Abraham_Thunderwolf One last song and then its bed... ha ha...
Abraham_Thunderwolf HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE!!! Now go find a leprecon and give him a kiss, then steal his pot o' gold.


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @amyleaman i'm dedicating this song to us & everyone else going to the www.timeraiser.ca fund raiser tonight. (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf its sunny in T.O. right now, but thinking of this scene & hearing this song kinda makes me wish it was raining right now...
Abraham_Thunderwolf testing to make sure this doesn't show up in twitter, unfortunate cause its a freakin great song to dance to!
Abraham_Thunderwolf speaking of great songs to dance to

ThunderheistJerk It

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf a lil' dif' from thunderheist & slightly older, but great track!
Abraham_Thunderwolf OMG I have a listener... score! @MixMasterEddie thanks! this one is dedicated to you, hope you enjoy!?

Faithless - God Is A DJ

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Abraham_Thunderwolf my true first set on blip... how exciting... enjoy!
Abraham_Thunderwolf i wish i could have seen these guys live!
Abraham_Thunderwolf silversun pickups - lazy eye - (twitter)
Abraham_Thunderwolf i'll have to thank flora for getting me hooked on to rilo kiley & one of my fav songs spectacular views
Abraham_Thunderwolf last song, well until earth hour is over smashing pumpkins - 1979...
Abraham_Thunderwolf new radicals - you get what you give: an older one, but still a great one. great video too! i think everyone should hear this song :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf elastica - connection: i heart the faces made in this video


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf stutter another great one by elastica two 4 two


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out: i think this song was on the 'butterfly effect' soundtrack? good movie, great song.
Abraham_Thunderwolf teddybears – yours to keep: the beginning of this song makes me think of bubble baths...
Abraham_Thunderwolf Phoenix – Consolation Prizes: very addictive.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Chris Isaak - Wicked Games: i wanna fall in love too... and it wouldn't hurt if she looks like Helena Christensen either ;) (reblip)
mariampa i think i'm crazy...maybe... song for my funeral
Abraham_Thunderwolf D'Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel): and now to slow it down for all the lovers out there... haha... this one is dedicated to y'all!
Abraham_Thunderwolf Radiohead – No Surprises: i've seen them 3 times now, hopefully i can make it 4?
Abraham_Thunderwolf hopefully this time the song wont mysteriously stop?
Abraham_Thunderwolf UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights (feat. Thom Yorke): i <3 this song and the video is one of the best i've seen http://tinyurl.com/d8bot9
Abraham_Thunderwolf Plushgun – Just Impolite: @Powder this one is for you buddy, thanks for adding me!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @mushka THANKS i'm new to blip so i really appreciate the kind gesture. i couldn't pick one song to play to show my thanks, so you get two haha :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf 4 anyone who remembers the 90's 'Cupid' (j. piven & p. marshall) enjoy. the new 'Cupid' aired 2night with a new cast. will it B as good, doubt it :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Soft Shock: yeah yeah yeah!!! (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf The Waking Eyes – All Empires Fall: a song that has recently got my attention.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Stars – Take Me To the Riot: for my friends living in montreal
Abraham_Thunderwolf Drowning Pool – Bodies: great song to do some graphic designing to.

Drowning PoolBodies

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Blur – Song 2: a classic & will be still be used in sport highlight montages years from now!

BlurSong 2

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @bocacowgirl @rerrezinha thanks for the add! this is, hands down, my fav' cover of hallelujah :) enjoy!

John CaleHallelujah

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @Powder what up stereos! remember this one from back in the day????
Abraham_Thunderwolf Arrested Development – People Everyday: its got my head bopping. (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf Brad Paisley – Online: aaaahhhh the story of my life ;)

Brad PaisleyOnline

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf paisley_brad_mudonthetires: i'm a city kid born n' raised, but sometimes i just want to "un-plug" and get a lil' mud on the tires... anyone else?


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @DJay thanks for the add! here ya go, hope you like!?


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @mushka thanks ;) your song kinda reminded me of this one...
Abraham_Thunderwolf @bocacowgirl ha ha thanks, appreciated it. here ya go. its bed time for me, good night.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Dancing Cheek To Cheek

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Ella Fitzgerald – Lets Do It (Lets Fall In Love): slowing it down before bedtime.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Harry Connick Jr – The Way You Look Tonight: you say it, right then outloud, otherwise the moment passes you by.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Billie Holiday – Them There Eyes: its all in the eyes
Abraham_Thunderwolf Diana Krall – I've Got You Under My Skin*: lets hope this song is the full version, cause i want to go to bed... work in the a.m.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Michael Buble – Kissing a Fool: got a twitter thumbs up... COOL...
Abraham_Thunderwolf Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: a great song to end this blip session and go to bed. (reblip)
mushka @Abraham_Thunderwolf I was listening to this song at work when I checked my mail and saw you there....thanks for the tune
Abraham_Thunderwolf @mushka thanks for that, i def' need to listen to more george harris! hope you had a great day at work? happy easter, passover, & maybe long weekend
Abraham_Thunderwolf The Assistants – Planet News: not bliping from my computer, its sick, so a very short play list today.
Abraham_Thunderwolf We Were Lovers – Birds of a Feather: i think these guys are canadian?... YES... they are! just googled em'... goooo the interweb!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @DeAnn @moderntimes HEY! thanks for listening... you two totally reek of awesomeness ;) p.s. that's a good thing!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @mushka ha ha that's funny, but the tune is "catchy"...
Abraham_Thunderwolf Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock And Roll: one more from Joan.
Abraham_Thunderwolf AC/DC – Back In Black: and one more from the aussies & one more day till i get my laptop back!

AC/DCBack In Black

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Abraham_Thunderwolf @DJay well for a "happy accident" pic... it turned out, awesome. are ya on flickr?
Abraham_Thunderwolf Weezer – Pork and Beans: thought i get my laptop back today, turns out it'll take one more day... :\
Abraham_Thunderwolf .... i'm going to dedicate this song to evangeline lilly... :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf dedicated to anyone learning to speak french like me... :) ... hang in there!
Abraham_Thunderwolf dedicated to anyone named tegan and, or sara..., or anyone named sara and, or tegan.
Abraham_Thunderwolf what a nice tune

The Smiths - Ask

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Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina this is the song i wanted to say danke for the add with http://tinyurl.com/6y64t8 but i couldn't find it on blip, found it on youtube :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf time to play some of my guilty pleasures... here's no.1


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Abraham_Thunderwolf @Powder @mushka @DJay @bocacowgirl @ernestina blipping some of my guilty pleasures... this one is no.4

Justin Timberlake - Senorita

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf this one isn't a guilty pleasure, but i'm still blipping it cause its a good follow up to the last blip... ha.
Abraham_Thunderwolf NOT a guilty pleasure... this video is sex...y ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina you're welcome! i like your selection, you're doing great. hope all is well in your part of the world? enjoy your sunday :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf one of my favourite songs... EVER... its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
ernestina @Abraham_Thunderwolf Thank you! Here it's almost too late to say "good morning", but anyway - have a nice day over there!

Imogen HeapHeadlock

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Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina halo... i think? today wasn't so "nice" ... haha... rain, a lot of rain... a lot of cold rain! i hope the sun was out where you are? ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina p.s. did you know that Imogen Heap is on twitter?
Abraham_Thunderwolf def' having girl problems... haha.

Jay-Z99 Problems

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Abraham_Thunderwolf the word "classic" doesn't do this group, or song justice!
Abraham_Thunderwolf Pass The Courvoisier(Part II)

Pass The Courvoisier(Part II)

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Hallelujah

LL Cool J - Headsprung (Ft Timbaland)

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina i think your wish worked! today was sunny... for most of the day... then the clouds came, i think its because of the time difference ;P
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina ... errr... if you didn't understand the joke in my last reply... haha... lemme know & i'll try to explain ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina PHEW! that's a good thing, cause i'm a dumb guy hence the the dumb joke ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf ... its not friday night, but why not...
Abraham_Thunderwolf could you take a picture cause i won't remember... (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf nine inch nails march of the pigs: oh memories, screaming in the mic, being held by the club dancer, as we sang together... ha ha... :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes: last song going to blip, cause my t.v. girlfriend 'Scrubs' is on & i really should pay some attention to 'Scrubs'..
Abraham_Thunderwolf Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero: yeah yeah yeah!

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Plushgun – How We Roll: quite possibly could have blipped this B4? oh well, its still great.

PlushgunHow We Roll

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Free Falling: ... something magical just happened... with my cereal!

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Free Falling

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Don McLean – American Pie: a song everyone should hear at least once in their lifetime.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Buddy Holly – Everyday: ah hey, ah hey hey

Buddy HollyEveryday

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Phil Collins – Separate Lives: its unfortunate that he's loosing his hearing!
Abraham_Thunderwolf The Tragically Hip – Wheat Kings: a great song to end sunday with. (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf Sash feat. Stunt – Raindrops (Encore Une Fois): doing this cause its sunny outside
Abraham_Thunderwolf Party Affair - DJ Boozy Woozy: woozy boozy

Party Affair - DJ Boozy Woozy

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf David Guetta - Baby When The Light [Radio Edit]: phone keeps ringing, i wish a certain someone would stop calling! ha ha.

David Guetta - Baby When The Light [Radio Edit]

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Get-Far – Shinning Star (Pornocult Remix Edit): @mushka SALUT! hey yeah work was keeping me busy + nicer weather so spending more time outside how r
Abraham_Thunderwolf Keoki – Keoki - Relax: @mushka the 'U' in my last reply was cut off... just so you know :P

KeokiKeoki - Relax

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Utah Saints – Something Good 08 (Radio Edit): brings back memories
Abraham_Thunderwolf Kaskade – Move For Me: perfect summer night, while driving downtown T.O., windows rolled down, song...

KaskadeMove For Me

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf H2O Ft Platnum – Whats It Gonna Be (Vandalism Remix) [www.worldofhouse.es]: almost time...
Abraham_Thunderwolf Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned / I Think She Knows (Kaskade Radio Remix): heeey
Abraham_Thunderwolf britney spears – Gimmie More (Oakenfold Radio): oooh i like this one more than the kaskade's
Abraham_Thunderwolf was going to log off, but you know how it is... ya hear a good song & it reminds you of another song... and you jus gotta play it!
Abraham_Thunderwolf The Stills – Being Here @designsbybriana @djdnutz @Dasein ^5 4 listening, i appreciate it! @songsthatstickwosucking give this 1 a listen, u may lik
Abraham_Thunderwolf Joshua Radin – I'd Rather Be With You: a nice lil' diddy (and not the "P" variety) i just learned about enjoy!
ernestina Nevermind me, nevermind me - I'll just cast shadows on your walls...
Abraham_Thunderwolf @WhiteRevolver hey thanks for listening! that's super awesome of ya.

The ShinsNew Slang

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina i thought i was the funny 1! ;) ok, we'll solve the mystery of what your thesis is about next year :) & if i don't fall asleep you owe me $
Abraham_Thunderwolf Stars – The Night Starts Here: one more fraking song and then its battlestar, so say we all, .... phft.... i'm lame... haha.
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina "suspense", HA, i hope YOU can stand the suspense of me standing the suspense of the original suspense while we are both suspensed... huh?
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina math, sing, paint, piano! dude! that's awesome! i'm so jealous! i've always wanted to learn how to play piano and i wish i could sing
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina working with clay, very therapeutic. no haven't visited germany, i would like to though. i would have been born in heidelberg.


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina toronto is awesome because of the culture! so many different ppl from all over the world in 1 city. no other city is as diverse as this 1
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina lol... hey this is good for you. it forces you to be more creative with your 140 characters & don't knock the name its very "dynamic" :P

Le TigreTKO

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Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina aug in toronto is ridiculously HUMID you can't do anything cause its too hot :( so you don't ski either? what sort of sports do you do?
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina good night & nice chatting with ya. i'll DM u my e-mail addy on twitter cheers to making new friends ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina that is fantagical! (i combined fantastic & magical... yeah i'm that good... HA!) how do you find yoga???
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina you're damn skippy i'm that good... i'm doing a headstand.... RIGHT NOW!!! ;P


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ernestina @Abraham_Thunderwolf So I have another mystery to solve :o) - Going to solve some integrals now, have a nice evening and ttys!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @stinadaisy hey thanks for the two props! much appreciated :)


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly: i like it when a song hits ya in the gut.
Abraham_Thunderwolf Barenaked Ladies – One Week: @ernestina thanks for the propS... word! ;)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @mushka i used to be, still close enough though and still a torontion @ heart... ha ha... no haven't met @hotnote... hey! nice to meet ya. (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @hotnote i'm out in sauga'... blah... ha ha. i was born in t.o. & of course i'm a leafs fan, if you're born in this city you're blood is blue ;)
hotnote You started it now @mushka... a f**k song
Abraham_Thunderwolf snow patorl - velocity girl: @saltire1606 @BewareTheLeopard just wanted to thank you guys for listening, cheers!
Abraham_Thunderwolf Ansarimusic.net – Salaam-E-Ishq @Girlxtina thanks for adding me, much appreciated! & @lollydaskal thanks for the props! hope u guys like...?
ernestina Verde como a esperança por uma vida melhor...
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina hey not sure about the time diff' (its 7:40 a.m. here) so i just wanted to wish you a great time at your show on sat, i'll be hum'n along
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina its a 2 for 1 everything must go blip ;) ok off to work.
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina nervous...? sounds like u need to sip on sum gin n' juice, then lay back, and think about all your money while your money is on your mind

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin N Juice

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina if the gin n' juice don't work i know an old trick. when you're on stage imagine that the people have been replaced... with.... PONIES ;)
ernestina No, you can't stop thinking about her...
Abraham_Thunderwolf @TuraSatana thanks for the prop, i was looking at your blips N.E.R.D, R. Kelly, Flo-rida... & then Hanson, ha ha ;) awesome!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @TuraSatana DUDE u don't even KNOW... haha i just had a nerdgasim! i use the superman theme for my txt msg alert. i also have this song somewhere! (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @Girlxtina thanks for the recognition :) & i'm def' going to be re-blipping some of your blips!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @Girlxtina thx for blipping this! @ernestina btw i think you two might enjoy each others blips...???? perhaps :) (reblip)


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philkirby I know just what you mean @heavenlyhands . . . what, you weren't talking about Louise Wener? (reblip)


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf head bopping... car windows rolled down... singing along song
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl well my new friend i'm outta here gotta eat dinner, have a great night!
Abraham_Thunderwolf @TuraSatana AH HA i was right! i re-checked my blip and i did spell nerdgasim correctly so that means you owe me $50.00, respect, & your fisrt born!
Abraham_Thunderwolf its been one of those days... aaaaaaaargh.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf RB @evablue nice one... if i could pick a song to represent today, this would be it ;) (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf RB of @DeAnn ~ @TuraSatana speaking of sleep that's what i'm going to do & yes u can use the quote, but i want royalties, & no blip date ha ha (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @TuraSatana thanks, i plan to :) have a great saturday oooh u should go out for brunch & remember to get some protein especially after you work out :)

Anna NalickBreathe

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl in jersey (i think?) they found the nutria rat... this thing gets up to 10 lbs http://tinyurl.com/pfctcb ... blah... ha ha.
Abraham_Thunderwolf i'm crazy in love with the new star trek movie... if you haven't seen it go, NOW... well after this song!
Abraham_Thunderwolf boo to the last version of this song i blipped it ended in the middle of the song! hopefully this one plays through.
CoSlive @Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl Grits are AWESOME! In fact, possibly my favorite thing about the Southern US is the food...and the literature.
Abraham_Thunderwolf rb @CoSlive haha thanks for the link! my friend this song is effing awesome! are all of longwave's stuff this good? (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl well cg once again, who'd thunk it!? i could have save myself a pretty penny and went to blip university... man... ;)

Hey OceanAlleyways

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @zenzizi @WhiteHot thanks for listening, you guys are awesome! @cellygirl here is another song chosen, cause' of the cool vid.
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina who chooses the songs that you sing? who does your choir sing for? so many questions ;)

MetricStadium Love

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl ha ha made you look! @ernestina i just blipped this, but doing it again u gotta watch this vid!!! @carubelli you have a beautiful culture! (reblip)

Samba Drumming at Brazilian Day in New York

| play
PositivelyPouty @Abraham_Thunderwolf: "@cellygirl very solid performance... keep an eye out for me in this vid! " <<<are u the one in the kilt? (reblip)

700 Pipers and Drummers in Calgary

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl haha of course not! i was sitting on the bench :P
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl ain't no "man", man!

Beautiful Creature

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf i almost didn't blip this song, cause' i couldn't find a decent vid :\

JamiroquaiLittle L

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @ernestina hey! i was just about to log off & go home (at work)... hi & bye! :)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl did you know that boy george was singing "Karma Chameleon" & not "Come-ma Chameleon"?!?!?!

Ray J "SEXY CAN I" Uncensored ft. Yung Berg

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl berry berry cool! kinda reminds me of 'a nightmare before christmas' did you buy anything from them?
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl how did you find out about them? did you work on their website?

HQ AaliyahTry Again

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Shake your money maker – Ludacris
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl you misspelled my name... ok your cool factor has def' dropped :P who is tamar levine her pics are great!

Jamie Foxx featuring T Pain Blame It

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf Birdman ft.Lil Wayne Pop Bottles (Dirty)

Birdman ft.Lil Wayne Pop Bottles (Dirty)

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl i was gonna write "GUY" but you spelled it correctly the 3'rd time :P that giant is crazy! i want one, but i want mine to be a dinasour

Lil WayneA Milli

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl "I don't know her personally, if that's what you're asking." ... mcfly... :P i can't even remember what i asked... ?!

Arab Money Remix Part 1 Official Video With T-Pain *Dirty* *Uncensored*

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl ah its that time again. i must leave gotta T.C.B. how a giant robot puppet... doing the ROBOT... that would be even cooler!


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl thanks for the correct link... the other one u sent was 4 some crazy porn site... it... was... horrifying... i'm traumatized ;P (jus j/k)


| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf if y'all got it... y'all might as well... SHAKE IT!
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