karpicius Bueno apaguen la luz, ponganse los auriculares, cierren los ojos, yo los llevo


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Slack3r78 Signed your friend, the finance industry of the United States #economy
rgleeson this one from Liz. Crank it up.
rgleeson typos aside, sick track, best part of the MI2 experience

Limpbiscit Mission Impossable

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serks ....


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calamari Going offline to finish up some work. See you all in the future...
FAFugikawa candy pop


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karpicius la cuestión de todos los días, elegir
maurilao ok, I'm back

BORN TO FUNK - No Sex In The Champagne Room

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formalhaut opening theme: Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG O.S.T.
MrAwesome the new paper planes


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eddddysimo recordando a Alec empire
yamimi se começa não dá pra parar.

The ProdigyBreathe

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EssexMachina Wake me up for the last 2 things I need to do.
chmanceau Ready for the Club NME party tomorrow.

the whiptrash

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m1k3y - the evolution will not be televised
rgleeson video almost made me buy a cowboy hat. almost.

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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woj our porch was painted blue today
hapakun Please help me get this song off my head...

M.I.A.Paper Planes

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tcar Then there's always the song I used in the Sombrero post.
MrAwesome damn i hate that this goes on twitter too
rgleeson you know who I'm talking to - and it isn't you, but it might be that person, right there.

DrillYou Suck

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stanzani would you lay with me and just forget the world?
Anomaly not a big Mudhoney fan but this song. Shit.

MudhoneyIf I Think

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LaniAR makes me wanna be a cartoon!
ZachsMind "fill the children full of hate to fight an old man's war" I repeatedly turn my back on politics, only to find it facing me. I think we're surrounded.
yarngasm Why can't ex-boyfriends just disappear completely? Almost a year later, and his name still pisses me off.

Alkaline TrioRadio

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Fated apparently I am in a brit-pop dance mood
thePulpit the only re-union he needs:

FugaziWaiting Room

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LocoStavos but they have been tapped by suckers of the sap
puresurplus ...always one foot on the ground...
sh0kr0k Thank you to all the Blipoets who have added me recently! You all are amazing! "You are my super star!" Much love!


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pavkah absolutely 1 of my favorite songs. if only life resembled even the slightest bit of my childhood optimism who could've guessed it could get this bad?

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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threebears bed screaming at me ... thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/morning/day in any order - dream rather than blip when asleep *_~
Aluciel Goodnight, goodbye/Just let me close my weary eyes... - Goodnight, blippers! *muah* ^_^
AnySyler Portland- represent!

HockeyToo Fake

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EvDJ For @rgleeson and inspired by Ingrid Michaelson's 'Twitter' song
Real_Boy @SavageNymph @AngelVashir Kira is... Number One. * scribbles names like mad in his Death Note *
rgleeson I mean, c'mon. she's freaking amazing. And I mean you, @christydena
rgleeson me the = like. Strokes + Spektor "Modern Girls and Old Fashioned men"
labetconfusa Wake me up when we get to heaven,
let me sleep if we go to hell
rgleeson Hiding behind a manifesto? Manifest this.
labfly hey tweetz dance break! ye-ah! :)


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oleitorvoraz A música "About you Now" do grupo Sugababes teve o maior salto até o topo das paradas do Reino Unido. Ela foi da 35º à 1º.
jesusege spanish song!

Nacha pop - Lucha de gigantes

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calamari The 3 props per day monster strikes again. @cammy 's music deserves way more than 3 props per day.
rgleeson on a spektor bender here, late night in the hotel, listening to "Hotel Song" :-)
rgleeson if bjork played a piano and sang glottally = regina....
rgleeson loving Regina - she played this one last night #TED
labfly what do you, uh, suppose we should do? well, does he like butter tarts? - um ohgodyeah!
Aluciel I'm bored of cheap and cheerful/I want expensive sadness
briangreene power²be power²give power²see
wordcore I need to nap and I need to do work. How do I make these decisions.


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Kiren Now it's official: I love Boom Boom Satellites!
rgleeson Needed a wake up call. and the chump-suckas in the hotel room adjoining mine get to ROCK OUT with me.
jlamontagne Does anyone else see Matthew Barney's hoofprint on this video?


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rgleeson for a moment, I had forgotten they were geniuses.
rgleeson Cracking through some stuff. Franz is helping.
rgleeson please don't play this with the kids in the room. but if it doesn't make you smile, you're a corpse.
rgleeson LOVE THIS SONG. If it's rainy where you are, open the windows, feel the breeze, and listen...
rgleeson Flatt & Scruggs, bluegrass godfathers who rock the foggy mountain breakdown, cover Dylan's classic. Nice.
rgleeson favorite running/workout song on the f--king planet. Oh, that cheeky Rob.

Rob ZombieDragula

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rgleeson from 'Mars Audio Quintet'. Me love much.
rgleeson And with a little Jay-Z? Yes, yes, y'all.
rgleeson Normally I think Linkin's a little whiny, but mixed with Crystal? Yes please.
rgleeson Ministry, from back in the day. Going 'Twitch' on you...

MinistryAll Day

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rgleeson ok, yes, maybe shout this one into the wind, whaling down the pacific coast highway with the top down at 2am. sue me.
BetteDillinger Tom Verlaine is a brilliant guitarist. Geez, 25 years for these dudes too.
rgleeson gnight from London - it really was just a

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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psmccain i heart everything about this album
rgleeson Fighting off the rain in London with this...
rgleeson DJ EZ Rock got no pop in the credits, but he's in there. And if you wanna sing along? here's the lyrics: http://tinyurl.com/5542y
jeff BTW the RIAA loses money on nearly every case when they file a lawsuit against individuals. Pretty interesting business model, eh?
rgleeson greatest song to most brilliant scene: Fast Times, Bay-bee!
rgleeson thought I was going to bed before 5am. Guess that was just a...
rgleeson Hey man, nice shot, Mr. Awesome. Reposting this deliciousness.
jeff Cool live version of Zero
jeff Saw these guys in college. One of the greatest shows I've seen!
rgleeson Union of K did a great audial collaboration with Cy @ the Tate...and this is turning about in an
rgleeson sweet - just came across this one, so not the first to blip, but still worth the pop. thanks, @marshall
mmemaledicta this is so good, it makes it worth it to listen to their music through a one-ear headset in a loud cafe,though their music is so dynamic, that's hard.
rgleeson yes yes y'all.

ll cool j - rock the bells

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rgleeson Honestly. Does it get better than this? Oh wait - let me get that. NO.
rgleeson Thank you, Francis Cabrel, for making another late night ok.
rgleeson Still pissed at Yaari.com, but I will
rgleeson how much am I loving cold war kids right now? a lot. yes, a lot.
cnadeau @anadeau thanks big fella...Don't Stop bringing the tunes
Aluciel And that's the way I like it.
sevenatesix The story goes this song was originally a sound check the band did which got posted to myspace and resulted in the band landing a record deal.
Aluciel Like a shell upon the beach...
Aluciel One of my favorite Jonathan Coulton songs. If you don't know him, go and listen to any and everything he's done. So great and geeky and funny!
Aluciel This song makes me happy, and optimistic when I need it. ^_^
rgleeson very nice...get dirty, get clean then
jeff Just prepping for our demo at the SF New Tech event tomorrow nite at Mighty... Need tunes to stay awake... Must... Stay... Awake...
natalia_oslo Zero Gravity – The Transmissionary Six
BabyGhost one of many bands influenced by drive like jehu
rgleeson Janice recco - and she would know.

M. WardPoison Cup

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rgleeson I have a dream, and now I have a
rgleeson wasn't supposed to be online, but I'm
rgleeson if 'the breakfast club' were made today, this'd be on the soundtrack.
sotein @camix hey sipo se viene trent!!

Nine Inch NailsWish

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rgleeson Highlander brilliance. There can be only

QueenOne Vision

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hollersydney Just about to head to the beach in Bondi
rgleeson Thanks for MGMT, @serks! I miss my


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rgleeson can't shake this feeling


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EvDJ 101 in the Pacific Northwest. Rejoice fellow mossbacks!

The Beta Band - Dry The Rain

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jasonclement chuco jams. missing the tres leches cake.
rgleeson Solid. From Bird's 2005 "The Mysterious Production of Eggs". Ends too quick.
rgleeson Thanks for 'a fine frenzy'. Props out to @Aluciel
heathercore Is it bad that this song makes me want to have sex? Because it does...

Cry Little Sister

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heathercore I said pretend you've got no money, she just laughed and said, "Oh you're so funny." I said "Yeah? Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here."

PulpCommon People

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Aluciel So beautiful and heartbreaking.
rgleeson Beck gotting me ticking like a


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rgleeson Movie title track from Stephen King's "Maximum Overdrive" - remember when the machines come to life and waste the humans??!!...sweeet track

AC/DCWho made who

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judeau sometimes its hard to come up with something to say.
nixe @rgleeson - the andrew bird knocked my socks off. Well, honestly, I'm not wearing socks...but, hey!
rgleeson I need my own

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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