Clau Chain Chain Chainnnnn :-)
ZachsMind He recorded these for a paint company back in the 60s. In I can only find one. Shame you can't find them all in here. Try

Ken NordineWhite

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claudix como é dormir de conchinha em inglês?
milk @Jonnny you need a gray suit for your space age bachelor pad
Vizicoloniali dopo la sveglia un attimo di pausa per un caffè e una sigaretta :)
JRex778 sounds of nostalgia....the old west
randymatheson Dear Prudence won't you come out to play - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Deesfavs Loved these Hawaii shows...
mindlessdj Musica de engenheiro (Osciladores em série, música eletrônica analógica..Também, estávamos em 68!)
clarkowitz I come from an island in the Puget Sound. @tesselove I hesitate to mention it's name. I like a certain level of mystery. Peace!
Paul I lied. I had to hear this one, too. THEN it's off to bed. Srsly...
lemerodrigo I really need to see the Sunrise tomorrow.

Norah JonesSunrise

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apey Chris Isaak nasceu em 1956... o_O
felipefernandes Parece musica de desenho animado antigo..
Slack3r78 By this time, the drink was beginning to cut the acid and my hallucinations were down to a tolerable level. #failgood
clarkowitz Coming down from the emotional rollercoaster that John just had me on. Life is short, yes: but, IT IS REAL! This is not a test.
clarkowitz To my mentor. You've taught me more tonight than I've learned in a hundred years. To John, good talk.
kimfresh when he want it, he blindfold me. then i get sexy on him...

KelisBlindfold Me

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formalhaut mit big beats den lieben langen tag beginnen. 1/3
Delfin (CE) Mais Doors, anunciando que o verão, e este programa, estão quaaaaaaaaase chegando ao seu final.
lekabel tomar no cu..essa versão é do DDR e o Fatboyslim NUNCA remixou,mas é foda pra caralho.
ChristineLovesPhilly Philly baby!!! my version...let's take a long walk around Rittenhouse square!!!
katkimjac @sikkdays - One of my too! okay so i listen to alot of my parents album! (reblip)
autofyrsto ....and they all went to heaven in a little row boat. Clap hands.
Starfighter1479 A segue to call down a fury of The Cure, sorry.
anykinedakine And another spin for this track, since I need the holiday cheer... (reblip)
schenk In preparation for tomorrow! Adam Sandler cracks me up! (reblip)
Edav_Nomad This has to be the best version of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell."
Dillin_Chillin Slightly the Blues...The Derek Trucks Band – Already free...sounds good.
darrylheron Hey, its nobody's fault buy mine, or is it? From No Quarter.
DJDFunk What ever happened to the Emcee? - De La Soul (Supa Emcees)
Majere Ahh, con guitarra se escucha bien
brainstrom Heard this song on Subterranean a couple weeks ago. If you like it I recommend the album its very good.
gigia grande sindico!! ouve isso, @danielennes

Tim MaiaImuniza

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lilithiz Do me good and all this crazinnes will me good, do me good, do me good..
deo placed 1st in poker tonight, props to me

Chet BakerTenderly

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SlowBurn I just heard! Have you heard?
Candidman Hey you (Dica Panto Remix) - Madonna
clarkowitz I'm talking 'bout Chopin. And, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. But, hey!! Now, I'm talking about sleep. 0_o
StephBlog Let's continue with this... Isn't this nice?
melodyofurlife how about some late night Luscious Jackson.
dudex bem melhor seria poder viver em paz / em ter que sofrer, sem ter q chorar, e a porra toda... mas foda-se: tem q sofrer, chorar, tem q querer...
Mikey Great song!!!!!

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It

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rapozzu >> copio as setas da renata
tehduh I Summon You – Spoon

SpoonI Summon You

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djmrk195 lol gay robot... want some chips gay robot?
random_fm è impossibile controllare tutto...sì, è impossibile
elsharnefarn :D I need a beer... or ten.

Irish Drinking Songs - Drink And Fight

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princesspants smooth... one of my favorites from the Buena Vistas.
toddmck red rockr

Sammy Hagar -- Heavy Metal

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Sgtpepperslass For Tan Pants.

Tom Jones - She's A Lady

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Sgtpepperslass I got hungry and ate your pig snacks. :">
labfly 8:20.. mulling my three designs
Sgtpepperslass I wish I could find Ray Charles' version.
Sgtpepperslass I ain't afraid to give you one across the lips.

Sanford and Son

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elsharnefarn Nothing's better than telling us beaners that we can't speak spanish in our own office for any reason. English only, fuckers. English only.


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macedonia *watts happening* was my favorite hip-hop album of last year. here's one of the best cuts, featuring jneiro jarel. head nod essential...
jademaid What was that promise that you made?

The DoorsTouch Me

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clarkowitz (Dirty) The only way to fly... is to fly... version!!

unhealthy inc,

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nixe Think twice, that's my only advice.

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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kyberneticka This is a dirty song in my mind. Not for the words, just the gritty beat and the way it feels like the lyrics are being barked at me.
starlite It is gorgeous out wish I wasn't stuck inside at work...
clarkowitz Sweet is the melody... And f#$% all the haters. They need a good f#$%.
bitblue Look at me, I'm a plane, in the air, ...
mona If your head doesn't automatically bop to this, you = FAIL

Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

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mona Lookie what I ffffffffound. Three by three♫
jencvs Mood: New Singles! // Staind's new album will be out on August 19th, their first single is "Beleive"
mona oh HECK yes! woooooooooooo


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clarkowitz Now here we go @tesselove! 'seems as though this year has been eventful, not to second guess the title. Yo. The trumpet is missing.
Torrefaction Hearing rap made me remember Snoop's incredibly awesome country song.
clarkowitz Buy me a plane ticket to Europe, and I'm yours. Apparently.
jeffk Possession is the motivation that is hangin' up the goddamned nation.
maroma Nara Leão com sabor de infância!

Nara LeO Circo

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thahy já foi desenhada tb... amo....

Beatles - Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

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LisComunello Livro "Desenho Mágico": recomendo. Não lembro a autora, é sobre as obras do Chico.
meninaquejoga Se não fosse pelo João Olho de Algodão eu estaria casado há muito tempo. De onde vc veio? Pra onde vc vai? De onde vc veio, João Olho de Algodão
chelvis Pretty sweet live version duet of a badass bowie song: Jean Genie – David Bowie & Billy Corgan
labfly teh looplooploops & sheerleee singz it so niceleee
clarkowitz Substitute Crazy Uncle Andy and, well... one of my sister's named Mary. She's got one monkey. And my other sis has three. I'm an uncle in spades. :)
Paul Should be going to bed, but this is fun...
clarkowitz @tesselove If I could prop you more than three times a day I would. Good stuff. Let's break the monster's back!
megan_d I listened to this song on repeat for days after my mum died.
bnix way better than NIN's original

Johnny CashHurt

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marcusm Momento Summertime: Sara Vaughan (UFO remix)
mariusbutuc Last night there was too much wodka for the Italian summer!
djdiva I got that Spanish Joint too D'Angelo..don't sleep!
djdiva I aint saying I'm a Goldigger...but I aint messing with no broke n*ggas

Kanye WestGoldigger

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Roddykat Pick 'em up!

Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

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craigz"> - tom is about to perform live as leonard mills @"> (only if live stream viewers increases).
amberella Inspired by @ataferner. The theme: Friday Night All Skate. Roll with it (ha).
patch615 I very much like this one. My brothers used to call Randy the "Mafia Guy" because of a great picture with him dressed to the 9s and holding a knife.
foamcow sexy, in a dirty, skanky way :)
davidwatts1978 great band, song and haircut, I had (sadly) the same cut as Mr Hall
bluecifer One of my favourites - I sing it to my kids when they can't sleep. They love it and works everytime.
clarkowitz @tesselove I guess I've already propped you three times today. That's the legal limit. But, hell... keep the hits coming. Here's some Jimi. Peace.
bluecockatoo One of my favorites from Fiona.

Fiona Apple Criminal

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gosh a special wednesday song for yall
rfrancis Okay, new music friends, time for bed, so I'm leaving you with my favorite mashup to date. It's a honey. More tunes soon 'cause I'm addicted now.
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