BluJulius big hug! x@Natke: "Thank you, it's nice to hear something like that :) @droolius: ":) everytime i see u i smile@Natke"" (reblip)
jojatk I hear ya girl, if my 2 had to stay home I'd feel the same way! rb -> @BattLady: "Hinder - All American Nightmare ~ LOL (reblip)

Hinder - All American Nightmare

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Daughtry Sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Dig in lenny kravitz lyrics

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sassikassi Haven't heard this in foreeeeeeever! TX!@Wes_H The Eagles - Disco Strangler (reblip)

Eagles-The Disco Strangler.

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DDPlay Nice one! @Tuneaholic: "Jason Aldean and Brian Adams (Heaven)" (reblip)


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DDPlay Hi sweetie!! How are you? @sassikassi: "Hi Donna! nice song xoxo! @donnadontplay: "~ Default - Little Too Late ~"" (reblip)
renothespinner Strokin' Music Video

Strokin' Music Video

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mrrodd Cry Baby Cry

carlos santana feat joss stone, sean paul cry ba

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scotlandlover love this rb @ConTchr: "Little Drummer Boy - a beautiful version of this song - the Living Voices 1965" (reblip)

The Little Drummer Boy

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sassikassi & a Saturday song 2!! @Sandalicious is there a more Friday song than this?@HappyCamper (reblip)

Van HalenEruption

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DJNickPapag Good afternoon! Thanks! Hope you're enjoying your day! @bellbtmblues

Split EnzI Got You

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NickSteel @Hanike: "My favorite Theory Of A Deadman song, "Little Smirk".. that has special mean to me and my best friend!huahuahua XD|| @NickSteel Welcome! ;)" (reblip)
sassikassi Nice pull! ~~>@KrazyFella otta love Petty & Cry to me baby (reblip)

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-Cry To Me

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pacoblue "...I wrote a song for you..." 'Yellow' ~ Coldplay (acoustic) via @mark_till (reblip)
kiddo84 I wasn't jumping; for me it was a fall... It's a long way down to nothing at all... (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio face it darlin @sassikassi you're not tired....... you're addicted to BLIP! :-) (I know that feeling)
sassikassi yes it does! @lostndanet this song rocks! @sassikassi Hotel, Taco Bell / I got the hit that U know damn well / But I know what I am (reblip)
sassikassi Luv it! Classic Cars and not even sad cuz they're so upbeat! ; )@TrainWreckRadio NEW !! (reblip)
sassikassi Nice find!!>@Victor_VW: Nice performance with philarmonic orchestra (cello intro) (reblip)
redwingjohnny You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth, yeah ...........give me your heart, make it real or else forget about it :)
redwingjohnny We'll be better off somehow, someday And I don't wanna wait, I just wanna know ,'Cause maybe someday we'll figure all this out...........
redwingjohnny I think I've already lost you.. I think you're already gone.. I think I'm finally scared now.. You think I'm weak, I think you're wrong..........
sassikassi Luv it TX! Alyssa is bring the Wild luck 2day! @mkruzel5: "One for Miss Sassy! @sassikassi" (reblip)
Sly_dog Hello! :)) @vnss549: "GM! :) @Sly_dog: "LIttle Drummer Boy - Bob Seger"" (reblip)
sassikassi I'd feel better if my WILD would have won : (@Feathers: "A great feelgood song. How's everybody feeling tonight?" (reblip)


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TrainWreckRadio @AmyisImaginary (can you see the space station just southwest of the moon?) TONITE? I never got an ISS tweet! hmmm? (reblip)

White Lionwait

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GiantPimpslapper Weezer - Photograph : Weezer [aka the Green Album] (2001)


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sassikassi @MusicIsMySoul3: "[Bon Jovi – What Do You Got?] Everybody wants something, just a little more..." (reblip)
smarty_pants thanks for the fun :D@PuckTarget: "goodnight. sweet dreams." (reblip)
sassikassi @MusicIsMySoul3: "[Bon Jovi – What Do You Got?] Everybody wants something, just a little more..." (reblip)
mark_till It really is. @WithOutMakeUp: "what a wonderful song!!! Thank you! :) @ mark_till: "The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song @WithOutMakeUp"" (reblip)
pacoblue "If you want it... here it is..." 'Come And Get It' ~ Badfinger (2010 Remaster) (reblip)

12 - Come And Get It (2010 - Remaster)

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sassikassi YW TY! @mark_till: "@sassikassi TY4RB! Theory Of A Deadman - Santa Monica" (reblip)
mark_till Theory of a Deadman - All or Nothing
sassikassi Best of dreams my blipstars!!

Led Zeppelin- Fool In The Rain (STUDIO VERSION)

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redwingjohnny run run rudolph........:) hope ya all have a beautiful sunday, thank ya blipstarz :)
sassikassi ur always on fire ; )@dreamingmoon3: "true. :))))@sassikassi: "LOL! @dreamingmoon3: "up at 4am today...not recommended unless you're on fire.""" (reblip)
sassikassi TX! Good work~~>@Wes_H: Bodeans - Good Work (reblip)

Bodeans Good Work

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harmony60 Lenny Kravitz – Lady

Lenny KravitzLady

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PetDogShop I Want It All – Queen All so classic .. top song @PetDogShop

I Want It AllQueen

| play
theFRUKE Indeed! :) @ankita_gaur: "nice!!@RocknHollywood: ":( Wish You Were Here – Velvet Revolver"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic ~V Pretty 2 ~>@Chari_S: "ty pretty lady :-) @ladycatlady: "we can be heroes for just one day ;) ty rb @sefrond: "rb @Chari_S: "Wallflowers - Heroes (reblip)
sassikassi ty, could use a lil' warm sunshine ;) xo @renothespinner: "TY! rb@sassikassi~~~~~> Cali *Sunshine* Coming your way~~>or at least some *Heat*!! LOL!" (reblip)
kirkill Ted Nugent - Deck the Halls

Merry Christmas from Uncle Ted.wmv

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pacoblue "...choose not a life of imitation..." 'Can't Stop' ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
sassikassi OK ;) @creativeness: "Okay, reallly gotta Jett now! laters! ANNNNNND I'M OUT!!!!!!! (reblip)
pacoblue " yourself to comfort me... I want more..." 'Giving' ~ Collective Soul
sassikassi Nice pull! @elmagozurdo In Lima Finishing the summer time we have some days of sunlight ... (reblip)

Freddie MercuryTribute (1)-Robert Plant & Queen

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"Seven Bridges Road"...By The Eagles

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creativeness STONES! RB@Unaturalsoul: "Some Girls.....Killer Vid & Song!!......AWESOME...thxs~~~>@SylverHawk: "@Unaturalsoul The Rolling Stones – Some Girls"" (reblip)
sassikassi nice pull my friend, Pat is like a chameleon he can cover anyone and very well I mite add ; )@mkruzel5 (reblip)
sassikassi so, do u have ur tix 2 the Cars on May 17th ?@Bikermom69 (reblip)

those shoes by the eagles

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creativeness hey hey! this is quite the mix rb@lilbratsie: "Eminem Ft Rihanna Vs Guns N Roses - Love The Way You Lie Vs Paradise City (DJs From Mars Club Remix)" (reblip)
Gidyean Collective Soul – Bleed ♥
sassikassi nice pull B! ~~>@rockinb Motley Crue~Home Sweet Home \m/ im on my way (reblip)
redwingjohnny Oh her eyes her eyes Make the stars look like they 're not shining Her hair her hair Falls perfectly without her trying....................
TrainWreckRadio nice blip! @barbsurvives ~freedom tastes of reality..and i'm waiting..~ (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice one @blipstarz_: "Train – Hey, Soul Sister (acoustic) vi@funkyBP" (reblip)
sassikassi ~ nite blipstars sweetest of dreams xoxo sass

Barry GoudreauDreams

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MrGrandprix Lifehouse ~ Hanging by a moment

Lifehouse ~ Hanging by a moment. LYRICS.

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sassikassi LUV this & look they still had crazy Joey on the drums!! @dkrmdude (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio Things I never needed @GracePotter w/Daryl Hall

Things I never needed Grace Potter Daryl Hall

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Hurts so Good, Kenny Chesney & Gretchen Wilson

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sassikassi ~~ chills ~~

Chris Daughtry National Anthem at Game 7 World Series, 10/28/11

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carlnat @ipekb: "George Michael & Pavarotti – Don't let the sun go down on me - Live" (reblip)
sassikassi don't worry about a thing...... ; ) @BLIP_DJ Three Little Birds ... gonna be alright (reblip)

Bob Marley (Three-Little Birds)

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sassikassi luvs this ~~ what are you running from and may I interfere? @BLIP_DJ (reblip)

Incubus-Promises, Promises

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cnytodd One Night Love Affair / Bryan Adams
sassikassi damn straight! @Eclecticist The ultimate "I'm a man and you can't change me" song ending with the most amazing jam in rock history. Damn its good! (reblip)
sassikassi Detroit Red Wings!! How about that!! WOOT!!

Bad Company- How About That

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TChris01 props nite @donnadontplay: "Goodnight!! @Igotafeeln: "Maroon 5 – Sweetest Goodbye (Best Quality) nite"" (reblip)
AlienThomas rb @LacedRadio: Pink Floyd – Mother (official music video) (reblip)
Bright_Blue it's better than the song! lmao @sassikassi: "This seriously rox!! @MetastoV @MesaBoogie Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust (MTV Unplugged)" (reblip)
sassikassi ; ) @TheTAZZone Will the person or persons who were in the Blipper Hot Tub last night please pick up their rubber duckies they left behind...thanks :D (reblip)
kirkill Joe Walsh – The Eagles - 1977- Walk Away

Van Halen RARE unreleased Wild Thing

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That Smell...Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Led Zeppelin- Good Times Bad Times (STUDIO VERSION)

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Bikermom69 YW! :) @Schoork: "TY!oops4u@Bikermom69: "@Schoork: "Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me Acoustic Sheffield 1995""" (reblip)
sassikassi OK I lied again now I'm out all ; ) @lilwldchld Feel the fever, you burn me hot, touch me baby, walk the wire....... (reblip)
sassikassi not sure, but I give this song a 3 mallet prop! @ladypn Who made me judge & jury here? (reblip)

The Rolling Stones Satisfaction (rare)

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westham999 "she paints her eyes as black as night now pulls those shades down tight" ~~ She Talks to Angels (reblip)

She Talks to Angels (Acoustic...Rare)

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TrainWreckRadio Warrant Cherry Pie Video (reblip)

Warrant Cherry Pie Video

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sir_edward_ross Sammy Hagar Mas Tequila

Sammy Hagar Mas Tequila Live Clevland 2001.wmv

| play
Gidyean " You' re An Original " Sheryl Crow ♥

" You' re An Original " Sheryl Crow

| play
sassikassi Nite blipstars U all make me smile ; ) @JLHensley @DJBadBilly @PearBlossom (reblip)

You Make Me Smile Lyrics By Uncle Kracker

| play
sassikassi & another, TY~~> @TrainWreckRadio The Doobie Brothers - "Nobody" (Official Video) (reblip)
JLHensley Nice..rb!@creativeness: "thx! diggin' this tune. rb@Catoon: "we will smoke them all"" (reblip)


| play
sassikassi why thank you ; ) @TrainWreckRadio bustin out the original once again..... (reblip)
renothespinner Collective Soul ~ December

December by Collective Soul (lyrics)

| play
sassikassi absolutely! & like I said I luv U! @TrainWreckRadio so... when in doubt you whip-it-right-on-out? @sk [I got trained by uncle Ted, wat can I say?] (reblip)
sassikassi me 2 GJ (can u tell by my avi?) ; )@BDGooseJunk I can feel the world spinning round and round and round... :) @sassikassi (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory

Feeling That Way Too-Anytime Steve Perry/Journey

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pambo117 @sassikassi: "OK, TTYL ; ) XO @renothespinner The Tubes ~ Talk To Ya Later ....Goodnight Blip Nation!" (reblip)
djaces29 @JosieMK...Try this one...Jackson Browne & Jennifer Warnes Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight

LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me

| play
krystalmystic RB@tokool4u: "Thank you ,I Lv your music to, rb:):):)@murph1114: "LOVE Your Playlist!! rb @tokool4u: "Sometimes, "What Can I Say"""" (reblip)

NazarethLove Hurts

| play
sassikassi oh yeah! @jojatk: "Yes it is, but did you HAVE to say "old" :) rb -> @Jazzdad: "good old song!" (reblip)
sassikassi going out on~~> xo Lenny Kravitz – Where Are We Running"" (reblip)
sassikassi luv this~ @Gidyean: "rb very nice @SHERRYBABY65: ":):):) day after day i'm more confused :)"" (reblip)
sassikassi yes it is! Nite, nite! @ronnieron: "baby it's true..." (reblip)
sassikassi @MrGrandprix @ronnieron: "last call my ass!!!!"" (reblip)

Burn It To The Ground

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hippiechick Carlos Santana – Put Your Lights On
DDPlay Ohh, I did too! @sassikassi: "This song reminds me of astronomy class that I luved! @donnadontplay@The101HiWay" (reblip)


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RACERJJJ A fav! RB @SpinningDiscs Sammy Hagar – Mas Tequila (reblip)
sassikassi I so lied now I'm going 2 bed rockin' out! @MrGrandprix: "Hair of the dog inspired by @FullMetalJacket #BHT" (reblip)
sassikassi one last rb of one of my favs! tx jamie! @lilbratsie: "Eminem – Not Afraid" (reblip)

EminemNot Afraid

| play
sassikassi a masterpiece! @BelRedRoad @J___SpotElton John - Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)"" (reblip)

Elton John - Funeral For A Friend

| play
sassikassi @rachidkas: "Corazón espinado-Maná-Santana" (reblip)

Corazón espinado-Maná-Santana

| play
redwingjohnny Sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano Trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don't know..........

HinderBed of Roses

| play
sassikassi Why thank you!!!! My new song ;)~ @dreamingmoon3: "something ♫♪♫ 'sassy' ♪♫ for ya! thank you SOOOO much! ♥ ;))))@sassikassi" (reblip)
sassikassi @nrayala: "John Mellencamp – Dance Naked" (reblip)
motkirraw couldn't get it right / climax blues band
sassikassi Ty! @ChuckCandle: "@sassikassi: "~and from the real deal RIP King of Rock!"" (reblip)

ElvisSuspicious Minds

| play
sassikassi That's cuz ur an awsome blipstar! @cnytodd: "No Matter What / Def Leppard @sassikassi TY you are very generous with the props :D" (reblip)
redwingjohnny I got sunshine on a cloudy day :)
sassikassi @docstimulas: "Collective Soul - World I Know - LIVE" (reblip)

Collective Soul Home_09 World I Know

| play
sassikassi @Djfunkysounds: "Some other time, some other place." (reblip)

Collective Soul Home_08 Run

| play
sassikassi Luv it - it has sass! @donnadontplay: "Listen to this one! @sassikassi" (reblip)


| play
MinervaPaulus Hi YVW! :) @Gr8tune: "Hi!, TY! :)@minervapaulus: "rb @jenniferetfamil: "21st centuries yesterday, you can care all you want""" (reblip)
Stregaserena non mi possono mai bastare i blip se mi metti tutte le mie canzoni preferite..@torino: "Eagles – Best Of My Love" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Collective Soul – Heavy #1999
MrsRobinsome Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger
redwingjohnny RB thank ya darlin:) luv this@lostndanet: "~ Show Me What I'm Looking For ~" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Hey Hey What Can I Do (STUDIO VERSION)

| play

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Pat Monahan do Van Halen's "Dance The Night Away"

| play
whatevertunes Unless u can keep me UP! @lostndanet: "awww @wet 2! The end is near... LOL @lostndanet: "Babe how many hours of sleep did you actually get? @wet RB!! (reblip)

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Rob Thomas do Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love"

| play
PuckTarget may i have this last dance? - night all

Johnny Rivers , Slow Dancing

| play
sassikassi Yes it is, for Ti <3 my angel!! @IamWhoIamMe: "Scorpions – Life Is Too Short" (reblip)
ladypn Hello! Yes, its been a while...I really just wanted to blip with u!(guests sleeping SHHHH) @AdamOfDallas@BLUESBOOGIE@Greenfields47 @Fortharrison@Wes_H
sassikassi @SandroC: "vi@dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥~♥♥ [[If You Don't Know Me By Now]] You Will Never Never Never Know Me ♥♥~♥♥ #Simply #Red"" (reblip)
1brwneyedgirl LMAO!skip the convo..LOL @pitbullsrok: "works for me! ;-} RB @1brwneyedgirl: ""let me tell you how i made her leave with me...conversation & Hennessy" (reblip)

Eminem Shake That Ass Ft Nelly Furtado Say It Right DJ Macca

| play
thespinner ::~~@sassikassi~~hey smokin' hot!! xoxo

HinderUse Me

| play
sassikassi @DJ_DenverCO: "Climax Blues Band – I Love You ... always a very special dedication ..." (reblip)
sassikassi ooh you make me live - for Ti <3 ! @djdaryl: "this is for you!@DJBern@iReignMusic: "♥ @diamondhead"" (reblip)

Santana Ft India Arie and Yo-Yo Ma: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

| play
sassikassi @1brwneyedgirl: "TYTY!!! this was awesome!!!" (reblip)

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Chris Daughtry do Def Leppard's "Photograph"

| play

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Chris Cornell do Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"

| play

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Jacoby Shaddix do Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water"

| play

Dirty Dancing I've Had The Time Of My Life Lyrics

| play
sassikassi and some rappin' with Santana!!

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Nas do AC/DC's "Back In Black"

| play
sassikassi Rockin' Jonny Lang and Santana - FTW!!

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Jonny Lang do "I Ain't Superstitious"

| play
sassikassi Sounds good!! @lostndanet: "We shall keep each other company in the meantime ;) @sassikassi: "Me 2 ; ) @me "Still waiting.... @redwingjohnny (reblip)

Theory of a dead man Wait for me

| play
sassikassi Hey babe - we'd better B dancin' in Cali - we'd get drenched here ; ) xoxo @renothespinner: "Dancing w/@sassikassi: Santana & Pat Monahan (reblip)

GUITAR HEAVEN: Santana & Pat Monahan do Van Halen's "Dance The Night Away"

| play