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asterion hmmm, it will be morning soon, & i must slumber, before...
TrollopCupcake Crystal Method – Bloodbath Dance
devobrain Heard this remix the other day drivin in LA...definitely helped out with the god awful traffic here.
fallentoad saw these guys play twice when they came through town - very awesome


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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- Hiding All Away

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BinaryAudio Great footage: NIN - Reptile (Soundcheck - Santa Barbara) NINJA Tour 09
leaferi @Totengrber Generally think they are mid-rate but love this one from them.
by_starla [M83 - Slight Night Shiver]
adversary1 depeche mode - nothing's impossible
nzstars Hello Hello Pearl Sorry I have been soo soooo long away from you. I love and miss you all. Hearts you know x
doomyflo love the violon on this one! @Frikidelinfierno: "Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Pohanska --> <Incredible band coming from the Czech Republic." (reblip)
ad_infinitum @lalunajade For you. :) Glad to see someone else likes his Mondo Cane project.

mike patton and the metropole orchestra 2008 3 live 06. URLO NEGRO

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lalunajade I stumbled on this a while back and the last track made me think of it for some reason. Anyhoo.. enjoy :)
leaferi Thanks for this one. Hadn't listened for while after over-listening ---but only because it is SO GOOD!! Love it. rb@DJ_DanceMix: "*DAnce*" (reblip)
DarkMuse GeEkity GeeK gUys pLayiNg EleCtrO pOpity pOp pOP ~X~

Hot ChipShake A Fist

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caryseen vi@TandemFailures awesome...thx! ; ) the muffs - kids in america (kim wilde) (reblip)

TUBEWAY ARMY jo the waiter 1978

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leaferi Sweet --first time lately I've actually found something here I couldn't find before rather than the reverse.

Mr. Bungle Desert Search For Techno Allah

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Gay Witch Abortion 'Curses'

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spacespencer to feel most every feeling...

MolokoForever More

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asterion i would get killed by one if anyone, how could i do that to her???

ROBOCOP VS. Alec Empire

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ad_infinitum not "secret" really, he just made you compile the multitracks yourself...

Ghosts 38: Secret Track

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terrene woah! now if they were to play this tomorrow (they're opening for green day), i'd actually pay 65€ to see it. @Betterlucky: "Nice one vi@TarinnAdaria" (reblip)
StBarlow Thank you so much & RB @progman You must really like me blipping, cooking and drinking champagne! :-) (reblip)
mark_till @bobbyMAX Ministry Space Truckin (Deep Purple)

Ministry Space Truckin

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Shadowcat83 Autechre – ilanders


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leaferi Back to the FRE (evidence). Fun. Cheerio.
TweakerRay My ReMix of HTDA - A Drowning (TweakerRay ReMix) - More Remixes ALL FOR FREE at
Shadowcat83 @crowjane: "@EFR56: "Sounds nice ~~~~an absolute classic~I may cry~~Pearl~my blueyed dawg~~sincere thnks" (reblip)
TweakerRay Hanin Elias - War / Extreme V4 - Music by SPITE - produced by TweakerRay - Download the instrumental for FREE here

Hanin Elias war (extreme v4)

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TweakerRay Can't get enough of this Version ! Great ReMix by @Binary_Audio - check his channel here... This guy ROCKS !!!!!! (Wow i got a Promoter-badge :-D thx)
lalunajade Wow. Thank You! I did not know this :D @Drikyz: "@lalunajade Great band! Clutch singer and Fu Manchu bassist!" (reblip)
leaferi I'm in this mood because of scorn; I'm in a mood for total war.

stargate VNV nation darkangel

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LikeAnAngel yeah word. i LOVE this. die. die. die....i can't. @TriggerHappyJack: "Had to hear this again @LikeAnAngel <3" (reblip)

Jason Segel's "Dracula's Lament"

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caryseen prettier than you'd think the do vs ac/dc lullaby ToTom - hell's on my bells
nofrills #freemusic #CCmusic from 'Tribute to John Peel - Session #1'. Download the album for free: (CC BY-NC-ND)
pieohpah Cover of a classic swedish progressive/psychedelic tune. Originally Kebnekajse.
DerekFME Ooh this is good. rb@sanaponic @naomi_u: "This one is for my favorite blippers ♥♥♥ @twentyfour @fabuleuxfab @sanaponic @dito @pulplion ♥♥♥"" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel hahhah WHOA! NICE! reblip @caryseen you always find the coolest mashups. (reblip)

"White Piggy" NIN VS Billy Idol DJ Tripp & Bass211

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apartment 26 Hallucinating

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lalunajade Haha! 4Sure.. count me in! "_@ilklovn: "@me @Darkangelkas @DamianaSkye @ardelin @iCloud so we would meet at a tool concert! or puscifer! hehehehehe" (reblip)
plotek @avivamagnolia: "Horaţiu Rădulescu / Astray / Romanian-French composer known for 'spectral technique;' late piano sotanas inspired by Tao te Ching (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel I am CRANKING this up. I suggest you do the same, should you choose to accept the challenge of listening to my blip.
perditus Behold the lovely *bowed* piano!

Stephen Scott: "Entrada" for piano.

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leaferi This is from Biopsy --a great EBM/industrial group who apparently slipped off the edge of this earth's face some time ago.


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LikeAnAngel wha???? a flight of the conchords song i've never heard? impossible? (reblip)
doomyflo @vix_rock : i'm a fan so i'm deeply touched by their melodies! same style: this one i try to play => Novembers Doom – Twilight Innocence
LikeAnAngel haha you rock. @DependableSkeleton I listen and obey. Now that's the @LikeAnAngel I know and love! RB

JERUSALEM frustration 1972

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Dysn0m1a Ahh more sweetness for my ears :) Are you still Imma dunno?..Oh..*bong* 18:59pm rb@rxrx1776: "hello @ Darkangelkas" (reblip)
leaferi @TheDon13 Very cool, thanks. Another one for my must buy list -----(someday, no new CDs for now). Been a while since I got excited about new Sasha...
vortexsurfer @elland666: "SWEDISH CHEF - HEAVY METAL 3..................CAN WE ALL PLAY" Bork bork! Haha! :-D= (reblip)

Swedish Chef Heavy Metal 3

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leaferi Whole album is so good. Need to buy another copy at some point. Okay, really am off now. Cheerio.


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leaferi Miss Kittin is going on my short list (whatever that means...) Liking pretty much all I've heard thus far. rb@lagartija76: "Again and again and again" (reblip)
threebears for some reason my machine has been on a go-slow & refusing to blip ...

LambTransfatty Acid

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FunkShoi @anothercraze some people are just cruisin for a bruisin'. Like my people, and my father before me. Just can't get enuff of the stuff.


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leaferi Nice. And I have to run. rb@Ddraig: "RB vi@DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurolora: Iz a good track! Classic now really." (reblip)


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leaferi Glad to be of service =) @doublethumb: "I had forgotten about this wonderful track by the Cocteaus! How could I? thank God somebody reminded me :-)" (reblip)

Cocteau TwinsUps

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Staticfactory Again, it speaks for itself.
plotek evening -experimental & local- to all blipers around the -conected & rich- globe


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Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk / surreal adaptation

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DarkMuse time for a little Voice of Eye in yer Earhole ~X~

Voice of Eye

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DarkMuse and continuing into vast tonal tomorrows ~X~

Blood Box: Paradise

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DarkMuse and now to bring it down beneath the current ~X~
Fangbaby every now and then I fuckin' have to hear this tune.
lalunajade Packing and listening at the same time.. 24 mins past midnight :D @emajik: "the hands that threaten DOOOOOOM! Sup @lalunajade ? :)" (reblip)

Iron Maiden-2 Minutes To Midnight

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missglamourpuss Dingo - 'Autiotalo' This song used to rock my little socks off a long, LONG time ago!


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lalunajade This is cool! TY:Dx @Darkangelkas: ":) Thought I may aswell make this your brekkie since I'm here.. @ lalunajade" (reblip)
threebears "I wish my washing machine was haunted by a cute little ghostie..." ..quote'n'rb @scarletwords ^(^ Hi and thanks! (reblip)

Lisa Mitchell Coin Laundry

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Inge_FS this is one of the best things i've heard (and seen) in a long time...
dancingrae @AutumnPerception Thank you for your weekend wish. Knowing there is someone in the world with a kind musical heart gives me hope.

UniverseSarah Slean

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BinaryAudio Our single, "Black Shine" remixed by Charlie Clouser from nin. Cheers Charlie! (reblip)


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vortexsurfer Tenhi – Varpuspäivä || Funny how a blip sets my mood straight away, sounds like #doom for tonight, or what @terrene?


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TweakerRay LISTEN LOUD !!! THIS IS A MONITOR-TESTER ;-D Buy The album of Andrea Parker !!! Its great !
leaferi Sleep well. rb@thepetshopboy: "time for bed..."moving right along" with KERMIT THE FROG & FOZZIE BEAR...nite tweeps & blippers ;)" (reblip)
Faddic What a battle!! rb@kiddo84: "Godsmack~Drum Battle~ Sully Erna vs Shannon Larkin" (reblip)
Faddic Love the feelings in that song! One of my Fav..
leaferi Songs to get dressed by...

And OnePanzermenche

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oboreruhito I mean can you believe this shit actually happened. THIS. Does this happen anymore? Anywhere? It's a relic of its time.
LikeAnAngel i want to buy you flowers. such a shame you're a boy. because when you're not a girl, no one buys you flowers. (reblip)

Emilie SimonFlowers

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katarinax I think that this tune is one of the finished types of JUDY AND MARY. rb @TidyCat: "@katarinax the first Judy & Mary i heard - still love it! =^..^= (reblip)

JUDY AND MARY 「Brand New Wave Upper Ground」

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Dysn0m1a Used to love this..rb@mizhelena: "there is some kind of darkness" (reblip)

CurveFait Accompli

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Faddic ..And Hello to you @Mysterymix: "Marcus Miller : best bassist ?" (reblip)

Marcus Miller Blast, in ARTE One Shot Not January 2009

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lalunajade There is no mistaking Mark Lanegan's voice <3
asterion ...

Franz Ferdinand Ulysses (Remix) by Mister Takahashi

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asterion im also of the opinion that this comes into play, so...
DarkMuse Something New/Old I stumbled onto... I likey ~X~


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Ian Anderson Little Flower Girl

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DarkMuse Dark Tribal Bass Wave... Alison's Vocals are lower then previous Crane Tracks. This is Beautiful! ~X~
LikeAnAngel could he really not think of a title? what a great song. @DependableSkeleton: " in case Babs gets out of control, here's Robert Smith to save us all." (reblip)

The CureUntitled

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TweakerRay Live performance of my favorite "Future Noir" Track - Untouchable - Video by H. B. Leesch
asterion ...

FRONT 242 D2 Punish Your Machine

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sarahcarina Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade
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