rockstargirlatheart how can you not like this song? #musicmonday

Champagne Supernova

| play
rockstargirlatheart last one...this will get you moving....have great day....

Could I Be Your Girl

| play
rockstargirlatheart great groove.

K-os: Man I Used to Be

| play
rockstargirlatheart this band was so amazing live....the Tanna brothers rocked it out.

One More Astronaut

| play
rockstargirlatheart Florence Welch "[I'm] a geek, who loses all control when in love."
rockstargirlatheart such a great Canadian singer/ of my faves.

Shine (Andy Stochansky)

| play
rockstargirlatheart one of my favourite all time tracks.

Smashing Pumpkins Disarm video

| play
rockstargirlatheart Naveed...still a ridiculously amazing album to this day.
rockstargirlatheart cause every Monday AM needs a little this song

Our Lady PeaceJulia

| play
rockstargirlatheart plans to release the album in early 2010.....
rockstargirlatheart LL...enough said...last one for tonite....ciao...buona notte. I loved him cause he and I quote 'love regular girls'...;)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Top Ten New/Recent Indie Songs You MUST LISTEN TO NOW! ~ : 3. The Generationals - "When They Fight, They Fight"
rockstargirlatheart yeah Candy loved this song.

Soul 4 Real-Candy Rain

| play
rockstargirlatheart now I have 90s R&B on the brain...playing it out...

TLC Creep

| play
rockstargirlatheart such a sexy backbeat to this....

Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre "No Diggity"

| play

Dru Hill How Deep Is Your Love HD

| play
rockstargirlatheart yeah I was a member of the Guy Fanclub...
rockstargirlatheart my fave JJ track ever......

Janet Jackson-That's The Way Love Goes

| play
rockstargirlatheart 'i'd be twisted over you...'

Keith Sweat Twisted

| play
rockstargirlatheart LOVED this song back in the day.

D' Angelo"Brown Sugar

| play
rockstargirlatheart really how could you not love Ralph?
rockstargirlatheart some 90s music from my latest blog post...
rockstargirlatheart Trews....yet another brilliant Canadian rock band,

Sing Your Heart Out

| play
rockstargirlatheart New Music Tuesday...solid, brilliant track by Mr. Ashcroft. Le love it.
rockstargirlatheart back when I didn't find her totally annoying...#musicmonday
rockstargirlatheart seems like a perfect track for a Monday nite...#musicmonday
rockstargirlatheart needing a little Oasis tonight....#musicmonday


| play
rockstargirlatheart Cause she has a new CD out this week...greatest hits package...'Number Ones' & I never get tired of hearing this song.
rockstargirlatheart Love his take on this song by Gnarls Barkley....

Kevin HammondCrazy

| play
rockstargirlatheart Another great track off of his new CD...
rockstargirlatheart For being named the best-selling artist of the decade...a triple dose of Eminem....kicking it off with the most choice track.
rockstargirlatheart Track 2: Eminem 'Sing For the Moment'...
rockstargirlatheart New Music this cover version.
rockstargirlatheart Brilliant new track released today on iTunes....New Music Tuesday via
rockstargirlatheart One of the best songs released this year. @sasquatch39: ""love, in the end, you can't take it with" (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart She had such great vocal stylings...great collaboration.
rockstargirlatheart Eminem bigger than the Beatles...with more than 32.2 million albums sold since 2000....making him the biggest artist of the decade [Nielsen SoundScan]
rockstargirlatheart Some tunes for your Wednesday.....

Celebration (Madonna Feat. Akon) David Guetta Remix

| play
rockstargirlatheart and the best....hip hop meets rock....if it's true Mr. Tyleryou are done with the band...well it's been a fun ride.
rockstargirlatheart Great new track from the ever evolving sound that is Snow Patrol...
rockstargirlatheart must 'download' track from @itunes....brilliant CD.

BreakevenThe Script

| play
rockstargirlatheart Love, love this song by @johncmayer...can't wait for the new album

Who SaysJohn Mayer

| play
rockstargirlatheart and the required love rock track for #musicmonday...
rockstargirlatheart brings me back to the 101.1 Xfm days....#musicmonday

Everybody By Stabilo Boss the new version!

| play
rockstargirlatheart another one of my all time fave tracks....
rockstargirlatheart yes a popular 'peeler' track but I still love it.


| play
rockstargirlatheart Really Steven is leaving the band? Here are some of my fave tracks by the band....

Aerosmith Angel

| play
rockstargirlatheart thanks to @Dfrom82 for the heads up on this it.

Orianthi: Believe

| play
rockstargirlatheart Suddenly I see this is what I want to be....

Alicia Keys Doesn't mean anything

| play
rockstargirlatheart Like DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba, dance.

[original] New York City Speed by Mat of Kill Hannah/Chris Holmes

| play
rockstargirlatheart i love the buble.

Michael Buble- Haven't Met You Yet (New Single HQ)

| play
rockstargirlatheart love this version! @tubilino: "thank you @busylizzy ...didn't know this version :)" (reblip)

Where It Ends-16 Frames

| play
rockstargirlatheart i heart him so.

Take and Take

| play
rockstargirlatheart lead singer's bad hair aside...le love this song.
Stregamedusa a quanto mi piace sta canzone... bella Wonderful

Gary GoWonderful

| play
rockstargirlatheart it's a michael buble morning mix....
rockstargirlatheart i'm for church music every now and then...

We Are Loved -- David Crowder*Band

| play
TunaMelts ►Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch
rockstargirlatheart yeah I'm a Gleek...

GleeGold Digger (HQ)

| play
rockstargirlatheart this truly is a beautiful song.


| play
rockstargirlatheart ciao....last MB song for the morning.

Otis Redding ~ Love Man

| play
rockstargirlatheart my new fave artist...although she's not new..she is to my iPod....

Ledisi Higher Than This

| play
Doylex "but nothing ever happens..." (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart Sometimes I have to remind myself of this.......perspective.

Here for a good time (not a long time)

| play
chiron08 ✪ thx, cool mix... @trice1706 "Especially 4 @JBCP thnx 4 the TLC & Tunes! Hugs ;)" (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart for all the Yummy Mummies who did the 15K run last night...
rockstargirlatheart my favourite GB track.....

Gnarls Barkley- run- album version

| play
rockstargirlatheart and this track ends the 'run' theme for this Sunday afternoon...

phoenixrun run run

| play
Schoork same for you TY@pamper411: "Good #MusicMonday everyone!!! Hope you're having a fabulous day!" (reblip)

The Strokes Last Nite english subs

| play
rockstargirlatheart love the Lifehouse. @oneandonlyZigi: "this song always reminding me the old days with my ex... :'(" (reblip)

LifehouseYou and Me

| play
rockstargirlatheart perfect track for a Monday morning...

Alive AgainLanae Hale

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause Mercy is going down as one of my all time fave tracks...
rockstargirlatheart giving Rick Astley some love....

Nirvana smells like teen spirit vs Rick Astley Never Gonna Give Your up

| play
rockstargirlatheart le love this.

Snow Patrol vs. The Police (Partyben mash-up)

| play
rockstargirlatheart and the mash ups continue...

Shut Up and Take Me Out=Franz Ferdinand-Ting Tings-DJ ALIAS JY

| play
rockstargirlatheart another great mash up...

No-one Takes Your Freedom

| play
digitpt Pilot Speed – Into The West
rockstargirlatheart One of my fave mash ups ever....

Wonderwall Of Broken Songs

| play
rockstargirlatheart one last Duffy hit....Happy Thanksgiving Cancon style.
rockstargirlatheart gotta say I love this.

Ryan Star "Brand New Day"

| play
mmmaro Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
rockstargirlatheart tell me that the thought of me means nothing.....
rockstargirlatheart another great singer/songwriter......
rockstargirlatheart his voice and his vibe.

Marc Broussard "Love and Happiness"

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause Madge kicks ass.

Madonna Celebration HD

| play
rockstargirlatheart some digable planets for your Tuesday morning.....
rockstargirlatheart and now for a David Gray triple play to close things out for tonight...

David Gray "This Years Love"

| play
rockstargirlatheart guess i'm going for chill tracks theme tonight....
rockstargirlatheart Love this song. Perfect for chilling on a Friday night.

Maxwell "Pretty Wings" (Official music Video) [[NEW song 2009]]

| play
rockstargirlatheart This is the Cyndi Lauper song from Bones season premiere. It's called "Fearless". (Found on album "Sisters Of Avalon" & "The Body Acoustic")

Cyndi Lauper Fearless (orginal version)

| play
rockstargirlatheart #musicmonday discover this voice....

You give me something James Morrison

| play
rockstargirlatheart @YummyMummyClub Win M.B CD pak! LINK to ur fave article from today's Newsletter. Begin tweet w/ "This was my fave YMC Article" and end w/ #YMCWins.
rockstargirlatheart my favourite song off of the new Jesse Cook CD....musical hook up with Jeremy Fisher....great remake

Jesse CookCecilia

| play
rockstargirlatheart always loved this song....and today seems like a good a day as any to listen to it....
rockstargirlatheart #musicmonday cause Monday is a good day as any for a song about California....
rockstargirlatheart #musicmonday 'High ho,Triple sow cow,I got a feeling like I'm tired of the flow But I know what I am,They know what they are So let me be."
rockstargirlatheart #musicmonday "This could be nothing but I'm willing to give it a try. Please give me something Because someday I might know my heart."

James Morrison 'You Give Me Something'

| play
rockstargirlatheart thanks to the new listeners & the props....have a great Friday nite. Never forget 9/11
rockstargirlatheart New Music new 'it' band on my this track.
rockstargirlatheart Love the new wave vibe of this song....

Neon TreesAnimal

| play
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: Wide Mouth Mason 'Smile'

Wide Mouth MasonSmile

| play
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: The Tea Party 'The Bazaar'
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix...Moist 'Silver'


| play
rockstargirlatheart Some Cancon for Canada Day....OLP "Starseed'....
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: The Watchmen 'Absolutely Anytime'
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: MGB "Everything Is Automatic'
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Mix: Headstones 'It's All Over'
rockstargirlatheart Another great track by Florence + The Machine.
rockstargirlatheart Great song...great voice. Christina Perri.
rockstargirlatheart Love this track from Brandon Boyd's solo release.
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: Andy Stochansky 'Shine'

Shine (Andy Stochansky)

| play
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Canada Day Mix: Tragically Hip 'Little Bones'
rockstargirlatheart And some JT [le sigh]. #musicmix

Justin Timberlake Senorita Eddie Arroyo Remix

| play
rockstargirlatheart A little something from 1991....Nomad.
rockstargirlatheart Sunday morning #musicmix Oasis (last one)...

OasisGo Let It Out

| play
rockstargirlatheart J'adore this song by Mr. Gray....

David GrayBe Mine

| play
rockstargirlatheart Twitter Giveaway: Giving away tickets to see David Gray and Ray Lamontagne in concert (Toronto show this Friday)! #YMCWin

David GrayCaroline

| play
rockstargirlatheart Sunday morning mix.....BT

BT , Satellite

| play
Schoork 3 Doors Down – Landing in London - Germany 2005
rockstargirlatheart Wednesday afternoon iPod music....Matt Nathanson
rockstargirlatheart the other Lisa Marie Presley track...really like this one.
rockstargirlatheart Dug up the CDs and added these 2 tracks to the iPod this weekend (yes I watched Oprah)
rockstargirlatheart Track #7 - on the iPod mix: Megan McCormick
rockstargirlatheart Track #4 on the iPod mix - Brendan James
rockstargirlatheart Track #3 on the iPod mix - Tomi Swick

Tomi Swick- Sorry Again

| play
rockstargirlatheart Track 2 on the iPod mix....Mat Kearney
rockstargirlatheart Last one...YMC Monday night Music Mix....
Keep_itLoud #Nowplaying Deftones Change in the House of Files by Deftones !
rockstargirlatheart Great dance track. LCD Soundsystem.
rockstargirlatheart Oh totally just fell in love with this beautiful.

Ry Cuming "Always Remember Me"

| play
rockstargirlatheart Lyrics makes zero sense but still catchy.
rockstargirlatheart Cause he's awesome. David Guetta.

"Memories" by David Guetta (ft. Kid Cudi)

| play

Ry Cuming "Always Remember Me"

| play
rockstargirlatheart Monday night YMC music mix....Ting Tings
rockstargirlatheart Little Monday night YMC music mix...The Fray, 'She Is'

The FrayShe Is

| play
rockstargirlatheart Perfect summer song. 'Santeria'


| play
rockstargirlatheart Where's your head at.....Basement Jaxx
rockstargirlatheart Really how can you not love this?

Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock "It Takes Two" Remix

| play
rockstargirlatheart I will never get tired of this song....
rockstargirlatheart a little 80s dance playlist for the weekend....
rockstargirlatheart fab song to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning. love it. @Rocketron (reblip)
SimplyQua Come home to my love (you know that I've been waiting) - Shai (mushy r
rockstargirlatheart gawd awful video but a great track.
rockstargirlatheart Long live the big platinum blonde wigs...

Company BFasicnated

| play
rockstargirlatheart Another fab track...

Wayne Jackson Hallelujah (Official music video, feat. the amazing cinema film "Die Tür")

| play
rockstargirlatheart LOVE this song. "The difference between you and me? Everything."
rockstargirlatheart Perfect way to start a Sunday...with a little Charlie Winston.
rockstargirlatheart And just because I can't get this piece of music out of my head. I blame the Olympics Ice Dancing competition.

Requiem For A Tower

| play
rockstargirlatheart It's all about the Charlie Wilson. Love his soul vibe.
rockstargirlatheart For those days you wish you were on beach with the fancy girly drinks with the umbrellas...
rockstargirlatheart Last Soundgarden track....have a fab Sunday.
rockstargirlatheart The song that is on my brain and won't leave....
rockstargirlatheart I'm in the need of a Sneaker Pimps hit....

Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground

| play
rockstargirlatheart Sounds very John Hughes soundtrack vibe to it.
rockstargirlatheart RT @Diordan....cause we all want to be superstyin'..... (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart Just a killer song. Love the Brandon Boyd.


| play
rockstargirlatheart Love this this this band.

Michou • "Growing Younger" Official Music Video

| play
rockstargirlatheart Soundgarden announces reunion plans [] Cue happy dance. Chris Cornell...le sigh. Love this song.
darlindame @MyCosmicRebellion: ""We're gonna make it through this year if it kills us!"" (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart #YMC music this song. One Eskimo.
rockstargirlatheart Some #YMC music to get you going on a Wednesday...Bruno Mars...
rockstargirlatheart For all those losing their minds for the SATC 2 premiere tonight in #Ottawa. Ricki Lee.
rockstargirlatheart My guilty pleasure song...yes I love it. Shawn Desman.
rockstargirlatheart For @DTBeauty...some new Scissor Sisters. #YMC Music Mix.
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Music Mix: Last one for today. Love this band, love this song.
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Music Mix...Can't get enough of this track. I blame the TV show #Bones.
rockstargirlatheart #YMC Music Mix:, love.
rockstargirlatheart Great artist...Travie McCoy #YMC Music Mix

Travie McCoy: We'll Be Alright (Audio)

| play
rockstargirlatheart OK I Lied...last one...for all the SATC 2 fans...Alicia Keys 'Rapture'. #YMC Music Mix.
rockstargirlatheart OK must go do laundry...last track...#YMC Music Mix. Katie Melua.

Katie MeluaThe Flood

| play
rockstargirlatheart Track from the final scene on #Bones season finale...where Booth says goodbye to Bones at the airport...we'll see what this song.
rockstargirlatheart And for those moments where you grab you hairbrush and pretend your a rockstar...

Buckcherry All Night Long (New Song 2010)

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause the song suddenly popped into my head....are you Jimmy Ray?
rockstargirlatheart I gotta say....very catchy tune....
rockstargirlatheart I played this single cassette to death. Love.
rockstargirlatheart Some #YMC music for your Tuesday afternoon....
rockstargirlatheart Fab song by Band of Horses. Out today on iTunes.
rockstargirlatheart Ridiculously good track. Who knew they could get so souled out sexy bluesy in Ohio. Love.
rockstargirlatheart Mindless fun summer song by Katy & Snoop. #YMC Music mix
rockstargirlatheart Fab collaboration. Keane & K'naan. #YMC Music Mix
rockstargirlatheart cause it has the work skank....and it's good.
rockstargirlatheart does it get any better than Diana & Marvin really?

★ Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye ★ Stop, Look, Listen To You Heart / My Mistake ★ [1974] ★

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause if it's going to be the summer of rain in this damn city I'm living in...why not rain men instead?
rockstargirlatheart cause this was on MuchMusic all the time...

terence trent d arby wishing well

| play
DJRoy1 Korn – Freak On A Leash
rockstargirlatheart where is your head at?

Where's your head at- Basement Jaxx

| play
rockstargirlatheart really how can you not wanna dance to this song? really.
Diordan cadê o sumido @medina? defenestrando?
rockstargirlatheart a song they always destroy during A.I auditions....
rockstargirlatheart just cause I truly love this song.

"Every Morning"

| play
ThePulse Chicago with one their biggest hits from the 70s on The

Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977

| play
rockstargirlatheart ahhh le hearted him
rockstargirlatheart cause i so wanted to be Taylor growing up....

Taylor Dayne- With Every Beat Of My Heart

| play
bendrix HaHa Who's he? @Jazzzyone @GR8FL @LYRIC R galz. This is Interesting mashup hmm=> rb@psychedout:"but I don't think he's blippin' my way no more :-(" (reblip)
Stay19 delicate, oh so delicate<><>footprints, sand, fog, breeze, a longing. safety.
jvs u2- live – with or without you
rockstargirlatheart everyone needs a little cypress hill...every now and then
rockstargirlatheart before he became the poster boy for whacked out behaviour
rockstargirlatheart cause the BBs know how to rock it.

Sure Shot

| play
rockstargirlatheart here's to spontenous dancing in the street

I Like It, The Blackout Allstars

| play
GinaDunc Lily Allen – Everythings Just Wonderful (reblip)

Maroon 5 ft Rihanna If I Never See Your Face Again w/ Lyrics

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause if I close my eyes I'm on a beach at a fab resort....
rockstargirlatheart ahhh Whitney...see normal sans Bobby is a good thing
DJJuxtaposedJunkie FORGOTTEN ARTIST: Matthew Sweet - "Sick Of Myself"
rockstargirlatheart love her voice....singing voice that is

Macy GrayI Try

| play
rockstargirlatheart apparently I'm all feeling the 90s vibe today

Bizarre inc--- Playing with knives

| play
SparklesInSpace I dream of love as time runs through my hand... Thx@GR8FL: "I want your perfume... " (reblip)
by_starla [Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper (Live)]
rockstargirlatheart reggae with a twist anyone?

Karma Police w/ Citizen Cope by Easy Star All-Stars

| play
rockstargirlatheart love the old sound/vibe to this song...

Give it to Me Right by Melanie Fiona

| play
ladypn You hold me down please let me go I'm trying to figure this out on my own...
SuperSpaceAngel =] rb@joechapman: "I'm having an airplane / starship party...Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane" (reblip)
rockstargirlatheart kelly clarkson, christina aguilera or jesse james should redo this song

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas- Nowhere to Run

| play
rockstargirlatheart "some day you're going to get hungry and eat all the words you just said..."

Alana Davis32 Flavors

| play
rockstargirlatheart a little TLC every now and then is a good thing
rockstargirlatheart forever the 'Duckie' / Pretty In Pink song to me....
rockstargirlatheart sending a little love kelly's way....
rockstargirlatheart now this how you do a good.

Johnny Cash'Hurt"

| play
rockstargirlatheart hated when Dave announced he would put this song on hiatus from one of his tours....the week before he came to my city....LOVE.
rockstargirlatheart Courtney at her finest....if that's possible.....

HoleCelebrity Skin

| play
rockstargirlatheart who says being a bad girl is so bad? love this song.

Fiona AppleCriminal

| play
rockstargirlatheart once said this song reminded him of me.....and the plot thickens...

Staind "It's Been A While"

| play
rockstargirlatheart reminds me of the summer of total freedom and self discovery.

LiveLightning Crashes

| play
rockstargirlatheart such a great band. so many tracks to choose from.
rockstargirlatheart just cause we all need to get up and dance at least once during the day.
rockstargirlatheart a band that deserved to be bigger...especially with this track...
rockstargirlatheart le love this song.

mr. brightside

| play
rockstargirlatheart huge All Saints fan....yeah that's right...All Saints ;)

ALL SaintsPure Shores

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause it was played on alt rock radio to death when it came out...and I still love it.
rockstargirlatheart first band I saw live when I started working for XFM back in the day...
rockstargirlatheart 101.1 XFM days...good times.

Youth Of The Nation

| play
rockstargirlatheart one of my all time favourite artists....distinctive voice....he's a turn the lights out and just veg out on a musical trip....
rockstargirlatheart the theme song for the rest of my day..not really sure what that means but should be interesting.

Edwyn Collins 'A Girl Like You'

| play
rockstargirlatheart i dare you not to shake your ass while listening to this....

Eric Prydz : Pjanoo

| play
rockstargirlatheart great road trip 'i'm going to reflect on love' track...
rockstargirlatheart i know she sounds exactly like christina aguilera but i can't get this song out of my head....great sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush track
rockstargirlatheart one of my all time favorite tracks...david garza i so heart you.

david garzaslave

| play
rockstargirlatheart a song that should be listened to at least once every day....

September by. Earth, Wind and Fire

| play
rockstargirlatheart before he got all weird-ass like....Ashely at his finest.
rockstargirlatheart musical trip down memory lane....crazy summer nights of 1995...fave all time OLP album.

Our Lady PeaceNaveed

| play
rockstargirlatheart reminds me of a certain guy.....

Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

| play
rockstargirlatheart one of the best tracks from the 90s
rockstargirlatheart i listened to this track for an entire weekend....non-stop....slightly obsessed....LOVE.
rockstargirlatheart one of the first tracks I played at the college radio station...despite the Gallagher brother drama...this song is brilliant....


| play
rockstargirlatheart yes this is the classic 'peeler chick' tune but I still love it...i totally think it's uber sexy.
rockstargirlatheart one of my favourite Canadian artists...may have a slight crush on him because of this song...

Shine (Andy Stochansky)

| play
rockstargirlatheart cause every girl has a sin wagon buried deep in her closet....if I could sing and play guitar this is the one I would choose to sing first...

Dixie Chicks-Sin Wagon

| play
rockstargirlatheart love, love.

Ingrid Michaelson Maybe New Single

| play
rockstargirlatheart love how annoyed he always looks when he sings....ti amo!

adriano celentano AZZURO

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ The Hottest Current/New Tracks In The Brain Of This Juxtaposed Junkie ~ : Maxwell - "Pretty Wings"

MaxwellPretty Wings

| play
DJRoy1 Great music!@joaofriedman sending back some Holy land hip-hop
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^_^ Indie Rock Trail Mix ^_^ : Pop Levi - "Sugar Assault Me Now" (Hollywood Version)
rockstargirlatheart remember watching him singing this at San Remo....
rockstargirlatheart reminds of having to watch CHIN TV/Johnny Lombardi every Sunday after la messa while eating lunch....
Le_Cunt So far far away...

MadonnaMiles Away

| play
Kaye_Loves_You *'05 Jamz* now i aint sayin she a gold digger but she aint messin wit no broke nigga..Kanye West - "Gold Digger"
rockstargirlatheart because this is played at every Italian wedding you go to


| play
aebar Good night everyone! I'm off ...Reading in Bed :)
rockstargirlatheart you gotta like's like music law ;)

Run Dmc Vs Jason Nevins-Its Like That

| play
rockstargirlatheart fave track from the high fidelity soundtrack....
rockstargirlatheart everyone needs a Blur track on the old iPod
rockstargirlatheart cover of the album 'beautiful freak' freaks me out still....

EELS Novocaine for the Soul

| play