rottgutt Save me...beautiful sista.
rasbo @Karuna and Capleton's tribute to Barack, *the name the youth ah call*
rottgutt think jack and meg were pissed at this...joss put some stank on it...nite nite yall.
rottgutt Get busy.

Sean Paul - Get Busy (Diwali Riddim)

| play
rottgutt @Karuna...yeah, angelo and norwood looked like grandfathers up on the stage- but the still got it! LOL
rottgutt freestyle and reggaeton all in one...yummy.
rottgutt man...remember when i first heard this..blew my head apart!
rottgutt vi@RonnieBebop...I've been looking for this for WEEKS! Thanks. (reblip)
rottgutt @mystwitch...likewise, madame (went diggin through your crates)They did a bad bad thing! (reblip)
rottgutt hide away.

Booker T & The Mgs - Hide Away Resample

| play
rottgutt this is it for real...I'm loving them right now.
MrThompsonR Latino-Sunz-of-Rhythm


| play
rottgutt riding out on nostalgia...peace.
flavytcha She said, I could, she said hold on, hold out ´cause it's this one
rottgutt lokkin back on when i was a little nappy headed boy....

Stevie WonderI Wish

| play
rottgutt have a wonderful night blipstars!!
rottgutt nite nite blipstars.

Ester Phillips - What A Difference A Day Makes

| play
rottgutt one of the best djs on the planet!
rottgutt a day late for church, but here goes.
rottgutt WE by A Race of Angels. Sup blipstars?! @needsblues2live @SatinLegsSmith @djstef415 @Radiobread @organicsue
rottgutt have a great evening everyone!

Fess Up To The Boogie - Bionic Boogie

| play
rottgutt signing off folks...have a lovely one!
rottgutt Woman, Woman...dude is the shit!
rottgutt thanks for blipping the p.g. version @rogue_fm never heard it before! one of my all time favorites.
rogue_fm @morganq Thought you might like...unless you are a purist, of course!

Bobby Thurston - Check Out The Groove

| play
rottgutt love it!...classic jam from one of the stairsteps @RonnieBebop (reblip)
rottgutt I wish I could give ya this feelin.
rottgutt The sound of the beast!@Karuna...LMAO..for real doe! (reblip)
rottgutt g.p and edie b....pure love.
rottgutt a younger happier NYOIL.

UMCsBlue Cheese

| play
rottgutt engine engine number 9.


| play
rottgutt blippin on public transportation...danger.
2HandedJam *** Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming
rottgutt Mister Pretty Tony, your B&$%h chose me.
rottgutt ...and I'm gone...lovely night all!
rottgutt so sexy.


| play
rottgutt and I'm gone..see ya blipsters.

Peanuts Charlie Brown Theme

| play
rottgutt @SatinLegsSmith...the mastermind behind all of the "school house rock" songs...gangsta.
rottgutt what's wrong...

12. N'Dambi - What's Wrong With U

| play
MrThompsonR Vi@mtlb "No shoving, please. There’s enough for everyone." **props** (reblip)
rottgutt Return of the prodigal son.

joe lee wilson return of the prodigal son (LP Hey look at you)

| play
rottgutt I must be doing something right.


| play
rottgutt The young runaways.


| play
SatinLegsSmith @rottgutt @Veronique @JimmyHook @PrisHayes My last fun Louis Jordan for the day. I think...

03 - Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

| play
rottgutt Fine young girl.


| play
SatinLegsSmith @rottgutt & of course. CaldonYA! what makes yo big head so hard? @RadioRider @buttafingaz @dickadcock @SteelGuy @Veronique @JimmyHook

06 - Caldonia

| play

09 - School Days (When We Were Kids)

| play
rottgutt outta sight!...nobody phrases like nancy.

Nancy Wilson - Uptight (Everything's Alright)

| play
rottgutt wow.

Irving Berlin, Sarah Vaughn and Billy Eckstine - Always

| play
rottgutt alright folk...leaving ot on bristol...peace @gracieriots @2HandedJam @Karuna @RonnieBebop @Jacidbazz

Johnny Bristol - Do It To My Mind

| play
rottgutt can't believe I missed these cats in concert.
rottgutt where did I put my curl activator....
rottgutt a summer song to kill for!...where you at boo?! I miss you.

Amerie-Why Don't We Fall In Love

| play
rottgutt sorry...chocolate pop on the brain.

usherthink of you

| play
rottgutt These cats are one writes pops songs like pharrell
rottgutt Still her best track...a pop/soul classic!

Don't take it personal(just one of them days)-Monica

| play
rottgutt ...the only thing that's for sure.
rottgutt Head over heals about this cd at the moment
rottgutt @mystwitch, @Karuna, @BohemianChick...steppin out on this r.p. track. Have a lovely one blipstars!
rottgutt loving these cats! brash, rebellious and obnoxious...hardcore hip-hop.

Slaughterhouse "The One" Director's cut album in stores August 11th

| play
rottgutt rocketship...atl shawty!!


| play
rottgutt lion of judah.

_Ras Shiloh - lion of judah

| play

"Sweet Bird of Youth" by Wayne Davis

| play
rottgutt i just wanna be your girl.

Chapter 8 w/ Anita Baker- I Just Wanna Be Your Girl

| play
rottgutt what are you doing the rest of my life.
rottgutt signing out on this masterpiece...nite everyone.
rottgutt in a magic spell of romance.

Linda JonesHypnotized

| play
rottgutt ...

The Touch Of You- Brenda And The Tabulations- 1969

| play
rottgutt first heard this on one of those totally wired comps in the early 90"s...changed my life.
rottgutt ...

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

| play
rottgutt Carnival and cotton candy...and you.

Love 02 Orange Skies

| play

New Birth-Honey Bee(1971)

| play
ksablan And here is another summertime altogether. Thanks for the start, @BoChica.
rottgutt signing off with nick....nite blipstars.

Nick Drake Road

| play
rottgutt Had no idea there was a vid for this song! One of my fav covers ever.

Golden Brown

| play
rottgutt He sounds like jeff b. on this it!

John LegendShow me

| play
rottgutt I need some sweet.

Cree Summer-Deliciously Down

| play
rottgutt Yeah...she's fine and a movie star- but Milla needs to leave the zombies alone and get back to music.

Milla Jovovich- Ruby Lane

| play
rottgutt shawty where you at?!

ResThey Say Vision

| play
rottgutt This song reminds me of junior high...loved these cats.
rottgutt was riding out to "blue lines" the other day...can't wait for the new cd in 2010!!
rottgutt ...

Dionne Farris--I Know (1995)

| play
rottgutt dig it.


| play
rottgutt ...

Crown heights affair-i got somethang fo ya

| play
rottgutt @CynDyn...see why you had to spin "black gold" ?! lol
rottgutt queen of the atl underground...still a classic track.
rottgutt more freestyle...

Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam- Can You Feel The Beat 1985

| play
rottgutt growing up in florida, freestyle was unavoidable...shout out to the homies.
rottgutt one of the greatest singer/songwriters in soul music history.
rottgutt ...

The Time Ice Cream Castle

| play
rottgutt I wish.

Sly and the Family Stone-Hot Fun in the Summertime

| play
rottgutt just another lonely night...goodnite blipstars! @RonnieBebop @CynDyn
bendrix From a Vanessa Daou album dedicated entirely to John Coltrane (1999). Nu Jazz Psychedelic w/ dreamy female vocals (reblip)
rottgutt I gotta find my damn cd!!


| play
rottgutt ahhhh.


| play
rottgutt such a wonderful album by batidos.


| play
rottgutt WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!


| play
rottgutt have a lovely one, blip world!
rottgutt have a lovely day everyone!
bendrix Even though I don't do drugs I would imagine its something like this cause its got an chill acid psychedelic "I'm high DUDE" stutter lyrical vibe :) (reblip)


| play
rottgutt shine your light...g'nite everyone.

Mos DefUMI Says

| play
mystwitch @rottgutt & @RonnieBebop [ it wouldn't RB but deserves it-love this!]
rottgutt this song still slays me.
rottgutt Dreaming a Dream

Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming a dream part 2

| play
rottgutt love janis, but the original is my fav.
rottgutt more heavyweights!!!...these cats are hip-hop angels.
rottgutt heavyweight posse!! baby my brain's been baked....

Volume 10Sunbeams

| play
rottgutt ...metaphor perhaps? nasty, grace.
rottgutt ...always wanted a fro like sugarfoot.
rottgutt for some reason this still gets folks on the dancefloor. Electro will never die!!...scary.
rottgutt way ahead of their time


| play
rottgutt ..truly (reese, gimmie back my tapestry cd our Imma put a cap in dat ass!!)...goodnight blipsters.
rottgutt signing off with this lovely one...good day blipsters.

Bic RungaSway

| play
rottgutt guilty pleasures.

I Wonder If I Take You Home

| play
rottgutt can't go wrong with draco. (menudo 4-ever!! LMAO)
rottgutt otis and aretha's versions are iconic, but this one is really special.
rottgutt one of the greatest modern soul singers.


| play
rottgutt el pus!!! Easily one of most slept on tracks and videos in recent years...ATL MUTHAFU!!!

El PuSuburb Thuggin

| play
rottgutt woke up late and don't give a F&$*!!
cabrochette pra ouvir antes de sair de casa. ogunhê, meu pai. :)
rottgutt in audio and on screen. wanted to kick ethan hawkes ass in "sunrise/sunset"

Julie Delpy - A Waltz for a Night

| play
rottgutt love the crackle of a vinyl transfer.
rottgutt the bass is like molasses.


| play
IxRxA Rifleman AKA Ellay Khule always kills it!
IxRxA I've just been introduced to the FP... "CAN U BLIP IT!!!"
IxRxA SOJA will be back on oahu soon... all u maui peeps are luck dogs seeing how the havent left yet ;)

SOJARasta Courage

| play
rottgutt let's try this sleep thing again...
rottgutt jc IS hip-hop and the blues....scary.
rottgutt amazing breaks in this song. should be sampled more.
rottgutt Lavette is still touring. If she comes to your town go peep her! (You'll need a good stiff drink afterwards)
rottgutt like grape now o'laters.
rottgutt can't fade mavis!...godnite yall.
rottgutt dude was a mysogynist...but he was also a musical genius.
rottgutt where are my laced gloves?


| play
rottgutt a true don. rest in peace mr. miles...goodnight world
rottgutt their funkiest!