syn44 time for some Junior Brown

Junior Brown "Highway Patrol"

| play
syn44 "know it's wrong, what should I do?"

NirvanaOn a Plain

| play
syn44 "the pines,where the sun never shines"
syn44 I remember singing this at work,people thought I was nuts, not that thats anything

NirvanaRape Me

| play
syn44 "Hey,wait,I got a new complaint"
syn44 "he likes to shoot his guns"

NirvanaIn Bloom

| play
syn44 at the time the band that brought rock back to life-Nirvana!
syn44 "I just wanna treat you right"
Pesest 1973 had some great tunes. Good night everyone - it has been fun!

down at the twist and shout,mary chapin carpenter

| play
syn44 "it's just the woman in you ,that brings out the man in me"
syn44 "some day you'll pay the price"
syn44 "I can not stand the way you tease"

Soft CellTainted Love

| play
syn44 another memory from the late great HFS.
Request_Line RT @coppercat: "RIP Mary Travers " Peter, Paul & Mary – Puff, the Magic Dragon (reblip)
syn44 now this is cool!

junior brown & beach boys 409

| play
syn44 "lets just go our seperate ways again"
syn44 "nothing can be something if the feelings right"
syn44 "I hope I don't fry , I hope I don't die"
syn44 my favorite by the Jesus and Mary Chain
syn44 i feel like some Jesus and Mary Chain
syn44 "something tells me you can read my mind"


| play
syn44 "takes me just as far as I can go"
syn44 "faithful like a dog until the end"
syn44 "I ain't asking for much just your sweet touch"
syn44 Just recently heard of this guy but I am now a Seasick Steve fan.
creativeness LOL. ....echo..... echo... echo...@CPCDINIZ: "@creativeness: "i'll listen to this again "" (reblip)

Godsmack- Voodoo

| play
syn44 "it's such a sad and sorry scene"
syn44 "make it a double"


| play
syn44 "feeling down and dirty,feeling kinda mean"
syn44 "you're gonna miss me when I'm gone"
syn44 "I knew you'ld have to get tough or die"

Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" ORIGINAL

| play
syn44 "I thought I heard the shuffle of the angels feet"

Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

| play
syn44 Feeling country this evening-Mr. Cash

Johnny Cash'Hurt"

| play
syn44 Damn,I'm glad I found this,the song that first got me into Styx many many years ago.
syn44 "her love means only your death"

StyxQueen of Spades

| play
syn44 "how did I ever get into this mess"


| play
syn44 "now it's for sure he'll see me dead"

StyxWanted Man

| play
syn44 my fave Styx tune,I guess cause when it came out this was me-lol
syn44 "just take your best shot and don't blow it"
syn44 a long time since I've heard this one

StyxWitch Wolf

| play
syn44 "are you really who we think you are"

StyxMiss America

| play
syn44 "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die"
syn44 "she was low-down and trifling"
syn44 "now they do what they taught ya"
syn44 Personally ,never cared much for their politics or most of their causes but Rage could Rock!
syn44 "cows in water up past their knees"
syn44 "times were hard and things were bad"
syn44 "you'll know it's me when I come through your town"
syn44 "I find myself alone when each days through"
syn44 "teach em what they don't know how"
syn44 "free to face the life that's ahead of me"

StyxCome Sail Away

| play
syn44 "all alone and trapped in time"

StyxCrystal Ball

| play
syn44 "whatever the price I'll pay"
syn44 "I'm a tiger when I want love ,I'm a snake if we disagree"
syn44 "I whistle along on the 7th day"
syn44 "she always plays the game"
syn44 "you see it's only me"

Jethro TullAqualung

| play
syn44 in a Jethro Tull frame of mind
James_F Sorry Listeners, short set tonight .... ending with the 1st Track Off of British Steel .... THANKS FOR ALL OF THE PROPS !!! You all ROCK !!
syn44 "like Dorothy I fall,little dog and all"
syn44 "she moves without a sound" thanks for the RB @GinaDunc


| play
syn44 "when you're with me I'm smiling"


| play
syn44 alot of people have ripped this band but I was always a Styx fan.


| play
roxannecoxanne Happy Friday! Let's Get Fucked Up!

Start Trouble- Lets get fucked up

| play
syn44 "women seem wicked when you're unwanted"

the doors people are strange

| play
syn44 "did a little down about an hour ago"

The DoorsL.A. Woman

| play
syn44 "one for tomorrow,one just for today"

The Doors Love Me Two Times

| play
syn44 "makes a man and woman miss out on the night life"

MorphineEarly To Bed

| play
syn44 "rock is dead they say"

The Who -- Long Live Rock

| play
syn44 "nobody wants him"

Black Sabbath-Iron Man

| play
syn44 I think I'm reaching
syn44 "don't bring your misery down on me"
syn44 Thanks to everyone for the props and replies,they are greatly apprecciated.
syn44 "give me all your love tonight"
syn44 "what the hell we fighting for"

QueenHammer to fall

| play
syn44 "you been turning my world upside down"
syn44 "walk on down,walk on down,walk on down"
syn44 "I always thought I'd see you again"
syn44 "I feel fine any time she's around me now"
syn44 "winter,spring ,summer or fall all you got to do is call"
syn44 mellow saturday with Mr. James Taylor
syn44 "crawl on me,sink into me,die for me"

Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl

| play
syn44 "everything I had to know I heard it on my radio"

QueenRadio Ga Ga

| play
syn44 "gotta find me a future, move outa my way"

QueenI Want It All

| play
syn44 "these are the days it never rains but it pours"

QueenUnder Pressure

| play
syn44 "old Mackies back in town"
syn44 "you need someone to hold on to"
syn44 "I'm looking at life through a window that's been dirty and cracked"
syn44 "if the house is rockin don't bother knockin"
syn44 "money's tight nothings free"
syn44 "thinking bout you baby gives me such a thrill"
syn44 "all of the telephone lines are down"
syn44 "mmmm feels good"


| play
syn44 "shakes all over from the bottom to the top"
syn44 "I been told honey you been bold"


| play
syn44 "I loved a million women in a belladonic haze"
syn44 time for Freddie and the boys

QueenTear It Up

| play
syn44 how bout one by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
syn44 "I feel nice like sugar and spice"
syn44 "you don't know what you do to me"
syn44 "I got something that makes me want to shout"
syn44 "I like a woman with a wiggle when she's walking"


| play
syn44 "every promise broken"

Sacred ReichHeal

| play
syn44 "I'm busy 24 hours a day"
syn44 unique is a word that's thrown around alot but it sure fits these guys

MorphineCure for Pain

| play
syn44 "listen to the Bluebird sing"
syn44 One of the true masters-Robin Trower
syn44 amongst all the greats, for me this was the best performance at Woodstock

Ten Years After live at Woodstock 1969.

| play
syn44 "you better take it easy cause the place is on fire"
syn44 "we've been searching for a better world"
syn44 "I like what I do,I do what I like"
syn44 "wake up the world to a new creation"
syn44 "no matter how they tried they couldn't understand"
syn44 "she was never ever ever seen again"
syn44 "he told me tales and he drank my wine"
syn44 "we are following the will of the one"
syn44 "can't you see that the winds will change"

Blind Guardian-This Will Never End

| play
syn44 in the mood for some Blind Guardian
syn44 "I don't want to hear your lies again"
syn44 "open up your mind and soul"

Rare EarthMagic Key

| play
syn44 "focus your eye on the filthy sky"
syn44 "we know each other better than we know ourselfs"
syn44 always good for a chuckle-Charlie Daniels Uneasy Rider

Charlie Daniels "Uneasy Rider"

| play
syn44 "I think you deserve yourself"

ReveilleInside Out

| play
syn44 a band I just stumbled across this is Reveille


| play
syn44 "never met a girl that makes me feel the way that you do"

Get Ready-Rare Earth-1970

| play
syn44 I've never understood why Rare Earth isn't mentioned when people talk about all time greats

(I Know) I'm Losing You-Rare Earth-1970

| play
syn44 "the sun is shining down on me"
syn44 "I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie"

WarSpill the Wine

| play
syn44 "he drank whiskey Pancho drink the wine"

WarThe Cisco Kid

| play
syn44 "don't drive too fast"

WarLow Rider

| play
syn44 "we're just two lost souls living in a fish bowl"
syn44 "tell you bout my troubled mind"
syn44 "good morning America how are ya"

Arlo Guthrie - 02 - City of New Orleans

| play
syn44 this is 8stops7 Here among the Wicked

8Stops7 Here Among The Wicked

| play
syn44 now for something a little different The Simpsons sing.Hit it Homer.
syn44 "we going to do what they say can't be done"

When You're Hot You're Hot Jerry Reed

| play
syn44 "what have they done"

'Lord, Mr. Ford' (Jerry Reed)

| play
syn44 Haven't heard this in a while,Mr. Jerry Reed

Amos MosesJerry Reed

| play
syn44 The only song I ever cared for by Toto.

TotoHold the Line

| play
syn44 What an aptly named band,good song though.
syn44 "there's no turning back this time"


| play
syn44 "what's beneath your flesh?"
syn44 I feel like some Godhead.
syn44 Actually this is Mr. Burns singing, Look at all those idiots.
syn44 Actually a very good rendition of this classic song.
syn44 "not touching the ground at all"
syn44 "you might get what you're after"
syn44 "sleeping on the interstate"
syn44 "won't you come and save me"
syn44 "ain't no doubt about it"

The Beatles-Birthday

| play
syn44 feeling like some Kansas

Kansas Carry on my Wayward son

| play
syn44 "your brothers they echo your words"

kansas Point of know return

| play

Kansas video Icarus

| play
syn44 another personal fave

Psycho Killer Live (HQ) Talking Heads

| play
syn44 "will you still place your bet"
syn44 "got a GTO"

Iggy Pop, Lust for Life (live)

| play
syn44 "I am the worlds forgotten boy"

IGGY POP and the STOOGES "search and destroy"

| play
syn44 how bout a little Iggy

Iggy PopCandy

| play
syn44 "I will make it all clear"

KansasThe Preacher

| play
syn44 OK no video but complete so once again Happy b-day John Lennon.
syn44 "she's my one desire"

Let's Go (The Cars)

| play
syn44 Black Sabbath – N.I.B.

Black SabbathN.I.B.

| play
syn44 Damn I'd love to see Shannon Curfman and Bonnie Raitt put out a cd together.What do you all think?

Shannon Curfman 06/13/09 Oh Well (F. Mac cover)

| play
syn44 Go Shannon!!

Fast Lane Addiction music video

| play
syn44 now a little Shannon Curfman

Shannon Curfmanfire

| play
syn44 "I can whip,chop,and puree"
syn44 "till I was back in your arms again"

Bonnie RaittGuilty

| play
syn44 "she thinks only of you"
syn44 "scared to run out of time"
syn44 "believe me when I tell you darling"
syn44 still my favorite Bonnie Raitt song (and this ones complete)

Bonnie RaittRunaway

| play
syn44 Bonnie plays SRV.

Bonnie Raitt "Pride And Joy"

| play

Robert Randolph & Rob Thomas : Voodoo child

| play

Bobby Hebb "Sunny" (1966).

| play
syn44 "I said that,so I lied"


| play
katterfelto I collect dreams. I sing randomly in public. I am magic. I talk to animals. I read textbooks for fun... @lostndanet: "Tell me...I want to know more@" (reblip)

Climax Blues Band-Couldnt Get it Right 1976

| play
syn44 "promises can disapear"

Yothu YindiTreaty

| play
syn44 "you better not complain boy,you get in trouble with the man"
syn44 Janis Joplin – Ball And Chain live in Germany 69
clairetheloon rb @syn44: To your mad DJ skills, then.:) Thanks! [Damn my keyboard skills] (reblip)


| play
syn44 "I felt invincable with you in my arms"
syn44 "on a cruise to freak you out"
syn44 "Have you ever met that funny reefer man?"
syn44 My favorite song by Weezer.
syn44 "I don't care what they say about us anyway"

WeezerBuddy Holly

| play
syn44 "watch me unravel I'll soon be naked"
syn44 A little Weezer tonight

WeezerHash Pipe

| play
syn44 Time for sleep.I'll leave you all with a true classic.
syn44 "let them say what they want"

CarsGood Times Roll

| play
syn44 One of my all time favorite bands-Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me"

| play
syn44 "you didn't know what you were looking for"

Cheap TrickVoices

| play
syn44 "I can't use what I can't abuse"


| play
syn44 Garbage -Stupid Girl (complete)

GarbageStupid Girl

| play
syn44 "I would die for you"

Garbage- #1 Crush

| play
syn44 "I don't think I like you much"
syn44 "I'm crazy for some action tonight"
syn44 "ooo baby needs some brand new shoes"
syn44 "more and more I'm thinking about ssseeeexxxx"
syn44 "don't give yourself away"
syn44 "you broke my heart"

Cheap Trick Aint That a Shame

| play
syn44 "she's a talented girl"
syn44 "I don't care if you hurt me some more"
syn44 "let the bad times pass me by"
syn44 Still my fave by Godsmack


| play
syn44 "gonna let the sentance, son, fit the crime"
earchives Take my heart, my soul, my money... but don't leave me drownin' in my tears
DJRosaNava Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge- When a Man Loves a Woman

| play
syn44 Whether he likes it or not he is "The Boss"
syn44 "can't take a taxicab to Timbuktu"
syn44 time for some Timbuk 3

Assholes On Parade by Timbuk 3

| play
syn44 "till the break of dawn"
syn44 "Is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse"
syn44 "when they said sit down,I stood up"
syn44 "it looks like self destruction"
DJRosaNava Nothing Compares by Sinead O'Connor

nothing compares

| play
syn44 "where the wine and women are free"
syn44 "got a hot rod ford and a 2 dollar bill"
syn44 let's get down to the Nitty Gritty (umm bad pun)

Johnny Cash & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Friends

| play
syn44 "keep pushing till it's understood"
syn44 Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn

Manfred Mann Mighty Quinn

| play
syn44 "all the same, we take our chances"


| play
syn44 "the Maples want more sunlight and the Oaks ignore their pleas"

RushThe Trees

| play
syn44 "Our first stop is in Bogata"
syn44 "I guess that's what I am."

RushWorking Man

| play
syn44 Still happy to say ,I was the one that turned all my old Bud's onto Rush.

RushFly By Night

| play
syn44 Steppenwolf

The Pusher

| play
syn44 Sorry bout the misspell @MarcusDeSouza Thanks for the props,replies,and just listening @JODYGIRL162 @THEORDEROFFEAR @RNRSteve @Eri_Z @krisp @gpharley
syn44 Play It,Frank!!!

Frank Marino Electric Reflections Of War

| play
syn44 The only version I like better then the original
syn44 "I like smoke and lightning"
syn44 "you don't know what we can find"
syn44 "he's going some place and there's no turning back"
syn44 "I can't take it anymore"
syn44 Alvin Lee just plain kicks ass
syn44 "I ain't going nowhere"


| play
syn44 "don't fade away into the gray"

Drain STHStench

| play
syn44 "my blood has turned to dust"

Alive by: Drain STH

| play
KiddRock Alison Krauss & Union Station – Choctaw Hayride
syn44 "there's no one else to blame"
syn44 These gals can jam.Drain S.T.H.
syn44 my favorite version of this
syn44 "they would fight to the death"
syn44 I feel like some Pink this evening.

pink get this party started

| play
syn44 "I wanna start a fight"

P!nkSo What

| play
syn44 "I wish I could touch you again"

PinkWho Knew

| play
syn44 "the plumber he said never flush a tampoon"

Frank ZappaFlakes

| play
syn44 "just let me have my fun tonight"

PinkU & Ur Hand

| play
syn44 "I'm gonna feel all right"
syn44 "with our heads held high"

The Living EndRoll On

| play
syn44 "can't you see that we are one"

Fear FactoryLinchpin

| play
syn44 Some Allman Brothers for a Friday afternoon
syn44 "I like you better when you go away"
syn44 "you turn your back on me"


| play
syn44 "Welcome to my world"

Fear FactoryShock

| play
syn44 another HFS classic-The Pheromones-Yuppie drone
syn44 "did you think you'd be so cold"

FilterIt's Over

| play
syn44 "they call me white trash"
syn44 Filter

Filter-Can't You Trip Like I Do

| play
syn44 "you're searching for the child you were yesterday"
syn44 And now some Full Devil Jacket
syn44 "I hope your satisfied"


| play
syn44 "how I got here I'll never know"

Sacred ReichLow

| play
syn44 Yeah so?!


| play
syn44 "gonna get me a piece of the sky"
syn44 saw them outside in 100degree weather, what a show!
syn44 how bout a little Montrose
syn44 " it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it"
syn44 The big man jams!

Popa Chubby plays Stoop down baby

| play
syn44 "action is,his reward"


| play
syn44 I remember seeing my grandparents dance to this and it always stuck with me
syn44 Damn he could play! R.I.P.
syn44 Thanks to Pat my friend since chidhood that turned me on to Maynard
syn44 Maynard my mother loves you!