phletch_inthe_mornin I'm floating in the blimp a lot.


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin great album. . . I think they dropped the "Little Children," and then quit playing out.
NyQuilDriver I tried to change but I changed my mind.
phletch_inthe_mornin rarity please disregard last post. . . ran-dom.
phletch_inthe_mornin . . . with a heavy lid, my pop quiz kid.p

WilcoShe's A Jar

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin all I know is something like a bird within her sang
phletch_inthe_mornin *chuckles for a minute, and wipes away the solitary, smoke-induced tear*
phletch_inthe_mornin a band from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Dig it, y'all. peace, goodnight (maybe).
evablue @melodyofyourlife mad props for your musical choices but you wouldn't send @angrybob love is you saw his sasquatch [cringe] luckily he's asleep. (reblip)
evablue @GR8FL yes, we should all be blip together happily and the bee gees cures all :)
iamjavamama This one's for you, @GillsMcWheels, my favorite blip DJ :-)
NyQuilDriver Prejudice! Wrote a song about. Like to hear it? Here it go!
phletch_inthe_mornin no one could steer me right, but mama tried.
phletch_inthe_mornin rollin in the tall grass. .. jus' lookin for a place where we can shed our skin.
phletch_inthe_mornin . . .then she stirred it with a ladle that her grandmother had bought her.. .


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin you won't find moments in a box, and someone else will set your clocks. I took a moment from my day...
Larah I haven't listened to this song in so long.
phletch_inthe_mornin I need rock now for some reason. . .

Pearl JamThe Seeker

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin they got nothin' but their dreams. . .
Wisedog You'll have to listen to the rest of Side Two on your own. And I recommend doing so.


| play
iamjavamama Don’t you know, baby, we’re all alone now, Give me something to sing about.
AbsinthEve mc hammer ain't got nuthin' on this cat...I couldn't have said it better @microskomp (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin @remedyloame that song had me feelin' crazy. . . @iamjavamama EELS rule.


| play
akurei it's the devil's way now, there's no way out; though i scream and i shout, it's too late now.... though i sing along, the music's all wrong...

Radiohead2 + 2 = 5

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I got hair on my chest, look good without a shirt ////
melodyofurlife I'm waiting by the phone, waiting for you to call. - cuz I want Somebody to Shove
phletch_inthe_mornin I feel like Johnny Fever. peace, y'all, be kind to one another if you can.

Ending music from "WKRP in Cincinnati"

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude.You don't wanna know about it, believe me. Yeah, but Walter...
phletch_inthe_mornin just two good friends, and they're having a good time.
phletch_inthe_mornin Ryan & The Cardinals have gotten me through some of the longest nights of my life.


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Leaving on a southern train, only yesterday you lied.
organicsue Okay everyone, turn on your lovelights & flash 'em on me!@>----
MattMusicFan I need to learn to play like this.

Matt CostaTV Gods

| play
GR8FL song title should say I'll Be Back
MollyMcGutter salsashark got me in the mood w/Tical.
phletch_inthe_mornin "he's always wired cheap trucker speed. . .last time he was at my house, he tried to walk away with my weed."
Vikingole Nah, I'm drunk but I can still fuck.
restless_cheese At last! My all time favourite Ryan Adams triple bill! #1
phletch_inthe_mornin peace. gah, I rubbed every lamp in the house. no genie, no wishes.
Figgywithit a bowl for the dog a bowl for the dog a bowl for me.
phletch_inthe_mornin dope remix time


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin damn, Neil Pert is the shit, but here's Stewart Copeland. . .
phletch_inthe_mornin @AbsinthEve hey, I'm gonna work on uploading some cool stuff today, so stay tuned! (rip the knob off!)
phletch_inthe_mornin oh,SHIT! This is funky. Please use discretion.
phletch_inthe_mornin scratch the ping-pong. . . it was a misplaced notion, but VT? I love that place. Home of the Greatest American Four-Piece band in history.
phletch_inthe_mornin that was no wha it was supposed to be (but still a good song), so I'll just carry on. I love @AbsinthEve because I've known her for a thousand years.

311Love Song

| play
AlanSmithee61 what the hell is up @daretoeatapeach?Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull? I nearly fell right off my seat! (reblip)


| play
ashley_thechief someone told me loooong ago, there's a calm before the storm.
phletch_inthe_mornin excellent band. I don't listen to them enough. . .

JayhawksBig Star

| play
DareToEatAPeach For the boss-man on his birthday.


| play


| play
Figgywithit Hit 6666 listeners. Thanks to all who listen to this lil' devil.
phletch_inthe_mornin I used to listen to Grease on DC-101 back in the mid-80's on my walkman on the way to school. I wasn't allowed to, so I knew it was funny.
punsly Iron & Wine – jezebel

Iron & Winejezebel

| play
creacher Some Panic for the morning - Widespread Panic - Climb to Safety...

10 climb to safety

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Live Guster: Get Miles...


| play
MaddMatt @MaddyTheSongWhore - Easy E's fucked up and the 8-Ball rollin'

NWA - 8 Ball Remix

| play
rkmonkey closer - hot - to this heart of mine
Figgywithit @kogamon where the heck have you been? Glad to see you back. Ask me how I'm doing again in a few weeks. Going through some tough stuff. (((d~.~b)))

The VerveLucky Man

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Listen to this NOW! (for the record, Bobby was ripping in a big way on that Brown I'd W. Everyone talks about Jerry, but Bobby fans are people, too)


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin wrapping up the #phish in yesterday's business section... my life was saved Barack n Roll... PHLETCH OUT. peace, love, & understanding

PhishRock and Roll

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin man, I ate so much Peanut Butter Fudge, it's sad... that stuff is addictive as crack.
phletch_inthe_mornin A little bit of that Yonder Mountain String Band. . . they said once that it's NEVER DRY in Colorado. Must be because liberals are cool to "people."


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I really don't concern myself w/ the day of the week, but I do enjoy playing double-shots of killer bands. What can I say? That's my style, friendo.
phletch_inthe_mornin Zen Tricksters – While My Guitar Gently Weeps>
GR8FL have to reblip this beautiful cover @evablue .... thank you (and the hairy fur was not about me). (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin what can I say? She's a star the way she she was made (just not in LA, you know what I'm saying?)

JamesShe's a Star

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I really love the concept of combining photography, cute girls, music, and really boss looking showers...
DareToEatAPeach My fave discovery of the all-Beatles cover set I did last yr, some blipper reminded me of it a few weeks ago (srry can't remember who!) =(
phletch_inthe_mornin RBvi@Johnny_the_Kid Tidy little jam from '74. Whole show is hot, but i particularly love this little piece. Source is the positively cherry SickBits3. (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin great debut album... Panic is strong from what I hear.
phletch_inthe_mornin Phish Alpine 6-20-09 2nd row Run Like An Antelope ~~~PhisH~~~ brought to you by @TN_ARF

Phish Alpine 6-20-09 2nd row Run Like An Antelope

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Then & Now.

Phish, 11/29/09 24 Run like an antelope

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin If I have an audience of any kind, I must stress the importance of mankind learning to understand, compromise, and stop killing each other.
phletch_inthe_mornin You gentlemen who think you have a mission. . .

William S Burroughs on September Songs

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin a counterpoint to whatever b.s. Grand Funk was preaching. Poor bastards.

Hunter S Thompson "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" Animation

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Quite Kosher Phish

Phish 1999-10-03TMWSIY Avenu Malkenu

| play
With_A_Face_for_Radio #nowplaying REO Speedwagon – Can't fight this Feeling : high school slow dance song....memories ;)
phletch_inthe_mornin For my man with the utmost in musical taste, @With_A_Face_for_Radio Namaste, my good friend.

Charley Pride Kiss An Angel Good Morning

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Wish I could've been there. I wanted to go so bad.
phletch_inthe_mornin @ShesAllWrite: "I'm feeling better already! Via @tylenolmonkey: My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man #TheMan" (reblip)
evablue maybe more like "free association". pretend this is "musical rorschach".
phletch_inthe_mornin A long awaited treasure for many. This one's for Alicia.

Phish Tela 12-30-09 Miami, FL

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin haha, a nice question. Guns are powerful, but butter be smooothe.
phletch_inthe_mornin I'm sorry, but this too, is pretty pleasing.

C & T

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I've been for a walk... I just wanna go relax on the beach, talk to ladies, go to parties, and play guitar. Is that asking too much?

california dreamin

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin This one goes out to all those late-nite lovers, and the hot, no-holds barred, sweet-ass love they're making.

.38 special ~ live in sturgis 1999 ~ hold on loosely

| play
BosConcertPhoto stop what you're doing and listen. i'm not kidding. - mumford & sons: little lion man
RedHeadBitch I just jumped on her bandwagon! @DirtyUrine: "ditto! she's awesome! \m/ @CooperHarris: ">>>> Badge worthy :) >>> @Silveramberz: "Think I can reach 500 (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin replip to many thankx (reblip)

Shawn Colvin = Sunny Came Home

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin One of the few bands that I've been listening to so faithfully for so long. In Wilco terms, that would mean always and forever. I <3 WILCO & their♫♫
phletch_inthe_mornin No telling why they split-up, uh still, a quite rockin' show. I dig the way they were passing a left-handed cigarette before playing their last song.

Uncle Tupelo's last song

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin slide it in, slide it in, straight to the top! (what's he talking about, mommy?) I'd say I was sorry for playing Whitesnake, but the shit's got zazz.
phletch_inthe_mornin yeah, back to 13!

Whitesnake-Still of The Night [HQ] (Official Music Video)

| play
TaxiBob Good night/day to everyone! My love to you all.
phletch_inthe_mornin I was at the Wilco performance during the Tony Rice show. I stand by my decision.

tony rice band bonnaroo 2009 freeborn man

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Ah, a little Rush to get you goin'.

RushTom Sawyer

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin from Autograph, tp Photograph by Def Leppard.

Def LeppardPhotograph

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin WQUT used to spin this all the time when I was a kid, I mean a little kid first getting into rock n roll. I wasn't that hard.
phletch_inthe_mornin I love this song. Reminds me of going to the strip club with Zeus and making it rain up in that mofro.

Your Sex is on Fire- King of Leons

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Wow, I really wanted to make it up for that one, probably the second best festival of '09
phletch_inthe_mornin @phletch_inthe_mornin: "I've been thinking a lot about Jimi today. He's a phenomenon to be enjoyed at any opportunity, I'd say." (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin And as always, the dope-ass follow-up. Boo-ya.
Warped_Vinyl who knows what tomorrow will bring....

RJD2Smoke and Mirrors

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I've got to leave before I start to scream.
phletch_inthe_mornin @ShesAllWrite: "If only it were that simple...*sigh*... ~ The Jayhawks – I'd Run Away" (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin Listen to the tears roll down my face as she turns to go.
phletch_inthe_mornin metal: It has it's place & time.

Fade To Black (Justice Tour)

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Gaga PAID her dues. She's a talented lady. NOT a sell out tranny.
phletch_inthe_mornin Phish: Piper / Theme From The Bottom [HD] 2010-10-29 - Atlantic City, NJ
DeAnnLR wo denn? LA?@TGDude: "Komm halt rueber :p @DeAnnGJ: ""I can't either rb!@SandroC: "vi@lonnieto: "Led Zeppelin – I Cant Quit You Baby""" (reblip)
DeAnnLR ~Janis Joplin- Hesitation Blues~ rb@me_marino @Trishsacto@blues_buddha@dj_bluesdaddy@tokool4u@Loba_Negra@matriax (reblip)

Janis Joplin- Hesitation Blues

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin This Wes, my DJ & road dog. We've got to find a way to implement real instruments into his chaotic genius. I got this. No worries.
phletch_inthe_mornin @MoiraColleen: "@phletch_inthe_mornin shoot. you just said it was great. my bad! i am not awake (:" Hey, Phletch is always "in the mornin'" somewhere. (reblip)
lalagator Sometimes you don't know a good thing until it's gone.
phletch_inthe_mornin I'm a Tennessee Hustler & I don't have to work.

Jerry Garcia David Grisman Standing on A Corner (Blue Yodel No. 9 )

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin some folks trust to reason, others trust to might.
nilsen31 humble pie and the faces, are a recipe for a good feel good time...just fun music. (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin Turn your speakers down before playing.
phletch_inthe_mornin "You got a mailbox on your bumper and a bald front tire."
melodyofurlife #BandsIhaveseen Twice: once at ACL, once on his own. A great fun act to see. great sound. fun tunes.
phletch_inthe_mornin Why did I leave the plow & the field & look for a job in the town?
BosConcertPhoto this is about where i am right now... running on faith. and caffine... #fb
JohnnyAngellsBrother The Ting Tings (LIVE): Traffic Light (Acoustic) – SXSW
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping!

IncubusPardon me

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin got my Glock cocked. . .

"Let Me Ride" (Uncensored) by Dr. Dre

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin all up in my cranium // dope jam GOOD MORNING
dirtworker17 that's freakin' the coolest! @caporal_chief: "Pink Floyd Blues...................." (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin @organicsue: PUSA >>> The Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches (reblip)
girlpiper You want me, well come on and fucking find me. I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches...I'm ready... Radiohead – Talk Show Host

Old Union NYE 2007 Saddle Tramp Pt #2

| play

Old Union NYE 2007 Saddle Tramp Pt #1

| play
dirtworker17 second that! @DirtyUrine: "great tune! @cattysheba: "A lot of Nirvana on here's a good thing!! - One of my faves - "Lithium""" (reblip)

Nirvana- Lithium ( LP Version )

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Dude Of Life story. bonus

Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB | All That Almost Was * | 2.8.10 | Charlottesville, VA

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Jen gets everybody worked-up into a frenzy.

Trey 10/14/06: Ether Sunday w/ Hartswick

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin enough of this shooting from the hip; I'll preview all blips from hereon out.

U2 Mysterious Ways Scott Stadium Charlottesville VA October 1 2009

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin a soft & soothing tune to go along with your Whisky Cocaine & Weed breakfast at Tiffany's

311 beautiful disaster

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Halloween 1980... What a blast. I was a hobo that year.
phletch_inthe_mornin RBvi@JohnnyAngellsBrother: "Dead Saturday - Grateful Dead – Althea 03-28-81" Sweet sassy molassy! (reblip)
Miss_Bella Diamonds, candy pills, one million dollar bills. You can try, but you can't buy me.
she_______ underneath my kitchentable [anaisnin]

Easter (Erotic Poetry)

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin where have all my friends gone?

The JayhawksBlue

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin not the best quality. . . awesome jam, tho

Mike Gordon Band

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin I want to attend this camp, but I don't think it'll be very wheelchair accessible.
phletch_inthe_mornin I LOVE's new cutting-edge performance. It's for us, the audience!
phletch_inthe_mornin I need to laugh. The drugs didn't work all that well.

Dennis Leary Lifes Gonna Suck

| play
ChadFu wanted Wichita...but this will do. The Jayhawks – Waiting for the Sun
DareToEatAPeach Bethamphetamine: "You're pretty...strung out for a girl" Shades of Sex Pistols, no?

Butch Walker CD USA

| play
gunny420 Off to wrk but first a little "Ganja Weed" (reblip)

Jah Roots "Ganja Weed" Ft. Junior Marvin w/ LYRICS

| play


| play
clarkowitz Dinner in Ballard with @DRE. She drove me home at 70mph through the streets of downtown Seattle playing this on the car stereo.

Kings of LeonCloser

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin @cherub_rock123 It may take me another day or two to learn it his way.
alfonvaina Thanks Blippers for Props & Blips SEE U tomorrow . . . . . .

HIM wicked game

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin ah, yeah, this is the stuff of life
threebears this demands a different type of dancing entirely ... start by standing up, move away from your machine, now hang upside down from the ceiling ...
silver_pencil Tom Waits stepping on the devil's head. Fire and the fury. Violent violins. (reblip)
420thoughts incredibly rich vocals on this cover of John the Revelator. one of my favorite Gov't Mule songs. {Gov't Mule - John the Revelator}
Aluciel Happy Wednesday, blippers!! ^_^


| play
lugster Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend... He's a post-feminist funky lil sex pot.
djjoyful summer breeze, all in my mind
Bluesteel just so I can find it later Very instructive of Jimi's style (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin what you once were isn't what you want to be anymore
phletch_inthe_mornin incredible LZ. {Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song} Thanks, @420thoughts this is the diggity. (reblip)
phletch_inthe_mornin watched Control this morning. . . yesterday morning, whatev... killer rock biopic.
JessicaHamby I should have given you a reason to stay.
phletch_inthe_mornin solid state technology, some tapes on the floor, and some drugs we can't afford not to take...
phletch_inthe_mornin Live Trey Anastasio last summer


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin This is good country music; enjoy the new era.
phletch_inthe_mornin Rick Nelson And The Stone Canyon Band – Garden Party
phletch_inthe_mornin Don't you push me, baby, 'cause I'm moanin' low, and you know I'm only in it for the gold.


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin hope this is still avail. . . still, though, you gotta dance like nobody's watching, right?


| play
phletch_inthe_mornin A little explicit, but real ganstas don't mince words, do you understand what I'm saying?
Figgywithit Dwight Yoakum

It Won't Hurt

| play
nilsen31 Cake - The Distance, the guitar is teh catchy

Teenage Fanclub "The Concept"

| play
organicsue All Things Must Pass – A George Harrison Tribute
avivajazz Freddie Hubbard & Joe Henderson // Maiden Voyage // vi@DrCocker (reblip)
forrestkoba "Cause you're everywhere to me..." [Michelle Branch] #MusicFriday
phletch_inthe_mornin whoo!: "RB!!! @Schoork: "Metallica - The Four Horsemen" (reblip)
qosqoholic me encanta! Radiohead-Idioteque

Radiohead -- Idioteque (Music Video)

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin Les Paul And Mary Ford – How High the Moon (1991 Digital Remaster)
threebears @ambear The scene with this song was so heartbreaking." quote'n'rb @GarlandGrey ^(^ Thanks to u both! Not been to the cinema in ages, what should I c? (reblip)
frealsyo light the world on fire, just to watch it burn. it'll be their funeral pyre, but they never seem to learn.

ThricePaper Tigers

| play

Decemberists "Bachelor And The Bride" Video

| play

John Lee Hooker & Jim Morrison ( The Doors ) Roadhouse Blues

| play
LuvLea1 Me come from New Delhi. Me naw got no worry. And if you fuck with me I'm gonn dash my curry!
russoz ... pra cá, ... prá lá
phletch_inthe_mornin classic 90's alt country. . . sort of.
phletch_inthe_mornin Ahh, yeah, sun. You know you liked that bomb Dre beat.
ironica_eu Weezer – (If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
PurePopPleasures Goodbye Keisha! The one great track of the last Sugababes-Album.
phletch_inthe_mornin Man, I forgot how great The Samples were...
phletch_inthe_mornin This is some bad motherfuckin' Be-Bop, man. That cat can sure blow.

Charles MingusMoanin'

| play
phletch_inthe_mornin a reblip and a smooth song (put that in yo pipe!). (reblip)
angiece "The Pretender" - Foo Fighters
rentedmule Stone Temple Pilots - Dancing Days
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