rebelletsjunior @JimmyStagger: "Alright, 3:15 EST means time to go. Thanks for all the great stuff, as usual."....thanks Jimmy! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior another version:-) matter who remakes this song..still magical...
rebelletsjunior @mizannie: ""go forward, move ahead!" ...thanks and reblipping upon request.... (reblip)


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rebelletsjunior @Dancer12: "RB@dANGELofLOVE: "HI! I Am Here! TYSM For The Nice Song! HUGS >>>@avard: "WHERES ANGEL"""...for Avayadown...reblipping (reblip)
rebelletsjunior a later version...for aaron james kojima and the rest of avayadown....hope you guys like it.
rebelletsjunior @djpuggie: "@mejules: "@star45: "The Kooks – Too Much Of Nothing"""...hehehe...thanks and reblipping... (reblip)

The Kooks - Too Much Of Nothing

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rebelletsjunior @Lunaladee: "good night, pleasant dreams ~ rb@GothTinkerbell: "night lovely blip peeps x""...thanks and reblipping! (reblip)

Pan's labyrinth lullaby

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rebelletsjunior tripping over this...I don't know why....
rebelletsjunior @DamnTheMan: "Pantera – Drag the Waters"...thanks for mind is blank right now... (reblip)
rebelletsjunior finally found this! the lyrics just kept on playing in my head a while ago...
rebelletsjunior @DevinC: "so good <3"....thanks and reblipping.... (reblip)

The Time We Lost Our Way by Thievery Corporation

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rebelletsjunior this song was overshadowed because of that famous song of theirs from a sly stallone movie...
rebelletsjunior can't find The Breed itself playing but thanks to Beowulf for covering this....:-)
rebelletsjunior just suddenly remembered that Tom Cruise movie...hmmm....
rebelletsjunior I was around 10 or 11 I make that 12 or 13...
rebelletsjunior @FLASHBACKFREDDIE: "Here's the horn section~~~"...yup, enough to wake everyone up:-) (reblip)

Figures on a Beach "No Stars" MTV video

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THE MARCH VIOLETS B2 Electric Shades

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rebelletsjunior @TheGartna: "One hit wonders rule"....I almost forgot this song! thanks for reminding me:-) (reblip)

SexbeatSex Beat

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rebelletsjunior @TheGartna: "Ex Waterboys member. Good song."...thanks and reblipping! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior I don't know if anyone remember's this classic!

Prince 1999

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rebelletsjunior ah yeah! Thanks and reblipping!!! (reblip)

HeartBarracuda (1977)

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rebelletsjunior @ultimateanswer: "The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning Live at Max's Kansas City / and Jim Carroll holding the microphones..."Thankies!!! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior @mimiMH: thanks...reblipping...too lazy to think of any song in mind.....:-)....on the verge of sleep! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior Hmmm...wasn't this originally done by Olivia Newton-John?

apotygma Berzerk-unicorn

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rebelletsjunior @VegasLiveMusic: "She Wants Revenge w/ Psychedelic Furs 6/26 the House of Blues @mandalaybay_lv" (reblip)
rebelletsjunior yup..her first break.

Cyndi Lauper Blue angel Maybe he'll know 1981 performance

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Cyndi Lauper- Hat Full Of Stars HQ

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rebelletsjunior and it's one way to start a conversation...old school way that works....hahahaha....
rebelletsjunior :-) this is an essential track that should be in your mp3 list:-)...just me talking out of my head...
rebelletsjunior "I'm The Mono Messiah Of Your Stereo Desire"....profound:-)
rebelletsjunior this one's cool:-) of my mp3 faves...
rebelletsjunior good morning everyone!

Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain J Peel's sessions

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rebelletsjunior I used to have this but I lost the tape that my friend gave least its here!
rebelletsjunior they have a new facebook per their myspace page...
rebelletsjunior why do I keep on forgetting to blip this song...ugh!

Oremuz-Angels Do Weep(Live)

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rebelletsjunior for them haters....if you are experiencing this...this song is for them..P, are you hearing me?
rebelletsjunior enjoy everyone! Moving forward to tuesday!
rebelletsjunior I keep on forgetting to play this in blip...sorry...
rebelletsjunior @renothespinner: "Thnx2 Dallas Fan>@lilbratsie: "Journey – Any Way You Want It""..:-) (reblip)
rebelletsjunior I haven't blipped for days so yes, I'm trigger happy
rebelletsjunior oh yeah!

Patti Smith--Dancing Barefoot

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rebelletsjunior for Vic, this one is for you, apologies for the delay!

Lotus Eaters 'Out On Your Own' 1983

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culture club -ill tumble for you (full version live)

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rebelletsjunior Meet Atty. Rain Paggao....

Blushing Girl by Rain

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rebelletsjunior testing testing one two three....

"Butterflies" by Half Life Half Death (1995, 'Pymyth Prahn')

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rebelletsjunior @gobcarlqvist: "Happy."....thanks and will be reblipping... (reblip)

Ultramarine, Happy Land, United Kingdoms

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The Radio Dept.-Pet Grief

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rebelletsjunior great song!

BLUE PETER A3 Red Filters

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rebelletsjunior sisters of mercy clones but they are damn good!
rebelletsjunior the original version redone by Laura Brannigan....:-)

RAF "Self control"

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rebelletsjunior great track for the evening....still playing around with the blip thing....
rebelletsjunior listening mode.....hmmm....this is an interesting site....

THE KREW Paper Heroes {official video + interview}

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The Icicle Works-Understanding Jane

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rebelletsjunior tripping still...and working..hahahaha....
rebelletsjunior Bong, if you're reading's me blipping....

Dominion- "LUKSA" (unofficial vid)

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rebelletsjunior taken from a 60s tv series...the theme song I mean....
rebelletsjunior @coolculinary: "everyone needs some, sometime....liquid courage"....thanks! (reblip)
rebelletsjunior @greyskiesblack: "rb@Alfea: "The Mission °*° Wasteland""....thanks, reblipping (reblip)

The MissionWasteland

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Howard Devoto-Rainy Season

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rebelletsjunior before they became the cult...

Southern Death Cult-Flowers In The Forest

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rebelletsjunior one of my fave songs from the man....

Scary Thieves / Inside The Night

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Passion Puppets Like Dust 1983 Beyond The Pale

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