pelu I don´t even know what I am doing here...

07 Quick And To The Pointless

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pelu Maybe I´d sell you a chicken with poison interlaced with the meat
pelu recomendación de alguien que no recuerdo
pelu From the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack....
pelu bip bip...


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pelu cabeza de motor - as de espadas
pelu girasol, slunečnice...


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pelu Dormida estas siempre que yo trato de intentar por detras...
pelu luz de luna, moonlight
pelu now i am just another shitty old man...

green daythe grouch

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pelu And you may ask yourself, Am I right? I wrong?, and you may tell yourself...My god!...what have I done?
pelu She is mean and she is evil, like that old boll weevil... Guess I´ll try my luck with you...
Tsauro Best cover I have ever heard. Of course it helps that this is the best song ever written....
scartoe like it as much as the original if not more
pelu broken flowers/flores rotas
santamistura now is my time to work.... i have a lot of work today... i will be back later... sorry not to have time tom reply everyone :) good morning blippers!
UltravioletRed @DougAlder Cant go wrong with that! @mastrangelinar @UltravioletRed... Grace Jones is always a good choice (reblip)
DrDisk Bring out the big skeng - The Bug hits Copenhagen saturday.
gravelrun i'm in love with this song, and the video is awesome!
binausic Shortwave radio and toy organs.
gorobros ★4 - Shell Of Light – Burial
cydeweyz Was looking for Camote, but found this


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hairyasian a lot of these songs are incomplete

ProemLittle A

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lippsantangelo M, I just wanna use your love tonight!
pelu Eric Mingus/Rubber Soles
maurilao @geh we could do this all day long (though I won't lol). The Cure rules.
pelu tonight the monkey dies...


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megmagdah I know I just blipped them, but this song always has to go right next to Paris 2004.
megmagdah you keep changing your fancy, fancy mind

The NationalBrainy

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nandadzn musica de bar argentino

Andres Calamaro 5 Minutos Mas (MiniBar)

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virgil_incanto C'è crisi...

Bugo C' crisi

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Glass @MarthaPeake @hecyra ops...ho svegliato il "can" che dorme... :D
DP_BLEGG Sunday Coachella - Karen Oh Never fails to entertain, I mean come on she rolls around on broken glass!!!
tabike Charlie Don't Surf


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tabike "If you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields"
clarkowitz (.."we r all really just satellites, r'nt we??.." ;-?
pelu en el horno, no informo...

The TreatsCuchillo

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pelu And I've been putting out of fire with gasoline...
thrak My last one for tonight. Good night everybody -Acid Rain – Liquid Tension Experiment
amparomace i try to give u up but i´m addicted


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quakkaz ratatatatatatatatatatat
kxi Come de mí, come de mi carne
pelu Before they stand up firm on their feet...
atorres Ahhh Yeahhhh!!! u know what time it is...
pelu Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you.
SeorseSpudOmurchu punk meets west coast... short and rocking...
msteen Is there anything better in Spain right now?
sanderschenk @ZiraZeta: "I could've seen this band live and didn't. Really regretting it now." <<< I'm sure you'll get another chance some day! Great great band! (reblip)

Silversun Pickups, Rusted Wheel

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sanderschenk Calexico does Arcade Fire. One of three favorite ocean/sea blips. The other two being Sea of Noise (from The Sound) and Sea of Love (from Cat Powers).
surforama @BlueJeanBaby The Jac Ttanna Band is terrific...What a relief from the god-awful Sons of Adam
Saesneg A nice bit of 65daysofstatic for a sunny Saturday lunchtime
Mtii nice to hear from you. @fabuleuxfab just want to say hi to..@stena @djilo

BrassyI Can't Wait

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leaferi @Morrell - Love Underworld and you just blipped two of my favs.

Underworld Cherry Pie

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ffluxx Nightmares On Wax - Groove St --- A great week to you @Maigo ... Thanks!

Nightmares on Wax-Groove st

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ffluxx Dave Brubeck Quartet – Three To Get Ready -- RB@RobertoWolvie: "E um Brubeck pra começar o dia: Three to get ready." <--- Obrigado : ) (reblip)
tabike "All the churches fill with losers, psycho or confused"
by_starla [Telekinesis - Imaginary Friend]
tylermassey @moviegrrl The first time I heard this, I was astonished. It was like stepping into a different world. It still spooks me. (reblip)
pelu now some say he´s doing the obituary mambo ...
pelu Tchendos


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smartard Morcheeba – Everybody Loves A Loser
pelu excuse me, what's your problem?....Oh, I see.... I should have known better...
pelu es el gallito inglés!!!

Zurdok Gallito Ingles

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pelu greatsong/greatvid

KinkyMexican Radio

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Ouroboros78 Beautiful remix of 'In This Twilight' sounds like the sun going down.
phsp Uma das melhores do garbage. Shirley volte para a musica!

Garbage#1 Crush

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djxkn "Rock el Casbah": 1982 The Clash hit single "Rock The Casbah" covered by Algerian singer Rachid Taha [+ video] - thanx @dharmaputra from USA! (reblip)
ffluxx Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
ffluxx Jazzanova – Another New Day (Moonstarr Mix) - Good Morning @GR8FL : ) - Hi there @Blippo
pelu tommyGUERRERO

No Time For Time-Tommy Guerrero

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pelu AEROsmith/RATSinthecellar
Elmetalismo - Candlemass || Black Dwarf || Vaya cara de enfadao!

CandlemassBlack Dwarf

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ffluxx Miles Davis – In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix)
TwizzyDizzy Great tune... makes me feel like on a sticky sunday afternoon. Perfect setting! released on
sanderschenk @Epicrates: "great cover here..a Vertigo more to go..waves to @by_starla!" <<< What a pity, so short! Great song. (reblip)

For LoveHinterland

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evertonmoreth @elisandries Real and new brasilian music!!!

Seu JorgeCarolina

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patchit good weekend - psyched for this week! lots of good stuff in the pipes, if all goes according to plan :)

Kasabian Running Battle ( High Quality )

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Radiohead cover Joy Division/New Order

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threebears "One of my favorite trip hop songs of all time. Her voice just does it for me." ..quote'n'rb @misscelestia thanks :) (reblip)


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ElZorro Johnny Cash – I Won't Back Down (reblip)
ffluxx Maximum Joy - Silent Street | Silent Dub

Maximum Joy--Silent Street/Silent Dub

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ecocity The only love that's righteous is the Love of Jah! ~dubbed~ at ya on #r&btues. And that would include the sparkle in the eyes of wild things in my boo


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Oonsty Written about his own grandmother. It was included on his 1971 debut album "Just as I Am" and reached number 18 on the best selling soul singles chart
vilelyle @lornspectrel I tried to give you props for this, but i have no "credits" but awesome tune nonetheless. alltime greatest movie. (reblip)
vilelyle @ChadThomas haha that's so hilarious... Krokus is a name I haven't heard in a while. Hats off to you sir, hats off to you indeed

W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Watch In High Quality

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Greenie Electrelane – This Deed
vilelyle @keets: favorite cover of this song. video makes it that much more worthwhile. (reblip)
jreece22 "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" - Michael Jackson. His best track.

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

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threebears Batman in the Launderette ... washing detour ...
threebears Ska Batman detour .....

Ska CoversBatman

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sanderschenk Meant to blip this yesterday but I strayed from this song to another one. Forgot which. Good thing I didn't forget. Totally love this song.
clarkowitz (,,there's a slightly faster version i like - 169bpm? can't find it now.. :/)
toosweet4rnr [Kiss Them For Me – Siouxsie & The Banshees] until we blip again @sheryonstone :)
sanderschenk This song is just so joyful. A real must reblip. Hat tip to @redroulettes. (reblip)
pelu theinmates

Inmates_I Thought I Heard a Heartbeat

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threebears another day, another not painting :( in your face Mr. Jones (disgruntled)!
RustyBrown Rattle rattle rattle... Shut up, dude...

EnonMr. Ratatatatat

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RustyBrown That's what Rusty calls MUSIC... Shellac from the heavens...


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pelu recomendación directa de Fresán...


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Greenie nice instrumental... good bust out some work music
elrincondelrock Otra de Motorhead, me encanta esta versión que hacen del "Louie Louie"
sanderschenk I could use a minor holiday. Just two more weeks. Then we have Crocus holiday in Holland. Crocus as in the flower that grows at the end of winter.
fishdeleuze God Bless The Child – Billie Holiday
threebears going back to bed ... oops! forgot to say goodnight earlier... thank you blip friends for your company .. have a good night/morning/day ...xx

BoyskoutBack To Bed

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fishdeleuze Without a Song – Sonny Rollins
fishdeleuze Get Happy – Stan Getz

Stan GetzGet Happy

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fishdeleuze Night And Day – Stan Getz
pelu my love can't go any higher..

Don EllisBlue Fire

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star45 Sparta - The Most Vicious Crime – @deichmann "I'm a Warrior" was excellent, thanks!! - @Lambchop so distant . . . Hiiii!
sanderschenk Depeche Mode is always good. Very sensitive this is. Somebody. Pure brilliance. (reblip)
Embroidery One of my other fav groups. Pick Your Pleasure Poison
Jbags from @cammi' great had to reblip... (reblip)
Greenie K: Kasabian...Grog shop, Cle. Heights
meisterb jem- ahhhh it is sooooo amazing

JemIt's Amazing

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Lions dance dance malditos dance
blogenter Buenos días! Es tiempo de despertar... esperamos que tengan una gran semana!
Ryuga_ A message to you and me


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Chk Chk Chk - Take Ecstacy With Me

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debasteitor Unkle – Rabbit in your headlights (Feat. Tom York)
AntiBrad Just getting some cleaning inspiration...
Mudo Johnny Cash cover. From the 2004 album "Awake: The Best Of Live".

LiveI Walk The Line

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JustinLeung I wanna hurry home to you put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up
ELORD YEAH yeahhhh! The Bad Plus.
blackberry musicas para ouvir de madrugada...

MolokoFun for Me

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pelu no tears for the creatures of the night...

TuxedomoonNo Tears

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toosweet4rnr February 19 birthdays - Falco, Austrian singer (d. 1998)

FalcoDer Kommissar

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toosweet4rnr Good night :) Remember blip's going down in a few... See you later!
pelu client/pornography


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fishdeleuze Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane – Crepuscule with Nellie
Madigan Love it, it's got that touch of GLORIA they were looking for. listen to it loud :)
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