Zesmerelda Better for scrubbing stubborn stains than folding laundry, but let's face it, ur clothes need the xtra attention.
neilperkin just little boys throwing stones
AlKronos Pretty sure this started as only 77 slightly delayed... but that was 30 years ago


| play
AlKronos All bound for mu-mu land, with Tammy Wynette as companion
Holycow Pure evocative atmosphere bottled and played with a slide. As always - love it!
AlKronos A bit early in the evening for this dreamy number.. but hey

LTJ BukemHorizons

| play
AlKronos Masterful slide guitar... sounds like.. well... like a vaseline machine gun
AlKronos Croatian surf music - it's a lot better than you might think!


| play
AlKronos More slackness from Mr Ryder and pals...
AlKronos A little piratical techno for Talk Like A Pirate Day... yarrr
AlKronos Klezmer dub? with something Hispanic happening, guitarwise?? I thinx I likes it
oskitar Sugar! sugar! clear your mind, leave it all behind,get in the boat and float join in on a high spot and ride,ride put on some smile stay for a while.
formalhaut @AlKronos you know momus, the scotsman?

MomusWalter Carlos

| play
AlKronos I just love the name Scroobius Pip... makes me smile.
AlKronos most post-rockishness... um... isn't it?


| play
formalhaut did i ever introduce you to chris carter's camp fire version? @AlKronos

Underworld Born Slippy (Live Chris Carter Mix)

| play
AlKronos Thanks @formalhaut... added that little wonder to my playlist. Nice one.
formalhaut wanted to blip MJ/DP damn! @JamesJoyes23 you're …


| play
Psuke @AlKronos As opposed to the Russian Rockabilly we all know and love...

Red Elvises - Surfing in Siberia

| play
nowordsallowed So simple, yet so stunningly beautiful. Corda de violino é uma coisa que faz sangrar até de longe...
AlKronos Now this one really is quite unusual.

Hearse On A Surfari

| play
AlKronos actually, this is quite odd too.

The DeviantsGarbage

| play
AlKronos Yikes @formalhaut, breakcore can seriously damage one's head! :-)
AlKronos I think Eddie has been listening to a lot of The Residents... and all the better for that!

03 - The Sabres Of Paradise - Return of Carter

| play


| play
AlKronos And a rather jolly tune it is too
gigia que isso, @maujabur. assim vc me compromete. ahhahhaaha
AlKronos Despite the name, this is Ali Farka Toure's son... oh... and all these folks are at Festival au Desert, 2009
AlKronos Like this... a judging by the number of uploaded versions it seems others agree
AlKronos Sounds like it being played on a 1960s moped!
AlKronos Still on Ralph-related theme... and still finding curiously curious curiosities
AlKronos @MWeezles I'd go with goth-LotR-orcic pretentio-rock
AlKronos Another little lady who kicks bottom
AlKronos Another track from Ms Boots
AlKronos Goldfrapp in folky-psych Klaxons cover... cool
AlKronos Officially the biggest midget in the game?
AlKronos Cerberus - Amon Duul II - Yeti... that about sums it all up, I think

Amon DAmon D

| play
Diordan This is one of the greatest influences of that band Planet Hemp @CargoCulte I'll show you this "Nobodymove nobody gets hurt" (reblip)
AlKronos Also not really a conga... but bloody excellent all the same
AlKronos Suddenly fancied listening to this... I've been humming it under my breath for much of the day... dunno why.

BuzzcocksNo Reply

| play
AlKronos Should be an interesting interpretation... oh yeah

YelloJingle Bells

| play
AlKronos I'm a sucker for anything called 'tranquility bass' :-)

Tranquility Bass

| play
AlKronos And riding that Slumdog vibe a bit further...

Jai Ho

| play
AlKronos I guess you can guess where this comes from... :-)

Aaj Ki Raat

| play

Apollo 440 - Ain't Talkin' Bout Dub

| play
AlKronos Cool... someone has uploaded this. Couldn't find it t'other night. Ripping good track from Slumdog OST
AlKronos Holger Czukay gets cool in the pool...


| play
AlKronos Hoping Fernando Torres did not pick up one of these tonight...
AlKronos I was expecting the Conrad to be a bit longer... oh well
formalhaut @AlKronos good evening steppa! do you sometimes listen to Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC1 ? i can highly recommend.
AlKronos Hopefully this ex-Can combo will last a little longer...
AlKronos The NME says I'm to listen to these folks... so here I go. Sounds like an electro Portsmouth Symphonia to me - which (oddly) is not a bad thing
AlKronos thx to @HungryKid - I've been looking for Family Fodder here (off and on) for ages. Nice one. (reblip)
AlKronos @formalhaut... far and away the best thing they've done... a really great track (reblip)
AlKronos Sambadelica? Now that sounds worth a listen
AlKronos Sometimes ya just plays what ya sees
AlKronos Maybe not the greatest kazoo playing in the world... but there's only a little bit of it.
AlKronos Lew Stone and his Orchestra do the Continental...


| play
AlKronos Sheesh! That opening bar... why is it so familiar?

Al BowllyMy Woman

| play
AlKronos Rather quiet... but also rather exquisite
AlKronos @Superstix ... must be the effect of the red wine I've just been handed. Now for something a tad different...


| play
AlKronos Sub Dub may be old news to you, but they're new to me... loving this too.

Sub DubDawa Zangpo

| play
AlKronos Cool stuff to close on... need to make tracks for now... may be back later. It's nice to be back blipping again. (reblip)
AlKronos YYYs rocked on Jools Holland last night... playing this

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

| play
AlKronos scuzzy funk... must be the moonlight...
Diordan ska ska ska ska ska ska ska ragga! can't you see we wear the crown?
AlKronos I just love this album... have to listen this opener again afore I retire for the night.


| play
AlKronos Good Easter Evening, blipsters... Holger and chums (sounds like Jaki Leibzeit and Michael Karoli in there, among others) to get us started

The Von Bondies - The Fever

| play
AlKronos This band - like so many - has somehow passed me by... I likes 'em.
AlKronos Rather fine... can't quite place who they remind me of...

Wye OakWarning

| play
AlKronos Noisia do a damn fine job of kicking this old classic into 21stC
AlKronos mmm... drum'n'belch perhaps?


| play
AlKronos quite a few beats per minute...

Bandulu - Crisis A Gwan

| play
AlKronos Not familiar with this... butthat's a situation I now plan to rectify
AlKronos Sweet Dreams finds itself in all sorts of places
AlKronos Thx Johnny_the_Boy... a family fave. (reblip)


| play
AlKronos Unexpected and quite good acoustic cover version
Joacoleoni Neu! – Hallogallo .. from @ghost_mutt (thanks again) (reblip)


| play
AlKronos Mighty Dutch darksteppers... stepping out darkly..
AlKronos Could do without the intro... but nothing's perfect.
hajoni some eastern adrenalin to get up, impulsed via last blips of @AlKronos daytrip through india, thx!
AlKronos This makes for an odd curio...

AlgarDelhi Dub

| play
AlKronos Another dubbed-up slice of India... tho I suppose it should be Chennai


| play
AlKronos A cheat I know... but I can't resist if there's a Mali connection!
AlKronos That's pretty damn close to Directory Heaven!


| play
AlKronos It's Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt - Ganges Delta Blues ... vi@hajoni (reblip)


| play
AlKronos "nihilistic Michigan electroids" according to the NME


| play
AlKronos I really love the euphoric sounds of this...


| play
AlKronos VFT covers U2... should be interesting
AlKronos Consumption of infected mushroom can be hazardous to your health.
AlKronos The sweet tones of the kora.... mmmmm...
AlKronos Maybe they remind me of Fila Brazillia... with perhaps a bit more "lounge-i-ness"


| play
AlKronos Prog? or Postrock? Who cares... they build some great sounds, tho' as usual, my fave ain't on blip.
AlKronos Jean-Luc Ponty with the big riff here... and the Captain in top form
AlKronos Takes ages to build up before the big brass booms in... awesome
AlKronos Evening all... I had to kick off with this... dunno why... just did.
AlKronos I wonder what Pendulum do with this remix?
AlKronos Portishead play an old classic?!
AlKronos Eine Kleine Nacht (or is that 'knacked'?) Blippin'
AlKronos Oh praise be to YouTube! first and greatest Eat Static CD...
AlKronos thx @spinnisdisco: you're showing more D'n'B delights! (reblip)

Agent AlvinDrift Away

| play
AlKronos Great and grossly underestimated band... with a neat Sin City video to go with it.
hajoni few Blippers I guess who know Can and Amon Düül.. :) @AlKronos

CanSpoon (blip.up)

| play
AlKronos Hi @hajoni ! If there's one thing I've learned on blip.fm it's: more people know more great German music than I'd ever have thought possible! :-)
AlKronos Sound quality is shite... but for f*ck's sake - it's Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius! Live!

Rother & Moebius Live 23.11.2007 Harmonie Bonn

| play
AlKronos Canadian/Quebecois - DJ Champion... this is simply splendid.

No Heaven

| play
AlKronos Probably my favourite Donovan track... ok... so I have scatological mind.

Donovan Intergalactic Laxative

| play
AlKronos Wanted to find a good Glasto version - FAIL. This was THE song of the Summer - 2007(?).... so let's see it in Lego!

The Automatic's 'MONSTER' in Lego

| play
AlKronos More from the Megadog Era

Timeshard25th Century

| play
avivajazz Steve Reich // Nagoya Marimbas
AlKronos ...

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

| play
AlKronos Right rollicking good tune...

Jessie Evans "Cuckoo Spit"

| play
AlKronos FIrst curling-themed video I can recall - and a breezy indie pop song to go with it. :)

The Answering Machine "Obviously Cold" Music Video

| play
AlKronos By hecky, he can't 'alf play bass... and is there any truth in the rumour that he has been known to wear the giant eyeball headpiece on occasion?

Les Claypool:One Better: Bonnaroo 2008

| play
AlKronos One of my favourite tunes from The Residents... not seen the vid before tho.
AlKronos Swedish techno... or so I gather...

The FieldOver the Ice

| play
AlKronos From a time when synths were the size of (several) wardrobes...

Cybernaut from LP Zero Time by Tonto's Expanding Head Band

| play
AlKronos More stuff in a blissy bleepy Goa stylee


| play
AlKronos John Martyn - of blessed memory - and his echoplex

John MartynDealer

| play
AlKronos Can't find a really good version... but this is pretty damn good.

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys- Traffic- Live -1972

| play
AlKronos Oooh... SoD passed me by 'cos I thought the name was dumbass - but this is great.

Sheep On DrugsTrack X

| play
AlKronos Oh fab!... a copy that's not been blatted by copyright lawyers.
AlKronos That was so good, I could do with another... I wonder if Tammy has any idea what a '99' is?
AlKronos Getting motorik


| play
AlKronos Post-Neu, Herr Rother's beautiful, spare, solo albums are a delight...
avivajazz Ryuichi Sakamoto with Jaques + Paula Morelenbaum / Desafinado (A Day in New York) / Gorgeous, somber, and I can't resist cellos. Thanks, @BlipUp: (reblip)

Metronomy 'Radio Ladio'

| play
AlKronos The theme for this evening's selection is - all these acts are appearing at Bestival, in September: http://www.bestival.net/html/artists/2009lineup
AlKronos Looks like this comes with a warning ... ummm... so be warned.


| play
AlKronos @manipulator - g'night and thanks for some great germanic blips
AlKronos Something from the back of the Planet Dog wardrobe...

Rain.... Prism......Album...Feed Your Head

| play
AlKronos Austrian dub... with a bit of assistance... bringing the slightly anodyne 'Oxygene' up to dub
AlKronos More from Israel... possibly in a Nitzhonot stylee... leastways, that's what I searched for!
AlKronos Early EP from ex-Ozrics trancers
AlKronos Actually THIS is the last for tonight... a more chilled, psybient dubness ... and a fun vid
AlKronos Delphic were pretty damn'd good tonight at Delamere too.


| play
AlKronos AlKronos is unapologetic about blipping more Doves.
AlKronos @MWeezles... after being introduced to Dub Colossus, I'm going thru recent Realworld stuff - and there was Dengue Fever... all quite logical, really!
AlKronos More 21stC English Folkiness...
AlKronos Really liking this dubbed up blues...

Blues History-Little Axe-Ride On....

| play
AlKronos Let the Progression Sessions begin...

LTJ BukemHorizons

| play
AlKronos Hi @Highena - nice to make your blipping acquaintance! Amazed our blipstreams have not met before! :-)

ltj bukem conrad great

| play
AlKronos Blipped before - and worth it for the title alone... plus it is rather good (like a toonful Residents?)

Malcolm McLaren "Jive My Baby"

| play

Township Jive-Ladysmith Black Mambazo

| play
AlKronos Not had any Elbow for a while.. and it must be a day for drinking to the Seldom Seen Kid, surely!?
AlKronos Ooh... I'd forgotten all about Clock DVA. Shameful... 'cos this is rather good.
AlKronos My favouritest Croatian surf band of all time ever, playing my favouritest Croation surf toon of all time ever.

The Bambi Molesters, Theme From Slaying Beauty

| play
AlKronos Boy-oh-boy, that boy sure can play ghee-tar
AlKronos Late period Captain... slithery slidin' guitar boogie
AlKronos From the sublime... well...

Captain Scarlet Theme (The Mysterons Rap) from Power Themes 90

| play
AlKronos folktronica? Sounds great... but the vid is disconcerting

Juana Molina

| play
AlKronos Some bleeps'n'beats to finish - need to take Jake The Dog for a walk... then watch some more Glasto.
AlKronos Just been watching Pendulum absolutely ripping up The Other Stage at Glasto... staggering!
AlKronos I think that calls for another Pendulum...


| play
AlKronos And finally... Pendulum's Prodigy remix...
AlKronos We like the music... we like the disco sound.... hey!

Pop Will Eat Itself- Can U Dig It?

| play
AlKronos Pendulum ripping up The Other Stage from last Saturday... shame there's no vid to go with it.
AlKronos More of Pendulum' stupendous set - this time with BBC vid

Pendulum Glastonbury 2009 Metallica Remix, Slam & Tarantula

| play
AlKronos via @leaferi: "Wait, the beginning of this identical to Hallogallo from Neu!..." Yep... it sure is. (reblip)
AlKronos More bleepiness from ex-Ozrics... just put the aliens in the middle of this stuff and you got all the answers.
AlKronos pluckety guitars with reverb and stuff...

Infected mushroom- Deeply disturbed

| play
AlKronos Playing with the plumbing...

Blue Man Group Pipes (drumbone)

| play
AlKronos RB @DoubleDigitCatastrophe: "@Ihno ! Good tastes - amazing song" - bleepy (reblip)


| play

Spor-The Resistance

| play
AlKronos But finishing with a bit of the ol' motorik drumming from the dear departed Klaus Dinger.

La Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf edit (1976 Krautrock Neu! Kraftwerk Dinger Motorik)

| play
AlKronos Enough with the aetherial shoegazing...

Deep Dish-We gonna fell it

| play
AlKronos Chilly techno from Sweden...

The FieldOver the Ice

| play
AlKronos Off to watch Uni Challenge... leaving you with this doomladen little number


| play
AlKronos Once upon a time, a rarity... Michael and Manuel doing that Germanic spacey thing

Early Water / Hoenig・Gottsching

| play
AlKronos A smidgeon of darkstep from Utrecht's finest...
AlKronos THIS is logical progression... mmmm....

progression sessions 1

| play
AlKronos Hello-ee blipsters... here's a chilly vid for a sunny day.
AlKronos My son reckons I should give these folks a listen - so I am giving 'em a listen. He has a point.
AlKronos I need something meatier and dirtier... this might fit the bill nicely.

Shockwave - Hyperstep

| play
AlKronos the factory whistles reminded me of that last track... which is why I am inflicting this gem on you.
AlKronos RB @MyleneRenoir --- anything featuring Jaki Liebezeit gets my blip! (reblip)
AlKronos The Field capturing the current state of Twitter... ok... I just wanted to play something by The Field. Good, ain't it?

The FieldSilent

| play
AlKronos ... off the shoulder of Orion, I presume
AlKronos Another track from the new SMD album out on Monday (unless you've naughtily D/L'ed it already)

Simian Mobile Disco Synthesise

| play
AlKronos This is still probably my fave SMD track... dunno why... it just is.
AlKronos Hello-ee... gosh it's been a while...

Friendly Fires 'Jump In The Pool'

| play
AlKronos Preferring this... New Zealandy post-rock

JakobOran Mor

| play
AlKronos or p'rhaps some Torontoid post-rock may be more to your liking
AlKronos Hi there blipsters! I trust you will enjoy this little ditty
AlKronos @MWeezles... true... it's been a while. Now for some fat, farty party sounds!!
AlKronos Something new from Delphic... nice.

DelphicThis Momentary

| play
AlKronos mmmm... I sure do like Delphic...


| play
AlKronos A bit of darkstep - then off to see if Derren Brown can glue me to my sofa, or somesuch
AlKronos well that Derren Brown thing didn't work for me... so I'm not stuck in the middle with you - or anyone else! :-)
AlKronos this one somehow passed me by, back in the day!

Back in the USSR-Chubby Checker (AUDIO ONLY)

| play
AlKronos Now this is a classic combination - with a classic movie
AlKronos Another nice slice of Japanese electronica (plus passing trucks) - give it time to open up tho
AlKronos Mr Hillage is most definitely somebody who's glid before

Aftaglid / Steve Hillage

| play
AlKronos Careful while out walking at this time of year not to pick any of these...

Infected mushroom- Deeply disturbed

| play
AlKronos Enough of such seasonal bagatelles... time for some class...

Kraftwerk Tongebirge

| play
AlKronos Evening all - Just a flying visit to pick out a couple of Juana Molina tracks.
AlKronos A snadge more dark ambience...with more of a beat going on
AlKronos Nice one @hawk_pl - unfortunately I'm all out of blips! So here's some South African Psytrance instead.
AlKronos Has all manner of stuff going on this...

Dj durzdouble drops

| play
AlKronos And signing off with another family fave - now (largely) retired in favour of "one day like this"
AlKronos That last Vitalic kicked so much bottom I just have to ingest some more...

VITALICPoison Lips

| play

Dj Hell Electronic Germany

| play
AlKronos Something with a bit more of a thump to it

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald 'Movement 8' (c2 Version)

| play


| play
AlKronos vi@DownLow: "thanks, all! @Nymph: "oh yessss @eightbitkoala you'll absolutely adore the film! <3"" (reblip)
AlKronos Trawling blip to see which of NME's "tips for 2010" are here
AlKronos "Washed Out is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Georgia (via S.C.) who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred and woozily evocative," Sounds right

Washed OutNew Theory

| play

Theophilus London-Sand Castles Black x Blue

| play
AlKronos According to the Beeb Gold Panda "makes instrumental soundtracks to half-remembered, dreamy summer days" ...mmmmm...
AlKronos RB @musicalmind: "Kraftpunk - Is that like Kraftwerk + Daft Punk? ;)" wtf? I likes it :-) (reblip)
AlKronos Seemingly not on anyone's "watch list" for 2010... but I likes anyway


| play
AlKronos @megg: "@rynby: "@ECLECTICIAN: "I'LL NEVER MAKE IT TO 500 LISTNERS BLIPPIN STUFF LIKE THIS..." Oh yeah you will. =]]" (reblip)

Cartman vs Lady Gaga -Poker Face (YellowSmileY Extended Edit)

| play
AlKronos ambient techno dubnosity


| play
AlKronos Ukrainian darkstep? Well... well...


| play

Bloodgroup: Hips Again [ music video ]

| play
AlKronos RB @hawk_pl: "hi everyone! it's been ages since i last saw this much snow in my city. ;) rb@Michizukizuki: "Hi! It SNOWS outside 雪だ〜"" (reblip)
AlKronos Surprisingly, perhaps... not much in the way of pogoing here...
AlKronos From the much underrated 'Ralf & Florian' album


| play
AlKronos Scratchy lo-fi psychedelia?
AlKronos From an Irmin Schmidt side project, Toy Planet. Bear with it... it's a 'grower' - and one for trainspotters everywhere

Rapido de Noir (Last Train to Eternity)

| play
AlKronos Simply gorgeous... just f*cking gorgeous
AlKronos It may be a dodgy recording straight from scratchy vinyl... but still gives me a thrill

optic eyealuf null

| play
AlKronos For @formalhaut - our missing birthday boy!

Birthday Boy by The Residents

| play
AlKronos electrodubsteppy-type-thing... rather nice.
AlKronos A bit Godspeed-y maybe? Dunno really

BalmorheaThe winter

| play
AlKronos evening all...

King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black

| play
AlKronos Classic video from the days when video first started killing the radio star

Godley and CremeCry

| play
AlKronos RB @hajoni: "Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra – Solitude" - brilliant stuff (reblip)
AlKronos Rounding off this Cana(da/da)nce trio...
AlKronos More rummaging in the attic...
AlKronos mellow spacey loveliness
AlKronos another from the dusty pile of jazz fusion albums... the rather excellent Nucleus debut album
AlKronos RB @hawk_pl: "hi everyone! this one is for @Michizukizuki - congratulations on getting your "250 listeners" badge! :)" (reblip)
AlKronos Trying - and failing - to remember what this reminds me of...

Pablo BolivarReflect

| play
AlKronos All sorts of things to love about this, not least, the title


| play
AlKronos RB @TheAmplifetes: "The Amplifetes– It's My Life (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)" - I do like artists using blip as a channel. (reblip)
AlKronos more funkiness from the marvellously-named KotOT
AlKronos Mmmmmm.... Dalek I Love You... I always preferred 'em to OMD

Dalek i Dalek i Love You Destiny

| play

burial-archangel (boy 8bit rmx)

| play
AlKronos All out blips for @Orgambient777 - so a RB seems like a plan (reblip)
AlKronos And more "crustidelia" from the (pong)masters
AlKronos From the hotly awaited new album
AlKronos HF sounding like chk chk chk.... and sounding fu-fur-funky!
AlKronos Now following @LeftfeldTour on Twitter and Facebook. Might even be persuaded to get Creamfields ticket
AlKronos Has a Leftfield feel to it...

Pablo BolivarReflect

| play
AlKronos While this is more of an Underworld vibe... one for @Ono1969 and @intinet methinks
AlKronos RB @dirtycash: "that whole album is wonderful (helios) @valledoro" (reblip)

múmMarmalade Fires

| play
AlKronos hmmm... "normal service has been resumed"

Pablo BolivarMagnum

| play

Dj Hell Electronic Germany

| play
AlKronos The beautiful Summer days recently have put this in my head.
AlKronos Torontoid neurofunksters in almost chilled mode
AlKronos "... and if you listen to the static, it f*cks you up!"
AlKronos RB @Hypnotica: "Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Phil Hartnoll Mix)..." nice selection of blips there! (reblip)
AlKronos RB @hajoni: "means mentally far away from blip I go (for a while..)Third Ear Band – Behind the Pyramids" - oboe-tastic! (reblip)
AlKronos A rather wonderful, almost lyrical cover
AlKronos Gooooooooood evening, blipperati! And how's everyone doing?

Black Star Liner duggie dhol

| play
AlKronos Not heard of 'em... no idea about 'em... but they seem worth a listen
AlKronos I was listening to this coming home from work this evening... life felt good... so uplifting.... well I think so


| play
AlKronos Love this... folky/medieval acapella thingy


| play
AlKronos Something a bit more experimental

WallsHang Four

| play
AlKronos Love this e.p. at the moment... all sorts of little joys lurking in there.
AlKronos Too many versions here... but I wanted the pure, unsullied version I remember!

DevoJocko Homo

| play
AlKronos Builds pretty slowly... but worth it(?)
AlKronos RB - Nice one, @Orgambient777: "@rainstormy - my favorite album for wall melting - =]" (reblip)
AlKronos An old family favourite...
AlKronos Dunno much about Wharton Tiers... but this sounds pretty sweet
AlKronos OK... this is from Filmmusik 2... but I likes this one too.

endstation freiheit

| play
AlKronos Phew... this is a whole lot jollier!

isoléebeau mot plage

| play
AlKronos That about wraps it up for me for tonight... so long, blippy-pals

Jan JelinekDo Dekor

| play
AlKronos Giving this a whirl after it was semi-randomly thrown up at me by wikipedia. Here goes...

Decomposed Subsonic Atlantic View

| play
AlKronos "Schrapnell" was listed as the 328th best song of the 2000s by Pitchfork Medi, apparently. I'm back & in the mood for some Isolée


| play
AlKronos I think the word here is: awesome
AlKronos Ambient twinklieness from one of the best albums of the year (leastways, in its genre)
AlKronos sitarific indeed

Black Star Liner duggie dhol

| play
AlKronos This is the day... and this is the hour... this is this