msmusik i came home this morning and oh what a shock....when i found out my key no longer fit the lock....
AlexAgore good morning old man lol @RahaSanedas


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Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

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MC Lyte-Lyte As A Rock

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MissM773 you know it babe! did you guys go dilla wild while I was gone? @DJLOPZ: "@MissM773 YOUR FAV DAY SWEETS! #dillafriday " (reblip)

Slum Village2u4u

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msmusik RB @crowjane: "Im your idol, the highest title, numero uno, Im not a puerto rican" (reblip)
AwayneOne The Work Week is Down The Drain...ready to pump in the Weekend with CHICKENFOOT
msmusik is nina playing keys on this? i love it!!!
girlsflyingsolo I can do what I want, I'm in complete control, that's what I tell myself... Damn your eyes for taking my breath away...
rnessie10 Renesmee's Song (reblip)

Renesmee's Song (Beautiful Piano Composition)

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msmusik my favorite al green song...i.....oooooooooo i.....
msmusik it doesn't get much better than this...don't cha wanna go?
msmusik RB @Bakojo: "six million ways to die ... choose 1" (reblip)
MissM773 the best day of the week =) @slumsoul88: "@MissM773 OMG you do dilla fridays?!?! :D" (reblip)
msmusik i woke up to this song every sunday morning...

Bebe and Cece Winans Heaven

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Whodini-Escape(I Need a Break)

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BiggL So if I ever wanted to use my real name in the industry, I'm gonna get subpoenaed? That sucks. This joint samples a song on the Kill Bill sdtk.


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ladypn It was a late night when he came into sight, standing by the road with no umbrella no coat... from 1990.
ladypn Moving on to 1991 to find his faith... ;)
Bakojo If I adore you out of desire for Paradise, Lock me out of Paradise. But if I adore you for Yourself alone, Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty. (reblip)
krystynchong eating somen & listening to the Ting Tings groove w/Eddie Money. (reblip)

Rough Side Of The Mountain

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msmusik i can listen to this all day...
BiggL Funk Doobiest – [Bow Wow Wow] Cool. Saw Halloween 2 last nite, it was garbage. Good thing I didn't pay. How's the Cali heatstroke? @DaLady
BiggL Ray, Goodman & Brown - [Special Lady] Never running outta 'lady' cuts for @DaLady G'morning ;)
powerlevel aight . . u asked for it . . . (reblip)

Tone LocWild Thing

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msmusik u are now rockin' with tha best...

Lloyd BanksOn Fire

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DJLOPZ @honeygirl relative to this week, its not hot at all today. However, I havent had to go anywhere either today.

Heatwave-The Grooveline (1978)

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msmusik @powerlevel....bring it!! already. damn!! :)


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msmusik so much larger than life.....
powerlevel time to get up . . . feel me? "@msmusik" (reblip)

PrinceLet's Work

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MissM773 Willie Dixon – Diddy Wah Diddy
msmusik one of my favorites from ms. patti....

SWV featuring Wu-Tang Clan-Anything (1994)

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katality @TimAriyeh @bikecurious So I laughed at this for at least 6 minutes. Straight.

Tim WilsonBooty Man

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msregiann70 @cipytweet: "whatcha knw abt this @mamamiaellen i'm nervous&trembln! :-) "Betty Wright – Tonight Is The Night"" (reblip)
msmusik @sondrafaye this is your fault!!

Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley-Thanks For My Child

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msmusik RB @valia: "RB@scotlandlover: THX THX THX THX THX !!!! I've been looking and looking for this!"<==me too!! (reblip)


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msmusik RB @MissM773: "now you got me on an 80s kick too! @Jazzzyone" (reblip)
DoctorOfJazz Your playlist made my jaw drop. Pleasure to meet you. @cipytweet: "r/b @Time2Burn" (reblip)

Black Snake Moan Catfish Blues

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crowjane @Cocoamel: "@DJBiggL: " What kinda GOLD DIGGER track is this? No wonder these chicks faded real fast"__Real fast. Never even heard of them, lol"~ROFL (reblip)

ShadesTell Me

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Tony Terry- When I'm With You

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Gladys Knight & The Pips-"Save The Overtime (For Me)"

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msmusik ledisi and sergio....what else can i say?
edwardwstanley the other one was a cover, but the song does rock... monday morning .. lets kick it up a notch


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crowjane I failed your class 'cause I ain't worth your reasoning You're trying to make me you by seasoning Up my mind with see Jane run

You Must Learn-KRS 1

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msmusik i love the part where he goes "i mo be with my girl 2nite!!!" sing maxwell!!!
MissM773 nice one!! @djilo: "Nightmares On Wax - Date With Destiny" (reblip)

Date With Destiny

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itsRamel Ramel – She Was Fly feat. Mar (Full Crate Cover)
msmusik countrified....everything i eat is fried...(love badu!!)

RahzelSouthern Girl

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msmusik i ain't no joke....i used to let the mic smoke....

Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

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Hazel Scott & Charles Mingus

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Green Onions Booker T & The MGS

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Awannabeangel Hey where are you ? lol -->>rb @RunningRealtor: Rod Stewart – Amazing Grace (reblip)
msmusik RB @msregiann70 is this REALLY your real phone number? nice pick!! (reblip)
krystynchong Aint No Future In Your Frontin - MC Breed busts out the old skool cruise beats. #musicmonday (reblip)
JoanusAquinus @cigareetsandwhiskey: "I need to get this DVD. Love how the band pauses for Kurt at the end." (reblip)
RockinRobot RB@polarkat: "Is this the real life- Is this just fantasy- Caught in a landslide- No escape from reality-" "Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody" (reblip)
whuu #Musicmonday Hands 2 the ceiling, the Bass is what u're feeling they say

Sa-Ra "Feel the Bass" f. Talib Kweli & Erykah Badu

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msmusik i really really really love this song....
zooicidalbunnie I <3 jim.. guess I'll never shake my folk roots =)
msmusik thanks for the props and RBs! much love => @kwame06 @msregiann70 @AlexAgore @RadioFreeBoston @Bakojo @washingtonson

Mattie Moss Clark/ It's In The Name Of Jesus

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msmusik this is so hot....@falayan check this out....
ljimena3 track #1 in

De Phazz- Boogie Philosophy

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AbsoluteVenus things are moving a bit too fast right now...the way of the world...Brand Nubian – Slow Down
giannetti @SkunkyRayon: "one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard" (reblip)

Brian Eno2/1

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msmusik i heard this today on XM and i had to chuckle...."where she at?"
Blackempire Colonel Abrams – How Soon We Forget

Supreme Beings of Leisure "Never The Same"

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asialakay DJ not-I – Freaky Undone Hombre (M.I.A. vs. KoRn)
asialakay Otep – House of Secrets, This Singer is new to me yet very inspiring.....
Jmizzle4Shizzle Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day and Night
msmusik RB @whirlagirll26 oh man! this was my song!! (reblip)

Keith John- I Can Only Be Me

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msmusik @CargoCulte have u heard this? i think u might like...listen and wait for the beat to drop...

Supreme Beings of Leisure "Never The Same"

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msmusik till my honey come back...


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stereophonics - i miss you now

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Shaman777 Thx rb@BeBopALula: "Led Zeppelin IV" (reblip)

When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin +Lyrics

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msmusik RB @MissM773 there's a whole lotta kicking in the barn.... (reblip)
msmusik @ginhollow @RubyMae @Bdarealist @ratface <= the answer is you...thanks for listening, the props and RBs....
msmusik here we are, the two of us together...

secret lover by atlantic starr

| play
DJLOPZ IM glad i heard this...

Oh NoOx Broil

| play
MissM773 DJ Revolution – Do My Thing ft. Guilty Simpson & Royce Da 5'9"
MissM773 Method Man & Redman – Dangerous MCEES
bendrix this track is sacred shhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I'm not allowed to blip it shhhhhhhhh=> rb@LYRIC (reblip)

Kut Klose-Get Up On It

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DJLOPZ Very nice. Mushroom Jazz. @techsgift: "It's a Love ThinG" (reblip)
BiggL Damn straight! @djeatabowla: "if you find a bag of weed on the floor what the fuck u gonna do........" (reblip)

RedmanPick It Up

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Fourplay feat. Chaka Khan "Between The Sheets"

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Bdarealist Mary Davis – Don't Wear It Out
falayan @DaLady Keep doing your thing....I'm feelin' it (reblip)

Pour Faire le Portrait d'un Oiseau

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msmusik oohhhhh.....this is nice...just stumbled upon this jewel...
msmusik what ever happened to these cats?

Soul For Real--Candy Rain (1995)

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FineNGood rb @tjps: "Radiohead – High and Dry" (reblip)
cheesy80s @MCdoomsday can just believe @azeleia the only girl in his life @Angie74 'll be @carlnat 's sugar n D mornin &the sweet stuff @BangZoom needs @ night

Mary Jane Girls- In My House 1985

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FineNGood @Bubbly3 Skin & Licking Cream in one blip. Pure perfection :-)
AbsoluteVenus Dorothy Ashby – Come Live With Me @BangZoom thanks!
msmusik RB @Blackempire: "Maiysha ~ Sledgehammer" <= MORE FIYAH!!! MORE FIYAH!!! (reblip)

Maiysha Sledgehammer (Plush Remix)

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Blackempire Lilo Thomas – Your Love's Got A Hold On Me
SugarCube Boom shock-a-locka, shock-a-locka, my heart does skip a boom...


| play
BiggL New York City gritty committee pity the fool that...act shitty in the midst of the calm, the witty! RB@AbsoluteVenus (reblip)
BiggL NORMAN CONNORS – INVITATION ~ A lil' soulful jazz for @msmusik ;)
powerlevel king of go-go . . gonna flavor up the funk

Chuck BrownRun Joe

| play
powerlevel ya'll don't want to funk wit me

Rick JamesBig Time

| play
FineNGood @Bubbly3: "@CooperHarris: "if you weren't numb 1st, wouldn't that be painful? LOL" " It's always painful lol (reblip)


| play

Marcus Miller  "Juju"

| play

Da Youngstas- Illy Filly Funk

| play
msmusik putting in more "work" this labor day...
EmilyFalcon Heyyyyyy yaaaaaaa! Hey yaaa! :shake it shake shake shake shake it shake it like a polaroid picture:

Booker T.Hey Ya

| play
msmusik love this crazy bass....sounds good on the subwoofers.... :)

Kate Bush- This Womens Work

| play

Y'anna Crawley-No Ways Tired

| play
krystynchong The best song never heard. @heykim @mona @sarahlane

Save Me Josh Verdes

| play
ICEGIRL152 truth @rockchalk75: "Don't let someone else's yesterdays keep you from living your todays and tomorrows." (reblip)
DJLOPZ It would be silly of me to not blip a milk track two days in a row...
emei One of the prettiest songs ever

Brides Of Funkenstein "Disco To Go"

| play
DJLOPZ @LaMaya Gracias!

Battlestar Scralatchtica

| play
msmusik am i under arrest or should i guess some mo'....?

Jay Z99 Problems

| play
itsRamel P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (reblip)
itsRamel Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl
DJlookDomincan Everytime I hear "Hot Music" I pretty much go crrrazy...I can only imagine what it was like back in the NYC club days pre-Giuliani

Hot MusicSoho

| play
DJLOPZ Method Man – Judgement Day
SlashyHarry I can't live with or without you.
msmusik one of my favorites from robin...

Robin ThickeAngels

| play
ChiekoSunflower YES....LOVE LYRICS..... <3

Chicago 2004-Just You 'N' Me

| play
DJLOPZ @DJ_SCHWETTYPAWLMZ You his manager? Lol...i added him.


| play
DJLOPZ Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
DJLOPZ Howie B Who's Got the Bacon

Howie B Who's Got the Bacon

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itsRamel Solange Knowles – Cosmic Journey Featuring Bilal (reblip)

Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me

| play

Let's Get It(Official Music Video)

| play
msmusik RB @falayan: "@Sinareo I almost left the building, glad I stuck around for this one...Peace & Love" (reblip)

Run DMC ft Aerosmith Walk This Way Official Music Video

| play
msmusik RB@whirlagirll26: "this is so classic @crowjane @msmusik" <= what?!?! didn't know that was jean carne!! (reblip)
Gldnldy his voice is thick like blackstrap molasses. i love it!
MissM773 Leela James "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

Leela James "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

| play


| play

Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

| play
broadwayg Never Too Much (of Luther) Slo Jamz. Enjoy all @ChordOnBlue@BohlianSunshine@DJDolceVita@1980s @Annimallover@JazzyOne@DJSOOTHE2

Luther Vandross- Never Too Much

| play
itsRamel Algebra Blessett – Come Back
broadwayg RB via@Love_Kitten70: "@Laidback69: "How much? Thats "How Much I Feel"""TY Slo Jamz (reblip)
bendrix "Bad like Mike Jackson.. Spazin.. Doin backwards dances.. with a jacket with madd zippers" A sick SICK verse!!!=> @DJLOPZ (reblip)


| play
msmusik @SistaSuga whachuknowboutdat?!?! your girl put me on 2 it...imma see if i can find something in the crates 4 u....sit tight.. (reblip)
bendrix Guilty S. is an above average lyricist - its cwazy how Milk rips it better than the kats who ONLY do lyrics. I never heard this its DOPE=> rb@DJLOPZ (reblip)
girlsflyingsolo Lies... wish I could have seen it in your eyes but I was too caught up in your 'web' of lies.
Lesli I agree RT @Musnik: "this girl has such a beautiful and sad voice. adore this song)" (reblip)

BebeTu Silencio

| play
Bdarealist Moove Society ~Soul Train Girl

Soul Train Girl

| play
MusicWithMsB Love this song. Men listen up!!! This says it all." (reblip)
AbsoluteVenus bangin beat...Clipse – Grindin ft Pharrell Instrumental Produced by Neptunes

"Endow Me" The Clark Sisters

| play
showbizgirl i know who i want to take me home ....
Blackempire B.W.B. – It's Your Thing

audio two-top billin

| play
Macbot Spending a few moments listening to the Electric Moog Orchestra.
msmusik some serious keys and some serious vocals here! enjoy!
LYRIC *Sweet Dreams* Bo-Chica :) here's some loveliness 4 U as U enter your ~dreamscape... where U are surrounded by the FHOC ;) @BohemianChick

MobyMemory Gospel

| play
SistaSuga When walk into a venue where this song is playing, I will stop dead in my tracks and start dancing, no lie! Jon B. Don't Talk

Jon BDon't Talk

| play
dreamon51 "Ahhh... Roy! Roy Orbison – You Got It" (reblip)

Roy OrbisonYou Got It

| play
Bdarealist @Cocoamel: "LOL. Check out those shoulder pads! @Bdarealist " <LOL yes those shoulder pads are crrrrrazy (reblip)

Soul Train Girl

| play
broadwayg RB@ambit: "@broadwayg Fresh Jazz Cafe back tomorrow night at the regular time...Thanks for asking AND Listening. Phil Perry for "Slo Jamz///One Mo.... (reblip)
msmusik d'angelo!! where are you?! please come back!!
PryncessPoetiq #musicmonday Ryan Leslie :: Addiction


| play
msmusik u got eyez but they ain't for me - u better use them 4 what they 4 n that's 2 see!!
msmusik an **exceptionally** beautiful song from ramona dunlap -->
powerlevel u turned me on to this song and i love it . . thanks, @matriax (reblip)
jaywalk1 I used to wish Janet would show up at my house...wait...still do

Janet Jackson "Go Deep" (Official)

| play
Kaptiv8 The 70's throwback Thursday continues - Boney M

Charles Wright Watts 103rd Street Band Express Yourself

| play
Kaptiv8 With funk like this, workin' is Easy. :)

Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z - Crazy In

| play
whuu Aiight, point proven. P hour has arrived

PrinceVicki Waiting

| play

Janis Joplin - Piece of my heart

| play

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

| play
RitaLee sleater kinney, no es basura indie.


| play
msmusik I love the original Hound Dog waaaay better than Elvis'!!

Original version of HOUND DOG by Big Mama Thornton

| play
SpinninSara thx for blipping this ;-) RB vi@RnBE: "A Taste Of Honey - Sukiyaki" (reblip)
Regiane_bc This is my way... I walk a lonely road,The only one that I have ever known,Don't know where it goes but I walk alone!

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
whuu & now u plead insanity & u don't even know the score
jOrgeAlmeYda Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah [lyrics]

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

| play
misterfonzie Get up with the get-down on #funkfriday and boogie w/ Kool & The Gang

Zero 7 "Destiny"

| play
a1c0n una cancion que no escuchaba hace años!

Pavarotti and Tracy Chapman-Baby Can I Hold You Tonight

| play
mnelson @lord2k10: Blood, Sweat & Tears – He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Great Song!:) (reblip)
Bdarealist she was considered the female Rakim.
andresleal para começar bem o sabadão! Jay-Z's "D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)" Video!

Jay-Z's "D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)" Video!

| play

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

| play
krystynchong Bobby Brown's BEST song. Rock Wit'cha: I wanna rock witcha baby, I wanna roll w/you lady...
krystynchong yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah... (the is THE hottest Duffy version of "Mercy")


| play
NiseDerson forever in my ♥, happy birthday MJ - RIP
Alki ...το μόνο της ζωής μου ταξίδι είσαι εσύ, κοντεύω τα 40 κι ακόμα είμαι παιδί...:)

Ωραία κοιμωμένη

| play
Megatonlove To those who still can. Jump Around by House of Pain

Erykah Badu Annie Dont Wear No Panties

| play
PAMsLOvE Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful
asialakay Blackalicious – Release Featuring Saul Williams, and Lyrics Born #fineart