pennamite Jazz saxophonist King Curtis was born 7 February 1934 (d. 1971). #covers #ledzeppelin #jazz #saxophone #1970s
DJEmpire1 Monday night will be here soon

God Help The Girl / Come Monday Night

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TheNewYorkChimes rb@DJFrankie: I'm already going to SXSW so I think Bonnaroo is out :( Sounds like you are in luck then. xo. @sandyriverside what up? (reblip)
pennamite Gene McDaniels was born 12 February 1935--so wish him a happy 75th birthday today.
pennamite @h2theeidi: "I love the beauty in the simplicity of this song (and banjos CAN be cool!) :)" (reblip)
pennamite Band led by my uncle--he's younger than me and I've only met him once, but he's my dad's youngest (half-)brother.

I got you by the waking hours

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mgill Yeah, that's a good one, @dnya: "makes a nice dance track @mgill: "This one shows up in both the Bollywood comedy "Biwi No. 1" and "Monsoon Wedding"" (reblip)
pennamite Sam Phillips was born 28 January 1962--so wish her a happy 48th birthday today.
SabriESC Haha @snapbadger- reblip away- I'm glad you like the songs : )
mgill That's what I'm talkin' about, @KoolGabru. I can't get enough of PHS: "collegeeeeeeeeeeeeee" (reblip)

Panjabi Hit Squad Hai Hai

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Mysterymix @allicette: "Music for a dramatic exit: Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck – Heaven Can Wait (Grizzly Bear Remix)" / thank you --/ (reblip)
pennamite English singer-songwriter Laura Marling was born 1 February 1990--so wish her a happy 20th birthday today (so young!).
pennamite Penelope set concludes.

PenelopeOf Montreal

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pennamite Tam Lin set concludes.

Tam LinStingo

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pennamite Carey Mulligan will always be Sally Sparrow, no matter how many award nominations she gets. #doctorwho
Mysterymix @perle bonsoir :)

Ellen Allien & Apparat "Way Out" / Video by Marco Testoni

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darkrider1 Got to kick up a notch, b/c I have to go take my Finance exam. Slainte Mhath kicks it up about 10 notches!
SabriESC @Surreality: "The Low Anthem - "To Ohio" Hi @SabriESC @Epicrates @Totengrber" Sorry I missed you. Great song- and I like the new avatar : ) (reblip)
pennamite Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio de Andre was born 18 February 1940 (d. 1999).
pennamite Italian composer Stefano Landi was baptized 26 February 1587 (d. 1639). #baroque

Stefano Landi: Passacaglia della vita.

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pennamite Actress-singer Betty Hutton was born 26 February 1921 (d. 2007). #bjork
Surreality Die Verbannten Kinder Evas – "Moon Muse" RB @Lunaladee:Very glad you liked my Faith&Disease song btw. I adore their "Insularia" album (reblip)
pennamite @rockthetropics: "So freaking cool." It certainly is! Thanks! (reblip)

Cobrastyle Teddybears + Lyrics

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pennamite I had only heard this as an Essex Green track, didn't realize it was a cover!
pennamite Just heard her on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic--sweet!
pennamite Wow! A Bollywood classic, covered by a brass-and-drums ensemble at what seems to be a rockin' basement party.

What Cheer? Brigade: Dum Maro Dum

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pennamite More Raveonettes--one song is never enough.

The RaveonettesCandy

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Raymond & Maria "Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja"

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minkamu @BlessedBea: "=0)@minkamu" This is so appropriate! Except maybe wine soaked girl. (reblip)
mgill Now you've done it, @dnya and @Niinu, I'm breaking out Tigerstyle.
mirabelle @pennamite: "@mirabelle: "Tämä on niin kaunis. ^^ (This is so pretty. ^^)" Welcome listener #202!" Thank you! :) (reblip)
rinzwin Amadou & Mariam – Sénégal Fast Food
THEORDEROFEARTH thx @eliott_is_dead: "@magdalenasqualor that's what people say, but only Haley Joel Osment listen to these stations..." (reblip)

Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry

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pennamite German composer Johann Schein was born 20 January 1586 (d. 1630).

Die mit Tränen säen by Johann Hermann Schein

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pennamite James Mercer of the Shins was born 26 December 1970 (so happy 39th birthday to him today).

The ShinsPink Bullets

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pennamite @mgill: "Yes, amazing rhythms on this track, @dnya!: "Try this @mgill its a bhangra lover's delight via @DeeKay"" (reblip)
pennamite Thanks to George Graham of WVIA's Mixed Bag for this tip.

Peter Bradley Adams-The Longer I Run

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pennamite Another George Graham pick.
pennamite Did I mention how awesome George Graham is?

oi va voi everytime

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jun6lee London Dreams (2009) - My latest obsession on this soundtrack .. There's something unconventional here that works .. Feels intense ..

Shola Shola - www.DesiMp3Music.Com

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cribjimbo Cool and TY for Listening !! @1980s And all the** BlipStars** #followfriday
brutusrock Fantastic Paul Simon cover. If you like Paul Simon & the Blue Aeroplanes, that is.

Blue Aeroplanes- The Boy In The Bubble

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AutumnPerception Who also knows this feeling? ;)
mgill Agreed, Kailash can really lay it down, @globalgrande: "Kher at his best: energetic, melodic" (reblip)
pennamite At the Edinburgh Fringe this year.
obz @faithlesshaze: "Summer died last week." stuff is still pollinating. death can't come soon enough.... (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Well, I had some trouble so had a 'secret' account running @MONIKKA
rinzwin rb @faismoimal: Amadou et Mariam & Manu Chao - Senegal Fast Food (reblip)

Góry w sercu. Jan Trebunia-Tutka

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globalgrande Parisian group drawing from "swing manouche, du musette parisien, du tango mais aussi du yiddish ou des musiques balkaniques"; now its own great sound
obz @Tarinnz: "........" < clearly the clouds in Ontario this winter forgot to take their Winterpills. :( (reblip)

"Beesting" by Winterpills.

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Flavoured @lotus_seed: "Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks" (reblip)

Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks

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Surreality Orion Rigel Dommisse – "Fake Yer Death" Hi & Good to see you, @by_starla
obz @EdPeperkamp: "Great melancholy tune. Just got back from Belgium << Have a good trip? Belgium looks nice. (reblip)

The TelescopesEverso

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SabriESC @by_starla: "liking this band a lot- they seem rather @SabriESC - esque and @everythingispop - ified to me :)" Most definitely!! I like this a lot :) (reblip)
Mysterymix Oh there is a house a wonderful lover a satisfied hole hope isn't a word a sudden said brother and what do you care? and i'll take the pictures … #ly
DJEmpire1 People do

Driver Drive Faster 'They May Talk' single + remixes

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Mysterymix …and a stream Forest green oh forest green Up past cities made of steam Open up your head we found a secret Who's got nothing to run from Do you? I do
Mysterymix #5mix Sambassadeur – Days -)-


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Mysterymix i am too :p @pierrot_noir: "Yet something for you graphic design lovers @mnemosine, @SlowLife & @MrDali: Melpo Mene ~ I Adore You"" (reblip)
rinzwin rb @dolcevespa : Amadou & Mariam – Sénégal Fast Food (reblip)
pennamite @aadu : Welcome new listener in Oman!

Aadu Paambe by Avial

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brutusrock thanks for thumb-upping! @zamfir: "Nada Surf – Happy Kid" (reblip)
pennamite @darkrider1: "I hated driving in LA -> Traffic from hell." Yup, I was on the 405 most of yesterday, and I'm getting on it again in about an hour. (reblip)
TheNewYorkChimes Yes TY & rb@DomBlip: "I really like this Thai artist. He has incredibly good voice and skill." (reblip)

สิงโต นำโชค : ทิ้ง (Official Music Video)

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pennamite Just back from the Museum of Jurassic Technology, whole Kirscher exhibit there.

Athanasius Kircher. Tarantella Napoletana, Tono Hypodorico.

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brutusrock Nothing wrong (mostly) with being artsy once in a while. #coversthatdontsuck

Blue Aeroplanes- The Boy In The Bubble

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pennamite Good morning, West Coasters...


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pennamite We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon? Okay, Colin. Sure.
pennamite For my own slacker little brother...and because I love the wall colors in this video.

Lily AllenAlfie

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pennamite @Stellicious : "How's everyone feelin' tonight?" Looking good, feeling good, thanks for asking!
pennamite Sparkly! Saw him a couple summers back in downtown LA, free outdoor concert, great show.

Cheb KhaledDidi

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pennamite Dang I loved this show and its opening credits...
pennamite And another...

"I'm an Adult Now" by The Pursuit of Happiness

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pennamite Good Saturday morning from Los Angeles! @market007 @shiner

Pere UbuHorses

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pennamite 100% falsetto-free, I promise.
anndraya I get knocked down, but I get up again...@jamtc: "Nice..." (reblip)
pennamite I suspect Mary Richards wouldn't have gone to a Husker Du concert, but...
Mayimix Y esta pa que no me odien los listeners! jaja
pennamite Finnish folky fun...


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pennamite DANCING!

Verka Serduchka: Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Eurovision-Ukraine)

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pennamite All public transit should have live bands and free candy.
SabriESC Interesting....

Neil Finn & Johnny Marr (The Smiths) : There Is A Light... (Live New Zealand)

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Reel Around The Fountain-The Smiths

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pennamite Drink, that's all you can... (I'm drinking limoncello. Which doesn't really match this song. Don't care.)
pennamite MTV seemed to run this video--and nothing else--for months back in the day.

New OrderTrue Faith

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pennamite College radio flashback c1987...
pennamite She's thinkin' how did I get here...

Lily Allen22

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pennamite Dear Claire, she was a pioneer...

Jill SobuleClaire

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pennamite It's written on the wall, that you're not worth a call...
pennamite In 1988, my future husband came to visit me in the WPSU dj booth--but mostly because he wanted to hear this song. ;)
pennamite You're welcome @market007!

Guggenheim Grotto "Philosophia"

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SabriESC @Atomik: "Your Arsenal or Vauxhaul ? Which Moz is the best?" Tough one......probably Vauxhaul, by a smidge (reblip)
pennamite Pretty sure I have this on an old mixtape...
pennamite VINTAGE Bollywood...

O Meri Praan Sajni (Jaya Bhaduri & Anil Dhawan)

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pennamite Goran Bregovic is coming to UCLA this weekend--*dearly* wish I could be there, but I'll be outa town.

Goran BregovicGas Gas

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St. Germain-Rose Rouge

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crystalpistol83 :) forgot to blip this for G-Pop :) lol lyrics don't apply but we always think of him when we hear this

A Message To You Rudy

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aicmuse Joseph Arthur - Honey & the Moon "Don't know why I'm still afraid...If you weren't real I would make you up."

01 Honey & the Moon

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pennamite I listen to this when I have dental work under nitrous--ahhhhh.
pennamite a thousand cherry tulips....
pennamite Can't find any Essex Green so this is next-best.
pennamite Needing something mellow for Monday lunchtime here
pennamite Icelandic mellow is good too...

SeabearI Sing I Swim

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pennamite Michael Stipe is the other voice on this...
aicmuse "But when he said, 'I love you, girl' It should have come with a warning"
SeBESTian likes this.

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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pennamite Early 90s flashback moment...
HowlingBlip Some take the mic and make the mic into 99.
pennamite Happy Birthday Juliana Hatfield (b. 27 July 1967)!
pennamite Richard Thompson song--I almost always like RT songs when he's not the one performing them!
pennamite Morning in LA, time to MOVE...


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TundraConundra @space_cadet I forgot about imeem shenanigans. Unfortunately this is the only copy of this song.
pennamite Just heard of a wedding this weekend where this was the first dance--awesome.

Michael FrantiSay Hey

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pennamite Happy Birthday Juliana Hatfield (b. 27 July 1967)!
pennamite Catastrophe keeps us together...
TundraConundra This video begs the question: wtf??!
pennamite Cool video (but I'm a sucker for chalk animation).
pennamite One last Monday song for this week...get your clapping hands ready!
pennamite Staring at the symbols...


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pennamite @MarcusDeSouza: "@degradationzero :Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen in Love" Returning the reblip! (reblip)
pennamite It's also Asha Bhosle's birthday--she turns 76 today.
pennamite Dinnertime for me, blipsters--have a good night!

Sound Out The Symbols from Gods Little Monkeys

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pennamite Europop cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song--check out the backup dancers' dresses.


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sheryonstone we bailed out the landlord, so we get to stay :) thank goodness @mushka ~ Im looking forward to MNF 2. Haven't seen sis @barbie Ray :( (reblip)
TundraConundra Awesome! I haven't heard this yet! rb@moriddim: "tight Animal Collective cover - also heard last night at The Independent." (reblip)
pennamite Welcome listener #91!

"On My Radio '91"- The Selecter

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DJEmpire1 Chill and have a great afternoon. Bye for now.
obz 'I only hope that she remembers me...' (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Well, I think this is a great song to end on. Good night.
avivajazz Gabriel Yacoub | Désir // Beautiful! Thanks, RB@ginhollow (reblip)
JJDJ The Black Ghosts – Full Moon
thedigsy WORD!!! I loves them! @theauldlangsyne: "Album of the year. Yours truly's callin' this one in the air!" (reblip)
SabriESC RB@TomServo: "beep @CreepyGirl Yeah. Get lost." Interesting! Didn't know there really was a rural Alberta advantage ;-) (reblip)
SabriESC I looooooove this song so much. And the video's cool, too.

New OrderTrue Faith

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pennamite I'm gonna swear so loud, I'll strip the silver lining from a cloud.
pennamite Let's get away, you say, find a better place...

Light FlightPentangle

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pennamite Rock catalá (band from Barcelona), with Dylan influence in the video -- try it!

Els PetsPau

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pennamite I dreamed I knew the secret code...


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pennamite @cjh: "Herman's Hermits - No Milk today @Henri1969 aber wirklich" Good idea, I'm off dairy if Herman says so... ;) (reblip)
pennamite @SabriESC: "'Morning blippers. I kiss the ground on which you walk ;-)" Heeee! I remember this one! (reblip)
pennamite For @lclarke522 --appropriate video, too.

The Guggenheim Grotto "Her Beautiful Ideas" video

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pennamite Totally different version of the same song.
JJDJ Moby – Pale Horses

MobyPale Horses

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speedysari 'who's seen jezebel? she was certainly the spark for all i've done.' this song is breathtaking.

The New Pornographers: "Myriad Harbour"

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Surreality this is a dreamy somewhat dark waltz with beautiful female vox. In other words perfect :)


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Be Ok-Ingrid Michaelson with Lyrics

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pennamite Cool video, cool song.

Noir Desir

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