Don't Disturb This Groove

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bendrix U R Very Welcome kiddo=> rb@DesertLily With thanks and appreciation. #bendrix (reblip)
bendrix What UP Lady Lilly one day we will tear up blip with a bendrix & Lilly blipopalooza=> rb@DesertLily (reblip)
DonnyShell Manny once used this at his plate appearance theme music back in Boston.
Bakojo when I wake up in the morning time I wana see you right by my side

Alice SmithDream

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cosita i'm convinced i have to stop listening to this song. no further comment, lol.
angel1123 Love, love love this song. .so many memories. .& so many different meanings to me. .
sakapfet This beat is sick..change gonna come pass it on
broadwayg @AnnieLicious You know we could all learn a lot from this song from Tenacious D (tryin to provide opprtunity for u to save face, he, he) (reblip)
broadwayg I want you so bad, can't even get mad at you...Curtis Mayfield. (reblip)
Choonks Hello my peeps- It's A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday... Let's do this now... De La Soul.
MuveesNMusic4ever Gr8 song to enjoy with someone,uh yeah that's right
Enamoredsoul "I close my eyes and kept on pushing,I just stopped looking and guess who showed up!" Different Times-Raphael Saadiq ft. Goapele
Enamoredsoul Ladies,be that 4 ur man "Someone as mighty as a lion but still as gentle as a bluebird" Lyfe Jennings – Must Be Nice
Enamoredsoul "Hold on Dear Life,Don’t go off running from what’s new,I became somebody, through loving you" beautiful lyrics! Anthony Hamilton – Dear Life
HoochieMan My baby done wrote me somethin' on a piece of paper, yea

Al GreenThe Letter

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broadwayg @TheFreshPrincess I'm glad to hear you're a hopeless am I. That's why I play the songs I do.
broadwayg @TheFreshPrincess thnx for the communication. Tell me if u like this cut from Avant. Has become one of my faves...

AvantWhen It Hurts

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Kool Keith - Drugs (Memory Man's ''Back In the '70s'' mix)

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cosita blip seems to be working again. yay.
broadwayg @ambit sez broadwayg can't go wrong with KEM!!! Thanks for playing this one//Anytime friend, have a good day... (reblip)

KemSet You Free

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itsRamel Ramel – Desire feat. TJ Brown ... What Do You Desire?
ginaATL ♥♥Goapele – Closer♥♥ (reblip)


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ginaATL Me'Shell Ndegéocello – Beautiful (reblip)
itsRamel Raheem DeVaughn – Marathon (feat. Floetry) (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith I think I feel a Stylistics set coming on. That MJ tenor has to lead you here. @xraye63 @DougAlder @BarbieRay
Bakojo maybe you aint heard ... she said "Give it to me right, or dont give it to me at all... (reblip)
Bakojo Firey vocalist ... Feel this one HunyPot... (reblip)

AdeleBest for Last

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Bakojo another Joint with JingoBAKOJO produced by Dubla... JingoBA contributed to the concept and hook --BLACKRING is JingoBa, Juskwam, Bzo, Knos, and Dubla (reblip)
Bakojo @DublaMusic: Here's another Joint with JingoBAKOJO on it, The original concept is JusKwams from a joint he did with Dub titled "Barbitchuwits" chek it (reblip)

Blac KringFokiss

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Bakojo One of D.O.N better joints with Dub ... really fly...check it out (reblip)

d.o.n.Brand New Day

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Bakojo this aint nothin but the truth --- David Ruffin R.I.P. (reblip)
itsRamel Drake – Lust For Life

DrakeLust For Life

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T_DeBarros Jennifer Hudson. Spotlight. ~i dont like living under ur spotlight, baby, if u treat me right,u wont have to worry..~ ☺
TGDude Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos
TGDude Enrique Iglesias – Rhythm Divine
fullmetallotus nothing you can do to stop a man from trying...
fullmetallotus wonder where will i be, let's say...six years from now?
buttafingaz @promodonna: "Wicked Jam I luv me sum old school reggae!!!! rb @Corts " (reblip)
BohemianChick Rb @ambit: Yeahhhh...thanks! ;-) (reblip)

prince - do me baby

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ReZWaRRi0R "B-Real ~ Fire feat. Damian Marley.....Everywhere we go we take the strain with us" (reblip)
Blippo Nina Hagen Band – African Reggae // Wurzeln! Some crazy Reggae 4 @28apple_chic @DubFreakz @picknick @The_Kraken @Deesound Hello & sorry ;)
Enamoredsoul M-1 ft. K'Naan & Story James – Till We Get There #MusicMonday
Blippo † May 11, 1981 Bob Marley pi© Fragadesenhos
itsRamel Bilal Salaeem – Cyberspace
sakapfet Goes out to all the Single Mom's - this 1's 4 u!!
itsRamel Choklate – Never Change "support good music!" (reblip)
sakapfet Got To LIsten to this one..cutest Mother song
damondnollan Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous (Featuring Timbaland)
sakapfet A Mother's Love = NO CHARGE!! sang it Shirley
sakapfet Mama..U know I love you...a classic Mother's Day song
sakapfet Appreciating all the MOM's...You are APPRECIATED!!
Choonks Survivors -Mysterious Tweet wanna get close to you... Lets' set 'em on fire- We hot like that...ssssss
SonnyDeLite I'm out for now, have a great Saturday My Blippers and Tweets (reblip)
Choonks When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you... Lao-tzu- Time Will Tell.
itsRamel Scar – What Is This? feat. Big Boi
itsRamel Jay-Z – Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) Happy Mothers Day!!! (reblip)
itsRamel Timbaland – Give It To Me (ft. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake) (reblip)
T_DeBarros ~~~~~FOR YOU, MY MOM, I LOVE YOU ~~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
T_DeBarros ~~~~ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!! ~~~~~
broadwayg One of my fave tracks from my man Mario."Let me Love You"
T_DeBarros Robin Thicke. Magic Touch. ~i still ♥ this song !! ☺ ☺ ☺ **steppin out for a bit...b right back !!! ☺ ☺ ☺
T_DeBarros Got 2 B Down. ~all this love n aggravation..wasted soo much of my so hard to make things right..~ hey @daihard u got me in R&B mood now ☺
itsRamel Jon B. – Get What You Want "support good music"
Ashakur @Diordan This is what I need to hear on a saturday! (reblip)
broadwayg Welcome@rerkaizen@tantraPark. Welcome@mariaherrera. Thanx for your props baby. Hope u enjoy your stay...
DJ_JeffLacey "I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenail." And the crazy thing is, he's telling the truth! (reblip)
broadwayg Etta James - Awesome@crowjane yea @Flying_Roundhouse is right. FR u told me somthin about twit but I got confused last nite.. Sorry babe.. (reblip)
broadwayg @broadwayg Only today?? Come on, you gotta admit...I know my music ;)? I agree. I love your playlists. u da shiznit@goldenlady1 (reblip)
broadwayg These used to be my girls. I was in love with Total......Might as well get the party started...
broadwayg @goldenlady1 my man deAngelo. Why stop there, @ShiaoMei welcome and thx@kbuech thx props @Singersweetie thnx for all your props girl
broadwayg broadwayg I love this cut babe. I was just playing silly songs because the game's on but I'll listen to this. Thanx so much @goldenlady1 (reblip)
IntenseDesire216 He know he need to quit playin around....rry him too, I saw him in....borrowed from Jane Doe (reblip)

MaxwellPretty Wings

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broadwayg Hello my @ladypn. Thank you for the props and mention. I'm playing this classic for you.... (reblip)
DJ_JeffLacey It's never too late. Hold your head up & Kiss The Sky!
broadwayg I have no problem w/ that. I u and I weren't serious music lovers we would not be doing this.Love of music is what connects us all.. (reblip)
ReZWaRRi0R Damian Marley ~ Hey Girl - With this song you want to be good and high by 2 1/2 min through trust me its awesome ( my favorite song ) (reblip)
cosita @francisrivilla morning sweetie! (woot) :D


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broadwayg @Flying_Roundhouse where u been. I waited for you then fell asleep. you said 20 mins

Luther Vandross - Can I Take You Out Tonight

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SatinLegsSmith A little something for #pianosunday #2. ...say it loud, say it clear for the whole round world to hear.
SatinLegsSmith A fun cover. I told you to get up and move...& put a smile on it.
SatinLegsSmith If you know me and you know it's Sunday, you know what I'm blipping. ...looked out into empty space, all I saw was your sweet face...
DjKaze [Art Of Noise – Moments In Love] (reblip)
DJ_JeffLacey Good Morning Twitterverse. Broadcasting Live from Sunny Southern California. Let's Go!!!

LinaWake Up

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broadwayg Hi everyone. New one from Raphael Saadiq feat Srevie's harmonica..... (reblip)

Super Cat- Ghetto Red Hot (Reggae remix)

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broadwayg Because of time differnce don't know if u'll be around for my slo jamz. But I have to dedicate this heartfelt song to you @Cyad
Choonks Survivors with or without your breasts you are wonderful & precious. There's No One Like You- U R one-of -a-special-kind.
broadwayg Dryl Hall and john oates slo jamz @jennyleepenny@PeaceDiva@HuMBush@CherryBlossomm@ogogirl thank u
itsRamel The Roots – You Got Me (ft. Erykah Badu) Live (reblip)
broadwayg Hello @Jessipop and welcome. Gonna rb love song if you don't mind. Have a good day my freind. (reblip)
broadwayg So I talk a little too much. and I laugh a little too loud...
Bakojo One of those joints with JingoBa AbeamAlight, Kwam, and Dubla
Bakojo This that JingoBa AbeamAlight Wildfire Joint (reblip)

Blac KringWildfires

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Blackempire The Whispers – It's A Love Thing
Blackempire Orquesta de la Luz – Arroz Con Salsa
itsRamel Captain Sky – Trace Of Love.. luv you Unc & hope you get better!!! Good nite Twitterville!!!
Blackempire El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico – El Matrimonio
DJ_JeffLacey Having trouble focusing today. I guess i'm just a "Daydreamer"


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JerzoTheKing Foxy Brown feat. Blackstreet - Gotta Get You Home Tonight (reblip)

Foxy Brown, Blackstreet - Gotta Get You Home Tonight

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broadwayg @Berrypunny sez@broadwayg, this is my preferred butterfly song:) that's beautiful never heard it before Berry (reblip)
broadwayg @chocomenta Good Good well if you need anything you know where I'll be(In Blip Heaven) Enjoy my freind.. (reblip)

Janet Jackson-Again

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broadwayg @kimdraughan@crowjane~~ I just know she was gonna blow up bigga' than beyonce even~~thanks sis/ Hell she already was bigga (reblip)
broadwayg broadwayg Doesn't surprise me! :) Gotta love D'angelo, gr8 cover of Cruisin'/I agree. We're like musical fraternal twins sometimes..@goldenlady1 (reblip)


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damondnollan John Legend Feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light: Another memorable song that I could listen to over and over again.
damondnollan Beyonce – Halo: Even today, I feel exhausted each time I hear this song. I know she has to drink a Gatorade after each take.


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broadwayg sweetashone sez broadwayg Thanks so much for the love.////anytime at all. That's what I'm here for...thnk u (reblip)
HoochieMan Reminds me of Miles Davis and Bitches Brew

StaggaTimewarp Dub

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ReZWaRRi0R Foxy Brown – come fly with me (feat. sizzla) (reblip)
ReZWaRRi0R Asher Roth – As I Em (Feat. Chester French) (reblip)


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itsRamel Ginuwine – My Last Chance
itsRamel Glenn Lewis – It's just like ~ Dedicated to @Complexhigh thanx for the 1000th Props hit!!!
sakapfet I love this song...real music returns
sakapfet I love her doin this song..pure talent
sakapfet this dude don't get enough props - don't sleep
sakapfet u got me lookin'


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HoochieMan This is nice...@pjebsen: "@Ibo Hübscher Song - danke für den Tipp! #lemar" (reblip)

Lemar- If There's Any Justice

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SparkleBe Careful

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olumi_day "De La Soul – Ego Trippin' (Part Two)" (reblip)
Bakojo @DarlingNiki: "J Dilla (AKA Jay Dee) – Baby feat. Guilty Simpson & Madlib" --- this is for the live N!&&As (reblip)
HoochieMan Do I need a Q-Tip?

Say Yes Remix-Floetry

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sakapfet I wish I knew why I'm so in luv with u...closin it out my blippers sweet dreams

Save Your Love For Me by N'Dea Davenport

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SatinLegsSmith @xraye63 That K-Ci made me think of Jaheim's Lonely, which I can't find...and Put That Woman First...then this, which I do love.

Trina Broussard-Inside My Love (1997) (Love Jones Soundtrck)

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HoochieMan Can I get this slow drag, baby?
HoochieMan To the First Man and His First Lady...always date your woman..note: don't date her age

The Ojays-Forever Mine

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SatinLegsSmith @BarbieRay Thanks for the Gary Moore version of this. Here's D. Hathaway (my fave) doing it.
Bakojo She loves me, she loves me not ... (reblip)
Bakojo @crowjane: "one more by the fantastic 2" .... Down in the basement, thats where you go (reblip)

Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto ---- In The Basement

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Bakojo @MsButterworth: "*Life-K Ci & JoJo* They took it to church on this song. Miss them! " (reblip)

K-Ci & JoJoLife

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DJ_PJ Nothing clever 2 say...just a great groove!!! One of the best voices EVER!!!
sakapfet i can't feel it when it ain't got soul.....feel this!!
sakapfet there's nowhere to hide when loves callin' your name-trust me I've tried

KemLove Calls

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sakapfet I'm buggin the way i'm time swept in your lovin'-It's LOVE

Jill ScottIt's Love

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Bakojo I fell asleep beneath the flowers , for a couple of hours, thinking of you (reblip)

Lupe Fiasco Feat Jill Scott Daydreamin Official Music Video

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Bakojo "i was a fool to believe" (reblip)

Kan KickUntitled 2

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sakapfet I will love you anyway even if you cannot stay...
sakapfet classic MJB 1 of her best...ya feel me?
sakapfet the lyrics in this song is EROTIC as hell!!! This 1 is 4u baby no doubt - this is my new FAV song!! (reblip)
AbsoluteVenus ghetto, but i love it...using the sample from Club Nouveau's "Why You Treat Me So Bad".
ZOEBOE I'm back! Nice one :)@DJTalent: " sky-bed remix. See Ya Later :) #ZOEBOE" (reblip)
Choonks Be my navigator on life's journey- Jesus,Take The Wheel. (reblip)
itsRamel 3 Sides (Feat. Sy Smith, Raheem DeVaughn And W. Ellington Felton)

3 Sides (Feat. Sy Smith, Raheem DeVaughn And W. Ellington Felton)

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sakapfet reppin' the oldies - ya heard what u know bout this???
tynie626 Vivian Green – Under my skin
itsRamel Babyface – Soon as I Get Home "I need a woman like this..." (reblip)
itsRamel Brownstone – If you love me "Classic 90's R&B gotta groove with it.." (reblip)
itsRamel Jagged Edge "I Gotta Be" "Alright grab your phones and text that special love one while you listen to "Gotta Be"-Jagged Edge" textin' now... (reblip)

Jagged Edge "I Gotta Be"

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itsRamel Joe – All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith It's Sunday and it ain't right until this gets blipped. Love, love love...
itsRamel Zap Mama – Bandy Bandy feat. Erykah Badu (reblip)
itsRamel Chrisette Michele – All I Ever Think About (reblip)
itsRamel Anthony David – 4evermore ft Phonte & Algebra
sakapfet B4 we get started...R we all alone?This is gonna b a long night, Oh, U gonna get satisfied real soon


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DJRodneyKing R³ FM – Roots Rock Reggae Station / Alpha Blondy – I Wish You Were Here #13 @drkk @Lecuos @Lucas_Lima

Luther Vandross - If This World Was Mine

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The Kickdrums Ft Kid Cudi- Skyhigh

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itsRamel D-Millz – So Glad We Met

Vivian green-What is love

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NOPinupgirl with this ring I'll show you that there aint no maybes...
DJRodneyKing R³ FM – Roots Rock Reggae Station / Toots & The Maytals – Johnny Cool Man #3 @CargoCulte @MalikX Thanks Dudesss

Mary Jane Girls- In My House 1985

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DJRodneyKing R³ FM – Roots Rock Reggae Station / Peter Tosh – Once Bitten #1 @Diordan
crowjane I swear~Its true babe

That's How Strong My Love Is

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crowjane I should~I was~oops~there it is~poor him~sorry dude~can't relate~hang in there~no pain~no gain
crowjane yeah babe~I feel good~like a natural woman if U git'~ er~ok~I got some~lol~don't be a hater~ROFL~

Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass ~ Feel The Fire

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crowjane "Join me Monday In da Suga Sach~ @ptneves (be still my heart) is host~hope we don't git' lost in translation~if we do~ no rescue team please~hee hee" (reblip)
cosita i was watching the movie lantana when i heard this. awesome sunday song. reminds me of my grandpa.
broadwayg @DaLady I'm down wit OPP(Yea u know meee) Thanx for the cut and props...
Bakojo Yes we are living in the Dangers Zone now ... all eyes open (reblip)

CapletonDanger Zone

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liquidjumper @mumradio Be honest. I like this song cause it sound like some shit I'd write. You? (reblip)
Bakojo U know U are .... and U know who U are ... (reblip)
sakapfet I'm insatiable & it's your fault..

Janet JacksonMoist

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sakapfet Would you mind...touchin' me???? Get it Janet!!
sakapfet I'm doin' it SEXY J.J. Style...ya dig
sakapfet 1 of the most erotic songs EVER!!

Janet JacksonWarmth

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liquidjumper Ahhhh..don't front, you know I gotcha open!
olumi_day thx, you've got an awesome playlist as well @revizion: "Now Playing: Born Jamaicans – Send You My Love (reblip)
SteelGuy Rump Shaker - Wreckx N Effect
rguimaslima * * * * * When Doves Cry * * * * *
HoochieMan If I only had some fish, red beans, and rice
ReZWaRRi0R "B-Real ~ Fire feat. Damian Marley.....Everywhere we go we take the strain with us" (reblip)
HoochieMan @crowjane..I am In the life that I saw as a I see some of what my parents saw
AND3S deja,deja de pensar si te vas a dejar besar,deja de dar marcha me vas a dejar....
avivajazz Soweto Gospel Choir – Rivers of Babylon
avivajazz Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Because I Love
avivajazz Dorothy Love Coates & The Gospel Harmonettes - The Lord Will Answer Prayer
Enamoredsoul (Everytime I hear this song,I think of...My Georgia, miss you ATL) Ray Charles – Georgia on My Mind #MusicMonday
Choonks I must confess- Sweetness is my middle name Beres. Lmbo (reblip)
Limitless One of the few late great artists that slipped through the cracks.
cosita @francisrivilla morning sweetie (woot) me hace reir esta cancion xD que freaky things? :O
avivajazz Queen Esther Marrow and the Harlem Gospel Singers | Higher and Higher
Enamoredsoul Mary J. Blige – Misty Blue (Dorothy Moore Cover) #MusicMonday
Choonks Living w/ breast cancer? Tell breast cancer it may have been a long time coming but, A Change Is Gonna Come... (reblip)
sakapfet let me lick u up & down til u stay stop...will u tell me to stop??

SilkFreak Me

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sakapfet lets take it back & slow it down for all my blippers humpin' it out on HUMP DAY!!

H-town Knockin the boots

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sakapfet I'm out here callin' you baby-ooh...shhh....damn
Bakojo this white kid set the sh!? straight, for all you fake a?s wayne fans ... get over it ...
Bakojo Say whats on your mind ....I been hear all morning, waiting, for your answer , I'm waiting .... I remember how good sweet love is


| play
sakapfet i'm sending u sex messages-And IDK when I'll be there But I'll TTY later & we'll be loving ASAP And we can X-O-X-O
sakapfet your my **SupaStar**-My love is honest and true & I can prove it babe My love is everything to you If you choose it babe


| play
sakapfet I am everyday people-the day was great & my soul was at ease=u gotta feel this
sakapfet takin it way back - got ya head noddin' I know blip if ya feel me!!
sakapfet I'm your lady - ya heard!!


| play
sakapfet heaven must have sent you from above-4 the lovers out there blip that special someone & let them know
sakapfet it feels so good when I'm with u....pure ecstasy
sakapfet the time is right...don't u wanna make luv tonight
sakapfet Uhh...Ahh...Uhh...Ahh-all through the night

Boyz II MenUhh Ahh

| play
sakapfet u gotta give this dude props...gotta be by myself this time
SatinLegsSmith Yeah, roots R&B, heavy on the B.
Bakojo I lose all control ... when you take a hold .... Lick (reblip)


| play
sakapfet make the sunrise...slide closer...u feel so sexy & so damn good


| play
sakapfet hit me...for 1 hit of u-u can have it all-cause i'm an addict of u!!


| play
sakapfet had 2 throw this in I just luv this song!!

GinuwineLast Chance

| play
sakapfet ur satisfaction I will guarantee...when we make love
sakapfet i was made 2 luv hands 2 touch you, my arms to hold u, my lips 2 kiss u


| play
sakapfet baby hold 2 me see I'm a special kind - love that is hard 2 find
sakapfet why don't we just lay down & hold each other real real close....
sakapfet U got me sayin' my, my, my...
sakapfet when i look in ur eyes i know that u weren't meant to be my solider-i'm in love with you
sakapfet its just a fly love song...ur whole being is beautiful

CommonCome Close

| play
itsRamel Scar – What Is This? feat. Big Boi