prufrocke Just rediscovered a lifeline from my early teen years. "Less like a casket, more like a womb. Less like dying, more like transcending."
GeekFurious From #Chuck Versus The Break-Up, The National – Fake Empire:
prufrocke I know. I'm sorry. Everyone knows this one, don't they? But it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It makes me hurt.
CommodoreCreazil Good evening Fallen London. The airwaves across the Neath were so rank with whispers that I found one needed to wind radio coils to be truly heard.
CommodoreCreazil Fear retribution from the Masters for of the Bazaar for sending my rouge signal into their darkness? There are so many better reasons to live in fear.
CommodoreCreazil A recording from the vaults, My cylinders have all become a bit dusty and dank.
CommodoreCreazil #ebz - I come and stand at every door / But no one hears my silent dread / I knock and yet remain unseen /For I am dead, for I am dead"
CommodoreCreazil "Sleep child sleep / The daylight is waiting / Cautiously fraying"
CommodoreCreazil Too dreary and dank so far? Here's a lively recording of local bohemian color you might find at the Singing Mandrake #ebz
CommodoreCreazil I wonder if our broadcast reaches all the way up to the observatory on Watchmaker's hill. This one is for those blind stargazers. #ebz.


| play
CommodoreCreazil "It's there that no one will stare / At your jaws and your long fur / The claws in your fingers." Mismatched romance? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil To all the shadowy ladies out roaming tonight: you're delightful - but please stop burglarizing my apartments. #ebz
prufrocke 'Daisy' was the song that made me fall in love with Karine Polwart. It has that sort of sun-warmed nostalgia that brings tears to my eyes.

Karine PolwartDaisy

| play
prufrocke So gorgeous and full of texture and imagery and old magic, oh blimey. Also keeps popping up on my vampire shows, for some reason.
GeekFurious My #Chuck dream music.... Local Natives - Airplanes (I just love this song):
GeekFurious In the mood for this song right now, from #Chuck... Bloc Party - Signs:

Bloc PartySigns

| play
GeekFurious Working on my next (early) Chuck & Sarah video... & for some reason this song is inspiring me: Watchtower?
CommodoreCreazil The streets of Veilgarden were alive with the sounds of street musicians and fraught with cut-purse urchins. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Trying to learn more of the Elder Country. But the d-mned scholars are all obsessed with the Correspondence. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil A pitty the best minds of the Neath are all obsessively digging for nightmares in the Forgotten Quarter. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here is one of our favorite recordings. A jaunty tune from the docks about a doll fit to be @Mr_Iron's bride #ebz
CommodoreCreazil A fresh bottle of Greyfields for the evening one of @Mr_Wines' 1882 vintages with beautiful earthy tones. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Not that we miss the winter either... certainly we're glad @Mr_Sacks isn't due back for another few months. #ebz

Bella MorteWinter

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for our much neglected lady fans among the Tomb Colonies. Your fan mail makes our skin crawl. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the stalwart zailor lads, keeping watch for zee-serpents through the wee hours of the night. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one we dedicate to @Sinning_jenny and her girls, keeping the price of virtue fair in our fine city. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Let us play one for the devils at the Brass Embassy as we get to rounding out the night. #ebz

Lustmord Zoetrope

| play
CommodoreCreazil But first let us share recording found by a listener. @Bostonbookworm is clearly a lady of refined tastes #ebz (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil The dark and delighting sounds of Radio Free Neath are back on the air once again! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil As another moonless night plays out by candlelight, the Commodore is back in the studio to keep you company. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Of course, the determined cat-chasers of spite would have no sport if her servants stayed on a tighter leash #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We would just as soon spend the evening enjoying brandy, cigars, and abyssal poetry at the Brass Embassy. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Though admittedly, our fondness for a certain Senior deviless is our true motive for lingering on Moloch St. #ebz

UnwomanBuried Alive

| play
CommodoreCreazil A Nod to the brutal bounty hunters at the Medusa Head up on the Hill. Probably brawling along to this track. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Ah, but we have our fans among Fifth City high-society as well. They'll appreciate this fine recording. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil They say hearts are forged and broken in Veilgarden. No clay men are involved so we'll not take it literally #ebz

Falling In Love ( Innocente Delirium ) Leigh Nash

| play
CommodoreCreazil We should also give the actors and poets of the Singing Mandrake and other venues their spotlight too. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Many worse things than being dead here. The Commodore recently spent several months dead for tax purposes. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Feel free to send us a postcard from out on the silent river. And give our regards to that Boatman, eh? #ebz

Rasputina~ Wish You Were Here

| play
CommodoreCreazil We would sooner join our colleagues digging for perilous answers in the Forgotten Quarter than that lot. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the blissful Honey dreamers out on Hollow St. Tip your Den-keeper's well! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hear the unmistakable sound of toppling statues in the distance. Anarchists chiseling at the status quo? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Anyone care to place bets on whether those idealistic lads canoutrun the Neddy Men after a stunt like that? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We dedicate this one quietly to a charming artist's model we once knew. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Alas, she no longer haunts Veilgarden, having moved up in the world as a lady of her talents is wont to do. #ebz

Amelie Soundtrack Les Jours Tristes [Instrumental]

| play
CommodoreCreazil One for the Topsy King, up in the flit. Likely his tale contains more tragedy than even we could guess... #ebz

Amber Asylum -Riviera

| play
CommodoreCreazil We apologize for this peculiar recording in advance. But as we were steeping a cup of tea we couldn't resist #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for our friends currently checked in at the RB hotel. If you find the Manager... Don't thank him. #ebz

Joanna NewsomCosmia

| play
CommodoreCreazil The Bazaar is back open after the earlier closing, and folk are making up well for lost time! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Saw the most delightful street performers on our way through Veilgarden this evening. Unpaid yet passionate. #ebz

Welcome Home(Coheed & Cambria Cover) by Break of Reality

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the beloved companions we keep. Spiders, ravens, monkeys, orphans and even the occasional LB. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London. May laudanum leave you with no memory of what the thunder may or may not have said #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Good evening, Fallen London! #ebz

Luminescent Orchestrii- Jarba

| play
CommodoreCreazil Let us sample the musical collections of our listners! This lovely carnival tune is courtesy of @woogawoman #ebz (reblip)

Cirque du Soleil Ká Pageant

| play
CommodoreCreazil And of course we have a deliciously dark recording from the vaults of @Lady_Noremon #ebz (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil Have we gone half a show without a single nod towards the Brass Embassy? Here's one they always love! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For all those digging in the Forgotten Quarter. We don't suggest crossing the beautiful and deadly Virginia. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Much as we desire her, we do not forget her lethality. If you go dancing with her, do bring asbestos shoes! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for all those who come to the Fifth city seeking to revenge the death of someone they loved! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the dear @Mr_Iron and his umpires who keep the Game of Knife & Candle running like clockwork. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Ranks safter than wandering the Forgotten quarter, where devil hunting parties may take an interest in you. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We were previously quite unaware what proportion of the nightly Parliament of Bats were trained messengers. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We took our sweet time yet again, but Fear Not! The Commodore is on the scene with a fresh set for the evening. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil So settle in for a sweet Thursday Serenade of Neathly delights. Pour the wine and turn that dial up a notch. #ebz

Jorane: stay

| play
CommodoreCreazil Needless to say the Medusa Head is full to the rafters. Literally. The Orphans are up in the cheap seats. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil On that thought, Wigglesmith has just delivered a hastily scrawled note from an associate calling us away #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Stay classy and tip your bartender's well, lest you earn the ire of @mr_wines! #ebz

The Hellblinki Sextet- Indelicate Brew

| play
CommodoreCreazil Ahh, our assistant has poured us a particularly delicious vintage of Greyfields for the evening. Delightful! #ebz
Lyviel Depressing song from Silent Hill 4 "It was always you that I despised. I don't feel enough for you to cry. Here's a lullaby to close your eyes"
CommodoreCreazil This is one of our favorites. Perfect for creeping alleys and rooftops or just staying in forging documents. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We thank each and every one of you tuning in Radio Free Neath tonight! The sinful pleasure has been ours! #ebz

Cuts Marked In The March Of Men- Quartet Tribute

| play
Lyviel There was rage in his brain! There was pain in his frame! There was love, there was hunger and strife!
CommodoreCreazil We hope our listeners give her a warm welcome and tune in to her seductiveness here: #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Fear not, dear friends. We know you'll be in capable and well practiced hands with her at the phonographs. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Arhg, we bungle our announcements like a fool! "The Violet Hour" will be the name of her delightful segment! #ebz
Lyviel @CommodoreCreazil: "So awaken yourselves to candle light and a breakfast of spore toffee. Danger, intrigue and peril await you! #ebz" (reblip)
Lyviel @CommodoreCreazil: "Goodnight, Fallen London! Push on, even in the darkness. The world doesn't go away when you close your eyes. #ebz" (reblip)

Azure Ray- No Signs Of Pain

| play
CommodoreCreazil .-- . / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / .--. .-.. .- -.-- / .... .. ... / -.-. .... --- ... . -. / ... --- -. --. ...

BeirutGuyamas Sonora

| play
CommodoreCreazil .-- . / .- .-. . -. .----. - / - .- -.- . -. / - --- / -... .-. .- ... ... / . -- -... .- ... ... -.-- #ebz
CommodoreCreazil -- ..- -.-. .... / .-- --- .-. .-. -.-- / ..-. --- .-. / .... .. ... / .-- . .-.. ..-. .- .-. . #ebz

The World/Inferno Friendship Society : Addicted to Bad Ideas

| play
CommodoreCreazil -.. . ...- .. .-.. / -.. .- -. -.-. . ... / ... --- ..- -. -.. / .--. . .-. .. .-.. --- ..- ... #ebz

JUST DANCE Lady Gaga Tribute String Quartet

| play
CommodoreCreazil -... ..- - / .... . / ... . . ... / --- -. .-.. -.-- / .... .. ... / .- -- ..- ... . -- . -. - #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We have a request from the esteemed Doctor @Darien_Mason up next. A refined and topical piece. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The night's musical fare only gets darker this evening. Those teetering with nightmares - listen with care! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil They say something unspeakable lies within Silken Chapel... so few would brave that spider nest to find out! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil One for the thespians and performers of Veilgarden - keeping the pumping heart of Neathly culture alive. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We still await the final product of @Mr_Wines' creativity with acute interest. What liquid ambrosia awaits? #ebz

QntalLingua Mendax

| play
CommodoreCreazil The formula for this latest distillation must have proven troublesome and delaying. Genius cannot be rushed #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil For any who missed the proceedings, the were archived here: for your home enjoyment! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This has been Commodore Creazil, your trusted guide and Phonograph Jockey here on Radio Free Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here we have a hymn to the deep things of the earth, that we might have friends in the lowest of places! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Whatever elder-things lay at the heart of the Correspondence, they cannot begrudge us our semi-mortality. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil But enough riddles and maudlin - On with the show and such! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The working devils that inspire us to such depths actually prefer more urbane and modern music on the whole! #ebz

Circus Contraption Down to the devil you go

| play
CommodoreCreazil We hear the Labyrinth of Tigers is issuing season passes to a select few donors. What we'd do for preview! #Ebz

Pentaphobe Kitten Pig

| play
CommodoreCreazil Such wondrous specimens as the Labyrinth is said to display put dull University lectures to shame! #ebz

Caravan PalaceOooh

| play
CommodoreCreazil We do appreciate you all joining us on another twisted and whimsical edition of Radio Free Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Tread lightly but surely as you seek your dreams, destiny and desire! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil @Asher_Wilsford: "maybe ya already 'ave this in your collection, but I really must recommend it. #ebz" (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil We've begun the show at our usual inexcusably late hour, so perhaps we'll play but a few sweet recordings. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We've a few gems to set in the ears of the Fifth City before we dissapear into the Flit for the weekend! #ebz

**Azam Ali*Between Heaven & Dust [HQ audio only]

| play
CommodoreCreazil Amorous devils seem to be a more lasting fad than anticipated. They're seen at Picnics, theater, and Croquet #ebz
CommodoreCreazil One can even see them mingling mischievously with common folk at the Carnival's big top! #ebz

Circus Contraption-Charmed, I'm Sure

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the swindlers and and burglars working the crowded markets and ring fights in Spite #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil And for the Ring Fighters, dodging and swinging nightly for Feducci's favor as much as that of the crowds! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Ah, the telltale sting of anisette in our nostrills - Wigglesmith has opened that bottle of Black Wings! #ebz

Dirty Granny Tales-The Trip

| play
CommodoreCreazil We plan to enjoy it in a civilized fashion. We've grown to enjoy the flavor more than the wormwood benders. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Some simply go at the bottle and end up behaving appallingly without point or purpose. Fun but unproductive #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We've songs for the low-born of the lowwest city too! For the urchins, rat-catchers and even working rats! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil One for the Zailors, carousing among the gritty folk at the Blind Helmsman, ale flowing like water! #ebz

Gogol BordelloMishto

| play
CommodoreCreazil And here we aimed for brevity but seem to have played our normal slot. Such is our affliction it seems! #ebz

Petula Clark with Bang Bang ( My baby shot me down )

| play
CommodoreCreazil Our phonographs must spin down to a halt for the evening! But we thank you for tuning in Radio Free Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Don't forget to tune in the Velvet Hour on Sunday as Miss @OScarletO works her magic! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London. Rest well, and may nothing unsavory find you in your gentle slumber! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Stolen from @Surreality: "This makes a good lullabye albeit a sad and creepy one." (reblip)

Azure RayLarraine

| play
CommodoreCreazil Oh how we missed you over this marvelously diverting weekend, Delicious listeners! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We've a fresh set of tunes for our friends and foes among the Fifth City tonight! So stay and raise a glass! #ebz

Abney Park- I am Stretched on Your Grave

| play
CommodoreCreazil Little changes in our cavernous Neath, though some of the fungus turns several delightful shades... #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We'll bid no fond farewell to the false-summer fog and the stifling heat. Good riddance! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And with the fruits of the mushroom farmers' harvest will come revelry and more delicious mushroom wine! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the tomb colonists and the many-times-dead who walk among us in Fallen London's streets. #ebz

StellamaraOdam Kireç

| play
CommodoreCreazil On a lighter note, we have one for our lively friends in Veilgarden society and amid the Tower of Eyes! #ebz

Sarah SleanMonarch

| play
CommodoreCreazil Take care that such romantic intrigues don't leave you scandalized and lonely on a long boat to Venderbight #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Moving along.... Here's one for the Honey-dreamers of Hollow St. and all others who escape to such bliss! #ebz

QntalThe Whyle

| play
CommodoreCreazil Of course, delicious friends, that only speeds us towards the end of our journey by your side. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Another late start, but thankfully for our delicious listeners the show must go on! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil After all, where would you be without your trusty soundtrack to the twists and turns of the Fifth City? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil There's no shortage of fast paced action and ill deeds awaiting you tonight in Fallen London so do take care! #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil Though if you're taking the night off there's plenty else to enjoy between the mushrooms and moonish light! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And if you find the loneliness depressing, you need only reach out to your delicious friends for company! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the intrepid @Huffam_esq and his staff down at the Unexpurgated London Gazette! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil After our day delving around between the Forgotten Quarter and the Silken Chapel, we could use it! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We'll delve deeper some day... more than a few rumors tell of more than a few things hidden below the Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil There are no fewer than four previous cities to uncover at the very least! What answers might await within? #bz
CommodoreCreazil We can hear the drownies singing their eerie chorus tonight down by the docks. Do take care not to join them! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! May you find peaceful dreams, through laudanum or attractive company in your bed! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil In other news, did you hear about this poor fellow who got his head beaten in up at the University? #ebz

At Dusk (The Clock Strikes 10) by Sanguine Prince Artisan Unit

| play
CommodoreCreazil Or possibly some circuitous revenge plot? We'll leave this one to the consulting detectives on Ladybones Rd! #ebz

The Watchmakers Apprentice by The Clockwork Quartet

| play
CommodoreCreazil We've also been picking up unique and exciting rumors of exotic lands from the zailor lads around the fire. #ebz

The ToidsIlahi

| play
CommodoreCreazil Something about an abandoned city of glass... and a formation called "the PIllars" - Fascinating! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for those engaged in the Soul Trade, even to the Shepherds who insist on disrupting our work. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for those who practice seduction like art, such as our dearest @OScarletO #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil We've been at the phonographs long enough for the evening. We've business at the Brass Embassy to attend #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The Commodore is pleased to escort you upon another musical tour de étrangeté in the Fifth City! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil But magnificent ladies are hardly limited to Veilgarden! No shortage of razor-witted beauties run the Flit! #ebz

Voltaire-Ravens Land

| play
CommodoreCreazil Why just last weekend a swift and mercurial brunette put our six-marks to shame at Spire-Running! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for those wandering the splendid fungal gardens that surround the Shuttered Palace... #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And a mysterious set of tones for those wandering hidden corners of the marshlands and Winewound Heath! #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil While this bit of flavor better accompanies Flowerdene Street's destitute rookery atmosphere. #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Have any of you shared in these nightmares of fireflies? Disturbing but oddly out of place. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a delightfully lamentable tale of imprisoned beauty of less classical origins. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We've all manner of lyrically horrible tales and balads in our phonographic repertoire. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Tread softly upon the rubble of four cities and hear the echos of those lost ages! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The very essence of joviality - @Mixolydia: "Free Music in the Park today!" (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil RB @prettymuffin: "a gentleman is a person that says he can play the fiddle, but doesn't" (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil Ah, at last. Good evening, Fallen London! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil After another thrilling weekend of running from the constables and sleeping in Flit-gutters, We're returned! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Such that we took our delicious time in starting out we may shorten the night's phonographic adventure. #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil The young and spry miss @OScarletO spent several arduous hours on hands and knees hunting for it with us! #ebz

Trentemøller: The Very Last Resort

| play
CommodoreCreazil But how could we deny her the chance to lend her unique expertise to our lengthy search?
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for our lonely insomniacs listening in, hiding from nightmares by candle light! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil We're certain our devilish sponsors are feeling neglected by now. Here's one for their lecherous appetites! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Not to say that the Brass Embassy doesn't posses that certain touch of class and elegance at times. #ebz

Castlevania Symphonic Medley (Symphony of the Night) Part 2

| play
CommodoreCreazil We hope you've enjoyed your stay tonight in the fascinating auditory purgatory that is Radio Free Neath! #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Do take care opening any squirming parcels you might receive in the near future! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Good evening, Fallen London! #ebz

Yann TiersenDishes

| play
CommodoreCreazil The broadcast coil is back at full power for our evening's musical programe! #ebz

BeirutLa Llorona

| play
CommodoreCreazil We'll hear Wigglesmith making an awful gurgling racket in the parlor and sure enough, another has arrived! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil One contained a vile trick! A sorrow spider that latched on and attempted to liberate portions of our face! #ebz

O'DeathSpider Home

| play
CommodoreCreazil These were no wandering street animals from Spite... these were cats of the utmost breeding and wit! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And for the Dock worksers, On strike against @mr_fires for the third time this week. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We haven't dedicated one to the debonair and distinctly delightful @mr_spices in a while. What have we? #ebz

Beats AntiqueBattle

| play
CommodoreCreazil For certainly our Fifth City would grow stale without exotic flavors and smokes of exaggerated origins! #ebz

Khvarena - Sultan

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's a somber one for our devoted delicious listeners out in the Tomb Colonies out across the Unterzee. #ebz

UnwomanBuried Alive

| play
CommodoreCreazil Not to say that the ruins aren't distinctly beautiful amid solitude and the moonish light. But don't linger. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Running short on wine and inspiration tonight, We'll be retiring from the phonographs shortly. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hope you've tasted enough Radio Free Neath to set your pallet aflame! Join us again tomorrow evening! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Claw your way towards the truth as if true-death were biting at your heels! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We're in somewhat of a mood tonight, so we'll sadly be keeping the broadcast somewhat brief tonight.

No Signs of Pain by Azure Ray

| play
CommodoreCreazil We've endeavors to prepare for... The Gloom of Venderbight and the promise of dire battle beyond. #ebz

Sarah Slean- Climbing Up The Walls (radiohead cover)

| play
CommodoreCreazil We hope that the evening nonetheless brings you prosperity and embarrassingly large purses of rostygold! #ebz

AythisAutan Noir

| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Keep the wheels of the Fifth City turning until we get back! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The Commodore is back in the game! We've gathered another delightful assortment of musical ephemera for you! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We are freshly returned and recently bathed after a very messe melee in Venderbight. It has been a long day! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And the irony? Carrywell was defending the Sanatorium with the very spider council we captured for Mr. Inch! #ebz

Melora CreagerWarbots

| play
CommodoreCreazil At least we got paid for the beast, while she must be out no small purse of rostygold once we vanquished it. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We'll not bore you with the rest of the Sanatorium's tale, The music is for everyone's adventure after all! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the off-duty devils drinking down at Dante's Grill! Best liver and onions in the city! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil The Masters of the Bazaar have writ those symbols upon their own black spires - surely they understand it? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil They attempt to censor our knowledge of it. Perhaps the revolutionaries and scholars ought band together? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil There's that glass of Greyfields we've been waiting on! Wigglesmith always has trouble with the corkscrew. #ebz

jorane comme avant

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's a delicious bit of tango for our glossy eyed friends at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel! #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil Continuing that theme, here's one to tickle the society-ballroom tastes of our dear friend @Cl0ckw0rks #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And for the Rogues of the Flit, here's one for your next daring and improbable heist! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a wonderful new phonograph tube we picked up on our way home from Wolfstack Docks! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We also found another gem for @Mrs_Plenty and most diverting Carnival out past the Prickfinger Wastes #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And do to tune in with @OScarletO this sunday for the hypnotic grace of the Violet Hour!
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Find rest in pleasant dreams or laudanum as you must, 'till we meet again! #ebz

BlissSleep will come

| play
CommodoreCreazil "I want to go down where it's nice and cold, and the monsters know my name." @Mixolydia (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil Radio Free Neath brings music to the twisted, stolen streets of London four days a week. Do join us again! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a favorite old phonograph tube of ours. The Commodore is, if nothing else, a sucker for the classics!
CommodoreCreazil Supposedly from time to time, even the Masters of the bazaar have been seen to visit the carnival's Big Top! #ebz

Circus contraption March in the minor

| play
CommodoreCreazil One for the exiles - whether to the Flit, the Tomb Colonies, or the five-times-locked basement of the Palace #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Farewell, Fallen London! Drink some mushroom wine, pass a few cats, and make your weekend spectacular! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a brilliant recording for each and all of you doing business beneath the Black Spires of the Bazaar! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Our rubbery assistant, Sir Wigglesmith, seems much distressed by the proceedings, if we understand him right #ebz
CommodoreCreazil As the Masters say: "Sin is Behovely, but All shall be well, and All manner of thing shall be well"! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Lets play another one for those enjoying the diversions of the Carnival on this fine evening! #ebz

Deathwatch beetle repairman The Carny of Mr Dark

| play
CommodoreCreazil And for the Late-night Dirigible crews that have us tuned in for their last descent from New Newgate! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And for the disconsolate lovers of the Fifth City... confused, betrayed and brokenhearted! #ez
CommodoreCreazil Ah, there are the bells reverberating through the cavernous fog in the distance. We must draw to a close! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hope to find you well situated for another magnificent evening of music and mushroom wine! #ebz

Caravan PalaceDragons

| play
CommodoreCreazil Even now our broadcast rings thick and clear through the spires of the Fifth City! Let us begin! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil If we can keep our glass from spilling and christening the phonographic apparatus with Greyfields, that is. #ebz

The Wine by Clare Fader

| play
CommodoreCreazil Reasonable fellow we are, we shared the remaining half of the bottle with the upstanding lads in good cheer! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Continuing on our instrumental rampage of strings and fantasia, we have this delightful recording as well! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This is one of our most treasured recordings! It is a salute to every ally and friend across the Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil May each and all of you find what you seek, guided by the inconstant constellations of the Moonish Light! #ebz

Sopor Aeternus and The Ensemble of Shadows: The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller II

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one to the lonely and whimsical guests at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. Give that manager what for! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Blast - there goes our wine glass again... all empty and see-through like! Where has Wigglesmith gotten to? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Poor creature takes his time with that corkscrew, but rarely fails to keep the bottle close at hand... #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We begin to worry something has eaten our assistant? Wait... there he is lugging up a fresh case! Good Lad! #ebz

Paris ComboReflet

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one last toe-tapper to keep the cloven hooves and asbestos shoes moving down at the Brass Embassy! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This is the Commodore, signing off on Radio Free Neath! The only station playing three miles deep! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We profoundly hope the evening finds you well and prosperous, dear delicious friends! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We fear tonight's show may be twinged with melancholy, as news reached us today of a comrade lost at zee... #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Some of our listeners knew the fellow, though many may not. Regardless we dedicate the show to his memory. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And also to the memory of zailors and friends lost over the years to the perils of the vast black Unterzee. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We raise a glass for the departed, no matter how far they venture. Cheers from those of us left behind!
CommodoreCreazil Friends and comrades will cushion such a loss at first, then eventually time will lift the burden. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Cold mornings of winter and neath-snow will numb our skin before long. Already a fire keeps off the chill. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Not that the seasons ever hold back the irrepressible adventurous types of the city! Their work waits! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil It certailny beats swimming across drownie infested bays for sport and profit down at Wolfstack! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil As ever, we thank each and all of you for tuning in this audible vandalism that we call Radio Free Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Use your dreams as a compass when the twisted stolen streets turn you about! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We delight greatly in providing accompaniment for your intimate encounters over a bottle of wine! #ebz

Julia KentDorval

| play
CommodoreCreazil For those who let their candles burn low, distracting each other late into the night - We play for you! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The Forgotten Quarter is quite otherworldly enough for us... not to mention dangerous to wander! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Speaking of that, Here's one for the archeologists out there, keeping a watchful eye for saboteurs. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And like any zailor worth his salt, we like to spread around the good cheer and the wealth when we have it! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil But much as we're in a celebratory mood, we must cut our show somewhat short for the week.

Luminescent Orchestrii- Jarba

| play
CommodoreCreazil We hope you've found enjoyment in this weeks erratic phonographic pursuits on Radio Free Neath!
CommodoreCreazil Listen in on Sunday for more truly delicious tunes on @OScarletO's 'Violet Hour' - #ebz
Mixolydia Do remember to clear your calendar for tomorrow night's Masque of All Souls! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Welcome back to our garden of musical delights, delicious friends! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil 'tis no easy task keeping one's course set unerringly. Seeking revenge, glory, riches... a toll is taken. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Spire running competition remains quite fierce this season. All the most seasoned couriers are turning out! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil "black hooves flashing as the flames fly high - you will know us well by the dawn. "

Tricky PixieTaglio!

| play
CommodoreCreazil Sunday will surely bring you more sinful aural pleasure when @OScarletO returns with the Violet Hour!
CommodoreCreazil For tonight, this is the Commodore signing off for Radio Free Neath! The echos shall ring on into the night! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil 'course, we already did our stint in the labyrinth for now. Three baths later we're nearly rid of its odor! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Inevitably once we have the phonographs running at full tilt it's already time to bring the evening to a close.
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Keep your eyes in their sockets and your limbs within arm's reach 'til we meet again! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Don't neglect to find us on the Book of Faces or on! ****

Dark Dark DarkAshes

| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London. Take your dinner by candlelight and your pleasures by moonish light! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil 'Tis later than we like to begin... but what cares the candle-lit capitol about late nights anyway? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil But the nights are growing ever colder! Our breath billows out in the air before us down the twisted streets #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Did you know the Labyrinth keeps a drownie exhibit? We've seen quite enough of those from our zailor days! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Be well and among the best folk that will keep company with the likes of you! #ebz

BalmorheaThe winter

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's a bit of a live mix we recorded earlier today. It may have to stand in for the bulk of Friday's Show! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Sweet afternoon repose by candlelight.
CommodoreCreazil Loitering about in the Bazaar's new "Emporium of Educational Curiosities"
CommodoreCreazil The evening is fine and the mushroom wine is uncorked and decanting! We're thrilled to be back with you! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil The effort was educational but left us in tatters! Safely back in our lodgings we're taking time to recover. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a little something in honor of that certain ancient city that one simply doesn't speak of in public! #ebz

Beats AntiqueEgyptic

| play
CommodoreCreazil Master Pesticott's Patented Eyestabber: 'an excellent remedy for boils, social unrest, and the irredeemable misery of existence'

Deathwatch Beetle Repairman King Of The Rooks

| play
CommodoreCreazil Any number of our favorite musicians have holiday recordings that won't touch our phonograph but once a year!
CommodoreCreazil Here's something for messengers, couriers and others who work in the conveyance of the city's secrets! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Sweet dreams, Fallen London! Your destiny is out there somewhere under the moonish light, waiting for you. #ebz

Julia KentDorval

| play
CommodoreCreazil Lets start with a tiny something for the L.B's out there! There's a rat in every home, welcome or otherwise! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hear they make splendid companions for those pursuing careers in thuggery or stealth clock repair! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Little friends in low places can be the difference between a clean getaway and a stay with the constables! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Just as even now, down at Wolfstack, dock workers unload ships with numb hands and breath rising visibly! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Cheers to all the more hardened criminals weathering the cold huddled around chimneys in the Flit! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The cold makes the cats lazy and reclusive... Bad news for the cat chasers of Spite! #ebz

Catch of the Day by Clare Fader and The Vaudevillains

| play
CommodoreCreazil We're glad to find you listening in with the Commodore for the evening's menagerie of musical mischief! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We have a tray of sweet neathy treats and delights laid out for you this evening! So keep it tuned in! #ebz

Faun FablesEternal

| play
CommodoreCreazil It feels like a night for reckless exploration... for grasping at answers we have no business to ever hold! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here again is that shiny new track from the upcoming Devotcka album! We're quite rapt with anticipation!
CommodoreCreazil For now we'll keep our sounds more subterranean. Here's one for those spectating at the mushroom races! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil We've also found this mouthwatering recording for the zailor ladies and cabin lasses shipping out to zee! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil A little something for all that virtue being negotiated out on the lamp-lit streets tonight! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We've heard rumors that hunters are tracking a ghastly faceless creature through Veilgarden. Do steer clear #Ebz
CommodoreCreazil Surprising that any form of absinthe could cause less ennui in the drinker. A wonderful concoction! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil In case our broadcast reaches as far as the Tomb Colonies, we'll play this recording for our bandaged fans! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This is for those relentless hunters in search of the Vake. Here's hoping you catch something of interest! #ebz

Jaggeryo scorpio

| play
CommodoreCreazil Right then, we've other pending business at the Embassy tonight. The devils still pay our bills. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We thank you for listening in to our tomfoolery upon the mixing apparatus! This has been Radio Free Neath! #ebz

Circus Contraption-Xylem and Phloem

| play
CommodoreCreazil Ah, dear delicious listeners. Such an as this evening leaves us no quarter to hold our evening's show per usual.
CommodoreCreazil Tonight's meager succulent morsels of sinuous sound will be only something to tide you over until the morning!
CommodoreCreazil The full length Radio Free Neath feature you deserve shall follow within a day or so. It shall be so!

Hannah FuryFlying

| play
CommodoreCreazil Nothing is yet forgotten that we did not intend to forget.
CommodoreCreazil But for your benefit our usual Friday night bottle of Eyestabber is being taken in the studio! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for our bohemian friends, the painters, writers, and fellow Neathly musicians at court! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Though the sound itself might be better suited to the Medusa Head's rowdy crowd of mercenaries and hunters! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a little something for those attending this evening's red hot ball at the Brass Embassy! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For first timers attending a soiree with the devils, arriving shod in asbestos is etiquette for a reason! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Perhaps we'll meet you there? If you rate high enough with Hell to attend their after-party that is... #ebz
CommodoreCreazil CommodoreCreazil Honestly we're itching to finish and go get ourselves properly incapacitated on the rest of this eyestabber! #ebz

Jaggery7 stone

| play
CommodoreCreazil This broadcast of Radio Free Neath has been a grand time! We hope you've found it similarly invigorating! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We do hope this one won't turn out to be a bland amateur who cowers before the Ministry of Decency! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil A touch of risque influences from the Bohemians or Revolutionaries would make for marvelous art indeed! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a little something for those wandering dreamers treading upon the wrong side of a mirror tonight. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil So welcome once again to Radio Free Neath! Your trusted arsenal of sonorous accoutrements for adventuring! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Let us set out upon the twisted streets and see what remarkable music is yet alive and unstolen in our city! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For those folk passing a quiet day of books and cafes down 'round Elderwick with tea and pore toffee! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For those exploring the Forgotten Quarter with a lantern in one hand and a patent scrutinizer in the other! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Bugsby's marsh and winewound heath, bear similar perilous placidity for explorers who dare to track them! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a little tune that puts us in mind of scandalous picnic out upon the prickfinger wastes! #ebz

PJ HarveyThe Devil

| play
CommodoreCreazil For the outcasts, exiles and masterminds of the Flit. Keep warm up there in your bad altitude, chums! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Time has fled from us like an urchin with a purse of glim. Thank you for joining us on Radio Free Neath! #ebz

Beats AntiqueBorino

| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Raise a glass! To divided hearts, silver tongues and comrades lost to the mystery. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil That decemberish season is upon us and yet we've barely yet dug into our holiday reserves! Perhaps it is time!
CommodoreCreazil And truth be told, we've always been partial to a the seasonal nog contraband rum and eggs from the surface! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The Blind Helmsman crowd has their own rowdy brand of "holiday cheer" less gifting and more broken noses! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil ON a more cultured note, @Mr_wines is holding one of its extravigant private (strictly invitational) revels! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Any who've not made offerings to the jolly marauding Master... "#please_mr_sacks" is the phrase of the hour! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil At Last! Good evening, Fallen London! #ebz

Emilie AutumnSyringe

| play
CommodoreCreazil It is a wonderful time to be a musician in the Fifth City to be sure! A veritable renaissance is begun! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil To be an artist of any sort, in fact@ The shutered palace is again hungry for masterful performances! #ebz

Beats AntiqueBattle

| play
CommodoreCreazil Next up, a lovely biographical bit of surface culture from the Gypsy Nomads! A favorite of ours, admittedly. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil These marvelous cases of Mushroom wine keep arriving from a certain lady admirer of our work! Life is good! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Our brand of Moonish-light bliss is kinder than laudanum and cheaper than Prisoner's honey for dreaming! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil If you were awiting the glimmer of seasonal melody within our set, this may comprise it. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This is your delicious host, Commodore Creazil bidding you adieu from Radio Free Neath! We return on monday! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Sweet dreams, Fallen London! May you find again, all that is lost to the darkness! Courage and sanity alike! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We want to again thank all our delicious listeners! Radio Free Neath is and always will be just for you! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Or perhaps one of the Masters has a morbid fondness for Preserving lessons they learned in prevous cities? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For those traversing the catacombs under the Clay quarter this evening in pursuit of troubling answers. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This oddly timed and low key evening must begin to wind down for now. Much as we've enjoyed the respite.
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the little folk of the Fifth City. Urchins, L.B.'s and the ocasional lucky weasel gone rogue! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Fractured sanity is simply par for the course down here! We confess our fears or face the infamous Hotel #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's something tasty for our comrades and weatherbeaten vagabonds of that bad altitude we call the Flit! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We know from many that it has been a hard chimney-huddling winter for the Topsy King and his ragedy men! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Alas our hour of phographic frolic is finished and we must away! We have to see a tomb colonist about a dog. #ebz

VoltaireThe Last Word

| play
CommodoreCreazil Cheers, Fallen London! Raise a glass with us to that Bastion of grand subteranean Commerce, The @EchoBazaar! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Yes, well then.... Good evening, Fallen London! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Another evening begins, and the Commodore has the luxury of working a bit art upon his phonographs for you! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Something soft and brilliant is brewing in the post holiday haze. The Fifth City is quivering with it! #ebz

The TinyCloser

| play
CommodoreCreazil But as yet all this potential is untapped - the night sits disturbingly calm in the moonish light. Waiting! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Still plenty of ruthless competition at the Mushroom Hopping track, Even with the dangers of icy weather! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Our fun has been had for the evening! The fog rolls in off the unterzee already to cloud our tiny window! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! May nothing too foul await your tired mind as it slips into unconsciousness! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And of course a flask of fine brandy from our Yellow-eyed friends at the Brass Embassy doesn't hurt! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil So good evening and well met, dearest Fallen London! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hope all of you keep warm too as you track the twisted streets, neath-snow cruching with every step! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And for those drifting together in a honey dream of warmer, brighter places! A wonderful night for it indeed! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Jumping across the City somewhat, here's another classic from the bawdy stages of darling Veilgarden! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil They say the Embassy has been hiring L.B.s to quietly augment watches across town? What might they be up to? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil This one we dedicate to all the Dirigible Crews docking or casting off from Wolfstack tonight! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Our phonographs could spin on tirelessly but the Commodore has already woven his soundscape quite thoroughly! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil We hope you've enjoyed this collection of the sinful whispers and echoed melodies we call Radio Free Neath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Thank you for listening and for bringing this d---nably sunless city to life with us every day! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil "All manner of thing shall be well / By the purification of the motive / In the ground of our beseeching." #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight Fallen London! Speak softly and cary a tiny ratwork gun! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil On January 31st, Radio Free Neath will be 1 year old! We must do something special for our loyal listeners! #ebz

BeirutGuyamas Sonora

| play
CommodoreCreazil Until then... Goodnight Fallen London! Look to love - in your darkest hours, in all things, look to love. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil What chaos or catastrophie on the surface might provoke such a mass exodus from the sunlit above-lands? #ebz
CommodoreCreazil After all, a skilled salesman can pass off even unfashionable relics of the Third City for a decent price! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil A certain coterie of notable and notorious neathy characters are meeting tonight for drinks and intrigue! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And so with some hint of our usual silky subtlety we shall round the night's guttering candle off to a close #ebz
CommodoreCreazil You've been tuned in to Radio Free Neath... wireless telegraphy as twisted as the streets of the Fifth City! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight Fallen London! Sell mediocre secrets, share the good ones and keep the most appalling for yourself! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's a little something for those hardy yet docile Clay men who labor all day down by the Wolfstack! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And this, one for splinting across rope bridges in the Flit with naught but the moonish light to guide by! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The thrill of leaping 'tween rooftops is almost blissful enough to make you forget just who is in pursuit! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Next up we have something traditional, eldritch and disturbing stolen from the lovely @Jzezel's collection. (reblip)

Shoggoth Prayer-Shoggoth on the Roof

| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for our listeners on Hollow Street! They say we can be heard faintly even inside a honey dream! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil But too many deadened dreams can leave you listles, and Laudanum itself has it's own nasty cost! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And while we speak of wandering, let's send one out to those caught stumbling in the fog on Winewound Heath! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Now we've been neglecting the Zailors... once upon a time the Commodore used to play a zee shanty nightly! #ebz

Hans ZimmerThe Kraken

| play
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Get out there and enjoy this quaint amnesty from death the Fifth City grants us! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Nicked from @Tesla_Girl: "'...away from this life, come wander with me...' (reblip)
CommodoreCreazil The streets and alleys of Spite offer much to the aspiring villainous vagabond. Crime is a way of life! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Word is thatthe Gracious Widow's smuggling ring is recruiting! With opportunities for... rapid advancement! #ebz

Elfin Saddlesakura

| play
CommodoreCreazil Once you call this city home you'll never want to go home. Conveniently, Once you die here, you never can! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil We would be fools to waste apparent immortality on existential concerns when there's so much yet to enjoy! #ebz

Faun FablesEternal

| play
CommodoreCreazil The hour grows late beneath the moonish light and the Commodore must leave you to your magnificent misdeeds! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil You have likely been at least half-listenting Radio Free Neath! We proffer dark sounds for delicious people! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Sweet rest, Fallen London. May you find answers amid the burning and the drowning that enapture your dreams! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Official Music Video for Unwoman's 'The City' !

UnwomanThe City

| play
Mixolydia Love as fated, as touched by something beyond us...demanding of devotion.
CommodoreCreazil Love as a path and a guidepost...
Mixolydia Love as an opportunity just missed...


| play
CommodoreCreazil one more nautical clasic for the zeemen out on the wharf! "By murk sunset and by foul sunrise" #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And as that scar on your arm been itching again? Sweet dreams and good hunting, Fallen London! #ebz

Abney ParkSacrilege

| play
Lyviel Another I heard on House. Love it.

Black Lab-This Night

| play
CommodoreCreazil "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead" RB @carrieautumn (reblip)

The PiercesSecret

| play
CommodoreCreazil But we cannot make excuses, we have a tight schedule to keep... if we fall behind then heads will surely roll!
CommodoreCreazil Mind your surroundings and your enemies! A bit of well placed falling masonry could lay you out for weeks! #ebz

Nox ArcanaNevermore

| play
CommodoreCreazil Our time is almost up, but it has been a delight, as awlays, to make mistchief upon your auditory perceptions!
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight, Fallen London! Find glory where you may and rest where you can, or both in the arms of a lover! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Franky, we love this song so much that it bears repeating! Once again: IAMX - Bernadette


| play
CommodoreCreazil From the deepest marshes to winewound heath and still farther! Our phonographs journey the far reaches! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil For tonight, this is our lot! Thank you for tuning in to the unsettling sounds of another #RadioFreeNeath! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Morning tea in somber silence at the Shuttered Palace... #ebz
CommodoreCreazil The Bazaar and it's side-Streets are abustle with commerce even at the break of a sunles dawn. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And moonish light shines down timless and heedless from the False stars above! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for the hansom cab drivers, caught in the early rush with irate passengers! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Our broadcast concludes presently, but we're delighted you took the time to join us, Delicious friends! #ebz


| play
CommodoreCreazil Here's one for those gathering tales out upon the tiny enigmatic isle of Hunter's Keep! #ebz

DargaardDemon Eyes

| play
CommodoreCreazil And for those sneaking about amongst the quaint folk and rustic rituals on Mutton Island! #ebz

QntalThe Whyle

| play
CommodoreCreazil Your steamer puts in at the docks and you hire a hansom to cart your spoils to the Bazaar for trade! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil And more for all those meeting their connections and enjoying the carnival's disturbing diversions! #ebz
CommodoreCreazil On the phonograph: "Magician and the Dancer" by The Gypsy Nomads
CommodoreCreazil On the phonograph: "The Heart Unwound" - New material from Nathaniel Johnstone's latest release of the same name!
CommodoreCreazil @Louis_Plumb [Knew I recognized the style from those anime OST tracks you posted the other day! They're composed by Yuki Kajiura who also did Noir!]
CommodoreCreazil On the Phonograph: "The Path" By Zoë Keating
CommodoreCreazil Here's Tricky Pixie with that old ditty for guests at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel! #ebz

Tricky Pixie: Alligator in the House

| play
Mixolydia But the rain can wash away the red, an ocean sweeping us away. #ebz
CommodoreCreazil Sunrises unseen - On the phonograph: "Baleen Morning" by Balmorhea
CommodoreCreazil Goodnight Fallen London! - On the phonograph: "The Fragile Tide" by Library Tapes
CommodoreCreazil The warm and welcoming shadows of the Fifth City are still there, waiting to embrace you as you return. #ebz

Zoe KeatingOptimist

| play
CommodoreCreazil On the phonograph: "The Dapper Bandits" by Estradasphere
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