4Sins No one does the low key growl and moan like cool cat Tom.
4Sins Franz is my new fav, along with Citizen Cope.
SylentSyd ...just recently purchased this CD, and shocked to discover that Bernard Butler produced it...which I could totally hear, now that you mention...

ELVIS PRESLEY-Little Sister 1970

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4Sins It's Rose Festival here. Have a grand weekend! @SylentSyd @rkmonkey @djwttw @toosweetrnr @deadcowaroma @mellomatic @slicegeek @LittleChinaGirl

Mykonos- Fleet Foxes

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rkmonkey Breathe the pressure... i feel it 2day!!!!
4Sins Love Cat Power @adaimi: "@Racheltfd I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now ♫ ♫ ♫ " (reblip)
cfpdx Just in the mood...for a little Cash
cfpdx Hmm....the beach is always better isn't it?
sheryonstone teenagers are a riot :) @DJMonaLisa [It upsets my teenage stepdaughter that I like this" -amen, welcome to my life with my teenage daughter! :)] (reblip)
sheryonstone urls are being very difficult the last couple days. Anything I try to listen to on someones page does not work :(
Intriguingds Thxs 4 Including Me! @4Sins: I adore this song by @Collective_Soul... new listeners (reblip)
Jalapeno Well @Kaleem1966 I guess it's cause I'm on Fire..
4Sins "How now, all you lovers, put your lights on ... 'cause there's monsters." @Shaman777: "@PaddyH: "@Gypsylyn - is this enough songs now?lol"" (reblip)
ladypn Hi @2chics! The group is Train. "never heard this who is the artist" (reblip)

Train drops of jupiter

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4Sins Summer camp! @SevenTenths: "@Ramona_W: "Not the song I was looking for but cool nonetheless." // exemplary ... #cornerstone" (reblip)
4Sins @sheryonstone RB "I wanna know... when am I gonna get mine?" Blaming it on the stars today. : D
sheryonstone the landlords just want the rent and security deposit. they may be liars, but Im stupid to believe them

GarbageStupid Girl

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4Sins I'm not lost, just driving, driving "on a long, long lonely road." Happiest place on earth.


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4Sins No itinerary, just a destination & the open road.


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ladypn I never knew what love was for, my heart was broke my head was sore....
4Sins Morning. How's the day so far? @rkmonkey: "Low - Monkey. hello @LexiePixie" (reblip)


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ladypn One of the reasons I love him so @BlurryJoy! His diversity of sound & style. Amazing! (reblip)

BeckLost Cause

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sheryonstone going to walmart early was the smartest thing I ever did :) wasn't half as bad as usual :)
ladypn Hey sweetest of all @LYRIC s! :) Thank you!! Missed all of you, honest! ;) (reblip)
Jalapeno get this party started

pink get this party started

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4Sins "AsTheTellingSigns ofAgeRainDown aSingleTearIsDropping thruTheValleysOfAnAgingFace." @DJDolceVita@sangessweet@Time2Burn@mellomatic@ivan_filios@DJKevyK
4Sins "I don't hate you, boy. I just want to save you while there's still something left to save."
4Sins "The hurt you leave behind's the hurt that's in your mind." RB@threebears: "rb kick with @TakeFive: "BLACKFOOT - HIGHWAY SONG" thanks! (reblip)
4Sins Tonight's reblip. "And u can't look to when u got off the track." @4Sins: May have to blip this once a day till I feel better." (reblip)
rkmonkey open mind for a different view (can't get this outta my head)Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
deadcowaroma I'll give him his favorite song instead.
MrsASoprano The pleasure is mine :) @DJLOPZ: "@MrsASoprano I wanted to hear this earlier. Thanks." (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

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MrsASoprano Better than I was 20 minutes ago :) @Sandman5: "Thanks @MrsASoprano! And how are you tonight? :)" (reblip)
MrsASoprano Well I'm not really but I do like the tune
4Sins Totally love this song. Thx4Listening. rb@AgentSpymonkey: @rguimaslima@dreamrevely@annarani@sangessweet (reblip)

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)- Into The Night

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ladypn There was no martini, there was no glass to break, it was then I started to contemplate some things...my baby don't tolerate. :)

john hiatt, lyle lovett, my baby don't tolerate

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4Sins "While I was you and you were me. . . . I could see." (reblip)

Conjure One- Endless Dream

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ladypn At least it wasn't crying lightning on my walk. :)
4Sins "It's amazing all you can do." Thx 4 the music, your awesome spirit, and the love you sent out thru Blip.fm, Twitter & FB. @DJKevyK LAST SHOUT OUT. (reblip)
rock2monster @4Sins: ""It's amazing all you can do." Thx 4 the music, your awesome spirit, and the love you sent...missed your lips!!~@DJKevyK (reblip)
DaisyDee bye! :)@4Sins: "Signing off. Ya'll have a good one. Thx & rb@philsalt: "High guys hope u are well & hope this is right up ur street" @ZONE@DJCoquette (reblip)
Gidyean U2- until the end of the world

Until the end of the world

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sheryonstone vi@NatCordeaux~ thank you. Remember the gasleak @ladypn ? Funny how I thought of this song but not until then. I do really like it though. (reblip)

Mason Williams - Classical Gas

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4Sins Some days, "God Says Nothing Back." Some days I have to ask. ;-) (reblip)
threebears The ending on this (have you heard it before?) is ... well how would you describe it?
4Sins Can't have a Friday night w/o sex, boy & girlz. "A blip made 4Sins. ;-)" rb@DJKevyK #usnavy #marines (reblip)
FineNGood Heroin, be the death of me Heroin, it's my wife and it's my life Because a mainer to my vein Leads to a center in my head
MrsASoprano *smile* Wow! Thank you so much. @AmyisImaginary: "@MrsASoprano "For you. Missed you."" (reblip)
MrsASoprano Grazie 7 reblip to ya @realtyman: "@MrsASoprano: It truly... "Ain't My Bitch – Metallica"" (reblip)
rock2monster @AmyisImaginary: "You wanna make her, suicide blonde~Love devastation, suicide blonde"~no AMY!!!~DON'T JUMP~ (reblip)
ramboswife YW ;-) RB@PinkPrism: "TY! & rb @ramboswife "I wish 2thank all DJs can't list them all! Coldplay ~ The Scientist"" (reblip)
harmony60 We need some John Mayer on blip~~so please enjoy~~thanks~

John Mayer3x5

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Gidyean Rb thx new listener @KitDakota: "Traffic - The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Incubus - Love Hurts

Incubus "Love Hurts"

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4Sins Good Morning All. rb@CooperHarris: "@ladypn: "OK@CooperHarris...here's my list. ;) Good morning by the way." Good morning! How's life treating you?" (reblip)
FineNGood @jayteabrew: "MDB - you hooked me on these guys Coop-dood!! @CooperHarris: " My work here is done! lol i love turning people on to bands. (reblip)
Joleesa ★ The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight ★ ~and so shall I, THANKS for props, reblips and the best part - your company, 'night~
Eclecticist rb @harmony60: "Gnarls Barkley~~Transformer ~~please enjoy~thanks~" (reblip)

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

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Gidyean Keane – The Night Sky- Goodnight blipville~
FineNGood @romanus: "LOL awesome retort! I'm great, you?! @CooperHarris: "re: Is this for me? ROFL. I had to say that dude. How are you?"" I'm great, thanks! (reblip)
FineNGood So what's your number little girl?

Everybody Else-Meat Market

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ladypn i n h a l e .......... e x h a l e ............i n h a l e..........e x h a l e @chiron08: "✪ breath me !! @ladypn " (reblip)

Smash TVBreath Me

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Gidyean mandatory rb Thx new listener @causticbob: "'See, don't ever set me free I always wanna be by your side ' - 1...." (reblip)

the kinks- you really got me

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deadcowaroma I was so tempted to blip some Papa Roach as I searched for Papa M. Nothing to fear though. I was able to control myself.
FineNGood Well I am imagining A dark lit place Or your place or my place
Gidyean rb out of props @DJDolceVita: "Love these guys! Thank you for props, replies and RBs @glitterdream @devlps @DamianaSkye @matriax @ArtLinkGallery (reblip)

Blue-Curtain Falls

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4Sins =D Awesome! rb @Fortharrison: "Black Crowes~Hard To Handle Inspired by @4Sins" >> Couldn't have said it better. (reblip)
4Sins Thx @ladypn and @RozUranus 4 the classical chill out. ~Night all!~ (reblip)
4Sins Thanks from Twitter-holics Anonymous. ;-) rb@merlinn: "this one is dedicated to Twitter users :) - N.A.S.A. "Whachadoin?" (reblip)

N.A.S.A. "Whachadoin?" (feat. M.I.A., Spank Rock, Santogold, & Nick Zinner)

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Coffeenuts @fxp123: "TY @ Coffeenuts: ""Tom Petty – Last Dance With Mary Jane" @kittyluvsmusic"" (reblip)

Blind Faith ~ Can't Find My Way Home

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4Sins "No matter what you are, I will always be with you." @djwttw @vanbytheriver @katterfelto #TheMovieLovers
vanbytheriver RB @4Sins: ""No matter what you are, I will always be with you." @djwttw @vanbytheriver @katterfelto #TheMovieLovers" Thanks! (reblip)
devlps TY@elinejv: "Chris Cornell "Black Hole Sun" (rare acoustic) THX @Alfea @Atomik @tubilino @rerkaizen @mutiggluecklich @Hobbit1206 @devlps @GR8FL" (reblip)

Chris Cornell "Black Hole Sun" (rare acoustic)

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4Sins Don't care where I come from, I'm on the road again.
harmony60 This is for my new listener~@4Sins ~~Please enjoy~~Thanks for the props,replies~~Please enjoy the music~ :-))))
RedHeadBitch You're always expressing your feelings n shit ;-) @razorfire: "love song time! @Shukitty @LUSCIOUSDDJA @HeatherMaccart " (reblip)
RedHeadBitch Night hotness - thx for the fun! @4Sins: "Night All. . . gonna go sing myself to sleep. ^_~ "The oldest story in the world.... (reblip)
RedHeadBitch I thought that was an orgasm? @4Sins: "When all else fails, there's always Muse.... next best thing to being God. rb@HeatherMaccart: "Muse Moment!"" (reblip)
iReignMusic hahaha! rb@TupeloJo: "... or Prozac @DirtyUrine: "now that's funny! ~ @AnnieLicious: "The I'm on Viagra theme song""" (reblip)
4Sins That IS being God. @HeatherMaccart: "I thought that was an orgasm?" @4Sins:"When all else fails, there's always Muse....next best thing to being God." (reblip)
RedHeadBitch I've had GODLY fun! @4Sins: "That IS being God. @me: I thought that was an orgasm?"@4Sins:there's always Muse....next best thing to being God."" (reblip)
DJTIMMY Story of my life lol lol lol (reblip)
deadcowaroma I wish I had some more OJ. I'm not sick. I just want some.


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DJTIMMY @HeatherMaccart: "Hot chick @ wine tasting = S-E-X! @4Sins: "Headed out to wine tasting - BY MYSELF. @4Sins: "BETCHA, unh huh."rb@DJTIMMY"WRONG:( (reblip)


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4Sins "The world is a vampire, sent to Jane." - "That's not my name. That's not my name! They call me Stacy. They call me 'Her'...." (^_~) rb@starlingpoet (reblip)

Bullet With Butterfly Wings HIGH QUALITY By Smashing Pumkins

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iggified She really is quite special! rb@siul: "COOL, IN'T :-) " (reblip)
4Sins 4 my awesome friends who want to read my work and who listen to my blips. "I'm under your spell." rb@ingridmorse (reblip)
FineNGood Nice one, perfect timing :) @aileronguy: "@CooperHarris: "@sheryonstone: "and it's a hot one <3" Yes it is"...rb!" (reblip)
Nomentionofkev Lil Kim "No Time", love the Phil Collins sample in this

Lil Kim "No Time"

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lillianwong you'll love this one 2 ~ kraftwerk- tour de france @broadwayg @ShiaoMei @harmony60 @TidyCat @TidyCat @ChordOnBlue @DJLOPZ

kraftwerk- tour de france

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lillianwong Yes! RB@harmony60: tyvm~> :-))) @broadwayg: @ShiaoMei Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express. This had everyone on the dancefloor. @harmony60{MY CAVs yea} (reblip)
FineNGood Six foot tall, came without a warning So I had to shoot him dead He won't come around here anymore Come around here, I don't think so!
DJTIMMY @DJTIMMY: "@toosweet4rnr: "[Tiny Tim - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?]" Lol lol lol lol Can you get enough Tiny" (reblip)
4Sins Maybe baby, it's "today the Monkey dies." #militarymonday #usnavy #usarmy (reblip)


| play
GinaDunc Can't wait to see this, ty! @rynby (reblip)

my New Moon Soundtrack #2-Falling Away With You-Muse-w/ subtitle lyrics

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4Sins Sprung from my pretty trap. Now to breathe, just breathe. . . . #militarymonday #usnavy #usarmy
4Sins Holy Flashback, Batman. rb@starlingpoet: RB TY: ) @sir_edward_ross "Some Velvet Morning" >> Yes, Robin, Phaedra is my name." #usnavy (reblip)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Some Velvet Morning

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Fortharrison U2~Until The End Of The World ♂

Until the end of the world

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Fortharrison Well just wanted to say hola miga thx 4 the love, see u soon♂@4Sins: "4 what you give. #militarymonday #usnavy #usarmy" (reblip)
4Sins Night all. (Aaachoo!) Be well. via@Fortharrison:"Well just wanted to say hola miga thx 4 the love, see u soon♂ @4Sins" #militarymonday #usnavy #usarmy (reblip)
4Sins "For you & me," my friend in North Korea. rb@MaxVelocity: @MusicIsMySoul: "...six feet from the edge...maybe six feet ain't so far down" #usnavy #USMC (reblip)

Creed- "One Last Breath" (Official)

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4Sins Genius Sex Poet. That sounds like a good job. A fun one, anyway. ;o rb@Edainsmom >> What do suppose it pays? Marines? Need a sex poet? #USMC (reblip)
4Sins Hello 2 new listeners @fsrlable @christy_of_beaumetz & @hell4boy REBLIP@hell4boy >> Love this light show! Enjoy. (reblip)


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4Sins "Bombs are falling everywhere. It's heartbreak warfare." rb@AlineFonte: "rb @sweetlilmzmia: #TripleBlip ♥♡ #usnavy #USMC - Happy BDay ladies & gents. (reblip)
4Sins 4 me it's a friend in the Navy in NoKorea now. @DownLow: "@4Sins - got friends in usmc or used to be in the marines. thanks" >> #usnavy #USMC (reblip)
4Sins Oh, yeah, me too. @IrishLass Alabama:"I may be a Northern girl but I sure do luv southern rock!!!" @acanuckfan@4Sins@kareliz@SylentSyd@rerkaizen #USMC
4Sins USMC boys, "the best you ever had." rb@binei: @AlineFonte: @Leonie @4Sins @djdiddleskittle @binei : ) >> Happy Birthday, lads << (reblip)
4Sins "And in this moment, I am happy..." Thanks@Edainsmom: "For @4Sins and her USMC hubby...inspired by @rkmonkey" (reblip)
4Sins Cuckoo, but still fine, so fine. (^_~) How'd you know? via@SylentSyd: "Dooday ronday ron-day, dooday ron ron..." =) #USMC Birthday Shouts! (reblip)
4Sins "Be mine, be mine, war baby." rb@hell4boy: "Simple Minds - War Babies" >> 4 war babies like me everywhere... and 4 my Special Forces Daddy. #usarmy (reblip)
4Sins I wanna hang out. Dance the shimmy shu. Get in trouble.... rb@SylentSyd: "Dooday ronday ron-day, dooday ron ron..." =) >> USMC: Will u still have me? (reblip)
4Sins "Technically our marriage is saved...." Shout out to my Marine exHubby. via@Edainsmom: "....as long as it takes." HBD to USMC >> I DO write sins.... (reblip)
4Sins Shout out to Marines around the world. rb@hell4boy:via :) @EFR56: "Kroke – The Sounds of the Vanishing World" >>USMC Birthday today<< (reblip)
4Sins Shout out to New Listener @binei ..."check the crowd!!! what a rock god!!! must be the hair..." >> "Are you goin my way?" (reblip)
4Sins Hell of a remake. Thx 4 this one. rb@hell4boy >> Oooh, I got boots. (reblip)
4Sins Outta props 4 u! rb@DaisyDee:@Model_Daughters:"Thanks for the reblips! @0_0 @4Sins >>> 4 #USMC -because a circle is better than a line- Happy Birthday (reblip)
FineNGood and I want you now I want you now I feel my heart implode and I'm breaking out escaping now feeling my faith erode


| play
4Sins Blippy DJs make the best headache cure. Thanks 4 the songs. (You can still send drugs.....) via@Model_Daughters >> "A connection is made." (reblip)


| play
Model_Daughters cool syncopated beat yes? // alu – Last Lullaby @alumusic
4Sins "Up ahead I can see it, I can find it...." rb@Model_Daughters: "house the dj's @4Sins" @BohlianSunshine@Fortharrison@harmony60 >>> Nighty Night Redux (reblip)
4Sins May I drown in dreams. (-_-) zzzzzzzz rb@kaaeyl: a brand new dance :0 \(~_~)/ extendIT @monsters_inc..." >>> Oooh, a headache emoticon! \(~_~)/ (reblip)
Model_Daughters uh... @4Sins: "Okay, who's holding? : "sex, drugs you know me :P" @4Sins: "Blippy DJs make the best headache cure.... (You can still send drugs) " (reblip)


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LynnSunshine @Model_Daughters: "nowUproppdMeOut!@4Sins: "Barkeep! a round of cocoa w/ marshmallows 4 all my sleepless friends. via @BohlianSunshine:@4Sins"" (reblip)


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4Sins A little inspiration music 4 my day: "Lunitic Fringe" - Red Rider
4Sins Home base 4 me: "Lunatic Fringe."


| play
4Sins Taking a little step to one side of the dance floor cuz this song is sooo beautiful. rb@carlnat: "fleurdelis101" (reblip)
Model_Daughters house the dj's @4Sins @BohlianSunshine @TheNewYorkChimes // Great Northern – Houses @Great_Northern
Model_Daughters not to fear, unlike real houses this song will retain some value // Great Northern – Houses @Great_Northern
4Sins "Love is our Resistance." Thx @HeatherMaccart 4 the "MUSE MOMENT!!" >>> Muse is God.
4Sins Hello @HeatherMaccart >>> "transmissions will resume...."
RedHeadBitch Love this song! @docstimulas: "The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels" (reblip)
GinaDunc Hey all! :) "Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes"
DjDiddlesSkittle My fav parts!!!! @pixelmongress: "You're like my favorite damn disease! @DamnTheMan: "I like the way that you say please while you're lookin at me! (reblip)
4Sins via @Unaturalsoul >>> An old favorite. Nice to find it on the board this morning.
pixelmongress Ah...needed some 3DG@TropicsZ4: "Hello :) @lillianwong(((Three Days Grace – Never Too Late" (reblip)
4Sins Top O' The Mornin!" to new listeners @pixelmongress & @JohnnySlash: "Ya I'm Irish But I'm not a Leprechaun" >>> I'm Italian but I'm not mafiosa. :D (reblip)
4Sins Good Morning! @Model_Daughters: "it's okay i still love you txrb@4Sins: "Outta props 4 u. Love this. = ) thx" (reblip)
333ccd333 @TheCode: "Is it getting better? Do U feel the same? Would it make it easier on U now./.../ " @4U2? Follow @TheCode @4Sins? http://Twitter.com/TheCode (reblip)
4Sins Dancing off into my writing day. THX to BLIP DJs 4 the INSPIRATION! rb@ladypn: "Look above, its floating..." (reblip)

ERASURE "Golden Heart" [GRN's Golden Glow Remix Edit]

| play
pixelmongress Music to my ears! RB♥ ♥ @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Seether - "Fuck It" ♥ [.."Fuck it! I see you in me, Fuck it! I feel you in me, Fuck it! I'll heal you in me"] (reblip)

Fuck It-Seether

| play
4Sins Outta props 4 u. Again! rb@pixelmongress:"you could've found a better guy. I'll love you till the day I die I swear to God it's true." >>>Thx 4 tunes. (reblip)
Atomik Blondie – Dreaming (Utah Saints Mix)
BunnyHoney @4Sins: "Outta props 4 u. Again! rb@pixelmongress:"you could've found a better guy. I'll love you till the day I die I swear to God it's true." (reblip)
4Sins !!! work break. gotta blip one of the best surf songs ever. via@binei: "Don't click here. " (reblip)
Audi420 Thanks for the props @jamreilly & GR8FL

Groove ArmadaEasy

| play
backasswards yay. was listening to this earlier @Time2Burn: "Dope – You Spin Me Around" (reblip)
GinaDunc Dimitar Naydenov – Don`T Let The Rain
ladypn Low is under & dinner is ready! Hear you soon!
4Sins Good Morning @TheCode: "Morning from Europe. >>> Did you bring me coffee too? @Time4aChange? 2 challenge the real @DirtyUrine? What's your @4Sins?" (reblip)


| play
4Sins Good Morning. @pixelmongress RB♥♥♥♥@DreamWarriorz: "Shout out to my current and new listeners!"
4Sins RB@TPJK: "THAT'S good stuff too!You're invited!Pull up a chair next to Ernie!loll@deadwood4: "i see you are having a big bird for turkey dinner! " (reblip)
4Sins Exiting stage left. via @pixelmongress: "Thanks for the ♥♥" >>> Everyone have a "Juicy" Saturday night. (reblip)
4Sins Tonight's swan song via @DJAudi420:Thanks again @Thaiangel@chiron08@Mysterymix@lillianwong@4Sins >>> w/ my fave Enya song in the background. Thx All! (reblip)
4Sins Mmmmmmmmmmm, this song. rb@ladypn: Low is under & dinner is ready! Hear you soon! >> "And if you ever . . . I'll be there." (reblip)
4Sins Tearing. Myself. Away. See you all on Military Monday. >>>Gotta write the book proposal. @Untamed:@Sylak: "Pass or fail. Do or die. Under Pressure." (reblip)
FineNGood @webbychick: "Nice one. @CooperHarris: "She burns like the sun, and I can't look away She'll burn our horizons"" Thanks! How have you been? (reblip)

Muse-Sunburn Official Video

| play
4Sins One of my favorite (personal) theme songs. rb@CooperHarris: "I hope that you are Having the time of your life But think twice That's my only advice" (reblip)
4Sins Good Morning. rb@harmony60 (reblip)

robbie williams-feel

| play
4Sins Long ass week. Need inspiration. Hell, I need miracle or two. Who's holding? LOL (reblip)
4Sins Ask and ye shall receive. This was waiting in my inbox. Awesome! Thx@sufferin_jukebox: "ty's (belated) ss @brucifer@starlingpoet@carlnat@4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins "I don't even try to explain, I just hold on tight." Inspiration! Gotta go.@Unaturalsoul:@4Sins@tardisgrl:"Trying to be productive working from home!" (reblip)
4Sins Now that's a choice way to start the day! rb@Fortharrison: "better now that i've seen your lips, they move me in a way.... better left unsaid☺@4Sins (reblip)
4Sins Good Morning! @Model_Daughters: "it's okay i still love you" @4Sins: "Outta props 4 u. Love this. = ) thx" // Great Northern" (reblip)
4Sins Good Morning. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. @djwttw: "@DougPreston@GR8FL@4Sins. hello, all!" (reblip)
4Sins November in Oregon? Rain and Rust. :'o rb@prescottscott: "August, die she must..what is November? @GR8FL@listeningsky@ecocity@kiddo84@rkmonkey (reblip)
4Sins @TheCode:"no @choice ~♪*~ઇઊ~*✿*~ઇઊ~♫*~ " @true @4Sins? [I'm waiting @facebook.] >>> Have not forgotten you. Been under the weather. No choice. (-_-) (reblip)

Deepak Chopra- Desire

| play
4Sins ThankYou! (Of course I gotta write the proposal first.) @Untamed: @Sylak: "Pass or fail. Do or die. Under Pressure ☻ @Angie74" (reblip)
4Sins Oh my. Author Bio = “Why are you qualified to write this book?” Uhhh, cuz I've already written it? Enhnnnnn! Wrong answer. (reblip)
4Sins Thanks for this. I'm really enjoying it. @ladypn: "Low is under & dinner is ready! Hear you soon!" (reblip)
vixxeninpink @Fortharrison: don't threaten me with a good time lol (reblip)

Duran Duran-Come Undone

| play
4Sins On this happy-go-lucky, ass-twitching note, Good Night All! rb@CooperHarris:YW@binei:Thanks@mairsplaylist @GinaDunc@lust@CooperHarris@ladypn **Kisses! (reblip)
4Sins Backatcha. rb@DJAudi420: "Hi there, thanks for listening @Gaz50 & @4Sins" (reblip)
FineNGood Nail in my hand From my creator You gave me life Now show me how to live!
4Sins I fucking love this song. rb@DjDiddlesSkittle:Hey Hun, Fine Thnx How Are U@ChadThomas:Hey girls!!! how are u? rb@Angie74:YAY!! #MilitaryMonday #usnavy (reblip)

Seether- Fake It Uncensored Music Video

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle Hey Hun, Fine Thnx How Are U@ChadThomas: "Hey girls!!! how are you? rb@Angie74: "YAY!! you're back girl!! :) @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Seether~"Fake It" """ (reblip)

Seether- Fake It Uncensored Music Video

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle I'm good thanks, How Are You?!?! @Time2Burn: "Great Tune!!..How are you?@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Seether~"Fake It" "" (reblip)

Seether- Fake It Uncensored Music Video

| play
4Sins With LOVE to our troops overseas from all of us stateside who miss EVERYTHING about you. xxxooo RB@Fortharrison #usnavy #usmc #MilitaryMonday (reblip)
DjDiddlesSkittle TYVM!! You're An Amazing Dj As Well =] @Time2Burn: "Another great pick from an AMAZING DJ===>>>>@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Buckcherry~"Lit Up" "" (reblip)
4Sins I'd love to transform the world.... #MilitaryMonday #usnavy #usmc >>> Sleep tight DJs. Thx 4 blips, props, love. Promise to catch up w/ you tomorrow!

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

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DjDiddlesSkittle Sweet Dreams x0x0 @4Sins: "I'd love to transform the world.... #MilitaryMonday #usnavy #usmc >>> Sleep tight DJs. Thx 4 blips, props, love. (reblip)

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

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4Sins Another day another transformation.... From fear to excitement. \o/ via@hell4boy: "Nice, thanks :))" @4Sins: "I'd love to transform the world...." (reblip)

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

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4Sins Still love this song. Hi! How you doin today? rb@Fortharrison: "Duran Duran~Come Undone" (reblip)
4Sins That's in the top five reasons 4 me to get no work done. @TPJK: "Slowly gliding my tongue across your lips @4Sins" >>>Can't recall the other four. LOL (reblip)
4Sins Dang. I'm outta props 4 you. Gonna have to send kisses instead. rb@TPJK: "Sweet @4Sins " (reblip)
4Sins "Because I used to . . . but it's all over now." rb@radiobarz: Rolling Stones – "It's All Over Now" @Eclecticjams (reblip)
DjDiddlesSkittle Me too =] @Angie74: "Damn girl, I LOVE this tune!! @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Poison~"Something To Believe In" "" (reblip)
4Sins "Who do you need, who do you love, when you come undone?" #usnavy @4Sins: "Hi! How you doin today?" via@Fortharrison: "Duran Duran~Come Undone" (reblip)
pixelmongress Woot! @Angie74 "Neva eva!! You MINE sista!! ;) @me "Oh baby don't you know I suffer? Oh baby can't you hear me moan? How long before you let me go?""" (reblip)
4Sins Xlnt combination. @TPJK "I'm perverted but considerate lol" @4Sins: ":D That's the nicest offer I've had in awhile."
Gidyean Aerosmith – Dream On Two for tuesday~

Muse-Hysteria Official Video

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BunnyHoney Thanks again @Truck71

Smoke city Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)

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pixelmongress ← Found chocolate. Must blip...mmmm
Sylak Cya later ☺@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Everlast~"Saving Grace" Love This Song && The Show, I'm out for a bit see ya later Much Love x0x0 "" (reblip)
4Sins This is one of my new faves. Hello@sunyata: "come on skinny love" >>> Thx 4 listening. (reblip)
4Sins Here you go. "Women who.... want to cuddle. They don't pay 4 sex!" HeeHeeHee@TPJK
4Sins This song is right up there w/ Gorillaz Dare (DFA remix), which is pretty much as good as sex. @TPJK: "YOU tell ME, sexy@4Sins: "What's next?" @TPJK (reblip)
DamnTheMan Thanx man! Hope you like the tunez @KyFr: "Sounds like something I could listen to. At least 1 listener closer to the new badge. @ DamnTheMan: " (reblip)
4Sins Candied Marilyn. What's not to love?!@TPJK: "LOL!!@razorfire: "Some Mobscene to go with your candy kisses"@TPJK@4Sins @Untamed@MuzanE@HeatherMaccart (reblip)
4Sins Topless. Always the best way to go. rb@pixelmongress: "RB ♥♥ @DjDiddlesSkittle: ♥♥@2fast4u: "Breaking Benjamin – Topless" >> @TPJK Isn't that right? (reblip)

Breaking Benjamin-Topless

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Audi420 @TPJK & @4Sins Only one problem guys, I'm a man...
4Sins Every single fucking version of this song is hot. Especially this one. rb@Audi420:@TPJK@4Sins Only one problem guys, I'm a man..." >>> But I'm not. (reblip)
4Sins A classic. @TPJK @Audi420rb rb@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Mickey Avalon~"Stroke Me" >>> 4 all the boys I love. And some I don't. ;o (reblip)
4Sins Awww, you care.@Audi420:"Double team team you say? I like the way you think, sharing is caring@TPJK@4Sins" >>>You want my face or my knee caps? LOL (reblip)

RJD2double trouble

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4Sins Butterfly kisses@TPJK. Now go to sleep!!!
4Sins A hot one 4@hotnote: "One of my fav covers... @TPJK: "Shall we? @4Sins" >>> Sin is always the answer. Heh Heh. (reblip)
4Sins Which Muse song has all that friction in it?@Audi420 "....whatever's sprinkled on your lips, looks like it'll add a some extra friction"
FineNGood i MUST reblip this. How are you sweetie? @tjps: "Muse – Supermassive Black Hole" (reblip)
4Sins so THAT'S what that button's for! Thx@hell4boy: "Turn off PC! via@4Sins: "I swear to God...." >>> Can't. Stop. Blipping. Tweeting..... (reblip)

Editors In this Light and on this Evening

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FineNGood Love it :) @Angie74: "Don't worry it's ok That you're gone away Further than yesterday But you'll never leave these scenes My mind replays" (reblip)
Audi420 Not Sure, but this is one of my favs right now. @4Sins: "Which Muse song has all that friction in it? (reblip)
4Sins rb@CooperHarris: "Love it :) @Angie74: "...it's ok That you're gone away Further than yesterday But you'll never leave these scenes My mind replays" (reblip)
4Sins rb@ladypn: "Isn't it great@4Sins? I love this guy's voice, the whole sound of the group. Glad you enjoy 2!:"Thanks for this. I'm really enjoying it." (reblip)
4Sins Nice to have you listening. rb@2fast4u: "Chickenfoot – Get It Up" (reblip)

Cruel Black Dove "Love Song"

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4Sins Jose, your story will be told. There's nothing like watching one's life as a movie.
4Sins Good Morning. It's a blip-n-run day 4 me. rb@sunyata: "come on skinny love" (reblip)
4Sins Good Morning@Coffeenuts. You are awesome. This is the book I'm writing a proposal for. @4Sins:"Jose, your story will be told...." >>> #TheMovieLovers (reblip)
4Sins "Be cool everyone. This is a robbery." Me: literary essayist meets Pulp Fiction on a Hunter S. Thompson junket. U? Wanna rob a diner? #TheMovieLovers
rock2monster well, i don't have big muscles; i just have all of them>>>@4Sins: "Good Morning. It's a blip-n-run day 4 me. rb@sunyata: "come on skinny love"" (reblip)
4Sins A little theme music to start my day. via@lukesharp: "~Very Nice Choice!~@Unaturalsoul: "@ladypn: "Hi @lukesharp! You're welcome & great find!" (reblip)
rock2monster because i've miss You, Oh Yeah~~>>@hotnote<~~just fun to type those letters!!!!~i'm late but happier, now!!!~ rock w/You soon!!!~(please!)~
rock2monster yessss~@4Sins~Can I see em?@rock2monster:"well, i don't have big muscles; i just have all of them">>>@4Sins:"Good Morning. It's a blip-n-run day 4 me. (reblip)
glennrgordon rb@4Sins: "A little theme music to start my day. via@lukesharp: "~Very Nice Choice (reblip)
sunyata 4sins is better than one rb@4Sins (reblip)

George Thorogood I Drink Alone

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4Sins I could listen to this 4 awhile. Nice@TPJK:Crazy Town-Butterfly (Instrumental!!)This actually a sample of The Red Hot Chilipeppers.(They looped it.) (reblip)
4Sins You must live on TheOtherSideOfTheWorld.@TPJK:"...was gonna go to bed.I just found you....So I'll stick around a bit longer:) >> What's your pleasure? (reblip)
4Sins Gives NewMeaning 2 "PlasticPassion."@TPJK:"I wear a condom even when I have cybersex!(Computer viruses)" >>> My all ur plastic sex dreams be wet ones! (reblip)
4Sins At last! A way to make $$$@OrangeKrush: "What an...interesting video."@melodyofyourlife@matriax@sheryonstone >>> Wait. It'd have 2 be cougat porn. LOL (reblip)
4Sins "Black Heart Inertia" Just what I needed. rb@juniobboy >>> Nice to have you listening. Thx. (reblip)
4Sins Nothing like a dose of the blues to put you right as rain again. rb@devlps:"@honeygirl: "thanks! ;) @RadioFreeIllinois" (reblip)
4Sins American Pig? Oh how you talk. *blush*@TPJK: "I'm an American Pig I like sex.And a lot of it.loll @4Sins: What's your pleasure?" (reblip)
4Sins Thanks 4 a fave. Little chill out time@CooperHarris: "Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow" (reblip)


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4Sins Hope you're safe & sound in NoKo. Kisses to my navy guys. #usnavy rb@DamnTheMan: "Thanx to my new listeners for tuning in @Q_2 @KyFr @4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins We're havin' us some o' that. Hop on top! @Audio420 ShoutOut@TPJK rb@radiobarz:@Gidyean: "David Bowie – Modern Love" >> Thx 4 Listening!@radiobarz (reblip)
4Sins "We just gotta keep the devil way down in the hole." via@Coffeenuts: "Tom Waits – Way Down In The Hole" @4Sins" >>> Too late. The devil can ride. (reblip)
4Sins "Hang on St. Christopher." It's gonna be a rough night way down in the hole. . . . That's okay. I got ole Tom Cat Waits 4 company.
4Sins Can I see em?@rock2monster:"well, i don't have big muscles; i just have all of them">>>@4Sins:"Good Morning. It's a blip-n-run day 4 me." rb@sunyata (reblip)
4Sins Oh how you tease.@rock2monster: "yessss~@4Sins~Can I see em?@rock2monster:"well, i don't have big muscles; i just have all of them">>>@4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins Ciao 4 now bellas & bellos! @RadioFreeIllinois: "thanks & hola" (reblip)
4Sins "Go the extra mile it's never crowded."~Unknown rb@TheCode:@gain!@anothersideOf@why@matriax@4Sins@madbaldscotsman >>>Awesome quote. Thx 4 Inspiration. (reblip)

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Live in L.A.)

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4Sins Hey, good lookin.How's you day?@TPJK: "You're "sinfully"delicious :) @4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins The writing? I'm terrified@Fortharrison:"how's the writing coming?@4Sins ...you know how I feel bout those lips☻" >>> Next new avatar may be MY lips. (reblip)
4Sins We had #TorridTuesday. What shall we have now? Wanker Wednesday? LOL rb@TPJK: "@4Sins" >>>I don't know any wanker songs. YOu? (reblip)
4Sins Shit. Too old to spell, too. :p @matriax:@4Sins:At last! A way 2 make$$$@OrangeKrush:@melodyofyourlife@sheryonstone >>>It'd have 2 be cougat porn.LOL (reblip)
4Sins Why, yes, those are sprinkles on my lips. "Lips Like Sugar" 4 @TPJK
4Sins :D That's the nicest offer I've had in awhile. @TPJK: "Want me to lick them off?:P lol@4Sins: "Why, yes, those are sprinkles on my lips." (reblip)
4Sins Mmmm. Later's good. I'll need a reward. @TPJK: "'wanna continue this later,babe?No problem :)" @4Sins: "... in the top five 4 me to get no work done." (reblip)
4Sins Inspired by @TPJK. I'm off to the salt mines!
4Sins Hey good lookin! @TPJK rb@Sylak:@pixelmongress:@Sylak: "Good song here." >>> I'm just a sinner putting my lights on. (^_~) (reblip)
4Sins Shout out to @TPJK "Got a heart full of gold on a lonely road." Addicted to the song & the series. rb@Sylak:☺@DjDiddlesSkittle >>> Headed 4 hell! (reblip)
4Sins Looks like I'm a little late w/ the sugar & the SHOUT OUT TO NEW LISTENER ;-) @TPJK: "I'm taking a break.... Who's gonna give me some sugar tonight?" (reblip)

Kid Rock: Sugar Lyrics

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4Sins Hello to New Listener @VonD: "Canned Heat ~ Rollin' And Tumblin'" >>> Love Canned Heat. (reblip)
4Sins Hello & thanks 4 listening@DamnTheMan: "Thanx for the shameless plug man!" Check out this guy! He's awesome --->@2fast4u (reblip)
4Sins Yup. I'm taking a break. @TPJK: "You back?@4Sins: "This is one of my new faves. Hello@sunyata: "come on skinny love" >>> Thx 4 listening." (reblip)
4Sins Like Satan on South Park. *C'mere Sadam. Snuggle time!* rb@TPJK:"LOL!! I got them candy kisses"(In the voice of SATAN!)loll this is damn creepy shit!" (reblip)
4Sins Mmmmm. Martini glasses. With martinis in them. All we need is....?@TPJK: "More weird-ass misplaced voices in songs."Froggy -Marilyn"loll @4Sins (reblip)
4Sins Nice Berlin cover.@TPJK: "@4Sins "Wrap your legs around me,ride me tonight." >>> Remember Alice Cooper? Marilyn Manson's grand dad? (reblip)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

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4Sins Bringing sexxy back. (Better?) @TPJK >>> This vid is the verrrry best. You too. Thanks 4 the laughs. And candy kisses.

Poison Sexyback

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4Sins How'd ya know? Thanks Mom. I'll make sure he loves me first. LOL@Audi420: "@4Sins & @TPJK" (reblip)

lovage-To Catch A Thief

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4Sins Straight up. We need a Berlin - Marilyn Mason sex mashup. Whaddya say?@TPJK: "sexxxxx! @4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins This was the right song 4 getting me focused on the writing. Of course. LOL@TPJK: "I love this song rB@hopedances:" =( wanna borrow my feel bad song? (reblip)
4Sins Another night of writing, another transformation....from fear to excitement. (reblip)

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

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vixxeninpink drooooool, siiiiiigh, droooool!!!

Breaking Benjamin- Forget it video

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vixxeninpink 'just fade away, please let me stay, caught in your way' (reblip)

Breaking Benjamin- Forget it video

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4Sins I second that emotion. rb@Angie74: "I don't do damsel in distress, but..." @Fortharrison@TPJK@CooperHarris@Gidyean TY 4 being the good men U are :) (reblip)

Nickelback-HERO Music Video

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FineNGood @Angie74:"I don't do damsel in distress, but U make a woman seriously reconsider:@docstimulas@DamnTheMan@CooperHarris TY for being the good men U are" (reblip)

Nickelback-HERO Music Video

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DjDiddlesSkittle Metallica~"Seek & Destroy"

Metallica Seek & Destroy live @ Pinkpop 2008 [Great Quality]

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4Sins "Seek & Destroy" Oh, yeah. That's my writing style. rb@DjDiddlesSkittle: ~Metallica~ >>> time to get back at it (reblip)

Metallica Seek & Destroy live @ Pinkpop 2008 [Great Quality]

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4Sins "Pass or fail. Do or die. Under Pressure" ☻ @Angie74 (reblip)
4Sins Hi ho! Hi ho! I'm still at work. Send drugs. @4Sins: "I'm off to the salt mines!" (reblip)
DjDiddlesSkittle Pantera~"Cat Scratch Fever" My Fav Cover =]
PinkyLove Nickelback...Sharp Dressed Man cover...very cool...LOL
4Sins "I really don't mind what happens now and then, as long as you'll be my friend at the end." rb@Pippi: "see!!" (reblip)
PinkyLove @4Sins: ""I really don't mind what happens now and then, as long as you'll be my friend at the end." rb@Pippi: "see!!"" (reblip)
threebears ..So don't think that I'm pushing you away When you're the one that I've kept closest ..
4Sins "I don't need a reason whyyyy! They come runnin' just as fast as they can...." rb@PinkyLove: "Nickelback...Sharp Dressed Man cover...very cool...LOL" (reblip)
4Sins You, too. rb@SpinninSara: "Gotta run for now... Have an awesome day blipstarzzzz !!!! ~~Muse – Bliss~~" (reblip)


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4Sins See you tonight, peeps. Until then remember: "There must be. A devil. Between us." ^_~ via@BabyBruise (reblip)
4Sins @TPJK: @4Sins: "Went to sleep w/o me, if you can believe it. rb@Audi420: "@4Sins How u doing. Where's ur bf tonight?" >>*kisses*>>U don't really think (reblip)
JoyVolt @curatEar: "@curatEar: "would love to know who on blip had the Some Bizzare album""Double thumbs up!" (reblip)
4Sins Hey, who you calling easy, love? @TPJK ;o
4Sins Mmmm. Competition. All the DJ Babes are hot tonight. rb@NikkiPixel:"Good evening!@mark_till: "Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye" >>>@TPJK Still love me? (reblip)
4Sins Who wants me, boys? I'm sweeter than morphine. (^_~) RB@OrangeKrush:...packing sucks balls. I hate the chaos....Blip is a good (and bad) distraction." (reblip)
4Sins "Jesus died 4 somebody' SINS but not mine.... They belong to me!" Oh, yeah@TPJK >>> On your back, sailor! =D
4Sins Just sayin. @TPJK [The rest of ya'll are gonna have to wait your turn.]
krystynchong oohhhh nice! funky... Lie To Me - Johnny Lang yeah!! #krys [rb @4Sins @GinaDunc @DJDreamy] (reblip)
4Sins ShoutOut & Kisses to NewListeners! @Pippi@prohect @NotAsPunkAsYou@DangerousDannyM@clairetheloon @RocketmanUSA@DJDreamy >>>"I love the way you move!"

I Like the Way You Move by Outcast Feat. Michael Jackson

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4Sins 1, 2, 3, 4! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a polaroid picture! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it! @ NewListeners @rockchalk75 @melimel3 **kisses**

OutkastHey Ya

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4Sins You got me. Naked & unemployed! rb@TheCode: "Underwear" @4Sins: "if fashion is your trade, then when you're naked, i guess you must be unemployed." (reblip)


| play
melimel3 Hey ya...@4Sins: "1, 2, 3, 4! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a polaroid picture! Shake it!@ NewListeners @rockchalk75 @melimel3 **kisses**" (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

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4Sins YOU are my 300th LISTENER! via@rockchalk75: "OK, OK! I'm there! ;)" @4Sins:"I'm ready everyone.Just say u'll be there.">>> What's your pleasure, baby? (reblip)
melimel3 who's the one that makes you happy...@jayteabrew: "It's not what it ain't, it's what it is!" (reblip)
rockchalk75 @melimel3: "Hey ya...@4Sins: "1, 2, 3, 4! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a polaroid picture! Shake it!@NewListeners @rockchalk75 @melimel3 **kisses (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

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4Sins Ready 4 some discipline?@TPJK: "Have fun,baby.Eat well.I stay warm for ya :)@4Sins: "Hold That HotThot!@TPJK:Like wise.U rock my fuckin' WORLD!lol" (reblip)
DamnTheMan *looks over at you*......Yes she is rb love @Angie74 (reblip)
4Sins Back alley up against the wall.@TPJK: "You know it,girl.Lets duck into the alley@4Sins: "Walking down the boardwalk, you hanging tight behind me?" (reblip)
4Sins I want it bad. Make me work for it, baby!@TPJK: "Haven't seen this in awhile.I still like the piano" @4Sins @DjDiddlesSkittle (reblip)
4Sins NIghty NIght! Sleep tight.@Audi420: "I think I should sleepz. 2 many drinks 2night, suprised I can still blip straight. Signing Off @1001queen@ladypn (reblip)
4Sins I am YOURS.@TPJK: "Oh yeah.Let me lift you up.Wrap your legs around me.@4Sins: "Back alley up against the wall." (reblip)
4Sins @TPJK: "Grind it,baby.Get it @4Sins: "I am YOURS." >>>**she just sighs: you. have. no. fucking. idea**>>> (reblip)
4Sins Sweet Pisces man. How'd you know? *licks her lips*@TPJK: "suck'm too.Now its my turn@4Sins: "Do I get to pinch your nipples? Oh so sweetly." (reblip)
4Sins You know where I live. LOve this. @RAW1963: "@4Sins" @TPJK>>> How about you, lover? (reblip)
4Sins I'm on it!@rockchalk75: ";) @4Sins: "@Jalenpeno ALLL ABOARRRRRDDDD!!!! -- Damn straight." @TPJK >>>Who's joining me? (reblip)
4Sins Oh my, yes! @rockchalk75: "Thank you for Listening!!! ;) @4Sins:@Rudra -- Nirvana – Oh my. Right up there with Patti Smith." (reblip)

NirvanaOh Me

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4Sins Mmm. You smell good. @TPJK: "Breeeeeathe with me @4Sins" (reblip)
4Sins "Everybody's lookin' 4 something." Sweet Nightmares, girl! ;-) @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams Night Everyone x0x0 " (reblip)
DJRoy1 The Big Pink – Velvet

The Big PinkVelvet

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4Sins @TPJK, who is right now sliding the back of his hand across my neck & kissing it. "I'll run away with you."
4Sins Just tell me. I'll do it. Anything. Everything. @TPJK: *Big embrace**calm down you're safe now.@4Sins: "Your killing me. I'm dyin'." (reblip)


| play
4Sins I'm not much of a talker. Too busy gettin busy on you. @TPJK via New Listener @GraceEven: "lust" >>> Thx 4 listening! (reblip)
4Sins Caught in the headlights!! LOL@TPJK:"Welcome to the exclusive club of "Public Perverts"couldn't care less!Let them watch & get off.">>>Now ur talkin! (reblip)
4Sins Well, I do come from three very highly sexed parents. *laughs. thinks, Oooo! menage a trois* @TPJK: "It ACTUALLY makes it more exciting,forbidden." (reblip)
4Sins Forgot to address the package: @TPJK "Come here, baby. "I love the way you move." New raincoat. New happy hole to put it in. With or w/o sprinkles?" (reblip)

Outkast:The Way YoU mOVe

| play
4Sins God Yes!@TPJK: "OMG this feels amazing!wanna 69?@4Sins:" (reblip)

Outkast:The Way YoU mOVe

| play
4Sins Mmmm perfect... Just got Outkast playing on top of TheBeatGoesOn. Ride it! I love the way you move. @TPJK: "Hey new listener wanna WATCH?!" (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

| play
4Sins That's what happens when people come along 4 the ride. I'm UR Angel!@TPJK: "Who's DJRoy1?Pay attention to me!*sticking out toungue* >>>Everybody out!! (reblip)
4Sins TPJK *feeling you from the inside* How's it feel? @4Sins >>> All you gotta do is L I S T E N. I ain't quiet. "Can't read my poker face."
4Sins "I'll get him high. Show him what a guy." *feeling you from the INSIDE* @TPJK: How's it feel?@4Sins >>>not the quiet kind. "Can't read my poker face." (reblip)
4Sins So High... I'm gonna have to fire myself in the morning: "Slacker!" Oh no... @TPJK: "She gets him high, you get me hard!lolll(And high)"@4Sins (reblip)