bendrix I have a @ladypn radar that pinpoints her trajectory and submits her coordinates with decisive accuracy. Have U heard this Cindee?
rkmonkey may pretty horses come to you as you sleep @sheryonstone (we don't want the loonies taking over)........
toosweet4rnr [Acid Sound Foundation - Chuck Norris Wants to Dance] Why does Chuck Norris want to dance? Because it's his birthday today...


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by_starla i love the harmonies in this song.

Indigo GirlsGhost

| play
by_starla @nick_sorg--poor you! i will blip some dreamy songs for you to get you ready for a good night's sleep. :)
GR8FL I hope I won't regret re-blipping this without hearing it first @JamesJoyes23 and @chiron08 (reblip)
celestial good morning and thx for your nice msg last night @sheryonstone- in our quest for LOL songs from the kids in the basement hi @KitchenMC vi @tjonsek (reblip)


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Fatish "we don't have no time for psychological romance"

KornWord Up!

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yohanp Майк и БГ - Пригородный блюз / Mike & BG - Suburban Blues (session on some Moscow flat, 1982) @sheryonstone that's how it was ha
yohanp Майк - Blues de Moscou #1 (1980)/@sheryonstone one Mike's song. he really hated Moscow city. no wander though. everything still holds true. RIP Mi
ladypn Nice music to accompany my breakfast of fresh strawberries... thanks @bendrix & @chiIQ! Good morning @sheryonstone.... ;) (reblip)

Breakfast at 80,000 Ft.

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Nalora [This is one talented woman. Her name is @Marcome. Please listen.] thanks @organicsue A RB for @GR8FL no more props to give ya! (reblip)
nilsen31 They took their name from a Robert Cray song...and here they cover it well, exceptionally :P
squidbrain My sister played this at me for like three hours until I admitted that, okay, it was a pretty good song.
star45 OK Go – A Million Ways To Be Cruel – . . . ciao @crispast
JJDJ Since you all loved it so earlier.. @BlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman @sheryonstone I could listen to Django all day long!
by_starla @craigz--oohh--YLT uploads always welcome. listening to the shows sounds great--what better use of time? :)
GrizzlyGroundswell This has to be the most beautiful piece of music there is out there. Just loop this throughout your day! Love Bluegrass OK, ending the great night! (reblip)
DeteLangkammer Song from the Wonder Years...THE LOST WEEKEND
bendrix Welcome to Blip my newest digi=pal => @Shinuna I've grown more and more Fond of Bent since I've been on Blip, I don't have some of these tracks.


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star45 Sniff'n' the Tears – Driver's Seat – . . . @MrsASoprano hi! - @DeAnn thanks!
DaddyDM Good nite: U can get this thru a DL on called DownTown Rivals. Check it out all the good bands on it. (reblip)
mushka well as the girl.... this one i could listen to all night.....
squidbrain I'd blip some of my favorite Japanese hip-hop but neither Sushi-K nor G-Fresh are not on blip. sorrow. :(
GR8FL @klitoria I am just waking up... it will be raining again over the next few days, but it should get warmer (reblip)
seamuse blast from the past - David Wilcox – That Hypnotizin' Boogie :-)
bendrix This has a Massive Attack feel to it. This gal is unsigned independent artist. I think ya'll will dig=> @CynDyn @organicsue @sheryonstone @Blippo (reblip)
MistieD Great Song is all I can say...... (reblip)

Gary JulesMad World

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dickadcock Some talent in this new group!

Hey MarseillesRio

| play
MikeMercer Nozuka could be a great artist, with more time under his belt - i hope he goes for it. hey @sheryonstone @DeAnn @Bluespanther @MusicWithMsB

Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

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dickadcock Is that Sloopy I hear singing in there?? thx rb@Mishy woooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (reblip)
markturok What comes around...just comes around.
dickadcock @sheryonstone, Here is my favorite from the group I blipped a little while ago, Crooked Fingers. "Your Control"
TaxiBob Well how come you say you will when you won't, Say you do, baby, when you don't?
SciGeek From Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain". Very sad and beautiful film. To me, this music is its heart and soul. (reblip)
pieohpah OK version, but Blue Oyster Cults original is better. Couldn't find it though... (reblip)
MichelleLimoges Reba - Stange I freaking LOVE this song, its on repeat in my car! i love her voice!!!


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Blippo Husky - Niue (couldn't find more husky blips) @bendrix

Husky - Niue

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mlane @supergen [Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Hysteric (Acoustic)] RB @by_starla (reblip)
ladypn Your link didn't work, @Blippo. Try this one! & yes, I dig! :)


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wrightrs Fur @BrewskiButt My #pawpawty Furend I plays moosic now!!!
2liveis2fly I love me some donna the buffalo. wish there was more on
toosweet4rnr @Betterlucky this is pretty saxy :)==> If you're after 80's sax, this was pretty saxy at the time (reblip)
Highena Chaka Demus & Pliers – Tease Me (Morsy Mix)
Atomik [hey there, girls and boys and in-betweens!] - the weekend is complete @HerrKirsch has arrived! (reblip)


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mushka damn... my brothers tormented me with this @rogue_fm... U get the toaster oven! @icegirl hi @hotnote hi too @ladypn and by_starla sing with me!
themelis_cuiper 1988 - Meat Loaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light
BLUESBOOGIE Drinkin' Wine with YOU, would be a BLAST!! I am a GOOD judge Of PEOPLE..Here's too you girl! Thanks 4 turnin' me 2 this band! @ladypn
sheryonstone Takin forever to rb right now @ladypn We will start off tomorrow after packing some trucks ^_^ I love this song btw, thanks (reblip)
germysapien Any Coast to Coasters out there?

CuscoInca Dance

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JohnGushue Lily Allen gets help from Mick Jones for a cover of the Clash's Straight to Hell. (reblip)
itsjustmusic jeff healy band...a real panty dropper for sure


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threebears haven't played this for at least five minutes ...
vjfdm this is my 2nd fave TfF track my first is a re mix of call me mellow - total dance floor classic that is yet to be discovered (reblip)
brentajones Whenever my job becomes too "code-y", I listen to this. Doesn't make the job less code-y, but it makes me happier about it.
djcrackwhore will your dreams stay rooted in the shallows?

Simple Minds - Dont You Forget About Me

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RunsWithScissors Okay, I admit, I like just about every cut on this CD. Hey Dido, nice work here. How much fun can it be to have Carlos as a sideman for you? (reblip)
tygerbaby My dad, who hated TV, never missed this show - Miami Vice Theme
JohnGushue Michelle Shocked, with a live version of The Weight, the old Band tune.
tardisgrl a short set--gotta wake up the bambino. But a big hello 2 new listener @moggyJ--also @DJJazzyJacq @tenor17 @iridescentsun & @sheryonstone--Cheers!
RocketmanUSA One more James Gang classic with a "USA Prime Cut" stamp of approval!! @ladypn @ZachsMind @sheryonstone @toosweet4rnr L8TR! ★RocketmanUSA★
zellsbells yes my playlist is ridiculously out of order. *LOL*
J2ad Need this song right now.
Bobbbyg Just cause I was thinking about my divorce this morning. A long time ago. Liz Phair - Divorce Song
cecilialara i lovge love love this sax. love!
finestsuit mornin' @CargoCulte & @davidwatts1978... when i first saw this dell commercial, i'd rave about how much it sounded like DEVO... whoda known it was..?
sheryonstone [Hey kitty, nice to see U ... I have the perfect track made special just for U :)] => rbvi@bendrix ~ meow thanks tomcat ❣ how nice❣ (reblip)
JaseyRae Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot ][ Oh have i been too discreet? How long am i supposed to wait? x
toosweet4rnr May 9 birthdays - Tom Petersson, American bassist [Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me (live)]
toosweet4rnr May 9 birthdays - Paul McGuigan, English bassist [Oasis – Morning Glory]

OasisMorning Glory

| play
yamamiya Cats On Fire – Lay Down Your Arms


| play
by_starla [Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us]
by_starla [Nada Surf - Comes a Time]
DeteLangkammer Para todos os meus amigos que amo!
ladygoodman It's not easy to top the original of this song, but this version comes damn close.
by_starla [Papercuts - The Void] @mteric--are you enjoying their latest album? i think it's wonderful.

PapercutsThe Void

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tygerbaby I *knew* I was lookin' good - The Men All Pause
nech Buena Vista Social Club - Candela
dionroy @sheryonstone well good thing theres plenty more where this came from. @EveySwan thank you u r very sweet :)
K8H I want you back and forth. I want you up and down... Gotta get up! @sheryonstone Glad you lieben es. He & his usual band "Seeed" as well are rly good.
BlackDog45 this is 18min long, but if you love beatboxing this is one of my favorite videos ever!!! & @sheryonstone its never to late to expand you music library

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman @ Google, London

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Twelvevolts Ian Dury and the Blockheads were one of the best bands I ever saw live, the world would not have been the same without Ian.
synchrorima Shake your groove thing: nog even alles losschudden!
threebears Correcting my English ... what I had meant to say was:- (♡genuine 100% pure blipness - has not been in an intimate relationship with any imeem)
Waterfront1984 Hue and Cry - Labour Of Love - III In A Row.

Labour of Love Hue and Cry

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threebears sure thing ... (♡genuine 100% pure blipness - not contaminated by any imeem/not got intimate with any imeem/no imeem is processed on same machinery)
briangreene @28apple_chic I love her so much I paid form her album before she made it, in return I got a credit on the sleeve [-_-]
santamistura @estrogen good morning ;)) this movie remember me the avatar of @sheryonstone (reblip)

Emiliana Torrini Sunny Road

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djgeek oooooo when you're cold, i'll be there

SadeBy Your Side

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GetUpBass @MissLiberty - This Code Monkey likes his Fritos BBQ'd (Chili & Cheese flavor if I can find them). That's a great track - thanks
LaKarune Thnx@Corts :) - @colourful: 1) Go to your settings and slow down the blip speed 2) open pg2 in a new window to catch the DJ w/out disrupting the tunes (reblip)
by_starla Such a beautiful song. Layered vocals, gorgeous and delicate instrumentation. Listen and float along.
tubilino @Elling_ ...para mí ésta! ;) ///@Jeffie ...muy bueno! ahí has estado atento ;) (reblip)


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geckolino Anmoderation beachten | Sie ist live einfach so viel besser als plattgemischt
KMuze happy nice weather day

The Wooden BirdsSugar

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KMuze Throw back ditty... dance parties...

EnonIn This City

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CajunGypsy A great song for driving really fast down a major highway...


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toosweet4rnr how much more goodness can you fit into one mashup?! thank you for this @JDsRecordShop! sweet :) (reblip)
Performalosophos this snapped me out of a daydream. @FunkShoi: "@dilatedjunkie, site is lookin good. Color palette is definitely poppin." (reblip)
ShonaSim Heard them live ... brilliant.

The Sowers GroupStop

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ShonaSim This is one of her best songs.

Brooke Fraser- "C S Lewis Song"

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TakeFive @BarbieRay,,,Lew Jetton & 61 South - Night Time Into Day

Lew Jetton & 61 South- Nighttime Into Day

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by_starla [Bell Hollow - Eyes Like Planets] @sheryonstone i figure at least Liam is getting some exercise....
K8H Great build up in the song. laters!
Terrebelius Phil Collins isn't the only one who can sing and play the drums simultaniously. Here's Dutch band Vitesse with Rosalyn. I'll be sending my kids to bed


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6lr ....

Go All The Way/Twilight Soundtrack

| play
briangreene Hue & Cry - Labour of Love

Labour of Love Hue and Cry

| play
shaggylive another reason to drool like lonely schoolboys... @CandyDiaz jamming

Satisfy My Love

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everythingispop @badtemperedzombie: "did you have a birthday? @Samanthai And by unhappy birthday, I mean happy" (reblip)

The Smiths -``Unhappy Birthday``

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ukgal Kaiser Chiefs – Addicted to Drugs
WhizzoTWB Did you ever want to live inside a song, just because of how it made you feel? Today that's how I feel about "Magic" by Ladyhawke.


| play
VexV a little handclaps doesnt do no harm
caporal_chief @hawaiibuzz: "ok, had to take a break, cuz i more than luv this song! @DJDolceVita @moderntimes @caporal_chief @QUEENRO @ShiaoMei .. thx for being u!" (reblip)


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briangreene turn of the last century


| play
by_starla [Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Love Burns]
by_starla [Architecture in Helsinki - Maybe You Can Owe Me]
by_starla [Andrew Bird - Fitz and the Dizzy Spells] winks and hugs back @katesnowbird :)
keane How many times can I break till I shatter? Over the line can’t define what I’m after...

O.A.R Shattered Lyrics

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lilwldchld @ShaioMei Love your blips :-) (reblip)

Carlos Santana ft. Seal -- You Are My Kind

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sheryonstone goodnight everyone. Keep the excellent music coming. blip early, blip often :D
chicken_scratch Expanding my musical repertoire. A new Greek group called Blue. Song title is: Scared. (reblip)


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CallMeBlake he he he

Fred Schneider MONSTER available on iTunes

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starrsgalaxy These guys are really talented. Steve Isaacs, Dave, Stephen Perkins, and Chris Chaney.Wonder if I can talk them into being The Candy Man and his gang?

The Panic Channel : Nobody Knows What's Next

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rsmac hello and thanks to @crispast hey @calamari @sheryonstone @LisaWorld some brazilian music 4 you...

Ed MottaSamurai

| play
Atomik another slow new release week for music. maybe now I can buy groceries this week instead of new music (reblip)

Beats International: Dub Be Good To Me 2008

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Jazzhole @sheryonstone Everytime I've seen them play live, this song just destroys.
cagey2519 Instant reblip, @Triple5Light - So sweet. (reblip)

Patti Austin...It Might Be You(555)

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AL_Valle (Hawthorne Heights – Ohio Is For Lovers) Dedicated to @sheryonstone
ACERealitychecktv Machine Head got their start on RCTV--we were the first to feature the band in any medium, and proud of it. Here's the tune that started it all...

Machine HeadDavidian

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tubilino Club Montepulciano

Hooverphonic : Club Montepulciano

| play
smilecin John Popper's harp is a magical thing >> @sheryonstone Thanks for listening :)
MiraSan Steve Aoki, also known as his stage name DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire, is an American club DJ
TGDude I love this version ... a must see!!! Soggy Bottom Boys & Gwen Stefani

Soggy Bottom Boys and Gwen Stefani

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Will_the_bloke Love this one, @by_starla..I lucked out, the day I arrived was supposedly the prettiest day of yr so far..must have taken hundreds of pics (see avvie) (reblip)
tygerbaby r/b from @abarbosa, the sweetest person I know next to mom ;) - Morning Has Broken (reblip)
by_starla [The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Young Adult Friction]
ladypn Interesting sound of Pleasure... ;)
toosweet4rnr [Duran Duran-Come Undone ~vid,aud only] who do you need

Duran Duran-Come Undone

| play
miss_direction SO, I feel like I need a beat to hold on to. I wanted to be Lauryn Hill when I was younger, she exudes this... confidence and ease. Such a fun song!

Lauryn HillDoo Wop

| play
seattle98122 @aplusk: "i think I'm gonna use this tune for the Trailer of my new movie Spread... (reblip)

One Night Only 'You And Me' music video

| play
MottKorn @sheryonstone @ bobscopper №...★★★ ¸.•'´`'•.¸♥¸.•C-Van She Tech Remix) ¸.•'´`'•.¸♥¸.• The Rapper's Delight :(-Dan The Automator ¸.•'´`'•.¸♥¸.•...★★★™

Simple Threads by Jacob Merlin

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Fortharrison Hey Bittersweet~Big Head Todd and The Monsters ♂♣

Big Head Todd & the Monsters

| play
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe always has a special place for some Pat Metheny~Are U Going With Me? @sheryonstone longtime no U livin? Hello @Kaleem1966....
DeeLin76 I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I am over the MOON!

Thriving Ivory "Angels on the Moon" (Official Video)

| play

Nelly Furtado -All Good Things official video HD

| play
ladypn rb our own@joshcharles @BLUESBOOGIE@PS1968@sheryonstone@gpharley, I think you'll like!! Have you faved him yet? What's the holdup? ;) (reblip)
Spinapotamus maybe a little too new for blip

Captured In Chinatown ~ Running In Circles

| play
tubilino por dioss @Siberia ...hoy está prohibido no sonreir! Un abrazo y una sonrisa des Vigo ;D

Lily AllenSmile

| play
ambit Marion Meadows~Yeah Baby! ooooOOOH YEAH! Hey @backtoback @LYRIC @sheryonstone @hotnote......@MusicWithMsB where have U been hiding??
sheryonstone lol happy saturday @docstimulas: "identity crisis darlin wanna help me find myself ? :-P I like you better without the guns ;) (reblip)
SimplyQua @Hypsternautica ♒ Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights" ♒ rb @mammara #music (reblip)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

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"Beautifulheart" by Richard Swift

| play
DesertLily Skin, bones, flesh and blood.
Brooklynborn123 Monster Song By "Alvin Lee & Ten Years After"/ The Bluest Blues (My Opinion One Of The Greatest Guitar Players Of All Time)
JosieMK often thinks about the time I've you? LOVE this beautiful song..... ; )
ladypn Hi @jmaquino! Not very well... but I understand everything when I'm dancing! ;)
UPriedMyEyesOpen i get secrets at night, but they don’t stay. i get secrets at night, but they go away.
threebears rb kick with @mackasaur: "Yeah x9" ^(^ Hi & thanks! (reblip)
sheryonstone back atcha @Fortharrison with thanks :)

Carpe Diem LIVE!

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Matericia When a senior says: “I have nothing left to give – but love,” we must say: You have what we most need.
Matericia Happy Hump Day! Yo, the world party's over at Red Hot Chili Peppers- Hump de Bump

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Hump de Bump

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by_starla [Camera Obscura - i need all the friends i can get] @eliott_is_dead--things rough for a while-hope to get back to blipping this wkend. how are you? :)
tubilino haha @sheryonstone ...not necessary know the story ;)))
GR8FL love your quote (rb)@hajoni: "moinhellobonjourgoeiemorgenciaobomdiabuenosdiasblip" (reblip)
moriddim oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! play me!

KettelKingscourt Imp

| play

Corey Stevens (My Neighborhood)

| play
knightsublime This kind of ambience is in the "house"!
by_starla [Lisa Germano-Wood Floors] on a Lisa Germano kick today. this song sounds like November to me.

Wood Floors (Lisa Germano)

| play
Cairnmont Zooey's voice is silky smooth... tis lethal to us innocent men RB @Emizzle4 (reblip)
JosieMK is proud to introduce, Jully Black ..... ; ) "Seven Day Fool"

Jully Black "SEVEN DAY FOOL" Video ON-SET

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WBRB @sandraew: "rb @briangreene: "@blipfm only needs 61 listeners for a 10K star, follow & reblip. nn.5 "" Sure will and great choice for the soundtrack! (reblip)
carlnat @serifenlos: "02/10 … Alejandro Mosso ~ Somebody …" (reblip)

Alejandro Mosso ~ Somebody

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briangreene @jeff @jeffyasuda $1M(eem) similar low price as iLike. some blippers will like if imeem goes for a song and becomes 100% news international & closes

Bruno Sanfilippo "surreal sense" from Auralspace CD

| play

John Lennon--Cold Turkey Live (Not Dubbed)

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JacoLovesMusic @sheryonstone they made a song about gas and stuff it wont hurt to long ; - ))

Den Uyl is in den Olie

| play
Blahzy @ladypn.....Just Saying..

The Pogues-Love you till the end

| play
Feathers One of my 'guitar heroes.'
threebears stand, step away from the monitor ...find a partner - or an inaminate object - or if the cat is up for it .. now dance!

OrishasA Lo Cubano

| play
djpuggie @BurningCouches: "Now that I'm listening to both Postal Service and Owl City, I'd say that Owl City is Postal Service on Prozac haha." (reblip)
CynDyn would have blipped for the songtitle alone...happily, the tune is worth it imho


| play
Blippo It's cold outside ;) Merry Christmas @ladypn & @sheryonstone (reminds me of a very funny blip-moment ;)
miguesme Vanessa Mae : Fantasy on a theme from Caravans

Vanessa Mae : Fantasy on a theme from Caravans

| play
sheryonstone Sharon Van Etten – "For You
DareToEatAPeach No logical explanation for the behavior of humans.

!!!Must Be The Moon

| play
WithOutMakeUp Marion Raven – Thank You For Loving Me
sheryonstone The Temper Trap Fader [Official] Lyrics

The Temper Trap Fader [Official] Lyrics

| play
sheryonstone Pink – Waiting All Day for Sunday Night(Sunday Night Football)
sheryonstone good morning blipworld. Fri 13th [Sharon Van Etten - Serpents]
BestOfMe ♫ I Don't Want to Be – Gavin DeGraw ♫
sheryonstone yeah.......that and blippin RIP Robert Palmer ~~Addicted to LOVE <3
StonyTunes ~.~ ALL I NEED .~ Air ;-)(-;

All I Need Is Air

| play
Unaturalsoul ...Poetry To My Heart...thxs..@soulzzz_of_the_knight: rb @KWrightz: <<< Without Tomorrow - My Poetry >>> (reblip)
MsMercurial ♬Sebadoh : Violent Execution
bendrix This is the sound of my metaphorical Shark Fin entering calm blip waters ready to pounce upon 3 unsuspecting... @Blippo @Awannabeangel @sheryonstone
sheryonstone imagine a 60 ft nude painting over the tunnel in Malibu Canyon ? check out the artist/story at
InsideMel Ben Folds (Feat. Regina Spektor) - You Don't Know Me
by_starla [Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter - Hushed By Devotion] now listening .... fwd @2liveis2fly
by_starla rb and tyvm@Surreality - new to me, and i do: "Ordo Equitum Solis – 'Playing With The Fire' Afternoon @ by_starla (You might like this band.)" (reblip)
by_starla rb@2liveis2fly - brilliant song: "fwd @ by_starla" (reblip)
pratinsky mmhh... nobody bother to know :(

Daevid AllenShe

| play
DriftingAway TY, great. Finally a female w/ a quality throwback sound... @dscweb: "Imelda May – Mayhem. Inspired by @da" (reblip)

Imelda MayMayhem

| play
JacoLovesMusic ah gotta go but wow :)) The Legendary Concert!!! goodnight @fingerears @c3p0 @sheryonstone

QUEEN The Legendary Concert (Full Concert 1975)

| play
Tropicsz4 new Afghan Whigs album Do To The Beast out today :) rb @noralina: "Pump" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 out of props for you, sexy version of Closer @zoja01
mark_till There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car (Live) (b-side)--Voice Of The Beehive *Audio*
Vickingo Once in a while, once in a while You got to burn your lips, keep your feelings alive Once in a while, once in a while You got to burn down your house

The Kills | Good Ones

| play

Patti Smith Gimme Shelter

| play
TrainWreckRadio @GracePotter & The Nocturnals- #TheLionTheBeastTheBeat Album Release Show | #YearInReviewLIVE - a snapshot of 2012

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals- The Lion the Beast the Beat Album Release Show

| play
Scott_hn Hi J - a new favorite I can't stop playing - had to share @jalikat the chick's got a shimmee-shake-bolly-rock thang going on!

Boogie At Sugar Shack Monday Steve Arvey Damon Fowler Kellie Rucker

| play
Telepathy Kylie – Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Original Version)
sarahscriptor also like this new one from Jason Isbell.

Jason IsbellSuper 8

| play

Thunderwing.....Marc Bolan

| play
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