djwashingtonson Funkytown – Lipps Inc (high energy music can cause you to loose weight...if you dance! (reblip)

Lipps IncFunkytown

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CounterfeitRed Any Red Sox fan knows this as Papelbon's song.
jovelstefan Ohrwurm des Tages: Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
ladypn And because we DID need to slow things down on the dance floor, and grab the one you love and hold them tight... oh yeah, you'll never find.
ladypn @sheryonstone He never has been the type to "get into things", so not sure. If this happens again he's going to the vet's in the am. (reblip)

kool & the gang - ladys night

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pappinyc ...

Chaka Khan - Through The Fire

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djwashingtonson Last Dance – Donna Summer (good night everybody! I wore myself out dancing at the Disco!
pappinyc ...

gangstarr dwyck

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Bluraven Who you tryin' to get crazy with?

Cypress Hill_Insane in the Membrane

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Bluraven The Mack Dad will make ya...the Daddy Mack'll make ya...

Kris KrossJump

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MJMusicSidelinePass "I may be just a foolish dreamer, but I don't care...zoom..."

The Commodores-Zoom

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Bluraven Sadly...I never did bust the move. :-(

Young MCBust a Move

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godninja -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ladypn Can't forget this great disco beat! ;)
S_Wash This was the ringtone that was stuck on replay when my Rasor busted. Sprint wanted me to re-create the error, all they had to do was turn it on! lol! (reblip)

Ne-YoSexy Love

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technolene I put a spell on you...becaaaaaaaaaaaaaause you're miiiiiiine.
ghozali who's gonna be the first person to get rick rolled on twitter?
CounterfeitRed Wow, thanks @vgan. I had no idea she did a cover of this! (reblip)
dj_bluesdaddy Cross Town Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
GR8FL Back to Grammy nominations (airing on 8-Feb). This category is "Best Rock Song" 2 of 5
GR8FL Back to Grammy nominations (airing on 8-Feb). This category is "Best Rock Song" 5 of 5


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SlipperyDistortion Soul instrumental #3. This is an essential in my list of top songs all-time. Ultra smooth.
vebra Haven't heard this in a while
TJCNYC New-ish Aretha-full demo mashup from The Kleptones. Hot.
jlightbody Just got a really good offer...I am out of here! Rock on blipsters!!
Urbnistiq just look at my face, these tears i'm cryin...
Urbnistiq oh shit, did you see the way she got her toes did
Urbnistiq sunday morning rain is fallin'
TJCNYC @olumide_e Some classic Stax from Carla Thomas' dad Rufus.
lub @LaMaya muchas gracias, linda!!! another sweet song 4 you ;)

Chrisette Michele-Love Is You

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liquido @DrDisk - more than a dope beat to step to.
lub i love this jonh legend's song......
lub get back to me.........
lub the most religious folks in the hip hop scene ;) but they have some good tracks anyway.........

Outlandish - aisha

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paisley no air (duet with chris brown) – Jordin Sparks
lub sleepy brown! damn good!!!!!!
andthatsme the breakdown in this is phenom. (oh it's time for me to shine.)
melodyofurlife @angrybob @NyQuilDriver @RealtorLebrve You'll like this tune The Artist is Denis Leary not Hole

HoleAss Hole Song

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salt and peppa shoop shoop

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GR8FL I been maxed out on you a while, @mellowmello. This is your song, yes?
miguesme Bailamos – Enrique Iglesias
Urbnistiq i be like da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-damn
Jeffie You're just 2 good 2 B true - can't take my eyes off you - you'd be like Heaven to touch; I want to hold you so much. At long last love has arrived...
Jeffie ...She told me to come, but I was already there, 'cause the walls start shaking...and we were making it, and you shook me all night long...
CreativeCandy One my all time fav's Roisen Murphy can do no wrong
djwashingtonson James Brown - i feel good

james brown - i feel good

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Clark_Griswold was ranked the 68th greatest song of the 1990s by VH1. The connotations associated with the word jiggy were heavily influenced by this single. wiki
Clark_Griswold after being featured in the film, it reached the top position. It won two Grammy Awards, for 'Song of the Year' and 'Record of the Year'. wiki
jonasryan i forgot to blip my favorite band... need a girl with a golden touch.
JRex @sheryonstone ... hope you had a good safe journey on your trip home today Sweetie; we missed you in blip ... :)

WarLow Rider

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JRex [Bristol Stomp – The Dovells]
chicklitgurrl I'm joining @peechxxxx with my own slow jam Friday Night....and here I'm kicking it off...
dcrebekah @Figgywithit good one! Had no idea the Shins were so covered!
cee1 this is my joint!!!!
chicklitgurrl Eyes closed, laid back, and just float on...
chicklitgurrl I wish everyday was easy like Sunday morning...


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JRex @sheryonstone ... this I like!; turns me on ...:) [trepac - the fast and lively russian dance from the Nutcracker] ; ... good night @olumide_e !:P (reblip)
ZachsMind The nose guard thing just fell off my glasses. These are the cheapest ass glasses I've ever owned. Dammit! (reblip)
adbert [I'd Love To Change The World – Ten Years After] Remember this one, @reimagin?
bendrix I agree but Respiration is on my top 5 all time hip hop tracks rbp=> @mortiis469 DOPE track... dope dope dope.. did I say this was dope? PUMP it up!! (reblip)
DownLow @Cynbad, I had to take a break from work stuff too. Blip is a great escape mechanism, right? via @ladypn (reblip)
wsgbane And away they rolled, just lovers intertwined with no place to go.
djwashingtonson Jungle Boogie – Kool & the Gang
lub the godfather remixed by cay taylan! fuuuuuuuuuunky!!!!!!
calamari @MrsPBoutique That's "I'm a man" by the Spencer Davis Group. The version on that vid sounds like a cover, not sure by whom. Cute ad btw. :)
djwashingtonson Please Don't Stop the Music – Rihanna
bendrix This is cool Its a different sounding Cardigan's. I know their older stuff, dont know this - thanks for blipN reblip=> @mellowmello @godninja (reblip)
bendrix <= this guy has an irrational crush on Imogen. Love this song reblip=> @mellowmello (reblip)

Frou FrouBreathe In

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bendrix My 1st time hearing this track - Thank you SIR. I have a big gap in my jazz knowledge. Its embarrassing but true reblip=> @DougAlder (reblip)
bendrix This song is off the Everything but the Girl album "Walking Wounded" this is an excellnt example of Chill DrumNBass @killiterati
djwashingtonson Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) – Parliament
djwashingtonson Heute ist ein großer Tag! (Whatever You Got, I Want – The Jackson 5
Urbnistiq i sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candles
bendrix RIP Aaliyah - I did not follow Aaliyah the way I should have, but I the girl was ultra talented she will be missed

AaliyahRock Da Boat

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chicklitgurrl Just wanted to move for a minute or two. *shake, shake*
chicklitgurrl While I'm editing, I've decided Joss Stone will be my musical accompaniment...
ZachsMind George Carlin was fond of saying we are all stardust - that this has been scientifically proven. He used to perform at the Stardust Hotel in Vegas. (reblip)
djwashingtonson (Hoje é um grande dia!) ABC – Jackson 5

Jackson 5ABC

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Urbnistiq @olumide_e , yeah. that they do! this is another one of my favorites.
dean used to love Brockwell Park and this song
DownLow @olumide_e, King Britt from DP now goes by the moniker of Sylk 130 or Scuba, says Wikipedia
adbert New voices in music:[Approaching You – Amber Ojeda]
SofiaPopia ✰You wouldn't know what to say to yourself, love is a poverty you couldn't sell. Misery waits in vague hotels to be evicted✰


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MelMaven "Voo Doo" -Neville Brothers
bendrix I believe Santana did the original. I personally dig the house version from the 90s reblip=> @Saorsa The best track...any other versions available? (reblip)

dj malackkJINGO

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FishCo Get your passports ready . . . last stop on your tour of Britain is a song about New Orleans
FishCo Whitney's aunt. Trains, and Boats, and Planes . . .


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fbrahimi Hello, Hola, Salam, Bonjour :-))) (reblip)

Maze-Back in Stride

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MelMaven "Rapper's Delight" -The Sugarhill Gang
lub so classic! so killer! it reminds me a lot of funny dancing moments............
TJCNYC It's a Cherry Red Sunday evening in New York City. Thanks to @alorza for this. (reblip)
DJTina All we are is dust in the wind...
bendrix U are quite logical, I should have deduced from the Kats who remade the song. ThankQ very much MRs Lady=> @ladypn (@Diordan this is the original)
SlipperyDistortion Aimee Mann survived major labels, started her own, and released numerous smart pop songs over a true indie career that has no signs of slowing down.
Urbnistiq @olumide_e ,thanks! & yeah he does. loved him in hairspray, lol
JRex thx @canadiantimtam nice to meet you Tammy :D :) ... TimTam the horse almost won the Triple Crown except for a leg injury; mmm love those cookies:) (reblip)
santamistura @Figgywithit thanks and goodnight for you;0) i also go back to my bed;) (reblip)
jjpjack One of my absolute favorite artists. Ray LaMontagne. Be Here Now.
GR8FL It's time to go... very tiring Monday, and I need rest to get better. Thanks for the music everyone.
ZachsMind This band consists of people born French but with a Spanish ancestry, and a deep connection to their roots. The song's about American excess. Crazy. (reblip)

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish)

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olumi_day something similar happened with one of my blips yesterday @patita hey..... @olumide_e... i was thinking of the same song at the same time... ;))) (reblip)
GR8FL @bendrix @patricia_coelho You take the blue pill, the story ends and you wake up believing whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you
bendrix Wow I haven't heard that yet. I heard her breathing on the track and saying "OMG" but does Imogen actually play an instrument too? @adbert (reblip)
FishCo Here's what Lou & I said as we left the guy in the afore mentioned song:
Radio_Tikim Dig – Incubus ( boa noite há todos ---->Good evening every )


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Radiobread mmmm Gimme Shelter - Patti Smith ..mmm not quite Mick, but bloody good! and just a shout away..
SlipperyDistortion Today, I'm reblipping 20 songs that I've never heard before. #18 from @claudix. (reblip)
ZachsMind The open of this piece is a tip of the hat to 'Mississippi Goddamn' by Nina Simone. She introduced her song in a similar manner. (reblip)
calamari @1Indie_nation probably know more about electronica than me. How about Soul Bossa Trio?
lub this song is an improvisation in the studio.... such a pity is not complete cause is so dope @Reuben
santamistura We get it on most every night when that moon is big and bright its a supernatural delight everybodys dancing in the moonlight @PerfectoVirViri
ADub I'm not an MC talkin all that junk, about who can beat who- sound like a punk...
ADub People of the world try to make ends meet. You travel by car, train, bus or feet..
adbert RIFF-TIME [Roadhouse Blues – The Doors] Ok, really: Last blip. Good night, @threebears, @santamistura, @luiz_com_z, @sheryonstone and @marilovisky!
Radio_Tikim Parusia – Rosa de Saron ( esse som é muito mara )
ADub Uncle L- future of the Funk..
wsgbane Dear Internet, I blip this alot, but the song is funny and great. Sincerely, Your Trusted Friend In Science.
ADub I just produce, create, innovate on a higher level....
sheryonstone SERIOIUSLY NOW ! Just Who Did You Think I Was? Better yet, who am I ? *dancin :D
bendrix Bro this is iLL thanQ for blipN me this. Great content lyrically & sincerity. reblip=> @MassimoFarina Conscious lyrics and a sweet bass line. (reblip)

ShadNow A Daze

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Radio_Tikim Blá, Blá, Blá... Eu Te Amo (Rádio Blá) – Lobão
lub if you ever come 2 spain i will fix u a date with la mari @bendrix (reblip)


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olumi_day holy crap!! whoever uploaded this to blip is my hero ==> Al Green – Stong As Death, Sweet As Love
michelin What it all comes down to, is that everything is going to be fine, fine, fine.
Urbnistiq I dance all night, we gonna dance all night, dance all night to this DJ
Urbnistiq i'll let kanye end this, the song title speaks for itself. good night blippers. thanks for the good songs @olumide_e !
mortiis469 this dumbass fell off a while back - but his early stuff is dope.

CageAgent Orange

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fbrahimi Happy Birthday : 50 ans de la Motown !!!
santamistura sometimes... I’m so tired over beating myself beating myself up wanna take a trip and multiply please go under with a smileeeeeeeeeeeee
PanchoCueto via @iddybud, In The Midnight Hour – The Commitments (reblip)
djwashingtonson Fly Robin Fly – Silver Convention (all Disco, all Day!)
jonasryan An adidas tv ad by spike jonze... best image for this song...
davidwatts1978 gotta be one her most popular in blip world

SadeBy Your Side

| play
vebra on this morning's the afternoon's
SoulMusicSummitDj a jewel from mos def with the soft touch of zero 7! (reblip)

mos def - Umi Says (Zero 7 Remix)

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Urbnistiq buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it
Urbnistiq chinese food makes me sick

LfoSummer Girls

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mortiis469 devin is a weird dude. real weird. some really great music - this cut is off an album he did in 2001, "Ocean Machine / Biomech" real powerful stuff.

Devin TownsendLife

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Urbnistiq i'm supergirl & i'm here to save the world but i wanna know, who's gonna save me?
olumi_day @Urbnistiq I will be reblipping all your blips soon!

Crazy TownButterfly

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Urbnistiq gitchy gitchy ya ya da da gitchy gitchy ya ya here mocha choca latta ya ya creole lady marmalade
mortiis469 i'm getting pumped up over here. damn. gotta work in the morning - not going to be up too much longer. ughhhh!!! TURN IT UP!!!
Urbnistiq @olumide_e good luck! its quite a bit for only being on here for 4 days! lol

Gnarls BarkleyRun

| play
Urbnistiq just when it hit me, somebody turned around and shouted play that funky music white boy

KC and the Sunshine Band Play That Funky Music White Boy

| play
Urbnistiq why you wanna play your games on me?

Chuckii BookerGames

| play
mortiis469 classic. again, with some tracks you just can't say much else.
Urbnistiq it’s my world, you just a squirrel, tryin’ to get a nut
Urbnistiq @olumide_e ; let the geek in the pink take a stab at it!
mortiis469 tough to decide which one to put up - i love both. hey, wait. i'll just put up both. 8=) i think it's awesome johnny did this - came out great.

Johnny CashHurt

| play
Urbnistiq got me lifted, shifted, higher than the ceiling & ooh wee its the ultimate feeling. u got me lifted feelin so gifted suga how u get so fly
JRex Happy to hear it, & I'm doing fine @by_starla ... the moon has been beautiful here also; never get tired of looking at it or the stars ...:) (reblip)

Ida MariaOh My God

| play
chicklitgurrl Anybody else feel like teasing their hair real, REAL high and shellacing the 'do with White Rain hair spray - maximum hold?
FrankeKnucks break free....break free........
FrankeKnucks for everyone who has faith...for anyone who has had faith....for all who are looking for or need faith... vibe with this one.

Jason UptonFaith

| play
JRex @ladypn that's only online to cover the bases; up close I'm really faithful ... :)
DJSID @olumide_e thanks for the props and comments. you got some strong blips in here. hope you enjoy this blip...
chicklitgurrl Yep - decided my "thang" for Saturday - 80s female singers, so watch out now, LOL
chicklitgurrl She has had surgery on her legs; I just know it, LOL
SlipperyDistortion One of the stellar releases of 2008 channeling Motown, modern R&B, and Saadiq's amazing voice that makes Smokey Robinson blush.
Y2zl this one is for @CATTAGA - count me amongst your life support. here for ya anytime, just ask.


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Urbnistiq who let you hit it from the back any way that you like
GR8FL @formalhaut your blip cut, so here it is without cutting short (I hope).
jonasryan Police car chase at the highway... the thief ends up all beat up... (reblip)
rosetopal Don't Explain Be Obtuse~Nina Simone (Hard at work, be good to yourselves)
DownLow @truk77, here is one of my favorite J-POP tunes. the ddr blip kinda reminded me of this one.
Urbnistiq i don't like a girl that eats the puppy chow lol

Fly Girl - Boogie Boys

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jonasryan White bearded man smoking slowly looking at a girl dancing, another coin needs to be inserted said the machine... (reblip)
cee1 i had to go here cause it was in order!
Urbnistiq i rock the party that rocks your body
Urbnistiq don't you EVER touch my stereo!


| play
Urbnistiq if we're jammin the music and somebody's got the audacity to say that they can jam it better than us shame on them...
Kat1124 this is how we do it! love this old school jam
cee1 this is hot like grits on sunday morning!!!!lol
martinwedgwood Run DMC - Peter Piper

run dmc - peter piper

| play
digitalrao bloody sunday tomorrow - for the homeless is
CargoCulte Stop me if you think you've heard this one before...
elementguy Shine on

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

| play
paisley crystal_method -right_here_right_now -no_idea_mix


| play
DareToEatAPeach Cold hearted orb that rules the night Removes the colors from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white we decide which is right & which is an illusion?
DJTina @Rachell Dá uma vontade de dançar né? Também gosto dela. (reblip)
wsgbane I've mastered the art of using only one paper towel after washing my hands. Lots of practice at Vivendi, but I'm finally green in the bathroom!
mmemaledicta "some days aren't yours at all, they come and go just as some else's days" spot-on! OK, so this is the last of the morning, don't wanna b late!
GR8FL @driczz, this is the version I grew up with... I love it and hope you also do.
JRex778 @thahy hi sweetie hope you're having a great evening ...:-) (reblip)
MrThompsonR Sing along, if you know the words...? ;~)
ZachsMind Why's it so cold in here? ...did I pay the heating bill? (reblip)
neonblake a solid cover of this classic song!!
neonblake 80s standard just in for today!! turn it up and do that crazy dance you did almost 30 years ago!!
davidwatts1978 Solomon Burke + Tom Waits what can I say!!!!
elementguy Anybody else discover they are now following several people they never heard of?
haposay11 Power sound...Human After All from Daft Punk
haposay11 [Don't speak – No Doubt] oldie`s sounds, georgeous woman

No DoubtDon't speak

| play
djwashingtonson Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band
haposay11 Sting & The Police Every Breath You Take (reblip)

Sting & The Police Every Breath You Take

| play
melodyofurlife not really into church music, but music made in a church is a totally different story!
MrThompsonR Wild Wild Wild – Lyfe Jennings
DareToEatAPeach Nice one from @wurst! @filipesouza Look what popped up on my list before that Ray Charles you played. W00t! (reblip)
calamari @minmae Yeah, Harry Connick, Jr. is great. I also love his cover of "Stardust", but I can't find that one on blip. :)
DJRodneyKing @puroglamour @simplesmente @santamistura @negapreta @larajanuario! Queria agradecê-las pela compania incrível! Que 2009 seja "O ANO" para todas vcs (reblip)
Clark_Griswold adding the soft glow of electric sex in my window for only $15 ---> :)
davidwatts1978 driving over Brooklyn Bridge with Danny at 1am, great moments
DJRodneyKing Sem Palavras para esse som ... Mandou muito @puroglamour! (reblip)

Pink FloydMoney

| play
GR8FL They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough Well it's till' I turn off the light, turn off the light
DJTina @olumide_e Thanks! This is another famous Brazilian singer.
gigia lutando contra a internet
digitalrao orginal word up - not KORN

CameoWord Up

| play
ricktawny Lennon es con dos enes, pero esta canción es una de las mejores de la Historia.

John LenonImagine

| play
EvDJ And for those in the Northwestern U.S....Enjoy the warmth by the fire.
gigia reminds when I moved to sao paulo. everything was so new, and the unknown was so often. I felt some unexpected freedon to be a face without past. (reblip)

PortisheadAll Mine

| play
vdarkbloom cigarette and a blindfold, please
ZachsMind Dear everyone: ...You're very welcome. I knew you'd like it.
ZachsMind If you need holiday music this year that doesn't suck the life out of the holiday, try
underneathica "Mingle" is a fun hip-hop album. Jack Endino plays drums on this track, and I think Kim Thayil plays some guitar.
FairBolFL Let's mellow out. Fast fact #2761.....John Mayer graduated from the same high school that I graduated from (class of 1995).

John MayerDaughters

| play
calamari This is good "it's going to be a long night" music.

HeliosPaper Tiger

| play
calamari Sunny days in November! Oh San Francisco, your weather is always a happy mystery.
calamari You're breaking my heart tonight Nina :,(
calamari I'll give ya, shelter from the storm. :)
calamari @lorisgirl Never heard the Sam Kenton version, I'll look it up, but I like this version, very dramatic. :)
byroncrawford Why did I only discover these guys just recently on NPR?
MedicoGeek Uso o Chrome, do Google. Ele é super rápido para carregar. Passou no teste da velocidade
DJRodneyKing Cheguei atrasado mas to aqui !! Boa sorte @larajanuario !! Bom dia a Todos !!
DJRodneyKing [Don't Let The Man Get You Down – Fatboy Slim]
elementguy I watching the history of Rock and roll over Turkey weekend so I'm in and oldie mood today
paisley Paid In Full (Seven Minutes of Music - The Coldcut Remix) – Eric B. & Rakim
melodyofurlife @evablue your stones cover had me thinking of this stones classic. one of my favorites
Gaspar Porque o dia tá chato e preciso de música pra fingir que não to aqui. "my favourite dream is to dream that I am dreaming"
calamari Heal her soul and carry her my angel
DJRodneyKing Srs. e Sras., Uma ótima noite a todos !! O dia hoje aqui foi sensacional, como sempre !! Thank you Guys ... Cheers All
davidwatts1978 Every day I get in the queue To get on the bus that takes me to you I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile

The WhoMagic Bus

| play
geo_ té q enfim alguem que não saiu pa rua passear. rs @gigia =p
geo_ mas óia! @ekman tira o chinelo entra e senta. rs


| play
Jeffie Beautiful song; sound reminiscent of that of The Association, & from that same era. The singer certainly leaves no doubt that he loves this woman...
DareToEatAPeach @gabasanch Sweet dreams! I can see I'll be max blipping you many nights to come.
elementguy Don't know why I thought of this
DProsper You remind how good music sopose to sound!!!
JRex778 thanks @miguesme ; Hey! @sandraew @bendrix @claudix & @camden = hope you're all having a great evening :-) (reblip)

A-HaTake On Me

| play
CargoCulte @CherryGhost I think "meh" would convey how things are. :)
99luftaballoons This is the first Jon and Vangelis song I've ever heard.
DProsper the high school science class anthem!!!
Jeffie @lilwldchld I'm not even ashamed to admit it-the 80's are MODERN to me, musically :P) My daughter took dance classes & did 1 to this song - adorable!

Gloria Estefan - Conga

| play
vdarkbloom juniper berries in a wheat germ prairie
djwashingtonson @jasoncrouch (i like it, too) Here Comes The Sun – George Harrison (reblip)
actualday as retro as a tamiya hornet. (reblip)
bendrix Which link??? I am not sure what you are referring to my friend? reblip=> @Chickee can you share the link pretty please (reblip)
ZachsMind "1 day our generation's gonna rule the population so we keep on waiting on the world to change." Mayer is 31 yrs old; Obama? 47. I'm 40. Still waiting (reblip)
michelin Oh, they just keep coming. Reinforce the floodgates, there's a surge.
michelin This theme used to scare the crap out of me. Cut me some slack, I was 5!
bendrix I 1st heard of Cat Power on Blip, this is the 2nd blip I've heard by them. This song is really nice - thanks for sharing reblip=> @juliana_brant (reblip)
mrsbusdriver @michelin and @ChristopherNYCK now this was an eco friendly species.
JRex Hi & thx @ladypn ... we think alike! ...:D yes I did & i hope you did also ..:) Hello & TY @memoria @aldenia @patita @AleBourg @sheryonstone @sky126 (reblip)

SadeSmooth Operator

| play
ramon_CAT Harvest For The World - The Isley Brothers.
C2C_STAR_STATUS I bet he do love it!.....and I'm not! Just a little bit!.....Put a little umph in it!
LoopZilla Miami (Album Version) – Will Smith
ramelot Me he quedado dormido hará un par de horas y me acabo de despertar a las 22:10 de la noche. Esta noche va a ser larga :P
LaVyrtuosa I'm the type of girl that'll look you dead in the eye... I'm real as they come if you don't know why i'm fly...
EliasOlave una versión Davisiana de time after time
Sandman5 So where are the strong? And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony....
RedThreadDIY I dedicate this to @spooons - LOL
Fraueva Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme! You better get me to school on time!! :D School of Rock ST


| play
kio One Drop Dub – Bob Marley
wsgbane Back when The Game was decent!
Y2zl media is my heroin and is my new favorite delivery method.
Stuartdome Per andare a letto....con questa confusione in testa!!! Non c'è di meglio che....

PrincePurple Rain

| play
LoopZilla Jump Around – House of Pain
PedroCardoso Música que voltou com tudo por causa do filme.
MelMaven Good Night..Over and Out..."Cleva"-Erykah Badu

Erykah BaduCleva

| play
MooseAndSquirrel Before Burton came along--That's Chad Allen on vocals
cee1 let see if yall know who sampled this joint???????
MooseAndSquirrel But does The Bob like Tony Toni Tone?
cee1 this is what i need in my life smooth grooves.
cee1 this is fire too hot for t.v. hot!
JRex [Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations]
GR8FL @abarbosa I think I may like the Marisa Monte better.
Clark_Griswold I like to listen to this song while I am running.
Jeffie I gotcha! Aha, ha! U thought I didn't c u now, didn't ya? Aha, ha! U tried 2 sneak away from me, didn't ya? I GOTCHA!!!! :P)))))))

Joe TexI Gotcha

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kardwell Still find myself humming this at work, so it must have been my tune of 2008. Great bass-line. Catchy as hell.