halo33 Best Joy Division cover ever.
halo33 The kind of song I like to wake up to.
halo33 Anything. ANYTHING from this album.
halo33 So glad this is finally recorded and released.
halo33 Time to pick it up after that last one.

New OrderCeremony

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halo33 Ahhh, remember when the Cure wrote good songs?
PinEyedBoy @Jentern You know, I've not tried that...I may have to try that tomorrow :P

PlaceboNancy Boy

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PinEyedBoy Dance, dance, dance to the radiooo!
rafaelladm @thscrv Feindflug é muy bueno! Já conhecia essa, ouve essa aqui....
squidbrain oh shit awesome find @leather_head hey @Shortmann if you logged on more often you'd hear stuff like this and be all like, "whoa!" (reblip)
squidbrain Man, if Dita von Teese dumped me, my next album would be WAY more angst-ridden than this.
squidbrain This isn't always my favorite Radiohead song, but I think it's saved my life the most times.
squidbrain Awesome song. From his solo album The Eraser, also A Scanner Darkly.
squidbrain Sweet riff. What's up this evening gang?

BeckE Pro

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squidbrain Ugh. No inspiration lately.


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squidbrain I just wish they would play this one live. Come on guys, you are professionals, the drum part can't be THAT hard.
squidbrain Oh my GOD and I get to see them in concert next month.
squidbrain Slowly but surely getting into Saul Williams. I'm not 100% sure what to make of him yet.
squidbrain Love the way the guitar slams down on top of this track. Rawr.
squidbrain reblipping @gladstein and @jccunningham because as much as I worship Radiohead I had no idea this song existed. (reblip)


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squidbrain Hooray for noisy upstairs neighbors. No sense in trying to sleep until they've settled down for the night.
squidbrain Ooo, lookie what I found here! Don't ask me how I found this, I'm a ninja or something. You're welcome.
squidbrain okay I am psyched about this concert. gonna blip NIN all morning. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
squidbrain @mellomatic sup mello how you doin' today?

Little BootsMeddle

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Vagvikernes some one just showed me this band pulp on blip they are pretty awesome.

PulpCommon People

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thscrv Som novo do Manson pra quem não escutou ainda! (reblip)
thscrv Jajá eu to que nem o cara desse clip.. vendo coisas!!
Dougy_D Girlfriend is not home so I am playing this loud
thscrv technologic technologic technologic o/
emptyass ..and you couldn't see me...
Jables28 One of my favorite songs from the Misfits, instant hook. #musicmonday
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina 1st of ponies rock! & 2nd of all i wouldn't say i have a fav' sport, but if i had to pick one i'd pick ballroom dancing.... NOT... hockey
NeSBiT Continuing my end of the world list...
injurytoinstinct @starkdoulos I know what you mean; it's hard to top the older-feeling stuff!
nervioso Y para mi, esta es la canción mas sexy de la historia @_@
Stay19 Jens Lekman – Pocketful Of Money<><>
rafaelladm Couldn't forget this one. It takes my breath away and goes straight to my heart.
rafaelladm love this one too... songs to die for. (reblip)
injurytoinstinct let there be neverending light

VNV NationPerpetual

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kKobold @GR8FL i know. im from brazil... 90% of immem songs just plays this sad 30secs... its annoying.

(Ministry) - Lay Lady Lay

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BanterAndBlah Nice sound, I love this song.
Leobarba George Harrison – My Sweet Lord
carloslet I laughed my ass off when this song played in Two and a Half Men!! LOL se ya later @blippers

Gary NumanCars

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finestsuit "due to the video of studio footage playing this song, my son's 1st words were pol-pot... the cambodian dictator in the mid 70s... how precious huh?" (reblip)
finestsuit good mornin' @Crispas... Good Morning everybody!! @finestsuit @kilwar @bebelicorcafe @pyrrhoX @Heike @daniello... dying is a party if it's funny...
thscrv Beeela versão.... Mill Withers - Ain't no sunshine
joaomontenegro Bad Religion - 21st century digital boy


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k4v3rn4 ███ Exodus █ Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (ACDC) ██████
DJRoy1 Radiohead – Nobody Does It Better
Alliemamma At least you could drown your sorrows@fluffyboots:) "Went to see these live in London lead singer sick.cancelled!ended up in the pub for 5 hours.erm " (reblip)
squidbrain I'm up too late. Take care of yourselves, everybody.
leaferi Or really you should host on a server if you can, esp. if your laptop isn't super hot & smell like an electrical fire is imminent. rb@Totengrber (reblip)
mellomatic @marilovisky I know you do! Me too. Hmmmm, I say we start from scratch. Sound good? BTW, have you gotten the cheese chair? :D
rafaelladm lovelovelovelove

pocket calculator / dentaku

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EddieEntropy Clap your hands you motherfuckers, buy my records, sing along - it won't be long before I am your antichrist! @MsAineseY @leaferi @rafaelladm

Ashbury Heights-Christ

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leaferi Which has such a cool video =)


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rafaelladm Puta coisa linda! Chega de raiva por hj.

Leatherstrip-Lullaby (The Cure Cover)

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EddieEntropy @MsAineseY Here's your g/n or g/m song. Don't sleep on the wet spot. ;P

Wet SpotAnd One

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squidbrain oh hey there @HellenKellersIpod you still fighting the good fight over there?
rafaelladm @leaferi should be nla nla nlas.... :D (best is the tag "one hit wonders" in the corner) (reblip)

Opus _ live is life

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zx10r07 Deftones - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
squidbrain Chills? Paranoia? I thought that was cocaine. Where did I go wrong?

Eric ClaptonCocaine

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infpBlog And now for something completely different.
zx10r07 nine inch nails - my violent heart (pirate robot midget)
k4v3rn4 ███ Newton Faulkner █ Teardrop ██████
squidbrain @rafaelladm Nós can' t dá acima tão facilmente!


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leaferi Oooh, there is some Gossamer on here. Presenting "Run"


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nervioso let's cry a little bit, shall we?

Placebo-Then the clouds will open up for me

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squidbrain @mellomatic taking off? have a good night then.

Video Tapez- Amplive (Feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)

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leaferi @robotbatman Oh wow, this video is great. Unlike APB, I like Evils Toy/T.O.Y.'s newer stuff too. (reblip)

T.O.Y.-We Are Electric

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nervioso Jeanne conna?t bien l'art des retouches et l'envers du décor Elle corrige la forme de sa bouche, les lignes de son corps
mteric hey @mellomatic it's going good. How about you? :) Hmm, maybe it's not the solution, but it sounded like a good thing to say at the time. haha
rafaelladm @Totengrber In the show all the songs seemed "metallised".... strange guitar solos... oww... I have lost the golden age :[ (reblip)
rafaelladm does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?
rafaelladm ahhhh, que lindoooooooooo! <3

Patti Smith, Dancing Barefoot.

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rafaelladm don't you remember you told me you love me, baby?
rafaelladm rb @leandronunes: "@Gen22: "Pearl Jam - Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)"" (reblip)
rafaelladm mas que lindeza essa versão, hein? ♥ @das_z3d (reblip)

The CrampsFever

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quorum +20K songs :: 11116 songs left :: Using TSO is like kicking a dead whale down the beach. -- S. C. Johnson

Astral ProjectionZero

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rafaelladm rb @Totengrber: "rb@atank: "rb@skunk63: "RB@rafaelladm: "RB @quorum: Do more than anyone expects, and pretty soon everyone will expect more.""""" (reblip)
rafaelladm pretty cool! rb @fabiofavaro: "Começa ouvindo essa! While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather"..." (reblip)

Cake- Frank Sinatra

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The Creepshow "The Garden" (Official Video)

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jenjebru Guess I'm making this a daily pick ...
rafaelladm beautiful! rb @HaloNReverse: "I've always loved the session version more than the album one. <3 @friederikehagen: "hach..."" (reblip)
rafaelladm isn't an awesome cover? thanks to @vittoriobond @anatos @GiliOhayon @evandroguedes @bluepumpkin @Totengrber and everyone who gave me props and rbs :D (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ Galaxie 500 █ Ceremony ██████ (reblip)
DJRoy1 The Clash – Tommy Gun

The ClashTommy Gun

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infpBlog Sometimes, I think the covers are better than the original.
finestsuit oh @sudaca70 what that latest avatar does for me. i know it's not you, but i'm infatuated with an avatar i can never have... so vulnerable she looks~
finestsuit oh, no thanks @sudaca70... i'm not a drinker. strictly drug abuse for me. only 1 drug at a time though... and drinking while druggin', irresponsible~
thscrv Pra @rafaelladm que mané #sadfriday xD

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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squidbrain Maybe if I ask my art director specifically for a print project he'll give me something to take my mind off this blithering web 2.0 nonsense.
Elling_ I had nobody till met you, but you, keeping me waiting! (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ Ramones █ Commando ██████ Found :DD
rafaelladm Qse não tem música do Adicts aqui! >_<


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ninetynine Probably on my Top 10 Saddest Songs list.
ninetynine Robert Smith has the keys to my heart.
k4v3rn4 ███ Joy Division █ New Dawn Fades ██████
menschenfleisch ich warte immer noch auf das migrationsamt
k4v3rn4 ███ Type O Negative █ I Don't Wanna Be Me ██████
spinecut im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! horray!!!
squidbrain Okay you guys know I love moping british people but this is taking things a bit far isn't it? Have fun on friday.
rafaelladm Come a little bit closer!


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menschenfleisch etwas anderes - wenn mexico schon nix bietet


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EddieEntropy RB @hastilyputtogether It's a Wax Trax tonight! The scum lifts off the teeth & they're hungry to bite! @spinecut @THX3 @Totengrber @n3cr0phelia (reblip)

no name no slogan

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rafaelladm @das_z3d Po, só pq eu ia roubar a sua? :] (reblip)

BlutengelRun Away

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filippocioni hot tune Lovage-Sex (I'm a) (via @JaseyRae ) (reblip)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

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squidbrain Note to self: listen to this whenever you are having a sad day and are angry at the world and things.
EddieEntropy RB @Bloodl3tt3r My favorite Blutengel track, love it when dude sings "I am a solitary girl". I've had those nights too. (reblip)
rafaelladm let's play, master and servant... hmmm.... (a outra não funcionou)
rafaelladm Tá chegandoooo! <3

The Sisters of Mercy -- 1959

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rafaelladm bonita, bonita...


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rafaelladm Essa versão é muuuito melhor, pena q não achei o Martin Gore cantando. Em todo caso, tá aqui >> http://www.myspace.com/martingoresolo #songstodiefor
rafaelladm ô coisa linda! (acho q c vai gostar dessa, @Li_Fox!)

NIN Starfuckers with Marylin Manson

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rafaelladm Going to do my college work... Good night!

VNV NationEntropy

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leaferi @Totengrber @rafaelladme Has the voice if not the full Wolfsheim atmospherics. And many props to all. Wow, --lot of blipping last hour and a half =P
rafaelladm @Totengrber Yeah, I know (run to the mountains) I love it too... is one of the #songstodiefor (reblip)

Love My Way

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rafaelladm 3:43am... go to sleep. Good night @leaferi @Totengrber Thanks for the props, for the songs and for the tears. :]


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Jentern @denistierno and blip-brother @SpinningDiscs - thanks for the props and shouts! :D
Jentern @MetalRocks Hey, I'm doing great! Getting ready for birthday festivities this weekend. :D How are you?
k4v3rn4 ███ Nine Inch Nails vs Bauhaus █ Atmosphere (Joy Division) ██████ (reblip)
k4v3rn4 ███ Hellsongs █ Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden 'Soft' Version) ██████ (reblip)
spinecut very very very RAD video..and awesome live


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k4v3rn4 ███ Inocentes █ Pátria Amada ██████ [(vid)°]
PHyX8 WOW - AWESOME fsck'n VID! @aeontriad: "if you've never seen the video for this song... >:)" (reblip)
li_dib @rafaelladm Rafaaaaaaa... me converti en un marciaaanooooo... FODA!!! \o/
rafaelladm Tava procurando a do Type O Negative, mas resolvi blipar essa.

Seals & Crofts " Summer Breeze"

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rafaelladm Essa com certeza seu sobrinho vai ouvir, @thscrv! Meio creepy, né? :]
rafaelladm @Li_Fox: "oh yeah baby! #que video horrível... gsuis >.<" (reblip)
rafaelladm rb @Li_Fox Puta coisa linda! Decididamente nascemos na época errada... (reblip)

The adicts:viva la revolustion/joker in the pack

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k4v3rn4 || Queens Of The Stone Age • Make It Wit Chu || (reblip)
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