ADub sexy song. perfect for 6am...
ADub Its not fair to say we wasted time. In my view, we just used it all up...
ADub Let's start this thing off right... Libation & Liberation
chiron08 I was so blind I could not see Your paradise Is not for me
Blackempire Funkadelic - Maggot Brain..
ADub My love has no beginning & my love has no end...
ADub Find yourself a girl & settle down. Live a simple life in a quiet town...
ADub Gimmie somma dat! @pipercarter so funky delicious (reblip)
ApOLo segundo dia de woodstock... ;)


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DProsper The beautiful ones always smash the picture...
TheSun ...another one of my jams...

Exhibit A (Transformations) []

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ADub talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it!
rax I really dig your company... ;)
ADub Good morning to you! @jvos007 rebirth of chic ;)@adub (reblip)
78ms_jaka_Jspectations Love where you hiding from me all this time?
ADub Don't talk, just listen...


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diyei_amilcar He talks of SAN FRANCISCO, he's from Hunter's Bar I don't quite know the distance; But I'm sure thats far.
ADub I love you baby, I love you so much. Maybe we can stay in touch....
JimmyHook Jeffersons Theme

Jeffersons Theme

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ManifestTheRhyme Solange is sanging gospel. I've felt the same way since I was a young'n.
ManifestTheRhyme btw, that last jawn was not featuring SV. Drake beasted on this whole mixtape. Canada is bubbling.
ManifestTheRhyme There's one bar in there that struck a deep chord with me. Trill spit? Bdddat.
MrThompsonR Thanks @huny "rare, beautiful prince song. one of the most gorgeous songs I've ever heard." @buttafingaz @Radiance84 @ThundRkat @lilwldchld (reblip)

PrinceThe One

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formalhaut when i say NOW i want you to…
Marigold (das geht nur so.) @alleBlipStars : Fröhliches Fest!
Atomik i love the prince drum beats in this song
olumi_day They Reminisce Over You – Pete Rock & CL Smooth
madSoul Just Don't Want To Be Lonely – The Main Ingredient
djxkn "Victime de la Mode", from "Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo" (1991), first album by French rapper MC Solaar (Claude M'Barali)- thanx @AleBourg! (reblip)
aevans44 And the conversation turns, until the sun goes down.
davidwatts1978 that's quite some name, my old boss' son is her squeeze, coughs
ADub Awesome! Never heard this version B4. Rare version of this song with Prince singing...


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ADub Yes me friend, dem turn me loose again...
ADub Ringing, stinging- jerking like a restless bird.... @truk77 I'm with you...

CakeNo Phone

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DareToEatAPeach From the 1997 album Earthling, this was the first ever downloadable single by a major artist.
UmpNews Thanks @ADub Fly Like An Eagle » Steve Miller Band
ADub He's an Oakland rider, making money in LA..
ADub This one bumps too!
ADub I got a letter from the government the other day....
Inesobjetsmart still had it stuck in her head, a half a day later.
ADub Your love gets sweeter everyday..
ADub You know I love you so & so...
markwelsby I'm all over the shop @ADub maybe we'll collide again?
ADub I'm for Women's rights, I just want equal nights..
musoSF She Wants Revenge is darkwave for a new millennium. Now where is the nearest subterranean dance floor?
ADub Take a journey with me before dawn...
equinda let the call it House, Master I
jonarablu Swing Out Sister - Breakout (reblip)

Swing Out Sister Breakout

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ADub Keep talkin that shit- Fuck yall lil' lil' ho Bitches..
ADub If we had a daughter, guess what I'mma call her...
ADub I ain't got not problems with girls out in Harlem, but...
Blackempire Tony Williams ~ Dreaming Of Your Love
rarerotation (#R&B) What artist originally did this song, #Raheem #Devaughn - "Prototype"
enrique_ there's a woman on the outside looking inside. does she see me? via @mellomatic (reblip)
ADub A little groove for 2:29 am..

01 Love Remains The Same (Louie Vega

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ADub Don't fake the funk, or your nose will grow- Sang it!
Greenie really like this, I needed some fresh hip-hop
ADub It's true, I am... amazingly beautiful song by Nandi's aunties...
ADub I knew my heart was in the right place..
ADub You may ask yourself- Where does that highway go to??
CynDyn thanks @JanelleV for reminding me how much i like(d) this one (reblip)
ADub Something smooth for my 251 listeners- thx for the silver star :D
ADub love it

Love To Love (Live77) - Dionne Warwick

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SarahShoeMe Teena has such a wonderful voice (^_^)
ADub I'm breathing for you..
ADub Don't you know, I spend all my time thinkin bout you??
ADub Best of Both Worlds Greatest hip-hop/soul duet that ended in a canceled tour & someone getting tasered..
ADub For my Reel Bay Area People: Mai-Lei, LL, Clay, Haiba, Amy & DJ Cali. Thx for the love!!
ADub Yes, we are going to church (up in here) this morning..
ADub Mama Na gets her groove early...
ADub I love your tricks... thx Clay


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ADub Only meant for me and you (and everyone who listens) :P
ADub thx Promise for putting me up on this one...
truk77 No interest in seeing the new movies with Steve Martin, but this is interesting.
magali ... wanna come tomorrow with me to see Circlesquare ?

Circlesquare- Sub Reminisce (Deeper)

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formalhaut @darlin this one in return from my <3 to yours! loved your bittersweet song very much! had it on repeat for 2 hrs! but now the beat has to go on! :)
ADub Ooh! That bass kicks my A$$ when it comes in :D
ADub Lovely song to go with my morning tea..
ADub Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead I am bouncing off the walls :P
ADub Hey love- I wish I cld share this with you for real.. :-/

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ADub hot tubs, rose buds..

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ADub I just met you, but can I touch you?


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ADub For my President.. Here's to embracing technology & pushing us FWD!
Canuckflack Christ - that last blip played a soulless version of this great song. Sorry about that.
toddtyrtle @daretoeatapeach This one was on the list of memories attached to TV.
rarerotation #Funk Music Trivia: What artist(s) sampled/covered #Funkadelic - "I'll Stay"?


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ADub Good Morning :-D 4 Nan,Gun, Smokes,T & J..
pimlicoco Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right
ADub I'll make you smile for long, long, long while..
ejflavors Platinum Pied Pipers are back, kickin' it with Karma Stewart. my wakeup track of the week.
ADub Tape ain't gonna fix it Honey...
ADub I'm gettin down with the city & the pity off it..
ADub This lonely stoner seems to free her mind at night...
ADub Thx @rakeshparmar Retro Riding v2.0 ... you coming? Yessir, we got this sampled thing going... (reblip)
rax Retro Riding v2.0 ... you coming?
rax Retro Riding v2.0 ... you coming? @ADub LOL humble apologies ;)
TheSun uuuhhg, I will go out...but, not yet...
ADub There's another side, inside of YOU..
DareToEatAPeach FUCK! Not a flat tire AGAIN! I just changed it like 2 weeks ago. Effing car stereo thieves covering the roads w/broken glass that gives my bike flats!
ADub I shoulda worked on my Poker face. Now I've been poked in the face.. @xiverano thx for the blip! (reblip)
ADub @BohemianChick thx! I'm sliding all over the house now :P (reblip)
ADub Um, yeah, I think we gotta go back to the beginning..
misterperturbed Nina Simone – I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Jacidbazz [♫ The Isley Brothers – Here We Go Again ♫] @CynDyn, please mangle away :-) @ADub - I lost too, thanks for that....
VikingKvinna prolly my last blip EVAH...or at least for tonight.
ADub Can't nobody do it like you do..
ADub Wanting Summer, but this is all we get..
ADub This is fo my ladies who crazy & got a mouth on 'em..
ADub Your love flows through me...

I Burn For You

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toddtyrtle Saw these guys on the street in NYC last time I was there a few years back. Had to buy the album as they were *so* good


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TheSun that does not sound sexy...

AirNapalm Love

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