TreoBenny "If you like fish & grits & all that pimp shit..."


| play
raquita never heard it lookin for new
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I love this movie, and all the songs

The Color Purple Soundtrack Miss Celie'S Blues

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations "By Your Side" is where your boo should be

SadeBy Your Side

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Some men are the "king of sorrow"

SadeKing of Sorrow

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Here's a "love song" for you

Pink Love Song

| play
TreoBenny From my cube neighbor's radio...

Maxwell - This Womans Work

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations When you need a great outfit Dress up in love
78ms_jaka_Jspectations It's my life- Gwen stefani

Gwen Stephanie its my life

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Sweetest thing I ever known was like the kiss on a collar bone...

Lauren Hill fugees the sweetest thing

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Listen to the man and just Try a little Tenderness
78ms_jaka_Jspectations wait for love - Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross - Wait For Love

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations What makes a house a home?

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations It sounded much cooler when played with the movie
wesgoodlife @bossbeauty how about osme old school Common?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations The roots, Eve, Eryka Badu...Things Fall Apart...I Phucking love this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Dedicated to the twitter creepers and freaker sneakers lol Shout out To Treobenny & Lolo
78ms_jaka_Jspectations OTH theme song forever...I don't want to be - Gavin Degraw
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Classic song - On My Own Patti Labelle Michael Mcdonald
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Lady Marmalade – Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & P!nk
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Best Of Me (Trackmasters Remix ft. Jay Z) – Mya where were you when this dropped?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Girls Dem Sugar (feat Mya) – Beenie Man I luv luv luv this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ya Di Ya – Gina Thompson Feat Missy Elliot this was hawt when it came out where is this chick...another artist murked by puff pastry
78ms_jaka_Jspectations 98 was a great year for the R.O.C Is that your Bitch - Memphis Bleek
78ms_jaka_Jspectations The Things You Do – Gina Thompson Was my anthem in 96 clark atlanta (sigh)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Correction this was my anthem...Steelo - 702


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I Still Love You – 702 oh 702 if you could have stayed together and had better writers...

702I Still Love You

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Circle – Marques Houston One of his better songs
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Good Lookin Out (GMoney Remix) – Mila J ft. Marques Houston (GMoney Remix) what did chris stokes do to Mila J???? she straight MIA
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Hollywood – jayz (featuring Beyonce) I love this song in spite of...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Anything (Feat. Usher & Pharrell) (Produced By The Neptunes) – Jay-Z
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Numb/Encore – Jay-Z And Linkin Park now this is a boss mash up!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Linkin Park - Numb Get your rawk star rawk out on

Linkin Park - Numb

| play
DJSID my last blip of the day... have a great weekend everyone
78ms_jaka_Jspectations For those that are going through that Ex-Factor
78ms_jaka_Jspectations After the rain there is always sun

angie stone - no more rain (in this cloud)

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Drivin' Me Wild (Feat. Lily Allen) – Common
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Tell Me When To Go feat Keak(Trackademicks Remix) – E-40 Hawt remix
78ms_jaka_Jspectations The Dummy (Bonus Track) – E-40 feat. Stress-Matic
Radiance84 24 but old skool at heart. The Mack is my Favorite movie!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Real music never goes out of style just like clothes (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations If I could of had this in a record collection...ahhh real music
78ms_jaka_Jspectations No Guarantee (Rmx) – Chico Debarge & Joe. Where were you when you first heard this song?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Rhythm Of The Night – Debarge damn...the poor debarge's
78ms_jaka_Jspectations All This Love – Debarge This song always snatches me right back to childhood...80's
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Turn Off ( – Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne I like this song could do without weezy on it though
blessedbriliant Emo moment... This joint made me really re-exam what I want my woman to be and what I was settling for in truth

Method Man & Mary J Blige You're All I Need

| play
blessedbriliant @EssAyKay I feel you... for me it runs neck and neck with this joint though. (back when R&B groups sang damnit)

GuyLet's Chill

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Real Women Featuring Talib Kweli And Raheem Devaughn – UGK Oh Talib <3
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Work To Do (Obama For America) REMIX – Kidz In The Hall ft. Bun B & Talib Kweli
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Faded Pictures – Case and Joe Still one of my favorite songs
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Al Greene How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Al Greene. I love this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Change Your World – Anthony Hamilton Dedicated to all the couples...get your slow dance on.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Glamorous Life – Sheila E Love this song!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations In My House [12 Inch Mix] – Mary Jane Girls
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Big Girls Don't Cry (Sean Kingston Remix) – Fergie
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Big Girls Don't Cry – Fergie cause I like the original 2
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Slim Thug & Gwen Stefanie Luxurious (Remix) this song goes hard

Slim Thug & Gwen Stefanie Luxurious (Remix)

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Yearning For Your Love – Gap Band Real music feeds the soul and never gets old.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Double Dutch Bus - By Frankie Smith This song still goes hard
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Let's Get Married (Remix Run DMC) – Jagged Edge
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Walked Outta Heaven – Jagged Edge. If HE had of put this song on and thrown his self prostate before me we would be married right now lol
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Breathe (Remix) – Fabolous f. Jay-z I love this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Heartbeat (feat. Donny Roc) – Lil' Mo This song is off her indie album
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Karma – Lloyd Banks why does this song suck me in?

Lloyd BanksKarma

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood – Nina Simone I believe I have found my theme song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Be My Husband – Nina Simone ...The sleeper has awaken Nina goes hard
78ms_jaka_Jspectations See-line Woman – Nina Simone makes me want to interpretive dance, African style.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Feeling Good – Nina Simone I <3 this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations My Man's Gone Now – Nina Simone This song makes me want to write a black romance movie and have this song on the soundtrack...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Trouble In Mind – Nina Simone If you sing it Nina then I believe it
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Do I Move You? – Nina Simone Ask your man this and if he take to long to answer then reevaluate lol
78ms_jaka_Jspectations California Dreamin' – Queen Latifah Go head Dana
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Silver Shadow – Atlantic Starr. I <3 real music. We actually had this album LOL
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Always – Atlantic Starr Why can I sing damn near their catalog?!?!?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Secret Lovers – Atlantic Starr Here we are the two of us this song rawks even if it is about cheating.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Send For Me – Atlantic Starr Quick someone slow dance with me...j/k
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Only Hope – Mandy Moore... I love the movie and this song.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I Hope You Dance – Leann Womack I wholeheartedly love this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love Like This (feat. Sean Kingston) – Natasha Bedingfield
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Imagine Me - Kirk Franklin...some getting ready for church music.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Brokenhearted – Kirk Franklin Feat. Marvin L. Winans
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Precious Lord, Take my Hand / You've Got a Friend – Aretha Franklin
Obese Sendin' this one out to KNOWxONE! Ahaaaaaaaa! Bobby Creek! Alchemist on the beat! (reblip)

Fuckin Up My Cool

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day My Definite theme song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Dreams – The Cranberries Current mood emo..
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Sweet Dreams (Are Made of this) – Eurythmics
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Gasoline Dreams – Outkast Burn Muthaphucka burn
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Blackberry Molasses – Mista Before Bobby Valentino was talking asses and phucking. Can I get a do-over to 1996??? Realest shit ever sung.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations 06 Next Lifetime... I guess I'll see you next lifetime...1996

06 Next Lifetime

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Oh Tevin how I loved you when you were in Quincy's popcorn choir...such purity.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations How To Touch A Girl – JoJo Now she has a good song writing team!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Words – Anthony David; India.Arie Real music feeds the soul
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Part Of My Life – Anthony David I know that it looks good...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love Sick – Cherish I truly love this song

CherishLove Sick

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Superfly - Single Mix - Bonus – Curtis Mayfield
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I got what you need...I'm your pusher man
78ms_jaka_Jspectations A Song For You – Donny Hathaway vocal perfection
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Chris brown you're cute but Donny Hathaway will always be the ONLY one who can sing the hell out of this.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know – Donny Hathaway
78ms_jaka_Jspectations The Love Scene – JOE let's make a love scene

JOEThe Love Scene

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Cool It Now – New Edition I love this song, the rap was dope
78ms_jaka_Jspectations New Edition - My Secret – New Edition Yes I know the secret was the lakers B.K.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)? – Bell Biv DeVoe
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love's Gonna Be – Teedra Moses and friend? Who is the dude singing with her?...hawtness
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Tainted (featuring Dwele) – Slum Village To The Inglewood fellas lol It does get better.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ain't No Future In Your Frontin' – MC Breed r.i.p.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Because Of You Ft. Kelly Clarkson – Reba song is stuck in my head
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Whatever You Want – Tony Toni Tone background cupcaking music
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Marathon (feat. Floetry) – Raheem DeVaughn it's raining...its's the soundtrack
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Little Things – India Arie listen closely and you can hear Anthony David in the background.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Video – india.arie a lady ain't what she wears but what she knows...


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Part Of My Life – India.Arie ....realest song ever
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye, but you gotta man up and do it...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations for some reason I like these down for your man songs LOL and vice versa
78ms_jaka_Jspectations To be young and down for your boo LOL cute.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Even though she straight jacked prince's lyrics...I like this song in moderation
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Bonnie & Clyde (Ft. LeToya Luckett) – Mike Jones
78ms_jaka_Jspectations what if I played you like a toy...

CiaraLike a boy

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations ahhh what would life be like without the beautiful liars? Less homicide? LOL
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I Say A Little Prayer For You – Aretha Franklin
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Tide Is High – Kardinal Offishall feat. Rihanna
78ms_jaka_Jspectations You better learn how to treat us right 'Cause once a good girl goes bad We gone forever
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I miss goodie mob, this song is real, listen 2 the lyrics
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Kung Fu Fighting (Feat. Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black) – Hans Zimmer
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Weary – Amel Larrieux A slept on artist this song right here speaks volumes

Amel LarrieuxWeary

| play
MeccaDonna From The Wiz..You Cant Win Child. You cant break even, You cant get out of the game..
blessedbriliant ... just a song that makes me feel good about living.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations You – Jesse Powell; an artist from the milk carton files

Jesse PowellYou

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Show your age which wayan's movie was this song on the soundtrack for?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations (If Loving you is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right – Millie Jackson
78ms_jaka_Jspectations For the fellow BPYT's get your cute chair dance on.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This song always makes me feel...human
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This song still makes me want to dance until I collaspe
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Who didn't know all the words to this?!?!? Lol

SWVWeak *

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Lil' Star Ft. Cee-Lo – Kelis now if she had more material like this she might have kept her record deal
78ms_jaka_Jspectations oh tony thompson...r.i.p you and your group have a place in my teenage hall of brokenhearted shamockery
78ms_jaka_Jspectations My shadow's the only one that walks beside me... Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 'Til then I walk alone...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Here comes the rain again Falling from the stars Drenched in my pain again...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Hear the sound of the falling rain Coming down like an Armageddon flame (Hey! ) The shame The ones who died without a name

Green DayHoliday

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I love love love Tamia's part in this song, people slept on the album this came off of.

BabyfaceSlow Jams

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Where were you when you first heard this?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Wow...I know I shouldn't blip this but...I can't help myself
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Again I really shouldn't blip this, I never heard the dirty version, WOW
78ms_jaka_Jspectations You can't ever go wrong with real music (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Just because Big Boi Said he never phucked no pinktoe (paraphrase) this song has a special place in my heart now. (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Walk On By – Dionne Warwick. Oh Dionne what happened to you?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Anyone remember the see through outfits they wore in the video, and them boots...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Freek'n You Remix ft. Ghostface & Raekwon – Jodeci. Freak me buck naked in a full length mink coat can't resist a dude who talks like that (sarcasm)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations We chocolate crossover LOL, If you Kiss me then I'll kiss you back...(you have to be a great kisser though) LOL
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This has got to be the saddest day of my life...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I don't care who tries to sing this song, it will forever be Des'ree's she kills it so good she buried it and took the shovel with her! Beautiful song

Desree I'm Kissing You

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Kissing You – Keith Washington. Where is Keith Washington?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations There is nothing NOTHING better than the original! Christmas is in the building!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I love you in a place where there is no space or time...That's true love
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I'm only flesh and blood but I can be anything you demand....
ADub Come on! I'm talking to you- Come on!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love where you hiding from me all this time?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations For All We Know – Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway
blessedbriliant just a great joint to groove to with a great woman

Tony Toni Tone - Slow Wine

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations When I write him he better get it on time...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations We can go all out I ain't afraid of the sweat... but I got flava too you needs to get with me...classic! this remix goes hard
78ms_jaka_Jspectations While I'm only brokenhearted it's a hurting thing to get over...vintage brandy


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations All her remixes went extra hard lol...harder than the original versions damn shame!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I ain't gonna front...since you walked up in the club I been giving you the eye...

BrandyFull Moon

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations LEO's the way you treat ya boy I'll do anything for ya...(sigh)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations What'cha like... A whole lotta 4play before you get it started...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Want a love that is truth not just dare....if you me say it, if you trust me do it, if you want me show it...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I heard it through the grapevine.....all I really needed was your lovin'


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Spend My Life With You (feat Tamia) – Eric Benet Did I already blip this?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I've tried everything but suicide but it's crossed my mind...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations What went right what went knowing your weakness what made you strong???....
78ms_jaka_Jspectations everyone wants what they want not what they need...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I'm so in love with you...whateva you want to do is alright with me...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations makes me that much stronger....makes me that much wiser...thanks for making me a fighter
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ain't no other man can stand up next to you...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations 9th this tape for Christmas, time has wings!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations DJ Play A Love Song (Feat. Twista) – Jamie Foxx
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Fire place, wine, this it out
78ms_jaka_Jspectations a thug in touch with his soft side...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Damn you creeping with your boys piece...

JAHEIMHush - Jaheim

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I hate there is someone new taking the place of the things we used to do...sigh
78ms_jaka_Jspectations All I dream about is our first kiss....
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I know you down but when you gon get up?

Amel LarrieuxGet Up

| play

Mario - Crying Out For Me

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I will go down with this ship...

DidoWhite Flag

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Damn pac tell em how you really feel

tupacHit 'Em Up

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Baby I'm for real


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Wanted to be treated like a king then wear the crown...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Wow...made a vow before God to love life begins right
78ms_jaka_Jspectations what is this...numbers in your pocket?

112It's Over Now

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Hey lover...when you put this on in your car please have on a velvet sweat suit and a kango hat thanks.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Standing at the bus stop sucking on a lollipop...wanna eat you like a cookie when I see you walk wow ll
78ms_jaka_Jspectations even though she can't sing worth shit, heard this in the car the other day and turned it up and sang along...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Another artist murked by a puff pastry... wanna grab my dick to lazy hold it for me...craig mack working at your local kmart!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations After the party...where is coffee brown lol
78ms_jaka_Jspectations You can never go wrong with stevie wonder
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This song is so dramatic...I luv it

Stevie WonderLately

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Get a mirror and get your janet jackson poetic justice cry on. This song is the shit!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I Love Me Some Him. last blip of the night
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Who am I to say you love me? I don't know anything at all...


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Gone, get away, leave me be, cause I don't wanna see your face around here...


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I'm so sick and tired of the shit on the radio...go hard and tell em how you really feel!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Set myself on fire...anything to turn your did he become my torture...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations hater nuccas marry hater bitches and have hater kids lol
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I'm not gonna write you a love song cause you asked for it...I'm not gonna write you to stay...
ManifestTheRhyme Man, this is one SOULFUL song. Reminiscent of that raw, 1970s heroin heartbreaking soul.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Man, this is one SOULFUL song. Reminiscent of that raw, 1970s heroin heartbreaking soul. (reblip)
Bobby_Billionaire Babyface? Damn still got it in him! Who wudda thought Whezzy and Baby? the remix shud have Big bounce in on it, that wud be HOT!
Bobby_Billionaire Loso will make any track smooth az water. The Fa-ba-lo-us didn't eben use the auto tune. Thnx 4 that.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I could be your wake up reason daily...your the one I put the rock on....le-sigh
78ms_jaka_Jspectations How It Was Supposed To Be (Remix) (Ft. Jadakiss) – Ryan Leslie
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Kiss me thru the phone...I know I like this one song only...dnt judge me lol


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This song is hawt and Iont even rawk with weezy like that (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This was stuck in my head last week...a summer song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations It's so hawt I had to blip it twice...damn...If you don't love me somebody else will...THIS song needs its own VIDEO! (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations For the ladies of twitter that are driving the dudes crazy on line and in real time LOL


| play
MrSneakerKing "I'm not to blame for the pain that was caused by previous cats, that had your heart before me .... "
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Give up all this pussycats that's in my lap no looking back Spaceships don't come equipped with rear view mirrors They dip as quick as they can...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ready or not here I come you can't hide, gonna find you and take it slowly...Frontin' nucca's give me heebie-geebies

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love’s like a runway but which one do I love... Let’s stop chasing them boys and shop some more
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Bid my blood to run before I become undone...luvs it
78ms_jaka_Jspectations If that boy don't love you by NOW he will NEVER EVER love you! So very true...
78ms_jaka_Jspectations She can't sing a lick but....ummm I like this song lol I think its the way she uses inflection when she sings this song.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations before the drinking and drugs took over...le-sigh say no to narcotics (reblip)

JodeciCry For You

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Disrespectful...I don't think you hear me! You can't make me lose my mind I'm too strong for ya!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Hate it or love it the underdogs on top I'm gonna shine until my heart stops.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Would you do something behind my back and try and cover it up?
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I got my head on straight got my vibe right ain't gon let you kill it, tell em mary!
Shercole My #1 favorite rap ever .... Ms. Fat Booty- Mos Def

04 Ms Fat Booty

| play
Shercole #2 favorite rap This Can't Be Life - Hov/Scarface/Beanz
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This Can't Be Life - Hov/Scarface/Beanz this is my song right here yep....oh S(dot)Carter I miss thee (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ms. Fat Booty- Mos Def, favorite line I saw cherise at the kitty kat club playin lay em down and lick em up...funny as hell (reblip)

04 Ms Fat Booty

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Turn this up as you get ready for your weekend, even if you not going out turn it up and sweat ya hair out let's get it.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations If you get up in the morning and turn your swag on this song is for you, Keri Hilson
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Ladies tell em, you can be their addiction if they wanna get hooked on you

Danity KaneBad Girl

| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations If You see us in the club, you be acting real nice, you see us on the floor you be watching all night...still makes me dance
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Secretly luvs trick daddy ummmk don't tell no one though thanks.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations This song goes hard, when it comes on the ipod I go to a very dark place, it provokes my inner thug lol.
78ms_jaka_Jspectations hey you're a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good I'm on top of it... so bad its good I luv this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations buckcherry – porno star classic lyrics like I'm a big dick mothafucking porn star lol these guys are killing me word!
78ms_jaka_Jspectations buckcherry – ridin' lord okay 2 much of this music will cause a headache


| play
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I think I might be all about guitar riffs lol 1999 I luved this song
78ms_jaka_Jspectations I remember hearing this for the first time in the movie lean on me, scared the shit out of me but it still goes hard