toloba Beautiful all the yesterdays, but we go for all the tomorrows.
bleekerk als dit dit geen golden oldie is ...
toloba An original language: South African! Ne me quitte pas / Verlaat me niet / Gehe nicht weg von mir / Don't leave me : Moenie weggaan nie.

moenie weggaan nie herman van veen

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Gufler Als natte westenwinden gieren van venijn.
toloba Not today....but tomorrow. Yes "Morgen" in German.

Bert KaempfertMorgen

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toloba Didn't find a "beach" song, but "une plage". So this I send from the Dutch coast as souvenir for this nice day on the Belgium border/coast.
toloba With thanks to @BetaSantAna Real a nice memory. (reblip)

the beatles hello goodbye

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BetaSantAna1 I listen this song today... ;D

the beatles hello goodbye

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EllyvanAmstel Goosebumps.. Celine Dion sings Because you loved me live. From the movie Up Close And Personal: The Story of anchorwoman Jessica Savitch
michelg notte, anche i tuoi brani molto belli@JanetSheilaEyre: "geez... something tells me I'm gonna become a huge fan of Emiliana Torrini." (reblip)

Sarah Connor- Son of a Preacher Man (live)

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toloba Yes it seems to be true this week end: Summer in Zeeland (at the coast).

Saskia en serge, zomer in zeeland

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toloba Yes, goodbye Wallis. We leave for Italy but will be back in a few days.
toloba Another one. Well "polished". At that time on our "turn-table" we enjoyed it with a lot of crack-sounds. No, it was not a digital i-pod execution.
toloba Yes, the old box is really old. This song seems to be from 1960.

Ria ValkRocking Billy

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toloba Still not empty the old box I opened. Again a good example.
toloba For all guys in the world called "Peter". For this girl's choir you are their ideal.

jaa dat is peter

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toloba My first dance lessons were on this music. The music: perfect! To dance on it: terrible! Result? Still a bad dancer!

Blue DiamondsRamona

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toloba I meet Agnes daily, not only in our garden...
toloba Why add words?? It's good so!

Trini LopezLemon Tree

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toloba Good for our Dutch ears it seems. But international...unfortunately not accepted to go to the final evening.
toloba It was an intensive week-end. So ...... Good night, gute Nacht, welterusten.
toloba Für Twitterfreundin Lili und Nachbarin Marleen. Mehr Namen gab es nicht im Song, sonst wäre es auch für Ans, Loes, Agnes, Kim, Nicole, Kathy usw. usw.

Marlene Dietrich sings Lili Marleen in German

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EllyvanAmstel Man they got soul! Sam & Dave - Soul Man - Die twee spetterden van het podium af :-)

Sam & DaveSoul Man

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EllyvanAmstel Vond in mijn Platekast "Gizmo" een vrolijke oldie over de zomer van Jerry keller :-) Enjoy!
EllyvanAmstel Yeah nog even en dan begint het weekend weer! Dave Edmunds om in de stemming te komen :-)
EllyvanAmstel For the ones enjoying the quiet of the night.. The Moody Blues-Nights in White Satin
toloba 3 Dutch sisters in 1975 well known in whole Europe.

Pussycat Missisippi

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toloba To all of you from who I sometimes "steal" a good song. Thanks for it.

Thank You for the Music by Amanda Seyfried [LYRICS HQ]

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toloba Really lovely and quiet for the Sunday evening. (reblip)
toloba @MC_gonagall: Yes we are are waiting for the sun. Already happay with some rays. (reblip)


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toloba Already 45 years in the show business.
toloba "Contemporaries" and still active in show business.

Willeke Alberti, Anneke Gronloh, Johnny Lion, Rob de Nijs & The Jumping Jewels When the Saints go Marching In

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toloba Favourite song of my sister.
toloba At that time he was one of my "idoles".
anneair solange sich der Nachbar nicht beschwert gibts noch etwas Basie ; )
toloba Mid July 2011: Here in NL we have autumn holidays.
lilipili für Ton (in NL) und Antje (AUS)

Paul AnkaHello

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toloba Or real winter with snow and ice, or 28º in the shaddow. All is better as the "slow" weather we have during this winter (2010/2011)
toloba Not only the "Blümelein" are sleeping....... Good night - gute Nacht - welterusten.

Die Blümelein sie schlafen von Manuela 1970

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toloba "What gift do you want?" St.Nicholas asked. My answer was ....
lilipili passt zu einem Martini, ganz wunderbar.
toloba An agreeable, warm sun is shining. We are happy with it.
lilipili good night, welterusten und gut's Nächtle
toloba Nice...... but I'm not the sponsor.

Toloba Zari

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toloba Venice... Paris... Tilburg... Everywhere it was fantastic.

Que c'est triste venise

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toloba Memories..... Souvenirs..... Long time ago.....

Il est cinq heures Paris s'eveille

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toloba Not bad a red wine from Bordeaux.

JOE HARRIS drink rode wijn

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toloba I don't remember why I still remember this song. I still was so young at that time :-). (reblip)
toloba A good song at the end of the evening.
toloba Now on TV here (Old fashion Dutch songs). A long time ago....
toloba didn't offer the French version, so pls. listen to the Italian one. Also very nice.

DALIDA Gigi l'amoroso (italian version)

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toloba That's a long time ago that I "venait d'avoir 18 ans" (became 18 years old).
toloba Swiss 12/10/2012: at this moment we are watching Dutch TV with the whole show.
lilipili für alle die heute einen Arbeitstag haben...
toloba Once more "Rolling on the river" but now with video.
toloba Amusing....... (No other words for it).
luna1124 @ntripod Welcome and thank you to all new AND old listeners!!Creedance Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (reblip)
toloba So.... Good night - gute Nacht - welterusten
toloba With our climate... it will be for next year again. For this year it is over.
Gaz50 Rod Stewart ~ Tonight's The Night

Rod Stewart ~ Tonight's The Night

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toloba No MP3 music, no iPod music: real music.
toloba Not necessary to add a comment. So beautiful.
toloba We were already more "modern" at that time.
toloba Sans paroles, without comments ....
toloba And also a sunny morning pls...
toloba A lot of souvenirs and well known artists for Dutch 50/60+
toloba On every well known song they made a persiflage. Gigi l'amoroso >> the cross-eyed Mr. Vanderlinde
toloba Take 7 minutes to listen. It's worth!

Dalida- Gigi L'amoroso

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toloba After a long day it's good to say: good night, welterusten, gute Nacht.


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toloba A pity ... I was never there.
toloba Back to Brussels.

"Bruxelles" Jacques Brel

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toloba Just to finish the meal and to start the day: a cup of coffee!

Rita Corita ---- Koffie

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toloba Last Saturday we commemorated Jon Lennon's 70th. birthday. Remember him.
toloba Answer: YES and many times too much!
toloba If we have time this week... But we will not be "triste".


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toloba No comments - geen commentaar - kein Kommentaar !

yesterday when I was young

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lilipili Magic Moments...wenn meine Pizza aus dem Ofen kommt...dauert nocht etwas

Perry Como-Magic Moments

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toloba No ..... not the influenza that came from Mexico.
toloba Unforgettable voice together with this well-known French group,
toloba A special dance was introduced in the pub on the French border. But not for us. We were too young to visit the pub.
lilipili wir sind von "Doggy Run Run" zurück

Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run

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lilipili für "das Fussballgenie" in meinem Wohnzimmer....

Nat king cole, Nature Boy

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lilipili für meinen ruhigen "Feierabend" G.and T. ????
toloba Wake up very early, or ..... yes, you can also go to bed at that time.
toloba A good medley to finish the week-end.
toloba "Souvenirs"

GENERATION 60 Salut les copains première surprise partie

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toloba Another one of Johnny H. His first protest song against colleagues with long hair, a.o. Jacques Dutronc at that time.

cheveux longs idées courtes

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toloba At that time it was a nice singer.

Johnny Halliday. "Retiens la nuit"

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toloba A lot of nice Doggy's during Doris Day's song.
toloba 8 Jan. 2010: Top 75 in Holland. And this is the number ONE!

Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight

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toloba Yes he did....... Perhaps without living his life as he did, he could celebrate his 75th. birthday today.
lilipili ich habe mir einen wunderschönen, huscheligen, teuren Pulli bestellt.... macht ein grosses "Hole"
lilipili mein gute Nacht Blip

Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Dont Want To Talk About It

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toloba Sssst...! Silence please.

Dalida & Enrico Macias- Il silenzio (Bonsoir, mon amour)

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toloba Sometimes.....

Brenda Lee -I'm sorry (with Lyrics)

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lilipili die Sonne scheint...

Via con me (It´s wonderful). Paolo Conte.

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lilipili Doris by night... (gin is am wirken)
GR8FL thank you (rb) @mammara (reblip)

Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas

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lilipili für Auntie Bee

John Williamson Waltzing Matilda

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noesnon Mooi! The Dixie Chicks – I Believe in Love
Chris_is_Lazy Ich glaub ich hab ...

Muppet Show Moreno and Animal

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bleekerk @anjaw misschien kunnen jullie nog even genieten met Alain Bariére en Charles Anavour

Elle était si jolie

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lilipili ja..ich sehe es kommen...das sonnige Wochenende

Earth & FireWeekend

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toloba After busy week daughter said "Youppy..." still 2 weeks. Surely she expect this snow in Wallis.

Adamo Tombe la neige (Version originale)

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toloba Have patience! Look only tomorrow morning, move on the rhythme and one will be good awake.

Good morning original version

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toloba Ja ich meine es: "Gute Nacht Freunde". Schon viel zu spät für den Sonntagabend.
toloba @lilipili: "Ferienerinnerungen" Es ist wie in der Kneipe: Dies ist wirklich den Letzten. Normalerweise Schuld vom Mann. Jetzt nicht. SIE seht Golf. (reblip)
toloba Memories: Buenos Aires - Plaza de Mayo - Recoleta (Eva Peron) - also work - Tango - Casa Rosada - friendly people - in one word: GREAT THERE!
toloba Did I like the female singer or the song? For both I bought the single at that time.

DALIDA Gigi l'amoroso

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toloba The white roses for Sunday. Sending them now they will be in time.

♫ Celine Dion ► Les Roses Blanches ♫

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toloba Not so "triste" as he is singing.
lilipili noch gaaaanz early


| play
toloba Rhodos .... Kos ... Athens ... sun ... warm ... delicious!

Trio Hellenique La danse de zorba

| play
toloba I like it ... It recalls my holidays in the south of Belgium.
DeAnnLR when a man loves a woman...yeah baby!!!
toloba Once again Corry.

corry & de rekels Mijn stil verdriet

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toloba The good old times? Not everybody has this opinion.

MOOI WAS DIE TIJD... ( Corry )

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toloba Also world-famous (until the Dutch border).

Marina Willy Alberti

| play
toloba With this song Roco became world-famous, in any case in our neighbourhood.

Rocco GranataMARINA

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toloba Long time ago (when I was still younger) weekly in Lido-Waalwijk-Holland.
toloba Don't like the smoke in the pubs, but the song is real nice.
toloba The house where I growd up doesn't exist any more.
toloba Singing..I'm still young. Today 65th. birthday.
lilipili Stormy... ist es nicht, dafür aber nass und grau....
toloba Lange Spaziergang, viel Sonne aber kalt draußen, warm im Hause, Bierchen dazu. Ja das macht schläfrig. Nein das wird keine Kneipe mehr.

die kleine kneipe

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toloba This were my thoughts this morning after (only) 1.30 hrs of walk upwards. Bad condition.
AmyIsImaginary INCREDIBLE! Thank you for sharing! rb@Ineluctable: "have never heard this, it's fantastic thanks" (reblip)
toloba It was something special this rhythm in 1974.


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toloba Didn't I hear "soleil"? That's what I need: the SUN!
toloba Dutch group "shocking" in that period.
toloba Having a heavy cold I should like to go immediately.

Harry Belafonte Island In The Sun

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toloba So sweet.....

Uncle Satchmo's Lullaby

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Eddie Hodges I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

| play
toloba At that time Sophietje was a customer of my colleague. Nice to find her back on

SophietjeJohnny Lion

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toloba A good song? 4 weeks later a super persiflage by de Strangers from Antwerp.
toloba Für Elise und für Agnes und für Lili und für... ja für alle die diese Musik lieben. Gut um der Nacht einzugehen. Good night all.

Ludwig Van Beethoven-- Fur Elise

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lilipili habt einen schönen Feierabend ..alle Piraten in Nah und Fern..
toloba Guests staying too long? Play this song. Not properly, but succesfull.

Vera Lynn- Auf Wiederseh'n sweetheart

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toloba Nice video, nice song.
toloba Always beautiful and quiet! To enjoy.
toloba Here far away somewhere in Germany. However local group, at that time living 3 streets further as we did.
toloba Heard this morning on Dutch radio.

The Great Pretender-The Platters(1956)

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Silenzio ( Buona Notte Amore ) Nini Rosso

| play
toloba You like him or you hate this. But one thing is sure: over 75 years old and still a great artist. Yes I like him.

Eddy Wally Jou herken ik met gesloten ogen

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toloba Ein bisschen Meer für Südwest Deutschland.
toloba Here they finished now.

Jim ReevesSnowflake

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toloba Roughly the most impressive part out of a show of 2,5 hours recorded in the most southern Dutch town: Maastricht
toloba During warm summer at the coast really a friend; but not during winter.
lilipili marsch, marsch... in die Küche, Abendessen praeparieren, Grüsse von der Küchenfee
toloba Welterusten - gute Nacht - good night. It's time to go.... No, not with strangers...
lilipili Happy Birthday Elvis.....

Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas

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