Gypsylyn Here we go.. - Smoke On the Water -
oregonblip It is a beautiful world and we need to take care of it better then we have been. After all it is the garden of our life.
oregonblip Round Here ... Given the time of day... what could one expect round here.
oregonblip She gathers rain and dumps here in Oregon... I see I see ... Hi @DeAnn @jencvs
oregonblip Help @BlueJeanBaby, you can call me Bob... :-)

-James Taylor & Carly Simon Mockingbird

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oregonblip There is something happening here... some form of liquid is falling from the skies :-)
oregonblip This is beautiful song... a favorite for relaxing too.

EnyaOnly Time

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oregonblip All things must pass... so be careful what you eat... ha ha ha... couldn't help it.
oregonblip My Sweet Lord, hope all are doing fine. Miss the late night visits when I was in lots of pain but don't miss the pain. Thank you so much.
oregonblip All those years ago. Don't you know about how to give... all those years ago.
oregonblip A little comedy relief... not music, but funny.
oregonblip OK, how many women here are really Cinnamon Girls? Don't be shy speak up... :-)
jencvs A mashup between Beatles I want you & Elvis Costello's I want you must be interesting...

The Beatles-I Want You (Shes So Heavy)

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oregonblip Having one of those lazy days... of course it could be that 4 hours of sleep last night hasn't helped the matter.

EnyaLazy Days

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oregonblip Pump It... turn up the radio, blast your stereo lounder...
oregonblip OK... let get it started... let's get recorded in here...
oregonblip All night long,it seems sometimes... ha!
oregonblip This should help calm me and get me started in the right direction for sleep... ha!

Kenny GAlways

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oregonblip Nice... for a late night. Just 12:02 AM now here... should be in bed... oh well.
oregonblip hello, @djwttw Your right...this is good. Thanks for the share. (reblip)


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oregonblip I know I left my heart somewhere around here. Have you seen it? (reblip)
oregonblip This is it... come get it while you can... ha! I've been wondering why too...
oregonblip Oh yeah have to have some Spinners today...
oregonblip Better get on the last train to Clarksville... ha!
oregonblip Guess headed out... later.
oregonblip Hey @glueandglitter, remember when... not usually into country, but this is a really nice song... so I gave in. At least you can understand it, ha!
oregonblip Monday's oh my... I thought it had to be Tuesday by now... I must have been dreaming... @djwttw
Shyone44 So if I call you, don't make a fuss.... Don't tell your friends about the two of us....

10ccI'm Not in Love

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oregonblip Morning @BlueJeanBaby hope all is going well today for you.
oregonblip Thank you @adbert for sharing this... I will return favor and share with others... (reblip)

The KnackMy Sharona

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adbert [Aerosmith – Come Together]
adbert [Def Leppard – C'mon C'mon]
oregonblip Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder, let it in... these little wonders... these small hours, these small hours still remain. Nice song!!!
oregonblip @gorester These guys sound a bit like the Talking Heads at least the style seems very similar. Kind of like Coke and Coke Zero... ha! (reblip)
oregonblip Hey you get into my car... yeah yeah

Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

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evablue getting sidetracked by the 80's. back to the schmaltz.
oregonblip Fun one to play on the guitar...
oregonblip From a distance the world looks blue and green and the snow cap mountains white. From a distance there is harmony.
oregonblip More Barry... you've got it together.
SusieBlackmon Ever find it hard to .... Breathe Again? [Toni Braxton]
oregonblip Brings out the Native American in me... Great great grandfather married an Indian Princess from the Waring tribe of the Cherokee Nation.

CherHalf Breed

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oregonblip This goes back a bit... I Got You Babe, I miss Sunny. Now another star has fallen from Skiing. Of course they didn't run into a tree like Sunny did.

CherI Got You Babe

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oregonblip Coors and Blues go together..don't ya think...and classic rock, too!@str8jgirl I agree 100% (reblip)
oregonblip Hope you like some Bryan Adams @str8jgirl

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

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oregonblip This is just crazy love... but oh so good.
SarahWV I really don’t mind what happens now and then as long as you’ll be my friend at the end
oregonblip She has a nice voice... so have you ever?
oregonblip You don't know me and you don't even care... :-)


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str8jgirl Blues baby!@oregonblip


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oregonblip Now lets go rocking all the way...
oregonblip OK @BlueJeanBaby, here is a little Elton the old guy... ha! How did those bricks get yellow, that better be gold, ha!
oregonblip I know it's not @elton @john but running down a list of groups... @BlueJeanBaby but I will play some of his today and Steven Tyler...
oregonblip Well have to hang up for awhile... so I can finish up some work... later all. Have a good night / day what ever the case may be. Enjoyed it!
oregonblip OK if we all can stop being so Jaded things would go so much better... ha! Don't get that all over me... my my baby blue!!!


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oregonblip It's the Perfect Time of Day... Lunch... ha!
oregonblip It wasn't good enough for you...

Amanda PerezAngel

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oregonblip Miss your take on anything... and the music you would play.
oregonblip Do we want to take the Freeway.

Aimee MannFreeway

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oregonblip I am my own fun type of attitude is best, I am happy because I choose to be. Fill your heart with love and peace. Things will get better for you.
oregonblip Pressure... don't let it get to you, you are your own person, find the peace within. What matters most is you, can't let outside things influence you.

QueenUnder Pressure

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oregonblip We all need @Somebody... Hey @djwttw you changed your avatar pic.
oregonblip Maybe this will help cheer you up @BlueJeanBaby remember those days... cursing around by the beach or wherever.
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby close Blip and reopen and try again...

DeftonesSimple Man

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oregonblip Nice... really enjoy this one by the Beach Boys, thanks @BlueJeanBaby for sharing... (reblip)
oregonblip OK... miss Elvis too. I use to sing all his songs when I was younger.
oregonblip Who misses John Denver?

John Denver - Sweet Surrender

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oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby you mean a real zoo, or the zoo we call life? Hard to tell some times... ha!
oregonblip When I come around... I'll be awaken fully... ha! Hello @MandaLynn
JulieK All my people right here right now, d'you know what I meeeeean..... yea yea


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oregonblip Break Free - Cool song by Dave Matthews
oregonblip Another song that made it to a James Bond movie.
oregonblip @Gypsylyn - I forget... was it the red or blue pill, ha! (reblip)
oregonblip If only ... we Let There Be Love !!! No more hate, no more fear, no more wars.
oregonblip Nice stereo sound affects in this... hi @sheryonstone @ladypn @adrianomendonca Happy Friday to you and @inkybinkybee - like that hat on you, very cool
oregonblip @Greenie Wow have not heard this in a long time... I still have a guitar book around somewhere with there songs on it. (reblip)

The MonkeesValleri

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oregonblip @glueandglitter You know what happens when you use glue and glitter. I know I usually end up with it all over me... so I try to limit the glitter, ha! (reblip)
pcornqueen They use to Rock Sooooooo Hard...

Van HalenUnchained

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oregonblip Here is the video with Torn by Johan Lippowitz with Natalie Imbruglia -
oregonblip Now to step it up a bit with Born to Run...
oregonblip Oh Hello to @lollydaskal, @pcornqueen, @Greenie @inkybinkybee anyone ever been to the Streets of Philadelphia, it's one place I haven't been.
oregonblip @Gypsylyn, @Gypsy great song, thanks for sharing it... (reblip)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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pcornqueen Nice cover man.......

RushThe Seeker

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Greenie i can't stop blippin this motown music today!
oregonblip Hello @Veronique ... hey just found out tomorrow is Pi Day ... so we should all get Pie, ha!
oregonblip Wild sounds... a must listen... I fly in my dreams all the time... very cool to do.
oregonblip Wow @inkybinkybee this is @Garbage... how can anyone Sleep Together with all that racket going on... :-) very different song. Not what I expected. (reblip)
oregonblip @Gypsylyn @Krimzen OK wasn't in this a James Bond Movie, to Sir with Love or something like that... ha! (reblip)
oregonblip @lollydaskal @Paisano Hey there are worse things to be addicted too... ha ha ha! (reblip)
SarahWV I felt so symbolic yesterday.
SarahWV I don't know if I've ever been good enough

Matchbox 20Push

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oregonblip Sorry about that last one... I guess it didn't take ... try this one. American idol winner Taylor Hicks.
oregonblip Everyone welcome to the jungle. Please do not feed the animals they will bite and we don't have insurance... ha!
oregonblip @Gypsylyn Wow that use to be a favorite at one time... ha! Thanks for sharing... Were getting there... ha! (reblip)
oregonblip OK... thanks for saying it... ha!
oregonblip Anyone else have any Corrs songs... One of my favorite Irish groups.

CorrsWhat Can I Do

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shortygal The Jake Ryan song *swoon* ;)

Thompson Twins-If You Were Here

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evablue must drink water. no snacks before sleep.
evablue i know a guy who used this when he walked up the aisle when he tied the knot
oregonblip Thanks all... have to go, maybe if I'm lucky I can get a break to get on later... if not hope to catch everyone tomorrow again. Funny @daretoeatapeach

Lady GagaJust Dance

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DesertLily @oregonblip. Thanks for the the songs. Leaving so soon?
oregonblip ((((((((((((((((love this))))))))))))))not meatloaf.... Same here @lollydaskal (reblip)
oregonblip Takes me back to a past life in the old country :-)
oregonblip Gimme some lovin' - Blues Brothers... tap your feet.
oregonblip Get your running shoes on... ha!
ninetynine The video is just...weird.
oregonblip It's just way too much ...

Al GreenToo Much

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DeAnnLR ahhh, one of my old blips! :-))) via@UmpNews Shocking Blue - Venus (reblip)
oregonblip Feel her breath on my face...Her body close to me... another from @AlinaCosta thanks... (reblip)
oregonblip Thanks @AlinaCosta for sharing some great songs that I will share too... (reblip)
oregonblip One tough woman... Pink

PinkCuz I Can

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oregonblip @inkybinkybee OK... your from the UK? So good evening to you... I'm sure I have said this before, but really like your hat, very British.
oregonblip Dance to the music @DesertLily @Sugartoes @Greenie ... a little Sly to get you going before I have to go ...
ninetynine Party like it's...ten years ago.


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oregonblip I fell so much better... ha ha ha!
oregonblip The Solution is easy... wake up and see... it is LOVE.
oregonblip Transformation so sublime, "I let go to an open heart" thanks @sequoia (reblip)
oregonblip I remember seeing this on Happy Days... ha ha ha! I wonder if anyone here remembers that show. Great song...

WeezerBuddy Holly

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oregonblip Hey Ride my See-Saw... our I will fall off the back... not much fun riding one of them alone... ha ha ha! @sheryonstone
oregonblip Once upon a time...I went to one of there concerts and had great seats up front, but it was by a Hugh speaker. Lost my hearing for awhile after it :-)
oregonblip Hey it's up to you... what will you say.
oregonblip OK all you animals get your drums out and start beating them to this song...


| play
oregonblip Thanks to @sequoia while looking for more songs like she had I found this guy... and he really is good... nice upbeat stuff.
r0g1 THEN::<@Surferess (--- --- .--. ... --..-- / .-- .- ... -. .----. - / .. / ... ..- .--. .--. --- ... . / - --- / - . .-.. .-.. ..--..) (reblip)
oregonblip This is from way back...


| play
oregonblip @JulieK I agree this is a great song. Hope your having a good day... (reblip)

Simply RedSunrise

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Surferess I turned on the lights, the TV & the radio.


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oregonblip water theme: water marks @lollydaskal that is a beautiful song... thanks so much for sharing it. Really relaxing, listen to it @BlueJeanBaby "Relax". (reblip)


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oregonblip Running a 5k in May, so I will not be walking. I need to get my running legs in shape for sure. At least softball is around the corner that might help
oregonblip Great song by James Taylor. Shout out to @BlueJeanBaby hope all is well and your feeling better. Don't let other control your life and get to you. :-)
oregonblip Can't go wrong with a little Fleetwood, take the step to make a difference in someones life to make it better. Be open to change and follow your heart
Surferess @connorhalo It would be very hard for me to pick a "best INXS song" So many of their songs have deep meaning and are connected to important memories. (reblip)

INXS - Dont Change

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oregonblip Two Hearts... Enjoy all...
oregonblip We could all be really just dreamers living in dreams of life which are just fantasy's.

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

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oregonblip @Nymph, just thinking of some out of body floating experiences ... and that silver cord did make a bit of noise... :-) floating dreams are different.
oregonblip Hey Ya, Hey Ya... Hey Ya, Hey Ya... Hey Ya, Hey Ya... Circular continuation so say Hey Ya... so what's cooler, being Ice Cold...

OutkastHey Ya

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oregonblip Saw a shadow spirit once, very interesting it was.

Pat Benatar - Shadows Of The Night

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oregonblip Hello to @DrMollieMarti, please don't go away. Enjoy your music too.

OasisDon't Go Away

| play
DrMollieMarti @BruceCarlson Sunshine + Rockstar...just for you. Thx for "Sunshine Crew" http://rockstarsisterhood tweet!
oregonblip I just don't know why... just because maybe... :-)(-:
oregonblip We use to be together... always. But then when would we have any alone time... people do need that. Remember that when you have a relationship.

No DoubtDon't Speak

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oregonblip A Classic from Nirvana... good for adding to videos ha! I guess you could say I also do productions too. Wake up are you paying attention to yourself.
oregonblip For those not following... @follow @me :-) Hi @djwttw nice to see you here today. Hey I've had 10 hrs. sleep in 3 days so be gentle, ha!
oregonblip Oh @lollydaskal another eyes theme song... well I need to get... might be on later. If not everyone take care. Keep on playing.
oregonblip @lollydaskal that is strange just before you played yours I was playing In Your Eyes and you come along and play Eye Of The Tiger... a theme going? (reblip)

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
oregonblip We will go together... Go West... fly so high...
oregonblip Let my love open the door Let my love open the door Let my love open the door to your heart @lollydaskal ... (reblip)
oregonblip Oh do people still use Kodachrome with all the new high digital cameras out and photoshop enhancements. Hi @gorester
adbert [Yes – Love Will Find a Way]
oregonblip Black Magic Woman @magdalenaday this is a favorite from the man... Carlos. (reblip)
oregonblip What was that on Joey's head anyway? 5-10 years missing where did I place them... :-)
oregonblip It is still my hope this will happen and we all cared for each other. Saving the world has been a big challenge ... but I will continue to do my part!
oregonblip Don't be so Far Away... Good Day @Squiggles @evablue @Veda @patricia_coelho @sheryonstone hope your day is going well.

NickelbackFar Away

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oregonblip What if something you saw changed your entire view of life?
oregonblip People don't you understand, the child needs a helping hand.
powerhealths "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." Michael Jordan Peter Cetera And Amy Grant – The Next Time I Fall
r0g1 "A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.". . - Thomas Carlyle
oregonblip Ok... I need to fly like and an Eagle and get out of here for awhile... Night all...
oregonblip Hey turn it off, Dad this is the best part come on... I want to listen to it OK. To late, eat this... :-)
oregonblip OK... he had some great songs....
oregonblip Hey can't touch this... song that is... ha!


| play
oregonblip Better get your taxes out... April 15 i closing quickly.

Nickel CreekTaxman

| play
oregonblip Hey @str8jgirl have you been on here lately or are you like a bird and flying away. Take care :-)
lollydaskal The Zombies – She's Not There

1964 - Zombies - She's Not There

| play
oregonblip How many like Cinnamon? I really really like Cinnamon.
shortygal Here is another creeptastic song, hah. Benny Mardones – Into The Night
oregonblip Are you searching for your Heart of Gold. I've been to Hollywood and got Redwood... @glueandglitter @shortygal @Greenie @datetoeatapeach @r0g1 @Nymph
oregonblip Hey everyone... SMILE, it's reverse Friday day... ha!
oregonblip It's just one more addiction, so you can deal with it, RIGHT?
oregonblip Have you seen her, tell have you seen her? Oh yeah!
oregonblip Don't be such a Sussudio... ha!
oregonblip OK... we have them but here is the real Temptations... for @mygirl so is there any @temptations here?
oregonblip That's OK @ladypn I have "Too Much Time On My Hands"... :-)
oregonblip You have to admit they have some great songs... it is just Jungle Love... ha!
adbert [Ne-Yo – Closer] Michael Jackson is still a Teacher for the new generations of R&B...


| play
oregonblip Love to fly... like an Eagle through the trees, and when I feel up to it in the clouds with the breeze.
Gaz50 Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me
oregonblip Good Morning ALL, a little Abracadabra... for you.
oregonblip OK where is my Harley... this is a good riding song for sure. I'm born to be Wild... Heavy metal thunder... and the feeling that I'm under...
oregonblip @ladypn Oh, OK... I thought it was an actual park, so it is just a studio... Paisley Park?
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby are you just Reelin in the Years... don't be down I mean it... I'm watching. Take care all. The adventure goes on and on.
oregonblip Nice song to play... on a 12-string.
oregonblip We are just everyday people, so dance on the desk and be a different person just for today, :-{)
oregonblip OK, done with wind... dance, dance to the music, dance to the music... all we need is a drummer for people who only need a beat...
RockItRadio You can have What's Left Of Me....

Whats Left Of Me - Nick Lachey.MP3

| play
Gaz50 New Radicals- You Get What You Give ...1-2 1-2-3 ...
oregonblip @iridescentsun Thanks so much... really enjoy listening to this song. (reblip)

black labweightless

| play
oregonblip Hey my theme song... just waiting for the uniform to show up... ha! If I fly by just wave...
oregonblip Won't you Come Down ... Yeah go ahead you can like it... I won't tell... :-{)
oregonblip The office is getting a bit Black & White... oh I didn't turn the light on again... I'm being green. I can't see but I'm helping save the planet.
oregonblip I like this Pink song... :-{)

PinkWho Knew

| play
oregonblip Oh the Invisible Sun... must be in Oregon... :-) No really we do have the sunshine... you just have to be higher then the clouds :-)
oregonblip Do you ever feel like breaking down? Thanks @2fast4u (reblip)
oregonblip This is for @CourtneyRose and @JustJulie hope you like... been awhile since I've heard this song.
oregonblip Let's Spin... be sure to go in both directions to even things out... :-)
oregonblip Tonight... feels like a Subway night... sandwich that is... sorry for those who have to ride on a subway, seems like a big hassle all the time.
oregonblip This is when friends count the most... get help... everyone has lows... believe me your not alone... hang on, time heals all things.
oregonblip Glad your back safely @str8jgirl nice to see you again.
DesertLily It's just another day on Earth.
oregonblip Sorry... work got in the way... trying to test and keep up with this... work of course has priority :-)
vichikui please learn from my mistakes: Let's dance to joy division!
oregonblip I could never find this park... anyone have a clue where it is? @BlueJeanBaby do you know? Oh hi to @ladypn and @mommajackson morning to you
oregonblip One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs... don't forget OK... ha!

Pink FloydMoney

| play
oregonblip And Good morning also to @r0g1 @DeAnn @shortygal and to @str8jgirl @klitoria @gorestor @ninetynine Hope all are doing well today...

Pink FloydFearless

| play
Surferess @ptneves "Woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand. Whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine?" (reblip)
oregonblip Hey now your Allstar, hey now your a Rockstar... all that glider is gold or @glueandglitter

Smash Mouth - Allstar

| play
oregonblip Oh... wow I'm over 100 listeners, thanks all. I was getting so tired of looking at that 50, it was lame, 100 now that is like twice as good, Thanks!
oregonblip @CrescentMoonglow Get a snow blower and some skies and a snowmobile and have at it. Could be exciting if you don't have to drive in it.
oregonblip @CrescentMoonglow I like the snow... but then I we don't get that much in the Valley. Once or twice a year maybe. It is beautiful coming down.
oregonblip Don't know... I think the 2nd and 3rd could be deeper :-) Happy Wednesday to all ... I need 3 more listeners to get to 100 help me reach a dream :-)
oregonblip I know... do you know... well "When You Know" let me know you know so we will all know, you know!!!
Gypsylyn ♥ Gypsy ♥ is out for today..Sweet Dreams @CBSpinner@Krimzen

Fleetwood MacGypsy

| play
oregonblip Ok I think I can get the whistling down on this song and maybe the guitar playing but both at once... not sure... ha ha ha!
oregonblip I guess we are kind of spending time together... via long distance song playing...
tygerbaby When I bust my rhymes, you break your neck - Let's Get It Started
oregonblip How you fill at times when in Love is like a miracle... it is called Love. Now spread it to others... Love & Light to all.
oregonblip ~ Straight From The Heart ~ Bryan Adams Thanks @Gypsylyn one of my favorite Bryan Adams songs... (reblip)
oregonblip Love this song, I remember it when I got my first Windows 95 system I think and it had it on it, watched the video a lot... I take the good though :-)
oregonblip I would change the What to Who and wait for the answer to come... I'm still waiting. Must be going long distance... ha! Hi @BlueJeanBaby
oregonblip Learn from the children... @ladypn what is wrong with your keyboard? Did you drop it, spill something on it?

Eddie Money - Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child

| play
oregonblip I guess they had some Shakin in Oakland today... not of the good kind either... Anyone from around there hope all is well. It seemed like a small one.

Eddie MoneyShakin'

| play
oregonblip OK last Eurythmics for today... so we can have Sweet Dreams... flying dreams are the best. Had one this morning before getting up.
RickGriffin Here's one for all of you who are working overtime:)
oregonblip OK... I'm going to go my own way and go home for awhile... Catch everyone later... take care.
oregonblip Good evening @DeAnn @sophie_o @Anniepooh just wanted to say hi... will be leaving soon... and @str8jwest

Five for Fighting- Its Not Easy Being Me

| play
oregonblip Right here, right now... Right here, right now... Right here, right now... Right here, right now... Right here, right now... Right here, right now...
oregonblip Remember to Breathe... OK... she is good.

Faith HillBreathe

| play
oregonblip Hi @MarthaPeake and @shortygal and @Carolynnnn never remember how many "n's" to use there... ha! Hope you all are have a good day/evening


| play
oregonblip Hello @geechee_girl nice to see you on blip... Hope you like this song... it's old favorite.
oregonblip @str8jgirl Do you like Don Henley, at least this song.
oregonblip Going a bit country... just for awhile... need to get rid of this terrible headache and it is someone softer then what I usually listen too.

Diamond Rio - One More Day

| play
oregonblip If you see stars while standing, that could be a warning sign to sit back down... ha!
oregonblip I get knocked down but I get up again... hey @bluebrummie how's your day going?
oregonblip Where is Clarksville is that in California?
oregonblip You too can be a Daydream Believer, just let your mind go.
Gypsylyn And what do you think?..;-) I think he better...OR ELSE! Capitol Records his bigger than he is@TrainWreckRadio-sounds like politics to (reblip)
oregonblip Waiting for the break of day, searching for something to say... dancing lights against the sky, giving up I close my eyes...

Chicago25 or 6 to 4

| play
oregonblip KRIMZEN & KLOVER ohhhhhhhh yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Krimzen good remake of the song... (reblip)

Joan Jet-Crimson & Clover

| play
oregonblip Wishing You Were Here by Chicago... very good.
oregonblip Hey didn't you say it would be easy... but now I hear nobody said it was easy...
str8jgirl trying to come up w/ the name of an old song featured on a pizza commercial....ran across this la la la la

ELOStrange Magic

| play
oregonblip What is this important ? @BlueJeanBaby Sorry if I'm not real responsive... still not sleeping and not eating well... have a terrible headache today.
oregonblip We need more Heroes ... I'm like a Hero in training, ha!

David BowieHeroes

| play
oregonblip If I wrap my words around you will you stay... Give it a listen.

Daniel Beddingfield - Wrap My Words Around You

| play
oregonblip True Colors... who was selecting them?
oregonblip Can't listen to Coldplay without hearing this song... so hear you go... Hope all is well on this Thursday for all.


| play
oregonblip @BlueJeanBaby Haven't been feeling well so haven't been on here... feeling better today finally. Hope all is well in your world.
oregonblip I bet you wonder how I knew... it took me by surprise... I heard it through the grapevine...
Miss_E It's FRIDAY [night] & the weekend's here... I need to unwind

ZhaneHey Mr. DJ

| play
oregonblip I like Aerosmith's version better than the Beatles' version. It's grittier. Probably just as good, possibly better... @BlueJeanBaby (reblip)
oregonblip @xtcdukes *_* thanks dear @ciliegierosse I have to find those flowers... we do have some daffodils blooming here... (reblip)
oregonblip Waiting... trying not to fall asleep.


| play
tygerbaby Doubleshot! This album came out at a very BAD point for me through - Anybody Listening
oregonblip One of my favorite Lifehouse songs... hope you like it.
oregonblip Build a bridge of memories. @BlueJeanBaby you have have many memories I know. How things change, yet stay the same... stuck in the loop cycle.
oregonblip Get in on... and on and on and on...
oregonblip First time I saw the video it gave me chills... @jencvs (reblip)


| play
oregonblip Slowing things down just bit... need to leave soon. Still working down my list of Artist at least into the L's now.
oregonblip Oh yeah ... like it, hope you agree... classic Lou Rawls.

Lou RawlsLady love

| play
oregonblip Ok... break the habit tonight.

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

| play
oregonblip Lunch is finally arrived... yeah...


| play
oregonblip Your welcome @benyasbabe I like this one as well.
BlueJeanBaby Cat Stevens -- Wild World. Jeez, what a gorgeous song.
oregonblip OK, this is for all the Daughters out there. I know you gave your parents fits sometime, but now look at you, all perfectly behaved, :-)

John MayerDaughters

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ladypn The perfect time of day... LUNCH time! :) See you all later!
oregonblip @marilovisky just use your intuition and all will be good.


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oregonblip Yeah and it can really take your breath away... ha! @glueandglitter Yes I know about the shiny surprises for days.
oregonblip @glueandglitter put away that glitter bottle before you get it on something... ha! During a teaching phase of my life we used that way to much... :-)

Jennifer LopezBrave

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oregonblip Everyone remembers this one... maybe, what do you think @BlueJeanBaby
oregonblip You just call out my name and I'll come running to see you again. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you have to do is call... you have friend.