tigertuft classic Berlin Bowie, from Low, one of the greatest records ever, ever, ever.
tigertuft Spot the anagram - Talking Heads. Great song. Fripp's outro is beautiful!
undeclared It's a big decision in a town called Malice
undeclared This song reminds me of driving around w/ my college roomies. Good times.
tigertuft off 'The Correct Use of Soap'. A classic album, Howard Devoto MASSIVELY under-rated
godsmonkey Roy Wood is truly the god of catchy tunesmithery.
undeclared This one is for @tdnnc. I know how much you love songs that repeat the same lyrics over and over!
undeclared It's a Fleet Foxes kind of day.
tigertuft Tom falls in to the arms of the Venus de Milo


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tigertuft nothing sounds like Orange Juice......

Orange Juice - Rip it up

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tigertuft He's not a genius, he just thinks he is.....
marlaink makes me think of good ole WTUL from my Tulane days...
tigertuft I used to work with his Auntie Jean who is name-checked in the chorus of this great tune.....honest :)
tigertuft @Floralsadora no props sorry, cracking tune :) (reblip)
tigertuft riotous opening to 'More Songs About Buildings and Food'.....
tigertuft the future of rock n roll? sounds like a good Stones tribute band! :)
tigertuft stupendous tune incoming alert.........
tigertuft ok, I'm going too far now.......come on, this is a classic :)

Bob MarleyExodus

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tigertuft take a look these hands.........from the mighty 'Remain In Light' :)
tigertuft got this on green 12" vinyl back in 77 when I was a young 16 year old music mad scallywag. 'Marquee Moon' possibly the greatest LP ever? :)

TelevisionProve It

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tigertuft hope everyone having a good good friday :) It's a nice chilled day here, apart from the sodding weather, we've started on the easter eggs lol :) (reblip)
tigertuft the most beautiful version of one the best anti-war songs ever :) It breaks my heart every time I listen to it.....
tigertuft it's great being out of reach of mobile and computer networks....great to get back to them as well though :)
tigertuft @dojodub agreed, classic, should never be covered..... (reblip)
tigertuft greatest talkie intro in a song, ever! :)
tigertuft .....and these.....Note the Talking Heads fascination! Fergal Sharkey always looked really hot in his Parka :)
tigertuft .....and these....when they still had Echo (the drum machine). :)
tigertuft Love Mick Jones voice....so distinctive :)
tigertuft Still not jumped the shark......
undeclared I find it hard to tell you 'cause I find it hard to take
undeclared Your kiss so sweet, your sweat so sour
undeclared Think of a number, divide it by two
juliansimpson @Harkaway This was always my Dad's Sunday morning song...
tigertuft LOVE Talking Heads 77.......
tigertuft @philkirby Mother of Pearl sounding fabulous there! Oh how the mighty fall. Those early records were fantastic. :)
tigertuft Came on as I wandered through the horrifically re-modeled Liverpool shopping district today....It all made sense as I returned my daughters shoes!! :)
tigertuft come on @philkirby through the pain barrier! :)
tigertuft All he wants to do is think of you LOL @AndreaUrbanFox every one else gone PC and terrified, you're still full of comedy value! :)
ElizaHerp Great show in N.O. @ Tip's a few decades back. Both Stinsons still living.
tigertuft New Bob album pretty good I've heard? Must give it a go. This is a good modern Dylan track....
tigertuft growing, increasingly, to appreciate the greatness of teenage fanclub :)
tigertuft Keeps us healthy, bet sales are rocketing!

CanVitamin C

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ElizaHerp Who knew I'd actually be able to work to THIS? Ha! Gang of Four ~ Not Great Men
BluesHotel Grab some orange slices & get to a safe place.

SmokeMy Friend Jack

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Ultimate Spinach_Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess

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LindaJosey Brings back memories. Excellent song-cheesy video.
zenmantra theres an army on the dance floor


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surveillancesolutions @proud2btntsmom---I'm so in love with you -I been loving you forever ,lets be together no matter what good or bad ,just so in love with you
PranK I am human and i need to be loved...
zamfir "kind of crept up on you didn't it?" "No, you drove us here."
invisiblepilot wow - never really a smiths fan but def brings back memories. sleep now. (reblip)
tigertuft caught this on the radio yesterday (i think). Sounding BRILLIANT :)
1001songs one my top 20 fave besouros songs

BesourosBad Boy

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1001songs #1 of 10 Great songs from 1975.... from There's no place like america today
1001songs #9 of 10 from '75...#1 in the UK and charted 2 x in the 90's
1001songs maybe i need to find this cd again?

DjavanMe Leve

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1001songs now i'm just being self indulgent. the album is Bird of Paradise. Discovered in Charleston SC in 1988


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1001songs this sounds like that rare live in studio version...carole king wrote this 'un
1001songs mellow and tuneful beefheart...yes it is possible
thahy quentinha, confortavel e mortífera... (reblip)

Happiness is a Warm Gun

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1001songs it doesn't look good/and i'm feeling like a block of wood
1001songs #5 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
1001songs #7 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
1001songs #12 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION. This un's a classic
1001songs #14 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
1001songs 17 consecutive uk top 20's

SladeCoz I Love You

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GroovyMonster Lou Rawls - Season Of The Witch
DJRadius i'm back to thinking about them chickens jackin' my style... (reblip)
Southerndelite "for all of you fellows out there" *Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – Treat Her Like a Lady**
1001songs you'll remember this number. Chris Norman looks like a Martin Short character
1001songs title track. serious sly & robbie production

Black UhuruAnthem

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1001songs this may take you back...recently discovered a live NRBQ cover
1001songs from outsideinside 1968

Blue CheerSun Cycle

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1001songs i have to hear this again....1967 hit by the motormouth man
DrDisk Let's get a little funky on a friday : )
seattlesaint SC Guv's Top 3 Appalachian hiking trails #3
1001songs doin in the park doin it after dark

the blackbyrds rock creek park

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ChrisStarr what ya'll know about this? ok ok, i won't beat ya'll wit too much oldschool, i know ya'll like all this souljaboy ya ya bitch shit now lmfao

Isley Jasper Isley--- Caravan Of Love

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1001songs This is the Smokie song my band would cover. Eat yer heart out rod stewart
maki_m もう暦の上ではfallですが。(^^;;
1001songs Should have been on Sign O the Times

PrinceWonderful Ass

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ita___thedjcat hot hot hot & humid some funk & soul for you...
sangawa Burdon session. >>> other great Paint it Black

ERIC BURDON & WAR Paint it Black

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The Beatles-Can You Take Me Back (White Album Outtake)

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1001songs Brilliant tune from Joe Simon who turns 66 today
Will_the_bloke The Clash – Magnificent Seven - Tom Synder Show 1981 .... you've got to see Joe Strummer live here ... great rushing guitar squalls too
1001songs a live version of the song from ROOTS (1971)

sir douglas quintet_nuevo laredo

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everythingispop I've heard a few things via KEXP but it is great stuff this year @Modster


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powerdrill god, i love this song...

The Move , Hello Susie

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1001songs Played this song on college radio station all the time @the_night_manager: @DJTIMMY @Dr_Wes @by_starla @Awannabeanangel @bigbilly @DjLhexriah (reblip)
TMA7 [Jimi Hendrix – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band]
1001songs Celebrating 617 listeners with a 5 song shout out to the 6-1-7 Boston MASS #5 I Went to school with Michael Cudahy (in jacket) & brother Nick. Genius


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1001songs Check this guy out! He and I havethe same facial hair! yeah i'm pretty cool to be blippin some progressive eastern european jazz prog rock from 1969.
1001songs i'm getting a bit obsessed with this one
1001songs I salute this man's facial hair: progressive eastern european jazz prog rock from 1969 (reblip)
dvdsea yeah a secret agent gig looks promising. Convertible rides with women (check), interrogating guys in their underwear (not so much) thks all! later!

Tv Theme The Saint (original)

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1001songs for a time they were NYC's greatest party band. From 1983's Hexbreaker.
1001songs Check out the skinny bass player in the sweater...yep, Nick Lowe!

the blackbyrds rock creek park

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1001songs Slade. It's all about the beat and the bad spelling!
TMA7 Catching up on my playlist. Some of these I marked back in June. rb @ladypn: "Usually I don't have to beg... ;) " (reblip)
1001songs I'm going to tell Beck to cover this. Not "Beck" Beck. Billy Beck at the pub, lead singer of the Sausage People
1001songs 1966 written by a W. Zevon
1001songs glam pop that topped the charts in '72
1001songs true beatlesque pop from these polish wunderkids in the 60's


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1001songs Dis Sung ist too cool von me! Sabbath foons taken noote
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #80 The Grey Album. Never released marriage of Beatles White Album and Jay Z's Black album


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1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #78 Fold Your Hands Child Like a Peasant (2000) a fey fave


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1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #49 Absolution (2003)
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #45 Since I Left You (2001) once the coolest band in the world?
1001songs When people ask me what was I like in high school I play them this video and point to the blonde guy @modernartrocks @chelseagirl19
1001songs from the 8-6-4: Spartanburg native and sessionman Hank Garland who sold a million copies of this instrumental when he was still a teen ager

Yoko Ono: "Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)" (1972)

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1001songs his debut was released right after AFTER THE GOLDRUSH abd right before JACKSON BROWNE'S debut. Strings by Beck's dad. Beck may have been @ sessions

Jimmie Spheeris (Come Back)

| play
1001songs must hear this again. young Beck reportedly at session. his dad did the strings. hear the influence? @JA_ABBOTT

Jimmie Spheeris (Come Back)

| play
iMatthew_ a great headphone track (even before the dueling typewriter chorus) ENo: China My China
TMA7 Not music, but really old SCTV skit w/ Dave Thomas, Harold Ramis & John Candy.
Brizza @checkcheck: "#pawpawty" Noting says Christmas like Japanese Girls singing about celebrating it in Space. (reblip)
1001songs it's important to spread you arms as wide as you can when you sing rb@Bardy: "Always makes me happy" (reblip)
1001songs chage of pace: something i did at work for an 80's special

I'm Stuck in an 80's Video

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1001songs From Black and Blue! @O_Afflicted: "another cool video, hehe" (reblip)
TMA7 Just ran across this on Twitter

eartha kitt, i want to be evil

| play
1001songs aaaaAAAAAAAh!

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie "Soul Drums"

| play
1001songs Steve Kilbey of The Church and the late Grant McLennan of the Go Betweens recorded as the duo Jack Frost

Jack Frost Thought that I was Over You video

| play
Radiobread Al Kooper – Where Were You When I Needed You ..mm.. ?
eudada One of my favorite Pavement tunes. From No Alternative and all about R.E.M.
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