rogue_fm @playalongjon Just outside Victoria British Columbia on Vancouver Island. 5 mins from water & sea lions, hence last blip. Mix of urban & natural.Nice (reblip)
ladypn Doing the happy dance, thank you @patita for another great Keane! :) (reblip)
Dillin_Chillin Hello, Blogtv, Tumblr, Twestival 2009
girleddy Love this guitar....From The Beginning – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Jeffie Los Bravos - "Black Is Black" (1966)
adbert @AmberCadabra [Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore] Have a great weekend! :-)
adbert [Cold Day in Hell – Gary Moore] Hello @Sally29! Send all my love to Treacle, it's a good pet! he he he. How are you? :-)
girleddy Early Stones... As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones As Tears Go By

| play
Lowell Is it wintertime where you are?
Oldies Yes – Owner of a lonely heart
Jeffie Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Up Around the Bend" (1970)
adbert RIFF-TIME [Black Sabbath – Paranoid]
adbert RIFF-TIME [Cream – Crossroads]


| play
lemerodrigo @carlarafaela I am glad you are changing. :) - Hi @Shukitty, everything is ok, and you?
sandraew @NeedBlues2Live I just blip the odd tune on twitter. You disable it and then put a + sign and a space and it shows up there. (reblip)
adbert RIFF-TIME [The Doors – Roadhouse Blues]
girleddy Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Born With a Broken Heart
girleddy son used to sing along with this when he was about 3, he had no he does!...New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Panama Red (reblip)
girleddy @KiddRock..need...more...props....Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tightrope (reblip)
readmylipstick Ha. Keep looking and you shall find. I was getting ready to beg @GR8FL to load it, noticed another Sophie you handled 4 blippers anonymous


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readmylipstick Not sick and tired. Oh baby, whatcha gonna do.
readmylipstick Ooohh Macy Macy Macy! via @ladypn Welcome @Lucy32 & welcome to Blip! (reblip)
readmylipstick Love 'em all. Thanks much for blipping @oregonblip Another really beautiful song by James. I Hope others enjoy it... (reblip)
readmylipstick @oregonblip, I can handle this one singing in the car with no one to hear me... beautiful song (until I start singing along :-) (reblip)

James BluntHigh

| play
readmylipstick Like it, hadn't heard this 1 b4 @oregonblip @phatdaddio you could handle this one on your piano, I'm sure. (reblip)

James Blunt1973

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readmylipstick Sorry I missed you. Night. @alfonvaina Good Night Blippers... See U soon... O__= (reblip)

Annie LennoxWhy

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readmylipstick I know it's not Christmas, but I love this song and just happened to see it, so it's Christmas in March.
readmylipstick 1st I've heard this group, LIKE 'em. Tx @LilCav68 One of my new fav bands... (reblip)
readmylipstick via @ICEGIRL152 Hey @rogue_fm, here is a happy love song for you. Good thing to focus on! THX! (reblip)
readmylipstick v @Jeffie Marvin Gaye - "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" (1971) (reblip)
readmylipstick fun song going on my playlist @drilling_chillin @warhorus@thetoast@readmylipstick Madness paying $25 to replace a bulb. (reblip)

Hi-FiWhat's A Bulb

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readmylipstick Sorry I missed the Charlie Daniels run, but I know where to go to listen @organicsue Still a long haired country girl. @)>------ (reblip)
readmylipstick Another I haven't heard in a long time. via @ladypn What a great old tune, @SatinLegsSmith! (reblip)
readmylipstick via @evablue Norah Jones has such a gorgeous voice, great song 2 (reblip)
readmylipstick via @ @NeedBlues2Live! @djwttw thx so much for this one! U KNOW I'm lovin' it! Great vibe...should be outdoors w/some wine... (reblip)
readmylipstick Hey this girl is eating a peach. Bet it's a Georgia peach.

INXSHot Girls

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readmylipstick Ah, you guys keep hookin' me in @Ozarksagent. Yes Big Al, you play them Blues for me!!!! (reblip)

Marlena Shaw - Let's Wade In The Water

| play
readmylipstick Don't know what u said, but know the tune, thanks for blipping @patita @Rick_Rocks (reblip)
readmylipstick Thanks for this one @potele I was born a Ramblin' Man... Thanks for The Allman Bros reminder, @readmylipstick! (reblip)
readmylipstick Started here, lived everywhere, ended up back here. Great place. @420thoughts @readmylipstick I am a born & raised Georgia peach! (reblip)
readmylipstick I was getting outta line... sorry tho, u haven't made a new man out of me. Who's that singing w/ Moore? BB King?
readmylipstick Susan Tedeschi & The Derek Trucks Band – Little By Little... I love this one...
readmylipstick More Irish... betcha didn't know...
readmylipstick Born Declan Patrick MacManus, his Irish roots are obvious.
readmylipstick My favorite Bob Segar back atcha @Oldies Happy St. Pats

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

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readmylipstick Can't blip just one from Commitments. One more to follow.
readmylipstick In honor of St. Pat's Day. This was a great movie, music even better.
readmylipstick john cougar, mellencamp, cougar, john mellencamp, johnny cougar or one of his incarnations (all of 'em good) via @DeAnn here's John Cougar... (reblip)
readmylipstick LIKE this @adbert [INXS – Devil's Party] Θα ήθελα ένα καφέ παρακαλώ @LexiePixie!!! Νυστάζω!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! (reblip)

INXSDevil's Party

| play
readmylipstick Welcome to the (blip) Jungle @SlamaRamadingdong (– Guns N' Roses)
readmylipstick A Quitter Never Wins by Tinsley Ellis

A Quitter Never Wins by Tinsley Ellis

| play
readmylipstick Last Dirty Deal – Coco Montoya
readmylipstick Jeff Healey – Like a Hurricane
readmylipstick Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson – Red House
readmylipstick E. Clapton, R. Cray, Dr John, B. Guy, B.B. King, Neville, B. Raitt, J. Vaughan – Tick Tock
readmylipstick oh yeah @rogue_fm Pure soul here. None of that namby-pamby disco stuff. Maybe a little pop though. (reblip)
readmylipstick Thanks for new music, I've never heard this one @GrandaddyPete Hav'nt heard this for years. (reblip)
readmylipstick may be just 4 @Krimzen, but I'm still rbing. Is that double dipping? blipping? via @r0g1 \just::4/@Krimzen ..--.. (reblip)
readmylipstick aaaawwwww! nice @SugarDoggy Elvin Bishop – Fooled Around and Fell in Love (with) ♥ @djwttw ♥ (for those that haven't figured it out yet) (reblip)
readmylipstick Nope, she's not. But u are & I'm happy to "see" u @DeAnn sweeet tune :-) @jerrykidd Yes, but she's not there (reblip)
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live I'll see you one SRV, raise you a Gary Moore and a Carlos Santana
readmylipstick love il divo, hadn't even thought to check on here 4 them! Tx @GR8FL beautiful (reblip)

il divoTi Amero

| play
readmylipstick via @GR8FL @patita one day I come visit SP and meet you & @abarbosa and maybe @patricia_coelho can be there too. (reblip)
readmylipstick Like this one @RoasterBoy @readmylipstick - and then there's the Reverend''s version (reblip)
readmylipstick The blues crew is dishing it out tonight @mikeskyway from an original - nice one - thanks @readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live @RNRSteve (reblip)
readmylipstick Nice and easy... until it gets rough. There are some great versions of Proud Mary, may have to sample 'em all. The beauty of blips.
readmylipstick It's bopping @rogue_fm It was just time to hear it again. Damn it's a good song. Just see if you can keep your head from bopping...I dare ya'... (reblip)
readmylipstick I know who did this one, do you?

Wild Fire

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readmylipstick Saw a special on Van Morrison this morning. He's on an "Astral Weeks" tour. Wouldn't mind being live at one of the concerts. Interesting person.
readmylipstick Like this version. Like all versions that include "Allman" in the whodunit column.
readmylipstick Here's one 4 u @GR8FL, she puts on a great concert, too.
readmylipstick Perfect concert: Mayall, Beck, Clapton, SRV, Gary Moore... bring in a few others, BB King, Muddy Waters... who'm I missin?
readmylipstick Here's another favorite. I have no idea what the titles say, I'm so unfortunately language challenged. It's gorgeous in any language.
readmylipstick This is little different from what I normally blip, but it's some of the most beautiful music... Uplifting. Takes u to good places.
readmylipstick First I've heard this, really like. Can u translate title 4 me? @alfonvaina (reblip)
readmylipstick Guess I don't need to hold the fort for @Oldies -- @Jeffie is doing an excellent job! Good one. Marmalade - "Reflections Of My Life" (spring, 1970) (reblip)
readmylipstick I've never been on the cover of the Rolling Stone, never known the thrill...
readmylipstick Hafta take a break. Meet you on the other side.

KeaneBend And Break

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readmylipstick @toosweet4rnr I'll raise you one woo, toss in a whop t bop <g> This one shakes, but your wiggle one was the best bop t bop bee bop
readmylipstick via @adbert[Eurythmics – When Tomorrow Comes] With very special thanks @LexiePixie, a.k.a. Μαρσύας. :-) (reblip)
readmylipstick @playalongjon, not as long as there r blippters in blipville <g>. btw ur right was Buster! Do ever get that feeling sometimes that you are all alone! (reblip)

Pink FloydMarooned

| play
readmylipstick tx 4 blipping this one, love it. Guess I have a lot of love 'ems @tubilino (reblip)
readmylipstick @Jeffie, can always move w/ Creedence Clearwater Revival; good wake ur self up & get happy song! (reblip)
readmylipstick Heading to kitchen to make cup of tea, curious to see if song abt hot tea... shock & awe, there is & it's by someone I've heard of, too <g>.
readmylipstick @Jeffie, heard they still won't tell what the lyrics mean. Uhhh... can we say high as a kite? Who cares? I like the song. <g> @toosweet4rnr (reblip)
readmylipstick @Oldies, some blipping someone flatlined ur let me play with your pooodle, so here's a white rabbit to play w instead... little wilder animal <g>
readmylipstick @gmolino, have u ever heard this version? I love it...
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live, I'm boogie-ing outta here 4 a while, perfect song, dancing shoes on to go (reblip)
readmylipstick Stick this one in your brain... see if u can get it out <g> I wear my sunglasses at night. Not.
readmylipstick @toosweet4rnr is out to wiggle, woo, wop, wham us today! [Reverend Horton Heat – Wiggle Stick] Let me flip your switch (reblip)
readmylipstick @ladypn, I heard this on radio earlier, it was going to be my next blip choice. Here's to good timing. @timido66 (reblip)
readmylipstick hey @Buzzz I'm gonna hafta think abt this choice of song & why it made u think of me <g> I do like it tho, a lot. @readmylipstick (reblip)

Amy WinehouseRehab

| play
readmylipstick @CBSpinner, I was digging thru every part of my brain looking for this one last week without any luck. YOU found it! All I could remember was "time" (reblip)
readmylipstick @CBSpinner You are spinnering some GOOD tunes today ☺♥ One Way Out ♥☺ (reblip)
readmylipstick No way you're NOT singing with this one <g>
readmylipstick @patita, perfect song for mood I'm in right now! Tx (reblip)
readmylipstick @GR8FL Where's a good vampire when you need him? flap flap flap (reblip)

Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife

| play
readmylipstick Keep missing @Oldies, ah well, I'll blip a song off & on in honor of the missing blipper
readmylipstick Thanks to @NeedBlues2Live for sharing Susan Tedeschi with me. I'm hooked.
readmylipstick It's impossible to just listen & work. you guys blip too many good tunes. @toosweet4rnr[Robert Plant – Heaven Knows] Good day :) (reblip)
readmylipstick @Buzzz takin' us back with a classic voice. Time for more Clapton. (reblip)
readmylipstick I was gonna do blues, but this caught my eye from @FourEyes Just try not to dance to this song. I dare you. (reblip)
readmylipstick Your wish is my command (sometimes) @Figgywithit. Props Hocking v Trying 2 b cool and clever with witty banter while secretly hoping 4 lots of props. (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Robert Plant – Heaven Knows] Good day :)
readmylipstick Takin' the night train outta here sadly. Long nice intro on this, great song.
readmylipstick @TrainWreckRadio worked good this time. Watched a number, really like Moonlight Tango, favorited some on my YouTube page. TX
readmylipstick @TrainWreckRadio, link went to general YouTube page with lots of videos.
readmylipstick Just grabbing some Sting I haven't heard, or rarely hear...
readmylipstick yum yum yum @patita tum dum dum dum dum ri dum dum..... tum dum dum di dum dum.... nahhhh nahhhhhh nahhhhh nahhhhhhh (reblip)
readmylipstick @patita, I was signing off, listening while shutting down computer, heard this & had to come back, save to playlist! (reblip)

black labtime ago

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readmylipstick Two rb's in a row @DeAnn. Whoops, gonna be three, just saw you pop another I like. so there! let's have a drink! :-)) (reblip)
readmylipstick via @patita @albertsdad, dont need to apologize..... i was playing too..... i am no angel... hehehhehehehe (reblip)
readmylipstick Seether – Driven Under (One Cold Night)
readmylipstick Stereophonics - Don't Let Me Down rb @storylet: ":-) @IamWhoIamMe: "rb @sheryonstone: "Don't let me down ... (reblip)
readmylipstick Bonnie Tyler & Kareen Antonn – Si Demain... @SimpleJim, thought u might like this.
ImJustBlue John Mayer – I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You ... for all and @harmony60
readmylipstick Melissa Etheridge – Chrome plated heart
readmylipstick Blue Oyster Cult – (Don't Fear) The Reaper
readmylipstick Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed
readmylipstick Love it! rb @TropicsZ4: "Santana covers T Rex Bang a gong , get it on. Classic Rock" (reblip)
readmylipstick John Mayall and Walter Trout – Cold Blooded Woman
readmylipstick Ten Years After – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
readmylipstick Sharon Jones – I Just Dropped In To See What Condition...
readmylipstick Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) – Ray Lamontagne
readmylipstick Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson & Tab Benoit - Revolution (reblip)

Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson & Tab Benoit Revolution

| play
readmylipstick Static Cycle – When We Meet Again
readmylipstick Bonnie Raitt & John Lee Hooker – I'm In The Mood
readmylipstick Mitch Ryder & John Cougar – BIGTIME (Live 1983)
readmylipstick Like this 1... new 4 me, tnx @DeAnn: "@GlobalJammerz @ShiaoMei @TidyCat GlobalJammerz => One World..One Love...MUSIC! (reblip)
readmylipstick Aerosmith – Jaded (album version)
readmylipstick Hey Girl Live by Michael McDonald... slowing it down a bit, but this is really good!

Hey Girl Live by Michael McDonald

| play
readmylipstick Liel and The Scorpions – Send Me An Angel
readmylipstick rb @Gidyean: "rb :) @divadonna5: "TY@katerinas_diary: "absolute value@Dancer12: "TY RB@Lisa_Michele: "~~ Scorpions - Here In My Heart (reblip)
readmylipstick Eli's Coming --- 3 Dog Night

Eli's Coming 3 Dog Night

| play
readmylipstick Scorpions – No One Like You... wow, no head cover... On that note, not that it has anything to do with anything... I'm outta here 4 the night!
readmylipstick 27- Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Brian May – Rocky Mountain Way - Live At Sevilla 1991
readmylipstick Shook me all night long – ACDC... hate to blip & run, but I am outta here 4 the night. Happy blippin' & g'nite
readmylipstick Deep Purple – Mistreated 1974 (Live in California) HD
readmylipstick Alice Cooper – Dangerous Tonight
readmylipstick BBM – Bruce Baker Moore - Waiting in the wings
readmylipstick Bonnie Raitt – Runaway (Live 1977)
readmylipstick Ten Years After (Alvin Lee) – The Bluest Blues
readmylipstick Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
readmylipstick Jeff Beck – Brush with the blues
readmylipstick Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby
readmylipstick Robert Plant - Heaven knows... this one is better sound quality (i.e., you can crank it up louder ;-)

Robert Plant-Heaven knows

| play
readmylipstick ==>>> Only THREE (3) to go & @PinkyLove will have a be-you-tee-ful new badge <<<=== "Breaking Benjamin....Give Me a Sign" (reblip)
readmylipstick Seal & Jeff Beck – "Like A Rolling Stone"
readmylipstick John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Mick Taylor – Oh, Pretty Woman
readmylipstick Gary Moore & Ozzy Osbourne-Led clones

Gary Moore & Ozzy Osbourne-Led clones

| play
readmylipstick Hey Joe – Gary Moore and Roger Daltrey @Ronnie Scotts 19th Oct 2003
readmylipstick White Room - Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore, Bernie Worrell

Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore, Bernie Worrell

| play
readmylipstick John Mayall & Gary Moore – If I don't get home
readmylipstick BBM – The World Keeps on Turnin'... slower and sadder without Gary Moore though.
readmylipstick Gary Moore – always there for you - Dark Days In Paradise
readmylipstick Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood – The Blues Is Alright
readmylipstick Just Feel Better – Steven Tyler & Santana
readmylipstick The Derek Trucks Band – I Wish I Knew (How It Would Be Free)
readmylipstick Greg Allman Band – I'm No Angel
readmylipstick Gov't Mule – Beautifully Broken
fxp123 too funny you said sigh and I wasn't sure of the meaning @StreamingMimi: "You didn't answer. You getting tired or just tired of me? LOL! @fx (reblip)
readmylipstick Sad to say I just discovered they say, better late than never! @rsmac: "[Adele – Rolling In the Deep] inspired by @readmylipstick" (reblip)
readmylipstick John the Revelator – John Mellencamp
readmylipstick Hi! I've been kinda blip or miss, hoping 2 be better... @TropicsZ4: "Tina Turner – We Don't Need Another Hero (Alvaroxx)" (reblip)
readmylipstick John Lee Hooker – Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine
readmylipstick Buddy Whittington – That Ain't Right - Feat: Gary Moore
readmylipstick Gary Moore – The Sky Is Crying... me too. RIP
readmylipstick BBM (Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore)- City Of Gold & I Feel Free (Live England, May 1994)

BBM (Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore)- City Of Gold & I Feel Free (Live England, May 1994)

| play
readmylipstick Jackson Browne with Crosby, Stills and Nash – The Pretender - Madison Square Garden - 2009/10/29&30
readmylipstick Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed
readmylipstick Robert Plant - Heaven Knows

Robert Plant-Heaven knows

| play
readmylipstick John the Revelator – John Mellencamp
readmylipstick Clapton, Knopfler, Collins - Same Old Blues
readmylipstick Frank Marino - I'll Play The Blues For You

Frank Marino I'll Play The Blues For You

| play
readmylipstick It's Been Awhile – Staind [HD]
readmylipstick BBM Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Gary Moore – Spoonfull - live
readmylipstick Brian May, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani – Tie your mother down
featherears Stevie Ray Vaughn – Mary Had a Little Lamb
readmylipstick Paul Rodgers & Jeff Beck – I Just Want to Make Love to You
readmylipstick Gary Moore with Scott Gorham, Phil Lynott, Cozy Powell, Don Airey – Back On The Streets
readmylipstick @Trinkets: "Albert Collins and Gary Moore" - Cold Cold Feeling (reblip)
readmylipstick BB King with Gary Moore – The Thrill Is Gone - Hi Quality --- much better version, saving...
readmylipstick Jonny Lang – Lie To Me ( live )
readmylipstick Elton John & Leon Russell Live – If It Wasn't For Bad
readmylipstick Jonny Lang - Red Light rb @MrsASoprano: "One of my favorite Lang tunes - (reblip)
readmylipstick Allman Brothers Good clean fun.wmv

Allman Brothers Good clean fun.wmv

| play
readmylipstick Alright ya'll, she only needs 9 more 2 get her badge. Help her out here... @PinkyLove: ":) :) @CPCDINIZ: @DirtyUrine: rb@moniquekoster: (reblip)

HinderBorn To Be Wild

| play
readmylipstick JJ Cale & Leon Russell – I Got The Same Old Blues
readmylipstick Howlin' Wolf – Howlin' for My Darling #blues (3 of 3 & my fave by Howlin' Wolf)
readmylipstick Wow! @KrisOConnor: "I've heard this guy a few times... love his #blues style @readmylipstick @ronnieron @kmmlaw" (reblip)

Brother Yusef Long Way From Home

| play
readmylipstick John Mayall – John Lee Boogie
readmylipstick always in the mood for John Lee Hooker!!! (reblip)
readmylipstick rb @MSBloom: "Born on the bayou – Slash, Daughtry, Chad Kroeger Playlist Favorites!!! rbx2 @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
readmylipstick Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Brian May – Rocky Mountain Way - Live At Sevilla 1991
readmylipstick Stevie Ray Vaughan & Robert Cray – New Blood... notch up the volume... nice
readmylipstick Kenny Wayne Shepherd With Hubert Sumlin Live At Guitar Center's King of the Blues

Kenny Wayne Shepherd With Hubert Sumlin Live At Guitar Center's King of the Blues

| play
readmylipstick Kenny Neal – I'm A Blues Man
readmylipstick very good, gonna hafta playlist it @Chow322: "Some great guitar >>>>>> Give this a Ear" (reblip)

House of the Rising Sun, Riverdogs.

| play
readmylipstick Because there's no such thing as 2 much Gary Moore... Crying in the Shadows... this 1 is really nice.
readmylipstick Love an optimist ;-) rb @melsite1: "John Fogerty - "Almost Saturday Night" (reblip)
readmylipstick PAT TRAVERS – Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)... OK, out go my lights, back tomorrow. Tnx to my new listeners & to all who rb'd, prop'd & talked...
readmylipstick The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica (Dickey Betts and Warren Haynes) 1991
readmylipstick CCR – Night Time Is The Right Time rb @misterDW: "Is there a #coolcover playlist? If not I think I just made one! @Joleesa vi@backtoback" (reblip)
readmylipstick Leslie West (Mountain) - Summertime

Leslie West- Summertime

| play
readmylipstick Gov't Mule – Beautifully Broken
readmylipstick Goin on my playlist! rb @TropicsZ4: "Lesley Gore – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (reblip)
readmylipstick Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby... studio version of earlier blip, had 2 blip cause it's so good @Blipdjj @imcfdean @DeAnn@RobbinLynn@Dancer12
readmylipstick this 1 is SO goin on my playlist... rb@CocoPancakes: "@kellygo: "@floogee SO digging it. (reblip)
readmylipstick Sonique – I Put A Spell On You... zap... r u bedazzled?
readmylipstick rb @BlipisHip: "vi@ShiaoMei......Gary Moore – Picture of the MooN....... Please visit us >>>> **********" (reblip)
readmylipstick ooooooh, I like @Chow322 Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap - Rollin' And Tumblin' (reblip)

Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap-Rollin' And Tumblin'

| play
readmylipstick rb @vanbytheriver: "Toad The Wet Sprocket- Fall Down "Jump back, got to get out of here...When will, when will we fall down?"" (reblip)

Toad the Wet Sprocket Fall Down

| play
readmylipstick Melissa – Dave Matthews, Greg Allman, W Haynes
readmylipstick "Stormy Monday" PT2 – ABB w/ Clapton 3/20/09... voila, part 2
readmylipstick "Stormy Monday" – Allman Brothers Band w/Clapton 3/20/09... it's a 2 part thing I gather, will see if I can find part 2
readmylipstick Jimi Hendrix – 'Johnny B Goode' - 1970 45rpm
readmylipstick The Rolling Stones – Dance Little Sister... hello @donnadontplay!
readmylipstick Gary Moore – If You Be My Baby
readmylipstick Watch Your Step - Bobby Parker (1961) (reblip)
readmylipstick Buddy Guy & Memphis Slim – Southside Reunion - 01 - When Buddy Comes To Town
readmylipstick Livin' Blues – Wang Dang Doodle
readmylipstick Panama Red - New Riders of the Purple Sage

Panama Red

| play
readmylipstick Jeff Healey – I'm Tore Down, wore out, sad I have to leave my blipping friends, but I do... night!
readmylipstick Jeff Beck – Somewhere Over the Rainbow rb @nawlinswoman: "Looks like the scene at close of Jazz Fest Sat..lovely.." (reblip)
readmylipstick Well, u sent us ur rain here in ATL area! @nawlinswoman: "Just saw the sun for 1st time in 4 daze..feeling good!" (reblip)

Feeling GoodMuse

| play
readmylipstick tnx 4 adding me! luv ur blips! @BlueRoute: "BB King – Why I Sing The Blues"" (reblip)
readmylipstick Robben Ford & Blue Line–Running Out On Me... I'm running out on u, time 2 snooze! Tnx @blues_b_us@aprildax@AnnieLicious@DeAnn@BlueRoute@Angelitos55


| play
readmylipstick Steve Vai – The Crying Machine
readmylipstick rb @Sylak:@MrsASoprano: "Inspired by @Sylak - you read my mind rb lol@Time2Burn: "The Scorpions – The Zoo (reblip)

The ScorpionsThe Zoo

| play
readmylipstick rb @BLUESBOOGIE: "Peter Green - Tune - Excellent Job - By - Gary Moore – Need your love so bad -" (reblip)
readmylipstick rb @sir_edward_ross: "RB @RRicco ...Eric Clapton: Groaning The Blues" (reblip)

Eric Clapton: Groaning The Blues

| play
readmylipstick Joe Cocker – She came in through the bathroom window
readmylipstick rb @AuntiAnti: "This song makes me smile when I'm stomping around my neighbourhood. Can't be helped. I want to sing along... (reblip)


| play
readmylipstick ooooo, I like this... rb @Stuelpner: "The Blues Bandits – Lie To Me" (reblip)
readmylipstick Killing Jive - Jeff Healey & Colin James

Killing Jive-Jeff Healey & Colin James -

| play
readmylipstick Jeff Healey Band - I think I love you too much

Jeff Healey Band I think I love you too much

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readmylipstick rb @ChadThomas: "Awesome!!! never heard this version!!! rb@hawaiibuzz: "Jeff Beck - Aint No Sunshine (w Sting)"" (reblip)

Jeff Beck - Aint No Sunshine (w Sting)

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readmylipstick rb @violetp: "The Strokes – Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed cover)" (reblip)
readmylipstick rb @javiero: "Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You" (reblip)
readmylipstick Jeff Lynne – Armchair Theatre - Every Little Thing
readmylipstick The world may be going through hard times baby, getting harder all the time, but we're gonna get through it. If nothing else we always have music.
readmylipstick Work from home so every day is Monday and Friday... this one is good any day of the week.
readmylipstick Coven did this originally for Billy Jack movie. Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez both did their own version.


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readmylipstick Heading back to the 70's for some real rock...
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live I'm doing gr8, trying to work, music calls...


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readmylipstick Everything Gary Moore does is superb. This is the one you play at the end of the night, after the rest...
readmylipstick @NeedBlues2Live @patita @evolandis Looking for Satriani's The Crush of Love, think it's his best. Anyone?
evoland @readmylipstick, Satriani is really good. I don't know his best song, his discography is very complete ;)

Joe SatrianiS.M.F.

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readmylipstick Well, I'm not planning on making this trip, but I like the song.
Oldies Dave Mason – Pink Lipstick
readmylipstick From the 70's again... Rod Stewart did a remake. I like this one.
SteelGuy We Will Rock You - Queen

Queen - We Will Rock You

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readmylipstick BB King and anyone is always good, but this one is better than good. Much better.
readmylipstick Wow, this is GOOD. I mean, REALLY good.
readmylipstick Great! @NeedBlues2Live @comix....thinkin bout all the love that you laid on my table...great your list - lookin 4ward to blippin w/ya! (reblip)


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ladypn Is such a thing possible? Oh... never mind... ;)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

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ladypn Love these two together. Let me hold you, for the last time...
readmylipstick I'm not getting anything done, listening to gr8 blippers @DeAnn @mikeskyway : hm yeah. those greeeen eyes! :-) another blast from the past... (reblip)
SteelGuy While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Across The Universe
readmylipstick If u spell Byrds with an i instead of y you can't find them :-) Going way back here...
ladypn Hi @moderntimes! Love this Annie Lennox song! (reblip)

Something So Right - Annie Lennox (Fet-Paul Simon)

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readmylipstick Well, I was lookin 4 something else, saw this & had to blipidy blip blip...
readmylipstick ummmmmm, think u'll like this version... who'd a thunk the Zombies could do this so nice?
Jeffie The Doobie Brothers - "Takin' It to the Streets" (1976)
readmylipstick Best version of Mary Had a Little Lamb you'll ever hear...
readmylipstick I'm heeerrrreeee... nyah ha ha hee heee
readmylipstick Can't help myself, gotta have some more REM
readmylipstick Like the early REM the best...
readmylipstick Going back... way back to the really good stuff.
readmylipstick Clap your hands, tap those feet, sway those hips...