip)

A Fine FrenzyLifesize

| play
muzicmajic and the kicker is, there's nothing annoying about it! ;)~
krystynchong but if you had a change of heart... :)

Steely Dan-Rikki Don't Lose That Number

| play
Gen22 rb.@droolius: "& thx back :) thanx 4 this!@ Gen22 [The XX - Intro]" (reblip)

The XXIntro

| play


| play
Mysterymix G' morning mrs@monikavincent: "good morning muschelpuschel" (reblip)
mitrovix Me to, great one, Thx~~@lukesharp: "we used this song between sets, Love it (reblip)
FunkShoi ReBlippp@Templesmith - from Snatch soundtrack (one of my faves). PS: I love Fell (reblip)

MirwaisDisco Science

| play
onceacurmudgeon another in the awful band name, but great music category.

Rattail -Basic Buildings

| play
eraser Another World Dj Shog

Dj Shog-Another World

| play
juanchulas Dedicated to all you.....All your needs
Stolen Friend with men-efits. (Oh man bad puns all up ins 2nyttte.)

Jay Z & Toto Africa Remix

| play
SandroC ;););) I surrender to your heartbeat do anything that you want me to do please be tender I'm in your hands girl...

RainbowI Surrender

| play

Isis-Ghost Key

| play
FineNGood We're not alone in this psychrodrome I know that I don't want to lose ya, Livin' the dream if you know what I mean I'll be that boy you used to know.
Sparklepony rb @katost [UME – Sunshower] really like this... (reblip)


| play
77ozzie song - Jenny come...please get up you will be wet....we have to go...where is your shoe...?Did you lose it...or did we lose each other.."" (reblip)

FalcoJeanny, Part I

| play
adversary1 Makes my ears bleed.... so good.

MuseMicro Cuts

| play
TheLittleDoll83 ♫ listening Lostprophets – "Burn Burn"

LostprophetsBurn Burn

| play
iNAViSiON [thnkusr]→@adversary1: "@inavision: "Jars"" (reblip)

Jars- Chevelle Official Music Video!

| play
77ozzie rock-everything must be hidden-I am laying low-hearing your breath and I smell your fear....I can't wait...I know what you want...Open Eyes I'm coming (reblip)

Oomph!Augen Auf!

| play
SnootyFoxLily Good evening :) Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous.....
suckmydeck DE-PHAZZ "Death by Chocolate" sweet death...!!!
lazybond Things have all gone crazy at work this morning. Deep breath - relax - calm. This helps. Royksopp – Sparks


| play
Hypnotica The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Doorly Mix)
solid_au anyone think EEK was the forerunner for Mr. Will E Nelson version of same song... methinks not so much....
Dysn0m1a The Cure – End

The CureEnd

| play
Dysn0m1a Seeya later.. @lalunajade: "Gotta hang out this massive pile of washing staring me down.." (reblip)

Puscifer"The Mission"

| play
waveshaper tons of useless info

Apparat 'Useless Information'

| play

Dita von Teese / My Ruin Tainted Love cover

| play
axefield rb @solid_au: "just you watch me blip and reblip this mofo from #solid_au: courtesy of the one, the only @Mike_Mongoose and his compadre @axefield" (reblip)
playalongjon .. OMG - When I heard this start,my heart jumped - it's my new ringtone for hubs, haha! Love it!" .. You have great tastes in ring tones@karma_musings (reblip)
purplefangs This song was written about me #fact hahahahaha just kidding
ffluxx Miles Davis – Rated X (Doc Scott Remix)
giesebrecht U2- The Ground Beneath Her Feet- Bono & The Edge (Acoustic)

U2- The Ground Beneath Her Feet- Bono & The Edge (Acoustic)

| play
playalongjon I am gazing at my shoes at the moment !

Cocteau Twins ~ Fotzepolitic

| play
flinndc Finger .... I seem to be struck by you @CMDoria I want to make you move ...... !!!

finger 11- paralyzed

| play
jetcloud Chosen- "Farmville Theme Song" (reblip)

Chosen- "Farmville Theme Song"

| play
DirtyUrine Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast !!!
mettee I really would like to know why my mind is tho - I think lost it somewhere this fall .....
eraser nos toca trabajar en grupo así q no me dejaran seguir twitteando os dejo música bach Air on the G String, Sarah Chang
asko_b Welcome @DChain!!! My comment on that song >> "Believing that song doing communication might be very simple "In A Manner Of Speaking"" (reblip)
asterion free drinks though... or are they???


| play

Grand Avenue "Almost Gone" (from the new album "Place To Fall")

| play
SomeMoSir jay z and cutting crew

Jay- Z- I Just Died In Your Arms Remix

| play

Alkaline Trio-Time To Waste

| play
ladypn Hi@fluffyboots! This was filmed in the the now defunct MG Rover Longbridge plant in Birmingham. :) "( this area on video looks familiar to me!!)" (reblip)
adversary1 Keeping quiet... playing dumb.

Cake Never There

| play
sarahcarina W.A.S.P. – Forever Free

W.A.S.P.Forever Free

| play
Schoork Hoobastank The Reason

Hoobastank The Reason

| play
Mike_Mongoose I'm so behind with listening through my replies! RB on this one btw! @axefield: "this is so fucking bad ass it made the hairs on my arm stand up" (reblip)

Eitherway- Trouble Andrew

| play
FlashHarry Worth it just to hear the bari solo
FlashHarry Stephen Foster will haunt El Rey Theater in Hollywood 4/20-- and I'll be there to exorcise him!
smartard Cocteau Twins – Lazy Calm
VegaChastain One of my top 3 favorite songs of all time.
Uracil all we do is eliminate our future with things we do today
Navre Another great cover! (And yes, I'm old enough to remember the original too)
logicalharmony Touch me baby, but don't mess up my hair.

Lady GaGaVanity

| play
TechJunkie Just another night with nothin' to do...
Sparklepony [The Mars Volta – Things Behind the Sun] my fave version of this cover, found the cd ysterday & upld tday... @cdub @coolguitarboy @sonicdork @tubili
Michlerish Aaaaaat laaaasssst, the sky above is blue!

James, EttaAt Last

| play
carolfour i miss you... but i haven't met you yet...

BjörkI Miss You

| play
beatkitchen Got to actually play this with NIN when I auditioned for them... some of the most fun I have EVER had behind a drum kit!
whatsthetimecode thinking over coffee, planning a trip, and trying to edit magic all at the same time. TWDY brings me peace. Listen:
Donasz Sunday morn w/ the paper, coffee, kids & the mellow........Miles Davis
fearshop Black Sabbath – Headless Cross - Sabbath Sunday today @OmeRoon thanks for the assist
bendrix Have you heard this track by The Emp? Its incredible... I have his album "Music, Magic, Myth" I can upload that for U=> @ZOEBOE
Jessie_Small 'I can't wait forever', is all that you said

Glen HansardLeave

| play
JBeamerYNWA This reminds me so much of Australia - and makes me happy =)
DrPants This is my (David) somewhat trippier side project.
vado1313 life music, build something worthwhile, call to action
divadoll123 Something mellow as we approach the midnight hour . . . I LOVE THIS MUSIC!
DJJazzyJacq I would take the stars out of the sky for you....