ATG Yes! Ol' Blue Eyes! My favorite arrangement of one of my favorite songs, ever. Feet tapping. And, key change...


| play
ATG Fear is NOT the heart of love. I get the feeling that people run from me once I expose this side of me, that which feels rage, frustration.
ATG This song by Unwritten Law I often come back to for solace. Adolescent music often comforts me w/ its hidden maturity.

Save Me

| play
ATG What would YOU do if a Shiny Demon demanded you play The Best Song in The World, hm?
ATG One of the best, most joy-filled, love-filled, wisest, holiest songs I have ever heard. So much love, tummy-rubs for @Laffingbuddha.
conservadora for ATG

REM - I Am Superman

| play
Laffingbuddha Where I want to run away, what I want to be...
conservadora would you want a lapdance to this song?
conservadora agency and electoral politics. my inner radical pouts.
conservadora a certain sense of liberty
ATG Deep rage against G-d, injustice, weariness, inequity, pain, infinity, never-ending, no tunnel's light.
Laffingbuddha Yo Thursday! I OWN you beyotch!
Laffingbuddha @conservadora Word Sister!! Sing it with me!

4.09 The Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doing For Themselves

| play
ATG Desire, longing for the Divine intimacy, to the level of eroticism, while simultaneously repulsed, shunning, distant, dismissive.
ATG Escape the pain within a room somewhere.. escape the pain so deep inside the soul I have no key, no map to find.
jeremya This song made me wanna start a band...

Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

| play
dianadhevi Ahhh! This fucking song is HOME! >-D Yieaaah!


| play
mmemaledicta @by_starla, sorry to hear about the blue funk! I was there today too...until I saw a tiny Asian child dressed as a leopard dancing down the street. :)
jeremya Born and raised in South Detroit...
sandraew Maybe if I act like that...


| play
vacarini Essa é do baile dos 14 anos...


| play
Beav I won't be trod upon. Not now; not ever again.
pikachechi money

Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon Money

| play
ShortiezRevenge "You Keep Comin' Back For More" - It's True, I do!

11 - King of Pain

| play
DJDaleChumbley Yes, I really like this song. Makes me laugh. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...

PinkSo What

| play
youragentsteph I need you tonight- Cuz I'm not sleepin'
PatiSanches Ô, doçura. É disso que a gente precisa. Forever and ever.
hyperory let me fly, i need release from this troublesome mind...
karpicius esto es a perfect circle y despues tool ¿ok?, ni piensen que voy a poner evanescence o como se escriba, ni a gancho

A Perfect Circle - Hollow

| play
jencvs How long must we sing this song?

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday

| play
karpicius un cover mas y van.....
ladyvampiresa I'm picking me apart again, you all asume I'm safe here in my room unless I start again

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

| play
Reita Kimi dake no melody~ Kimi dake no yoru ni~


| play
clarkowitz Birthdays to have... (11/15/ Damn...
ATG The essence of my spirituality. Rather, a portion? A view through a kind of prism? Still not its entirety or every nuance.
ATG Ah.. a favorite song by Spitz. I think I have this album somewhere. Don't know Japanese, but Spitz's songs always make me feel-Joy, longing, yearning.


| play
finestsuit open your eyes then @lunarboy... none of us can see when *song title*. and not meant in just physical terms...
ATG Can't believe I found it! One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite JPOP groups, back when I partook more frequently.
iphy feeling like this right now
iphy @ATG : a partial essence of my spirituality
ATG This song always immediately arouses me, connecting to the hindbrain and the body, even before I ever read the lyrics, which I only now just did.
ATG I wonder, to whom/what am I offering this plea? "Good times for a change / See, the luck I've had / Can make a good man / Turn bad."

The Smiths - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

| play
evablue this is how i feel at my day job sometimes.
evablue you can hear all the influences in this...


| play
evablue it only matters that it ROCKS!
evablue even short guys get groupies if they sing.
evablue definitely one of the most memorable hair in history
evablue i need to concentrate... have to update... haAaaAAAAve to be the borg.
evablue did i mention how much i HATE fergie? put lucy's humps back in the peanut gallery. question all men who date ex-crack whores. thinking out loud again.


| play
evablue @deo how's this for love and hate? :)
evablue bye bye old me, hello new me?
evablue knowing where this is where danny elfman started makes me smile :)
evablue this man's smile makes me smile :)

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
evablue *sigh* one more thing to add to my bucket list. photograph john meyer

John MayerSay

| play
marissalucia I have to wear a sweater in the evening and the mornings taste like Autumn.
marissalucia This was the song of the night last night (don't ask me why!)
marissalucia I'm in a good mood today and listening to cheesy pop stuff.
driczz queria a versão remix com a Bjork, mas...
driczz I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one ..
ATG Pleading in my dream last night. When my time comes help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. And don't resent me when you're feeling empty.
evablue @finestsuit so i can keeping eating cheese for breakfast?

Richard Cheese Hashpipe (Weezer)

| play
IAmLegend1623 Anyone ever see the viking kitties? Google it. That was freakin' hilarious. This song is so kick ass.
ATG Tears every time. Deep resonance. Death, my prof. colleague, friend. Much sorrow, grief. Love is watching someone die. So who's going to watch ME die?

Nina Simone My Baby Just Cares for Me

| play
guso Estimulante para el alma

Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones Big Band - "Stormy Weather"

| play
ATG "So where ARE the strong? And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony?" Costello, my favorite of Elvii. Testify!
ATG In response to and all those needing healing, hope. Only love can bring the rain. "LOVE! Reign O'er Me!" Profound. Holy. Prophetic.

Love Reign Over Me - The Who

| play
ATG This Pearl Jam version also holy, profound, esp. pleading vocals. My prayer for those at Hear! Hope still for you! Only LOVE.
ATG Because it's been that kind of, not day, but LIFE. Jesus H. Christ.
clarkowitz Thanks @coffeebreath! Yours was great, too. :) Trying to decide if I'm doing anything for Halloween and, if so, what I'm going as. You?
rsepulveda I've played it already, but oldies rock
ATG I totally elle oh elled. "Under the SEAAAAAAAA!!" HA! Never give up on your dreams.
Maikol Sweet home Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet Home Alabama Lord, I'm coming home to you
Laffingbuddha It's Monday. Kick it! Own it! Live it!


| play
DJPassion meditating to this song while I read Henri Nouwen.
DJPassion Love to drive and chill out to this song. Great leaving work when you're tired and spent.
conservadora here's to a week with bright, bright stars.

Blind (Feat. Antony Hegarty)

| play
ATG For @Laffingbuddha. From my genderqueer heart to yours. *love*
strem23 Good way to start a Monday.


| play
IAmLegend1623 Shake off the cobwebs, rub your eyes and drink your coffee. Its time to rattle the speakers and bang your head.
ATG Everyone, of every gender across the infinite genderverse, claim it, work it, own it! Yes! "I'm Every Woman; It's all in ME!"
ATG One of my favorite genderqueerriffic songs. That it samples Empire Strikes Back, Vader's Theme, even better.
ATG Love this version by The Man in Black (to whom a former love once compared me). Different voice, experience, context, meaning, power.
ATG First song I ever heard of Kathleen Edwards. She was performing on Leno. Immediately captivated, strained to catch her name to look her up later.
ATG Some characterize Kathleen Edwards as "Alt country." Some take issue w/ her being Canadian. Just, let her music speak. Beautiful. Penetrating.
IAmLegend1623 For the first time in my life I wish I could vote. If you have that right, then you're obligated to use it. Take the power back.

Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back

| play
calamari There's a smile on my face for the whole human race. :D
iphy transparent dangling carrots
ATG Dylan- I'm Only Bleeding. In more ways than one. Lacerations, disillusion, wounds not the purview of women. PoUSA sometimes must stand naked.
ATG Literally, waiting on the world to change in more ways than one. Seconds passing agonizingly till the morrow, but we all want systemic/personal Δ.
DrDebs Get out the vote 08. If you can, hold on.
ATG Revolution through varied means. Individual spheres affect the macro affect the micro. Vote. Love. Build.
ATG The Government DOES Totally Suck! Sing it, Tenacious D! Rock on!! Seriously, there's truth in this song, and we all could use some D.
ATG "Hold on...I felt a change a-comin' soon...Hold on, 'cause the world will turn if you're ready or not." Just a little longer, All.
ATG It truly is a wonderful world, moreso when sung by Joey Ramone. I just believe it more when he sings it while simultaneously feeling the snark.
squeezil Played this on accident at the same time as Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver... and oddly, it worked. Weird.
ATG "I can't wait..I just can't sit still..are we there yet?" Closing in indeed! Beautiful, voice, euphoric feeling evoked as it is. Dual meaning.
ATG Hell to the yeah! A milli a milli a milli et al revised. O.B.A.M.A.


| play
ATG Where's YOUR head at? Make sure you bring your practice ballot with you tomorrow. I'm going to try to get there at 5, 6 at the outside.
ATG Oh. Lord. LOL. Jesus Christ on a cracker. A powerful U2 song completely desecrated by Richard Cheese. I elle oh elled, & I needed it. HA!
Kellyssima Celebrate and dance are free Music's got me feeling so free
ATG One of my favorite tracks from the Kung Fu Panda OST. Hans Zimmer, composer. Channeling the peaceful zen of Oogway, the turtle master.
MickHD Holy Diver! You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becoming of me!
JamWithPam How long does it take? I want to be over him now!
karsh Ledisi does a great sendup of this American Songbook classic.
ATG Where I want to go if things go truly abysmally tomorrow. Moving there w/ a group including my Two Moms.
drleanne love this song version

Mat Weddle - Hey Ya

| play
drleanne this was theme song when was a teen. right when was making a break from the lies and hypocrisy of a church that cared more about money than people
Laffingbuddha Embrace it! Can you feel it?

Sherly Crow A Change

| play
ATG "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...and I'm FEELING GOOD." YES! YES!! The whole world has a new axis, a new state of being.
ATG It truly is a WONDERFUL world! Thanks, Joey Ramone! Do you not feel the connection all around, in, through everything? Life! Love!
Koutarou Hmmm, better time maybe, i catch a cold, my boss reprended me but maybe tomorrow... who knows... and who cares?
calamari Any song with clapping hands is automatically cooler.
espyder one more time... (daft punk)
tamnesia I still love this song, interesting version
ATG It's so cold outside, and inside! Toes frozen. Love this version. Time to watch Elf for the umpteenth time.
ATG Radio interview w/ Jim Gaffigan. So much great material. I love me some Gaffigan. @elzbeth and @ATG, this Saturday! YAY!!


| play
Laffingbuddha Let's keep going...


| play
ATG You think it's over? We've only just started! "Remember, remember the 5th of November." Street Fighting Man plays over the credits of V for Vendetta.
ATG Still fighting. Harness your individual and community power! This song also on the V for Vendetta credits. More legislative fight ahead.
ATG Mixed up feelings I have. But who's really mixed up, hm? Location of problem -system, not individual. But still, those who voted Yes on 8 -MIXED UP.

BlurMixed Up

| play
ATG Have you heard of doubling? It's when someone else says what you can't. To all the YES ON 8? I'll let these guys say what I wish I could.

SatorFuck You

| play
ATG "Oh, by the way, betch, FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!" I. Love. Kelly. We all need to channel a little bit of her everyday. Esp. TODAY.


| play
ATG Sometimes, I fucking hate people. One of My Two Moms, Susan, hates people. ;-) Yet I continue to work toward bringing healing for All. *sigh*

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

| play
ATG WAKE UP!! And RAGE! What I want the world to do, and what I feel. No on 8 rally in WeHo tonight at 7. Find Me.
ATG Back from No on 8 rally. Rage. Sadness. Action. Only LOVE-fueled action, no blame, will transform. LOVE! Reign o'er ME!
ATG Even when it's no longer The 5th of November (in about 10 seconds), it's still The 5th of November. 1812 Overture - Power. Tears. Yes.
ATG Eros. Wounded. "Here I am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded. But I see through it all, see through, see you..You don't see me."
Nordic Let's start the day smoothly
ATG Earlier, I wanted to break stuff. But listening to Dick Cheese's version of this song, the rage completely dissolves into bewildered amusement. HA!
Laffingbuddha To my lovely @conservadora drink up dear. We'll get through this thing.
ATG Especially w/ all that plagues us, all the uncertainty and change, LOVE, the entity and force, will carry the day.
ATG You know what? I think it IS going to be a LOVELY day! LOVE! working through the individual, community, changes the world.
ATG If you can sing along w/ the chorus, you deserve a medal. I'll be practicing for karaoke. I DO believe in a thing called love! *happy* *joy*
ATG I want a man like this! And, I want to be the man who would fight for honor. *sigh* Shut up.
ATG "I love you, baby, but all I can think about is..Kielbasa Sausage - your buttcheeks is warm." I love how WTF this song is. HA!
ATG For @Laffingbuddha. Taking applications - YES.
calamari @threebears Oh that's right, you were here in San Francisco. Hope you had a wonderful time. We'll have to meet up next time you're here. :)
ATG Oh, Stevie. You capture that feeling, wishing for the total innocence of childhood, so well. I was invincible!
Laffingbuddha To all those idiots who voted Yes on Prop 8.
ATG @Laffingbuddha! Why, such language, Sir! :-O Especially from a spiritual one as Thou! Kind of turned me on. *rowr*
ATG @xiomberg, I saw your tweet, and this goes out to YOU, and for you, to all the haters. :-*
evablue @bunster10 all that code about partying with girls is really about about cookie dream parties right? ;)
ATG Love this cover! Love the original. Could not imagine a better band than TMBG to cover Devo.
Emmakat Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings would be awesome for Obama's Inauguration.
iphy i love this song ... love. love. love.
ATG Please, someone keep me warm in this icebox of an office. Volunteers? ;-)
bizzybee Look for the girl with the broken smile; ask her if she wants to stay a while.
ATG Every One, someday, you will be loved. Truly, fully, seen for who you are. Eros. Body. S/spirit. Mind.
camden ok that's all my political euphemisms for the year
ATG For @iphy @iphigeneia - Salt water and its healing, restorative powers indeed. *love*
ATG SO HUNGRY! In more ways than one. *rowr* YOU know what I'm talking about. ;-) No, but seriously, I'm starving.
ATG All right! Shrek Karaoke Dance Party! Yay!! Great for any time, am I right?
ATG OMG. Saw the title, and to quote Michael Buckley, I had to have it. Have you heard this??
ATG Seriously, one more time. Listen to the lyrics. Beyond binary thinking. "Everything's on a continuum."
ATG What a beautiful piece by Imogen Heap as you calm your body, mind, and heart. Stirring leads to settling.
ATG Beautiful Dreamers All, I bid you good night and restorative dreams. I hope to awaken next to a Beautiful Dreamer one day.
ATG You know who you are. Yes, you. ;-)
ATG Let's do it. Yes, I'm talking to YOU!
ATG For @conservadora! Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, Sexy Thang, Hot Hot Hotness, ALL o' THAT! *mwah* Morning. ;-)
ATG @seishin17, Stewie simply wants to be close to you. Aw.. Yay for new relationships, be they w/ animal or human.
ATG Good Morning, Every One! This song seems appropriate somehow, even though I feel fair. Bad dreams, perhaps? *salute*
ATG Closer to Fine, indeed, Indigo Girls! I need more IG in my life. Been a while since I absorbed this song. *mwah*
calamari I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now.
ATG "I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now." I, however, have lived much too much - ancient. Whose version of this song do you like best?
ATG I also like The Byrds' version of this song. They know of which they speak, as does Dylan (another good version).
ATG Loving this remix of Canned Heat. I am totally imagining Napoleon Dynamite dancing w/ strobes, lights to this.
iphy HAD to play this one. very significant for me.

Pearl JamAlive

| play
iphy proud of what i did today... ... I was feeling part of the scenery / I walked right out of the machinery / My heart was going boom boom boom
ATG "But I see through it all, see through, see you..You don't see me." Eros swirling w/ yearning for congruence, mirroring.
ATG So many of us disconnected from each other, from ourselves. So much pain, suffering. May we all be free. Let go! Beauty in the breakdown. In YOU.
conservadora some genderqueer joy for the weekend.
ATG "Why does everyone always come out to ME?" -Stewie, in this clip featuring "Rhode Island Bound." Swingin' tune!
ATG Excellent remix. Driving beat w/ tranquility, the combination I need. More Afro Celt SS, please. ;-)
ATG Still not awake. Napping will happen later today fo sho'. But what a great way to wake up, ja? If only..;-)
ATG Wake me up before you go-go. You put the boom boom into my heart. Much too early for gibberish, but I love you, George. *mwah*
ATG Wake up! Big Brother's watching. Oh, Danny Elfman, I hear you. It's BEEN 1984.
ATG One love, love love. We truly are All One. Even, especially, now.
ATG Love IS in Need of Love Today! Listen to the lyrics. Prophetic. We are all One. Sisters, brothers, siblings. No us/them. All One.
ATG I could use a bit of Whitesnake, couldn't you? I, too, ain't no stranger to love - howsaboutyou?
camden going aggro for a bit


| play
FiveHusbands Springsteen sang this at the Cleveland Obama rally - song for my hometown, makes me weep
FiveHusbands for melancholy days and gray weather The Blue Nile
ATG For @xiomberg. Hoping your heart full of hate resolves into action, dissolving the hate. ((hug))

Accept Balls To The Wall

| play
ATG You can see some of the origins of some of the Sexy tour material in this show, from two years ago. Love Gaffigan!
camden on the top of my list of dcfc songs
ATG Me too, @camden. V. meaningful. I work closely w/ Death (hospice), but I also wonder if I will ever have a partner in life to hold me in death.
ATG Oregon town elects Genderqueer Trans FTM mayor!! SOMETHING to celebrate, amidst Prop 8 madness!
ATG This one goes out to @Laffingbuddha. The inimitable AC/DC says it best. LB, I am just saying. :-D Embrace your hotness, because I certainly want to.
mellomatic @ATG i totally agree! heard this song today and thought the same thing...

BushGreedy Fly

| play
ATG I miss Hot Gavin from Bush, when he did driving, sexual rock like this. Solo Gavin sans Bush - not as hot. I'm just saying.
ATG So much sexual energy, nuanced, raw, driving, insistent, primal, in this song! Almost always immediately arouses.
ATG Further celebrating Eros, the erotic life force energy. Feeling amorous.
ATG More along the lines of amorous, lustful. Oh, very much so... Eros, the life force energy, moves and breathes w/in us all.
ATG I am feeling, among other things, amorous. Also: Joyous, reflective, mournful, compassionate, silly, tranquil, released.
ATG This song has an arousing, erotic effect, an insistent, driving feel, though the lyrics speak of Death, life, rebirth. Appropriate, to me.
ATG And the original. Erotic, arousing. Excellent use of imagery. Poetic, but direct. S/M a plus! Rhythm, simple chord progression, all just so, ah!
ATG Another immediately arousing song (for me), done A cappella. Very nice rendition. Very, very well done...
ATG That voice! So seductive! Makes you want to agree to anything. I need to gargle, keep my seduction tool(s) well maintained. Ahem. ;-)
h0neyb Here's a little Soul II Soul: Back to Life.. Back to Reality.. (Woohoo Work!!)


| play
ATG @conservadora @Laffingbuddha As the chill approaches, we can keep each other warm. Ho, yeah. ;-) *snugglesnugglesnuggle*
ATG For @Laffingbuddha. O bode e a cabra. A cabra gritou méiéié. A cabra gritou mé. :-D :-D *rowrr*
Laffingbuddha Take a moment. Breathe.


| play
ATG @Laffingbuddha See, that made ME smile. I hope to make you smile many more times. :-) Yay. And yay for the 80's.
camden might not have been on your radar, but one of the best pop songs in the last two years
ATG I am IN LOVE w/ this musical. People, please upload! "I'm ready can be my best friend, I can be your right arm.."
iphy @ATG thinking of you. sorry for migraine, new client, stress, money problems, etc. ... hoping you sleep well tonight.

Javier Navarette - Pans Labyrinth Lullaby

| play
ATG One of my favorite songs by the Indigo Girls. Think how much we have overcome! Truly overcome! Collective unconsciousness, anyone? All are One.
marcgoldberg One last last one for the road
ATG One last song for the road as I say goodnight and go, finally leaving the office. Sleep awaits. What a flirty song!
ATG The Voice! Sinatra delivers this song perfectly, & what a song! Great lyrics, & the big band swells give it the perfect nuance. "In other words..!"
ATG @Laffingbuddha "Why'd you have to be so cute?" :-P *mwah*
marcgoldberg One other Sinatra for a grey morning
ATG We can also use some calm, some breathing. @seishin17, @Laffingbuddha, @conservadora - *love*
ATG @Laffingbuddha, dear heart, I tried calling, essentially, to say I love you, but I'll try you again later. *mwah*
ATG I want someone to say, sing these things about me. "Because you live, I live."
ATG For @evablue, and Every One who has experienced grief, loss. May you have peaceful rest tonight.
ATG @drleanne I mourn w/ you as you walk this path toward integration. Grief. Death. Loss. Partings. Change. Missing. You, all of the you, are good.
DJDommyDom A little Rhinanna for ya'll....
urbanbohemian @ATG Sadly, I can't telepathically transmit all my tunes to, but this one's on right now.
ATG For @urbanbohemian & @conservadora. Count on TMBG to hit two birds w/ one stone! (You have to see my Twitter stream to get this).
ATG Without any irony whatsoever, you go, Thomas Beattie. Takes a real man to live, to BE, who he is. To use his own body to protect his child.
ATG As good an answer to "What is a man?" as any. "He knows his destiny is his alone to choose." For Thomas Beattie, a great man.
ATG Good morning, All! What a great day to be alive! Truly. Reach for the sun. Dark, light, death, life, joy, despair - all good.
ATG @luclatulippe, you prompted me to listen to this again. Always a healing balm. Thank you! *mwah*
camden this song makes me happy
ATG Help! Got to stay up most of the night working on a project. Suggestions for motivation music? Thanks!
ATG Thanks, @SirCrocodile (on Plurk). This song evokes happy feelings, despite the lyrics. Haven't heard it in a while. Ah..
ATG Working alone in the dark. But not alone. Not really. I have all of YOU. And the Spirit. And My own Awesome. ;-)
bizzybee Closing out my U2 set with Bono's song for his Dad.

U2Walk On

| play
ATG @gooster! I love this song, my favorite by TMBG. "Make a little birdhouse in your soul." Speaks to the unconscious, both individual and collective.
ATG @seishin17 That's a great question indeed! What IS going on, hm? Hope your issues find resolution soon, internet and other. ((hug))
bizzybee Aww come on now, you know you wanna dance. Get up outta that chair and throw your hands in the air. She moves in....
bizzybee If the sky can crack, there must be some way back.
bizzybee she takes the blame, she covers the shame...grace finds goodness in everything


| play
bizzybee one've gotta do what you should...we've got to carry each other, carry each other...


| play
bizzybee I want a lot of what you got, and nothing that you're not.
bizzybee ...and when I go there, I go there with you...
bizzybee Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
bizzybee Something about the way he sings the word "woman" in this one, makes me want to kiss him on the mouth. *grin*
bizzybee Ah heck. Why not? This morning, I'll do a U2 set and get it out of my system.
bizzybee Some days I just have to restrain myself from blipping all U2, all the time. Bono...what a rock star. :)
ATG @bizzybee Wonderful U2 set! One of my favorites, [song title]. Actually, the whole War album probably my favorite.

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday

| play
ATG @bizzybee You. Go. Girl. Celebrate yourself! Work it! Own it! You are FABULOUS! That goes out to e'rybody! *mwah*

chaka khan_every woman

| play
bizzybee Kinda havin' a good hair day. Also, these jeans are fabulous. Just thought you'd like to know.
bizzybee @ATG I know, mine too. Just couldn't blip them all. Thanks for the props and reply. :)
ATG You know who rocks? ME. I'm just saying! ;-) And the D. And YOU! "Give it up for rock!" And for you! And me. Cuz I rock. *metal horns*
ATG I really am SO excited! I just can't hide it! What a glorious time to be alive! Tomorrow, the entire US nation, together in S/spirit, purpose *love*

80 s pointer sisters im so excited

| play
ATG Who doesn't love Van Halen? Not Eddie, but the band. ;-) Why CAN'T this be love, huh? Both all the LGBT marriages out there, but also, for moi? :-D
ATG I am the perpetually [song title]. It never ends! And I wonder how I accumulate so much weariness, body and soul.
ATG OMG, I found the theme from MASH, WITH lyrics ("Suicide is Painless").
ATG Sweet! Slash & Perla made a video supporting & the NATIONAL RALLY TOMORROW! #JTINov15
camden i leave you with my fav song of all time, good night (this guy said a 'tall cool drink of your soul' i like that.)
ATG Dedicated to the fabulous Wanda Sykes who came out today at the #JTINov15 rally in LV today! Love you, Wanda!
ATG So much love today all across the nation! Not so much a No on 8 event as Love come alive! All over the US! All at once! *mwah* (reblip)
ATG When so-called obstacles arise, what do we do? We move along. And we will win. We ARE winning. Love will out. Hope. Trust.
ATG Inspired by @cyberczar, I do indeed feel alive. One day I would like to feel this w/ another. Heart soars! Hope.
ATG I failed to mention all the HOT at the #JTINov15 rally! Said to organizer of our little contingent, wouldn't it be great/ironic to meet BF/GF HERE?
ATG So much hotness at the rally 11-15. Got my flirt on w/ D, organizer of our little contingent. Cute! Hot blooded indeed!
ATG Good morning, @bizzybee! I love The Newsboys and saw them live in my youth many times. Rich Mullins, a prophet, whose music speaks God's heart.
ATG Again, @cyberczar inspires. His Gaynor blip made me think of this, which makes me want to watch The Replacements, one of my favorite movies ever.
afroblue 唐突に思い出したオールディーズの名曲
ATG How about this one, @evablue? :-D

The Official Hamster Dance Song

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ATG GOOD SUNDAY MORNING, ALL! Love the drums on this song! Versatile, fluid style. "I thought I knew you well..Oh, well."
ATG Paramore's cover of one of my favorite U2 songs. Probably my favorite album, too (War). Good Sunday, All. Nice interpretation.
evablue @ATG uh thanks... but this is really what's inside my brain.
ATG Now @evablue inspires. This version reminds me of Tank Girl, a bad-ass movie. This song is perfect for it!
cyberczar i have had many an amorous interlude with my partner and this song playing in the background ;-)
cyberczar another feel good song from the 90s. chickey-cherry-cola baybee!
ATG Sleeping most of this day to conserve energy, recover from the week, recharge for the next. #lafires
ATG Having difficulty breathing in (CA fires), but Frou Frou provides some Zen-itude.
ATG Dedicated to the Lovely Lady Lara, @conservadora. "She's so high above me, like Cleopatra or Aphrodite.." *mwahmwahmwah*
ATG @amoration @evo I gratefully accept. Thank you. What would be a good time? JCM expresses my sentiments perfectly, to you, to humanity.
ATG I see how it is. I noticed an influx of Twitter friends using once I started blipping like mad. Hmm.. *love* to @Laffingbuddha *mwah*
harveymilk The sound track of 13 year old me, at a Bar Mitzvah party at a roller rink, is playing this song. More More More. (Andrea True Melody).
ATG I'm going to have to do a little Tenacious D block. There's just nothing for it.
ATG What would YOU do if a demon demanded you play the best song in the world?
ATG This song (and video) features Meatloaf, Dio, and so much rock awesome. Vid has captions.
ATG What rocks harder, KG's classical prowess, JB's lyrical gymnastics, or some magical combination?
ATG @stephenfry Speaking of socks, odd or otherwise, I dedicate this to you. *mwah*
ATG This song *just* popped in my head. I do so Aretha. Sometimes, often, The Universe speaks to me. I am its conduit. Bodhisattva, and such.
ATG Whole stories, entire lives, contained within this song, especially with the heart Aretha pours into it.
IAmLegend1623 And ever since I saw "Wanted" I just can't stop listening to this song.
ATG Welcome to a new day. "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, and I'm FEELING GOOD." Embrace it!
cyberczar Take care folks, and have a wonderful day! I'm off to the shower and then off to work for a brand new (& cold!) day.


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cyberczar Now that you're awake, stretch those muscles! Get loose! Get limber! A new day awaits, and it's calling YOU front & center!
ATG Welcome to a New Day! Miss Patti Labelle says it better than I. *joy* *exhilaration* That voice! Whoo!
ATG For @Laffingbuddha. For you. For me. For all of humanity. I love you. *joy* *full heart*
cyberczar This is how I felt after Prop 8 Passed in California. Come to think of it, this would make a decent anthem for the movement. ;-)
conservadora "destroy the right wing". still conflicted about marriage as queer agenda pet issue, but feelin' glowy about saturday's protest and my participation.
evablue hey [band name] @melodyofyourlife! i wanna see you [song title] :D
conservadora i swear i just saw some blue sky...
evablue returning to being retarded. woot! coming in concert soon! i think i'll make the official request to shoot the concert. haha!
conservadora i think you're just so pleasant, i'd like you for my own.
evablue @angrybob i'm gonna call you the one minute man. just when i want to respond, i see you're gone already. :P
ATG @xiomberg Why you gotta be so negative? ;-)

Barbara Streisand - Dont Rain On My Parade

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ATG @iphigeneia @iphy Thinking of you and all the healing work you are doing. Love. Hope. Healing. Strength.
ATG @iphigeneia @iphy The water - large, scary, dangerous, but full, free, limitless.

FeistThe Water

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ATG @iphigeneia @iphy Be water, my friend..Let it grow..Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water..Water can flow or it can crash. -B. Lee
cyberczar I guess I didn't know… I guess I didn't know… I guess I didn't know…
cyberczar This song only has 13 words, and they're all sampled; but they're the hottest 13 words you'll hear this evening.
cyberczar Stop, Look, and Listen Baby, that's my philosophy!


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cyberczar just fecking with you, that's all. ;-) of course, who wouldn't take him into bed? be honest!
cyberczar If you can't tell by now, my taste in music is quite eclectic. ;-)
cyberczar this brings back lots and lots of fond and lurid memories
cyberczar My friend's call me Wonder Mike. You can call Amazing.
cyberczar Another one of my Anthem Songs. ;-)
cyberczar I had such a woody for Mr. Wahlberg back in the day. Damn, I miss the 90's.
cyberczar it's getting late. good thing i'm working from home tomorrow so i can sleep in!
cyberczar Everytime I hear this song, or see this scene in the movie, I ball-out crying. It's such a moving arrangement and joyous part of the film.
cyberczar Best. Song. Ever! (like EJ & RP's version better though.)
cyberczar For everyone who might be feeling blue right now.
iphy the lost dogs in action, several years ago
ATG Suddenly struck w/ desire to hear this man's voice. It evokes such emotion, no translation needed. Beautiful. Silken.
djwashingtonson Yeah - Usher (welcome to the Blip DJ Only Dance Party-Boogie down at Blip) (reblip)


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cyberczar another "anthem" song. can you guess why? ;-)

StyxMr. Roboto

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cyberczar eating some sushi for lunch. ;-)
cyberczar going to run out and get some lunch. brr, it's too cold! nipples are hard and suffering major shrinkage at the same time! ^_^
ATG Oh, Twitter, why you gotta hurt me so bad? And now Plurk? *sob* ;-)
ATG So hot for a friend! I so want to put my hands, mouth on him, and I know he wants to play w/ my body, too. *lust*
ATG Mm.. revved by attraction, desire, lust! Touch, affection, of the nonsexual type as well, but moreso grazing, sensual, not-so-innocent touches...
djwashingtonson (Will the real Boogie please stand up) The Real Slim Shady – Eminem
evablue Thanks for the breakfast recap :P reblip @mindofchester a hot porno sounding song about ice cream on a cold morning. (reblip)
ATG Get on the good foot! This should (hopefully) help obliterate my tireds. Godfather of Soul, talk to me.
evablue plastic surgery freaks say it's cold outside. -3. *sniffle*
bizzybee Off to find some working Christmas lights. I'll get started with the light hanging process, eventually.
ATG Revved by attraction, desire, lust! Touch, affection, of the nonsexual type as well, but moreso grazing, sensual, not-so-innocent touches... (reblip)
ATG The Trans/Gender/Queer Day of Remembrance belongs to ALL of humanity. Transphobia, homophobia, genderphobia claims all of us as victims everyday.
ATG We shall overcome. Trans/Gender/Queer Day of Remembrance. No color, no genders, no perceived, societal construct will separate us from each other.
evablue the royal we needs to become presentable for public viewing. luckily for the "other people" in the office, iget hosed down daily. :)
ATG FRIDAY! To @laffingbuddha, @geekandahalf, and all my peeps out there (much prefer the Johnny Kemp original).
evablue @davidwatts1978 i bet "tootie" was your first brown sugar crush :P
evablue i say! @imogenheap just found me on twitter :)
cyberczar dedicated to @turi319 … my new BFF! xoxoxoxo ^_^


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ATG Speaking of genderqueer, this rendition of I Feel Pretty by Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson makes me feel happy. *joy*
ATG Question: (In honor of @laffingbuddha) Which do you like better, OG Bladerunner or the Director's Cut, and why? Show your work. :-P
evablue @mtlb egads. 45 mins to wash, drive, park and land in a photo pit. ugh. toodles! and don't forget to wear manliner today! emo is the new glam. :P
ATG @iphigeneia @iphy In honor of a small child. Yay for the kidling! The heart melts.
iphy a song for myself. i believe there's a place, there's a place where we belong. (reblip)
ATG I truly am too sexy. Better recognize, y'all. *mwah* ;-) Cute, adorable, hot, and more. Aw, yeah... Feeling my awesome. :-D
ellembee A sleepy gray morning. Wish it was coffee raining from the sky instead of this "wintry mix" bullshit.
ATG For Monte, Clarabelle, @ellembee, and other Beings, four or two legged, who show me Pure LOVE. *sigh* *joy*
conservadora so excited for chosen family time. i really love this holiday.
ATG My dear @zippityd, I say unto thee, keep hope alive. Trite? Perhaps. My heartfelt sentiment? Sometimes. Transmitting it to you now...
ATG This song, its one spoken lyric, the title for sure, Jamiroquai's inimitable old+new school+something else -hits the spot.
ATG This song just popped in my head. Shoulders, head, neck moving in erratic fashion.. ;-) Thank you, Coolio.
ATG Back on the 'nets, y'all. Take from this kick-ass rendition by Tiffany whatever you will. "I think we're all alone now.." *sigh*
ATG For @harveymilk, and all of us. So much truth! Joy! Affirmation! Validation! Thank you, so much, Mr. Rogers. Excellent musical tribute.
ATG @iphigeneia @iphy For you and @squeezil. I love your love! You, your relationship give me hope. Happy anniversary week. *mwah*
ATG Needing some sexual healing. Yearning, longing, deep w/in. (And can I just say, Ben Harper - HOT. *rowrr*)
ATG @iphigeneia @iphy "In my hour of darkness S/he is standing right in front of me..When the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me.."
ATG One of my absolute favorite songs right now. Makes me feel SO happy! So very giddy. Repeat plays a must. Yay! :-D
ATG (Warning: Slightly erotic, possibly TMI) I would like someone to say this to ME, thank you very much. Mm..
ATG Feeling odd but right mix of eroticism, sadness/mourning for dear friends, & mourning disconnection of all Beings, everywhere
djwashingtonson The Night Santa Went Crazy - "Weird Al" Yankovic
loungecreature I seen ya working down in Chinatown. Why Can't We Be Friends? – War
whosYERblues old school. this song reminds me of back to the future. dork thinks he's gonna drown.
BaronessHeather Dream A Little Dream Of Me – The Mamas & The Papas (reblip)
chemapunk woo hoo hoo hoo!!! repetirlo hasta el infinito y mas alla!!!
ATG Do you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear? Do you feel what I feel? Anybody see me? Anybody hear me? Anybody feel me? Anybody out there?!
jtbritto you know, i really don't care what you think, oh wait, yeah i do!
djwashingtonson Eve Of Destruction - The Turtles (war protest)
djwashingtonson This Land is Your Land (Live) - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (war protest)
djwashingtonson John Lennon-Give Peace a Chance (war protest songs)


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djwashingtonson People Got To Be Free - Young Rascals (war protest)
djwashingtonson Bob Dylan-- The Times they Are A Changing (you better start swimming, or you'll sink like a stone


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calamari @lorisgirl That's okay, I wasn't around for the Funk/Disco/Rollerskating era either. But I love the music, and the songs you blipped. :)
calamari Most of all you need the Funk. Got to have the Funk.
calamari The next song is an all skate. Everyone get your rollerskates on. :)
calamari I'm in the mood to blip Funk/Disco/Rollerskating music this morning! Whoo :D
bizzybee I will lay down my heart, and I feel the power, but you won't.
DJPassion other than Jesus' birth, this song the other thing that makes me excited about december
evablue my relationship with my software
evablue my relationship with relationships
ATG I know this isn't the right time of day (for those of us in the US), but I've had this in my head all damn day. Gotta blip it. Feel me?
ATG This little ditty goes out to two crazy kids in love, @iphy (@iphigeneia) and @squeezil. Seriously, you two inspire me.
jtbritto are you a diva? ;-)


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djwashingtonson Charlie Daniels, a big-bearded fiddler ,gave Southern rock its self-identifying anthem with his 1975 hit, "The South's Gonna Do It",

Charlie Daniels Band- The South's Gonna Do it Again

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conservadora let's call it an alice day. how are there two yummy chanteuses with velvet voices in the neosoul world named alice? two!
conservadora not a very poly song, but saucy nonetheless.
ATG "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!" Great rendition!
urbanbohemian I am totally buying this song on iTunes now because I can't get it out of my head. And I am doing such an old-school dance right now. ;-)

Sugar Hill Gang - Apache

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evablue just because some of you are like WTF is Amerie and why is an elbow doing the chipmunk on the last song? she's half black half korean r'n'b.
Laffingbuddha Uh-oh dusty synapses of my youth are firing off.
ATG I am so feeling this song! I think I was Pink in another life. :-D "So what? I AM a rock star! I AM having more fun!" Hell yeah! *high five*

PinkSo What

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evablue brain says no more for me today. time to break.
djwashingtonson White Christmas - Bing Crosby ( I feel 6 years old again, listening to this
Laffingbuddha It's amazing what a fine French meal will do to improve one's mood

Frank Sinatra - Swing on a Star

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JustADancer I see your O Holy Night (awesome) and raise you a Merry Fucking Christmas @ATG
drleanne to those that aren't into this season....
drleanne @teukkam @atg theres ths one too lol

Bob Rivers - BeClaus I Got High

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ATG Very much looking forward to Solstice! Whatever your spirituality, or lack thereof, I wish you peace. The ATG -very eclectic, complex. Um. ;-)
Laffingbuddha For my darling dear @conservadora

Edwin Starr - War, What Is It Good For (Rush Hour)

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ATG In honor of @horribilis and The @ATG's adventure yesterday wherein I was called "king." Which I am, of course. ;-)
djwashingtonson Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
camden one of the weirdest and funniest songs
ATG This song won me over by sampling "Dragostea Din Tei," aka "The Numa Numa Song." Aw, yeah. :-D
ATG I enjoy this song. Let it rock, y'all. Lil' Wayne doesn't bother me as much as he used to.
JustADancer I see your Always Look on the Bright Side of Life with... @Orchid


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RobinRenee My first BLIP, and a bit of philosophy before I go to bed. Happies!
jerekeys This is my "first snow of the season" tradition going back to the UNR costume shop.
JustADancer Winter depression kicks in for many.... but Paul and Art say it all!
RockerD Jimi Hendrix playing Bob Dylan as a young god-first blip on twitter, reblip to ya'll (reblip)
RockerD ..and now for something completely different...Gangsta Bluegrass...(reblip) (reblip)
DJ_MarilynRoxie lovely band I just discovered; Joy Division meets The Jesus and Mary chain!
djmyass good morning!


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cyberczar Yes Luwanda, some of us white bois *can* get jiggy wit it.
ZachsMind Tom Lehrer is one of my idols. Particularly because he had a chance at major stardom and turned it down to return to teaching. That's cool! (reblip)
JustADancer Not a holiday song, but still Tom Lehrer and thus awesome. ALMA. for you @ATG


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JustADancer 100th Blip. I am a bitch. Thanks.
JustADancer My ex-boyfriend's (from freshman year of college) and my song
JustADancer Six days without a smoke... I've been drinking more chocolate milk than I should as a result. Ya give a little, you get a little.
ATG For @JustADancer, @iphy @iphigeneia, @xiomberg, @drleanne, and other good souls in the ether. *love*
JustADancer @bkGirlFriday - Buble makes me want to live in the Sinatra era and be intravenously fed martinis.
ATG One of my favorite Buble covers. *joy* "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, and I'm feeling GOOD." For @JustADancer.
ATG Online tribes, I miss you. Do you miss me? (Something about this song, perhaps chord progression, evokes the erotic.)
RockerD Rachid Taha rockin' the Casbah in Persian; a collaboration w/Joe Strummer
trysted ♫ i'm safe up high.. how do i feel this good sober.. ♫


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ATG To my online tribe, esp. @zippityd, @xiomberg, @drleanne, @myriad, @lazyqueer, @wolfdyke, @poggibonsi99. You're not alone.
ATG This song just popped in my head. Weird. I love the 80s, so fucking much. "Bang, bang, I am the warrior!"

Scandal - The Warrior

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iphy one more try. i miss the 80's...

Aha - Take On Me

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ATG I love this song! Whenever I perform it, singing w/ my guitar, I like to queer up the genders a bit.
RockerD Just heard this this song!!! (reblip)
h0neyb RT: @mcpaige I see no changes...we ain't ready to see a black President...It ain't a secret don't confeal the fact, the penitentiarys packed... (reblip)


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ATG Great a capella arrangement of Fix You by Coldplay - I love this song.
ATG One of my favorite songs by Orgy. "Do you wonder what it's like living in a permanent imagination?"
ATG I wonder, would you ever be my boyfriend? Or something along the "boyfriend spectrum?" Hmm..;-)
RockerD 1997...Just beginning to hang with my very naughty friends....good times..:) (reblip)
briangreene Fuck the PUSA (Peaches vs. The Presidents of the United States of America) ~ Immuzikation
ATG Ache. Longing. Sadness. Joy. Excitement. Despair. Hope. Desire. Curiosity. Fantasy. Memory.
ATG I suddenly had a hankerin' for some Average White Band. One of their most recognizable songs right here.
ATG Because I felt like it, and because it's true. *mwah*
ATG The 2nd Chanukah Song. Y'all know the 1st one, but do you know the sequel?
ATG And the Original. Aw, yeah. *high five*
briangreene Shania Twain (don't impress me much)


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