bluddysavaj @mammara - this song was inspired by that one and is by Nick Cave.
lokomotive thanx@avivamagnolia: "Abdullah Ibrahim | Piano Jazz with South African Influence, Untitled" (reblip)


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DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades But unicorns are great too. If only for how massively cheesy they are.
by_starla [Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene]
DareToEatAPeach @headshaker It was great meeting ya'll last time. I was w/my ex so your very presence was comforting. I'll be in an even better mood next time.=] (reblip)
Mathioso [Das Pop – Underground]

Das PopUnderground

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Deesound (::) ....Yw @djilo ....Their album is a fine one ...(::)


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Mathioso (inspired by @tubilino "hello @Sandman5 are you? Is a nice day in Montreal? I wish... ;) " ) [Of Montreal - Gallery Piece]

Gallery Piece

| play
Mathioso [The Killers – Somebody Told Me (Acoustic)]
SpinCycleEgo Anyways, the band broke cuz the label wanted them to get more "pop" - this is a demo for their never recorded second album...
DareToEatAPeach Shake your hips, groovy cats.
Mathioso [ X-WIFE – On The Radio ] Hi people ;)

X-WIFEOn The Radio

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paulzy @photogurrl: "[Phoenix – Girlfriend]" This album just isn't getting old. (reblip)


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GeneBrady @crowjane: "@GeneBrady ~drop snoopy bro~nobody has to git' hurt~thanks bro~bedtime for bonzo" ...Couldn't have said it better, @crowjane! (reblip)
Mathioso [Bon Iver – For Emma]

Bon IverFor Emma

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alessandrita RB@GR8FL: "blip 'n work go well together like sax and violins..." (reblip)
Mathioso Portuguese Alternative Rock Band ;)
truejerseygirl @Devkss This is the best song on the cd. Cant stop listening to it.
Bebcho1603 .....ich mauser mich jetzt mal ins Bettchen, am liebsten ja mit MIA. :-)))

MIA.Mausen (chiron)

| play
KingShitDeluxe you're starting with 500mg? Good GOD, man!
avivajazz @mgill, I'm glad you've gone reblip-wild on the bhangra, @mgill: If not, I wouldn't have heard it, since I don't follow JAGesque (or didn't until now) (reblip)
by_starla [DeVotchKa-This Place Is Haunted]
avivajazz Terroritmo ~ Anima Obscura // Beautiful!@manipulator (reblip)
Indexserv Shout Out Louds - A Track and a Train
KingShitDeluxe got no time for the selfish me-and-you's...
vdarkbloom ah, thanks, i may need a better translation for this one @hurra: "kan lige meditere lidt til denne her -tak til" (reblip)
ternoman one of the best covers out there. yes, it's an LL.Cool J track;)
StonyTunes ~ GYPSY FLAME ~ Armik

ARMIKGypsy Flame

| play
kbuech K, so I guess we just spread those excess props! rb@laks_srini Jam & Spoon - "You gotta say yes to another excess" (reblip)
jojofm and another one. I'm wondering @mammara did you know this band?
jojofm @FUZZYFM: "The Skids on Mod Pop Punk night ..." reblip again, sorry! (reblip)
jojofm reblip @FUZZYFM. my little girl started dancing when this came on :) (reblip)

Banned - Little Girl

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EstebanNijdam my friend introduced me to these guys

Crippling Machine by A Rotterdam November

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paulastudio OMG hilarity vi@b_s_lynn: "(non-imeem) Lanny Cordola – Marriage Of Figaro [Mozart!!!] @heather0805 @paulastudio" (reblip)
by_starla [The La's – I Can't Sleep ] songs my iPod played on shuffle last night.
ilbis John Frusciante – Murderers (reblip)
avivajazz Peru Negro

Peru Negro

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frankenspock because you would send in the army


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JimmyHook the Alarm Clocks - Yeah! (That's the song title, but it's my sentiment, too). Great Summer Song!
Tsauro Love some Lucinda thanks vi@PS1968: "Lucinda Williams – Hot Blood (reblip)
avivajazz El Bicho con Concha Buika | Dame Veneno
Joacoleoni ....hey @paulastudio ... nice to hear you one more time....
Deesound (::) ... Rb@djilo ......great!!! ....i got to up some more funk but i don't no where to begin ...and my dropbox is full ...( ...(::) (reblip)

Mary Jane Hooper--Don't Change Nothin' (Funk 45)

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paulzy I am having no fun doing the normal kind of business time.
kbuech Tina Dico - "Nobody's Man" (imeem-free, NOT video)
avivajazz Alison Krauss & Union Station / Choctaw Hayride / For those who don't "do video" or "imeem," a "pure" blip of this gorgeous song; video sounds better!
Deesound (::) ...Good evening @ everone ...(::)
avivajazz Cassandra Wilson – Harvest Moon
DareToEatAPeach If you're trying to avoid Imeem in Firefox, look at the grey bar at the bottom left of the browser and it shows where the track is loading from.
ZONE Gilbert Becaud – Nathalie.......................
digitpt rb @DJBELLADONNA - suzi suzuki – your fucking makes me bilingual :)) (reblip)
avivajazz Marcome – Elated // Thanks, @kencasey. Marcome always picks me up. Elated? I'm not sure! ["I'm "Elated", how about you? Marcome sings for us."] (reblip)


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ShesAllWrite When I first heard this song, I was like, "WOWWWWWW!!! Take me to your leader, Josh." ~~ Queens Of The Stone Age – Regular John
DoubleG72 Nice selection.... I really dig Jem ...somewhere between Dido and Imogen Heap... TY @rosierage (reblip)


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paulastudio vi@ZONE: "Cherie la kro..................♫♪♫♪♫♪♫........" (reblip)
hBeats A Weather – One More One Night Stand
Flying_Roundhouse SoHo – Hippie Chick ~ @erinsteele ~ Here's MY guilty pleasure #musicmonday

SoHoHippie Chick

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Flying_Roundhouse Dusty Springfield – Spooky ~ @RobertoWolvie, this one is for you, for having such good taste in music ;-) You can send samba my way ANY time...
avivajazz Kenny Barron | Sonja Braga
Flying_Roundhouse The Kinks – Wish I Could Fly Like Superman ~ For @seamuse, sending you some California sunshine! #musicmonday
hBeats I think I want this guys songs playing on a loop at my funeral. @paulastudio thanks for my 200th prop :)
HectorSavage Might just be their finest of many fine moments.
hajoni Bark Cat Bark – Lac Pavin
DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver TBH I don't like Detroit. It's stinky and I used to know a nasty gold-digger who missed the materialistic men of Detroit.
KingShitDeluxe give this about 2min and it will kick your ass. I love it loud in the car. Turns the aluminum into adamantium.
KingShitDeluxe Moxy Fruvous! (@paulastudio) Sometimes it's HARD to find something when you don't know what it's called! !
Cooper_Designs reblip from @docellis ...old Tangerine Dream... awesome stuff (reblip)
Tsauro Now feelin the need for a little more midwest rockin
Tsauro I currently have 4 twenty somethings in our living room, drinking, playing some game, and generally acting cool. Well, at least they are off the lawn
Tsauro Great new song off her new one
DareToEatAPeach rb@headshaker: "Woooo!" Kind of a sad song for all their Wooing exclamations. =P (reblip)
by_starla [Girl In A Coma - Say] hoping to blip Road to Home, but only versions were imeem, so going with this instead. they just released a new single.

Girl In A ComaSay

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by_starla [An Horse - Postcards]

An HorsePostcards

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Panor Jesus Jones – Right Here Right Now
SpinCycleEgo Never Leave A Job Half Done....Pedro The Lion.
Flying_Roundhouse Spoon – Everything Hits At Once ~ Holy mackerel, you're all blipping the most amazing stuff at once! Eeek! And plus, I have to go to bed! ;-)
gigia @sophie_o: ((que fiiiina) !! BOYCOTT THE IMEEM CRAP! get in and update about what is comming & what U can do (reblip)
lipsync @NicoleVSanchez thank you sweetie,don't worry the world still keeps on turning XX...also out to@DJDolceVita@tardisgrl@paulastudio@digitpt XX
DareToEatAPeach @DamienBasile: Thanks. I'll be sending around the collection hat when the music lobby comes a knocking. :O (reblip)
Apple_chic #boycottimeem No blips tomorrow. Through the silence show your displeasure with Imeem's increasing domination of Blip. More info:
Deesound (::) ...doin' allright @paulastudio ....sitting in the sun enjoying sunny beats ..(::)
hBeats Burt Bacharach – Bond Street
gigia @pazamorta indeed! thats why JUST 4 TODAY: BOYCOTT 4 IMEEN FREE HOJE BOICOTE CONTRA O IMEEN (reblip)
gigia @LaPirata boa! entra no site pra gente se organizar! isso comecou hoje e vamos boicotar em peso ate o imeem sair : adoro esta musica, achei a sua nota
avivajazz White Magic – Song Of Solomon
Joacoleoni may say mmm stoner kraut, I guess

pharaoh overlord-komaron runner

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Performalosophos @ffluxx @Deesound @paulastudio @Thnikkaman One of the few tracks I uploaded to BLIP. It gets me ready for anything.
CucumberMouse brainstorm time

Death In Vegas , All That Glitters

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avivajazz Gabor Szabo // Just a Little Communication /// Snazzy! Thanks, vi@In_Cognitus vi@rerkaizen (reblip)
Tsauro been wanting to hear this artist. Thanks. vi@minkamu (reblip)
Tsauro Others on "old sweatshirt" column RCPM's Honky Tonk Union, Springsteen's Born To Run, Dollyrots' Eat Your Heart Out, & Dayna Manning's Vol 1
Will_the_bloke Paul Weller , Sea Spray ... one of my faves from the new album .. cheers all .. till next time

Paul Weller , Sea Spray

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avivajazz Boba – Natacha Atlas – Mini Profil
avivajazz Celso Piña con Cafe Tacuba – Aunque no sea Conmigo
paulastudio sweetness!!! obrigada obrigada obrigada ;) @Joacoleoni: "@paulastudio..a little bit of peter murphy for you.." (reblip)
paulastudio Hey sweets! hope u r having a fab friday :) @lurgee: "@paulastudio Hi!" (reblip)

The FallL.A.

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paulastudio hey :) rb @ffluxx: "Los Straitjackets – Tempest --- RB@surforama Happy Friday and thanks for this. Hi @mairsplaylist Happy Friday to U too :D" (reblip)
kbuech Stereophonics – You're My Star. Like it, new2me :) rb@kareliz (reblip)
avivajazz @Zarabeth: " gay unions in California...Italy...the great part of this FUCKING WORLD. Gays sentenced to death in other countries. TELL ME WHY?" (reblip)

Bronski BeatWhy

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paulastudio ooh thts gd2 @whistlin_indie:all kinds of goodness in new york this weekend. Checkout weekender 4 who's when & where: " (reblip)
Joacoleoni ...para mi amiga juanitaa...

PolvoMexican Radio

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paulastudio ta bom! @Joacoleoni: "@paulastudio...but meanwhile, let´s have some a go go fun!..." (reblip)
Deesound (::) ...You've been Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter @ffluxx ....have a good evenig ...:)) ....ceeya ...(::)
Jazzhole Telepopmusik – Breathe: Chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.


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paulastudio OMG Thnx for this and back atcha :) @greergan: @rkmonkey @Sparkleponey@sgnp This is just NUTS LOL, I can actually understand the words w out trying (reblip)
avivajazz Stelios Kazantzidis with Marinella // Zigouala
DareToEatAPeach @BlipNBeerSF: "@threebears: "quote'n'rbip from @Mmmmmmmmmm: "Alice from The L Word is also a vocalist, and a pretty good one at that" - thanks!"" (reblip)

Uh Huh HerExplode

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Stay19 smoke city – underwater+love<><>
Stay19 St Germain – Bohemian Sunset<><>
paulastudio rb@chronogram: "More Matisyahu, this time on the Crystal Method's "Drown in The Now."" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Maybe it was "Poor Leno" remixed..? But I don't think so. This is driving me crazy. @Mcbeal

erlend oye + royksopp-poor leno(silicon soul mix)

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ZONE Paris..........................♪
Stay19 Late Of The Pier – Space And The Woods (Switch Remix)<><>
manip_ many thx @tranceatlantico: "☯ monsterprop to >>> @manipulator :: your blips rock 2n8 bro! Thanks!!!" (reblip)

Carsten JostLove

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ZONE Tukapy..........Hi @paulastudio......glad to see you....Portugal or home?
Atomik good video

Colder: Crazy Love

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DareToEatAPeach rb and hello @Mcbeal the rhythm in the background reminds me of something...maybe Audio Bullies? (reblip)
djilo Kid Who – Cadenza (Enzo Ponzio Mix)
djilo Bruno Maman – D'un Ciel Gris A Un Ciel Tout Bleu (From A Grey Sky To A Totally Blue Sky)

M & D Substance Mist Of Darkness orginal mix

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Stay19 The hottest smash ever when @fulana & @Nymph are side by side . Cheers. <><>

M83Be Wild

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avivajazz Robert Miles + Trilok Gurtu / Loom / Miles_Gurtu (2004)

LOOM-Robert Miles/Trilok Gurtu

| play
avivajazz Trilok Gurtu / Nanda (To My Mother) / Arkeology (2007)
DareToEatAPeach “Their’s is a vibrant blend of The White Stripes, barn dances and the Stephanne Grappelli – like fiddle-frenzy jazz/blues” –Q Magazine
Blahzy I'm All Wound-Up Opening My Musical Presents!!! @JimmyStagger@paulastudio

Punk Christmas

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JimmyStagger @paulastudio here's another great band featuring Midge Ure

Rich Kids-Put You In The Picture

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paulastudio A deelish mornin blip! thnx bleeps! ;) @Atomik: "@santamistura: "thanksssssss @klitoria and @chiron08 S✪ funky day for us ;o))"" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse The Girl From Ipanema ~ Eleonor_Fridstrom ~ Garota_De_Ipanema ~ Obrigada :-) @DesertLily: @ekman: @paulastudio @Turbolax @avivamagnolia @maza1971 (reblip)


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Eight Fingers by Wonderfully Courteous Gentlemen

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paulastudio @Tsauro you tellin' tall stories? never.....
avivajazz John Zorn – Alhambra Blues
Tsauro @confute played them earlier & now I need more.

The SwearVampire

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by_starla [Okkervil River - Unless It's Kicks] @SevenTenths-had a really good vacation--trying to adjust to being back, now. things kind of up & down. :)
paulastudio computer nation radio – whirlwind science
SpinCycleEgo reblip @ToHereKnowsWhen: "Gotta see these guys live before I die." (reblip)
Rollerballrocco Skidmore Fountain – Asylum...changes all around
Atomik doing great @Koshka // @J2ad - probably! I got that wolf-shirt article from 3 people in an hour and had already read it myself, so funny (reblip)

Eddie VedderSociety

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tubilino rb w/thx @sashasi: "@koduckgirl: "13. "Air – Surfing On A Rocket-inject this!""" (reblip)
Deesound (::) ...this is very pretty Rb@mammara .....) ...(::) (reblip)
ffluxx Marconi Union – Sleepless --- RB@djilo: "Good Sunday. Hiya #ffluxx" <----- A happy sunday to you too! (reblip)
ffluxx Marconi Union – Sleepless --- Thx RB@anjeee: "sleep for the sleepless... just need a lullaby... ?" --- This is beautiful ... (reblip)
aoibhneas @spinnisdisco: "Whoa I'm in love with this tune. " checkin out @popuman @spinnisdisco @zmx80 n likin what i see... (reblip)
Tekhi Always great for a relaxed, introspective listen. Tune in and trip out. #pocahaunted

Pocahaunted-Ashes is White

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chicken_scratch RB @fsimits: "@mi_mi @DEGirl. Macedonian folk song. Translation: Come out mother and see the sun. Absolutely stunning song. Efharisto! (reblip)

Έβγα μάνα μου-Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου/ macedonian folk song/ Greece

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rogue_fm @fsimits I wondered about that too. A fellow blipper (forget who) told me she sings in a "made-up" language. Kind of like the Cocteau twins used to.
Rbto_ @seizuresalad: "thanks for listening @schoc_gueiv ///////\\\\\/////\\\\\//////" Hey, you're blowing my speakers out. Nice track (reblip)
SpinCycleEgo Wow...another great tune. thx and via @FUZZYFM: "lol @listeningsky (don't even know if your m or f!) thx @MusicWithMsB @curlie_q @patita @dphinn" (reblip)

Plushgun - Just Impolite

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SpinCycleEgo i steal from the best! thx for all the great music @mellomatic: "thanks for all the props / reblips, @SpinCycleEgo! =)" (reblip)
JimmyHook The Pretty Things – Rosalyn!
KingShitDeluxe I admit to feeling slightly vivrant myself.

Q-TipVivrant Thing

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jojofm yes, its Friday and yes, I live for the weekend, and its a long holiday weekend :)) now, how long does it take for a bottle of wine to chill?
Tsauro this band & this song always deservees a reblip vi@Suzed: "ah, still love this...." (reblip)
avivajazz Blues Alive! // Cedric Burnside / Lightnin' Malcom / RL Burnside

Cedric Burnside - Lightnin Malcolm - RL Brunside

| play
avivajazz Joel Frahm | Hymn for Don Cherry || Mournful and lyrical saxophone solo
KingShitDeluxe I want to be the guy playing the sandpaper blocks for this song.
DareToEatAPeach rb@mercuryghoest: "god I love Tilly and the Wall videos :D" (reblip)

Tilly and the Wall "sings songs along" video

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paulastudio you too luv- thanks for your fabulous blips ;) @manipulator: "@paulastudio@musicalllll@avivamagnolia nice weekend " (reblip)

Tom FahyCharm

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paulastudio automatic rb@sunyata: "rb vi@picknick: "Gute Nacht Blip. Schlaft schön..."" (reblip)
by_starla [Editors - Push Your Head Towards The Air]
by_starla [Nada Surf – See These Bones] thanks @paulzy--so nice to be blipping with you in the daytime too. need to find a way to change my work schedule.... :)
paulastudio Never miss a Peter Gunn blip or rb :) hey @weething: "too good not to reblip! @VelvetGarage (reblip)

Delmonas-Peter Gunn Locomotion

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paulastudio oi! another deelish dish served by@Deesound: "(::) I'll be the Escape Artist @ZOEBOE@djilo @fabuluxfab @paulastudio @chiron08 @tometty (::)" (reblip)
Antenaweb Hello and thx for props @eeelectrifying !!Keep in Tune !! have a great list of Blips ;) // Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
paulastudio demonstration of a meek attempt :) vi@metaldog: "getting all electronified today in a meek attempt to tweak the productivity..." (reblip)
paulastudio a very tasty & cool swipe from @abillboard: "tank!" (reblip)

Tank!Cowboy Bebop

| play
by_starla [The Grates - Science Is Golden]
fabuleuxfab #sampled by Prodigy - Outta Space thansks@ffluxx: "Max Romeo & The Upsetters – I Chase The Devil" (reblip)
adbert #Video [Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style] Oh the childhood! HAHAHA! :-)
azandiaMJBB :)) Thank you ~~@AIC_Entertainment: ~~~Rachel Yamagata~~~ "I Want You" **The Only Kiss I Ever Miss I Shared With You** (reblip)
DHS thanks for getting me to 500 blippers! I have great expectations for all of you

The Gaslight Anthem "Great Expectations"

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DareToEatAPeach @GR8FL Guess we better play these uploads while we still can. =P
Tsauro Seeing them tomorrow night. and I now say yea!
Tsauro Hmm, all my credits disappeared. Must have been propping in my sleep.

Atomik Lust (Super Furry Animals)

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bluddysavaj @inthatdress - Someone's made me very happy today.
randymatheson A Blitzen Trapper singalong... Furr

Blitzen TrapperFurr

| play
mammara @DORKVADER i hated new romantic bands when i was young. anyway, i choose them.
randymatheson open your eyes, see the lie is right in front of you...
lurgee Elvis Costello & Brian Eno – My Dark Life
paulastudio Voce so ganha o que voce merece


| play
paulastudio You can only give 3 props a day? well props to this one even tho I cant :) via @tubilino (reblip)

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

| play
lurgee nthrax & Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
lurgee @HeatherBts, Yes! Public Enemy, "Welcome To The Terrordome" (reblip)
paulastudio Wishing you a blissful day :)

Deep Forest & Enigma & Art of Noise - My Beloved

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lurgee Awesome Ultravox cover and great album, Box of Birds ~ The Church, check it.
MaxwellDemon After Saturday night's show this album sounds new again. One of my favorite tracks, and I can't help associating it with my last days in DC.
paulastudio the sound of the breath fades with the light
paulastudio @2fast4u I like this one (reblip)


| play
lurgee Bauhaus – Third Uncle

BauhausThird Uncle

| play
lurgee Billy Bragg – Greetings to the New Brunette
Flying_Roundhouse The Zombies – She's Not There ~ @GR8FL ~ Now, I have to hear the original... Welcome @ivan_filios@muttnik Hi @StonyTunes @DeDebs@Jalire@andreayates
Spidar ..always think of a spagetti western at the beginning..then she sings, and i'm lost...


| play
Spidar Another awesome new canadian group.
lurgee Concrete Blonde – Caroline (reblip)
lurgee Manfred Mann – Spirits in the Night
Gaz50 Herb Alpert – Rise

Herb AlpertRise

| play
paulastudio Don't know why I thought of them driving home 2day. Here's to clothes made out of bubble wrap

World Party - Is it Like Today

| play
KevinJHatton What it samples gives it it's energy but you cant go wrong with these girls
SirenSongTX not sure why but this group reminds me of a modern day Rolling Stones... no?
J_Dollas why do they only have the live one on here? not the version i wanna hear...but still, prob one of my favorite songs ever by O.A.R.
paulastudio okies lovees I gotta go get my monday train moving ;)
ZONE relaxing danza. ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♪... for you who need that.....My last one for tonight....thanks very much for good music once again...
lurgee @paulastudio l8r A Place to Bury Strangers – Missing You (reblip)
Gaz50 Badly Drawn Boy – Silent Sigh
lurgee No f@$!in way! The Untouchables – I Spy (For The FBI) (BG.blip.up) Love this!
ladyhawke O dia não está completo se eu não ouço essa!

SpoonStay Don't Go

| play
peterpi @paulastudio dedicated to you, who were listening... from the hilarious peterpi ;-)

BeastMr. Hurricane

| play
lurgee Editors – Munich


| play