skags I have a soft spot for orchestral rock, very nice harmonies.
Lady_Frostbite Diving into a working weekend, what else? 8 me....bombs away.
AprioriKreuz Grrrrrrr!, angry rivethead :@
bdsound took 'em long enough to get an album out. luckily none of the stuff off the bootlegs are on the new album... like this song.
skyex dragonforce are actually this good live.
melodyofurlife @Michlerish @bunq Iron & Wine do an excellent cover of that tune!!
melodyofurlife I have not Blipped this in a few days, Its HeartLess Bastards and Its Bad-ass!
quakkaz I thought it was a joke, when i saw this in the search results, but its actually surprisingly good! :)
quakkaz Ratatat are new to me, but on the basic of these 2 tracks, i must investigate further.Tasty stuff!


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quakkaz My fave new band of today
quakkaz AFX = one of aphex twins pseudonyms. Cool track
mmemaledicta looking at 2 coins a member gave @Ludwig today - they're, like, 2000 yrs old. How cool is that?
mmemaledicta OMgosh @Dillin_Chillin, we are so on the same page here, I was just saying I have a hardcore addiction to this song, deleted my blip to r/b yrs! (reblip)
Lady_Frostbite is deep in the middle of a kissing scene: the one where the mental patients realize they've fallen in deep dysfunctional love (& day dreaming.)
mmemaledicta back to working, with a darling quaker parrot perched on my laptop's screen *squee*
mmemaledicta blipping this to compete with @Ludwig's ridiculous cockatoo-cage cleaning sndtrk: Finntroll unplugged (where does he find this crap?)
mmemaledicta hoping this will r/b after all this time... (reblip)
Lady_Frostbite is transitioning from a weight training program to a 20 week run intensive triathlon training program & wishes she had those bionic parts.
Lady_Frostbite throws a life preserver @JPants (think of it as a mental dilaudid...)
Lady_Frostbite the burning wood roars against the iron of the smokey stove, wrapped invisibly by heated tendrils, cracked mouth leaking light.
mmemaledicta oh @HerrKirsch, you're welcome, I figured if blip wouldn't stop me, I'd prop you until I couldn't - sometimes it glitches in our favor :) (reblip)
mmemaledicta you know what rocks? try this: play this blip and the last one I posted on top of one another - it's magical, I promise
Lady_Frostbite remembers the film "Drop Dead Fred" & how she never outgrew that stage in her life @invisible ;-)
mmemaledicta @snapper: lab-a-licious and shoe-gaze-a-licious: what more is there??? (reblip)
mmemaledicta on a theme that ends here: this is the cutest owl-thing ever: (yes mr. owl I would like to pet youuuu)
Lady_Frostbite walks through the minefield of the human forest: where entropic embraces maul content.

SubheimYbe 76

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mmemaledicta I love the part in the movie "the Royal Tennenbaums" in which this song plays...very sad for such a funny movie, but then again, it's very dark too.
mmemaledicta it wont leave me alone so it must be blipped, in all its eloquent beauty
mmemaledicta I keep saying: fans of Sigur Ros/Bjork: take note...and you *ARE* listening, I trust...
Lady_Frostbite knows that the only thing more vulnerable than the aching flesh, is the soft visible underbelly of the imagination.
Lady_Frostbite is currently unavailable due to system maintenance, we apologize for the inconvenience.
mmemaledicta blipping and working for a few moments before I end up going to coffee with my Eddie Haskell, whom I love to death ^+_+^
quakkaz r we r we r r r r r r r r r r we yr f r i e n ds
quakkaz Mwah mwah mwah x x x


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Lady_Frostbite has pierced the breastplate of something supernatural.


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Lady_Frostbite has become disfigured by the fleshroots in the midnight garden, blames @MightyXenu & the senseless mechanism of the feeding mouths.
Lady_Frostbite agrees that it's weird that people only put additions on their houses to fill the empty rooms with furniture & boxes, not living, not life.
Lady_Frostbite was caught earlier in the week misusing the Magic Theater & has been banned from future experiments there as a matter of course.
mmemaledicta I haven't posted the friday list in 2 weeks, bc I have been extremely overwhelmed w/ work - but I'll post it today. Trying to rtn props to MANY of U
AleBourg nuuossa @gigia .. listen to dat ,laique ólueis ..leiiiizee...melting new disco delicious posts luvit,dontcha?@penfabulous isn´t it? tilt?@bendrix
Lady_Frostbite thinks if maybe she bribed @invisible with a dinner & dancing, he might be interested in some pro bono work for another site. / cause it ROCKS, all.
8pointed_antihuman need to be back in empty horizons...winter lasts so much longer in the NW than in the SW...missing the desert

Trax CD67 - CD1-15 - Predator vs Angerfist - The switch

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trepanado haha, Sao Paulo will host a Company B gig by may 22th!! unbelievable
Lady_Frostbite is reminded that new tech purges us of old etiquette. You must evolve, or die [remain boorish, prude; or extend boundaries of "acceptable" behavior.]
trepanado @santamistura : when I was wee I thought Ponty's music was a guilty pleasure, but then I realize it's just pleasure. and it's an electric violin... (reblip)
palnitro Your wish, good sir, is granted @8pointed_antihuman. Was following her module on the radar, what a journey, hail @Lady_Frostbite.
trepanado this is making the rounds for a couple of months, but has finally seen a release on Optimo Music label. synth-tastic! super hot action for a friday
8pointed_antihuman when the floor jumps up to hit you in the knees in rhythm...
quakkaz Now that the stars are in your eyes, im beginning to see the light. Cool, mellow track.
Lady_Frostbite observed @invisible wandering in her Midnight Garden tuning himself to the frequency of the strange flowers.
trepanado this is ace. ACE. thankfully, no hint of Jobby Gillespie. Only George Clinton vocals, Geof Barrow scratches and some fuzzed-out dub action
Lady_Frostbite says: for after hours, apply gently, turn, repeat.
8pointed_antihuman stoned out of my mind...wandering the desert...this will be my summer...
quakkaz tasty electronica (reblip)

Redial - Valve

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elfgirl i need more waves in my life!


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Lady_Frostbite is working up that surly morning aftertaste.
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Enjoying this last half hour of Sunday.
AleBourg :D @brunapp mais engraçado ainda é o link ´´Processe - nos ´ ´
threebears with these two things, you can move anything. ...quote'n'rblip @handstamp ^_^ thanks ... gonna try and move ... er ..a fulcrum and a lever :D :D (reblip)
darlin Blippy angst with falsetto/ Hawking vox & casio samples. What's not to w00t?
formalhaut did i miss something? waving hello 2 all the bliptastique dj's who send me zillions of blips, props, music, greetings & stuff. hey, it's good to back!
mmemaledicta R/B via @PrettyAsAPosie I never cease to be impressed by this band (reblip)
formalhaut is icelandic electro still the latest shit? YESSSSSSS
formalhaut i'm going take a break 2 work myself through your latest blips. and all your blips & replies since '77 ;) besides, i feel like coming home! ♥&☮ &
formalhaut @toobad yo! konnichiwa! so good to see you, mate!
formalhaut blippers of the world, unite!
formalhaut @klitoria he he! dachte ich's mir doch. you naughty girl … ;)
formalhaut fagget fairys in the house! saluting @daretoeatapeach

Uzela (prod. Yo Akim, T.O.M)

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8pointed_antihuman last blip and this one make me really want to play katamari
threebears found this one for @threebears dance'n'njoy! ...quote'n'rblip @formalhaut ^_^ whoa .. dancing bears - thanks sweetie! (reblip)
darlin Knock @ the door. Who's there? The Russian Futurists. Party? Crumble? Total mash crunch 80s dance hell? Schyeeah! Beer, anyone? W00t! YES.
darlin Soko plays the bitch. More palatable than the boyvox version, but infinitely sadder, because - OMG - it's all true. Girlfriend Syndrome, ewww.
threebears Santogold (or Santigold) with Diplo ....quote'n'rb @melodyofyourlife ^_^ thanks for blipping non-imeem!!! (non-imeem blip) (reblip)
bnoise I love Decapitated. Jesus, I'm becoming a metalhead again?? @rutto
bnoise CT are fun as hell. Break your neck on this one!


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darlin Bonecrunching, bitcrushing, sh1t-kicking demoness chorus from the wet side of Hardcore. Hyperhell in a handbasket: are you ready?
darlin So human = eloquently fallible. Find yr favourite human and give it a cup of tea, and wipe its human tears, and say it's all right, it's all right.
hermetic @marilovisky@mellomatic hi guys, occupy slightly different time zone to you when i don't stay up mad late. saw these with @godninja at the wkend.
K_HATE One of my all time fave punk songs.

Magical 8bit Tour-YMCK

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Superpowerless - Creep (Radiohead Cover)

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Alec_Empire @ezmeralda: "*" this is one of the best beats ever... no machine could ever match this...I LOVE IT (reblip)
elfgirl and now i'm a book. but this song rules!
mmemaledicta This is my warm up song to sing on my lunch hour before my class where I have to belt out the tunes
Alec_Empire Alec Empire new European Tourdates November/December 09!!!!

Alec Empire : New Man (2007)

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8pointed_antihuman enough folly ... sustenance awaits my rescue from their shelved prisons ... i will pay the guards with red slanted lasers to set them free ...


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skunk63 sick bastard music... :-) like it - French dark electro never fails
AleBourg :D Love Language :: Lalita
AleBourg opa !@kalimar aqui tudo bem!! hi,dear @LisaDiggityD

03 Avalanches

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Lady_Frostbite Must go suffer for art now. Thank you new listeners, enjoy your subversion!
Lady_Frostbite @razorfire No, not scene or Zombie-ish. Quiet, active & muscular. I'd eat most people alive in the dark though ;-) Self-containment is key.
8pointed_antihuman snow CODMW2 tomorrow, none...

Portishead - Nefisa (rare track)

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formalhaut @Heike hiermit erkläre ich den winter offiziell als beendet ;)
elfgirl i will never get tired of this song ;)
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Thursday - so it's Morphine - or is it Morphine so it's thursday?
skunk63 I lie here bleeding, tainting the snow a brilliant red


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das_Vakuum Dieses Glücksgefühl, wenn man in der Blip-Datenbank endlich was findet, was man schon seit Ewigkeiten gesucht hat … … … HACH!!!
skunk63 Active Evil is better than Passive Good.
mmemaledicta it's been awhile since I've blipped this band, it's time
das_Vakuum Wenn er nicht so weit weg wäre, würde ich glatt mal hinfahren und ihm 'ne Lampe vorbeibringen.
das_Vakuum Aber im Grunde genommen ist die ganze Idee völlig schwachsinnig.
das_Vakuum Denn: Wann sieht man hier schonmal die andere Seite des Mondes?!

Low LimitTurf Day

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das_Vakuum Ich sollte besser mit klarem Kopf blipen.
das_Vakuum Zum Glück habe ich kein Auto.
das_Vakuum @8pointed_antihuman Thanks! You really massaged my ego :-)
mmemaledicta @8pointed_antihuman: "puurrrty" ohhh, indeed it is! (reblip)

Kronos Quartet playing Sigur Ros

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das_Vakuum Sie kamen von oben, von links, von rechts und manchmal sogar von unten.
das_Vakuum Interessante Vorstellung.

The Books - An Owl With Knees

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das_Vakuum Gibts auch mit Gesang. Aber ohne ist mir lieber. Kommt von @happymooncake. (reblip)
skunk63 @atank this is much better, it smells like "Bull Fucking Shit"asswhole
das_Vakuum Ich verdrück mich. Gute Nacht.


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8pointed_antihuman daughter named her catpet danger...
elfgirl bahaha! i <3 anything involving Vacation. plus i'd like to take another one again soon...

Flying Lotus- Robo Tussin Instrumental♪♫♪

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Infopresser u like?

"Rains" by Teebs and Jackhigh. Video by Diagram Design

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das_Vakuum Noch nie gehört. Gute Nacht!


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skunk63 RB@Diebymyhand: "You can't escape your hate, it's like bloodlines." (reblip)

Nurzery Rhymes-Bloodline

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skunk63 rb@Totengrber: "rb@sarinninja: "Front Line Assembly – Prophecy"" (reblip)
das_Vakuum Der Trend geht zum Tagesblip. Heute: Montag.
das_Vakuum Mittlerweile bekannt aus Funk und Fernsehen, doch zuerst hörte ich dieses Stück bei @GRRGRR. (reblip)
das_Vakuum Als die Eiscreme draußen schmolz und nicht etwa fester wurde. Das waren noch Zeiten.
nrek JFB - Resident Evil #dubstep

JFBResident Evil

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a1 pagan future_Ancient Ritual

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skunk63 Dualproform – Mesc A Line
skunk63 Chainreactor-Hexenfütterung


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Radi0Brat Yeeeesssss....thanks! @philnok: "hi dj_swissmiss @JBCP: "Rude Boy – Rihanna #Dubstep #Remix"" (reblip)
bankaiAP #dubstep @thedoctor10


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Boieldieu concerto pour harpe en ut majeur -

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8pointed_antihuman ...Hsuan and his tea we found in the dumpster behind tazo in portland

Sick As Sin (official music video) Produced by Stagga feat. Skamma. Directed by Ryan Andrews

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Nematic game controller gains 1 week block

A LSDJLsdj is phat

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das_Vakuum Die Regel: Vierviertel in einem Takt.
AleBourg George Quartz and San Serac – Supercipher
HaLaN Low Limit – Inspirational Jumpsuit | ohh I love it :DDD
HaLaN Trillbass – Snowcap


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HaLaN The disciple grin – Yoke
HaLaN Heyoka – Fracula


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das_Vakuum Heute mal so. Bin gespannt, was der Abend bringt.
HaLaN Million Stylez, Boj Lucki & Ljudas – Fade away | rb@2Tall: "" :DD (reblip)
Orgambient777 @kattegat: "Hail the inspirers @Stendhal: "The Stars Are Moving – inspired by @MichiZuki ✭☍ ..." // @ACGT @plotek @ishibutsu @theantid0te @Dim_mer" (reblip)
manip_ @formalhaut auf dem weg ; )

Ableton Live + nanoKONTROL + deadmau5

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8pointed_antihuman it is getting warmer!!! Hace bien tiempo!
amphore Child's View (aka Nobukazu Takemura) – Shift
HaLaN Devnik – Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique | rb@die_Kalte: "Holy Bass V_V @WIGSTA @SmoothDubz @HaLaN @axefield @Randoll @2Tall" TY (reblip)
HaLaN DatsiK – Retreat (Excision Remix) | rb@die_Kalte :D como estas tio? :D (reblip)
skunk63 Manufactura – Beneath my hands death is love
skunk63 Eisenfunk- Skudrinka

Eisenfunk- Skudrinka

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skunk63 Unter Null – the Coldness of Caring
skunk63 a poisonous kiss & killer greetz
HaLaN Skrillex – Fucking Die
das_Vakuum Drum kaufte ich mit vorhin Waffeln. Die mit dem Guttermuster. Zum Auftoasten. Ihr wisst schon.


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HaLaN Dopplereffekt – Myon-Neutrino
amphore multikulti ;)) @kattegat: Ciao cara @MichiZuki e grazie // Salut @treakiepop, Esq. und liebe @ amphore ... ---> @Cosmix < grüsschen !! (reblip)
amphore hahahaha .... a *lovely* goodnight kiss ;) .... @andsometimeswhy: rb @ amphore: yes please ..... Tea In The Morning and ....... ;-)) (reblip)

The Boswell Sisters -- Coffee In the Morning.wmv

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mmemaledicta I haven't forgotten you, muse. Things are difficult. I cannot go on the way I had been, and I hope you aren't a fury instead of a muse now...
formalhaut rb@Stolen: "Kraftarbeitigkeit. (I don't know if that's properly a word.)" consider it as an official entry in my personal word pool. ;) (reblip)

Illektrolab "I AM ELECTRO"

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HaLaN Fanny – red | #lunesdestroy :D feeling in your bones...


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progman O.S.I. – Dirt From A Holy Place
Klangphase [Rack N Ruin (ft. Navigator & Slarta Jon) – Territory (Pixel Fist Remix)] #dubstep #breaks |
hawk_pl this was the first track i blipped here...
AleBourg Midnight Television - All Night
formalhaut dankeschön @o_oh @gdrago @Stendhal @ZOEBOE @Translucent und natürlich dank an@manipulator ;) ich tauche jetzt ab. gute nacht allerseits…


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Morrissey -- "The Loop" (1991) [Studio Recording]

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HaLaN Nikakoi – Orudila


| play
HaLaN Quinoline Yellow - Lyaomdo-0044 | Quinoline Yellow rules!!

The Black Hole with music by Andrea Griffith

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HaLaN KODEK – PISS ME A RIVER JESUS (HOLY SHHITT) | rb@die_Kalte: "@HaLaN ~ #lunesdestroy" // mas tarde voy a poner tracks del "Darkmatter Soundsystem" :D (reblip)
HaLaN Merzbow – Silent Night | #lunesdestroy @die_Kalte recien los voy a subir los track mas tarde, saliendo de la oficina :D
HaLaN Welder - memekast mk018 | rb@intinet: "@HaLaN que va que va de playa nada, en pleno center of the city, un poco quemao" asi no se puede vivir tio (reblip)
hawk_pl this is really good! thanks! :) rb@YukoHanaB: "just found this old remix that I heard many years ago and i've been always looking for it" (reblip)

Haldolium one of these days

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HaLaN Jackson And His Computer Band – Teen Beat Ocean
HaLaN Nalepa - Durian | rb@o_oh: "good night" :D (reblip)


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HaLaN Skeetaz – Toad Ya

SkeetazToad Ya

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HaLaN Venetian Snares – Szamár Madár
HaLaN Exoplanet – Delta IV

ExoplanetDelta IV

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HaLaN Subeena – DIG | rb@2Tall: "#HaLaN > my Peruvian twin :)" Hi bro how are you today? :D (reblip)


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Minimal man Pull back the bolt

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HaLaN Nosaj Thing – Heart Entire | friday... :D
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